Ian Maatsen Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

Our exploration into the biography of Ian Maatsen presents an intimate look at his early days, including moments with his parents, Edward Maatsen and Wendy Schuitemaker, his familial ties, including his sibling, Donavan Dorrell Maatsen, relationships, and connections with cousins Darren Maatsen and Dalian Maatsen.

This piece provides an in-depth view of Maatsen’s roots in Paramaribo, Suriname, delving into his ancestry from both maternal and paternal branches, cultural background, educational pursuits, faith, and upbringing in his hometown. We’ll also provide insights into the Dutch footballer’s financial stature, including his net worth and salary particulars.

Essentially, we journey through Ian Maatsen’s life story. It’s a tale of a young lad whose father served in the military and who faced the challenge of early childhood disappointment. Young Ian had to mature swiftly when his initial football aspirations with his favourite team, Feyenoord, didn’t materialize.

Despite these early roadblocks, Ian rose to prominence in the football arena, particularly shining with Burnley. It’s noteworthy that his path to success wasn’t straightforward; he faced significant challenges even before his professional journey truly began.


Our profile of Ian Maatsen begins with a look into significant moments of his younger days. We then transition into the initial phases of his career, spotlighting the unexpected setback he encountered with Feyenoord. The account culminates in showcasing how this Vlaardingen-born talent soared in football.

Our aim is to capture your attention with this detailed recount of Ian Maatsen’s life. We’ll provide a vivid story of his transition from a young boy in Paramaribo to the spotlight of football stardom.

It’s widely acknowledged that his period under the guidance of Clarets’ manager, Vincent Kompany, was transformative. His commendable performance played a pivotal role in Burnley’s ascent to the English premier league for the 2023/2024 season. As a testament to his skill, Maatsen earned a position in the Championship Team of the Season for 2022/2023, distinguishing himself as the top left-back in the EFL.

In our extensive profiling of Dutch football talents, we realized a significant void in narrating Maatsen’s story in detail. Propelled by our love for the sport, we present this all-encompassing tale of the young star. Let’s get started.

The Early Days of Ian Maatsen:

At the onset of our story, let’s address him by his playful moniker, “Icy Ian”, while his full designation is Ian Ethan Maatsen. Born on March 10, 2002, in Vlaardingen, Netherlands, he was one of the two children (including his brother, Donavan) to Edward and Wendy.

Ian’s parents, Wendy and Edward, epitomize a love story that has withstood time. Their enduring relationship has not only been harmonious but has also been the foundation for their children’s achievements in both sports and arts. Their unwavering love and dedication stand as a testament to the beauty that can emerge when love is allowed to flourish.

Childhood Memories:

When you chat with Ian about his younger days, he often brings up memories of the times spent with his brother, Donavan Maatsen. Growing up in Vlaardingen, Netherlands, Ian and Donavan shared a bond that was evident to all who knew them. They had each other’s backs and navigated life’s ups and downs together.

Ian was a vibrant and spirited child in Vlaardingen. The nurturing environment created by his parents, Edward and Wendy, manifested in his glowing demeanour. His cousins, Darren and Dalian, often reminisced about Ian’s vivacious nature, which was accentuated by his ever-present smile. An old childhood picture serves as a testament to the young Ian’s irresistible charm.

Moments with Wendy:

As Ian grew, the shared laughter and delightful moments with his mother, Wendy, shaped his joyous childhood. Her love, laughter, and support played pivotal roles in nurturing Ian during his formative years.

During a typical evening, the joy shared by Ian and his brother, Donavan, under Wendy’s watchful eyes, is palpable. Whether it was enjoying a fresh ear of corn or relishing an ice cream cone, these were moments of simple pleasures, forever etched in their memories, all thanks to their caring mother, Wendy.

Moments with Edward, their Father:

A peaceful evening on 30th August 2008 saw Edward Maatsen sharing quality time with his sons, Ian and Donavan. Surrounded by stories and laughter, this wasn’t just any evening; it epitomized the bond Edward shared with his sons.

