Hamed Traore Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article delves into Hamed Junior Traore’s Biography, uncovering details of his early days, family background, including his father, Hamed Mamadou Traore, and mother, Marina Traore, his brother, Amad Diallo, and Sanogo, as well as other key family members.

This profile also highlights Hamed Junior Traore’s roots, hometown, cultural background, beliefs, academic pursuits, personal style, financial status, and salary insights.

Essentially, this narrative recounts the life of a young football enthusiast from the Ivory Coast, who honed his skills under the attentive guidance of his father.

The SoccerBiography platform documents the story of an ambitious young man who, on the verge of his teenage years, migrated to Italy. There, he fine-tuned his inherent football abilities at the esteemed Empoli FC academy, leaving the comforts of his homeland.


We initiate Hamed Junior Traore’s life story by spotlighting significant episodes from his youth. Progressively, we’ll shift focus to his inaugural milestones in football, concluding with his rise as one of Ivory Coast’s football jewels.

Our exploration of Hamed Traore’s life seeks to captivate your interest. We initiate with a visual timeline, capturing his evolution from early days to football stardom. Candidly, this midfielder’s life trajectory is awe-inspiring.

It’s widely acknowledged that Hamed Traore, a native of the Ivory Coast, represents his country on the international football stage. He currently showcases his skills as an offensive midfielder for AFC Bournemouth, on loan from Italian side US Sassuolo.

Despite chronicling several Ivorian footballers (e.g., Ibrahim Sangare), we discerned an awareness void. Many admirers remain oblivious to Hamed Junior Traore’s captivating journey. Thus, let’s dive right in and uncover this tale.

Hamed Traore’s Early Days:

For those just acquainting themselves with him, he is commonly referred to as Hamed Traore. Born Hamed Junior Traore on February 16, 2000, in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, he is the cherished son of Marina and Hamed Mamadou Traore.

Born as the second son, Hamed augmented the Traore family, which comprised four children in total: two sons and two daughters. The bond between the siblings stemmed from their parents’ strong union. Even though specifics about his parents remain sparse, it’s apparent that Hamed’s tenacity and dedication have familial roots.

Childhood Memories:

Like many kids, Hamed Traore showcased an unmistakable affinity for football. From his earliest steps, he was captivated by the sport, a trait that echoes the beginnings of many renowned African soccer stars.

His bond with his family, especially his parents and siblings, remains unbreakable. On one of his birthdays, he expressed gratitude for their undying support and the integral part they played in his journey. He mentioned:

“I embarked on my football journey upon departing from Côte d’Ivoire; it was my driving ambition. Now, as I gear up for another birthday, I’m transported back to those simpler times. Back home, it wasn’t about gifts but heartfelt wishes. My time in Italy in 2015 marked my first birthday with presents.

Yet, the gift I yearn for most is the day my family stands by my side here. I am diligently working towards making that happen. While reaching the Champions League remains a goal, reuniting with my family is the dream.”

Traore’s upbringing was rooted in family values. They were his anchor, guiding him through every twist and turn. His love and admiration for them resonate every time he discusses them.

Hamed Traore: Humble Beginnings:

From the moment a football landed at Traore’s feet during his youth, his destiny seemed written in the stars. With unwavering support from his family, he relentlessly chased after his dream. They were his beacon, lighting up his path and instilling in him a fierce determination.

A monumental decision at the tender age of 14 set Hamed’s course. He left Côte d’Ivoire, embarking on a transformative chapter in both his personal life and budding career.

Italy, with its storied football heritage, offered Traore not just new horizons but also rigorous tests. Yet, this crucible fine-tuned his craft, propelling his career to new heights. Here, he dived headfirst into soccer, seizing every chance to refine his skills and grow. His youthful determination in adapting to Italy’s demanding soccer culture became evident, and in time, his efforts bore fruit.

Hamed Traore’s Family Legacy:

Hailing from Côte d’Ivoire, Hamed Traore grew up in a quintessential household, embracing a modest way of life. Though they hailed from a middle-class background, his parents made significant sacrifices, ensuring a better future by relocating to Italy.

