Hayley Raso Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article unveils the Biography of Hayley Raso, diving into her early years, including details about her parents – Renaye Sweeting and John Raso, her family background, including her siblings – brothers Lachlan and Jordan, as well as her romantic involvement with Jenna McCormick. Moreover, it delves into her extended family, from grandparents like Patricia to uncles, aunts, cousins, and more.

The narrative presents Hayley Raso’s family roots, religious beliefs, education, ethnicity, and her hometown. Besides her personal life and lifestyle, SoccerBiography also offers insights into her astrological sign, net worth, and earnings.

To summarize, this is a comprehensive chronicle of Hayley Raso’s journey. It paints the picture of a young girl from the streets of Gold Coast, Queensland, whose early soccer days didn’t hint at the global trajectory her career would embark upon.

Raso’s early years were humble, often spent filling in for her brother Lachlan’s local team. International football wasn’t even a thought in her young mind back then.


Our version of Hayley Raso’s story starts with significant events from her early years. Following this, we delve into her ethnic background and initial career milestones. Lastly, we will talk about her achievements and her overall contribution to the world of soccer.

SoccerBiography aspires to engage you in Hayley Raso’s story through a compelling visual narrative. Hayley Raso has been a consistent presence on the field for the Matildas, garnering a wealth of international experience. She displayed her skills in prestigious tournaments like the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

These achievements are even more remarkable given Raso’s perseverance in the face of adversity. After a severe back fracture in 2018, she defied the odds and medical predictions, making her success story more inspiring.

However, despite our thorough research, there are many aspects of this Australian athlete’s life still unknown.

As a result, only a handful of soccer fans have a complete understanding of Hayley Raso’s intriguing biography. Without further ado, let’s unravel her tale.

Hayley Raso’s Early Years:

Starting with her personal details, Hayley Emma Raso is her full name. She was born on September 5, 1995, to her doting parents, John Raso and Renaye Sweeting, in Australia’s sixth-largest city, Gold Coast.

Her birth on a peaceful Monday was a joyous occasion for her supportive parents. Raso is the youngest of the three siblings, with her two older brothers – Lachlan and Jordan.

In short, Hayley Raso is the only daughter and the youngest child born to her devoted parents in the coastal city and region of Queensland, Australia.

Having said that, let’s get to know Hayley Raso’s parents better. We’ll explore how their dedicated nurturing and constant efforts played a crucial role in helping her realize her potential and shaped her growth.


Hayley Raso’s childhood was spent in the beautiful Gold Coast, Australia, where she was brought up in a close-knit family. Her family, consisting of her parents and two brothers, created a warm and nurturing environment that played a significant role in shaping her sporting future.

Life in Gold Coast offered a perfect blend of outdoor experiences, cultural exposure, and entertainment, contributing to a vibrant and active childhood. Hayley, much like her peers, reveled in the joy of beach activities, participating in everything from swimming to surfing and building sandcastles.

The region’s numerous sports opportunities, including soccer and popular water sports like kayaking and jet skiing, nurtured her active lifestyle. The natural landscapes surrounding the region also extended beyond the beaches, giving Raso and her family a chance to explore national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

Hayley’s exposure to the multicultural aspects of Australia also meant she got to sample various global cuisines, broadening her cultural understanding.

Raso’s childhood was marked by her energy and outgoing personality. Her love for playing games was obvious to everyone around her, making her a cherished presence. However, a significant event in her childhood was her parents’ divorce. Post-divorce, Hayley and her brothers were brought up solely by their mother, Renaye.

Hayley Raso’s Early Soccer Days:

Born in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, Raso’s introduction to football was influenced by her older brother’s fondness for the game. Fascinated by his enthusiasm, she stepped onto the field to play in his local team, not realizing that this was the start of an extraordinary journey.

Raso reflects,

“I began playing when I was eight as my older brother played. He doesn’t play anymore, but I think I just wanted to do what he was doing when I was young, and that’s how I got into it.”

Watching her brother enjoy football, her desire to follow in his footsteps led her into the sport. While her involvement started off as a leisure activity, it quickly unveiled her innate talent and passion for the game.

Little did she realize that those initial games would lay the foundation for an impressive football career that would take her to the international stage. Thus, her journey in football started naturally, driven by her brother’s influence, eventually leading her to accomplish great feats in the sport. As they say, the rest is history.

