Joao Neves Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article, a comprehensive biography of Joao Neves, offers an in-depth look at his life, from his childhood narrative to intimate details about his family life, including his father, Pedro Neves, a police and coach by profession, and his mother, a teacher. You’ll discover the nuances of his early life, family dynamics, and romantic relationships.

The article delves into Neves’ ancestral roots, exploring his ethnicity, the culture of his hometown, and the educational and religious influences that shaped him. Additionally, we shine a light on his personal lifestyle, financial status, and the progression of his earnings as he climbs the ranks in Portuguese football.

At its core, this biography presents a full account of Joao Neves’ journey. From a boy with a love for music, akin to Amadou Onana, to one fully committed to football, his story unfolds. As the son of a former footballer and a police officer, Joao benefitted from early coaching by both his father and Manuel Ramos—the latter being the father of Goncalo Ramos, a standout at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

SoccerBiography captures poignant moments in Joao’s life, including a candid episode from his youth, where he regretted stealing energy drinks with his friends. Now a professional, he honors the game with a simple yet significant act taught by his father—tucking his jersey into his shorts as a sign of respect.

One notable story features a friend, Antonio, teasingly imitating Joao’s attempt to speak to his mother over the phone during a Benfica celebration—a moment that endeared him to fans and went viral.

Witness the famous moment when Joao Neves, in the midst of Benfica’s festivities, earnestly tried to reconnect with his mother over the phone.


Our narrative embarks on Joao Neves’ life story, tracing his formative childhood experiences to his first forays into football in his native Tavira. It culminates with his rise from the ranks of Benfica’s academy to his current status as a professional footballer.

With this memoir, SoccerBiography aims to captivate readers with the compelling life stories of footballers, specifically tracing Joao Neves’ progression from an enthusiastic child playing football for fun to becoming a recognized professional athlete.

Joao reminds football fans of Romeo Lavia and Aurelien Tchouameni when you look at their quick football rise. The Portuguese Defensive midfielder has exceptional skill, and he is well-known for his anticipation, tackling ability, and strategic play, which make him stand out. Football commentators have lauded him for his rare combination of natural talent and maturity beyond his years.

Addressing a gap in shared knowledge about Portugal’s midfielders, we’ve crafted a detailed article about this captivating Tavira midfielder. It’s time to dive into the life and career of Joao Neves. Let’s begin.

Joao Neves’ Early Life Story:

To begin his biography, João Pedro Gonçalves Neves, known as ‘The Midfield Strategist,’ was born on September 27, 2004, to Pedro Neves and his teacher wife in Tavira, Portugal. Joao emerged from the joyful marriage of his parents as one of two children and was particularly close to his father Pedro, a man who provided not wealth, but a deep sense of respect and discipline.

Growing Up Years:

In his formative years, Joao was the spark of life in his family, brimming with energy and a fervent passion for football. He stood out from other children with his remarkable interest in the sport, exhibiting an advanced skill in ball control that hinted at his future in football.

Early Life:

Football was a shared passion in his household, with a unanimous support for Benfica evident from the start. Joao’s connection with the club deepened when he joined their academy. Known for his vibrant energy, he was adept at sprinting past his playmates, displaying impressive kicking and catching skills, which led many to recognize him as Pedro Neves’ son, destined for football greatness.

Despite being born in 2004, Joao played football against older children born in 2003, showcasing his exceptional talent. His affinity for the game sparked when he was just a year old and discovered the joy of a soccer ball, becoming an inseparable part of his life. Even a leg fracture during a training session couldn’t dampen his spirits. His dedication was so intense that even while on crutches, he remained as close to the game as possible.

Joao’s football journey started in Algarve, especially at Casa do Benfica de Tavira, close to his home. By age five, he was already training at the Algarve Training Center, preparing for his future with Benfica.

SoccerBiography readers would find it interesting that two individuals significantly influenced Joao’s early development. His father, Pedro, was his first coach and played a key role in developing his initial skills. Later, under the mentorship of Gonçalo Ramos’ father, his talents were further honed, connecting him with a future Benfica peer.

Joao Neves Family Facts:

Joao Neves’ family life is steeped in a rich football heritage, primarily thanks to his father, Pedro. Beyond being a football coach, Pedro Neves has a commendable history as a professional player, having notably clinched a district championship with Futebol Clube de Serpa.

