Jamal Musiala Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

Our article on Jamal Musiala’s biography presents facts about his childhood story, early life, parents – Carolin Musiala (Mother), and Daniel Richard (Father), family, siblings (Latisha, Jerrell), and religion.

Additionally, you’ll learn about Jamal Musiala’s nationality, his potential girlfriend or future wife, lifestyle, personal life, and net worth (based on 2021 statistics).

In summary, SoccerBiography showcases the life history of a half-English, half-German, and half-Polish football prodigy.

Our account of Jamal Musiala’s story begins with his boyhood days in Germany and continues through his rise to prominence with Chelsea, FC Bayern Munich, and the German national team.

Indeed, it’s clear that the Bayern sensation is a future star and an MVP for Germany. Interestingly, his playing style is reminiscent of a peak Dele Alli, and he is known for his powerful shots.

Despite the recognition, we have noticed that only a few fans have read Jamal Musiala’s complete biography. From our German Footballers’ category, we have carefully crafted his memoir to share our love for soccer. Now, let’s dive into his story.

Jamal Musiala Childhood Story:

Nicknamed “Bambi” and “workaholic,” Jamal Musiala was born on February 26, 2003, in Stuttgart, Germany, to his father, Daniel Richard, and mother, Carolin Musiala.

The talented footballer is the eldest of three children (including a sister and brother) born to his parents. It’s worth noting that the youngest member of the Musiala family, Jerrell, has a huge age difference from Jamal.

Growing Up:

Born in Stuttgart, Jamal Musiala spent his earliest childhood years in the city alongside his younger siblings, Latisha and Jerrell Musiala. When he was two years old, his family moved to Fulda, another German city, so that his mother, Carolin Musiala, could further her education.

In Fulda, Jamal first experienced football and aspired to become a professional player. At the age of seven, his parents decided to move from Germany to England, settling in Southampton, a famous port city in South England.

At the time of the move, Jamal didn’t know English and had to learn basic vocabulary to understand others. Despite the language barrier, he found English people to be friendly and supportive, which helped him adapt to his new environment.

Throughout this time, he remained focused on his dream of becoming a professional footballer.

Jamal Musiala Family Background:

Jamal Musiala comes from a mixed-race family, with his father, Daniel Richard, being British-Nigerian, and his mother, Carolin, being German.

This diverse heritage means that Jamal can be referred to as a German-Nigerian, German-British, or half-English, half-German, and half-Nigerian footballer. His family’s love for education (from his mother) and football (from his father) shaped his upbringing.

Carolin Musiala, a sociologist, began her education in Fulda and later earned a bachelor’s degree in social sciences in London.

She then pursued a master’s degree at Goethe University Frankfurt, participating in an Erasmus Exchange Program with the University of Southampton. After completing her studies, she found a job in London, which led the family to settle in England.

Family Origins:

Born in Stuttgart, Jamal Musiala’s family origins reveal a rich and diverse lineage. His mother, Carolin, has Polish roots, which means his maternal grandparents are of Polish origin.

His father, Daniel Richard, was born in Nigeria but acquired both German and British citizenship after moving to Europe.

As a result, Jamal Musiala’s heritage comprises four nationalities: Germany, Poland, England, and Nigeria.

Jamal Musiala Education:

Growing up, Jamal attended Whitgift School, an independent day school in South Croydon, London. It was during this time that he also started playing for Chelsea Academy. Whitgift School is known for its partnership with the Chelsea FC Academy and has produced talents such as Emile Smith Rowe.

While studying at Whitgift, Jamal balanced academics with sports, embodying typical British values and improving his English accent. He later attended Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School in New Malden, where he joined a chess team and took courses in Hapkido, a hybrid Korean martial art focused on self-defence.

The diverse educational experiences Jamal had in his childhood, including chess and martial arts, contributed to his strategic thinking and agility on the football field. At Corpus Christi, he also showcased his creativity by winning an annual poetry competition with his book titled “Moment”.

Jamal Musiala Biography – The Early Football Journey:

At just two years old, Jamal’s parents began planning for his future in football, searching for an academy near their home in Fulda. They discovered the Lehnerz sports team, where his father enrolled Jamal to start building the foundation of his career.

