Jarrad Branthwaite Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article, a deep-dive into Jarrad Branthwaite’s Biography, provides an insightful overview of his early years, childhood, family—his father, Paul Branthwaite, mother, Donna Branthwaite, and sister, Evie, family origins, etc.

Further, we delve into stories about Jarrad Branthwaite’s lifestyle choices and personal life specifics. Additionally, we address curiosities about his potential significant other, his financial earnings, net worth, religious beliefs, and more.

This biography encapsulates the journey of Jarrad Branthwaite, detailing his experiences from a young boy grappling with Osgood-Schlatter disease—a condition that also affected his father during his youth—to his breakthrough in professional football.

Dubbed the ‘Baby Giraffe,’ this narrative covers the life of a boy who initially lacked the confidence to pursue football and how a single piece of advice written on paper ignited a transformation in his floundering early career.


Our narrative on Jarrad Branthwaite’s life starts with the early chapters of his childhood and progresses through the hardships of his adolescence. It culminates in the pivotal moment where a written message provided the catalyst for a dramatic change in his fortunes.

We aim to engage your biographical interest as we unveil the story of Jarrad Branthwaite. To set the stage, this article looks at the evolution of this towering 6-foot-5 defensive talent from his earliest days to his ascension as a promising footballer.

Jarrad’s ascent in the football world echoes the meteoric rise of Ibrahima Konate and Josko Gvardiol, recalling their stellar rise during their tenure at RB Leipzig.

You can sense his commanding stature from the first glance—a presence that, in our view, signals his potential as a future England international player. Fans have been captivated by his exceptional play since he became one of Everton’s youngest goal-scorers.

Despite the significant impact he’s made in the sport at such a young age, there seems to be a considerable gap in the public’s knowledge about his background.

We’ve discovered that many fans have yet to read a comprehensive biography of Jarrad Branthwaite. So, let’s embark on this journey through his life and career.

Jarrad Branthwaite’s Early Years:

Affectionately known as ‘Baby Giraffe,’ Jarrad Paul Branthwaite entered the world on June 27, 2002, in Carlisle, England. He was the first of two children born to Donna and Paul Branthwaite, a couple enjoying a happy marriage.

In 2004, a young Jarrad, at one year and nine months old, was often cradled by the loving arms of his mother, Donna, with his father, Paul, by their side.

Childhood in Wigton:

Jarrad’s upbringing unfolded in the market town of Wigton, nestled within the Allerdale borough of Cumbria, England. He wasn’t alone in his childhood adventures, as he had the company of a younger sister, Evie, who is warmly recognized as Jarrad Branthwaite’s sister.

Introduction to Football:

Football entered Jarrad’s life in the most unassuming of places—his family’s living room. A memorable episode unfolded when he was merely 18 months old, foreshadowing his future connection with the sport.

His father, Paul, had purchased a sponge building block, a six-inch square toy, which he placed in a corner of the living room. The block, though not intended for kicking, soon became a point of fascination for young Jarrad.

One day, his parents moved the living room sofa to the side, inadvertently setting the stage for a surprising moment. With the sofa repositioned, the sponge block became fully visible to Jarrad, who was just starting to walk. What happened next took his family by surprise.

Displaying Early Talent:

When Jarrad Branthwaite noticed the sponge blocks, he quickly approached them and astonishingly drop-kicked them effortlessly. To the amazement of a family member, the 18-month-old Jarrad skillfully used both feet in the action, eliciting a stunned reaction and a comment to his father about the toddler’s surprising ability.

These early signs of kicking prowess suggested that Jarrad had the potential to develop skills worthy of the Premier League in the future.

The ball, irrespective of whether it was for soccer or rugby, seemed to become a part of Jarrad from a young age. He cherished his England football jersey from 2004, emulating football legends like Paul Scholes and David Beckham. Jarrad harboured ambitions of excelling in both rugby and football, always optimistic about his sporting future.