However, the path was fraught with hurdles. In June 2020, they faced an alarming challenge – an allegation of unlawful immigration. The repercussions were dire. The budding career of this young Ivorian talent teetered on the edge, threatening his dreams and aspirations in the sport.

Hamed Traore’s Ancestry:

Let’s delve into Hamed Traore’s roots. Born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Traore is a proud Ivorian. His birthplace, as indicated on the accompanying map, is integral to his story. His African lineage isn’t just a part of his past; it influences his play, his character, and the values he exemplifies on the pitch and beyond. This applies to the life of Nicolas Jackson.

Contrary to many of his peers, Traore’s initial football experiences weren’t in sophisticated academies or pristine pitches but on the vibrant streets of Abidjan, the economic heartbeat of Côte d’Ivoire.

Similarly, notable African-descendant French-speaking footballers, such as Boubakary Soumare, Dayot Upamecano, and Odsonne Edouard, have intriguing tales. Each story is a testament to talent, grit, and footballing success.

Understanding Hamed Traore’s Heritage:

Similar to Manuel Akanji and Amadou Onana, Hamed Traore has an African identity and it runs deep. His complexion not only showcases his African descent but also stands as a proud marker of his heritage, tracing back his lineage.

Hamed Traore’s Learning Journey:

While specifics regarding Hamed Traore’s academic pursuits in Abidjan are sparse, it’s evident he had access to education. His family prioritized learning, even as they backed his dreams in football.

Further insights suggest that his father played an instrumental role not just in his academic achievements but in life skills. Beyond formal schooling, his father’s wisdom shaped Traore’s persona and principles.

Simultaneously, Traore passionately chased his love for football. Thus, his upbringing was an intricate blend of schooling and sport, with his father steering him, laying the groundwork for his footballing successes.

Launching a Career:

A pivotal chapter in Traore’s football journey is linked to Bibbiano, a picturesque Italian town. Here, alongside his presumed younger brother, Amad Diallo, he played riveting football games, drawing the attention of many.

Recognizing the duo’s inherent flair and potential, Fabrizio Gilioli, a family friend, suggested a transformative idea: joining Boca Barco, an emerging football academy situated in Barco, RE, Italy.

Heeding this counsel, a 14-year-old Traore started his professional stint with Boca Barco in 2014. Progressing through various age categories, his prowess became increasingly evident, marking his rise in the soccer domain.

Hamed Traore’s Bio – A Football Narrative:

Hamed Junior Traore began making waves in the football circuit, catching the attention of football giants such as Atalanta and Milan. But, ultimately, it was Empoli that captivated his heart.

In the sunlit months of 2014, guided by Giovanni Galli’s nod, Marco Bertelli had the chance to see Traore’s brilliance in action. Instantly captivated, Bertelli ensured the young prodigy found a place in Empoli’s ranks. Traore’s rise was nothing short of astonishing, making it to the primary team in a mere couple of years and playing an instrumental role in guiding them to the pinnacle of Serie A.

His journey didn’t stop there. The following season bore witness to Traore’s unwavering spirit, seeing him grace the field in 32 Serie A games.

Hamed Traore’s Biography – Path to Stardom:

The winter chill of 2019, specifically on January 15th, heralded a significant announcement. Fiorentina had penned a deal to bring Traorè on board. However, the agreement permitted Traore to stay at Empoli for the remainder of the season, ensuring his unwavering contribution.

But, football often throws curveballs. Empoli’s top man, Fabrizio Corsi, dropped a bombshell by the season’s close. The anticipated move to Fiorentina was no more. But, just as football is unpredictable, so is its potential for new beginnings. Soon, on July 12th, Sassuolo opened a new chapter for Traore, offering a two-year loan with an option to purchase – a testament to their trust in his talent.

Hamed Traore’s Ascendancy:

As 2023 dawned, on January 31st, murmurs in the football community hinted at Hamed Junior Traore’s next step. The talented Ivorian was slated to join the ranks of English Premier League’s AFC Bournemouth.

This wasn’t a simple switch. While it began as a loan, there was a clear pathway to a permanent spot. Bournemouth’s vision was clear, offering a hefty five-year contract. Then, in May, they made it official.