Under the guidance of his first coach, Hoffmann, Jamal began playing football at TSV Lehnerz when he was only four years old. Hoffmann still remembers how fearless and skilled Jamal was during indoor training exercises. The young prodigy displayed elegance in dribbling and always managed to retain possession of the ball.

During his first season with the academy, Jamal set a new record by scoring over 100 goals, surpassing any previous achievements in TSV Lehnerz’s history.

His prowess on the field led Hoffmann to let him compete with older boys, which his parents supported. Even when faced with taller and more experienced opponents, Jamal continued to excel.

The Early Double Honor:

Jamal’s early determination and skill led his Under-7 Fulda TSV Lehnerz team to significant victories. At the end of one particularly successful season, the team gathered for their customary group photograph.

In the picture, Jamal stood out with the biggest smile among his teammates, proudly displaying three awards – a golden boot, a silver sculpture, and a gold medal.

The golden boot, inscribed with “TSV Lehnerz G-Juniors 2008-09 Top Scorer,” recognized Jamal’s incredible scoring ability, as he netted between five to ten goals per game in the G-Juniors tournament. This prestigious accolade, presented by TSV Lehnerz’s first coach, signified Jamal’s bright future in football.

Today, the trophies from his early days at TSV Lehnerz remain in his family home in Munich, serving as reminders of his humble beginnings and the unforgettable journey that has brought him to where he is now.

Early Days in England:

Upon moving to Southampton, the next critical step in Jamal Musiala’s life began, shaping his football journey. His parents, Carolin and Daniel Richard, wanted Jamal to continue his football development in England, so they set out to find an academy for him.

Joining one of London’s top academies (such as Arsenal, Chelsea, or Tottenham) proved more challenging than anticipated. As time passed without a place in a football academy, Jamal grew increasingly frustrated.

To remedy the situation, his father, Daniel Richard, took matters into his own hands, using his proactive nature to create an opportunity for his son. He started by making a series of phone calls to various academies.

Taking Bold Steps to Find an Academy:

After weeks without any progress, Daniel Richard decided it was time for a more direct approach. In October 2010, he took Jamal to the sites of the top football academies on the south coast of England, without any prior appointments.

They parked their car in front of the Southampton Foundation office and entered the building, hand in hand. While sitting in the waiting room, contemplating their next move, the Musialas encountered a friendly stranger named Jazz Bhatti.

About Jazz Bhatti, the Godsent Helper who Advised Daniel Richard:

Jazz Bhatti played a crucial role in advising Daniel Richard about his son’s soccer career. Bhatti works at the Saints office, where he also runs a private soccer school called the City Central academy. The academy provides opportunities for underprivileged and immigrant children to hone their football skills. Moreover, it has close ties with the Saints, Southampton’s academy.

Jamal Musiala’s father visited the Saints office to find an opportunity for his son, and Bhatti invited them to his establishment. There, he made Jamal join the U7s side, coached by his brother Rosh Bhatti, a level 2 football coach.

Life at City Central:

During his first week with the team, Jamal Musiala did not speak any English. However, he made social connections and met a Southampton boy named Levi Colwill, who shared his birthday and later became his best friend. Interestingly, Colwill was regarded as the most talented player at City Central until Musiala’s arrival.

Rosh Bhatti quickly recognized Jamal’s exceptional talent, just as he had in TSV Lehnerz. With his skill and ability to imitate his idols such as Ronaldinho, Thierry Henry, Zinedine Zidane, and Lionel Messi, Jamal received praise from spectators after just a few games and many goals. As a result, he was promoted to feature with a higher age grade.

The Pushy Father:

Daniel Richard, the father of a young footballer, constantly worried about his son being part of a smaller team like Central Academy. He openly expressed his pushy and ambitious nature, stating that his son would go far if he was accepted into a big club but not with his current team. Some people who heard him were concerned about his attitude towards his son’s team.

Rosh Bhatti, Jamal Musiala’s coach, acknowledged Daniel Richard’s concerns and decided to help him achieve his ambitions for his son. Bhatti contacted the Southampton FC scouting department and spoke to Dick Hayes, a scout and friend he had worked with in the past to recommend young footballers.

Following their conversation, Hayes promised to attend Jamal’s next game with Central City.