Hayley Raso’s Family Background:

The family of the tenacious player consists of her parents and two brothers. Despite the lack of documentation about her family history, it’s clear from her upbringing in Gold Coast, Australia, that she was surrounded by strong familial support and love.

While her parents’ professional details remain undisclosed, they were instrumental in fostering Raso’s football ambition, providing a solid foundation for her success in the sport. Regardless of possible financial constraints, they identified and supported her exceptional talent. Especially Hayley’s single parent, Renaye, who played a significant role in her football development.

Despite modest financial means, Renaye made considerable sacrifices, including frequent trips from Gold Coast to Brisbane for Hayley’s training sessions.

Family Origins:

This section elaborates on her heritage and family roots. Born and raised in Gold Coast, Australia, Hayley Raso’s family origins are primarily Australian. As a city in Queensland, Australia, those born and raised in Gold Coast typically identify as Australians.

While Australia is a cultural melting pot with a rich blend of heritages, a person born and raised in Gold Coast would most likely have Australian roots as their primary family origin, though exceptions might occur.

Does Hayley Raso have Italian roots?

“Raso” translates to Bald or Closely-Cropped Hair in Italian and Spanish. It’s derived from the term “raso,” denoting ‘flat, polished, bare.’

Given this, it’s possible that Hayley’s forebears adopted the name historically to characterize an individual with a bald head or tightly cropped hair. Alternatively, the Italian interpretation of the name could originate from the past participle “rasato,” translating to ‘shaved.’

While the etymology of her surname might imply Italian connections, Hayley Raso is indeed an Australian. Moreover, her strong sense of patriotism matches her unwavering commitment to her soccer career. She proudly sports the green and gold colors of the Australian women’s national team.

She expresses her joy about playing in her homeland, “There’s genuinely nothing superior to playing in Australia. Just contemplating it stirs up immense excitement…” Hayley shares.

Hayley Raso’s Ethnicity:

Research has it that the Gold Coast in Australia is renowned for its cultural diversity, hosting a blend of ethnicities due to its multicultural population. Resonating with Goldcoast’s demographic, the vigorous striker identifies herself as a White Australian woman. She epitomizes the local culture and identity.

Hayley Raso’s Education:

Raso’s educational journey is a testament to the opportunities prevalent in the Gold Coast region. The city and its neighboring territories are distinguished for their commendable educational establishments.

As a child, Raso attended Emmanuel College, a distinguished, co-educational, multi-denominational primary Christian school in Carrara, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Her love for soccer blossomed during her school years as she participated in junior football for Palm Beach. After high school, Raso continued her education and personal growth.

She initially joined the Bachelor of Paramedic Science program at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). In 2016, she furthered her academic pursuits at Griffith University, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in paramedicine.

Raso’s educational trajectory reflects her dedication not only to her athletic prowess but also to her intellectual development.

Pre-Professional Journey:

From her early days on the soccer field as a stand-in for her brother’s team to her current role as a talented winger playing for prominent clubs and representing Australia.

Hayley Raso’s initial dedication and enthusiasm paved the way for a successful soccer career. Even in her youth, her ambition to succeed in football was evident. She embraced the game wholeheartedly.

Acknowledging her deep-seated passion for football, after college, the natural progression was to hone her skills at a professional sports academy. But, being brought up by her single mother, this path necessitated a scholarship.

This led them to the Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS), a prestigious institution established by the Queensland Government to foster regional athletes, which played a role in Raso’s career journey.

Despite her initial training with the Queensland Academy of Sport not resulting in a scholarship, Raso’s determination was unyielding.

Seizing an opportunity following a promising trial led to a pivotal shift in her career path. She made the decision to join Canberra United for the 2011-12 W-League season, marking a significant milestone in her blossoming career.

Hayley Raso Football Journey:

While in college, Hayley Raso played for Palm Beach Soccer Club, a local amateur soccer team in Palm Beach, Queensland, Australia.

Hayley Raso’s professional soccer career started taking form when she joined Canberra United in 2011. Here, her ability as a promising young player was displayed.

With Canberra United, a team in Australia’s W-League, she was exposed to high-level competition, gathering essential experience.

Her role in the club’s success in the 2011–12 W-League season was an early highlight of her career.

Although she confesses that her passion for the sport blossomed only after reaching the national team level, she has not only overcome a serious injury but is also keen to inspire future generations.