In his playing days, Pedro’s ambitions were focused locally as he chose to represent teams close to home, placing family and community ties above broader pursuits.

After hanging up his boots, Pedro diversified his athletic interests to include footvolley and hiking, embedding a legacy of athleticism in the Neves family. This robust sporting environment, dominated by the vivid hues of Benfica, provided a nurturing backdrop for Joao’s upbringing.

The professions of Joao’s parents further enriched his environment. The Portuguese media often notes the importance of discipline and physical activity in the Neves household, shaped by his father’s role as a police officer and his mother’s career as a physical education teacher.

Pedro Neves, while serving in the Public Security Police, also committed his time to guiding young football enthusiasts as a coach, fostering a familial nexus with sport. His dual role as a public servant and coach contributed to the disciplined and athletic upbringing of his son.

The Origin of Joao’s Tucked Jersey Characteristic:

Being raised by a police officer father and a physical education teacher mother had a significant impact on Joao’s development. They instilled in him a strong sense of discipline and responsibility from an early age. These values are visible even in the small details, such as the way Joao dresses for the game.

At Casa do Benfica in Tavira, under Pedro Neves’ guidance, a strict dress code was enforced: jerseys were to be tucked into shorts to promote a neat and dedicated image. This seemingly minor rule reflects a broader ethos of discipline and commitment.

You might have noticed Joao continues this practice of tucking in his jersey, reminiscent of Manchester City’s Rodri, who shares this old-fashioned habit. For Joao, it’s a sartorial emblem of the respect and the principles instilled in him by his father, a personal homage to the values that shaped his childhood and continue to guide him as a professional footballer.

Joao Neves Family Origins:

Joao Neves, the Defensive Midfielder, proudly embraces his Portuguese nationality, an inheritance from his parents who are both Portuguese natives. Born in Tavira, Joao’s family traces their origins back to the Alentejo region, specifically to Terra Forte in the city of Serpa—his ancestral stronghold.

He is widely recognized as the distinguished son of Pedro, a Serpense local who left his footprint in the football world by playing for various teams across Portugal. Joao’s deep connection to his cultural heritage is a fundamental part of his identity, enriched by his family history and the regional pride of Serpa.

His football career initiated in the Algarve, notably at Casa do Benfica de Tavira, located in proximity to his home. For many budding footballers in Tavira, João stands as a beacon of possibility, exemplifying the heights one can reach with unwavering commitment to football.

Ethnic Facts:

João Neves’ ethnicity is Portuguese, reflecting the unique ethnic composition and cultural landscape of Portugal. He shares this ethnicity with fellow national team members like Goncalo Inacio and Pedro Neto.

Educational Background:

From an early age, Pedro, his father, balanced Joao’s football training with his academic education. Joao attended Paio Peres Correia School in Tavira during his formative years. It was there, around the 5th or 6th grade, that he encountered Professor Domingos Ramalho, his music education teacher, who instilled in him a passion for music comparable to his love for football.

Domingos Ramalho, not initially a football enthusiast, became captivated by the sport through Joao’s influence. He enjoys watching his former pupil on television, taking pride in Joao’s achievements. Despite his modest interest in football—mainly limited to his local club, Amareleja—Domingos Ramalho expresses pride in watching Joao play, celebrating his success with delight.

Upon joining Benfica, his childhood club, Joao attended a Benfica-affiliated school in Tavira, situated close to the club’s training facilities in Seixal. Residing in a football-focused boarding arrangement south of the training center, Joao, along with other young footballers, travelled to school via the club’s transportation service. This strategic arrangement ensured that Joao could concentrate on both his sporting and academic goals.

Career Buildup:

In Tavira, Joao Neves is regarded with admiration both for his personal attributes and his footballing prowess. During his time at a Benfica-affiliated school in the city, he drew attention for his talents on the pitch. Nuno Encarnação, who oversaw the Benfica football schools in Tavira, vividly recalls Joao’s impact at a national tournament hosted by Sporting in 2012.

At just eight years old, Joao was not only on the winning team but also emerged as the tournament’s top scorer, marking his first competitive encounter with Sporting CP, one of Benfica’s fiercest rivals. Encarnação, who also taught Physical Education at Joao’s school, recognized his potential early on and often had him play with older children, remarking on Joao’s remarkable physicality even at a young age.

