Hannibal Mejbri Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This memoir presents the comprehensive Biography of Hannibal Mejbri, encompassing insights into his early years, upbringing, and the familial influences that shaped his career, including his father, Lofti Mejbri, and mother, Radhia Mejbri. Explore his roots, with particular attention to his brother, Abderrahmen Mejbri, and sister, Chema Mejbri, not forgetting the extended family—grandparents, uncles, and aunts.

This narrative sheds light on Mejbri’s connections to Tunisia, his cultural heritage, religious beliefs, and foundational experiences back in his hometown. It also covers various personal aspects such as his educational pursuits, affinity for tattoos, astrological influences, financial achievements, and private life nuances.

At the essence of Hannibal Mejbri’s story is a young enthusiast, whose love for football was kindled and fostered while playing alongside his brother. Embracing the sport, he didn’t just seek to participate but strived for deep-rooted involvement and mastery.

The account brought to you by SoccerBiography highlights a unique athlete who held his academic aspirations in high regard, paralleling his fervor for football. Despite early inclinations towards conventional professions like law or medicine, the allure of the pitch was irresistible. Off-field, his holistic development was enhanced through strategic endeavors like swimming and chess, under his parents’ guidance, fortifying his psychological resilience for future trials.


Embarking on Hannibal Mejbri’s life story, we present pivotal childhood experiences that set the stage for his evolution as a professional athlete. The subsequent sections trace the significant landmarks that punctuated his rise within the sporting realm, culminating in his recognition as a prized figure in his nation’s football legacy.

SoccerBiography invites you on an engaging expedition through Mejbri’s transformative phases, enriched with this article that charts his path from early days to celebrated fame. His trajectory, characterized by profound growth, is indeed inspiring.

Yes, everyone knows Hannibal joins the likes of Romeo Lavia and Julio Enciso as a fast-rising footballer. The young football virtuoso’s achievements are a testament to his skill, earning him prestigious accolades like the 2020-21 Denzil Haroun Reserve Player of the Year. His stature further soared as he clinched the African Revelation of the Year honors back-to-back in 2021 and 2022.

In our exploration of narratives surrounding French football personalities, we recognized a prevalent scarcity of extensive information on Hannibal Mejbri’s background. With this realization, we acknowledge the pressing need to delve deeper into his life, bringing his less-known biography to the forefront for fans and followers alike.

Exploring the Early Years of Hannibal Mejbri:

Hannibal Mejbri, known in the sporting circles primarily by his first name, first graced the world on January 21, 2003. His birthplace, Ivry-sur-Seine in France, marked the start of his journey, under the watchful eyes of his parents, Radhia and Lofti Mejbri.

Among a vibrant household of four children, Hannibal was the youngest. He spent his formative years surrounded by his siblings’ love and camaraderie, each one a product of his parents’ nurturing bond.

Central to Hannibal’s upbringing were his parents, Lofti and Radhia. Eschewing a focus on material extravagance, they chose to enrich their children’s lives with values. They fostered an environment where respect and humility took precedence, elements crucial to shaping Hannibal’s persona and life trajectory.

Life in Ivry-sur-Seine:

In the bustling locality of Ivry-sur-Seine, France, Hannibal’s childhood unfolded. His family, an integral part of his world, influenced his morals and perspectives, with his siblings serving as his closest allies and mentors in life’s early lessons.

As the youngest, Hannibal found himself doted upon, a testament to his family’s boundless love. However, this affection did not come without a sense of responsibility. Lofti and Radhia, ever vigilant, ensured their son’s character was built upon solid ethical foundations. They were there to guide, discipline, and teach, securing a future for their son grounded in strong moral values.

Embarking on a Football Journey:

Hannibal’s earliest football inspiration was none other than his father, Lotfi Mejbri, a figure of considerable repute in Tunisian football. Lotfi’s own accomplishments and experiences sowed the seeds of football passion within the family, deeply rooting within young Hannibal’s soul.

This passion burgeoned during Hannibal’s early schooling years, as football swiftly took hold of his everyday activities and future ambitions. With a head of hair reminiscent of David Luiz and an innate skill that belied his years, Hannibal was a figure who couldn’t help but command attention.