Hayley Raso Bio – Path to Stardom:

As Raso’s talents flourished in the W-League, she attracted attention from scouts and managers, leading to openings outside of Australia.

Her move to different leagues like the NWSL and the Women’s Super League demonstrated her eagerness to test herself against top global talent.

In the 2012-13 season with Canberra, she made her mark by scoring her first goal against Newcastle Jets, even though they lost a championship match. During that season, she netted four goals in ten matches.

She later signed with Brisbane Roar FC for the 2013-14 season. Despite a debut loss against Canberra, she managed to score her first goal for Brisbane against Western Sydney Wanderers FC.

Following the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, Raso transitioned to the US, joining Washington Spirit. Her team triumphed in her first match against Seattle Reign FC.

Recognized for her speed as an attacking winger, she moved to Portland Thorns FC in 2016 after a season with Washington Spirit.

Hayley Raso Biography – Ascend to Fame:

Raso’s senior soccer career began with Canberra United in 2011. Subsequent successes include additional premierships with Canberra United and Brisbane Roar, and international accomplishments like winning the NWSL Shield and Championship.

However, in 2018, a devastating injury resulting in three fractured vertebrae almost halted her career.

Facing a lengthy recovery, her resilience saw her return to the pitch for Australia, a comeback that culminated in a Women’s World Cup appearance in 2019.

After the injury, Raso’s career soared, including an Olympic debut and a Conti Cup win with Manchester City. Her journey embodies perseverance and resilience.

She joined her Matildas teammates, including Katrina Gorry, Manchester City’s Mary Fowler and Hammarby IF’s Kyra Cooney-Cross, to represent Australia in the 2023 World Cup. They triumphed over Canada 4-0, with Raso scoring twice.

Finally, on July 8, 2023, Real Madrid announced Hayley Raso’s signing, making her the first Australian and the first from the Asian Confederation to join the club’s premier team.

Is Hayley Raso in a Relationship?:

Hayley Raso, the talented Australian player, is not single, although she isn’t married. There have been past speculations about a relationship with English footballer Izzy Christiansen, but Raso’s heart belongs to Jenna McCormick.

Jenna, an esteemed Australian footballer, also excels in Australian rules football, playing for the Danish Elitedivisionen club AGF Fodbold and previously for the Adelaide Football Club in AFL Women’s.

Hayley and Jenna’s relationship is celebrated publicly, with social media photos showcasing their affection.

Joining a trend in women’s soccer where players find love within their teams, Hayley and Jenna’s relationship is a symbol of their shared passion for sports and each other.

Born in September 1994, just two days apart, both stand as proud Australians, with Jenna at 5 feet 7 inches and Hayley at 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Their relationship is not just a love story but a shared path of triumphs, challenges, and an enduring connection that resonates both on and off the field.

Jenna McCormick, Hayley Raso’s partner:

Hayley Raso’s significant other is Jenna McCormick, another accomplished footballer hailing from Australia. Jenna is currently associated with the Danish Elitedivisionen club, AGF Fodbold. The duo has been in a relationship for numerous years.

In a heartfelt post, Jenna shared a photograph of herself and Hayley Raso on the grounds of @ThornsFC, expressing pride in Raso’s performance. However, as of 2023, it appears that the two athletes have taken separate professional routes.

At present, Hayley Raso is not married and has shifted her primary focus to her flourishing soccer career. As of 2023, she is 28 years old.

The exact status of Hayley Raso and Jenna’s relationship as of 2023 remains unclear, due to a lack of available information confirming whether they are still a couple or have parted ways.

Insights into Hayley Raso’s Personality:

The young star strikes a balance between a quiet self-assurance and an earthy charm. Despite her notable successes, she exhibits an understated coolness intertwined with a determined approach to her career.

She expresses her unique sense of style through her multiple ear piercings and handmade bracelets, which she crafts using kits she buys from Amazon. She often gifts these unique accessories to her friends, showcasing her creative side.

Raso’s substantial achievements have not taken away from her grounded perspective. She is known for her love of animals, particularly cats.

Her modesty suggests that her accomplishments may seem less extraordinary to her since she has personally achieved them. This attitude contributes to her humble confidence both on and off the field.

Raso’s passion for soccer becomes evident when she discusses her favourite aspects of the sport. Her excitement is palpable as she discusses going head-to-head with competitors and expertly manoeuvring the ball.

