Joey Veerman Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

Discover the life journey of Joey Veerman through this biography, an article that sheds light on his childhood, detailing his family life, including his parents, siblings, his relationship with his girlfriend, Chantalle Schilder, and their son, Frenkie Joe, his family background, and personal details. It covers his early years The biography also explores his wider family circle, encompassing his grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins.

Additionally, it delves into Veerman’s roots, touching upon his family’s origin, religious beliefs, education, ethnicity, and hometown. Beyond his familial and personal background, the biography extends into his interests and lifestyle, including aspects like his zodiac sign, net worth, and salary.

At its core, this biography narrates the unique journey of Joey Veerman, a talented individual who diverged from the conventional path in his small fishing village. While many in his community embraced traditional occupations, Joey Veerman pursued his passion for football, aspiring to make a name for himself in the sport. This story highlights his determination and the distinct path he chose, setting him apart in his pursuit of football.


Our biography of Joey Veerman starts by highlighting the significant moments from his childhood and progresses to detail his ethnic background and early achievements in his career. The focus then shifts to his notable contributions to the world of football.

As we delve into Joey Veerman’s life story, our aim is to capture your interest with a captivating narrative. This article begins with a story that traces Veerman’s path from his initial steps in soccer to his remarkable rise as a midfielder for the Eredivisie club PSV Eindhoven and the Netherlands national team.

Joey Veerman, one of the most creative players in Europe, boasts an impressive record in the Eredivisie, having played 102 games, scored 20 goals, and provided 29 assists. This record indicates his significant impact, contributing to a goal in over half of his appearances. Additionally, Veerman has thrived under the guidance of Ruud van Nistelrooy, a former Manchester United striker, scoring seven goals in 27 matches while being coached by him.

Despite thorough research, we recognize that our knowledge of Joey Veerman is not exhaustive. This has led to a lack of in-depth mastery of his biography among many football enthusiasts. We are now set to explore his fascinating story in greater detail. Let’s begin.

Joey Veerman’s Early Life:

Starting with the basics, Joey Veerman doesn’t have a widely known nickname. His full name is Johannes Cornelis Maria Veerman. Born on November 19, 1998, in Purmerend, a city in the western Netherlands located in North Holland province, he entered the world on a peaceful Thursday. His birth was celebrated by his devoted parents, whose identities remain private, reflecting Joey’s discreet nature about his family life.

It’s uncertain whether Joey has siblings, as there’s no public information about them. He might be an only child, raised by parents who dedicated themselves to nurturing his talents and ensuring he reached his full potential.

Childhood Environment:

Joey’s upbringing appears to have been a positive one. He grew up in a traditional fishing village near Amsterdam, along the shores of the Markermeer. This setting provided a blend of rural charm and proximity to urban life.

Not much is known about other family members, as Joey prefers to keep these details private. His childhood in Purmerend offered a mix of city conveniences and suburban tranquillity, fostering a strong community spirit and providing opportunities for cultural and nature-related activities.

The environment in Purmerend was ideal for an active lifestyle, encouraging children, including Joey, to partake in a variety of outdoor activities such as cycling, sports, and exploring the natural landscape.

His early years in this picturesque setting, known for its scenic beauty and historical significance, played a significant role in his development. As a child, Joey was independent, open-minded, and energetic, often found playing outside. His love for outdoor activities was evident, endearing him to those he encountered and contributing to a diverse and enriching upbringing.

Joey Veerman’s Introduction to Football:

Joey Veerman’s football journey began at a young age, driven by a growing passion for the sport. Interestingly, there’s no indication that his interest in football was influenced by family tradition. This suggests that Joey’s path in football was fueled by his own independent spirit, determination, and strong work ethic. His parents played a pivotal role in supporting and nurturing his talents, recognizing his potential and dedicating themselves to his development.

It’s likely that Joey’s deep affection for football emerged through interactions with friends, participation in local clubs, or exposure to football events in his community. His commitment and enthusiasm for the game stood out, even amidst any scepticism or doubts he might have encountered.

Recognizing his passion and talent, Joey’s parents took the significant step of enrolling him in a local football club at a very young age. By the age of 5, Joey was playing for RKAV Volendam, a Roman Catholic Amateur Football Club based in Volendam. This early start was crucial in laying the foundation for his forthcoming success in the sport.