A Big Test that Led to Destiny:

The U8 match between Central City, Jamal Musiala’s team, and Pace Pumas was a turning point in his football journey. It was his first major opportunity to showcase his talent to Southampton’s youth team scout, Dick Hayes.

According to Rosh Bhatti, Jamal’s coach, the game went exceptionally well. Jamal scored six goals in 10 minutes and also showed great team spirit by assisting goals for his teammates.

Despite the excellent performance, Jamal’s plan of football perfection was not fulfilled when one of his teammates failed to score despite his pass.

Although Jamal was annoyed by the missed opportunity, Hayes, the famous Southampton FC scout, was greatly satisfied with his performance.

Jamal Musiala Biography – The Path to Success:

Following the impressive match, Dick Hayes rushed to Jazz and Rosh Bhatti to invite Jamal for a trial training session at Southampton’s home ground.

A week later, in November 2010, Jamal found himself at one of the team’s training pitches in Southampton. Rosh Bhatti was in attendance, and he was amazed when Jamal scored double figures in a test match.

After the match, Hayes approved a meeting between Jamal’s parents and Terry Moore, the head of Southampton youth. Despite having difficulties meeting Moore earlier, they were finally able to discuss Jamal’s potential.

According to Moore, Jamal was the most talented kid he had ever seen, surpassing even Theo Walcott and Gareth Bale. Moore stressed that Southampton must do whatever it takes to sign him.

Joining Southampton and the Impact:

After his successful trials, Jamal was approved to train with players of his caliber at Southampton FC’s Staplewood training ground. The Saints were in the process of finalizing his paperwork, and it was later discovered that they had already signed him.

Training at Southampton exposed Jamal’s potential to a larger audience, and top scouts from other parts of the country began to take notice. Surprisingly, scouts from London giants Chelsea and Arsenal were among those who watched him play. Without needing much convincing, the two soccer giants began planning to recruit the young footballer from Southampton.

The Battle for Musiala – Arsenal and Chelsea:

Between November 2010 and January 2011, a transfer battle began between Arsenal and Chelsea to sign Jamal. Both clubs requested his presence simultaneously, with Chelsea inviting him to Cobham and Arsenal to Hale End.

As news of the transfer battle between the two London clubs spread quickly, Southampton saw an opportunity to make a profit from his sale and was no longer interested in keeping him.

Southampton’s executive chairman, Nicola Cortese, who usually only deals with senior player transfers, got involved in the Jamal Musiala deal. The club conducted business as usual, and Cortese helped spearhead the transfer negotiations.

The Reversal:

In a surprising turn of events, Southampton’s executive chairman, Nicola Cortese, changed his stance and became determined to keep seven-year-old Jamal Musiala at the club. Despite interest from Chelsea and Arsenal, Cortese attempted to convince Jamal’s parents to allow him to remain with Southampton.

Rosh Bhatti, who was present at the meeting between Daniel Richard, Carolin, and Cortese, recalled the conversation and noted that Cortese was sympathetic and eloquent in his discussion with Jamal’s parents. He was interested in the young footballer and promised to tie him to the club with a long-term youth contract.

As an ardent Southampton fan, Bhatti hoped to see Jamal sign a long-term contract with the club. The biggest challenge, however, was convincing Jamal’s pushy father, Daniel Richard, and his mother to agree to the plan.

The Blues winning the battle over Musiala:

In January 2011, Jamal’s parents, Carolin and Daniel Richard, visited and assessed the training facilities of both Arsenal and Chelsea. Ultimately, the decision about Jamal’s future rested with his parents.

Jamal recalls the moment when Chelsea won the battle to sign him. He was sitting in his father’s car, looking out of the window on a cold February day. He was nervous, not knowing what would happen next.

Suddenly, his father emerged from the Southampton building and opened the car door, telling Jamal that he was now a member of one of the best Premier League youth clubs, Chelsea FC.

Jamal Musiala Biography – The Success Stories:

After spending four months with Southampton, eight-year-old Jamal Musiala joined the youth academy of Chelsea Football Club on a scholarship offer. Remarkably, all of these events occurred within a year after his family arrived in the UK from Germany.

On his first day at Chelsea’s Cobham training ground, Jamal showcased his exceptional talent and quickly made new friends, including his old friend Levi Colwill, who Chelsea also brought from Southampton.