His extraordinary flair on the pitch didn’t go unnoticed, drawing accolades from those around him and reinforcing a legacy that was his heritage. Both mentors and fellow players couldn’t help but recognize the young prodigy’s potential, paving the way for his ascent in the footballing realm.

Hannibal Mejbri’s Familial Foundations:

While narratives of hardship paint the early lives of several African-descended French players like Dimitri Payet and N’Golo Kante, Hannibal Mejbri’s story takes a different path. He emerged from a stable middle-class background, setting him apart in a landscape often marked by struggle.

Research underscores the role of Mejbri’s unified family structure in his career. The family’s strong interconnectedness has been instrumental in steering his football journey, offering a robust support system that caters to both his emotional needs and practical necessities.

Adding depth to their family life, Hannibal’s parents both pursued caregiving professions. His father, Lofti, embraced the role of an educator, embedding the virtues of persistence and discipline, while his mother, a physiotherapist, brought attention to physical health and vitality. These parental influences have been pivotal in nurturing Hannibal’s athletic development.

More than emotional anchoring and professional mentoring, the Mejbri family extends their support through physical presence. They are a familiar sight in the bleachers, cheering during Hannibal’s games, a testament to their unyielding pride and faith in his talent.

Roots and Heritage of Hannibal Mejbri:

Hannibal Mejbri navigates his life and career between two worlds, owing to his dual French and Tunisian nationalities. His upbringing infused the warmth of the Mediterranean spirit with the richness of French cultural legacies.

This duality has not only expanded his horizons but also influenced his distinct identity. While he is a French national by birth, his familial ties anchor him to his Tunisian lineage.

On the pitch, this cultural synergy is Hannibal’s strength, as he melds the elegance of French gameplay with the resilient spirit of Tunisian football. His eclectic style, a confluence of two rich heritages, endears him to both his peers and superiors.

France, celebrated for producing football greats like Michel Platini and hosting iconic cultural treasures, also prides itself on being a cultural mosaic. This vibrancy is particularly reflected in its substantial community of African descent.

Ethnic Identity of Hannibal Mejbri:

Hannibal Mejbri’s ethnic background intertwines his parents’ North African origins with his French birthright. Born in Ivry-sur-Seine, France, he is intimately tied to both locales. His identity, often categorized as African French, resonates strongly with the French Arabic demographic, embodying a blend of cultures that defines a significant portion of modern France.

Hannibal Mejbri’s Academic Journey:

While the particular institution Hannibal Mejbri attended for his elementary education in Paris remains unrecorded, it’s clear that his primary school journey spanned six years. Research points to a young Hannibal who considered education a priority, managing to maintain a balance with his burgeoning football commitments.

Early on, Mejbri experienced academic advantages, mastering literacy and numeracy skills quicker than many of his classmates. Nonetheless, the task of keeping up with schoolwork while dedicating ample time to football presented its own set of hurdles as he grew older, a testament to his dedication to both scholarly and athletic pursuits.

Eventually, Mejbri made the decisive choice to pause conventional schooling, shifting his focus exclusively to football. This change saw him adopt online education as a means to continue language studies, all while steadfastly pursuing his football aspirations.

Nurturing a Career:

From the get-go, Hannibal Mejbri led an active career-oriented life. He frequently accompanied his elder brother to football games, often acting as the team’s young mascot. This exposure sparked an early desire to not only participate in the sport but to immerse himself regularly and professionally, a vision fortified by witnessing his brother’s active involvement.

Beyond football, other disciplines like swimming and chess were integral to strengthening his mental fortitude, contributing to the astute strategic choices he makes on the pitch. While he hasn’t committed himself to a single football idol, Mejbri respects players who contribute substantially to their team’s dynamic.

He is drawn to legendary figures such as Zinedine Zidane, with his capacity to turn the tide of a game, and appreciates the clever play-making seen in athletes like Hatem Ben Arfa. In the grand scheme, Mejbri envisions his legacy as one where he is revered for continually uplifting his team’s game.

Right from the beginning, his father played a proactive role in safeguarding Hannibal’s interests, aware of the potential hazards within the football industry.

Understanding the complexities of the sport’s commercial side, he assumed the responsibility of his son’s managerial duties. This involved a hands-on approach in navigating through contracts and endorsements, always with Hannibal’s burgeoning career in mind.

