Jeremie Frimpong Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article, a deep-dive Andre Jeremie Frimpong, provides an insightful overview of his early years and upbringing by his parents; among them is Bernice Frimpong (Jeremie’s mum), his Dad, four brothers, Wesley, Aaron and Jefferey Frimpong and sister, Chelsea and Nana Frimpong, family background, romantic life, financial status, and personal lifestyle.

Diving into the narrative of Jeremie Frimpong, we explore aspects from his romantic life with Tyjah Bowens to his wealth, way of living, roots, personal journey, and earnings.

This piece narrates Jeremie Frimpong’s full story, spotlighting his ascent in football sans paternal support and showcasing his prowess as a defender, making him a coveted right-back in the sport.

Introduction to Jeremie Frimpong’s Story:

We begin our exploration of Jeremie Frimpong’s life, starting from his early days and moving through key moments of his career. Next, we highlight his rise in football, showcasing how he claimed three significant trophies with his team.

Our narrative aims to enrich your understanding of Frimpong’s path, from his beginnings to becoming a celebrated right-back for Bayer Leverkusen and his triumphs with Celtic FC, including winning the Scottish Premiership and League Cup.

Despite his prominence on the field, many fans may not know the full story of Jeremie Frimpong. This article is crafted to bridge that gap, inviting you to delve into the detailed account of his journey. Let’s dive in.

Jeremie Frimpong’s Early Life:

Jeremie Agyekum Frimpong Unwawirka, known as Jeremie Frimpong, was born to his mother, Bernice, on December 10, 2000, in the western of the Netherlands. He is the fifth of six children raised by a single mother in Amsterdam.


Frimpong’s childhood was spent in a crowded three-bedroom apartment with his siblings – Jeffery, Aaron, Wesley, Nana, and Chelsea. Despite the cramped living conditions and typical sibling squabbles, these were the times that crafted cherished family memories.

The family’s living situation improved when the Dutch government gave them a larger home. Frimpong’s passion for football was undeniable despite his shy and reserved nature. From a young age, he was determined to become a footballer, often using any movable object as a makeshift ball.

Jeremie Frimpong’s Formative Years:

Thanks to his brother Jeffrey’s influence, Jeremie’s passion for football was evident from an early age. Almost as soon as he could walk, Jeremie was kicking anything within reach, turning household items into makeshift footballs.

His sister Nana recalls how even plastic utensils became part of Jeremie’s early football adventures, leading to a broken TV. His mother, Bernice, had to enroll him in formal football training to channel his energy properly.

Raising a Family Single-Handedly:

Life for Jeremie’s family took a significant turn when Bernice became a single mother to six children. The burden of providing for the family fell heavily on her shoulders, requiring her to juggle multiple jobs.

Despite the financial constraints, the family remained tight-knit, with the older siblings stepping up to support Bernice. Jeremie’s brother, Jeffrey, often took him to training sessions, ensuring his football development continued uninterrupted.

Despite their modest means, the Frimpong family upheld values of respect and humility. Bernice instilled these virtues in her children, shaping Jeremie’s character on and off the pitch.

The absence of a father figure presented challenges, but the strong family bond and mutual support helped Jeremie navigate these difficulties. The family’s collective effort and sacrifice laid the foundation for Jeremie’s eventual rise in the football world, showcasing the power of resilience and unity.

Jeremie Frimpong Heritage:

Hailing from the vibrant city of Amsterdam, Jeremie Frimpong’s roots are deeply embedded in the Netherlands’ rich history. His mother, Bernice, hails from Ghana, bringing a blend of Dutch and Ghanaian heritage to the family.

This mix makes Jeremie a Dutch national, sharing this identity with fellow footballers like Kenneth Taylor. Amsterdam, known for its picturesque canals and rich cultural heritage, is also the birthplace of football talents such as Daley Blind and Steven Bergwijn. It is not far from Andries Noppert’s birthplace.

Jeremie Frimpong Ethnic Background:

Jeremie’s ethnic background is primarily Dutch, which is the predominant ethnicity in the Netherlands. However, his Ghanaian maternal heritage adds a layer of diversity to his identity, making him part of the Dutch-Ghanaian community.

