Georgia Stanway Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This detailed article unveils the Biography of Georgia Stanway, providing a deep dive into her early years, family history, parents (the key people who shaped her) – her father, Paul Stanway, her mother, Joanne Stanway, her brothers – Johnpaul, Wyll, and Sol Stanway, Partner (Olly Ashall-Bott) and other relatives such as grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

This account of Georgia Stanway’s life also covers her family’s roots, cultural background, nationality, place of birth, education, religious beliefs, any tattoos she might have, her estimated wealth, astrological sign, personal life, and earnings overview.

Essentially, this write-up delves into a comprehensive narrative of Georgia Stanway’s life. It tells the story of Georgia, a child who embarked on her journey in football at the tender age of three. It was then when she first started to play the sport alongside her older brothers, members of an under-sevens team.

SoccerBiography unfolds the mesmerizing journey of this gifted footballer, shaped by an environment that ignited her love for the game. Despite societal expectations, she courageously persisted in her football journey by joining a boys’ team.


Our portrayal of Georgia Stanway’s biography kicks off by unveiling pivotal moments from her early life, followed by a look at her early career, and then her ascent to become one of England’s top Lionesses.

SoccerBiography aims to spark your curiosity in the autobiography of Georgia Stanway. To facilitate this, we have curated this article to chronicle her evolution from childhood to success. Unquestionably, Georgia’s remarkable progress in her extraordinary career is noteworthy.

Indeed, the attacking midfielder’s achievements speak volumes. She won the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup Silver Boot in 2018, and in December 2021, she was awarded the FA Women’s Super League Goal of the Month. Finally, in 2023, Stanway played an instrumental role in England women’s team’s victory in the Women’s Finalissima and the Arnold Clark Cup.

In our endeavor to document the lives of Female English Soccer Players, we noticed a significant information gap. Shockingly, only a handful of fans are familiar with the fascinating life story of Georgia Stanway. With no further ado, let’s immerse ourselves in her captivating tale.

Georgia Stanway Childhood Story:

To begin the biography, the athlete is famously recognized as Georgia Stanway. Her full name, however, is Georgia Marie Stanway. Born on the 3rd of January, 1999, to parents Paul and Joanne Stanway in Barrow-in-Furness, England, Georgia stands out as the only girl among four siblings. Before we delve further into this narrative, let’s introduce you to Georgia Stanway’s parents, who have made significant sacrifices to support her journey in life.


Born and brought up in Barrow-in-Furness, England, Georgia Stanway experienced a nurturing upbringing in the midst of her three brothers. As the only girl in the family, she was lavished with special attention and protection by her brothers, who played integral roles in her life.

Her brothers – Wyll, John-Paul, and Sol Stanway – served as her confidantes and pillars of support from early on, naturally evolving into her playmates given that she was the only female child in the family.

Having been raised among boys, Georgia inherently developed a sense of resilience and determination. Regardless of being the sole girl, she would confidently compete for the front seat in the family car. Her routine was filled with sports, video gaming, and outdoor ventures.

Moreover, the family environment was marked by love and unity. With parents who were athletic themselves, it was no surprise that Georgia would tread the same path. The following section will explore how her talent was recognized and nurtured.

Early Years:

Under the influence of her brothers, Georgia Stanway cultivated her football abilities. The Stanway boys were football enthusiasts who would regularly practice in their backyard. Being the only girl among them, she joined in the fun, learning the ropes of the game with her brothers.

At first, Georgia’s mother had to persuade her sons to include their sister in their football matches. Hence, at the tender age of three, the budding footballer started by pushing the ball with her hands before gradually learning to kick and run with it.

What began as a bonding exercise with her brothers, ultimately laid the groundwork for an extraordinary career. Georgia Stanway’s parents not only encouraged their sons’ passion for football but also offered equal opportunities to their daughter. As a result, akin to Mary Fowler’s family, all the Stanway siblings actively engaged in the sport and pursued it with fervor.

Georgia Stanway’s Family History:

Speaking about Georgia Stanway’s parents’ professions, her father, as indicated on his social media profile, is a physical fitness enthusiast and a former PE teacher. He might also have additional sources of income.

On the flip side, Georgia Stanway’s mother might be a full-time homemaker or may have pursued a professional career. However, both parents collaborated to handle household responsibilities. From the available information, it seems likely that the Stanway family belongs to the middle-class strata.

Bearing the responsibility of catering to the needs and desires of three dynamic individuals, including Georgia, is not a trivial task. Yet, Paul and Joanne have accomplished this impressively, raising their children well.