Hannibal Mejbri’s Football Narrative:

Even as a child, Hannibal Mejbri exhibited a natural inclination toward football excellence. His potential was so evident that by the age of 9, a discerning talent scout had already spotted him.

Originating from Ivry-sur-Seine, a suburb of Paris, Mejbri embarked on his football voyage with Paris FC in 2009. By 2016, his prowess was generating buzz beyond France, capturing the attention of Premier League titans like Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, and Arsenal, with the latter even extending a trial invite to assess his compatibility with their squad.

Parallel to these opportunities, Hannibal maintained a commitment to his football education, earning a place at the esteemed INF Clairefontaine Academy, an institution celebrated for churning out football elites such as Thierry Henry, Blaise Matuidi, and Raphaël Varane. It was at Clairefontaine that Mejbri’s raw talent was refined, setting the stage for the high-profile platforms that were to follow.

Hannibal Mejbri’s Biography – Journey to Recognition:

Even in his formative years on the field, Hannibal Mejbri distinguished himself with an attacking flair superior to that of his contemporaries. Major English football clubs, always on the lookout for bright new stars, quickly took note of his extraordinary abilities.

In a move that some found surprising, Mejbri opted to continue his ascent at the Athletic Club de Boulogne-Billancourt. His stay there, however, was brief, as he soon yearned for the more prominent platforms that larger clubs offered.

2018 marked a pivotal chapter, with AS Monaco winning the young sensation over with an impressive €1 million bid. Considering Monaco’s track record of cultivating fledgling talents, it seemed the ideal forge for Mejbri’s skills.

However, the initial sheen of this union soon dulled. What was once considered a potential haven for Mejbri, given Monaco’s dedication to nurturing youth, turned sour. The high expectations from spectators and pundits for a successful collaboration were met with disillusionment as contention overshadowed promise.

Trouble surfaced just a year into his tenure with Monaco, as cracks appeared in the relationship between Mejbri and the club. Matters deteriorated to such an extent that his family stepped in, alleging that the club had reneged on specific promises stipulated in his contract. The unfolding drama was a far cry from the prosperous partnership initially anticipated.

Hannibal Mejbri’s Ascension to Stardom:

The football community was abuzz when, on 11 August 2019, Manchester United officially confirmed their acquisition of Hannibal Mejbri from AS Monaco. This announcement underscored Mejbri’s inclination towards the Red Devils amidst interest from various English heavyweights.

The financial commitment from Manchester United was hefty, involving an upfront payment of approximately €5 million, with clauses that could see the figure escalate to €10 million contingent on certain achievements. Ascending rapidly through the ranks, Mejbri joined the under-23 team by the age of 17.

Known for his record-breaking running and pressing stats, Mejbri, much like emerging talent Alejandro Garnacho, was earmarked for big things. His impressive performance for the U21s against Salford City in September 2020 caught many eyes, leading to a contract extension in March 2021. By May, he had clinched the Denzil Haroun Reserve Player of the Year title.

His eagerly awaited first appearance for Manchester United’s senior team materialized on 23 May 2021 against Wolverhampton Wanderers, with Mejbri stepping in for Juan Mata in the closing minutes. The match concluded with a 2-1 victory for United, signifying a crucial juncture in his career.

Experience with Birmingham City:

In what was considered a critical move for his professional development, Mejbri transitioned to Birmingham City on loan for the 2022-23 season on 29 August 2022. The objective was clear: to immerse him in regular first-team matches and refine his capabilities within a more demanding setting.

The young star made a significant impact against West Bromwich Albion on 10 February 2023, scoring a stunning free-kick and registering his first senior goal. Following a fruitful period at Birmingham, Mejbri returned to Manchester United, ready to integrate with high-profile newcomers like Antony, Casemiro, and Lisandro Martinez.

However, it was on 16 September 2023 that Mejbri truly etched his name in Manchester United’s history. During a game against Brighton, he achieved his inaugural Premier League goal while playing under coach Erik ten Hag.

International Career:

Hannibal Mejbri’s journey on the international stage began with France’s under-16 team in September 2018, during which he donned the national colors for 12 matches. He made his entrance on the field on 25 September 2018, facing a 3-2 defeat against Denmark. However, he turned his fortunes around by scoring during a decisive 4-0 win against Ivory Coast on 22 April 2019.