This blend of cultures places him alongside other mixed-race Dutch footballers like Cody Gakpo and Memphis Depay, enriching the tapestry of multicultural athletes representing the Netherlands.

Jeremie Frimpong’s Educational Journey:

Despite his father’s early departure, Frimpong’s mother ensured he received an education, leading him to attend Ravensbury Primary School in the UK. Adjusting was challenging for Frimpong due to the language barrier, as he initially struggled with English.

However, his talent on the football field spoke volumes. Teachers at Ravensbury were so impressed by his skills that they approached his mother, not with concerns, but with a proposal for him to join the school football team and even play with older students.

Unlike other athletes with alternate careers in mind, Frimpong had no backup plan outside of football. His singular focus was on becoming a professional footballer.

Jeremie Frimpong’s Football Beginnings:

Frimpong’s football journey began at Manchester City’s youth academy in 2009 at the tender age of nine. Despite his youth, he quickly showcased his exceptional skills, advancing rapidly within the academy.

However, adapting to the structured environment of Manchester City presented initial hurdles. Frimpong found the tactical and organized approach to football unfamiliar, leading to a brief setback where he was moved to the shadow team after a challenging trial.

During this time, his brother Jeffrey stepped in with a motivational talk, providing the encouragement Frimpong needed. He excelled in subsequent trials with renewed determination, showcasing his undeniable talent and securing his place within the academy.

Jeremie Frimpong’s Journey to Prominence:

In the 2016/2017 season, at the age of 15, Frimpong was promoted to Manchester City’s under-18 squad, joining talents like Phil Foden and Jadon Sancho. During this period, he showcased remarkable skills, contributing significantly to the team’s success, including winning a trophy.

Frimpong’s exceptional performances didn’t go unnoticed, leading to his swift advancement to the under-23 reserve team. His brother Jeffrey’s belief in him becoming a professional footballer seemed within reach as Frimpong set his sights on achieving this milestone.

Jeremie Frimpong’s Breakthrough:

Frimpong’s professional breakthrough came when he signed with Celtic FC in the 2019/2020 season following Kieran Tierney’s move to Arsenal. Donning the number 30 jersey, Frimpong made an immediate impact, earning the Man of the Match title in his debut and subsequently receiving the Young Player Award.

Inspired by football legend Dani Alves, Frimpong aimed to mirror the Brazilian’s playing style. His time at Celtic was marked by impressive performances, leading to two goals, three assists, and two trophies.

Seeking new challenges, Frimpong transferred to Bayer Leverkusen for a four-year contract in the 2020/2021 season. He joined alongside notable players like Patrik Schick and Florian Wirtz, marking a new chapter in his rising career.

Jeremie Frimpong’s International Debut:

Frimpong made a significant impact in his debut season with Bayer Leverkusen, stepping onto the pitch for the first time in January 2021. His skills quickly caught the attention of the Netherlands’ senior national team, earning him a spot in a World Cup match. Playing alongside talents like Jonathan Tah and Moussa Diaby (who later moved to Aston Villa), Frimpong is rapidly making a name for himself.

Many experts compare the academic stars‘ playing style to that of Achraf Hakimi, noting his dedication and fresh approach to the game. Frimpong is determined to make his mark alongside other renowned Dutch footballers.

Jeremie Frimpong’s Love Life:

At the height of his career, Frimpong’s personal life, especially his romantic relationships, garners much curiosity. Despite being linked with Tyjah Bowens, an Instagram influencer from the US, Frimpong’s love life remains largely private. Their brief relationship came to light during a visit by Bowens to Frimpong’s residence, which ended in a public spat, with Bowens making several accusations against Frimpong on social media.

Frimpong keeps his personal life out of the public eye, focusing on his career and spending quality time with his family, particularly his sisters Nana and Chelsea, and his mother.

Off the Pitch:

Once a reserved individual, Frimpong has become more outgoing thanks to his football career and camaraderie with teammates. He values his coach’s guidance and prioritizes training as a key part of his daily routine.

