Jonathan Tah Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

Presenting an insight into Jonathan Tah Biography, this article covers crucial aspects of his early years, detailing his journey from early childhood, insights into his upbringing, including information about his parents, Aquilas and Anja Tah, sister Deborah, and other family members, such as his wife, Sarah Lombardi.

The narrative delves into Jonathan’s heritage, citizenship, religious beliefs, educational background, astrological signs, and family roots.

In this comprehensive account, you’ll learn about Tah’s evolution from a passionate young boy, nicknamed “the cloth ripper” by his mother due to his habit of tearing his clothes while playing football, to his current status as a formidable centre-back for Bayer Leverkusen. It highlights his lifestyle, financial earnings, personal traits, and the unique salary breakdown of what he earns every second playing at the top level.

The story also reflects on the dual aspirations held by his mother for him: her desire for him to succeed in football and her contingency plan of him pursuing a career in teaching if football did not materialize. This biography aims to provide a detailed look at the life and career of Jonathan Tah, illustrating the challenges and triumphs that have shaped him as an athlete and person.


This biography introduces the intriguing journey of Jonathan Tah, beginning with the defining moments of his early years. We will explore his mixed European and African roots and the initial stages of his football career. Our narrative then leads to his rise as a celebrated Bundesliga defender hailing from Hamburg.

As we unfold Jonathan Tah’s story, we aim to spark your interest in his life and achievements. Prepare to delve into a visual journey that maps out his transition from a young boy to a revered figure in the German Football League.

Jonathan Tah’s journey is marked by significant milestones, including his recognition as Germany’s top young player in 2015 through the prestigious gold Fritz Walter Medal and his inclusion in the UEFA Europa League Team of the Season in both 2019-20 and 2022-23.

Despite his evident success and accolades, we’ve identified a surprising lack of comprehensive knowledge about Tah among football enthusiasts. To fill this void, we present a detailed account of his life and career. Join us as we embark on the story of Jonathan Tah.

Jonathan Tah’s Early Years:

In the opening chapter of his biography, Jonathan Tah is often referred to by his nickname “Big Mike,” though his full name is Jonathan Glao Tah. Born on February 11, 1996, in Germany, he is the eldest child of Anja and Aquilas Tah. His arrival marked the start of a growing family.

As the first of two children from his parents’ union, Jonathan’s early life was shaped by the dedication and substantial efforts of his parents. They worked tirelessly to nurture and support his burgeoning dream of playing football. Before we delve further into his story, let’s introduce you to Jonathan Tah’s parents, who played a focal role in his journey to becoming a professional footballer.

Jonathan Tah’s Early Life:

Jonathan Tah’s formative years unfolded in Hamburg, Germany, a city known for its vibrancy and cultural diversity. Born to a father from Ivory Coast and a German mother, Tah, affectionately known as “Big Mike,” was raised in an environment where diverse traditions, languages, and cultures intertwined.

During these years, his sister, Deborah Tah, was a constant companion and closest confidant. The siblings shared a strong bond, evident in their playful interactions and shared experiences. Their camaraderie is captured in photographs via social media, where they exude confidence and closeness, much like “rock stars” in their attire.

The backdrop of Tah’s childhood was marked by a rich cultural heritage and an unwavering enthusiasm for football. This blend of familial support and a passion for the game during his youth in Hamburg significantly influenced his development, both as an individual and as the professional footballer he would become.

Jonathan Tah’s Formative Years:

Jonathan Tah, widely known as “Big Mike,” cultivated a profound love for football from a young age, a passion not inherited but uniquely his own. He spent countless hours playing with friends on the streets, his dedication extending from early morning until evening’s end.

Recognizing her son’s unwavering commitment to the sport, Anja Tah, Jonathan’s mother, decided against pulling him away from his passion. Instead, she sought to formalize his interest by enrolling him in training with skilled professionals. Despite her support, she remained cautious about the feasibility of a football career.