Joey Veerman’s Familial Roots:

Joey Veerman’s lineage and kin, encompassing details about his progenitors, siblings, or extended clan, are not widely disclosed to the public. However, it is apparent that his lineage played an instrumental role in encouraging his early interest in football.

Growing up in Purmerend, a locale predominantly associated with the fishing trade, it is plausible that his ancestors were engaged in maritime professions or businesses linked to the aquatic industry.

Throughout his developmental years in football, Veerman’s parents were acutely aware of his potential. They ardently committed themselves to his athletic aspirations, steadfastly supporting him in his pursuit of a career in football.

Joey Veerman’s Ancestral Origins:

Joey Veerman’s birthplace is Purmerend in the Netherlands, known for its harmonious combination of historic charm and modern living. Situated in North Holland province, Purmerend boasts idyllic landscapes and a rich architectural heritage and is conveniently close to Amsterdam.

Born to Dutch forebears, Veerman is inherently a Dutch citizen, deeply rooted in Purmerend and, by extension, a European.

Joey Veerman’s Ethnic Background:

In terms of ethnicity, Joey Veerman is of Dutch descent. As is typical with the majority in the Netherlands, he is of Caucasian ethnicity. The Netherlands is known for its cultural diversity, with minority groups representing various ethnicities, including Surinamese, Turkish, Moroccan, and Indonesian, among others, contributing to its rich cultural tapestry.

Joey Veerman’s Educational Background:

In the well-respected Dutch education system, Purmerend offers access to quality educational institutions that are typical of Dutch cities. This system emphasizes a well-rounded education, including primary and secondary schooling, where children engage in a diverse curriculum, often including multiple language studies.

Joey Veerman was no exception, attending a local school in his community. However, like many young athletes with exceptional talent in sports, he faced the challenge of balancing his academic pursuits with his growing commitment to football.

During his teenage years, Veerman enrolled in a professional football academy in Volendam, Netherlands. Joining Football Club Volendam, he was part of a program that skillfully combined regular academic education with intensive football training and competitive matches.

Career Development:

To harmonize his education with his football aspirations, Veerman became part of FC Volendam, known locally as “de Palingboeren,” at the age of 16. Remarkably, his football journey has remained within the Netherlands to date, with all his previous affiliations being with Dutch League teams.

In these formative years, Veerman honed essential football skills, laying a strong foundation that would later showcase his exceptional abilities on the field. He developed resilience against opponents and honed his precision in passing.

He mastered fundamental techniques, such as constantly surveying the field, evaluating pressure from opponents, strategizing his moves, and adopting an open stance for optimal ball control. These skills have enabled him to adeptly receive the ball in varied situations and maintain a controlled tempo during play, marking him as a distinguished player.

Joey Veerman’s Football Narrative:

Joey Veerman began his football journey as a youth player, starting at RKAV Volendam between 2003 and 2005. His early promise led him to continue his development at FC Volendam from 2005 to 2013, climbing through the ranks from the youth team to the U17 squad in 2013. His progression didn’t stop there; he advanced to the U19 team in 2015 and subsequently to the U21 team in 2016.

This dedicated period of growth culminated in Veerman making his professional appearance in the Eerste Divisie with FC Volendam on September 9, 2016. This transition from youth to senior football was a critical juncture in his career, offering him early exposure in the lower divisions and serving as an essential foundation for his future in professional football.

Joey Veerman’s Ascent to Prominence:

Known for his adept ball handling under pressure, Veerman’s ability to quickly adapt to challenging situations on the field is notable. He excels in making swift passes, changing directions skillfully, and outmanoeuvring opponents with precise touches. His impressive performances in these early stages caught the eye of larger clubs.

In 2019, Veerman’s career saw a significant turn when he joined SC Heerenveen in the Eredivisie, marking a step up in his football journey. His debut in the Eredivisie came on August 31, 2019, as a substitute in a match against Fortuna Sittard, which ended in a 1–1 draw. This phase of his career highlights his continual growth and the hard work that has shaped him into a proficient midfielder.

Joey Veerman’s Rise to Prominence:

Veerman’s success continued to escalate, and in January 2022, he made a pivotal move to PSV Eindhoven. His impact was immediate, scoring the winning goal against Go Ahead Eagles in the KNVB Cup semi-final in March and playing a crucial role in PSV’s victory over Ajax in the final in April.

On October 28, 2022, he scored an important goal in PSV’s 2–0 win over Arsenal in the UEFA Europa League group stage, securing their place in the knockout rounds.