Georgia Stanway’s Family Roots:

Where does the Bayern Munich attacking midfielder originate from? To begin with, Stanway was born in Barrow-in-Furness, England. Both her parents are English, born and raised in England, just like their daughter. Her birthplace is indicated on the map.

Thus, Georgia Stanway’s nationality can be identified as English or British. Barrow-in-Furness, located in the northwest region of England, is historically significant as the birthplace of Britain’s first submarine and seaplane.

Georgia Stanway’s Ethnic Background:

Marie identifies as a member of England’s white ethnic majority. Studies indicate that the White British demographic is the predominant ethnic group in England. Census data from 2021 estimated that over 80% of the British population belongs to this ethnic category.

Educational Background:

When the moment for formal education arrived, Georgia Stanway’s parents enrolled her in Dowdales High School. The institution, established in 1928, is situated in Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria.

Upon receiving a career opportunity, the English footballer had to relocate and subsequently enrolled at St Bede’s College in Manchester City. Here, she maintained a schedule that included morning classes followed by afternoon training sessions.

Despite the move away from her family and adjusting to life in a new city, the Cumbrian-born athlete remained steadfast in achieving her ambitions.

At the age of 16, Georgia embarked on this path without the physical presence of her parents, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to her career.

Career Buildup:

From her early years, Georgia Stanway dedicated herself to the sport of football, inspired by her brothers. At just three years old, she joined an under-7 team where she trained alongside her siblings.

Although the complexities of the game might have been beyond her comprehension at that age, her enthusiasm for football was evident. She cherishes those early memories, reflecting on them as times filled with sheer joy and excitement in playing with the ball.

Throughout her nascent years in football, Georgia Stanway played for boys’ teams until she turned thirteen. Despite the potential challenges and physical disparities, she welcomed the chance to compete and enhance her skills with male counterparts.

Georgia Stanway’s Biography – Early Soccer Life:

Her career is marked by a series of notable feats and experiences. In 2013 and 2014, Georgia Stanway had the privilege of representing Cumbria Schoolgirls in the English Schools’ Football Association competitions at the regional stage.

Even though the county team didn’t secure victories in their matches, her standout performance drew the attention of scouts. As a result, she was selected to be part of the newly-established England Schoolgirls under-15 international squad.

Stanway’s exceptional play in the esteemed Bob Docherty Cup of 2014 was hard to overlook. The attacking midfielder was the sole scorer in all their matches, contributing significantly to the team’s victory in the tournament.

Georgia Stanway’s Bio – The Quest for Fame:

Stanway initiated her football career at Blackburn Rovers’ youth academy. Here, her talent swiftly caught the eye of scouts, which led to her senior debut for Blackburn Rovers Ladies in the Women’s Super League 2 at the age of 17 in 2015.

Stanway and Keira Walsh share a number of similarities. They not only attended the same educational institution, St Bede’s College, but also kickstarted their careers with Blackburn Rovers.

Stanway’s remarkable performances and scoring prowess soon piqued the interest of leading clubs. In 2015, Stanway took a significant step forward by joining Manchester City Women’s Football Club.

This move marked a crucial juncture in her career. Being a part of a premier club provided her the stage to demonstrate her skills and continue her player development.

At Manchester City, Stanway proved herself to be a versatile attacking midfielder recognized for her technical skills, strategic vision, and goal-scoring capability. At the close of the 2015 season, she was honored with the club’s Rising Star Award.

Georgia Stanway Biography – Ascend to Stardom:

In 2016, Stanway was honored with the Nissan Goal of the Season award, further reinforcing her commitment to Manchester City by penning a new deal in January 2017.

Her sterling performances during the 2017-18 season saw her clinch a spot in the UEFA Women’s Champions League Team of the Season. Furthermore, she was honored with the PFA Women’s Young Player of the Year award in the succeeding season.

Moreover, she was shortlisted for the Northwest Football Women’s Rising Star Award. On January 29, 2022, Stanway carved her name into Manchester City’s record books by becoming the highest-scoring female player in the club’s history.

Stanway marked a hat trick in an 8-0 triumph over Nottingham Forest in the 2021-22 Women’s FA Cup. Due to injuries within the squad, Stanway showcased her adaptability by occupying various positions, such as forward, right-back, defensive midfield, and even goalkeeper.

With her teammates’ return, Stanway found her rhythm again, demonstrating her best form as a central midfielder. Georgia Stanway took the next big leap in her career by signing a three-year contract with Bayern Munich, announced on May 17, 2022.

