Francesco Acerbi Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This detailed article on Francesco Acerbi’s Biography presents you with facts surrounding his early years, shedding light on his childhood, his parents – the late Roberto Acerbi (Father) and Mother, along with his siblings – Federico Acerbi (Brother) and Sabrina Acerbi (Sister). It also provides details about his family background, his spouse Claudia Scarpari, and their child, Vittoria Acerbi.

The article further delves into Acerbi’s roots, hometown, ethnicity, and religious beliefs. It also touches upon his body art. Additionally, it offers insights into the seasoned Defender’s net worth, lifestyle, personal life, and salary details during his tenure with Inter Milan.

In essence, SoccerBiography encapsulates the comprehensive life history of Francesco Acerbi. This narrative follows the journey of a footballer whose life trajectory has been marked by resolute battles against grave adversities. Curious about the nature of these adversities? Acerbi was once diagnosed with testicular cancer.

In 2013, Acerbi received the distressing news of his cancer diagnosis, a reality that saw him fighting for his very existence. However, Acerbi’s resolute willpower and determination have enabled him to triumph over testicular cancer not once, but twice. This fighting spirit has been evident in the Euro 2020 winner since his formative years.

After undergoing emergency surgery, which necessitated the removal of one of his testicles, Acerbi rebounded with even greater strength. Having defeated cancer, he emerged as a more well-rounded player, exhibiting an exemplary mindset.

To witness Acerbi’s resilient spirit, one needs to look no further than his post-cancer workout routine. After his victorious battle against the deadly disease, this seasoned Defender has displayed a decisive inner strength, shaping him into the formidable player he is today.


Our journey through Francesco Acerbi’s life story commences by exploring significant episodes from his childhood.

We’ll then navigate through his early professional encounters with Pavia, his hometown club, before narrating the ascension of the seasoned Italian Defender who propelled Inter to the 2022/2023 UEFA Champions League Finals.

At SoccerBiography, our aim is to ignite your interest in autobiographies as you delve into Francesco Acerbi’s life story. Indeed, the journey of the stalwart Inter Milan centre-back has been nothing short of astonishing.

Surely, Acerbi is recognized by all football enthusiasts as a formidable, tough-tackling defender. As of this writing, he is highly regarded as one of Italy’s best central defenders, owing to his exceptional ball-handling skills, consistent performances, leadership attributes, and impressive technique.

Importantly, Acerbi stands among the rare breed of defenders globally who can score goals from long-range shots. Have you had a chance to witness this spectacular long-range goal netted by the defender who triumphed over testicular cancer?

In our experience of chronicling the lives of Italian centre-backs, we discovered an information gap. The reality is, many football fans are yet to read Francesco Acerbi’s thrilling biography. So, without further delay, let’s dive right in.

About Francesco Acerbi’s Childhood:

Commonly referred to as ‘The Lion’, Francesco Acerbi was born on February 10, 1988, to his late father, Roberto Acerbi, and his Italian mother, in Vizzolo Predabissi, Italy.

The seasoned Italian defender is one of three children from the union of his mother and late father. Before we introduce his siblings – brother Federico and sister Sabrina, let’s acquaint you with Francesco Acerbi’s parents. The Italian defender derives immense strength from his mother, his sole remaining parent.


From what our research reveals, Francesco Acerbi grew up with his two siblings – brother Federico and sister Sabrina. Within his family, he holds the place of the second child and first son, with Sabrina being the eldest and Federico the youngest.

Francesco Acerbi treasures the memories of his childhood spent with his siblings, often reminiscing about their shared moments of joy. The siblings, children of the late Roberto Acerbi, fondly remember the delight they experienced during their beach trips in their younger years.

Formative Years with Football:

His journey into the world of football began under the watchful eyes and guidance of his late father, Roberto. Francesco shared a profound connection with his father, a bond that stretched from their family home to the football pitch. They enjoyed numerous light-hearted moments together, with their shared love for football at the heart of their relationship.

Reflecting on the past, Francesco Acerbi vividly remembers his penchant for donning any football jersey he could find. This included the blue jersey of the Italian national team and that of his idol, a former player for AC Milan. As for his childhood idol, it was none other than the legendary George Weah.

You may be curious as to why a defender like Acerbi would idolize a striker. Here’s why: Francesco Acerbi initially played football as a forward, so it’s understandable why he looked up to the former Ballon d’Or winner.

While discussing his idol and mentioning forwards who have given him the toughest time in his career, including Ibrahimovic, Higuain, and Edin Dzeko, Acerbi touched on his career beginnings, saying;

“As a kid, I played forward, and my idol was George Weah, he was really strong.”