Jonathan idolized Ronaldinho during his pinnacle years at Barcelona. Captivated by the player’s style and skill, he yearned to emulate his hero, requesting a complete Barcelona kit from his mother, from the jersey to the boots.

Amidst these formative years, Jonathan’s family faced a significant change: his parents divorced. This tumultuous time undoubtedly impacted him and his sibling. In response, Jonathan found solace and an outlet for his emotions on the football field, channelling his energy into the sport that offered him comfort and purpose.

Jonathan Tah’s Family Dynamics:

Jonathan Tah hails from a humble family, where initially, his father played a significant role in providing and caring for the household. However, as circumstances changed, financial strains became more apparent, a common issue when one parent assumed the majority of household responsibilities.

Eventually, Jonathan’s mother, Anjah Tah, became the primary caregiver for him and his sibling. The family downsized to a modest dwelling in Hamburg-Ottensen, where she endeavoured to manage the household’s needs with limited resources.

One of the recurring expenses was replacing Jonathan’s frequently torn trousers, a necessity to prevent him from roaming the streets in tattered clothes. The reason behind these frequent replacements is a testament to Jonathan’s dedication to football, which will be elaborated upon later in his story.

Despite the financial hardships, the lack of wealth in Jonathan Tah’s family served as a driving force for him. He was determined to succeed not only for himself but also to support his mother and sister. With this in mind, Jonathan embraced a dual-focused approach to his future, ready to pivot to an alternative path if his primary football aspirations did not come to fruition.

Jonathan Tah’s Heritage:

Standing tall at 6 ft 5 inches, Jonathan Tah’s lineage is a fusion of diverse backgrounds. His father originates from the Ivory Coast, and his mother is German, making Tah a product of a rich blend of African and European ancestries.

Born in Hamburg, Jonathan holds dual nationality, reflecting his German and Ivorian roots. This unique combination of heritages has been a significant part of his life, influencing him from childhood into adulthood. Tah’s upbringing was steeped in the traditions and customs of both continents, contributing to the multifaceted individual and athlete he is today.

Jonathan Tah’s Ethnic Background:

Jonathan Tah’s ethnic identity is a mix of German and Ivorian, stemming from his mother’s German heritage and his father’s Ivorian roots. This combination makes him biracial, embodying both European and African lineages.

Jonathan Tah’s Academic Journey:

Amid financial difficulties and the absence of his father, Anjah Tah, Jonathan’s mother, was adamant about her son receiving a good education. She struck a balance between his love for football and academics by making a pact: he could pursue his passion for the sport as long as he remained committed to his studies.

Consequently, Jonathan was enrolled in a local public school in the Heidberg district, where he began his educational journey. Following his time in kindergarten, he advanced to the monastery school at Berliner Tor. Throughout his school years, Jonathan was known to be part of the football teams, a testament to his early dedication to the sport.

Despite his fervent interest in football, Jonathan took his academic responsibilities seriously, honoring the promise he made to his mother. His coaches noted that he was always prepared and eager to play, yet he never neglected his studies, maintaining a focus on his education as part of his commitment to his mother’s wishes.

Jonathan Tah’s Football Narrative:

Known as “Big Mike,” Jonathan Tah began on his football journey at the tender age of four, joining Altona 93 in 2000. This club, based in his hometown of Hamburg, was where his mother diligently took him for daily training sessions. This period was foundational for Tah, instilling in him the discipline and skills that would later define his career.

During these early years, Tah was known for his intensity on the field, a trait that often led to torn trousers and worn-out clothes, necessitating frequent replacements by his mother. The rough and rocky fields where he practised not only tested his physical mettle but also his commitment to the sport as he endured the challenges of aggressive play and tough terrain.

After a significant nine-year stint with Altona, a turning point came when Jonathan was approached by scouts from SC Concordia, signaling his rising prominence in the local football scene. Although his time with Concordia was short-lived, it was a channel that led to an opportunity with one of his dream teams, Hamburger SV (HSV), at the age of 13.