As a young footballer, Jamal and his friends were allowed to sit directly behind the sideline benches during an EPL match at Stamford Bridge. This opportunity gave him the chance to meet legends like Didier Drogba, Michael Essien and John Terry.

Joining a Football School:

Upon joining Chelsea at age eight, Jamal Musiala’s parents enrolled him at Whitgift School in Croydon, London, upon Chelsea’s recommendation. Whitgift School has gained a reputation for educating young English football talents, including famous alumni such as Callum Hudson-Odoi and Victor Moses.

Jamal played school football at Whitgift and made rapid progress. His footballing development continued when he began attending Corpus Christi, another school in London.

Jamal played for the Corpus Christi team in 2013 using Fulham jerseys, although few observers were aware that he was part of Chelsea. The school was affiliated with Fulham, Brentford, and AFC Wimbledon, and Jamal sometimes switched to their kits during Premier League tournaments.

School Football Success Story:

During his school days, Jamal Musiala led his Corpus Christi team to the finals of the Premier League tournament under the guidance of sports teacher Tony Mesourouni. Over 1,000 schools across the country participated in the competition, and Musiala emerged as the star player.

He helped his team win the 2013 School Football competition and between 2011 to 2014, his team won three Junior Premier League tournaments, with Musiala finishing as the top scorer in two of them.

One of his memorable performances was against Liverpool’s school team, where he was awarded the boy of the tournament. Liverpool legends Jordan Henderson and Dirk Kuyt were present at the occasion, and Musiala took a photo with them.

The Early Encounter with Gareth Southgate:

When Jamal Musiala was training for the Corpus Christi Football League Grand Tournament in 2013, he had the opportunity to meet a VIP guest: Gareth Southgate, who later became the coach of England’s national team.

At that time, neither of them knew that they would one day become national rivals – Musiala as a German international and Southgate as England’s coach.

Jamal had shown remarkable growth in personality during his final year at Corpus Christi school, winning school tournaments and pursuing his idols.

During a tour of the famous Wembley Stadium, Jamal persistently asked his PE teacher about football players who had scored a hat-trick at the stadium before a big game. He even went on to tell his teacher that he would score a hat-trick himself, and he did just that by scoring four goals at Wembley.

The Chelsea Academy Success:

Jamal Musiala had only played for Chelsea in England, aside from his school days. Throughout his time in the Chelsea academy, he developed a great relationship with his coach, James Simmonds, who allowed him to grow in both skill and tactics.

Musiala had an exceptional ability to read the game early on, with remarkable dribbling skills and excellent movements in tight spaces. He was particularly calm in front of the opponent’s goal, making him almost unstoppable during his academy years. These abilities led to his team winning significant matches, and Musiala received numerous awards for his bravery and skill.

At 15 years old, Musiala had a lot of time to decide which national team he would play for. During his time in the Blues academy, he was focused on playing for the England junior national team, where he excelled.

As he approached graduation from the academy, Musiala began to give up more of his private life. His dad approved him to stay with a host family near the training ground, allowing him to focus on his football and academic commitments. Musiala passed his GCSE exams, concluding his formal education and paving the way for his professional football career.

Why did Jamal Musiala leave England youth and Chelsea?

Jamal Musiala’s departure from Chelsea and England was due to personal reasons related to the UK’s Brexit.

Despite being a talented player in Chelsea’s academy, he was not part of the senior team plan under coach Frank Lampard.

With limited opportunities in the club’s U18 side, he declined a long-term contract in the summer of 2019. Before leaving, Chelsea had already lost Michael Olise and missed out on signing Harvey Elliott.

How Bayern Munich found Musiala:

FC Bayern Munich discovered Jamal Musiala through their pursuit of Chelsea player Callum Hudson-Odoi in 2019. During the transfer discussions, Hudson-Odoi’s brother Bradley mentioned Musiala’s name several times, prompting Bayern officials to research him. They found out that Musiala and his family had supported Bayern since his childhood.

The German club began to pressure Chelsea to let Musiala go, and he eventually joined Bayern at the age of 16 in July 2019, following in the footsteps of other English talents like Jadon Sancho and Jude Bellingham. At Bayern, he was coached by the legendary striker Miroslav Klose and became close friends with Kingsley Coman.

