Jhon Duran Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

SoccerBiography delves into Jhon Duran’s Biography, starting from his childhood, and touches upon his early life, family background, his Parents – Mrs Durán Palacio (mother), Regino Duran (father), his, and other influential family members such as his cousin Andrés Palacios Roa and his uncle Oswaldo Durán.

In this narrative about Jader (his middle name), we’ll also explore his African family roots, hometown upbringing, cultural background, educational pursuits, and spiritual beliefs.

Furthermore, this write-up provides insights into the Colombian forward’s personal choices, financial standing, and a comprehensive overview of his income.

At its core, this is the chronicle of a determined young boy, who at just ten years of age, decided to leave his familiar surroundings to chase after his passion for football. Facing financial constraints and a family with limited means, Jhon lacked the funds to even travel. However, his unwavering commitment and dedication kept him moving forward.

Indeed, Duran’s path to success was as inspiring as it was challenging. His early fame in football was a testament to his perseverance and hard work. Grateful for the assistance he received from kind souls who funded his travels, Duran set forth towards realizing his football aspirations.


Kicking off this biography, we spotlight key episodes from Duran’s formative years. Following that, we delve into his early stints with the Envigado Academy, culminating with an overview of his rise to prominence in the world of football.

Our aim at SoccerBiography is to present a comprehensive account of Jhon Duran’s journey, from humble beginnings to his current acclaim.

Showcasing his transition from a budding player to a football sensation, this article illustrates how Duran evolved into a force to be reckoned with on the field.

Not only is Jhon Durán exceptionally agile and robust, but he also possesses a remarkable talent for precision and goal-scoring. An example of this came on the day he took advantage of a Shambolic Everton defending.

His stellar performance as an 18-year-old showcased his immense potential, a factor that caught the eye of Aston Villa, leading to his subsequent recruitment.

In our pursuit of narrating the tales of Colombian forwards, we identified a gap. Many football enthusiasts might be familiar with Jhon Duran, the player, but few have delved deep into his life story.

Heeding this call, we have endeavoured to present an exhaustive biography of this rising star. So, let’s dive in.

Jhon Duran’s Early Years:

Popularly known in the football world as JD9, Jhon Jader Durán Palacio was born on the 13th of December 2003. His birthplace was Medellín, Colombia, where he was lovingly welcomed by his parents, Regino Duran and Mrs. Durán Palacio.

Contrary to some beliefs, Jhon wasn’t the youngest member of his family. He shares his childhood memories with several siblings, thanks to the union of his parents.

Shining the spotlight on Jhon Duran’s parents, it’s evident that their unwavering support, relentless efforts, and constant encouragement have played a pivotal role in shaping Jhon’s successful career.

Childhood Days:

Jhon Durán’s early days were primarily spent in Zaragoza, surrounded by family. Here, he shared cherished memories with his siblings and close kin, including his cousin, Andres Palacios Roa.

Situated in northwest Colombia, Zaragoza in the department of Antioquia holds the backdrop of Duran’s young adventures.

An 18th birthday snapshot taken by his mother captures Durán with a few individuals who likely are his siblings, reminding us of the strong familial bond they share.

Indeed, these family members have had an influential role in moulding his formative years.

Jhon Durán’s Formative Years:

In the narrow lanes of Zaragoza, Antioquia, young Jader’s most constant companion was his football. His feet almost always found a ball, reminiscent of many children’s experiences in modest communities.

Street football sessions were the highlights of his days, much like Chelsea’s Forward David Datro Fofana. The streets served as Duran’s first football academy. Even by age ten, Durán hadn’t set foot in any formal football institutions, emphasizing his organic passion for the game.

From as young as 9, his innate skills were evident to those around him.

Stepping into Professionalism:

By the time Duran approached his teens, he felt an increasing pull towards formalizing his football aspirations. His smooth transition from playing on the streets to joining an esteemed academy underscores his commitment to the sport.

A telling photo, shared by Andres Palacios Roa, Duran’s cousin, on Twitter, chronicles a pivotal moment in Duran’s journey. The image showed a young Duran at Envigado FC, poised to undergo evaluations.

