Jess Carter Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

We present an insightful account of Jess Carter’s Biography, laying bare details about her early years, familial ties, including her Mum, Dad, siblings—specifically her sisters, Masey and Mimi, and brother Joseph, her girlfriend, Ann-Katrin Berger. This narrative also delves into her lineage, featuring grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, among others.

Additionally, we explore her family history, religious beliefs, academic journey, ethnicity, and hometown. Not leaving out aspects of her personal life and lifestyle, we reveal her astrological sign, financial worth, and earnings.

In essence, the complete account of Jess Carter’s life is a tale of a young girl from the vicinity of Birmingham City Women’s FC stadium who dared not dream of a professional football career.

Growing up, Jess found herself devoid of role models she could look up to, a situation that made it challenging for her to envision herself as one. However, she defied her doubts and has since become an inspiration to countless youngsters nurturing dreams of becoming football players.


Our narration of Jess Carter’s life story starts by highlighting the significant occurrences during her formative years. Next, we delve into her ethnic background and initial career milestones. Then, we narrate her journey to recognition and accomplishments.

Our aim at SoccerBiography is to satiate your curiosity as you delve into Jess Carter’s life story. To achieve this, we present a photo compilation that encapsulates her life journey, from her early involvement in football to her ascendant prominence.

This vibrant athlete hails from England and plays professional football. Her defensive prowess on the field is seen while playing for Chelsea FC in the Women’s Super League and representing the England women’s national team.

Jess Carter is an extraordinary athlete with a distinguished football career. The versatile defender from England is celebrated for her defensive aptitude. She currently brings her skills to bear as an instrumental player for the illustrious Women’s Super League team, Chelsea FC.

Furthermore, Jess holds in high regard her role as a vital member of the England women’s national team. Her commitment and industriousness have rightfully positioned her among the sport’s elite.

However, it’s important to point out that despite our extensive research on Women’s Soccer, there remain some voids in her biography. This lack of exhaustive information means that only a select few football aficionados fully grasp her captivating life story.

Nevertheless, Jess Carter’s accomplishments and journey in football serve as an inspiration to young players and fans alike. Her contributions to the sport make her a beacon for aspiring athletes dreaming of achieving greatness in football. Therefore, let’s proceed with the available information about Jess Carter’s biography.

The Story of Jess Carter’s Early Years:

Known to the world as Jess Carter, she was born Jessica Leigh Carter on October 27th, 1997, to her affectionate parents in the quaint town of Warwick, located in Warwickshire, England.

Her birth, which happened on a delightful Monday, was a joyous moment for her loving parents.

Born into a family with two brothers and a sister, Jess is the youngest in the family, all born out of the dedicated bond of their devoted parents. Despite being the youngest, she was cherished and loved by all, and they lived harmoniously in the United Kingdom.

Speaking of Jess Carter’s parents, their constant support and tireless efforts in encouraging her to achieve her dreams were pivotal in her journey. They had an unwavering belief in their daughter’s abilities and were determined to see her succeed.

Growing Up Years:

Jess Carter’s upbringing was lively and filled with memorable moments. Raised in the United Kingdom alongside her doting family – her parents, two brothers, and a sister – she grew up in an environment of warmth and encouragement.

This nurturing setting allowed Jess to grow and chase her interests, particularly her passion for sports, and more specifically, soccer. Her remarkable talent and determination on the field soon earned her the title of a promising soccer athlete.

Recognizing her potential, her parents gave her unwavering support, becoming her biggest fans.

Throughout her formative years, Jess was consistently motivated by her parents to be industrious and committed to her goals. They created opportunities for her to refine her skills, both on and off the field.

Apart from sports, they also emphasized the importance of qualities like determination, compassion, and modesty. As she navigated through adolescence, Jess, like any other youngster, encountered difficulties and setbacks. However, her parents’ steadfast support and faith in her abilities kept her motivated.

Their affection and guidance were instrumental in shaping her personality and honing her into the extraordinary individual she is today.

In sum, Jess Carter’s early years were characterized by love, encouragement, and diligence. The unwavering support and sacrifices of her parents paved the way for her subsequent success as a talented soccer player and an individual of commendable character.