Joining HSV marked a significant leap in his career. Tah spent five years honing his skills in the youth academy, a period of rigorous training and development. His dedication and growth did not go unnoticed, and soon he was ready to ascend to the next level of professional football, as indicated by his manager. This progression was a testament to his hard work and the supportive environment that shaped his early foray into the sport.

Jonathan Tah’s Ascent to Prominence:

Jonathan Tah’s journey took a pivotal turn on July 1, 2011, during the 11/12 season, when at 15, he joined the under-17 squad of HSV. Despite his young age, his towering stature and commanding presence on the field made him a standout player. Within months, his leadership qualities and footballing prowess earned him the captaincy of the team.

As a biracial individual, Tah had the option of representing either Germany, his mother’s homeland, or Ivory Coast, his father’s native country. He chose to align with Germany, starting with the under-16 squad in the 2011-2012 season. As he continued to progress through the ranks, Tah became a key member of the reserved team the following season.

Tah’s rapid rise within HSV was a testament to his invaluable contribution to the club. A touching moment in his career was when he presented his jersey, unripped after a match, to his mother, symbolizing his growth and the culmination of their shared sacrifices.

In July 2013, Tah made another significant leap, joining the main squad for the 13/14 season. While teammates like Heung-min Son and Christian Norgaard were transitioning to other clubs, Tah’s own journey saw him make 16 appearances before being loaned out to further his development. This period marked his rising prominence and readiness for the larger stages of professional football.

Jonathan Tah’s Emergence as a Football Star:

Jonathan Tah’s trajectory took an impressive turn in the 2014/15 season with his move to Fortuna Düsseldorf. At the tender age of 18, he made his debut in the autumn, marking the beginning of a significant phase in his career. Though his time with Fortuna Düsseldorf was brief, with 23 appearances over the season, it was impactful.

Returning to Hamburger SV, Tah’s career received a substantial boost when Bayer Leverkusen presented him with a lucrative five-year contract worth €7.5 million on July 15, 2015. This transition signified a major step up, moving from HSV’s second rank to a prominent position in a top-tier Bundesliga team.

At Leverkusen, Tah, the former Under-19 captain, was determined to validate his value. His performance was so convincing that his contract was extended first until 2023 and then to 2025. On the international front, Tah made his mark by debuting in the senior national team, filling in for Mat Hummels in friendlies against Italy and joining the squad for the 2016 UEFA European Football Championship as a replacement for Antonio Rudiger.

At the time of documenting his story, Jonathan Tah has secured his status among the elite of German football alongside talents like Niclas Füllkrug and Jamal Musiala. His stellar performance has not gone unnoticed, with significant interest from top clubs like Chelsea and Bayern Munich (FootballTransfers says). His journey from a promising young talent to a sought-after professional is a testament to his skill, determination, and the unfolding legacy of his career.

Jonathan Tah’s Personal Life:

Jonathan Tah, recipient of the prestigious Fritz Walter Medal U19 Gold in 2015, has dedicated his life to his career, achieving considerable success. Despite his professional commitments, he also maintains an active social life. His heart belongs to Sarah Lombardi, a long-time friend turned romantic partner.

Their relationship evolved from a childhood friendship to a romantic involvement. Despite the initial challenges of distance, they strengthened their bond and took their relationship to the next level. Jonathan Tah’s wife is the very woman who first captured his heart, and their wedding was a beautiful, fairy-tale event worthy of royalty.

As of the latest updates on his biography, Jonathan Tah does not have children. However, his interactions with young fans and children on social media like Instagram hint at his affectionate and nurturing nature, suggesting he would be a loving and responsible father. Fans and followers eagerly anticipate the day when his children might continue his footballing legacy.

Jonathan Tah’s Off-the-Field Endeavors:

Jonathan Tah, the esteemed defender for Bayer Leverkusen, ensures that life beyond football is equally enriching. Known to his fans as “Big Mike,” he leads a dynamic and varied life. He cherishes spending quality time on vacations with his partner, Sarah, and enjoys leisure activities with friends, whether it’s a swim at the beach or a casual game of street ball.