Joao Neves Biography – Football Journey:

By age eight, Joao took a significant step in his football journey, joining the Benfica Training Center located in the Algarve. Initially, the centre operated in Paderne before relocating to Ferreiras, both within the Albufeira municipality. Given Joao’s young age, he couldn’t reside at the centre, so his father undertook a 120-kilometre journey four times a week to ensure Joao could train and play.

This period marked a crucial phase in Joao’s life; moving away from his early childhood settings was challenging, but his parents were supportive of his football commitments with CFT do Algarve.

Joao’s father’s dedication paid off as Joao met key figures in his career progression, including Manuel Ramos—father of Gonçalo Ramos—and his assistant Tiago Faustino, who coached Joao for three seasons.

Joao’s rise in football was rapid. He soon became team captain at CFT do Algarve, a leadership role he was familiar with since his time at Casa Benfica Tavira. Uniquely, Joao was the only player from his age group chosen to play alongside athletes three years his senior, a testament to his exceptional skill and character.

This challenge not only accelerated his development but also showcased his resilience and dedication. His response to adversity on the field—his visible frustration and concern when performance fell short—reflected his deep commitment and desire for improvement.

Following his education in Tavira, football took centre stage for Joao. He travelled regularly to Paderne for training sessions under Manuel Ramos. During these formative times, Joao was often accompanied by André Gomes, a promising goalkeeper born in 2004 and a teammate, as they honed their skills together at the training centre.

Joao Neves Biography – The Ascent to Stardom:

In 2016, Joao Neves made a significant move from Algarve to Lisbon to join Benfica’s main academy. He moved into the Benfica Campus in Seixal, where he met Pedro Santos, another football hopeful. As of now, Santos has advanced to play for Benfica B.

A Tense Moment at Seixal:

A particular incident left Joao and Pedro Santos in fear of being expelled from the academy. The issue centred around a sports drink, Powerade. During training, the boys had been given a limited amount of the drink by their coach, but their thirst and desire for more led them to consider taking additional bottles from the academy’s store.

Driven by their craving, the boys sought out the storage room for the Powerade, which was unfortunately locked. However, Joao and Pedro managed to find a way in and were astonished to discover a vast quantity of the sports drink stored there. They hastily filled their backpacks with as many bottles as they could carry. Unfortunately for them, a security guard caught them in the act, although they managed to flee with their loot.

Despite enjoying the spoils before and after school, their sense of triumph was short-lived. The theft soon became a widely discussed topic at the academy, prompting an investigation that led straight back to Joao and Pedro, thanks to the evidence captured on surveillance cameras.

Facing the Music:

The next day brought them before the academy director, Nuno Gomes, and they braced for severe consequences, fearing their football careers at Benfica might be over.

Contrary to their fears, expulsion was not the chosen punishment. Instead, they were barred from attending the main team’s matches at the Estádio da Luz for several weeks—a significant but bearable penalty for the boys, who were accustomed to never missing a game and were remorseful for their actions.

Undeterred Potential:

The Powerade incident, while serious, did not deter Joao’s progress on the field. Nuno Gomes, the academy director, saw great potential in Joao. The academy management was confident that he was among those destined for higher ranks within both the main club and possibly the national team.

Joao continued to exhibit the maturity instilled in him by his parents, handling new challenges and competitive pressures with aplomb. During this time, he formed a close-knit circle with fellow players António Silva, André Gomes, and Hugo Félix. Their friendship extended beyond the pitch, characterized by brotherly support and hours of shared conversations and mutual support in their shared journey through football.

Joao Neves Biography – Rise to Prominence:

The 2021/2022 season marked a turning point for Joao Neves as his aspirations began to materialize. His outstanding performance was vital to Benfica’s Under-19 team securing their inaugural UEFA Youth League title. The squad, with Joao as a key player, triumphed in a group that included formidable teams such as Barcelona, Dynamo Kyiv and Bayern Munich. In a remarkable 6–0 final victory, Joao’s squad overpowered Red Bull Salzburg, earning Benfica their first European title since the European Cup triumph in 1961–62.

As they approached their 18th birthdays, the season also signalled the end of an era for Joao and his teammates. They were leaving the Seixal residence, a place steeped in memories and experiences that had profoundly influenced their development.

Joao’s ascent continued as he clinched two significant titles: the Campeonato Nacional de Juniores and the Intercontinental Cup for the Under-20 category. His performances seemed to pave the way for his inclusion in the senior team. However, his quest for senior football was halted by a serious ligament injury that sidelined him for several months.