Jess Carter’s Initial Journey in Football:

The intrepid athlete’s football career began at an early age. Jess’s passion for the game developed gradually, and her proximity to Birmingham City Women’s home ground during her upbringing shaped her path towards becoming a talented defender.

Just a few minutes away from the stadium, Jess had the privilege of witnessing women’s professional football from close quarters. Despite this, she initially did not realize that a career in soccer (professionally) was a possibility for her.

Being in such close proximity to the Birmingham City team, Jess saw firsthand the importance of providing aspiring footballers with opportunities to display their talents.

It broadened her perspective about the potential of the sport, sparking in her a serious ambition to pursue football as a career.

Her initial bond with football started in her own home, where she played matches with her brothers. Often assuming the role of the goalkeeper, she was unknowingly laying the foundation for her future successes.

As Jess grew older, her passion for football only intensified. At the tender age of five, she joined the Junior Woodies program in Warwick, her first formal engagement with football.

Designed for children aged between five to eight, this program aimed at acquainting kids with the sport and providing a supportive atmosphere to cultivate their skills.

Participation in the Junior Woodies program helped refine her skills and solidified her determination to chase a career in football. As she advanced through the program, her commitment to the sport deepened, and her prowess as a defender started to emerge.

Jess Carter’s Family Background:

The spirited football sensation originates from a warm, supportive family based in the UK. Though information regarding her parents’ names and vocations is not publicly known, they have been key in cultivating her enthusiasm for football since her early years.

Their constant support and encouragement have been pivotal in enabling Jess to chase her love for the game. Notably, she comes from a unique family setting with an American father and an English mother.

Raised in a bi-cultural home, Jess and her siblings grew up experiencing the influence of both American and British cultures, shaping their worldview and identity in significant ways.

A social media post suggested that her father might be a military veteran. Both her parents recognized her talent and commitment to football early on and have stood by her throughout her journey.

Within her family, sports were a common interest. Even amidst financial constraints and busy schedules, Jess Carter’s parents were wholly dedicated to her career growth, offering the necessary support and care.

Their steadfast love and encouragement have been at the heart of her exceptional journey as she evolved into a successful footballer, bringing pride to her family.

Jess Carter’s Family Heritage:

The resilient young sportswoman’s family history and cultural background provide a captivating amalgamation of her parents’ heritage and roots.

Born in the historical town of Warwick, England, renowned for its attractions like the Warwick Castle, Jess Carter proudly identifies with her hometown’s heritage.

Her family’s origins add another dimension to her identity. Jess Carter’s father is of Afro-American descent, while her mother is English, offering her a unique blend of both backgrounds.

While she has African American lineage through her father, her birthplace remains Warwick, England. Her surname “Carter” is believed to have Irish, Scottish, or English origins.

Historically, “Carter” was a professional title for individuals involved in the transportation of goods using carts or wagons. The Celtic origins of the name emphasize its antiquity, adding to the richness of her family history.

Notably, as an exceptional defender, Jess Carter proudly showcases her English and British nationality on the field. Her diverse cultural background indeed enriches her unique identity and comprehensive family background.

Jess Carter’s Ethnicity:

The graceful sportswoman belongs to the Mixed ethnic group category, representing about 2.2% of Warwick’s residents.

Typically, this ethnic classification refers to British citizens or residents whose parentage includes two or more diverse races or ethnic backgrounds.

Jess Carter’s Education:

Growing up in Warwick, Jess would have had access to various schools that could provide formal educational opportunities. However, her city’s ingrained passion for soccer sparked her interest from a young age.

With dreams of becoming a professional footballer, Carter remained steadfast and focused on her athletic career.

Remarkably, she managed to maintain a balance between her demanding training routine and academic commitments, ensuring that her education didn’t suffer.

Like many gifted young footballers, she faced the challenge of balancing education and football. To support her, her parents enrolled her in a specialized sports academy and a youth development program linked with a well-known football club.

These programs offered a unique blend of academic education and intensive football training and competition. Hence, she benefitted from developing her football skills under professional supervision while simultaneously receiving necessary education.

This fusion allowed her to cultivate her talent on the field and continue her academic growth simultaneously, setting a holistic foundation for her future as a professional football player.