Getting to know Francesco Acerbi’s Parents:

The champion of Euro 2020 credits his mother as being the best among all mothers. While his father and siblings played significant roles in his life, Acerbi acknowledges that his mother pampered him extensively, which sometimes drove him to the edge of frustration. The close bond between mothers and their firstborn sons is a well-known phenomenon, and the relationship between Acerbi and his mother is a testament to that.

On a particular Mother’s Day, Francesco Acerbi shared a light-hearted jest about his mother that quickly went viral. The central defender posted a picture of his mother with a cardboard cutout of his face, quipping,

“When your mother can’t recall your face, she settles for a hard copy. Happy Mother’s Day.”

Acerbi’s family now comprises his mother and two siblings – his brother, Federico, and sister, Sabrina. In an Instagram post dated February 5, 2019, he paid a heartfelt tribute to his late father, writing,

“Hi Dad, today would have been your birthday. And even though I never said it, you are and will always be my idol. Thank you for always being there, even if you’re not here anymore, we’ll always be your family. I remember every day how much I miss you.”

Francesco Acerbi’s Family Roots:

The central defender, who bravely triumphed over cancer, is a true Italian. Acerbi holds Italian citizenship, and it’s likely that both his parents (including his late father) were natives of Italy.

In terms of Francesco Acerbi’s family origins, our research indicates they are from Vizzolo Predabissi. This tranquil town is located in southeast Milan, nestled within the Lombardy region of Italy. Here’s a glimpse into Acerbi’s roots – the serene town of Vizzolo Predabissi.

Ethnic Background:

Francesco Acerbi aligns himself with the Italian people, a community celebrated for its rich and varied cultural heritage. This ethnic group, native to Italy, is renowned for its culture, language, traditions, and legacy.

Francesco Acerbi’s Early Football Journey:

Launching his football career in Vizzolo Predabissi, Lombardy, the young sportsperson started out with his local Lombard team, Pavia. Francesco Acerbi initially took to the field as a Striker before transitioning to a defensive role.

He still fondly remembers his first coach, Mr. Clerici, who repositioned him from striker to central defender. Upon Clerici’s passing, Acerbi paid an emotional tribute to him on Instagram, saying,

“Today is a sad day!!! You were a role model for me. We spent unforgettable years together. You significantly contributed to both my personal and professional growth. You were the coach who shifted me from striker to central defender. Rest in peace, Mr. Clerici.”

Hurdles in the Early Career:

As a young player with the Pavia youth team, Francesco Acerbi lacked the discipline of a professional athlete. He once admitted,

“In the early stages of my career, I often arrived at the pitch in a semi-drunken state. I was often still under the influence of the previous night’s drinks.”

Due to his physical robustness, he managed to get by on just a few hours of sleep and still perform on the pitch. At one point, Acerbi even contemplated quitting, as football seemed to have lost its charm for him. He struggled to find motivation, which led to many heartfelt conversations with his mother.

Acerbi’s change in attitude was influenced by his mother and his friend, Paloschi. His mother instilled in him a fresh sense of faith, ensuring that he prayed twice daily – in the morning and evening. Even then, he wasn’t a saint and continued to stir up minor troubles. Reflecting on this transformation, Acerbi once shared,

“I came to understand who I am now, and I was able to distinguish between good and bad. Furthermore, I knew who I could trust and learned to distance myself from people I considered negative.”

During these challenging early years, Acerbi found himself constantly loaned out to different clubs. From 2007 to 2011, he accepted loan transfers to three different teams and made less-than-successful moves to three others – Reggina, Genoa, and Chievo.

On June 20, 2012, AC Milan purchased Chievo’s 50 per cent stake in Francesco Acerbi. In his autobiographical book ‘Tutto bene’, Acerbi detailed how he missed a significant opportunity during his stint with the Italian giants, AC Milan.

Francesco Acerbi Biography – Tough Journey to Fame:

Upon his arrival in Milan, former club CEO Adriano Galliani encouraged Acerbi to inherit the shirt number of legendary player Alessandro Nesta or Ariedo Braida. The club’s Sporting Director, being aware of Acerbi’s indulgent lifestyle, made sure he was accommodated in Gallarate, not Milan.

Acerbi made his Milan debut in their 3-1 win over Bologna. However, he struggled to secure a regular place in the starting line-up, leading to his eventual departure from the club. Even while donning Nesta’s number 13, Acerbi didn’t seem to truly value the significance of playing for a major club like Milan or wearing the shirt of a two-time Champions League winner.