On a sunny day, with gentle waves lapping around them, Edward and his sons created lasting memories during a water vacation. While Ed and Donavan reveled in the fun of a water trampoline, Ian took a moment to bask in the sun’s warmth. This scene paints a picture of two siblings, with shared values of discipline and love, fostered by a military background.

Early Years of Ian Maatsen:

The Challenges of Beginning: Ian’s journey toward his football dreams wasn’t smooth sailing. Initially, things appeared promising as he demonstrated immense potential on the local football circuit. At 7, with his parents’ unwavering support, Ian joined Feyenoord, his dream club since childhood.

However, the road soon became rocky for young Ian. He grappled with growth-related challenges that impeded his early football progression. Ian’s smaller stature brought unexpected obstacles.

Despite being a part of Feyenoord’s prestigious academy, he faced the disappointing verdict of being considered “too slight” for football, leading to his exit from the team. This bitter experience redirected his path, a journey we’ll delve deeper into in the sections that follow.

Ian Maatsen’s Family Heritage:

Ian’s parents, Edward Maatsen and Wendy Schuitemaker, tied the knot on January 19, 1989. By June 25, 2022, Ian and his sibling, Donavan, observed a heartwarming celebration that seemed like a reaffirmation of their parents’ commitment to each other.

Insight into Ian Maatsen’s Parents:

Edward, Ian’s father, proudly served as a military officer in the Dutch Marines and further lent his services to the Ministry of Defence. His dedication saw him later join the Haaglanden Fire Department, eventually earning the title of Chief Fire Officer for the Haaglanden Safety Region.

Academically, Edward is an alumnus of Rehoboth Mavo High School, graduating in 1985. He furthered his studies at Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, completing his class in MLO Chemistry in 1988. By April 2003, Edward embarked on a venture with Dansschool Sitton / Commedia.

Apart from his professional endeavours, Edward is passionate about skateboarding and boasts over two decades of experience in winter sports. Notably, he’s been engaged in Telemark skiing and snowboarding for roughly 14 years. Around March 2013, he enjoyed these activities with his family in the snowy landscapes of Pruggern, Austria. Donovan, Edward’s eldest son and Ian’s brother, showcased his skills behind the camera during this trip.

Wendy, Ian’s mother, has established herself as an Internal Account Manager. Her professional LinkedIn profile highlights her role with Dun and Bradstreet in The Randstad, Netherlands, a renowned American firm that specializes in commercial data, analytics, and insights.

Ian attributes a considerable part of his achievements to his father’s influence. Edward, with his military background, emphasized discipline, often guiding Ian on how to navigate challenges.

The Bond Within the Maatsen Household:

Despite the rollercoaster of aspirations and setbacks in Ian’s early career, he was never alone. The Maatsen family, both immediate and extended, stood firm behind him, acting as his beacon of strength during challenging times.

The resilience and unity of the Maatsen family are still palpable today. As Ian shines in his profession, they remain by his side, celebrating every milestone. A vivid memory of their collective pride was evident at Turf Moor when they witnessed Ian assist Burnley in clinching the EFL Championship title. That day, it was not just a victory for Ian but a collective achievement for the entire Maatsen household.

Roots of the Maatsen Family:

Born in Vlaardingen, South Holland, Ian naturally holds Dutch nationality and citizenship. However, there’s a rich tapestry to Ian’s lineage. Ian, primarily known as a Dutch Leftback and Winger, also traces his roots to Suriname.

The Maatsen family’s ancestral home is in Paramaribo, Suriname’s capital, nestled by the Suriname River. Suriname, the smallest South American country by land and population, has Dutch as its official language. The nation, where the Maatsen lineage originates, is bordered by French Guiana, Brazil, Guyana, and the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.

Ian Maatsen’s Cultural Background:

Ian Maatsen aligns himself with the “Dutch Surinamese” ethnicity. This designation pertains to individuals with Surinamese roots who were either born in or have significant connections to the Netherlands. It’s crucial to note the intertwined histories of Suriname and the Netherlands, with Suriname being under Dutch colonial rule until its independence in 1975.

Several renowned footballers, both active and retired, identify with the Dutch Surinamese heritage. Current players in this category include the likes of Denzel Dumfries, Ki-Jana Hoever, Tyrell Malacia, Xavi Simons, and Crysencio Summerville. Notable retired footballers of this ethnicity encompass Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, Edgar Davids, and the iconic Clarence Seedorf.