Career Formation:

Showing promise from a young age, Jess was scouted and asked to join the Birmingham City Academy. Here, she was provided specialized training under the supervision of seasoned coaches. As part of her football journey, she was enrolled at the Academy.

Significantly, the Birmingham City Academy operates as the youth development system and academy program tied to Birmingham City F.C.

The setup aims to discover and cultivate youthful football talent, giving them the required training and development to become professional footballers.

This offered Jess a systematic and comprehensive trajectory as a young player, allowing her to develop into a skillful and complete player over time.

The academy places emphasis on education, personality growth, and football abilities, ensuring young players receive a holistic education.

As Carter advanced through the different age groups, she competed in regional and national youth tournaments, helping her accumulate invaluable experience and exposure in competitive football.

For the football aspirant, joining the Birmingham City Academy was a dream come true. As she strived to become a professional player, she had the honour of representing Birmingham City F.C. at the highest level.

Jess Carter Biography – Football Journey:

As previously noted, the multi-ethnic talent’s official football journey commenced when she joined the Junior Woodies program in Warwick.

In line with her football dreams, Jess Carter continued her development by joining Woodloes Juniors FC (now known as Warwick Juniors) at the age of seven.

This local team served as her training platform, where she diligently sharpened her skills and evolved as a player.

Her skills on the field were recognized, and shortly before her 16th birthday, Jess Carter earned a spot at Birmingham City’s Centre of Excellence.

This significant progression marked her transition into a more formal and competitive football setting, setting her on a distinct path towards a career in the sport.

Subsequently, a notable milestone was achieved in March 2014 when, at just 16, Jess Carter made her senior debut for Birmingham City in an exhilarating Champions League quarter-final game against Arsenal.

Her outstanding performance at such a young age highlighted her immense potential as a professional footballer.

As you will soon witness in the following clip, her football journey strongly emphasizes the importance of offering opportunities and encouragement to young athletes, irrespective of their backgrounds, allowing them to unlock their full potential and chase their dreams.

Jess Carter Bio – Path to Stardom:

After her commendable performances for Birmingham City, Jess Carter’s skills earned her a spot on the England squad. In 2017, she received the PFA Young Player of the Year award. By 2018, she moved to Chelsea, advancing her football career at a premier club.

In June 2018, Jess Carter inked a three-year deal with Chelsea, transitioning from Birmingham City to join the team. However, initially, she didn’t get much playtime and served as a substitute player for the team.

During her first three seasons with Chelsea, she only started 11 matches in the Women’s Super League (WSL). But then, in January 2020, she reached a significant milestone by scoring her first goal for Chelsea in a game against Bristol City, which Chelsea won 6-1.

The 2021-2022 season was when Jess Carter truly shined. She emerged as an essential part of the team’s defence, playing a critical role in the back three alongside teammates Millie Bright and Magdalena Eriksson.

Her performance during this season aided her in gaining recognition and cementing her position as a crucial player for Chelsea.

Jess Carter Biography – Ascension to Fame:

On an international level, the Chelsea superstar has represented England on the U19 and U20 national teams. During her debut for the England U19 team, she scored a goal against Norway.

In 2017, Jess was called up to the senior England squad for a qualifier game against Kazakhstan. Jess made her appearance as a substitute in the 77th minute, and England won 5-0.

In June 2022, Carter was part of the England squad that claimed victory in the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022. Her contributions on the field were crucial in the team’s tournament success.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of England’s first international match, the FA introduced a legacy numbers scheme, and Jess Carter was assigned the number 201 as part of this initiative.

Moreover, in October 2022, Jess Carter extended her contract with Chelsea, pledging to remain with the club as a defender until 2025.

On 31st May 2023, Jess Carter was announced as part of the exclusive squad for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, which was held in July 2023. Her selection demonstrated her skill and significance as an international player representing England worldwide.

Impressively, Carter and Millie Bright played the full 90 minutes, assisting England in their victorious World Cup campaign opener against Haiti. Additionally, Chelsea’s star player, Lauren James, made a notable appearance off the bench during the second half.