Veerman’s International Career:

In March 2023, Veerman received his first call-up to the Dutch national team for the UEFA Euro 2024 qualifiers. However, an unfortunate incident of food poisoning linked to a meal served by the team’s staff forced him to withdraw. Nonetheless, he made his senior national team debut on June 18, 2023, in the UEFA Nations League Finals against Italy, showcasing his growing international presence in football.

Joey Veerman’s Relationship Status:

Joey Veerman, the charismatic Dutch footballer, is not married but is far from being single. He is in a relationship with Chantalle Schilder, a partnership that began in 2020 and has flourished since. As of the latest updates in 2022, the couple has not yet married, but their relationship is filled with optimism and seems to be heading towards a bright future.

Chantalle is a constant presence in Joey’s life, supporting him at his matches while maintaining a low profile in the public eye. Their bond extends beyond the football field, sharing a home and making the most of their time together during holidays, aligning their busy schedules.

Although they are not often seen in public, Chantalle is a significant part of Joey’s life, playing a key role in the intimate and special moments they share.

The couple enjoys travelling and attending events together, highlighting a strong and loving relationship. It seems only a matter of time before they might decide to formalize their union.

Insights into Chantalle Schilder:

Chantalle Schilder, Joey Veerman’s partner, has built her career as a model and entrepreneur. She is quite active on the internet, particularly on Instagram, where she has amassed over 6,000 followers under the username @chantalleschilder.

A lover of pets, especially dogs, Chantalle also values time spent with family and friends. In a delightful development, she and Joey Veerman have welcomed a son named Frenkie Joe Veerman into their lives.

Their family life is filled with love and joy. Chantalle’s life is a blend of a successful career and a deep connection with her family and loved ones.

Joey Veerman’s Off Work Life:

Joey Veerman, a well-known figure in soccer, often keeps details of his interests and activities private, as many public figures do. Known for his elegant posture and smooth movement on the field, Veerman’s life off the pitch is rich with familial and romantic relationships, including his partnership with Chantalle and their son Frenkie Joe, as well as strong friendships.

Away from football, Veerman showcases a well-rounded personality. He enjoys a variety of activities, including travel, music, cycling, gaming, workouts, swimming, and other recreational pursuits. His social media posts and interviews provide a window into these varied interests, demonstrating a life filled with hobbies and leisure.

Veerman values spending quality time with friends, teammates, and family, striking a balance between his professional career and personal life. Football, however, remains his central passion. On the field, his elegant play and technical proficiency make him a delight to watch and a standout even among the elite in the Eredivisie.

Online Presence:

On Instagram, Veerman has a significant following with over 67.4K followers on his account @joeyveerman6. His approach to social media is private and reserved, focusing mainly on his professional achievements in football. He shares updates about his career, including match highlights and training routines, but keeps personal details under wraps. His social media activity reflects a focus on his sports career rather than an in-depth look into his personal life.

Zodiac Traits:

Born on November 19th, Veerman’s zodiac sign is Scorpio. Individuals under this sign are often characterized by intensity, passion, determination, and a hint of mystery. They are known for their meticulous nature, endurance, and ability to handle complex tasks. Scorpios are also adept with numbers and maintain a good balance between focusing on details and the bigger picture.

Joey Veerman Way of Life:

As a key player for PSV Eindhoven, wearing the number 23 jersey, Veerman leads a disciplined lifestyle, crucial for maintaining peak performance in his sport. His success in football has translated into significant wealth, but he appears to lead a relatively modest life. Veerman prioritizes spending time with his loved ones over displaying luxury, embodying a grounded approach despite his earnings in the football industry. He continues to reside in his native Netherlands, staying true to his roots.

Joey Veerman’s Family Dynamics:

Joey Veerman, while thriving in his professional football career, also cherishes his family life. His household includes his girlfriend, Chantalle, and their son, Frenkie Joe. This family setup provides a supportive and balanced environment, complementing his demanding football career.

While the specifics of his family structure are not widely publicized, it’s clear that Veerman places great importance on his family relationships, seamlessly integrating them with his professional commitments.

However, details about Veerman’s family members, including extended relatives, are not commonly known. We will explore what is known about the family life of this distinguished footballer.

Joey Veerman’s Father:

Veerman shares a significant and supportive bond with his family, which has been instrumental in his development as a player. His connection with his father, like with other family members, is cherished yet kept away from the public eye. The family name ‘Veerman’ is known, but personal details about his father, including his name and profession, are not publicly disclosed.