The timestamp on the photo indicates that Durán began his professional pursuit with Envigado’s youth teams at about 11. Specifically, the date, 22nd of October 2015, pinpoints that Duran’s initiation into professional football occurred just shy of his 12th birthday on 13th December.

It’s noteworthy that Envigado FC, Duran’s first professional home, has nurtured several Colombian talents, the most notable being James Rodríguez.

Jhon Duran’s Family Heritage:

Originating from Medellín, the Duran family boasts a legacy intertwined with football. Central to this lineage is Jhon Duran’s father, a stalwart in football administration. Additionally, Regino’s sibling, the illustrious former Colombian goalkeeper Oswaldo Durán, graces the family tree.

Often referred to as “La Sombra” – translating to “the Shadow” – Jhon’s uncle carved his niche as a dependable goalkeeper through the 1980s and 1990s. Post his playing years, Oswaldo Durán Rentería transitioned into a coaching role.

By 2016, he was at the helm of Atlético Huila, a prominent Colombian football team from Neiva, situated in south-central Colombia.

Notably, Jhon’s father took on a presidential role for a regional Colombian football club. Drawing from this, it’s evident that Jhon’s familial ties, particularly his father and uncle, played instrumental roles in shaping his nascent football journey.

The Duran family, despite their hectic lives, cherishes moments together, evident from their celebrations. For instance, during his 18th birthday, Jhon donned dual caps, that of the birthday boy and the cook.

Roots and Heritage:

TransferMarkt documents indicate that both Jhon’s parents are of Colombian origin. While Jhon’s birthplace, Medellín, ranks as Colombia’s second-largest city (following Bogotá), he was primarily raised in Zaragoza. Nonetheless, Santa Fe de Antioquia is the ancestral home for the Durans.

To provide clarity on the Durans’ residential journey, consider this geographical representation.

Cultural Background:

Jhon Duran identifies as an Afro-Colombian, aligning with the ethnicities termed as African Colombian, Palenquero, or Raizal. This ethnicity constitutes approximately 10.5% of Colombia’s diverse population.

Historically, Jhon’s ancestors were among the Africans who, under Spanish colonial rule, were brought to Colombian shores as slaves.

They were employed in mines and plantations, alleviating the pressures faced by the native Colombian population, many of whom succumbed to the intense labour demands. Footballers Davinson Sanchez and Yerry Mina serve as contemporary representatives of Colombia’s African-rooted populace.

Jhon Duran’s Academic and Early Career:

With a father deeply rooted in football administration and an uncle entrenched in sports, it was inevitable that Jhon Duran would be enrolled in a soccer-centric educational institution. Our research indicates that he honed his skills at the Casa de Paz school in his local area.

From a tender age, Jhon’s ambition and dedication were palpable. By the time he reached eleven, he had already outgrown the local street football scene. With unwavering support from his family, he transitioned from Casa de Paz school to a prestigious football academy.

Jhon Duran’s Journey in Football:

By the tender age of 11, Jhon embarked on his professional pathway with Envigado. His exceptional prowess with the ball did not go unnoticed, earning him accolades from renowned coaches like Alberto Suárez and Wilberth Perea, both of whom saw leadership potential in him, bestowing upon him the captain’s armband.

Guided under the mentorship of José Alberto Suárez Giraldo (born 22nd February 1961), affectionately known as Professor Alberto, Jhon found not just a coach, but a father figure. Under his tutelage, the young talent from Zaragoza flourished.

Starting his developmental phase at La Cantera de Héroes, commonly referred to as Envigado, at eleven, Jhon’s initial successes included noteworthy trophy wins, bolstering his confidence.

Even before entering his teens, he was lauded for his agility, power, and rare prowess with his left foot. A fervent admirer of elite forwards like Miguel Borja, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Robert Lewandowski, he drew inspiration from their gameplay.