Later that year, Mejbri ascended to the under-17 level, marking his initial outing with this squad by netting two goals on 22 October 2019. Moreover, the young talent from Tunisia played a pivotal role in an emphatic 8-0 win against Gibraltar, part of the 2020 UEFA European Under-17 Championship qualifiers.

In a significant shift, Mejbri opted to represent Tunisia, the land of his ancestry, starting in May 2021. He made his first appearance for the Tunisian side on 5 June 2021, participating in the second half of the game against DR Congo. His international career continued to blossom that year as he donned the Tunisian jersey during the 2021 FIFA Arab Cup.

Following noteworthy performances against Mauritania, Mejbri was named Man of the Match in subsequent fixtures against the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. He was a key player in the Arab Cup final, playing most of the match before being substituted for Mohamed Ali Ben Romdhane.

Mejbri’s prominence on the international scene grew, culminating in back-to-back African Revelation of the Year awards at the Africa d’Or ceremonies in 2021 and 2022. His contributions were further recognized when, on 14 November 2022, Jalel Kadri selected him for Tunisia’s 2022 FIFA World Cup team. From there, as the saying goes, his biography became a part of history.

Hannibal Mejbri’s Personal Life:

Mejbri’s ascendancy in Premier League football is remarkable, making him a figure of interest not just for his on-field prowess but also his distinct flair off the field. He has garnered attention from numerous admirers, many of whom are enchanted by his skill and charisma.

Amid the culture of celebrity within Manchester United, where significant others of players often gain attention, curiosity naturally arises regarding Mejbri’s romantic life:

Is there someone special in Hannibal Mejbri’s life?

Current insights from 2023 suggest that Hannibal Mejbri is not in a relationship. His focus appears laser-sharp, aimed solely at his burgeoning football career.

This single-minded dedication is common among professionals, particularly those who are navigating the intense demands of their sporting peaks. Presently, there are no reports of any children related to the football sensation.

More About Mejbri:

Hannibal Mejbri stands out among his contemporaries in the Premier League due to his early display of assurance on the field, a trait not always apparent in newcomers.

In terms of personality, Mejbri’s vibrancy might draw parallels with players like Beto, even surpassing him in charisma. Such magnetism facilitates robust relationships with other footballers, leading to easy camaraderie with names such as Mason Mount, Rasmus Højlund, and Marcus Rashford.

An Aquarius by birth, Mejbri shares his zodiac sign with other notable Athletes like Neymar, Luis Suarez, and Jarell Quansah.

Often perceived as vivacious but somewhat aloof, Aquarians bring a unique blend of qualities to their teams. Away from football, Mejbri harboured ambitions in professional fields like medicine or law in the past.

In physical terms, Mejbri stands at 1.77 meters (approximately 5 feet 10 inches) and maintains a weight of 74kg. His commitment to staying in optimal physical shape underscores his seriousness about his football career.

Hannibal Mejbri’s Lifestyle:

Despite the intense demands of his professional life, Hannibal Mejbri seeks tranquility through activities like swimming, holiday travels, and enjoying the natural world. These simple pleasures provide the young star with necessary escapes, helping him maintain an equilibrium that keeps both body and spirit refreshed.

Distinct from many in his field, Mejbri maintains a low-profile lifestyle. Eschewing the display of wealth often characteristic of his contemporaries, he doesn’t flaunt lavish residences or expensive possessions on digital platforms. Instead, he opts for a reserved and modest image, focusing on his personal values over material displays.

Hannibal Mejbri’s Family Background:

Hannibal Mejbri’s meteoric rise in football owes much to the unwavering support he’s received from his family. This section delves into the profound impact of these close-knit relationships, pivotal in molding Mejbri both as an individual and as an athlete.

We explore the defining experiences and deep personal connections that have been instrumental in his pathway to professional success, providing a comprehensive understanding of the familial backdrop to his achievements.

The Role of Hannibal’s Father:

Football was a central pillar in the relationship between Hannibal and his father from the very beginning. Mounir wasn’t just a sideline cheerleader; he played a critical role in guiding and nurturing his son’s growing passion for the sport. It is well-documented that Hannibal’s father is none other than Lotfi.

Lotfi Mejbri, with a noteworthy legacy in Tunisian football, provided a childhood for Hannibal that was steeped in profound football knowledge, involving discussions of intricate strategies and memorable historic games. This environment fostered an innate passion and understanding of football within young Hannibal.