On May 16th 2023, AFC Bournemouth proudly announced (via TribalFootball) that Traore had transitioned from a loanee to a permanent signing. This wasn’t a fleeting choice but a binding decision, marked at the end of the 2022/23 season. He joined Justin Kluivert as one of the Cherries’ new signings in the 2023 summer transfer window.

International Milestones:

In March 2019, Traore showcased his talent for the Ivory Coast U23s in two pivotal Africa U-23 Cup of Nations qualifiers. Fast forward to September 6, 2021, Traore received the honour of joining the senior ranks of the Ivory Coast team.

Against Cameroon, in a crucial World Cup qualifying match, and with a triumphant 2–1 scoreline at their home ground, Traore marked his presence by substituting in for Jeremie Boga in the game’s 69th minute.

From that moment, his trajectory was set towards greatness. The subsequent chapters of our story, as they often remark, have become part of football lore.

Personal Life and Journey:

On the football field, Hamed Junior Traore has showcased exceptional talent. Off the field, his life remains private. He is not married and hasn’t embarked on the journey of parenthood yet. As his career takes center stage, other personal commitments are likely to unfold in subsequent chapters of his life.

Perhaps given the intensity of a footballer’s profession, Traore prefers waiting for the opportune moment or the right individual to share his life with.

Beyond Football:

Digging deeper into Traore’s life away from the spotlight reveals intriguing facts about him. Though courteous, his reserved nature can occasionally leave onlookers curious.

An Aquarius by zodiac, Traore might resonate with the characteristics often attributed to this sign: creativity, independence, and a penchant for humanitarian endeavours. Notably, fellow footballers like Brian Brobbey, Jarell Quansah and Giacomo Raspadori also share this astrological sign.

Away from the football ground, the dedicated Ivorian makes time for fitness routines outside his team’s training regime. Weightlifting combined with cardio exercises like running forms an integral part of his regimen.

Hamed Traore’s Lifestyle Choices:

In the digital age, where many athletes showcase their luxurious lifestyles on social media platforms, Traore stands apart. He, like Arda Guler, doesn’t exhibit his affluence. Instead, he maintains an air of simplicity and humility, both online and offline. Eschewing the lure of materialistic displays, Traore remains focused and grounded, highlighting his genuine character.

Financial Milestones:

Traore’s dedication on the field mirrors his financial achievements off it. With an estimated net worth of £3,413,800, this dynamic midfielder has not only made a mark with his football prowess but also his astute financial moves. His commendable net worth at such a young age speaks volumes about his talent and his choices.

Foundations in Family:

The backbone of Traore’s success undeniably stems from his family’s values. A reflection of tenacity and grit typical of African migrant families, his lineage has played a pivotal role in shaping his football journey.

Questions Surrounding Hamed’s Paternity:

In 2020, murmurs around the relationship between Hamed and Hamed Mamadou Traore grabbed headlines. Was he truly his father?

A probe in July 2020 by the Parma public prosecutor unveiled a deeper web. It revolved around Hamed Mamadou Traorè, purportedly a distant kin of Hamed and allegedly the sibling of Amad Diallo. Accusations flew thick and fast about him feigning a paternal relationship to ease their move to Italy.

This investigation cast doubts on the true ties between Hamed and Amad. By February 2021, questions around Hamed’s association with the club “ASD Boca Barco” surfaced. Allegedly, he had manipulated documentation to present Hamed Mamadou Traorè, an Ivorian in Italy, as his father, hoping for familial reunification. In the aftermath, Traore opted for a plea deal, resulting in a fine of €48,000.

Hamed Traore’s Maternal Influence:

The heart and soul behind Hamed Traore’s success, Marina Traore has been more than just a mother. From the get-go, she stood like a beacon, lighting the way as her children charted their course in the demanding world of football.

It’s clear that their achievements are not just their own but are also a mirror of Marina’s relentless belief and tireless efforts. In the face of adversities, particularly the 2020 crisis, Marina showcased strength and resilience, shielding her sons and ensuring their dreams stayed alive.

Hamed Traore’s Kinship Ties:

Family support often acts as the anchor in our life, and Hamed Traore is no exception. But who are the members of this supportive clan? Let’s find out.

Amad Diallo: The Premier League Prodigy:

Amad Diallo, a notable name in the Premier League, stands as a proud sibling to Hamed. Born on July 11, 2002, Amad, being two years younger, has carved a niche for himself just like his elder brother.

