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Welcome to SoccerBiography! This comprehensive biography of Gabri Veiga provides information on his early life, his parents – both mother and father – as well as his family background, siblings, including his sister Noemi Veiga, and his personal relationships, including his girlfriend, Carla.

Our memoir also gives details on other relatives, including grandparents, aunts, uncles, a nephew, a niece, and cousins.

This biographical sketch also offers insights into Gabri Veiga’s family origins, religious beliefs, educational background, ethnic roots, and hometown. Additionally, it provides a peek into his personal life and lifestyle. Here, you’ll learn about his zodiac sign, net worth, salary, and more.

In essence, this biography traces the life story of Gabri Veiga from his earliest years to his present. It is a tale of a young individual who discovered his passion for soccer through a chance encounter with a ball-like pumpkin during a visit to his uncle’s house.

This biography seeks to illuminate the story of an emerging talent who, despite his natural introverted nature, has boldly stepped into the spotlight, gradually shedding his inhibitions in the process.


The account of Gabri Veiga’s life begins by spotlighting significant events of his early years. It then explores his ethnic background and initial career milestones, culminating in the Spanish professional footballer’s journey to recognition, starting from his days in Celta’s academy to his emergence in Spain’s premier league.

Our aim is to entice you with biographies like Gabri Veiga’s. His skillset on the field is unquestionably impressive. As an attacking midfielder, he shines both centrally and on the right flank. His elegant play style has led to comparisons with another distinguished Spaniard, Juan Mata. He is also seen as following in the footsteps of Michel Salgado, Iago Aspas, Hugo Mallo, Jorge Otero, and many others.

However, while crafting stories about Spanish footballers, we noticed a gap in knowledge. Gabri Veiga’s biography, despite its intriguing nature, remains relatively unknown to many fans. So, without further ado, let’s delve into his captivating story.

Gabri Veiga’s Early Years:

Gabriel Veiga Novas is his full name. He was born on the 27th of May, 2002, to his loving parents in O Porriño, an industrial town in the Vigo metropolitan area of Spain.

The town is also the birthplace of Andrea Pérez Alonso, a renowned player of Sporting Lisboa women’s basketball team. It was on a beautiful Monday that Gabri Veiga came into this world.

He and his elder sister, Noemi Veiga, are the cherished offspring of their incredibly supportive parents.

Now, let’s meet Gabri Veiga’s parents. Their unwavering commitment and relentless effort ensured that their son reached his full potential.

Childhood Years:

Nestled in the warm and friendly environment of O Porriño, Gabri Veiga spent his early years in a close-knit community. His childhood and adolescence were marked by the presence of his loving parents, and the support of his extended family members.

Raised in the picturesque town of O Porriño, Gabri experienced the routine activities of everyday life. With its scenic landscapes and abundance of nature, his hometown presented countless opportunities for a variety of outdoor adventures.

As a youngster, Gabri likely indulged in activities such as hiking, enjoying picnics by the riverside, or simply immersing himself in the natural beauty of their surroundings.

Despite being naturally introverted and reserved, Gabri found comfort in engaging in various sporting activities, including soccer, basketball, and handball. His involvement in these activities cultivated values of teamwork, discipline, and a competitive spirit during his developing years.

Early Football Experiences:

As highlighted at the beginning of this biography, Gabri discovered his love for football in quite an amusing way. His journey into the world of football began during a visit to one of his uncles’ homes; while there, he playfully kicked a pumpkin fruit, sparking an interest that would follow him back home, where he would continually look for objects to kick around in the manner of a football.

Unlike many young talents, Veiga’s entry into football came naturally and without the direct influence of a father, brother or other family member. Instead, his inherent abilities as a footballer began to shine, capturing the interest of his parents and others who admired the sport. Recognizing his potential, they supported and encouraged him to follow his passion, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Family Background:

The Spanish are renowned for their love for football, and the town of O Porriño is no exception, with its vibrant football culture and enthusiastic fan base. As such, Gabri Veiga hails from a solid athletic lineage. His parents and uncles were once part of a local team named Santa Mariña.