Jarrad’s mother, Donna, lamented the state of their garden, playfully complaining about the constant presence of a football at her son’s feet, which turned the lawn into a patchy field from his incessant kicking.

Jarrad Branthwaite’s Family Background:

Coming from an upper-middle-class family, Jarrad’s roots are firmly planted in the world of sports. Donna, his mother, took on the role of homemaker, while the rest of the family achieved recognition in two different sports.

Paul Branthwaite, Jarrad’s father, is a retired rugby player and an accomplished squash player. Now, Paul works as a contractor, providing materials and labour for flooring and pavement projects, with one of his notable works completed in August 2018.

Although Paul hung up his rugby boots in the early 2000s after playing for the Wigton Rugby Club and even representing England, the sport remained a part of their family life. Jarrad, even as a child, would go to rugby training with his father. However, it was clear even then that his true passion lay with football, a path he would fervently pursue despite his father’s rugby legacy.

Family Background and Hometown:

Jarrad Branthwaite, the towering centre-back who stands at 6 feet 5 inches, is of British nationality. His birthplace is England, the country known colloquially as “Old Blighty” – a term of endearment for Great Britain or England, often used by those living abroad.

Jarrad Branthwaite comes from Wigton, an English market town located within the popular borough of Allerdale in Cumbria, in the northwest region of the country. Wigton is notable for being the administrative base of the British National Party.

In 2004, Wigton garnered national attention as the first community in the UK to impose a curfew on its younger residents, specifically teenagers under the age of 16. This curfew, which lasted two weeks, was instituted to curb vandalism in the town’s centre and was reported to have achieved its intended positive outcomes.

Ethnic Background:

Jarrad Branthwaite has White British heritage. His ancestry is rooted in Cumberland, an ancient county in North West England. This area is largely homogenous, with White British people constituting approximately 95.1% of its nearly 980,000 residents.

Educational Journey:

Jarrad’s educational path began at a young age when his parents, Paul and Donna, enrolled him at Wigton Infant School, located on Longthwaite Road in Wigton, UK. He attended this school from ages four to seven.

After completing his time at Wigton Infant School, Jarrad advanced to Stepping Stones Nursery School in Carlisle. Following nursery school, he continued his education at The Nelson Thomlinson School, a secondary school in Wigton.

Influential Educators in Jarrad’s Life:

Sally Hay, Jarrad’s teacher at Wigton Infants, saw his love for football early. She once wrote, “Jarrad, remember me when you’re playing for England,” showing her belief in his talent from a young age.

In secondary school, Jarrad was close to his PE teacher, Steven Rudd, who had known him since he was seven. Mr. Rudd saw Jarrad as a natural at football, gifted even without formal training.

With Mr. Rudd’s guidance, Jarrad excelled at junior sports festivals linked to local secondary schools. He proved his skill not just in football, but in rugby, athletics, badminton, and basketball too.

Jarrad Branthwaite’s Early Football Inclination:

During his time at Stepping Stones School in Denton Holme, Carlisle, Jarrad Branthwaite was frequently found seeking any excuse to play football outside the classroom, much to the notice of his teachers.

They often communicated to his parents, Donna and Paul, that Jarrad seemed disinterested in indoor classroom activities, showing a clear preference for being outside with a ball at his feet.

This behaviour came as no surprise to Jarrad’s parents. Even before the teachers’ reports, they had observed their son’s strong affinity for playing with a soccer ball.

His love for the game was evident early on. As a student at Wigton Infant School, Jarrad would never leave for school without his football. Each day, he enthusiastically dribbled the ball alongside him, showcasing his skill with both his right and “cool” left foot as his father walked him to school.

At six years old, recognizing Jarrad’s individual enthusiasm for the game, his parents decided it was time to introduce him to a team sports environment. They enrolled him at Abbeytown FC, a local football academy, understanding that he might require some time to get accustomed to the new setting and dynamics of team play.