Her debut came on August 16, 2022, in a 2-1 friendly victory against Barcelona. Stanway formed a great partnership with Lea Schuller at the German club. She scored her first goal for Bayern Munich on October 27, netting twice in a 3-2 away win over Benfica in the Champions League.

International Career:

Stanway has donned the England jersey at numerous youth levels. She played a pivotal part in England’s achievements in the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup, leading the team to a third-place finish in the Women’s U-20 World Cup. Also, she bagged the Silver Boot in 2018.

As she advanced in her career, Stanway continued to shine, receiving recognitions like the FA Women’s Super League Goal of the Month. She was also bestowed the PFA Women’s Young Player of the Year Award. In 2019, Stanway became the youngest player selected for the FIFA Women’s World Cup when Manager Phil Neville chose her to represent England in France.

Stanway debuted for the England women’s team impressively, scoring her first international goal in a 3-0 friendly win against Austria on November 8, 2018. Initially, she found playing time challenging under head coach Sarina Wiegman.

However, by the Arnold Clark Cup in February 2022, she regained form in her preferred role, securing a place in the starting lineup. In June 2022, Stanway was part of the England squad that clinched the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 title.

Remarkably, she netted the decisive goal from a robust 22-yard shot in the quarter-final match against Spain. She played alongside stars like Beth Mead (Forward), Ellen White (Forward), Fran Kirby (Midfielder), Ella Toone (Forward), Leah Williamson (Midfield), Lauren Hemp (Striker), and Alessia Russo (Forward), among others.

She featured for 89 minutes in the final triumph over Germany. Stanway was proud to be the 209th woman to wear the England jersey. On May 31, 2023, Stanway was named in the squad for the July-August 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. The remaining of our Biography, as it’s often said, is currently unfolding.

Georgia Stanway’s Significant Other – Oliver Ashall:

For many athletes, maintaining focus on their careers is of utmost importance. Sometimes, romantic relationships can become distractions and potentially hinder their ambitions. It’s often said that affairs of the heart can be misleading.

This is not the scenario for Georgia Stanway, however, the 2016 UEFA team of the tournament honoree. She has found both love and unwavering support in fellow sportsman Olly Ashall-Bott.

More about Oliver Ashall:

Born on November 24, 1997, Oliver Ashall hails from Widnes, Cheshire, England. He is fondly known as Olly Ashall-Bott.

Olly is a professional rugby player who currently plays for Toulouse Olympique in the Betfred Super League, often assuming the positions of a full-back and winger.

The couple first met through a mutual acquaintance, and their bond deepened when Olly initiated conversation via direct messages. This was the starting point of their captivating love story.

In their downtime, the couple enjoys travelling together, balancing their time between their personal lives and professional commitments. Fans are eagerly awaiting news of their union, as they could potentially become a power couple akin to Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird.

Personal Life:

Away from the pitch, the FIFA U-20 Silver Boot recipient enjoys other sports like cricket and rugby, largely influenced by her boyfriend’s involvement in rugby league. She is also fond of singing and fishing. When asked about her alternative career path had she not turned into a professional footballer, she responded:

She would have possibly pursued roles in the Royal Air Force, the army, or the police force, as she has always been drawn to physically demanding jobs.

Stanway is a Capricorn, much like fellow footballers Jean-Clair Todibo, Sura Yekka, Aitana Bonmati, and Matthias Ginter. She displays common traits of her zodiac sign, such as good management skills, responsibility, and discipline.

For Stanway, her family is paramount. Therefore, during breaks, she spends quality time with her parents and brothers.

Additionally, Stanway’s boyfriend also makes time during his off-season rugby games to go on vacation with her. The couple cherishes outdoor activities like fishing and hiking in well-known mountainous areas. In simple terms, Stanway is a vibrant individual who cherishes happiness in her life.

Georgia Stanway Fitness Routine:

To maintain her fitness, Stanway frequently cycles and works out at the gym. With no sisters of her own, some of her teammates have grown close to her, forming a bond that extends beyond their professional lives. She shares a special friendship with fellow players Leah Williams and Kiera Walsh.


Evaluating the former Manchester City player’s social media presence, it is evident that she embodies humility and is not ostentatious. Stanway seldom shares pictures flaunting extravagant possessions. She leads a typical city girl’s lifestyle, radiating positivity.

It’s estimated that Georgia Stanway’s net worth exceeds 2 million dollars. The Bayern midfielder earns an annual salary of $43,000, which comfortably supports her lifestyle.

Does Georgia Stanway own a Car?

Stanway enjoys the luxury of driving a high-end vehicle, a generous gift from one of her sponsors. She also owns a sleek black Porsche, a prized possession in her collection at the time of writing.