His parents, whom he greatly admires, played an integral role in fostering his love for football from a young age. Despite financial constraints, his family provided him with the necessary support and resources to follow his passion for the sport.

Family Origin:

Gabri’s family heritage traces back to Spain, specifically to O Porriño, a charming town in the province of Pontevedra in the northwest region of Galicia, Spain.

Being a professional footballer, it’s likely that Veiga’s family shares Spanish roots and a heritage intertwined with the homeland. Moreover, his first name Veiga comes from his father’s surname, while his second name, Novas, originates from his mother’s or maternal family’s name.

Reflecting on his naming pattern, his family background is evidently Spanish, hence his full name – Gabriel Veiga Novas. Furthermore, according to Wikipedia, his surname, Veiga, translates to ‘meadow’ in Portuguese and Galician.

To sum up, the gifted central midfielder, Gabri Veiga, is of Spanish nationality and European descent. Here’s a picture illustrating the cultural heritage of the brilliant Celta Vigo football player.

Gabri Veiga’s Ethnic Heritage:

Spain is a rich tapestry of diverse ethnic groups that have resided in the Iberian Peninsula for centuries. The country’s modern-day demographics reflect the ethnic diversity introduced by immigrant groups from the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Prominent ethnic groups in Spain include Castilians, Catalans, Basques, Galicians, and Valencians. Gabri Veiga, specifically, is a part of the Galician community in Southern Europe.

The Galicians trace their roots to the second wave of Celtic invaders who migrated to Spain from the British Isles and other parts of Western Europe around 400 BC, crossing the Pyrenees mountains.

Education of Gabri Veiga:

O Porriño offers excellent educational institutions that nurture well-rounded development. These schools emphasize academics, arts, and sports, paving the way for diverse opportunities for personal growth.

From his initial years in primary and secondary school, Gabri’s athletic talents extended beyond his local community. The ambitious rising star envisioned a future extending beyond just sporting accolades.

Simultaneously studying for a journalism degree, he balances his academic pursuits with his athletic career.

Though he occasionally switches from football boots to pen, Gabri admits that his desire to score on the field exceeds his aspirations for his journalism degree. His fate lies in the allure of compelling headlines, at least for the present.

Career Genesis:

Gabri Veiga’s introduction to football came at a young age. He credits his early fascination with kicking balls to a playful interaction with pumpkins. Consequently, he intentionally began honing his soccer skills at the tender age of four.

Moreover, coming from a family with an athletic background—his parents and uncles once participated in a local team—further instilled in him a love for football.

Recognizing Gabri’s potential to excel as a footballer brought great joy to his family, leading his parents and uncle to provide him with ample support and encouragement when needed.

His involvement in school sports helped build confidence and fostered a sense of team spirit. Despite initially showcasing a more technical style, he wowed with his speed, intelligence, and goal-scoring tenacity.

Gabri Veiga – The Making of a Footballer:

Gabri Veiga’s passion for football was evident from a very young age. His ardor for the game was so pronounced that he joined his first football club at just four years old.

He began his football journey at Unión Deportiva Santa Mariña, a Spanish football club based in Cabral, a parish of Vigo in the autonomous community of Galicia, where his parents and uncles had also played.

Gabri’s dedication to the sport was unmistakable from the onset, capturing the coaches’ attention with his inherent talent and commitment.

Despite being one of the youngest players, he never backed down from challenging himself or putting in extra effort during training sessions.

Equipped with technical skill, creativity, vision, and tactical intelligence, Gabri became an influential midfield presence and a valuable asset to any team.

At the age of 11, Veiga would join what he refers to as “the club of his life.” After garnering the attention of scouts, he was offered an opportunity with Celta de Vigo’s academy, Juvenil A. This marked a significant milestone in his burgeoning career.