Envigado’s reputation as a hotbed for emerging Colombian talents is well-established. Beyond nurturing the prodigious James Rodríguez of the 2014 World Cup fame, the academy has fostered the growth of notable players such as Juanfer Quintero, Giovanni Moreno, Fredy Guarín, Jhon Córdoba, and Dorlan Pabón.

Jhon Duran’s Ascension:

Even before he stepped into his teens, Jhon’s trainers recognized his advanced skill set, realizing that they had limited knowledge left to impart. This wasn’t just due to his inherent talent but also his imposing physical stature, which gave him a distinctive advantage.

In the formative years of his teens, his height became a formidable asset against opposing defenders. But young Jhon was astute enough to realize that natural advantages alone wouldn’t cement his place in professional football.

Always seen with a ball at his feet, he relentlessly worked on honing his speed, agility, and goal-scoring abilities.

Entering the Pro Leagues Early:

Making the leap to professional football at an incredibly young age is an exception rather than the norm, reserved for prodigious talents.

In this context, Jhon’s trajectory mirrors that of prodigies like Harvey Elliott and Jude Bellingham, who began their professional journeys well before turning 17.

Interestingly, Duran was a mere 15 years old when he took his first steps in the professional realm.

Launching his career at Envigado FC, the Colombian club that nurtured him, the young striker promptly showcased his mettle.

Duran’s professional debut came on February 10, 2019, when he was just 15. Remarkably, his maiden outing concluded in a 1-0 triumph over Alianza Petrolera in the Primera A.

That same year, Duran carved his name in the annals of Colombian football, becoming the second-youngest player ever to net a goal in Colombia’s premier league.

In a broader context, since the league’s inception in 1948, Jhon stands as the third youngest goal-scorer. He accomplished this milestone at 15 years and 263 days, inevitably drawing the attention of global scouts.

On the pitch, Duran exhibited qualities reminiscent of Marcus Rashford, demonstrating versatility by performing both as a winger and a central striker. Before his imminent move to the MLS, he left an indelible mark in Colombian football with his scoring prowess.

Jhon Duran’s Global Emergence:

The meteoric rise of this dynamic Colombian striker didn’t escape the notice of elite clubs globally.

According to the America OTW Scout report, Duran was heralded as the third most promising central forward worldwide, valued under €5,000,000.

The MLS outfit, Chicago Fire, emerged triumphant in securing Duran’s signature. This move solidified his status as the youngest-ever international acquisition in the Major League Soccer’s history and the youngest foreign participant in any U.S. competition.

Making Waves in the MLS:

In the American soccer landscape, Duran’s exploits continued to shatter records. A noteworthy goal against Cincinnati established him as the youngest Colombian to find the net in the MLS, further boosting his confidence.

With time, Duran evolved, mastering the art of consistently finding the net with trademark finishes. His scoring techniques, typically elusive for novices, bore comparisons with luminaries like Mbappe.

Duran’s contributions to Chicago Fire weren’t mere strokes of luck but the manifestations of innate skill and dedication. This was evident in his performances, which had fans and pundits alike raving about his talent.

Duran’s exploits not only set the MLS abuzz but also reverberated back home in Colombia, where he was a frequent headline feature.

By the age of 18, wearing the Chicago Fire emblem, Duran netted an impressive 30 goals in 2022, spanning various tournaments: the MLS, the US Open Cup, and MLS Next Pro.

Moving to the Premier League:

During the summer transfer window of 2022, Chicago Fire made significant changes to their squad. Having recently acquired Xherdan Shaqiri from Liverpool, the club opted to transfer their goalkeeper, Gabriel Slonina, to Chelsea, now under Todd Boehly’s ownership.

On January 23, 2023, the Premier League club managed by Unai Emery announced the addition of Durán, who replaced Cameron Archer, to their roster.

Durán’s move to Aston Villa came with £3.3m in add-ons and an upfront transfer fee said to be around £14.75m. At the time of the conclusion of Jhon Duran’s biography, he is becoming a permanent fixture in the Villa team. Enjoying great partnerships with the likes of John McGinn, Moussa Diaby, etc.