Both Hamed and Amad embarked on their football journey together at Boca Barco, in the heart of Northern Italy.

Signifying his growth and identity, Amad underwent a name change, shifting from “Amad Traoré” to “Amad Diallo” in 2020, marking a significant transition in his personal and professional life.

Sanogo: The Emerging Star:

The Traore family seems to be brimming with football talent. The youngest among the brothers, Sanogo, is making his mark in youth football. With Hamed and Amad setting high standards, it won’t be a surprise if Sanogo soon captures the world’s attention with his football finesse.

Hamed’s Elusive Sisters:

While much has been documented about his immediate male family members, details about Hamed’s sisters remain nebulous. Current resources don’t shed much light on their lives or accomplishments.

The Extended Traore Family:

Venturing beyond his immediate family, one finds limited information about the broader Traore family tree. Details about his uncles, aunts, grandparents, and other family members remain largely under wraps. As fans and enthusiasts, there’s always a hope to uncover more layers to the story, learning about the various influences that have shaped Hamed’s journey.

Unravelling Hidden Facts:

As we reach the end of Hamed Traore’s life sketch, there are still a few lesser-known tidbits to unveil. So, let’s venture deeper into his story.

Hamed Traore’s Annual Income:

As per data from Capology, Hamed Traore’s recent contract with AFC Bournemouth in May 2023 grants him a substantial annual salary of €13,020,000.

Hamed Traore’s Financial Stature:

Comparative research highlights that the typical individual from Ivory Coast, where Hamed hails from, has an average yearly income of approximately €129.70. Astoundingly, Hamed’s weekly earnings eclipse what such a person would earn over numerous years.

Hamed Traore in FIFA:

At the age of 23, wearing the number 22 jersey in the midfield position, Hamed boasts an impressive potential score of 84. His skills closely align with other prominent midfielders, such as Felix Nmecha and Morgan-Gibbs-White.

Hamed Traore’s Tattoo Status:

As of now, Hamed Traore, the celebrated Ivorian footballer, has chosen to remain tattoo-free. The reasons behind this choice, whether they’re personal, health-related, or forward-thinking, remain speculative. At the time of writing this profile, his skin remains untouched by ink.

Hamed Traore’s Religion – Islam:

Based on available information, Traore, like Yoane Wissa and Ismael Bennacer, is a follower of Islam, and his first name suggests as much. However, he is somewhat private about his religious beliefs. Like numerous football professionals, he doesn’t overtly display his religious affiliations on online platforms.


Born on February 16, 2000, in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Hamed Junior Traore was welcomed into an Ivorian family. Growing up surrounded by family and friends, Hamed had a traditional Ivory Coast upbringing until he relocated to Italy when he was 14.

Our findings confirm that Hamed Junior, the distinguished AFC Bournemouth midfielder, possesses both Ivorian and Italian nationalities.

From his formative years, he adeptly juggled academics with his budding football aspirations, a testament to his determination and work ethic.

Hamed’s initiation into football began in Bibbiano, Italy, with a local grassroots team. By the time he was 15, he had joined the Boca Barco Academy in 2015, a pivotal moment in his burgeoning career. As he evolved, the doors to professional football swung open for him.

Hamed’s professional voyage was one shared with his sibling, Amad Diallo. From his formative days at Boca Barco to his stints at Empoli and Sassuolo, his unyielding spirit was evident. Each move marked a new chapter of growth and skill enhancement.

Now a creative revelation for Bournemouth, Hamed Junior has also represented the Ivory Coast at multiple levels. One of his significant accolades was aiding his team to secure the second spot at the Africa U-23 Cup of Nations in 2019.


We appreciate your time in exploring SoccerBiography’s narrative on Hamed Junior Traore’s life and career. We remain steadfast in our mission to provide credible narratives on African Football icons. Hamed’s story adds depth to our expanding anthology focusing on Ivory Coast’s football legends.

Should you identify any inconsistencies in our account of Bournemouth’s distinguished player, we encourage your feedback. Your perspectives on the remarkable journey of this midfield virtuoso and our in-depth portrayal of his evolution are highly valued.

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