Building Jarrad Branthwaite’s Football Career:

When Jarrad Branthwaite first joined the football academy, he struggled to fit in with the team. Although he had a passion for playing football, he was initially too shy to fully engage with his peers during practice.

For the first month, Jarrad’s father, Paul, consistently took him to the academy, yet Jarrad remained reluctant to participate.

It wasn’t until the fifth week that a breakthrough came. Geoff Grainger, one of the academy coaches, pulled Jarrad aside for a one-on-one pep talk, offering words of encouragement that proved pivotal. Without this intervention, Jarrad might have given up on the academy.

Jarrad’s potential became apparent in a match against Stanwix. During the game, a powerful kick by the opposing goalkeeper sent the ball soaring towards Jarrad, who skillfully received it on his knee and volleyed it into the goal from the midfield.

At just seven years old, his coach Grainger was astounded by the skill level Jarrad demonstrated, admitting he hadn’t witnessed such talent in a child that age throughout his coaching career.

Jarrad Branthwaite’s Untold Football Journey:

Jarrad Branthwaite’s display of impressive skill on the field, unbeknownst to him, caught the attention of talent scouts. Subsequently, the Abbeytown football school received a call from Carlisle United expressing interest in enrolling Jarrad in their academy.

Initially, Jarrad’s mother, Donna, was apprehensive, worried that her son was too young to join such a prestigious setup. However, learning that Jarrad’s best friend, Liam Lightfoot, was also invited to join eased her concerns.

When Donna inquired about Jarrad’s thoughts on joining Carlisle United, he confidently replied that he would attend if Liam did. This response reassured Donna that her son was making the right choice. Consequently, Jarrad and Liam embarked on their new football journey together, joining Carlisle United’s academy.

Upon their arrival, they were photographed together, a keepsake capturing their early days at the Cumbrian Academy. Although Jarrad was initially not as skilled as Liam or some of the other boys, he joined the Under-9s squad and participated in the Harraby Catholic Football tournament at Gillford Park, where he began to overcome his shyness and grow in confidence.

The Teenage Struggle:

As Jarrad entered his teenage years, he experienced rapid physical growth, making him one of the tallest in his peer group, but this growth spurt came with challenges. At age 12, he started to feel mild knee pains that progressively worsened, eventually causing severe discomfort and visible swelling around his joints, particularly after playing on synthetic turf.

Concerned about his condition, Jarrad’s parents sought medical attention, and a diagnosis confirmed he was suffering from Osgood-Schlatter Disease, a common issue among adolescents undergoing significant growth spurts.

Jarrad’s father had endured the same condition and had undergone surgery; however, for Jarrad, the recommendation was to rest, with the assurance that the symptoms would subside once his growth stabilized.

Resting was a tough prescription for a young athlete passionate about football. Jarrad faced a tumultuous period of alternating between playing through pain and being sidelined for extended periods, sometimes missing months of play.

This ordeal tested Jarrad’s resilience intensely. While the disease forced him to take breaks from the sport he loved, he didn’t let go of his dream to continue playing football, demonstrating a steadfast commitment to his passion despite the challenges.

Jarrad Branthwaite’s Climb to Prominence:

After a prolonged period of recovery, Jarrad Branthwaite stepped back onto the football field. The game did not come easily to him as he fought to shake off the rust from his time away. As he struggled to regain his previous form, there were real concerns about the direction his football career was headed.

The timing of his return was far from ideal. Carlisle United’s academy was at a crucial decision-making point where coaches determined which players would be offered youth team contracts and which ones would face the disappointment of being let go.

During these evaluations, Jarrad, who had grown tall and thin, was performing poorly compared to his peers. His fitness levels were notably lower, prompting questions about his dedication and his potential to progress in the sport. This naturally caused anxiety among his family.