This privacy is a conscious choice by Veerman, reflecting his desire to keep a clear boundary between his personal life and his professional football career.

Joey Veerman’s Mother:

The role of Joey Veerman’s mother in his life, like that of many professional athletes, has been pivotal. Mothers often play a critical role in providing emotional support and making sacrifices to help their children achieve their dreams. While specific details about Veerman’s mother are not public, it’s evident that her encouragement and support have been vital in his journey to success.

Joey Veerman Siblings:

Information about Joey Veerman’s siblings, if any, is also kept private. Without specific details, it is challenging to share more about the identities or lives of any brothers or sisters he may have.

Joey Veerman’s Extended Family:

Veerman, like many in the spotlight, opts to keep details about his extended family private. This decision helps shield his relatives from public scrutiny and maintains their privacy. While the specifics of Veerman’s extended family – such as aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and other relatives – are not publicly known, their existence and potential influence on his life are acknowledged and respected.

Joey Veerman’s Lesser-Known Facts:

In this final segment of Joey Veerman’s biography, we delve into lesser-known aspects of this emerging global soccer talent. Let’s explore these intriguing facts about the charismatic midfielder.

Salary Insights:

Joey Veerman, the skilled central midfielder, has a contract with PSV in the Eredivisie that runs until June 30, 2026. According to Capology, his gross annual salary for the 2023-2024 season is €800,000. This amounts breaks down to approximately €15,385 weekly, excluding bonuses. Annually, this equates to about €793,866. This is a detailed insight into his earnings in euros.

Comparison with PSV Teammates:

When comparing Veerman’s earnings with those of his PSV teammates, there’s a noticeable variation. For instance, Hirving Lozano, PSV’s highest earner, receives a gross annual salary of €3,530,000, about €67,885 per week.

Other teammates, including Sergino Dest, Luuk De Jong, and Ricardo Pepi, have weekly earnings ranging from €30,000 to €58,000. Comparatively, Noa Lang and Johan Bakayoko, Veerman’s close teammates, earn around €30,769 and €13,846 weekly, respectively.

FIFA Ratings:

In the FIFA video game series, Joey Veerman’s player ratings and attributes are updated yearly to mirror his real-world performance. As of November 24, 2023, his FIFA rating is 79, with a potential of 83. His preferred position is central midfield, and he is compared to Orkun Kokcu and Cesare Casadei in terms of his style of play.

Veerman predominantly shoots with his right foot and has medium work rates for both attack and defence. While his passing, shot power, dribbling, crossing, and vision are highlights, areas like sprint speed and defence offer room for growth.

Religious Affiliation:

Considering the religious landscape in the Netherlands, where 55% of the population over 15 years old are non-religious, Veerman’s religious beliefs are not publicly known. As per 2020 statistics, 20% of the Dutch population identified as Catholic, 14% as Protestant, 5% as Muslim, and another 5% affiliated with different religious groups. Veerman’s religious views, whether non-religious Catholic or otherwise, remain a private aspect of his life.

Summary Notes:

Joey Veerman, who was born on November 19, 1998, in Purmerend, Netherlands, is a footballer with a promising future. Interestingly, he shares the same FIFA World Cup birth year with Kylian Mbappe, Dutch talent Tijjani Reijnders and Federico Valverde.

Raised in a traditional fishing village, his talent in soccer was evident from an early age. Specific details about Veerman’s family remain private. It’s known that his parents were instrumental in nurturing his passion for football. Veerman’s childhood was marked by energy and independence, with a strong inclination towards outdoor activities.

He started playing football at age 5 with RKAV Volendam. This early start laid the groundwork for his career. He progressed through youth teams and made his pro debut with FC Volendam in the Eerste Divisie in 2016. In 2019, he joined SC Heerenveen and improved greatly in the Eredivisie. By 2022, he had moved to PSV Eindhoven, showcasing his remarkable talent.

Joey Veerman’s career highlights include scoring key goals. He joined the Dutch national team, and playing in the 2023 UEFA Nations League Finals. Off the field, he is a father and partner to Chantalle, with whom he has a son, Frenkie Joe. His life is marked by professional success and personal joy.

Veerman’s future looks bright due to his consistent play. He may join bigger Eredivisie teams or go international. Known for his midfield prowess, he has great potential.

His rise from a small village to pro football shows his dedication, hard work, and passion for the sport.

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