Battling Cancer:

In the summer of 2013, Francesco Acerbi was all set to begin his journey with his new club, Sassuolo. But during a routine pre-season medical examination, a discrepancy in his blood test raised concerns. Further investigation led to a life-altering diagnosis –

“Cancer in his left testicle.”

This shocking discovery revealed that Acerbi had a testicular tumour. Immediately, he underwent emergency surgery at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan to remove his left testicle.

Reflecting on the surgery in an interview with the National Center for Oncological Hadrontherapy (CNAO), Acerbi admitted,

“I was gripped by fear and anxiety, and I didn’t know what I was getting into. Again, I was terrified at the thought of possibly never playing football again.”

Facing such a serious health issue, something shifted in Acerbi’s perspective on life. Strangely, cancer became his catalyst for a better career, and the battle against the disease taught him never to back down.

Overcoming Cancer Twice:

Just three weeks post-surgery, the Italian Defender was back on the field, kicking a football. However, the testicular cancer resurfaced for a second time.

Acerbi first suspected this when he tested positive for chorionic gonadotropin in an anti-doping test following a match against Cagliari on December 1, 2013. The results suggested a recurrence of his cancer, this time in his right testicle.

Undeterred, Acerbi bravely underwent a three-month chemotherapy regimen. Throughout the intense treatment during the 2013/2014 season, he stayed away from the pitch. Demonstrating a fighting spirit, the Lion Defender valiantly battled the disease and triumphed over it a second time.

Francesco Acerbi Biography – Ascension to Stardom:

Following his recovery, Acerbi returned to the pitch in the summer of 2014, rejuvenated and transformed. As a brand new type of Central Defender, his enhanced performance enabled him to score his first Serie A goal for Sassuolo on October 25, 2014.

In the summer of 2018, Acerbi took a significant stride in his career by joining Lazio on a five-year contract. Under the guidance of coach Simone Inzaghi, the man who had overcome cancer twice became the backbone of the Biancoceleste defence. After scoring an impressive long-range goal, it was clear to all that Acerbi had truly been reborn.

At Lazio, Acerbi’s success continued, securing the Italian Cup in the 2018/19 season and the Italian Super Cup in 2019, where Lazio triumphed over Allegri’s Juventus. His stellar performance secured him a spot in Italy’s squad for UEFA Euro 2020.

Acerbi’s rising prestige saw him lining up alongside renowned defenders Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci in the Euro 2020 squad. Together, they led the Azzurri to the knockout stages and ultimately clinched the tournament against Harry Kane’s England.

Recognized for his robust tackles, physical prowess, ball-playing ability and refined technique, Acerbi caught the eye of top-tier clubs across Europe. On September 1, 2022, he was reunited with his former Lazio boss, Simone Inzaghi, when he signed with Inter Milan.

Since joining Inter Milan, Acerbi, now known as ‘the Lion’, has established himself as one of the premier Serie A and Italian defenders (alongside Alessandro Bastoni).

As of the writing of this biography, he became part of the Lautaro Martinez-led Inter Milan team that reached the UEFA Champions League final of 2023, where they will face Manchester City. The rest, as they say, of the formidable centre-back’s story, is now history.

Introducing Claudia Scarpari – Francesco Acerbi’s Partner:

Francesco Acerbi’s successful football career has been highlighted by a significant personal victory, with a remarkable woman standing beside him throughout his journey. This woman is Claudia Scarpari, the poised future wife of the renowned footballer. Currently, at the time of this write-up, Acerbi is engaged to Scarpari.

So, who exactly is Claudia Scarpari?

Investigations have shown that Claudia, who also happens to be Acerbi’s fiancée, is a lawyer by profession. Just like her significant other, the famed Inter Milan Defender, Claudia is an Italian citizen. Her family hails from Mantu, a city located in the Lombardy region in northern Italy.

Interestingly, before crossing paths with Acerbi, Claudia didn’t share much enthusiasm for football. However, this beautiful woman now passionately supports Inter Milan. As she puts it:

“An Inter Milan game is something I always look forward to and would never want to miss. I often become overwhelmed with emotion watching the matches from home. Hearing the commentator say his name sends chills down my spine.”

How did Francesco Acerbi and Claudia Scarpari’s paths cross?

It is known that the Inter Milan defender found his life partner during the summer of 2020, right after the first COVID-19 lockdown eased. Their first meeting took place on a beach, and since that fateful day, the two have been inseparable, basking in the warmth of their love.

Claudia once reminisced about their initial meeting, saying:

“Our paths crossed on a beach, and there wasn’t any grand gesture from Francesco to win me over. He was simply being himself, exuding warmth with his charming smile. Since then, we’ve become inseparable.”