Personal Life – Jhon Duran’s Girlfriend:

Considering his rapid ascent in the world of football, it’s no surprise that Jhon has amassed a considerable fan base. Blessed with good looks, commanding height, and undeniable charisma, Duran has certainly captured many hearts.

Many have wondered about the relationship status of the young sensation. Is there a special someone in Jhon Duran’s life?

As of this biography’s publication date, Duran has remained tight-lipped about his romantic entanglements. An examination of his online presence, including platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, offers no insights into this aspect of his life.

Joining a league as challenging as the Premier League requires intense concentration, especially for a 19-year-old. It’s conceivable that Duran’s family might have advised him to keep his personal life under wraps as he adapts to life in England.

Getting to Know Jhon Duran:

Digging deeper, we find that Duran holds great reverence for the footballing icons of his homeland. Did you know Duran’s decision to sign with Aston Villa was influenced by a renowned Colombian footballer?

Juan Pablo Ángel, who played a pivotal role for Villa between 2001 and 2007, played a part in Duran’s choice. In explaining his move, Duran frequently referred to the legacy of Ángel, a figure who predates Duran’s own birth.

Juan Pablo Ángel conveyed a heartfelt message to Jhon Duran upon his signing with Aston Villa.

Moreover, despite tasting success at such a young age, Duran remains grounded. He is described as a down-to-earth, compassionate individual. Those in his inner circle commend his supportiveness, particularly towards budding football enthusiasts who look up to him.

Jhon Duran’s Approach to Living:

In a 2023 interview with the Claret and blue, Jhon Duran emphasized that while financial stability from his career is valuable, it isn’t his primary focus.

Instead, Duran leads a modest life, often refraining from flaunting his assets such as cars, homes, or other luxurious possessions.

The Duran Household:

For Jhon Duran, reaching the heights of the Colombian national team and achieving club success represents the aspirations of his entire family.

His rise in the world of football isn’t merely a result of playing for exceptional teams but is also a testament to the unwavering support he received from his family. Let’s delve deeper into the Duran family dynamics.

The Pillar: Jhon Duran’s Father:

Regino Duran once held the prestigious position of president for the local club where his son showcased his budding talent. Being deeply rooted in the football ecosystem, Regino’s insights into the sport have been invaluable for Jhon.

His father’s connections provided Jhon with unique career opportunities, laying the groundwork for his early development and recognition in football.

However, Jhon was acutely aware that having familial ties in the Colombian football world wasn’t a golden ticket to success. He realized that innate talent and relentless dedication were indispensable for him to thrive professionally.

Jhon Duran’s Maternal Influence:

The identity of Jhon Duran’s mother remains somewhat under wraps, but she’s known to carry the maiden name, Palacio. She has been a consistent pillar of emotional strength for Jhon throughout his journey.

Her nurturing guidance and constant reassurance have grounded Jhon, ensuring he remains humble despite his skyrocketing fame in the Premier League. The former Miss Palacio stands as a testament to the crucial role family plays in the lives of budding Colombian talents.

Family Ties – Jhon Duran’s Cousin:

Andrés Palacios Roa shares a lineage with Jhon’s mother. As Jhon’s cousin, he has been an ardent supporter of his football journey. A university graduate and avid Lionel Messi admirer, Andrés has keenly watched Jhon’s growth right from his foundational days at the Envigado Academy.

Legacy of Jhon Duran’s Uncle:

Known as ‘the Shadow’, Oswaldo Durán was an eminent goalkeeper, representing several Colombian teams. Throughout his illustrious career, he played for renowned clubs like Independiente Medellín, Nacional, Once Caldas, Huila, and Pereira.

At present, as sources from Elpais highlight, Oswaldo boasts the highest coaching accreditation from FIFA. Holding both the Conmebol license and Pro Nacional license, he is qualified to coach teams across Colombia and globally.

Following his transition to coaching, Oswaldo made significant contributions to Bajo Cauca de la B, Bogotá Fútbol Club, and Atlético Huila in the Colombian premier division. He also served as the technical aide to coach Carlos ‘Piscis’ Restrepo at Pérez Zeledón, a prominent team in Costa Rica’s premier football league, Liga FPD.