The invaluable practical football wisdom that Lotfi possessed was generously imparted to Hannibal throughout his formative years. Through casual backyard sessions or in-depth analysis of televised games, Hannibal was privy to his father’s rich reservoir of experiences, learning about both the victories and challenges that come with the sport.

Hannibal’s nuanced understanding of football and his mental fortitude can be directly attributed to the foundational influence of his father, Lotfi. It was more than just skill transmission; it was about igniting a passion. In Lotfi, Hannibal had not just a supportive parent but also an experienced guide who knew the intricacies and emotional rollercoaster of the football world.

Moreover, Lotfi’s influence extended beyond the football field, significantly contributing to Hannibal’s educational pursuits. This dual emphasis on sports and academics from his father helped shape Hannibal into the well-rounded individual he is today.

Hannibal Mejbri’s Mother:

While Hannibal Mejbri’s football journey mirrors his father’s deep-seated love for the game, his mother, Radhia Mejbri, has also been an integral part of his life. Her personal details are not widely known, but it is believed that she had a career in physiotherapy.

The strong familial bond within the Mejbri household is unmistakable, with Hannibal enjoying an enriched support system, likely enhanced by his mother’s professional expertise. This close-knit relationship extends beyond their home life, evident in the family’s public interactions and engagements.

Consistently present in the audience, Hannibal’s family, especially his parents, are a staple at his important matches, demonstrating their tight bond and immense pride in his accomplishments.

Hannibal Mejbri’s Siblings:

Siblings play a vital role in shaping one’s character, providing a familial foundation built on shared experiences and mutual values. For a sportsperson, this bond is a source of continuous emotional support and stability. Hannibal shares his life with two elder brothers and one sister, each contributing to his robust support system.

Let’s explore further his relationships with his siblings.

Hannibal’s Brother – Abderrahmen Mejbri:

Abderrahmen, Hannibal’s older brother, has been a significant figure in his life, sharing numerous experiences that fostered their connection as siblings and sports aficionados. Pursuing a career in sports coaching, Abderrahmen gained recognition by joining the staff of the Vietnam national team and Pho Hien FC, a prominent institution in Vietnamese youth football.

This relationship has afforded Hannibal a broader understanding of football, extending beyond his immediate environment. Conversations with Abderrahmen, enriched with diverse coaching narratives, have undeniably broadened the younger Mejbri’s footballing horizon.

Hannibal’s Sister – Chema Mejbri:

Chema Mejbri, distinct from her family, ventured into the medical field, embracing the role of a physician. Although details regarding her life are sparse, her steadfast support for her brother Hannibal’s football career is evident.

Her dual role as a sister and a medical professional offers an extra dimension of support, likely fortifying Hannibal’s psychological resilience and assurance throughout his journey.

Extended Family of Hannibal Mejbri:

Despite his prominence, Hannibal Mejbri maintains privacy regarding his extended family. Details about his broader familial connections are scarce, but it’s evident that these relationships, encompassing aunts, uncles, and cousins, are cherished.

However, the focus primarily remains on his nuclear family, highlighting the profound connections with his parents and siblings. The influence of his wider family circle, while less visible, is an intrinsic part of his support system.

Exploring Lesser-Known Details:

In this concluding segment of Hannibal Mejbri’s story, we delve into the more obscure facets of his life and career. We aim to uncover the hidden layers that contribute to the persona of this young football star. So, let’s uncover these details.

Hannibal Mejbri’s Earnings:

According to financial sports data platforms, Hannibal Mejbri commands an annual gross salary of £260,000 as an attacking midfielder. To grasp the scope of his financial achievement, it’s instructive to look at his compensation in more detail.

Mejbri’s contract with Manchester United brings him a substantial yearly revenue of £260,000. For a more nuanced understanding, we present a detailed breakdown of these figures in the subsequent table, showcasing the financial rewards of his footballing excellence.

The Financial Status of the Tunisian Prodigy:

Originating from Ivry-sur-Seine, France, where residents typically earn an average annual salary of approximately 54,100 EUR, Mejbri’s financial status is remarkably superior. Specifically, his annual compensation from Manchester United dwarfs what an average individual in Paris might earn in over four years. This disparity highlights the financial elevation that top-tier football professionals like Mejbri experience.