The Bayern Munich Debut and Teammates’ Praise:

Jamal Musiala made his Bayern Munich senior team debut after being noticed by the club’s chief scout and sporting director during a training session with Robert Lewandowski. He made his debut less than a year after joining the club and scored his first Bundesliga goal in September 2020 against Schalke.

His teammate, Lehmann, was amazed by Musiala’s performance and couldn’t believe he scored just minutes after being introduced as a substitute. Musiala became the youngest player to ever play for Bayern in the Bundesliga at the age of 17 years and 115 days, breaking Roque Santa Cruz’s previous record.

Why Musiala left the England National team for Germany:

Jamal Musiala’s teammates at Bayern Munich, particularly Joshua Kimmich and Manuel Neuer, were full of praises for his skills after he scored his first goal for the club.

This admiration was shared by other notable players such as Serge Gnabry, Leroy Sane, and Leon Goretzka. Their persuasive efforts convinced Jamal to consider switching his international allegiance from England to Germany.

The sweet-mouthed talk:

As Jamal Musiala’s family left the UK due to BREXIT, it became apparent that he might not play for England. Joachim Löw, the German national team coach, saw an opportunity and personally visited Jamal’s parents to persuade them to let their son play for Germany.

Musiala, before his 18th birthday celebration, decided to join the German team, much to the disappointment of Gareth Southgate and English fans.

In an interview with GOAL and Spox, Musiala admitted that it was a difficult decision but he followed his heart, which told him that it was the right decision to play for the  German national team and for the country, he was born in.

In March 2021, Musiala and Florian Wirtz received their first call-up to the German senior team for the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers. It’s only a matter of time before we see him playing alongside some of the world’s best players. The rest of Jamal Musiala’s Biography will surely go down in history.

Who is Jamal Musiala’s Girlfriend?

Pursuing a professional football career is a challenging endeavour that often requires sacrificing one’s personal life. Many young players forgo having romantic relationships or starting a family in order to focus solely on the game.

Jamal Musiala is a prime example of such dedication, with his charming looks and impressive style of play making him a desirable partner for many.

Curious to know if Musiala has a girlfriend or wife, our team scoured the internet for information. However, after hours of research, we were unable to uncover any details about his love life.

It is possible that Musiala has chosen to keep this aspect of his life private, as it may interfere with his career goals. Alternatively, his family may have advised him to delay any serious relationships until later in life, when he has achieved more stability and success.

Personal Life:

To gain a better understanding of Jamal Musiala beyond his football career, it is important to look at his personal life.

First and foremost, Musiala is known for his humble and confident personality, which can be attributed to his upbringing by his parents. Despite his wealth, Musiala is grounded and lives below his means. He is sometimes shy, just like Rafael Leao. This is the reason he got the nickname; ‘shy Bambi’.

Jamal Musiala Lifestyle:

According to the German blog Bild, Musiala is not one to live lavishly. He relies on his father to manage his career, and his mother drives him to training every day. Musiala has an anti-flash attitude and does not display signs of wealth, such as fancy cars or mansions. Overall, his lifestyle is quite modest and unassuming.

Jamal Musiala Family Life:

The Musiala family is a football-centric household where every member’s lifestyle is focused on ensuring Jamal’s success. In this section of the biography, we will delve deeper into the unique facts about Jamal’s family members, starting with his parents.

Jamal Musiala Father:

Jamal Musiala’s father, Daniel Richard, was a former Nigerian footballer who played at the highest level of the Nigeria Professional Football League before relocating to the United Kingdom and then Germany.

Like many fathers who did not make a name for themselves in sports, it was tough for Richard to give up his own dreams and deal with an unsuccessful career.

Since retiring from football, Richard has been determined to ensure that his son, Jamal, achieves what he could not. He is an over-ambitious and pushy dad who serves as Jamal’s personal coach and is completely dedicated to his son’s progress in football.

Richard’s passion for his son’s football career is evident as he can often be seen running up and down the touchline during games, cheering for Jamal.

However, this behaviour can sometimes interrupt the work of the linesmen, leading to him being ordered to stay away from the field. Overall, Richard’s commitment to his son’s success is remarkable.

Jamal Musiala Mother:

In contrast to her husband’s passionate involvement in Jamal’s football career, Carolin Musiala prefers to stay on the audience sidelines during her son’s matches. She enjoys taking photos of Jamal’s games for the family album.