Even during his recovery, Joao’s commitment to the game didn’t wane. Supported by crutches and accompanied by Vanessa Rosa, one of Benfica’s psychologists, he often visited the training grounds, watching his team from the sidelines, a testament to his resilience and dedication.

On the Road to Professionalism:

Post-recovery, Joao’s unwavering pursuit of excellence earned him a spot in the senior team’s training sessions at just 18 years old. It was a timely progression; as he signed his professional contract, it also filled the gap left by Enzo Fernandes, who transferred to Chelsea. Benfica’s manager, Roger Schmidt, recognized Joao’s potential and approved of him as a suitable replacement. Joao’s robust work ethic, energy, and skill set, despite his smaller stature, drew comparisons to the Portuguese legend João Moutinho.

By the end of the 2022/2023 season, Joao had solidified his position in Benfica’s starting eleven. His opportunity arose when he outshone Florentino Luís, and he marked his significant progress by scoring his debut goal in a heated derby against Sporting CP. The Benfica wonderkid linked with Manchester United will no doubt open a better chapter of his career in the coming transfer windows.

As the season unfolded, Joao’s influential performances were crucial in leading Benfica to their first league title in four years, right at the climax of the league campaign.

From this point forward, Joao Neves’s journey in football shifted from a promising narrative to one of established success.

Exploring Joao Neves’s Personal Life and Relationships:

Before turning professional, Joao Neves gained recognition in Tavira by winning three titles in a single season. His entry into senior-level football was just as successful, with victories in the Primeira Liga and the Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira in his first year.

Joao’s success on the field raised him above the ranks of average players, highlighting his trajectory towards becoming a noteworthy football talent. In Portugal, it’s often said that behind every successful player is an equally impressive partner. This adage has sparked curiosity about Joao’s private life.

Who is Joao Neves dating?

At the time of documenting this biography, the young and talented midfielder has managed to keep his love life out of the public eye. Could it be that Joao Neves is currently single?

Considering the intense focus required for his developing career, he might be intentionally avoiding the distractions that come with romantic entanglements. For now, whether Joao is seeing someone is a question that remains unanswered, but the future may reveal more about his personal life.

Personal Insights into Joao Neves:

What is known about Joao Neves?

Roberto Martínez, in an interview, praised Joao for his intellectual approach to life and his readiness to tackle challenges head-on. Next, Joao is a Libra football personality. Spurs Goalkeeper Guglielmo Vicario, Scottish Forward Lyndon Dykes and Dortmund Midfielder Felix Nmecha are also Libras.

Off the field, Joao values his friendship with Hugo Félix, the sibling of the well-known forward Joao Felix, formerly of Athletico Madrid. Joao is also often in the company of a close group of friends that includes Antonio Silva and Edgar Correia, indicating a strong bond with those he holds dear.

Neves’ Lifestyle:

When Joao Neves isn’t showcasing his skills on the football field, he savours the pleasures of life off the pitch. In the summer of 2023, Joao, along with his friends Antonio and Edgar Correia, set off for an adventure in Palma De Mallorca, Spain. This destination is celebrated for its exquisite diving locations. The friends immersed themselves in the wonders of underwater exploration with Palma Diving, enjoying the captivating experiences that diving provides.

Joao Neves Family Life:

Joao Neves’ family values are rooted in discipline, sportsmanship, and a deep love for football. These qualities have greatly shaped his life and career. His father, a police officer and former football player and coach, instilled in Joao a strong sense of discipline and passion for the sport.

Joao’s mother, a physical education teacher, nurtured his athletic potential. This family environment has crafted Joao into the disciplined and mature athlete he is recognized as today.

About Joao Neves’ Father:

Pedro Neves hails from Serpa and has an admirable history in Portuguese football. His career took off at Clube Desportivo de Beja and went on to encompass a number of regional clubs. Most of his playing years were spent in the Algarve.

Now, as a coach and police officer, he instils the values of discipline and precision in the youth he coaches at Casa do Benfica in Tavira, including a rule for players to always tuck in their shirts, a practice his son, Joao, adheres to.

About Joao Neves’ Mother:

Joao’s mother maintains a more understated presence compared to her husband. While not one to seek the spotlight, she was once at the centre of a charming episode when Benfica released a video. It showed a comical moment between Joao and his friend Antonio Silva during a training session.