Net Worth of Hannibal Mejbri:

Through his exceptional football career, Mejbri has not only garnered professional recognition but has also amassed a net worth estimated at over $500,000. Beyond his rewarding contract with Manchester United, he has expanded his financial portfolio through an endorsement deal with Adidas, enhancing his economic footprint in the realm of sports.

Hannibal Mejbri in FIFA 2023:

In the 2023 edition of Sofifa, Hannibal Mejbri commands attention with an Overall Rating of 68 and an impressive potential reaching 80. Renowned for his role as a Midfielder (MD) and preference for his right foot in delivering powerful shots, his prowess is palpable during gameplay, establishing him as an integral team member.

One of the striking characteristics of this emerging talent is his aggressive approach, which significantly enhances his in-game presence. However, like any athlete, there are aspects of his performance that require further development. There is always scope for improvement, even for highly skilled individuals.

For Mejbri to ascend to the pinnacle of football excellence, focus on specific skills such as Finishing, Head Accuracy, Volleys, and Penalties is essential. Sharpening these skills will undoubtedly fortify his position as a formidable presence in any match. Notably, certain elements of his playing style draw parallels with those of Harvey Elliott (Liverpool), Jamal Musiala (Bayern Munich), and Morgan Gibbs-White (Nottingham Forest).

Hannibal Mejbri’s Iconic Hairstyle: The Unruly Mane of a Football Prodigy

One cannot help but notice Mejbri’s distinctively curly hair, a personal trademark he has proudly sported since his early days. Rather than conforming to more traditional styles, he has consistently maintained his curls, affectionately referring to them as ‘beautiful.’ For Mejbri, this hairstyle is more than a mere aesthetic choice; it is an integral part of his identity, one he has no intention of changing.

Hannibal Mejbri’s National Allegiance to Tunisia:

Despite representing France at the U16 and U17 levels, Mejbri made the heartfelt decision to compete internationally for Tunisia, a nod to his heritage and an expression of his personal allegiance. This decision underscores his desire to connect with his roots and perhaps inspire others to embrace their own.

Opting for Tunisia, potentially viewed as a less conventional choice compared to European teams, reflects Mejbri’s commitment to authenticity and strategic vision for his international career.

What is Hannibal Mejbri’s Religion?

The personal faith of Hannibal Mejbri, known for his dynamic role as a box-to-box midfielder, has elicited curiosity, with many hypothesizing that he may adhere to Islam, influenced primarily by his name.

However, without explicit confirmation from Mejbri himself, these assumptions remain just that—speculations. This restraint emphasizes the principle of refraining from making inferential judgments based solely on superficial criteria like a person’s name or appearance.


Born on Aquarium, on the 21st of January, 2003, in Ivry-sur-Seine, France, Hannibal Mejbri hails from Tunisian ancestry, evident from his parents, Lofti and Radhia Mejbri. His upbringing in Ivry-sur-Seine was steeped in the rich cultural influence of his Tunisian family. The youngest in the family, Hannibal cultivated strong bonds with his two elder brothers and one sister, their lives intertwined with mutual experiences and cultural pride.

Hannibal’s football journey began in the shadows of his older brother, quickly moving from a local talent in Ivry-sur-Seine to a player marked for future stardom. His professional path kicked off with Paris FC in 2009, and by 2016, he caught the attention of premier English football clubs, including an invitation for a trial at Arsenal. Post his stint at Arsenal, his career progressed through Clairefontaine Academy, followed by a period at Boulogne-Billancourt, and eventually landed him at AS Monaco in 2018. A subsequent conflict paved the way for his parents’ involvement and a shift in his career trajectory.

Hannibal Mejbri’s leap to Manchester United came in August 2019, departing from AS Monaco. Being a viable contender for midfield spot, he agreed to choose the Red Devils amidst various options. He made significant strides in the youth ranks, maintaining his position with the team into 2023.

Internationally, Mejbri initiated his journey with the French U16 and U17 squads in 2018 and 2019, showcasing his goal-scoring prowess. However, in 2021, he shifted his allegiance to Tunisia, making a mark in the FIFA Arab Cup, earning the African Revelation award twice, and securing a spot in Tunisia’s squad for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


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