The academy manager, Darren Edmondson, made efforts to motivate Jarrad, but to little avail. As Jarrad’s contemporaries were successfully joining Carlisle United’s under-18 team, he was left in limbo, and the spectre of being turned away loomed ever closer as he continued to flounder.

Following internal discussions, the academy’s stance was that they were uncertain about Jarrad’s future with them. This prompted Jarrad’s parents, Donna and Paul, to seek out a conversation with Edmondson to discuss their son’s future prospects in football.

The Pivotal Decision and the Impact of an Encouraging Note:

The management at Carlisle Academy concluded that Jarrad Branthwaite would benefit from a break. They suggested he take time to reflect on his commitment to pursuing a career in professional football. This recommendation hit Jarrad hard, leaving him feeling disheartened.

The drive home was a silent one as Jarrad processed the uncertainty of his future. He was especially dispirited seeing his friends Taylor and Liam advancing to Carlisle United’s under-18 team, while he faced the prospect of being left behind.

In an attempt to uplift his son, Paul Branthwaite spent that evening reflecting on the encouraging feedback Jarrad had received from coaches during his earlier years in football. He compiled these positive remarks onto a piece of paper.

Once he finished, Paul quietly slipped the note under his son’s bedroom door as he slept. The next morning, Jarrad was slow to appear. When he did eventually come downstairs, there was a notable change in his demeanour.

From the expression on Jarrad’s face, it was clear to Paul that his son had read the note. Breaking the morning silence, Jarrad looked up and asked with a mixture of hope and disbelief, “Did my Carlisle coaches really say that, Dad?”

The Catalyst for Change:

Upon confirming that the uplifting comments were indeed from his former coaches, Paul instilled newfound hope in Jarrad. This was a pivotal moment for Jarrad Branthwaite, one that would turn his career around. Paul recommended that his son take a break for a week, yet Jarrad was resolute in his response:

“No, Dad. I’m going to do it. This time, I’ll prove myself.”

Jarrad’s resurgence began at that instant. He utilized the sports facilities at Nelson Thomlinson, his secondary school, to engage in intensive training. His renewed determination was evident to all who witnessed the young man who was now fully committed to his physical development.

With a restored sense of self-confidence, Jarrad returned to Carlisle United more formidable than before. His efforts paid off, earning him a spot on Carlisle’s Under-18 team due to his impressive performance and adherence to the coaches’ demands.

The Emergence of Success:

The transformation in Jarrad’s performance was stark as he embarked on his Under-18 career. He defied expectations, especially given his stature, leaving those who had doubted him speechless at his sudden upturn in form. At the age of 16, he received the call to join the first team.

Jarrad’s rapid ascent from academy to EFL League Two competition was nothing short of remarkable. His family swelled with pride as he made his debut before a crowd of over 8,000 fans at a match against Plymouth Argyle.

It is noteworthy that Branthwaite etched his name in Carlisle United’s history as the club’s youngest-ever goal scorer. This achievement came when he netted a goal in an EFL Trophy match against Morecambe on November 12, 2018.

In that memorable match, Jarrad, just 17 years and 138 days old, advanced up the field and skillfully scored. With that goal, he surpassed Rob Edwards’ 29-year-old record by 112 days. Amid the cheering crowd were Jarrad’s family; as his father beamed with pride, his mother, Donna, was moved to tears, marvelling at how dreams could indeed become a reality.

The Pursuit of Jarrad Branthwaite:

Similar to Edmond Tapsoba, in his glory days, Jarrad Branthwaite drew considerable attention from top football leagues, with notable clubs from the German Bundesliga, as well as the English and Scottish Premiership, vying for his commitment. Both RB Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund sent scouts to observe his play at Carlisle. Ultimately, it was Everton that captured Jarrad’s allegiance.

Everton’s recruitment strategy was thorough, culminating in Jarrad signing a two-and-a-half-year contract with the club for a transfer fee reported to be between £500,000 and £750,000. Initially, Jarrad joined Everton’s under-23s team under the guidance of David Unsworth with a view to advancing to the first team.