Her ability to select diverse shooting angles showcases her adaptable nature and readiness to take advantage of opportunities. Interestingly, Raso and her mother, Renaye Sweeting, have matching full moon tattoos on their arms.

Hayley Raso’s personal life insights:

Her personal life mirrors her strong commitment to maintaining her health and on-field performance. Born under the zodiac sign Virgo, she embodies traits typically associated with this sign.

These traits include pragmatism, meticulousness, analytical thinking, and a deep sense of responsibility. Virgos like Senegalese Pape Matar Sarr, Norwegian Tobias Lauritsen and Australian Ange Postecoglou are recognized for their organized nature and unwavering determination to reach their objectives.

To optimize her athletic performance, Raso places a substantial emphasis on rest and recovery. She follows a balanced nutrition plan as a fundamental part of her health-focused lifestyle. She shares a delightful bond with her friends, especially her teammates.

Raso stands at the height of 1.62 meters (5 feet 4 inches) and weighs approximately 60kg. She gives special attention to maintaining her physical fitness. Daily workouts and mindful self-care form an essential part of her routine.

Raso’s long, light brown hair and striking black eyes highlight her well-preserved physical appearance. Her outright dedication to her physical and mental health fuels her resilience and strength as a professional athlete.

Like many other sports celebrities, she maintains an active presence on Instagram to engage with her growing fan base.

Her verified Instagram account, @hayleyraso, has over 132K followers, offering fans a peek into her life off the pitch. Athletes like Katie Robinson and Ellie Carpenter also follow her page.

Hayley Raso’s lifestyle:

Raso’s lifestyle encapsulates a blend of humility, creativity, and steadfast commitment to her beloved sport, soccer.

Her unique fashion sense is intertwined with her quiet confidence, beautifully illustrating the balance she strikes between her impressive accomplishments and her relatable nature.

Born in 1994, Hayley Raso has not only emerged as a successful soccer player but also as one of Australia’s affluent individuals.

Her journey of surmounting challenges and transforming them into significant successes has elevated her to one of the Westfield Matildas’ most thrilling forwards.

Raso’s commitment and diligence have translated into considerable wealth and recognition. Her breathtaking success on the soccer field has led to considerable earnings from game prizes, endorsements, and collaborations.

As a professional footballer, Raso’s lifestyle reflects her remarkable ability to maintain focus and stick to a disciplined routine. Her rigorous training, skill refinement, formative experiences, and strategic preparations have significantly influenced her lifestyle.

With an impressive array of groundbreaking achievements under her belt, Raso has accumulated substantial wealth through her efforts.

Her financial success affords her the luxury of residing in opulent homes, indulging in lavish vacations, enjoying fine dining, and driving high-end vehicles.

Currently residing in Madrid, Spain’s bustling capital, Raso leads a luxurious lifestyle that matches her vibrant personality.

Her taste for luxury extends to high-end cars, although we haven’t seen her behind the wheel in Spain yet. Regardless, her earnings allow her to boast an impressive collection of premium vehicles in her garage.

Hayley Raso’s Domestic Life:

The backing and inspiration she garners from her kin have been pivotal in shaping her sporting journey. Hayley Raso’s domestic life epitomizes the influence of encouragement, togetherness, and collective dreams.

Her mother’s unwavering faith in her potential, coupled with the camaraderie among her siblings, has been instrumental in her evolution as a noteworthy sportsperson and individual.

Hayley Raso is blessed with a circle of family members who have contributed to her progression as a professional soccer player. Continue reading for an in-depth look into the Champion’s domestic life.

Hayley Raso’s Father – John Raso:

While precise details about Hayley Raso’s father are scant, it is clear that her parents, particularly her mother, Renaye, have been pivotal in shaping her soccer career and providing ongoing support.

Her kin, including her father, John Raso, has played an important role in her life. John Raso was present at her matches, lending his support. At a particular point in her budding career, only her father could watch her games as he resided in northern New South Wales.

Nonetheless, her parents divorced when Raso was still young, leaving her, her two brothers, and mother to navigate life’s trials on their own.

Despite this separation, the family’s bond and encouragement have remained instrumental in carving out Hayley’s journey in soccer and life.

Hayley Raso’s Mother:

Renaye Sweeting’s unwavering commitment and efforts to foster Hayley’s love for soccer have played a key role in setting her on the path to professional athletics.