Ann-Katrin Berger – Partner of Jess Carter:

In reality, some football players decide to commit to marriage or a serious relationship early in their careers, while others prioritize their professional development first.

Being a professional football player implies a hectic life filled with training, travel, and media engagements, making it challenging to sustain relationships.

As such, Jess Carter, although unmarried, isn’t single. The English and Chelsea defender is engaged to her partner, Ann-Katrin Berger.

Their paths crossed while playing for Birmingham City FC in 2016, where they became roommates and fostered a strong connection over shared interests in football and movies. Realizing their feelings for one another, they decided to explore their relationship further.

Currently, they share a home in London, with Jess playing for Chelsea and Ann-Katrin subsequently joining the team. They support and motivate each other, even during difficult periods such as Ann-Katrin’s battle with cancer.

Interestingly, both of them represented their national teams in the UEFA Women’s Euros, England for Jess and Germany for Ann-Katrin. However, they celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

Jess Carter openly acknowledges her relationship with Ann-Katrin and takes pride in her identity as a queer individual. A fan of fashion, she is inspired by her stylish teammates.

Despite her achievements, she remains dedicated to advancing women’s football and championing equal opportunities for everyone, irrespective of their background.

With the upcoming World Cup in sight, Jess is eager to inspire change and clinch more victories with the England team.

More about Jess Carter’s Partner – Ann-Katrin Berger:

Born on the 9th of October in 1990, Ann-Katrin Berger hails from Germany and is a professional footballer. She serves as a goalkeeper for both Chelsea and the German national team.

Berger started playing football at the tender age of four with KSG Eislingen, later transitioning to FV Faurndau as she matured. At 16, she decided to become a goalkeeper, as she disliked running and had grown taller.

In August 2022, Berger courageously revealed her second bout with thyroid cancer. Displaying remarkable resilience and willpower, she made her return just over a month later against Manchester City.

During the Women’s Champions League, she executed a critical save in a penalty shootout, propelling Chelsea into the semi-finals.

Berger was called up to the German national team for the first time in November 2018. She was selected to represent Germany in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023.

Beyond her football career, she is an ambassador and co-founder of the London-based Judan Ali Football Academy (JAFA).

Jess Carter’s Personal Life:

Aside from her football career, Jess Carter relishes various aspects of her life outside the pitch. She is a fan of autumn’s cozy weather and enjoys donning oversized jumpers.

In her spare time, she likes to unwind and occasionally admits to indulging in shopping. Before her football career took off, Jess was a devoted rugby enthusiast and nearly adopted it as her preferred sport.

In the changing room, she typically sits next to teammates Sophie Ingle or Anita Asante, depending on availability.

Jess holds dual citizenship due to her American father. Though she used to visit America frequently during her younger years, it’s been years since her last visit. She has a fondness for American food, but has also developed an appreciation for Japanese cuisine.

Living in London, Jess values the city’s cultural diversity and unique fashion sense. When it comes to holiday season, her top Christmas song is Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe,” and her favorite chocolate bar is Snickers.

Looking ahead, Jess aspires to win as many trophies as possible with her team. Outside of football, she has an interest in psychology and intends to study it at university.

More on Jess Carter’s Personal Life:

Jess harbours a deep passion for travel, and Mexico tops the list of her favourite destinations. She aspires to explore Bora Bora, the Maldives, and Hawaii in the future. When in need of a motivational pick-me-up, she turns to the song “You Gotta Be” by Des’ree.

At a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters) and a weight of 68 kg, Jess places great emphasis on maintaining her physical fitness, ensuring she remains in optimal shape.

In the same vein, Jess keeps her fans updated through her verified Instagram account @_jesslcarter, where she interacts with her growing fanbase. Notable followers include Katie Robinson and Manchester City’s Lauren Hemp.

Two essentials for Jess are her eye mask, a must-have for her light sleeping habits, and her fluffy socks, which she considers a necessity all year round. Get to know more about the England Lionesses from EnglandFootball.

Jess Carter’s Lifestyle:

Embodying the life of a professional footballer, Jess Carter maintains a regimented lifestyle, underpinned by a focus on rest and recuperation to aid her performance on the field. Balanced nutrition is key to her wellbeing and success as an athlete.