Carolin is an expert in using Sociology in Marketing, which she learned during her university education.

During her family’s time in London, she worked as a top marketing executive for an American company (doing life science) located in the west of Surrey in Farnham, which is not far from Chelsea’s training ground.

Overall, Carolin is supportive of her son’s passion for football but takes a more relaxed and observational approach to his games.

Jamal Musiala Siblings:

The Musiala family consists of five members, including Jamal, his parents. And two siblings – a sister named Latisha and a younger brother named Jerrell. However, there is little information available about Jerrell.

Latisha is known for being a big Bayern Munich fan, supporting the club since childhood, even before Jamal joined them.

Jamal has mentioned that Latisha’s love for the Bundesliga giant played a role in his decision to join Bayern. He also shared that Latisha has been wearing a Bayern Munich cap he gifted her since the year 2016.

Jamal Musiala Relatives:

It is a confirmed fact that Jamal Musiala has family members in West Africa. This is evident from his Nigerian father’s nationality. Additionally, it is likely that he has relatives in Poland from his maternal side.

Jamal Musiala Facts:

After delving into Jamal Musiala’s biography, we can now reveal further details about him. A talented German footballer with Nigerian origins.

A Unique Goal Celebration:

During the early days of his youth career, Jamal Musiala developed a peculiar habit – he would always celebrate, even when the opposing team scored a goal.

He mistakenly believed that any goal, regardless of the team, deserved a cheer. However, this went against football etiquette, prompting TSV Lehnerz, his first club, to take action.

The academy’s management instructed Jamal’s coach, Milenkovski, to prevent him from cheering when the opposing team scored. The coach recounts:

“I still recall the typical reaction from Rich, Jamal’s father, when his son celebrated with the opponents. First, he would throw his hands up in disbelief, and then he would burst into laughter.”

FIFA Profile of Jamal Musiala:

As an attacking midfielder, Jamal, like Felix Nmecha, is an asset to any team. He is an asset whether you’re seeking a future star or aiming for profit.

At just 17 years old, Jamal Musiala’s potential in FIFA reveals that he will likely compete with the world’s best in the coming years.

For those interested in FIFA career mode, examining Jamal Musiala’s developmental progress offers insight into his future trajectory. Check out this video showcasing the attacking midfielder’s growth test.

Jamal Musiala’s Religious Beliefs:

As of now, the footballer has not publicly shared any information regarding his faith. Without further evidence, we can only speculate about his religious beliefs.

Based on their names – Daniel Richard and Carolin – it’s probable that Jamal Musiala’s parents are Christians.

However, his first name ‘Jamal’, is known to be an Arabic masculine name used by both Christians and Muslims, predominantly in Islamic countries. It’s possible that his parents chose the name to honour an extended family member. Perhaps one of his Polish maternal grandparents who might be a Muslim.

Jamal Musiala’s Nicknames:

Upon joining Bayern, Leroy Sane affectionately bestowed two nicknames upon the young athlete: “Bambi” and “workaholic.” These monikers emerged as a result of Jamal’s dedication to extra training.

The physical activities he does mostly in the weight room at FC Bayern Munich’s Sabener Strasse training facility. Jamal Musiala’s rise, according to SkySportsFootball, has seen him rise from being called ‘shy Bambi’ to being the ‘next Messi’.


While researching Jamal Musiala’s biography, it became clear on a fact. That his parents have been incredibly supportive and determined to see him succeed. Today, the entire family enjoys the rewards of their hard work.

There is no doubt that both Carolin Musiala and Daniel Richard have been dedicated to their son’s success. When Jamal faced challenges during his early days in the UK, his father went above and beyond to find solutions.

The success of Jamal in football has surely inspired his siblings Latisha and Jerrell. It’s highly likely that someone within the family will follow in his footsteps.

Thank you for joining us on this captivating exploration of Jamal Musiala’s life. At SoccerBiography, we prioritize fairness and accuracy in our articles about Footballers born in the European continent. Surely, the Life History of Gabri Veiga and Erling Haaland will excite your reading pleasure.

If you notice any discrepancies in Jamal Musiala’s biography, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, feel free to share your thoughts on the talented German midfielder. A Baller with a diverse Polish, British, and Nigerian family heritage in the comment section.

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