Ian Maatsen’s Academic Journey:

From the outset, Ian’s parents, Edward and Wendy, prioritized education for their children. Ian’s elder sibling, Donavan Dorrell Maatsen, carved a career as a Mechanical Engineering Service Technician. Donavan pursued Mechanical Engineering at Albeda RDM Campus, a renowned institution located in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

While the specifics of Ian’s schooling are not entirely clear, it’s believed he underwent formal education in the Netherlands. By the age of 11, when he departed from his initial club, Feyenoord, Ian had completed his primary education. He then concluded his secondary education in the Netherlands before immersing himself fully into his football career and moving to England.

Ian Maatsen’s Football Narrative:

A devoted Feyenoord enthusiast, Ian’s dream came to fruition when he joined the club in 2009. In the initial stages at Feyenoord, football was about joy and camaraderie for Ian. His peer group even exhibited a rare camaraderie with their fiercest competitors, Ajax, ahead of a championship showdown. Reacting to this unexpected gesture of unity, a Facebook acquaintance of Edward Maatsen remarked:

“Edward, see? This is the spirit of the game.”

“Even as a hardcore Feyenoord fan, this warms my heart.”

“Even if they (Feyenoord and Ajax) stand as archrivals.”

As the football season progressed, the young players encountered mounting expectations, encompassing both their on-field prowess and their physical maturity. Tragically, Ian didn’t see the expected physical growth spurt. Analyzing his photographs from that time, it becomes apparent that he was among the shortest, perhaps the shortest, among his peers. Given that he wasn’t projected to grow much further, the club was faced with a pivotal decision.

Facing the Hardships Head-on:

Ian Maatsen found himself in a situation not uncommon among athletes. Renowned figures like Jaidon Anthony, the iconic Roy Keane, Jacob Ramsey, and Aaron Ramsdale faced similar challenges. Ian was critiqued for his stature, leading to significant bumps in his budding career.

Athletes such as Raphinha, Luis Diaz, and Lucas Paqueta, recognized for their triumph in the Europa Conference League with West Ham, faced criticism for their lean physique. For Paqueta, his career was nearly derailed if not for the timely intervention of his mother, Marcelo de Lima.

Remarkably, Karim Adeyemi faced challenges of a different kind and was let go by Bayern Munich due to disagreements and a perceived lack of social skills.

Ian’s journey mirrored Ramsdale’s; while Ramsdale was let go by Bolton Wanderers due to his size, Ian, the budding Dutch talent, faced rejection from Feyenoord for similar reasons when he was just 11.

Reflecting on this challenging episode, Ian shared:
“When Feyenoord let me go at 11, I felt my football dreams had shattered. I lost interest and just wanted to spend time with my friends. Their reason? I was too petite to compete at a professional level. I, of course, begged to differ and took it upon myself to prove them wrong.”

Ian Maatsen’s Pathway to Recognition:

Following his departure from Feyenoord, Ian didn’t vocalize his determination to prove them wrong; he internalized it. He channeled his energies positively, maintaining humility and working diligently. For someone on the cusp of adolescence, it was undoubtedly a tough reality to accept.

Rejection, especially from an academy, can leave deep emotional scars, as many aspiring young footballers (including those in Africa) would attest. Thankfully, Ian’s parents were his pillars of strength during these trying times.

Undaunted by his Feyenoord experience, Ian transitioned to Sparta Rotterdam. His tenure here, lasting two seasons, proved pivotal, eventually leading him to PSV, an esteemed Dutch club credited with nurturing talents like Ruud van Nistelrooy, Arjen Robben, Memphis Depay, Steven Bergwijn, and Cody Gakpo.

Ian Maatsen’s Ascent to Stardom:

On July 1, 2018, just a fortnight before the FIFA World Cup, Ian shifted allegiance from PSV’s youth team to Chelsea’s U18. What many might not know is that Chelsea acquired the young left-back for a mere €110k.