Beyond his athletic career, Tah is an entrepreneur, collaborating with Body Armour to become the first footballer to launch his own gym and a line of athletic footwear. This venture showcases his versatility and keenness to seize opportunities beyond the pitch.

Tah’s compassionate side is evident in his commitment to community service, particularly his visits to hospitals to spend time with children battling cancer. He aims to uplift spirits by giving tours around the stadium in Belgium, demonstrating his genuine care and desire to inspire hope among the young patients.

In addition, Tah shares his Aquarius zodiac sign with other notable footballers like Jarell Quansah (Centre-Back), Josko Gvardiol (Centre-Back), Hannibal Mejbri ( Attacking Midfield), and Luis Suarez ( Centre-Forward). Aquarians are often celebrated for their innovative spirit and forward-thinking, traits that Tah and his contemporaries exemplify in their approach to both football and life.

Jonathan Tah’s Way of Living:

Raised by a mother who emphasized humility and responsibility, Jonathan Tah exemplifies these values in his everyday life. The German defender is known for his modesty and kindness, steering clear of the extravagant lifestyle often associated with professional athletes.

While Tah is not one to flaunt his wealth publicly, it’s understood that his earnings as a successful footballer allow him to own a comfortable and possibly luxurious home and car. This level of discretion reflects his upbringing and the lessons of consideration and care instilled by his mother, who worked tirelessly to provide for her family. Tah’s lifestyle, therefore, is a balance of enjoying the fruits of his labour while maintaining the grounded and respectful demeanour that has been a hallmark of his character.

Jonathan Tah’s Family Dynamics:

Throughout Jonathan Tah’s life, his family has been a bedrock of support, underpinning his journey from a hopeful child to a successful professional footballer. Their unwavering encouragement and sacrifices have been instrumental in his rise. Let’s delve deeper into understanding the key figures who have played central roles in shaping the life and career of this football champion.

Jonathan Tah’s Father, Aquilas Tah:

Aquilas Tah, hailing from Ivory Coast, has played a foundational role in the lives of his children, dedicating his resources and efforts to their upbringing. Despite facing irreconcilable differences that led to separation from his wife, his paternal love remained steadfast.

After a period of absence during crucial years of Jonathan’s upbringing, Aquilas made concerted efforts to reconnect and support his children. This commitment reflects the enduring nature of parental love and responsibility, emphasizing that regardless of past challenges, the duty to care for one’s children is paramount.

Jonathan Tah’s Mother, Anja Tah:

Anja Tah, a German native, has been an unwavering source of support and strength for her children. Faced with the challenge of single motherhood, she embraced her responsibilities wholeheartedly, transitioning from partner to sole caregiver for her two children.

Her maternal love was unyielding as she tirelessly worked to provide for her family, ensuring that Jonathan had every opportunity for success. Recognizing the uncertainties of a football career, she prioritized his education as a safety net, preparing him for all future possibilities. Jonathan, undoubtedly, holds deep gratitude and respect for the sacrifices and love his mother has shown throughout his life.

Jonathan Tah’s Sister, Deborah Tah:

Deborah Tah, younger than Jonathan by a few years, has consistently been one of his greatest supporters. Her role as his cheerleader has persisted into their adulthood, reflecting a deep bond between the siblings. Jonathan holds a protective and loving regard for Deborah, ensuring her safety and well-being are always a priority.

While specific details about Deborah’s own career or personal pursuits are less known, the strong familial support and guidance from her brother suggest she is well-positioned for success. With Jonathan’s entrepreneurial and football achievements, including his ventures into gyms and shoe lines, it’s evident that he is deeply committed to supporting and uplifting his sister in all her endeavours.

Jonathan Tah’s Extended Family:

Jonathan Tah, mindful of his heritage, has shown interest in reconnecting with his paternal family in Ivory Coast. At a family reunion, he embraced the opportunity to bond with relatives, including a woman who might be his aunt, celebrating their shared lineage.