As a rising star and accomplished defender, Jess Carter’s perseverance and achievements have amassed substantial wealth and acclaim in her field. Her commitment to her profession and pioneering strides have marked her as one of the most impressive athletes of her generation.

With her significant contribution to Chelsea, it’s only a matter of time before we see a considerable increase in her wealth. Her affluence permits her to enjoy luxurious homes, extravagant vacations, fine dining, and top-of-the-line vehicles.

Living in Kingston upon Thames, London, the spirited athlete indulges in a plush lifestyle. While she hasn’t been seen driving in England yet, her earnings easily afford her the option to purchase any grand vehicle that suits her fancy.

Jess Carter’s Family Life:

Celebrities and athletes often maintain privacy around their family life, preserving personal moments and relationships away from public scrutiny.

Hence, particular details about Jess Carter’s family life are private and not widely circulated. However, it’s crucial to note the substantial role her family plays in her athletic career.

With consistent backing and encouragement from her loved ones, she continues her professional journey. Jess Carter has a circle of family members who have been integral to her path as a professional footballer. Stay tuned for specific updates on the Champion’s family life.

Jess Carter’s Father:

Notably, Warwick, ND, has a sizeable population of military personnel who wholeheartedly served in the Gulf War (2001-) – higher than other conflict groups.

This reveals the town’s strong military ties, and it’s plausible that Jess Carter’s father, presumed to be a veteran, might have been part of this military community.

While explicit details about Jess Carter’s father’s military service aren’t available, it’s clear that he was pivotal in kindling her passion for football.

Together with her mother, he inspired her to chase her love for the game from a young age, offering the requisite support and care for her football journey.

Despite financial constraints and busy schedules, Jess Carter’s parents remain devoted to her professional success.

Their steadfast love and support have been fundamental in her accomplishments as a skilled footballer and have served as a crucial backbone in her illustrious journey in the football realm.

While the specific association with the military and the Gulf War in Jess Carter’s family background isn’t entirely transparent, the profound influence and encouragement from her parents are clearly instrumental in shaping her triumphant football career.

Jess Carter’s Mother:

In the realm of football, particularly English football, family support is paramount. Accomplished players such as Jess Carter often depend on their families for both financial and emotional backing to chase their sports aspirations.

Even though detailed information about Jess Carter’s mother isn’t readily available, it’s undeniable that she has been instrumental in nurturing her daughter’s affinity for football.

Teaming up with Jess’s father, her mother has motivated her interest in the sport from an early age, providing the essential support and resources for her football journey.

Despite the absence of specific details, Jess Carter’s mother, much like her father, has been a rock of support in her life.

Her consistent love and backing have been integral to Jess’s achievements as a skilled footballer, and she has made her family proud with her sports accomplishments.

Typically, parents often make sacrifices to support their children’s football dreams. They invest their time and resources, and their encouragement and faith in their children’s talents are critical for their development as athletes.

In conclusion, family backing is crucial to Jess Carter’s journey as a footballer. Her parents, particularly her mother, have significantly influenced her success. She has realised her dreams in the sport, albeit sadly, her mother passed away following a brief illness.

Jess Carter Siblings:

While we’d love to provide more information about her siblings, the details available are scant. Jess Carter has opted to maintain the privacy of her family life.

However, some social media posts indicate that she has a brother named Joseph and a sister named Masey or Mimi. The images reveal a tight-knit bond, and her siblings have exhibited unwavering support by attending most of her games.

Family backing is integral to Jess Carter’s journey, and her siblings have played a notable role in fuelling her passion for football and standing by her throughout her career.

Their attendance at her games and the shared experiences of their upbringing have likely fostered their close-knit relationship as siblings.

While detailed information about Jess Carter’s siblings isn’t available, it’s apparent that they play a vital role in her life. Moreover, they have shown consistent support for her football career.

Their presence and backing have likely served as a pillar of strength and motivation for Jess, and thanks to their support, she continues to shine as a leading figure in women’s football.

Jess Carter’s Relatives:

As noted earlier, specific information about Jess Carter’s extended family members isn’t in the public domain. She has chosen to keep these details private to shield her loved ones from undue public attention.