Everton First Team Emergence:

An injury to club legend Leighton Baines presented an opportunity for Jarrad, leading to his debut under manager Carlo Ancelotti on July 12, 2020. To further his development, he spent some time on loan with Blackburn Rovers.

After returning from his loan spell, Branthwaite made his first start in the Premier League for Everton on December 16, 2021, under manager Rafa Benitez.

Jarrad, along with the dynamic Anthony Gordon, stood out as prime examples of how the integration of young talent can rejuvenate a team. Under the management of both Benitez and later Frank Lampard, their youthful energy proved invaluable to Everton. Jarrad Branthwaite for England is indeed possible before the Euro 2024 tournament. This story, from this point on, is etched into history.

Exploring Jarrad Branthwaite’s Personal Life:

In the wake of his rising professional football career, Jarrad Branthwaite, affectionately known as “Baby Giraffe,” has experienced a fair share of success. It is often said that behind every prosperous footballer from Cumbria, there’s an equally impressive partner. Naturally, this leads to the inquiry:

Who is Jarrad Branthwaite’s girlfriend?

Firstly, it’s no secret that Jarrad, the son of Paul and Donna, is an attractive athlete. Standing at a gigantic heirhg of 6 feet 5 inches, his stature alone is likely to catch the interest of potential partners, including those who might envisage being his future spouse or the mother of his children.

Despite thorough investigation, it appears that as of 2022, Jarrad prefers to keep the details of his romantic life private. There is also the possibility that he is currently single and not in any relationship at the time his biography was documented.

Getting to Know Jarrad Branthwaite Beyond Football:

When he’s not on the pitch, who is Jarrad Branthwaite? Described by his mother, Donna, as being very humble, Jarrad reportedly doesn’t indulge in self-promotion among friends, nor does he boast about his status as a Premier League player or his professional income.

Jarrad holds sentimental value for his first football jerseys. He has kept his inaugural shirts from his time at Carlisle United and Everton at his family’s house in Wigton. Interestingly, he has expressly requested that his mother not wash his first Everton shirt, underlining his emotional attachment to it.

The Carlisle-born defender is a Cancer, a zodiac sign often associated with intuitive problem-solving abilities and a keen sense of timing and action. Celebrated footballers who also share this star sign include Vinicius Junior, Lamine Yamal, Moussa Diaby, Alex Baena and Son Heung-min, all known for their instinctual play on the field

Becoming a Role Model:

Jarrad has openly expressed his deep desire to serve as a responsible role model for the kids and youth in his hometown of Wigton. He recognizes many local children share his passion for football and hopes they see in him a clear path to achieving Premier League success.

Reflecting his influence, Everton jerseys have become increasingly popular among the children in Wigton, supplanting Carlisle kits. This trend showcases the significant impact Jarrad has had on the aspirations of these young fans. His affection for children was further exemplified in a Make-A-Wish video, underscoring his commitment to inspiring the next generation.

Managing Growth Discomforts:

Jarrad Branthwaite found relief from his growing pains through consistent consumption of cod liver oil. Having surpassed this challenge, he has become mindful of the dietary requirements of his profession. The days of indiscriminately eating anything from the fridge are long gone.

Jarrad Branthwaite’s Leisure Activities:

Balancing his rigorous football schedule with downtime is crucial for Jarrad. His favourite pastimes include playing golf and engaging in video games on his Xbox. In his younger years, managing his gaming was a struggle, but he has since learned to prioritize his time effectively.

Jarrad Branthwaite’s Lifestyle:

When the football season ends, Jarrad relishes holidaying with his family. He enjoys trips to Cyprus, favoured for its stunning beauty and the peak summer warmth in May and June, alongside his parents and younger sister, Evie.