This transition to Chelsea came five years post his Feyenoord ordeal. Notably, there were familial reservations about Ian’s move to England. While his father, Edward, championed the cause, Ian’s mother, Wendy, was more apprehensive about her youngest child leaving PSV. Edward’s counsel, however, prevailed. Given his robust military background, Edward had always been someone who embraced life’s challenges.

In less than a year of joining Chelsea’s academy, Ian received a call to represent the Netherlands for the U17 Euros in 2019, sharing the stage with emerging talents like Brian Brobbey, Anthony Elanga, Ki-Jana Hoever, Karim Adeyemi, and Yeremy Pino.

Ian showcased his adaptability during the U-17 tournament, taking on a defensive midfield role, instrumental in the Netherlands clinching the 2019 UEFA European Under-17 Championship. Significantly, Ian’s proud parents, Wendy and Ed, along with his elder brother, Donovan, were present to celebrate this milestone.

Navigating Through Chelsea’s Challenges:

Following his success at the U-17 level, Ian swiftly climbed the Chelsea youth hierarchy. His ascent was so pronounced that it appeared he was on the cusp of a call-up to the senior team under Frank Lampard.

However, Ian found it challenging to cement a place in Lampard’s squad. He wasn’t alone; peers like Billy Gilmour and Tariq Lamptey shared his predicament, seemingly sidelined in the coach’s vision. The left-back role, in particular, had stalwarts like Ben Chilwell, Marcos Alonso, and Emerson Palmieri as the frontrunners.

Rather than being content as an alternate choice, Ian opted for a different trajectory. Instead of permanent exits like Kurt Zouma, Jamal Musiala, and Marc Guehi, he chose a loan spell with Coventry. During this phase, Ian didn’t just make waves but clinched the 2021-2022 Young Talent of the Season award, reflecting Chelsea’s faith in him.

Finding His Groove with Burnley:

In the subsequent 2022/2023 season, post his Chelsea stint, Ian embraced another loan spell, this time with Burnley, against a loan fee of €5.00m. Here, under the guidance of Vincent Kompany, he played a pivotal role in Burnley’s triumph in the EFL league, propelling them to the Premier League. Burnley’s successful season had him in the company of players like Ashley Barnes, Manuel Benson, and Michael Obafemi.

His remarkable contributions were recognized when he was chosen for the 2022/2023 Championship Team of the Season as the league’s top left-back. In a heartwarming gesture, during their celebratory parade, Ian hoisted the Surinamese flag, a nod to his heritage hailing from Paramaribo, Suriname. The rest as we say, on the making of Ian Maatsen, is now history.

Ian Maatsen’s Love Life:

Behind Ian’s EFL Championship win lies more than just professional success; it hints at a future brimming with promise. As the saying goes, behind every accomplished athlete is a steadfast partner. This brings us to an intriguing query:

Who holds the key to Ian Maatsen’s heart?

While Ian is typically reserved about his personal life, in 2023, amidst Burnley’s EFL Championship festivities, he broke tradition. Through an Instagram post, he introduced his girlfriend to his fans. Her name, as of this biography’s last update, remains a mystery, but her support for Ian is palpable.

Delving Deeper into Ian’s Persona:

Peeling back the layers of the Dutch footballer, Ian values authenticity. He once shared that he is drawn to genuine vibes and sumptuous cuisines. Beyond the football pitch, Ian treasures authentic interactions and cherishes the rapport he shares with colleagues and admirers. At his core, Ian has a penchant for authenticity and shuns anything that feels contrived.

Ian Maatsen’s Personal Choices and Preferences:

Post the 2023 EFL Championship victory with Burnley, Ian Maatsen chose to indulge in a well-deserved break. A keen enthusiast of beach destinations, for Ian, a perfect holiday at the coast is made even more special with the presence of his girlfriend. Truly, a serene way to rejuvenate after the intensity of the 2022/2023 football season.

Ian Maatsen’s Ride of Choice:

Ian’s vehicle selection, the renowned G-Wagon, mirrors the automotive preferences of several elite footballers. Among these are names like Wilfried Zaha, Kalvin Phillips, Renato Sanches, and Christopher Nkunku.