Being a Sagittarius, he shares with Calvin Stengs, Carlton Morris, Kylian Mbappe, and Yunus Musah. Frimpong enjoys socializing with friends, whether sharing meals, relaxing at restaurants, or enjoying boat rides. His off-field life is filled with moments that strengthen his bonds with those close to him.

Jeremie Frimpong Family Bonds:

Jeremie cherishes his downtime with his brother, Wesley Frimpong. Their close age gap has fostered a strong sibling bond, often reflected in their shared leisure activities. Wesley has pursued football, albeit with a different team, highlighting the sport’s significance in the Frimpong family.

Raised with values of humility and respect by his mother, Bernice, Jeremie maintains a modest lifestyle despite his success. His expenditures are mostly on essentials, although he ensures he presents himself stylishly, much like sports personalities such as Bam Adebayo.

Having grown up viewing cars as a luxury, Jeremie saw it fitting to reward himself with a vehicle upon achieving financial stability. His social media features a Mercedes Benz, symbolizing a milestone from his humble beginnings.

Family Dynamics:

Jeremie’s family has been a pillar of support throughout his journey in professional football. Their encouragement and sacrifices have played a crucial role in his rise to prominence. As we delve deeper into Jeremie’s family life, each member’s contribution to his success story becomes evident, showcasing a collective effort behind his achievements in football.

Jeremie Frimpong’s Father:

Despite Mr. Frimpong’s departure from the family, the reasons for which remain private, his absence left a significant void. Yet, recent interactions suggest a reconciliation, highlighting Mr. Frimpong’s efforts to reestablish his paternal role.

Jeremie Frimpong’s Mother:

As a single mother, Bernice took on the Herculean task of raising six children, juggling multiple jobs to make ends meet. The sacrifices she made, from enduring sleepless nights to replacing countless household items destroyed during football games, exemplify her unwavering devotion to her family. Jeremie’s success today is a testament to her resilience, and he spares no expense to bring joy to her life.

Jeremie Frimpong’s Brothers:

Jeremie’s bond with his brothers, especially Jeffrey, who stepped in as a father figure, played a crucial role in his development. Jeffrey’s support, from motivational talks to rewards for Jeremie’s on-field success, was instrumental in shaping the young athlete’s career. While Wesley pursues football within Manchester Academy, details about Aaron and the other brother remain scarce, though it’s clear they are thriving in their chosen paths.

Jeremie Frimpong’s Sisters:

Nana and Chelsea Frimpong, Jeremie’s sisters, have been pivotal in maintaining the household’s harmony, especially during their mother’s absence. Their efforts ensured a nurturing environment for Jeremie and his siblings, earning them a special place in the Frimpong household as cherished members.

Jeremie Frimpong Untold Insights:

We wrap up Jeremie Frimpong’s journey and delve into lesser-known aspects of the Leverkusen star’s life. Let’s explore these intriguing facets without further delay.

Jeremie Frimpong’s Earnings:

Originally earning €5,000 at Celtic, Frimpong’s move to Leverkusen significantly boosted his income to €40,000 weekly, reflecting his growing stature in football. He stands out financially with a net worth estimated at £4 million.

Financial Comparison:

Considering the average Dutch salary of €2,761 monthly, it would take an average worker over 14 years to match Frimpong’s earnings. In Ghana, where the monthly wage is around 1000 cedis, it would take over 30 years to equal what Frimpong earns, highlighting his financial success.

Faith and Beliefs:

Frimpong openly shares his Christian faith, attributing his successes to his deep belief in God, a testament to his upbringing and personal convictions.

FIFA Recognition:

Frimpong’s FIFA profile attests to his evolving skills and on-field prowess, making him a sought-after talent in football. Without a doubt, Frimpong has talents that are seen in the likes of Rico Lewis, French Malo Gusto, etc. Remembering Conor Bradley, the standout Liverpool right-back, who faced the profound loss of his father mere days following his debut GOAL in the Premier League.

Closing Thoughts:

Jeremie Agyekum Frimpong, born to Bernice and Mr. Frimpong in Amsterdam, grew from humble beginnings in a crowded family home to a celebrated figure at Bayer Leverkusen. His journey, marked by early challenges and significant achievements, underscores his resilience and talent.


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