She spotted Hayley’s talents and dreams at an early age and actively backed her pursuits.

Renaye’s involvement extended beyond mere words of encouragement. She was dedicated to ensuring that Hayley had opportunities to refine her skills and excel in the sport.

This support presumably included driving Hayley to training sessions, matches, and tournaments and providing guidance through the various hurdles of pursuing a career in professional soccer.

Her role in Hayley’s life became particularly significant during tough times. For instance, when Hayley incurred a serious back injury that could have potentially derailed her career, her family, including her mother, rallied around her.

Renaye’s presence during Hayley’s recuperation reflected their tight bond and the unconditional support she provided as a parent.

Sweeting’s commitment to her daughter’s aspirations and her active role in facilitating Hayley’s soccer journey underscores the vital role that parents play in the lives of young athletes.

Moreover, Renaye’s dedication and encouragement have unquestionably contributed to Hayley’s tenacity, determination, and accomplishments as a professional soccer player.

While specific personal information about Renaye Raso might not be publicly available, her impact on her daughter’s life and career stands as a testament to the power of parental backing and encouragement in shaping the career trajectory of budding athletes.

Hayley Raso Siblings:

The Australian athlete has two brothers, Jordan and Lachlan. They have significantly influenced her journey. Her older brother’s involvement ignited her interest in soccer.

She fondly reminisces,

“I started playing when I was eight because my older brother played. He doesn’t play anymore, but I think I just wanted to do what he was doing when I was young, so that’s how I got into it.”

While precise details about her brothers’ roles and interests aren’t documented, their presence in her life has likely left a substantial impact on her upbringing and development.

Indeed, growing up with two brothers probably contributed to her competitive spirit, determination, and the skills she displayed on the soccer field.

In 2021, Raso, the youngest of the three siblings, leveraged her platform to make a positive impact. Raised by a single mother, she released a children’s book titled “Hayley’s Ribbon” to raise funds for HeartKids, a cause dear to her heart.

This initiative was inspired by a personal experience, as her brother Lachlan was born with a congenital heart condition and underwent open-heart surgery in 2015.

In essence, “Hayley’s Ribbon” is an endearing tale about a timid girl who receives a ribbon that enables her to discover strength and freedom in playing the game she adores.

This project reflects Hayley’s bond with her siblings and showcases her commitment to making a difference in the lives of others through her influence and personal experiences.

Who are Hayley Raso’s Relatives:

Specific details about her extended family and relatives aren’t widely known, as she prefers to keep her personal life private.

While information about Raso’s immediate family, like her parents and siblings, has been somewhat documented, there hasn’t been much public discussion about her relationships with extended family members.

As a public figure, Raso maintains privacy regarding her personal life and family connections. Thus, the competitive athlete probably has aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, nephews, nieces, and possibly in-laws.

However, only limited information is available about them, consistent with her privacy preferences.

One notable deviation from her private stance is her relationship with her grandmother, Patricia. Patricia plays a substantial role in Raso’s soccer journey and personal style. She is the source of the ribbons that have become a distinctive part of Raso’s on-field appearance.

The Ribbon:

Raso’s trademark ribbon, always perfectly coordinated with her jersey’s color, symbolizes her presence on the pitch.

It’s a detail that fans and spectators associate with her as she displays her skills, whether executing a well-timed cross or finding the back of the net.

Interestingly, Raso’s grandmother is the one who ensures she has these ribbons. Regardless of where Hayley is in the world, her grandmother’s support and thoughtfulness shine through as she sends over these ribbons.

This gesture signifies a family connection and emphasizes the importance of familial support in Raso’s soccer journey.

Hayley Raso has forged her individual mark as a swift winger who persistently seeks to recapture possession for her team. Her signature ribbon, always matched with her jersey’s hue, has become her identifiable insignia.

It’s a straightforward yet effective means to identify her on the pitch, whether she’s delivering a precise cross or scoring an impressive goal.

In this final segment of the detailed profile on the accomplished soccer player, we’re about to reveal some lesser-known aspects about this prolific Winger and forward. So, let’s delve into these fascinating details without further ado.

Hayley Raso’s Salary & Net Worth:

Football athletes’ earnings can vary substantially based on factors like their contracts, performance, and sponsorships.

As a professional winger and forward, Hayley’s remuneration is reliant on her contract with her team, Real Madrid, and any sponsorship arrangements or financial deals she’s involved in.