Jarrad Branthwaite’s Assets:

With an annual income of £781,200 as of 2021, Jarrad has the means to enjoy the finer things in life. His mother, Donna, mentioned that in 2021 he was in the process of buying a house. By 2022, it’s noted that he spends wisely and does not overly indulge in luxury.

Family Dynamics:

The Branthwaite family cherishes shared experiences and values collective enjoyment over solitary activities. This segment of Jarrad Branthwaite’s biography will provide deeper insights into his family life, including details about his parents, sister, and other relatives.

Regarding Jarrad Branthwaite’s Father:

Paul Branthwaite, aware of the short career span of a professional athlete, seized his glory days as one of England’s most promising rugby talents. During his heyday, Paul, Jarrad Branthwaite’s father, was at the zenith of his rugby career.

Paul’s prowess on the rugby field led to notable press recognition, with headlines celebrating his achievements. For instance, an article titled “Paul grabs title” highlighted his accomplishments while he was still a student at The Nelson Thomlinson School in Wigton, England.

One report commemorates Paul’s selection for the Northern Division U-21 rugby team, poised for the Divisional Championships. Although he was slated to train with the England U-21 rugby squad, a knee injury unfortunately postponed his training.

Another headline details the Rugby Union under 21 final, a rematch between Wigton and Netherhall, with Paul’s Wigton team previously emerging victorious and Netherhall keen on redemption.

Paul also received a commendation letter from the Rugby Football Union, congratulating him on his selection for the England Colts squad for the 1992/1992 season, attesting to his athletic excellence.

About Jarrad Branthwaite’s Mother:

Donna Branthwaite shares her husband’s and son’s alma mater, The Nelson Thomlinson School in Wigton, England. With Wigton roots running deep, she has spent most of her life there. A music enthusiast, Donna’s favourite tunes come from the Bone Doctors music band.

Celebrity status accompanies being the mother of a well-known footballer. Donna often finds herself approached in Wigton shops by locals eager to praise Jarrad’s performances on the pitch. She humbly admits, “It’s a lovely feeling,” even though she sometimes anticipates the conversations to be about other topics, they often circle back to commendations about her son.

Watching Jarrad play on TV, Donna and Paul’s phones are inundated with messages. At times, they have to set their phones aside to not miss the live action from having to respond to well-wishers.

Donna and Paul are filled with deep joy and pride watching their son, once a baby in their arms, now play football with the nation’s best on TV. Jarrad’s success brings a sense of pride to their community. As parents, they cherish the fruits of their commitment to his upbringing.

About Jarrad Branthwaite’s Sister:

Evie Branthwaite shares the same educational path as her father Paul, mother Donna, and brother Jarrad, having attended The Nelson Thomlinson School. Her first day of secondary school was on September 4, 2018, a significant milestone proudly shared with her family.

Evie isn’t only focused on her academics; she’s following in her brother’s athletic footsteps as an aspiring professional footballer. She represents the youth team at Abbeytown FC, where she plays for the girls’ division.

Her youthful football career has already seen achievements. This includes winning a trophy and being named Abbeytown’s U-12 player of the year. This is a testament to her growing talent in the sport.

About Jarrad Branthwaite’s Relatives:

The Everton star defender has a cousin who is an avid Everton fan. A cousin who was one of the proud first owners of Jarrad’s Everton jersey. This is a sign of close familial support for his career.

During research, we identified other individuals who might share a family connection with Jarrad’s mother, Donna, as there are noticeable resemblances.

Does Jarrad Branthwaite have a Brother?

Jarrad Branthwaite does not have a brother. He is the only son of his parents, Paul and Donna, with Evie being his only sister and sibling.

Additional Facts:

As we wrap up Jarrad Branthwaite’s biography, this section is dedicated to uncovering more unique facts about him. Let’s explore these insights.

Jarrad Branthwaite’s Net Worth:

As of 2022, Jarrad Branthwaite’s net worth is estimated to be around £1.2 million. This figure is derived from an analysis of his earnings from his salary as a football player.