Gabri Veiga’s Ascend to Prominence:

Over the years, Veiga refined his soccer skills and grew into a mature player. His striking performances with Celta de Vigo caught the eyes of influential figures in the Spanish football world.

He climbed the ladder in Celta’s youth system from the age of 11 and debuted for their reserve team in Spain’s third tier at the age of 17 in 2019.

A little over a year later, Veiga made his debut for Celta’s first team in a La Liga victory against Valencia. He made a total of six appearances in Spain’s top-flight league during the 2020-21 season, including a start against Barcelona in October 2020.

The subsequent 2021-22 season proved pivotal for Veiga’s growth. Notably, he scored nine goals in 31 appearances for Celta B and added another ten appearances to his first-team record.

Gabri Veiga’s Breakthrough:

The 2021-22 season saw Veiga, the gifted midfielder, burst into prominence. In September 2022, he scored his first goal for Celta’s first team, outwitting Atletico Madrid’s goalkeeper, Ivo Grbic.

His rise to prominence was acknowledged in November when Luis de la Fuente chose him for Spain’s under-21 national team. Gabri Veiga played alongside notable players like Alejandro Balde, Gavi, Nico Williams, Pedri, the Rising Yeremy Pino, Spurs’ Pedro Porro, and others.

In Spain’s bronze category of soccer, he performed so impressively that he started getting regular call-ups from the first team in 2022, bidding farewell to his B-team days. He has been steadily climbing ever since.

Veiga’s notable feats continued into February 2023, when he was awarded La Liga’s Player of the Month after scoring two goals against Betis, starting matches against Atletico Madrid and Real Sociedad, and contributing to every goal (two goals and one assist) in a 3-0 triumph over Ronaldo Luis Nazario-owned Real Valladolid team.

With a contract through 2026 and a reasonable release clause, it seems inevitable that Veiga will eventually move on from Galicia to one of Europe’s most prestigious clubs.

Hence, top clubs, including Manchester City, PSG (via The GuardianFootball), Liverpool, Chelsea, Napoli, and Milan, are reportedly keenly observing the dynamic Celta Vigo midfielder.

Gabri Veiga’s Relationship Status:

Professional footballers’ lives vary when it comes to relationships. Some choose to settle down early, while others focus on their career before committing to a serious relationship.

Being a professional footballer comes with its unique challenges, including demanding training schedules, frequent travel, and public scrutiny, which can impact personal relationships.

However, many footballers successfully manage these hurdles, maintaining healthy marriages or long-term relationships. Ultimately, it comes down to individual choices, values, and situations.

As per available data, the talented and handsome footballer is unmarried. Furthermore, Gabri Veiga has kept his personal life under wraps. But, with a girlfriend like Carl, it won’t be surprising if they publicly announce their relationship soon.

Gabri Veiga’s Partner – Carl:

Footballers’ personal relationships often remain private and are not widely discussed. Similarly, the relationship between Veiga and Carl is not heavily publicized, and details about their relationship or possible engagement are scant.

Despite the lack of specific information about Veiga’s stunning girlfriend, Carl, it’s evident from her social media that she is studying medicine in Spain.

Her Instagram profile, @_carla_ads, indicates that she enjoys vacationing, particularly in Finland and Grindelwald, Switzerland. Carl is an animal lover, particularly dogs, an avid swimmer, and enthusiastically supports her partner’s rising fame.

Gabri Veiga’s Way of Life:

As a professional footballer, the Spanish sportsperson leads a lifestyle marked by remarkable focus and a structured routine. His way of life, significantly shaped by rigorous training, skill enhancement, and tactical preparations, began in his early childhood.

Veiga’s outstanding performances have made him a target for International leagues like Real Madrid, Manchester City, Arsenal, Newcastle, Tottenham, and Liverpool. They are all interested in securing his services, with a buy-out clause set at a staggering £35million.