In the video, Antonio playfully mimicked Joao’s attempt to communicate with his mother over a noisy background during a trophy celebration.

Replicating Joao’s shouted words—”Mum, it’s me, your son!”—Antonio elicited a cheerful reaction from Joao, who was seen grinning at his friend’s light-hearted imitation.

About Joao Neves’ Siblings:

From our findings, it appears that Joao Neves is one of two children born to Pedro Neves. Joao has a sister, but details about her are not widely publicized. What is evident, however, is that she is a part of Joao’s immediate fan base, along with their mother—a physical education teacher—and their father.

About Joao Neves’ Relatives:

Joao’s family extends beyond his immediate household to include relatives in the Alentejo region of Portugal, particularly in the city of Serpa, which is notable for being the Neves family’s ancestral town. These family members are integral to his personal fan club, offering essential support in his football endeavours.

Truths about Neves:

In this final portion of Joao Neves’ biography, we uncover additional facts that may not be widely known about him.

Joao Neves’ FIFA Stats:

It is quite uncommon to encounter a teenage footballer who excels equally in defensive and attacking roles. Joao Neves, at just 19, distinguished himself in this regard, as his SOFIFA stats testify. If you are familiar with the game, Joao’s box-to-box qualities are found in footballers like Douglas Luiz, Nicolo Barella, and Ilkay Gundogan.

His most outstanding attributes include composure, stamina, ball control, jumping, shot power, aggression, and reactions.

Joao Neves’ Salary:

Following his rise to Benfica’s first team, Joao Neves agreed to a contract that rewards him with a weekly wage of €18,462. This amounts to an annual salary of €961,500. Below is a breakdown of Joao Neves’ earnings.

How Wealthy is Joao Neves Compared to His Hometown?

In the city where Joao Neves grew up, an average citizen earns around 20,300 euros per year. Remarkably, it would take a typical resident from there nearly half a century to accumulate what Joao Neves earns in just one year from his salary with Benfica.

Joao Neves’ Religious Beliefs:

Like many of his Portuguese peers, the defensive midfielder was raised in a Catholic home. While he chooses to keep his faith matters personal and refrains from showcasing his religious practices in public, including on social media platforms, it’s plausible that Joao Neves practices the Catholic faith tradition of his family.

Biography Summary:

João Neves, who hails from Tavira and was born on September 27, 2004, is the progeny of Pedro Neves, originally from Serpa. João was nurtured in the supportive environment of Casa do Benfica de Tavira, alongside his middle-class family.

Neves roots lie in Alentejo, with Serpa being the familial seat in Portugal. His father, Pedro, balances roles as a football coach and Public Security Police officer, akin to the father of Jude Bellingham. João’s mother is noted for her career as a physical education teacher.

Pedro Neves, a former footballer, played for Ginásio de Tavira under the guidance of assistant coach Nuno Encarnação, later shifting to a coaching role post-retirement. It was here that João, our biography’s focus, embarked on his footballing journey.

Born in 2004, João showed remarkable talent early on, playing against older peers born in 2003. His love for football was clear from a young age, starting with his training at Casa do Benfica de Tavira. His path took a major step forward when he joined Benfica’s Training Center in Albufeira for four years. There, he was mentored by Manuel Ramos, Gonçalo Ramos’s father.

Career Endnotes:

João’s lifelong allegiance to Benfica was complemented by an unyielding ambition, not even deterred by a broken leg sustained in training. His commitment saw him return to the ball game even while on crutches. At 12, he left his family to further his football aspirations at the Seixal Academy.

João flourished at Seixal with support from his father, a police officer, and his mother, an educator. He formed close friendships with peers like António Silva, Hugo Félix, and André Gomes. His outstanding journey through Benfica’s academy led to victories like the UEFA Youth League. He also achieved professional success in his first senior season, winning the Primeira Liga. Alongside Orkun Kökçü in the midfield, he also guided Benfica to win the Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira.

Thank You Notes:

We hope you enjoyed this in-depth look at João Neves’ life story. A Baller who is among the first names in the Red Devils’ midfield transfer shortlist following the club’s 2023 summer transfer.

At SoccerBiography, we strive for precision and fairness as we endeavour to present engaging Portuguese football narratives. João’s biography is part of our extensive collection of European Football stories.

Should you find any discrepancies in this article about Neves, please reach out to us through the comments. We’re also eager to hear your thoughts on João, often touted as a potential successor to Casemiro.

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