The following table illustrates Jarrad Branthwaite’s estimated earnings at Everton, presented in both pounds and euros for the year 2022:

Salary Comparisons:

In Jarrad Branthwaite’s hometown of Wigton, the average annual salary is around £28,000. To put this in perspective, it would take the average citizen in Wigton about 28 years to earn what Jarrad Branthwaite makes annually at Everton. This comparison underscores the significant earning potential of professional athletes like Branthwaite.

Jarrad Branthwaite in FIFA:

In the 2022 edition of the FIFA video game series, Jarrad Branthwaite’s overall rating may not fully reflect his abilities on the pitch. However, he is recognized for having a high potential rating of 83, on par with English defender Manuel Akanji and 1 point less than that of Axel Disasi. Branthwaite’s speed is also notable, especially considering his tall stature of 6 feet 5 inches.

According to the gaming website EuroGamer, Jarrad is listed among the top potential wonder kids in FIFA. Other notable names worth mentioning include; Jude Bellingham, Florian Wirtz, Jamal Musiala and Rafael Leao.

He is considered one of the best young defenders to acquire in career mode and is also cited as one of soccer’s hidden gems.

Jarrad Branthwaite’s Tattoos:

At the time of documenting his biography, Jarrad Branthwaite does not have any tattoos. There is no evidence of body art on him, as confirmed by our examination of photos, including one where he is seen walking with his father, Paul, and sister, Evie, which reveals his back without any tattoos.

Jarrad Branthwaite’s Religion:

Brought up in a Christian household, Jarrad Branthwaite was given the middle name ‘Paul’ after the Christian apostle. He practices Christianity, although unlike some of his peers like Bukayo Saka and Trevoh Chalobah, he does not publicly showcase his faith on social media platforms such as Instagram.

Jarrad Branthwaite’s Preferred Foot:

Jarrad Branthwaite is predominantly left-footed, using his left foot more frequently than his right when playing. He is among a select group of talented left-footed central defenders in football, which includes players such as Pau Torres, Aymeric Laporte, Micky van de Ven, Alessandro Bastoni, Malang Sarr, and David Alaba.

His rarity as a left-footed defender led to interest from major clubs, and it was reported by DailyMail in April 2022 that Ralf Rangnick recommended Jarrad Branthwaite to Manchester United‘s then-manager Erik ten Hag.

EndNote on Jarrad Branthwaite:

Born to Donna and Paul Branthwaite on June 27, 2002, in Carlisle, England, Jarrad Branthwaite was raised alongside his sister, Evie, in Wigton. His early childhood was marked by a clear affinity for football. Back then, he was often seen kicking a sponge block through the halls of his home.

Jarrad’s academic path took him through Wigton Infant School, Stepping Stones Nursery, and eventually to Nelson Thomlinson Secondary School, tracing the footsteps of his developing passion for the sport.

Jarrad’s journey into academy football began with Abbeytown FC, followed by a stint at Carlisle United, where he faced and overcame a significant challenge. The onset of Osgood-Schlatter disease threatened to derail his burgeoning career, but he managed a slow and steady recovery.

Despite a difficult period post-recovery where his performance waned, almost leading to his release from Carlisle, Jarrad’s father, Paul, intervened. He reminded Jarrad of the encouraging feedback from his coaches, sparking a revival in his footballing pursuits.

Jarrad’s hard work paid off, and on January 13, 2020. It came after a standout season at Carlisle, he secured a two-and-a-half-year contract with Everton. His subsequent performances for the Toffees marked a swift ascent in his career trajectory.

As of 2022, Jarrad took his talents to the Netherlands, where he became part of the illustrious PSV Eindhoven squad, managed by the legendary Ruud van Nistelrooy, and featuring stars such as Johan Bakayoko, Noni Madueke, Xavi Simons, and Cody Gakpo.

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