Consequently, with his accomplishments and groundbreaking feats, this athletic contender has amassed considerable wealth from his hard-earned success.

Given his influence and promising career, it’s only a matter of time before we see an exponential growth in his income as seen in the case of Kevin DeBruyne and Karim Benzema. His earnings allow him to enjoy luxuries such as extravagant homes, great vacations, gourmet food, and high-end vehicles.

The dynamic sportsperson enjoys a lavish lifestyle in the historical city of Vigo, Galicia, Spain. He has a penchant for pricey cars, and among his collection is the 2022 Hyundai Tucson, a vehicle whose base model begins at $25,500.

Gabri Veiga’s Domestic Life:

Though public information regarding Gabri Veiga’s family life is limited (similar to Malo Gusto), it’s clear that his loved ones play a crucial role in his athletic journey. As he pursues his career, his family offers steadfast support and encouragement.

Veiga’s family comprises individuals who have significantly contributed to his professional football career. Here’s a closer look into the sportsman’s familial relationships.

Gabri Veiga’s Father – Mr. Veiga:

In his formative years, the assertive Spanish athlete nurtured a deep bond with his family. His relatives frequently attended his matches, supporting and motivating him from the sidelines.

Their unwavering presence and encouragement were integral to his development as a player. However, Gabri Veiga keeps his professional and personal life separate, resulting in little public information about his father.

There’s no record of his father’s first name, but we do know his family name is Veiga. Therefore, we refer to Gabri’s father as Mr. Veiga.

Interestingly, Mr. Veiga shared a love for football in his younger years. Along with his wife and brother, he was a part of a local team in their neighborhood, Santa Mariña. This is the same team where Gabri initiated his soccer training. Unquestionably, the passion for football in his father played a gigantic role in instilling the same enthusiasm in Gabri.

Gabri Veiga’s Mother – Mrs. Veiga:

Support from the family unit is fundamental in Spanish football culture. Many aspiring players lean on their families for both financial and emotional backing.

Parents often make significant sacrifices, investing time and resources to assist their children in chasing their sporting dreams. Gabri Veiga’s mother exemplifies this perfectly.

While there may not be abundant information available about the Spaniard’s mother, we do know that she was a keen soccer enthusiast and actively participated in the sport in her younger days.

Despite Gabri being quite reserved about sharing details concerning his mother, it’s known that her maiden name is Novas, suggesting her Spanish heritage.

As a key source of support, she was instrumental in guiding Gabri through his childhood, his education, his journey of talent discovery, and his rising fame. Together with her husband, she ensured Gabri attended his training at Madroa, even in inclement weather. Their efforts have undoubtedly borne fruit.

Gabri Veiga’s Siblings – Noemi Veiga (Sister):

Though there’s not much information available about his siblings, glimpses from Gabri Veiga’s occasional social media posts reveal that he has a supportive older sister, Noemi Veiga.

Noemi Veiga holds an official position with the Superior Corps of the Xunta, the governing body for the people of Galicia, which includes the President, the Vice-President(s), and specialized ministers (Conselleiros).

Residing with her children, Sofi and Alex, Noemi Veiga is based in Santiago de Compostela, the capital of the Galician government. She is also an alumna of the University of Santiago de Compostela.

As Gabri’s elder sister, she played a crucial role in his upbringing, evident from her social media posts. The siblings share a strong bond.

She also shares her brother’s support for Celtic. Unfortunately, she lost her husband, Nico Cuevas, to a terminal illness.

Gabri Veiga’s Extended Family:

As a professional footballer, Gabri has been reticent about his extended family’s details, presumably to protect his loved ones from unnecessary public attention.

With the absence of explicit information about Gabri Veiga’s extended family, we can assume that like many Spaniards, he values familial relationships.

Therefore, it’s likely that the athletic competitor has a network of aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, nephews, nieces, and possibly in-laws, though little has been shared about them.