Unveiling Jhon Duran Facts:

As we approach the conclusion of this biography, we shed light on some lesser-known aspects of the formidable talent known as Jhon Duran. Let’s delve deeper.

Jhon Duran’s Big Recognition by The Guardian:

In October 2020, the forward hailing from the renowned Envigado FC academy secured a spot on The Guardian’s prestigious list of the top 60 emerging soccer talents worldwide.

Several other budding football prodigies have been highlighted by The Guardian. Among them, we’ve profiled Jamaal Musiala, Ilaix Moriba, Wilfried Gnonto, Xavi Simons, and Benjamin Sesko, to name a few.

A Dream Realized:

Jhon Duran’s crowning moment arrived during his maiden appearance for the senior Colombian national team. That day, he found himself sharing the locker room with his footballing hero, Radamel Falcao.

On September 24, 2022, when Colombia squared off against Guatemala, an elated Jhon Duran stepped onto the field in place of his idol, Falcao, shortly after the game’s midpoint.

For Jhon, Falcao represents the pinnacle of excellence in his playing position, serving as a guiding influence both on the field and outside of it.

Jhon Duran’s Earnings:

Hailing from Medellín, Duran’s salary stands slightly below the paychecks of Ashley Young and Jacob Ramsey, who earn £50k and £70k weekly, respectively. However, he receives far less than other Premier League players, like Phil Foden and Morgan Gibbs-White.

Assessing the Forward’s Wealth:

In the region where Jhon Duran’s family originates, the average individual takes home approximately 4,690,000 COP (Colombian Peso) monthly.

To put this into perspective, an average individual from that region would need over 156 years to accumulate what Duran earns annually at Villa.

Rising FIFA Star Profile:

Given his early accomplishments, showcased by his exceptional goals, there’s a strong argument for Jhon Duran to receive an upward revision in his FIFA potential.

Many football enthusiasts believe that FIFA should reconsider his ratings, placing him in a league comparable to young forwards such as Nicolas Jackson and Rasmus Hojlund. Let’s not forget the French rising star, Elye Wahi.

Insight into Jhon Duran’s Religion:

From the information gathered Duran’s actions indicate a strong Christian faith. It’s likely that his parents raised him with deep-rooted Catholic values.

Similarly to Luis Diaz, he starts each match with a prayer and consistently expresses gratitude to God after matches, including during post-match interviews.


Jhon Jader Durán Palacios, the talented forward from Antioquia, was born on December 13th, 2003. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Regino Duran, brought him up in the town of Zaragoza in Antioquia, located in northwest Colombia.

Jhon’s love for football blossomed on the streets of Zaragoza, where he spent countless hours refining his skills. His dedication and passion for pursuing a professional career in football became evident as he matured.

Narrating his ascent to a reputable Colombian academy, Duran speaks of a journey filled with challenges and beauty. At a mere age of 10, he bid farewell to his school, Casa de Paz, in Zaragoza to enroll in the renowned Envigado football academy. While financial constraints posed transportation challenges, he received support from kind-hearted individuals.

Envigado academy, where Jhon trained, is celebrated for producing football legends, including the iconic James Rodríguez.

His development at the academy was nothing short of exceptional. Jhon showcased agile footwork combined with a natural goal-scoring ability. By 15, the lad from Medellín had already embarked on his professional journey. His commendable performance with Envigado brought him to the limelight at the national level.

In 2020, the renowned English publication, The Guardian, featured him among the top 60 emerging male football talents. Fast-forward two seasons, and in January, Duran inked a deal with the Major League Soccer’s Chicago Fire.

Duran’s entry into the MLS was marked by breathtaking goals, leading to numerous accolades. Come January 23rd, 2023, Premier League side Aston Villa made an impressive £18m bid for the Chicago Fire’s star forward. While Jhon may not yet be on par with Erling Haaland and Julian Alvarez, he is driven to match their calibre by the time he reaches their age.

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