For Ian, his G-Wagon dons a sleek ash hue, reflecting his penchant for subtle sophistication. This vehicle, particularly in its chosen shade, symbolizes Ian’s appreciation for the finer things, whilst maintaining an air of discretion.

Diving Deeper into Ian Maatsen’s Family Ties:

Throughout this biography, it’s evident that Ian’s family has been a cornerstone, shaping his professional and personal journeys. In this segment, we’ll explore more about the familial ties that bind this Dutch footballer.

Dalian Maatsen – A Close Cousin:

Dalian Maatsen shares more than just a family bond with Ian; he shares a passion for football. Born on January 2, 1994, Dalian, being eight years older, has always been a protective figure in Ian’s life. He’s also the sibling of another footballer, Darren Maatsen.

When Ian faced the disappointment of being let go by Feyenoord Academy, Dalian, who was a part of the same academy, became a pillar of support, helping his younger cousin grapple with the pain of rejection.

Professionally, Dalian Maatsen stands tall at 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in) and has chosen the centre-back position. His football journey has seen him representing various Dutch clubs and even venturing to a Danish team. A noteworthy aspect of his career was his association with Nathan Ake during their Feyenoord Academy days.

About Darren Maatsen – Another Cousin in Football:

Darren Maatsen, born on January 30, 1991, is Dalian’s elder sibling and Ian’s cousin. A gap of 11 years separates Darren and Ian. With Surinamese roots, Darren has also carved a niche for himself in professional football. Standing at 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in), Darren’s forte is playing on the wing.

His football chronicle includes affiliations with various Dutch clubs, extending even to the Scottish Premiership club, Ross County. A defining moment in his career was when he netted a goal within the first three minutes of the 2013/2014 season’s inaugural match against Celtic. The spectacular goal, marked by a thunderous shot that left goalkeeper Fraser Forster defeated, earned him the “goal of the week” accolade by the revered Terrace Scottish Football Podcast.

Ian Maatsen’s Father – A Pillar of Support:

Edward, once serving in the military and later as the Chief Fire Officer, was the bedrock of support for Ian during his early setback at Feyenoord. To this day, Edward maintains a keen interest in his son’s flourishing football career.

As a testament to his unwavering support, Edward liaises closely with Ian’s career management firm, Unique Sports Group, ensuring his son’s welfare and interests are always prioritized. Witnessing Ian ink a deal with footballing giants, Chelsea, undoubtedly ranks high among Edward’s proudest moments.

Ian Maatsen’s Mother – A Beacon of Strength:

While Wendy Schuitemaker boasts Dutch lineage, her husband Edward has origins in Paramaribo, Suriname. The duo exchanged vows on January 19, 1989, and their union was blessed with Ian thirteen years later. Their enduring relationship is a testament to their shared commitment and love.

Though Ian has achieved significant milestones in football, it’s evident that his mother has been a cornerstone of his support system. When setbacks, like the rejection from Feyenoord Academy, threatened to derail his aspirations, Wendy was the unwavering force of encouragement. From what can be observed, Wendy cherishes her getaways to Brazil alongside her spouse.

Ian Maatsen’s Brother – A Man of Many Talents:

Donavan, an Engineer by training, once lent his expertise to esteemed establishments like KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and De Hemel op Aarde. Residing in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Donavan Dorrell Maatsen wears multiple hats – those of a DJ, Music Producer, and Artist. For those interested, he’s accessible on Facebook as @donavan.maatsen and TikTok as @dj_donavan_dorrell.

Ian Maatsen’s Extended Family – A Tight-Knit Circle:

A cherished memory from July 26, 2011, beautifully captures the camaraderie Ian shares with his extended family. At the youthful age of nine, Ian was the epicentre of a joyous family gathering encapsulated in a treasured photograph.

Our exploration revealed a few notable names among Ian Maatsen’s relatives, particularly on his father’s side: Clemens Bendt (Uncle), Ernst Sibilo, Brian Delano Gaddum, Grego Gaddum, Ruth Bernard, Marjorie Bernard, Haidy Van Faassen-Bernard, Mary Kappe-van Workum, and Nathan Okkerse, among others.