Prior to signing with Real Madrid FC for the 2023/24 season, Raso played the preceding seasons with Manchester City, securing the League Cup in 2022.

Besides her tenure in England, she also boasts periods in the United States and Australia, winning league titles with Portland Thorns and Canberra United, respectively.

An experienced Australian international, she has won the CONCACAF Nations League and the OFC Women’s Nations Cup for her nation.

Raso’s commitment and prowess have resulted in notable financial prosperity and acknowledgement. Aside from match winnings, she has accrued significant wealth through endorsements and partnerships.

Therefore, according to Sportsunfold, Raso’s net worth (in 2023) is estimated to be approximately $5 million. Her impressive career highlights include representing Australia at the 2020 Summer Olympics and the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Moreover, we estimate her average soccer salary in Australia to be around AUD 182,000. Her projected annual earnings total to $1 million.

Hayley Raso FIFA:

Each year, FIFA games update the player ratings, attributes, and likenesses to reflect the players’ actual world performance and form.

In the case of Hayley Raso, her overall rating and potential rating for 2023 are 78. Her preferred position is Right Wing (RW). She tends to shoot with her right foot.

Similarly, Raso’s gameplay embodies impressive skill and consistency in her techniques. Her agility, balance, positioning, and short passes exemplify her exceptional abilities on the pitch.

While her playing style is remarkable, there are areas, like any player, where she could improve. Enhancements in free-kick accuracy and interceptions could add to her overall gameplay. Her skills are comparable to players like Karole Pombal and Melinda Goias.

Hayley Raso Religion:

While we lack concrete evidence regarding her beliefs, Hayley Raso’s family likely practised Christianity during her upbringing.

Additionally, in Australia, Christianity is the predominant religion adhered to by the population. However, the country is also home to a multitude of other religions, and some individuals don’t follow any religious faith.

Back injury:

On August 25, 2018, Hayley Raso endured a serious injury while performing for Portland. She fractured three vertebrae in her back after a collision in a match, an injury caused by another player’s knee striking her back.

Subsequently, she feared that she would NEVER play again and her ability to walk might be compromised. However, through resilience and extensive rehabilitation, Raso made a comeback.

She participated in the Cup of Nations just six months later, even marking her return with a goal against New Zealand in her first match back.

Hayley Raso’s Enigmatic Tattoo Message:

In a crucial match, a World Cup victory over Canada, Australian footballer Hayley Raso emerged as the Matildas’ heroine. Hayley Raso, a prominent figure in the Matildas, revealed the story of an intriguing hidden tattoo message that seemed to foretell the victory.

If the home team lost or drew, they would be eliminated from the tournament. Fortunately, Raso’s brace led her team to a 4-0 victory.

Interestingly, she felt sure about winning due to a unique omen. She and her mother share tattoos of a full moon, which happened to be present above the stadium that night.

Summary EndNote:

Hayley Emma Raso, born on September 5, 1994, stands as a celebrated figure in Australian professional football, particularly recognized for her winger skills.

She currently displays her talents as part of Liga F club Real Madrid and the Australian women’s national team.

Raso embarked on her senior football journey in 2011 with Canberra United, a tenure marked by an impressive accomplishment – contributing to the 2011–12 W-League triumph.

As time passed, her skills took her across various leagues, including the W-League and the NWSL, eventually leading her to the intensely competitive Women’s Super League.

Raso’s influence extends beyond club football. Since 2012, she’s been a crucial component of the Australian women’s national football team, the Matildas.

She’s competed in international events like the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, followed by the 2020 Summer Olympics, underscoring her commitment to representing her country at the highest level.

Her journey to excellence started earlier, as she displayed her abilities as a member of the under-20 national team, the Young Matildas.

Raso, the Matilda’s footballer, has quietly risen to the top over 12 years. Despite a severe back injury, Raso’s relentless spirit underlines her path. Her narrative includes her triumphant recovery and the pursuit of success.

A significant milestone in her career came in 2021 when she transferred from Everton to Manchester City. This move reflected her adaptability and ambition to thrive on different platforms.

Inevitably, her stint with Manchester City was brief, and by July 2023, Real Madrid announced that they had secured Raso’s services. Hayley Raso’s journey back from injury is an inspiration to all young girls. Especially those who face similar problems and need some inspiration to get back on track.

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