Family Life of Georgia Stanway:

Upon studying her familial background, it’s clear that her family provides unrelenting support to each other. They continually stress the importance of family presence in their lives.

Stanway expresses her appreciation for this unique level of support. Now, let’s delve deeper into the specifics of her family members.

Georgia Stanway’s Father:

Paul Stanway, the father of this exceptional footballer, is a fitness expert and a former physical education teacher. He has significantly influenced Georgia’s football career by possibly providing insights into physical conditioning and training practices.

His experience as a PE teacher likely fostered her early involvement in sports and encouraged a love for physical activities.

While additional information about Paul Stanway’s personal life is scant, his supportive and informed role in her life and career is unquestionable. His professional expertise and guidance have surely contributed to Georgia’s development as a sportswoman, enhancing her skills, discipline, and work ethic.

Georgia Stanway’s Mother:

Joanne Stanway, Georgia’s mother, has been an indispensable figure in her life and football journey. She has consistently offered support, care, and motivation, assisting Georgia in navigating her sports career.

Whether as a stay-at-home parent or a working professional, Joanne has effectively managed her family. She has nurtured Georgia’s love for football and provided emotional support throughout her journey. Despite the lack of public information, Joanne Stanway’s love and backing have undoubtedly been crucial to her daughter’s success on the football pitch.

Georgia Stanway’s Siblings:

Georgia Stanway has three brothers – Wyll, John-Paul, and Sol Stanway – who have provided consistent support and camaraderie throughout her life and football journey. Their shared love for the game transformed them from merely siblings to playmates on the field.

Wyll, John-Paul, and Sol have been the pillars of strength for Georgia, providing her encouragement, inspiration, and guidance. Their collective experiences have significantly shaped Georgia’s love for football and her evolution as a player. They have steadfastly supported her, cheering from the stands and celebrating her accomplishments. This unshakeable familial bond has contributed immensely to Georgia Stanway’s successful career.

About Wyll Stanway:

Wyll Stanway, according to research, is Georgia Stanway‘s kid brother, and he is also the baby of the house (the Stanway family). While not much is known about him, he is also a footballer, much like his sister. As of 2022, he served as a goalkeeper for Lancaster City FC.

Untold Biography:

As we wrap up Georgia Stanway’s biography, let’s reveal some lesser-known details about the British footballer.

Georgia Stanway’s Salary:

The brilliant midfielder’s net worth is estimated to be over $2 million, highlighting her financial success. As a Bayern Munich player, she earns an annual salary of approximately $43,000, affording her a comfortable lifestyle, complete with luxuries.

Georgia Stanway’s FIFA Rating:

The former Blackburn Rovers player’s exceptional dribbling skills make her a formidable opponent. Always aiming for the goal, she contributes significantly to her team’s victories. Georgia’s FIFA rating is well above 80, putting her in the ranks of players like Kadeisha Buchanan and Ella Toone.

Georgia Stanway’s Religion:

Stanway, like many footballers, has remained silent on her religious beliefs. Despite the lack of precise information, it is reasonable to surmise that Georgia might be a Christian, given the majority Christian population in her hometown.

Georgia Stanway’s Tattoos:

The skilled midfielder belongs to the group of footballers who sport tattoos. Georgia Stanway showcases a colourful and attractive set of tattoos on her arm. While she has yet to disclose their significance, it’s undeniable that they add to her unique aesthetic.


Georgia Marie Stanway, born on January 3, 1999, to parents Paul and Joanne Stanway, hails from Barrow-in-Furness, England. Growing up in Barrow-in-Furness alongside her brothers and parents, Stanway identifies as English and of white ethnicity.

Introduced to sports at a young age, Stanway initially played with the ball using her hands before learning to kick and run. With the support of her family and siblings, she has built an impressive football career.

Stanway, known for her goal-scoring prowess, completed her high school education at Dowdales High School before transferring to St Bede’s College in Manchester City to accommodate her budding career. While at St Bede, she balanced academics and football.

Stanway’s professional journey began at the Blackburn Rovers youth academy, from where she gradually progressed to the senior team. After several years with the club, her excellent performances and prolific scoring drew the attention of top clubs. In 2016, she transferred to Manchester City, a pivotal move for her career development.

As of 2023, she is a key player for Frauen-Bundesliga club Bayern Munich. Internationally, Stanway has represented England in several categories, earning numerous accolades for herself, her club, and her country.

These include the FA Women’s Super League Goal of the Month and a nomination for the PFA Women’s Young Player of the Year, among others. Her contribution to club and national team success solidifies her as an important player and a potential future leader in the sport.

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