Nevertheless, we understand that the bonds with family members likely hold significant importance in her life. Information about her aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, nephews, nieces, and in-laws is sparse.

Yet, one of her social media posts suggests that her grandparents, particularly her grandmother, have played a significant part in her career accomplishments.

She acknowledges their backing and is determined not to let them down, pointing to the significance of their influence in her life and football journey.

Despite the limited public information, it’s clear that family support has played a pivotal role in Jess Carter’s life and career. Following is a picture taken after the birth of one of Jess Carter’s nephews.

 Jess Carter Facts:

In her early years as a footballer, Jess Carter found inspiration in several athletes. One of her role models is the former England and Arsenal defender Alex Scott. Watching Scott perform at the pinnacle of the sport drove Jess to pursue her football ambitions and strive to be an elite defender.

As Jess Carter’s journey continues to evolve, her devotion to the sport, empathy for others, and dedication to making a difference shine through, portraying her not just as a gifted footballer but also an inspiring individual off the pitch.

Indeed! Now, let’s delve into some lesser-known facts about Jess Carter.

Jess Carter’s Earnings & Wealth:

The income of football players can drastically vary based on factors like their contracts, performance, and sponsorships.

As a seasoned player for Chelsea FC, Jess Carter’s earnings are determined by her contractual commitments. These may include agreements with her club, endorsement contracts, and other financial arrangements.

She is notably identified as one of the budding talents in the Women’s Super League and Chelsea FC. Jess Carter’s remarkable football skills and steadfast dedication have led to substantial financial rewards and broad recognition.

The skilled footballer has built a significant wealth through match earnings, sponsorship contracts, and collaborations.

Importantly, there’s a positive trend in national team salary structures. Several nations, including England, Brazil, and Norway, have committed to pay parity between their men’s and women’s teams.

For instance, as per National World, the women of England’s team earn around £2,000 per match. Among Chelsea’s top earners, Sam Kerr stands out with an annual income exceeding £400,000.

On the other hand, Jess Carter’s annual salary with Chelsea falls under $1 million. Nonetheless, her total net worth is projected to surpass $2 million, as cited by Hollywood magazine.

Jess Carter in FIFA:

Player ratings, attributes, and representations in FIFA games are updated to mirror their real-world performance. As of 2023, her rating is higher than average, and she shows strong potential for growth.

Her favored position is as a Defender. Jess Carter primarily uses her right foot for shooting. Her gameplay has regularly demonstrated excellent skill and stability.

Notably, her Handling, Kicking, Positioning, and defensive Reflexes are seen as top-tier.

Even with her outstanding performance, Jess Carter remains receptive to further enhancements in her game. Her playing style has been compared to Naomi Girma and Kadeisha Buchanan, underscoring similarities in their approach to the sport.

What is Jess Carter’s Religion?

The Warwick native’s religion and views on same-sex love and sexuality can be seen as historically and culturally complex. Furthermore, many cultures and religions have accepted same-sex relationships, with analogous mythologies found globally.

Nevertheless, individuals of faith, regardless of their perspectives on homosexuality, often draw upon sacred texts and traditions to shape their beliefs.

Summary Closing Note:

In a quaint town in England, a little girl named Jessica Leigh Carter was born on October 27, 1997. As she grew, she developed a love for football and evolved into a skilled player.

She led her local team, the Warwick Juniors, and guided them to the County Cup championship victory. Her skills attracted the attention of the Birmingham City Academy, where she continued to shine.

Subsequently, Jessica’s hard work bore fruit when she joined Chelsea as a promising player. In 2020, she netted her first goal for the team. She emerged as a critical defensive player, teaming up with her teammates, and propelled England to Victory.

She represented England on the U19 and U20 national teams, showcasing her talent on the global stage. In 2022, Jessica was part of the triumphant England squad at the UEFA Women’s Euro. She earned a spot in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup team.

Off the pitch, Jessica found love and companionship in her relationship with Chelsea teammate Ann-Katrin Berger. She also became a role model for young football enthusiasts as an ambassador for an all-female football academy.

In conclusion, Jessica Leigh Carter’s journey in women’s football has been dotted with remarkable achievements. And her story continues to inspire others.

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