In another heartfelt moment, Jonathan is seen sharing laughter and games with a young man, likely his cousin. Their joyous interaction and similar ages suggest a close familial connection, highlighting moments of togetherness and shared heritage that Jonathan might have missed due to his football commitments.

Despite the challenges of his past, including the separation of his parents and the resulting strain on his mother, Jonathan has expressed a desire to look forward and create a joyful and united family of his own. His journey back to his roots and efforts to forge connections with his extended family demonstrates his commitment to embracing all aspects of his identity and building a positive future.

Jonathan Tah’s Additional Insights:

As we wrap up Jonathan Tah’s biography, there are still a few lesser-known aspects of the Biracial Centre Back’s life to share. Let’s delve into these untold facts.

Jonathan Tah’s Faith:

Jonathan Tah is reported to be Christian, a reflection of the predominant religion in Germany, his birth country. Unless he states otherwise, it is assumed that he follows this faith.

Jonathan Tah’s Earnings:

Jonathan Tah’s successful career trajectory has significantly increased his earnings. As a player for Bayer Leverkusen, he reportedly earns approximately 50,000 Euros weekly, according to Capology. This figure, while substantial, is noted to be less than what some of his teammates at Bayer Leverkusen, such as Jeremie Frimpong, Granit Xhaka, and Callum Hudson Odoi, earn.

Jonathan Tah’s Wealth Comparison:

The average monthly income in Abidjan, the capital of Ivory Coast, where Jonathan Tah’s father is from, is about 262,000 XOF, or roughly 3,144,000 Euros annually, as per data from Salary Explorer. In stark contrast, Jonathan Tah earns an annual salary of approximately €2,830,000 with Bayer Leverkusen.

When comparing these figures, it’s evident that Tah’s earnings are exceptionally high. In fact, it would take an average individual in Abidjan over 367 years to accumulate what Tah earns in just one year, emphasizing the remarkable level of wealth he has attained through his football career.

Jonathan Tah’s FIFA Profile:

Jonathan Tah is celebrated for his strong defensive skills and in-game mentality. His FIFA player card highlights notable attributes. We talk about attributes that are present in top defenders like Ibrahima Konate and Jean-Clair Todibo. Tah has an impressive standing tackle rating of 80, remarkable strength at 92, and a heading accuracy of 83. These statistics demonstrate Tah’s valuable contribution and importance to his team.

Closing Summary on Jonathan Tah:

Jonathan Tah, affectionately known as “Big Mike,” was born on February 1, 1996, in Hamburg, Germany, to parents Anja and Aquilas Tah. As the elder sibling to Deborah, he navigated a childhood enriched by the cultures of his German mother and Ivorian father. Despite the financial hardships following his parents’ divorce, his mother prioritized his education and football training, ensuring a balanced development.

Tah’s early passion for football led him from playing at local club Altona 93 to advancing through the youth ranks of SC Concordia and then Hamburger SV (HSV). His rapid ascent continued as he captained the under-17 team and chose to represent Germany internationally.

Jonathan’s career witnessed a significant leap when he moved to Bayer Leverkusen in 2015 under a substantial contract, further establishing his reputation in professional football. His consistent performances have earned him recognition, including appearances in the UEFA Europa League Team of the Season.

Tah’s journey reflects his profound dedication and the robust support of his family. As he continues to make his mark in the sport, he is seen as a rising star, with interest from top clubs positioning him as a potential successor to renowned players like Thiago Silva. Jonathan Tah’s story is like that of his Bayer 04 teammate, Pierro Hincapie, which is not just one of personal triumph but also a narrative of family, culture, and unyielding ambition.


Thank you for delving into the soccer career of Jonathan Tah, a player greatly admired by Eddie Howe and desired for his Newcastle squad, especially after Tah’s impressive 2023/2024 season with Bayer Leverkusen.

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