However, through his social media posts, we learn that the late Mijiña was their grandmother, the late Nico Cuevas was his brother-in-law, and Alex and Sofi are his nephew and niece, respectively.

Untold Aspects:

Gabri Veiga’s contract, set to extend until 2026 and featuring a €40 million release clause, makes it seem like a question of when, rather than if, the star midfielder will depart from Galicia for one of Europe’s top-tier clubs.

Celta’s president, Carlos Mouriño, has expressed his desire to retain Veiga but acknowledges that an irresistible offer is likely imminent. Prominent clubs such as Manchester City, Liverpool, Napoli, and Milan are reportedly keeping a keen eye on the rising Celta Vigo midfielder, particularly because of his affordable release clause.

In the concluding segment of this rising football star’s biography, we’ll disclose additional lesser-known facts about the central midfielder. Let’s dive in.

Gabri Veiga’s Salary & Net Worth:

The income of football professionals fluctuates considerably based on their contracts, performances, and endorsements. Gabri Veiga, one of the premier emerging midfielders in La Liga, plays for Celta Vigo.

His earnings as a professional footballer depend on his contractual agreement with his current club, Celta, and any endorsement deals (like Adidas) or other financial contracts.

Gabri’s contract with Celta Vigo (La Liga), due to expire on 30th June 2026, has four years and €720,000 gross remaining. The contract also includes a €40million (£34.4m) buyout clause.

According to Capology, the midfielder, with his four-year contract, reportedly earns an annual salary of €180k, translating to approximately €3k per week.

As per sportslumo, Gabri Veiga’s net worth as of 2022 was roughly 2 million dollars. In comparison, transfermarkt values the Celta Vigo midfielder’s peak market value at €30.00m.

Gabri Veiga’s FIFA Profile:

FIFA game player ratings, attributes, and appearances are annually updated to mirror the real-world performances and form of the athletes. Hence, Gabri Veiga’s 2023 Overall rating stands at 71, with potential growth to 85.

His best position is Central Midfield, and he prefers shooting with his right foot. Veiga has demonstrated consistent performance and stability in his game. As many fans have said, he shares a likeness with these footballers – Angel Gomes, Phil Foden, Martin Odegaard and Jamal Musiala.

While Veiga’s play is admirable, there’s always scope for enhancement, particularly in terms of defensive awareness, attacking prowess, technique, and agility.

Gabri Veiga’s Religious Beliefs:

Catholic Christianity is the most prevalent religion in the Celtic homeland of O Porriño. However, secularization is increasingly prominent, aligning with trends observed in Spain and other Western European countries.

Regardless, Gabri Veiga remains steadfast in his beliefs. He was brought up as a Christian and continues to practice his faith.

Concluding Note:

Gabri Veiga, a professional footballer, currently occupies the position of central midfielder for the La Liga team, Celta Vigo. He was born to his Spanish parents in O Porriño, Spain, on May 27th, 2002.

Growing up alongside his elder sister, Noemi, in their hometown of O Porriño, just a short distance away from Celta’s stadium, Balaidos, Veiga joined Celta’s academy at the tender age of 11, climbing up the ranks as a promising talent, albeit not widely recognised.

During most of his youth career, he was an inconspicuous midfield player and, like many others in the Celta system, he idolised Iago Aspas. However, there wasn’t enough evidence to suggest that Veiga could achieve the same heights as the Spanish international.

Undeterred, Veiga seized every opportunity that came his way, impressing as part of Celta’s reserve team at the age of 17.

In 2020, he was given his first taste of the first-team action and made a handful of appearances thereafter, even making one start, for a Celta team that ended La Liga in the eighth spot. Veiga scored his first professional goal in 2022.

Following that, he was promoted to the senior squad and was assigned jersey number 24 in 2023. Today, Gabri Veiga is recognised as one of the most promising midfielders in Spanish football, with numerous European powerhouses lining up to secure his services.

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