Little-Known Facts about Ian Maatsen:

In this concluding segment of Ian Maatsen’s life story, we bring to light some lesser-known details about the footballer. Let’s delve right in.

Ian Maatsen’s Earnings:

Upon signing his contract with Chelsea, Ian began receiving an enviable annual salary of roughly £2,096,844. This means he earns around £40,262 every week, according to the latest stats from SoFIFA. As of now, his pay is comparable to Chelsea teammates like Conor Gallagher (£50k), Romeo Lavia (£45k), Armando Broja (£40k), and Trevoh Chalobah (£50k).

Comparative Wealth:

In Suriname, where Ian Maatsen’s father hails from, the typical person’s annual earnings hover around 1,042,350 SRD. To put it in perspective, an individual in Suriname would have to work nearly 97 years to match Ian Maatsen’s yearly earnings with Chelsea.

Ian Maatsen’s FIFA Stats:

What’s remarkable is that at the young age of 20, Ian Maatsen showcases proficiency in almost every facet of the game. He does lag behind in areas like attacking prowess and penalty executions.

Although he may not match the dynamism of players like Theo Hernandez and Alphonso Davies, Ian exhibits a promising future in positions like left-back and left-wing-back. He shares similar attributes with emerging stars like Destiny Udogie, Tino Livramento, Nuno Mendes and Lewis Hall.

Ian Maatsen’s Religious Faith:

Ian Maatsen, the accomplished Dutch left-back of Chelsea, appears to lean towards Christianity. There are subtle indications pointing to this. For instance, a cover photo on his mother’s Facebook profile features the renowned “Christ the Redeemer” statue, hinting at her spiritual beliefs. Given this context, it’s plausible that her sentiments might have influenced Ian’s spiritual orientation towards Christianity.

Closing Remarks:

Football is more than just a game for the Maatsen family, with Ian’s father, Edward, having a significant influence on his trajectory. Edward’s background in the military and his role as a Chief Fire Officer instilled a sense of discipline and determination in Ian. Born in March 2002, Ian’s mother, Wendy Schuitemaker, has also played a foundational role in his life as an esteemed Internal Account Manager.

From a young age, the Maatsens held their heads high, especially when Ian and his cousin Dalian secured spots at Feyenoord. However, the joy was short-lived, as the club chose to release Ian due to his height. This setback, especially at an impressionable age after dedicating six years to the club, was a bitter pill to swallow for young Ian, pushing him to question his future in football.

Yet, in times of doubt, the Maatsen family rallied around Ian. They encouraged him to persevere and to nurture his innate football talent. It was indeed a heartbreak for them all, seeing Ian depart from Feyenoord so young. It necessitated maturity beyond his years, being a youngster from Vlaardingen.

Post Academy Life:

Life picked up pace for Ian post-Feyenoord. His journey led him to Sparta and later to PSV Eindhoven, one of the ‘Dutch big three’. Despite the considerable distance from the Maatsen residence, Ian persisted.

His prowess soon caught Chelsea’s attention, and they onboarded the budding star during his teens. In the Dutch football community, there’s often scepticism around young talents migrating abroad early in their careers, with many predicting their downfall.

However, Ian Maatsen was an exception to this. His indomitable spirit and resilience showcased that adversities could be turned into stepping stones. He took pride in joining the ranks of esteemed players like Eden Hazard, Willian, and Marcos Alonso – players he idolized in video games.

With his noteworthy performance under Vincent Kompany during his loan, Ian’s stock in the football world soared. Upon his return to Chelsea (where he made a significant transfer decision), he demonstrated his potential, challenging the likes of Chilwell and Marc Cucurella. His family takes immense pride in him, particularly as he upholds their name in the elite circles of football.

Gratitude Note:

We genuinely appreciate you taking the time to delve into SoccerBiography’s portrayal of Ian Maatsen’s life journey. Some Chelsea enthusiasts believe that alongside promising players like Alfie Gilchrist and Djordje Petrovic, Maatsen is destined for a successful career.

Our commitment remains unwavering in providing accurate and unbiased accounts of Dutch Football Narratives. This piece is a fragment of SoccerBiography’s expansive library of European Football Chronicles.

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