Acerbi frequently showers Claudia with heartfelt words, seeing her not just as a partner but a dear friend. In moments of hardship, she has been his sounding board, offering comforting words and support. He once publicly declared his love for her on an Instagram post dated 17th September 2021, saying:

“You stand out in all that you do. You bring joy to my life, and I count myself lucky to have you by my side. You are incomparable. I love you more than words can express.”

Do Francesco Acerbi and Claudia Scarpari share any children?

Indeed, they do. The couple joyfully announced the birth of their first daughter, Vittoria, on social media in 2021. Both Acerbi and Claudia cherish the experience of being parents. Acerbi’s joy was palpable on the day he first cradled his newborn daughter.

Claudia, upon welcoming their daughter, expressed her overwhelming love on Instagram:

“Welcome to our world, our life. We are profoundly in love with you.”

It’s important to note that Vittoria isn’t Claudia’s first child, as she has two other children from a previous relationship.

Interestingly, Vittoria’s birth came just two months after Acerbi aided Italy in securing the 2020 UEFA European Championship. Claudia was pregnant throughout the duration of the tournament, during which Acerbi was a crucial member of Roberto Mancini’s Italian national football team.

Despite Acerbi’s past struggle with testicular cancer in 2013, the family – Acerbi, Claudia, and their daughter – has remained closely bonded. The birth of Vittoria has brought an additional spark of joy to Acerbi’s life, a joy that transcends his triumphant battle with cancer.

Since the arrival of their daughter Vittoria in 2021, Francesco and Claudia are eagerly awaiting the joy of becoming parents once again.

Francesco Acerbi’s Past Relationships:

Since Claudia became the love of his life, Acerbi has chosen to keep his previous relationships private. He was known to have been in a relationship with Serena Bianchi, a woman from Romagna. But Serena was not the only woman to have caught Acerbi’s attention.

He briefly dated Ariadna Romero, a Cuban model who rose to fame on the reality show Famous Island in 2019. Despite these past relationships, Acerbi now reserves his heart for Claudia alone.


Francesco Acerbi’s personality is best exemplified through his own life story, which showcases his remarkable strength and resilience. Imagine a young footballer being deployed onto the field one day, only to find himself on a hospital bed the next, undergoing an emergency operation to remove a testicle. Such was the profound ordeal Acerbi had to face.

This critical juncture of his life took place at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan, where he underwent surgery to remove one of his testicles. Acerbi’s situation mirrored that of Ivory Coast Striker Sebastian Haller, who faced a similar predicament.

Before the surgery, the medical team reassured Acerbi that the operation and a three-week recovery period would enable him to combat the disease effectively and eventually return to the football field. This instilled a sense of optimism in him.

His diagnosis came in 2013 when he was just 25. What followed was the emergency operation and a series of chemotherapy sessions. Acerbi faced his condition head-on and managed to overcome the disease twice, returning to football stronger both as a player and as a man.

Throughout his illness, Acerbi remained tenacious, choosing to live his life as usual, going out at night and enjoying drinks. Sometimes he would stay up until 7 am, vowing to not let the disease defeat him. In moments of solitude, Acerbi would thump his chest and yell at his cancer:

“Leave my body, go away!”

His battle with the disease and subsequent recovery sparked a transformation in Acerbi’s perspective on life. In an interview, Acerbi admitted:

“Cancer was my turning point AND I thank God for it.”

Acerbi didn’t have to dwell much on his illness as his recovery was quick. After defeating testicular cancer, he felt reborn, comparing himself to a lion. The disease taught him the true value of life, who to trust, and what to avoid. Without cancer, Acerbi would have retired, he once said.

Among those who extended support during Acerbi’s battle was his idol, George Weah. Acerbi recalls receiving a call from an unfamiliar foreign number, which turned out to be Weah, who had learned about Acerbi’s condition and wanted to offer encouragement. The call left Acerbi deeply moved.

Now recognized as the ‘Lion who defeated cancer,’ Acerbi has a potent message for those facing similar battles:

“Never give up, even when circumstances turn unfavorable. You need to maintain faith in yourself, as it enhances your well-being and often improves the situation.”

Acerbi acknowledges that not all battles with the disease can be won despite one’s best efforts. However, he firmly believes that one should never surrender. He maintains that if a person stays positive, the disease might conquer their body but can never subjugate their spirit.

Francesco Acerbi’s Off-the-Pitch Lifestyle:

Away from the football pitch, Acerbi finds enjoyment in playing basketball. This sport, with its dynamic movement patterns, jumps, and swift changes in direction offers him a distinct physical exercise experience.


Acerbi’s body is adorned with multiple tattoos, each representing his strength, courage, and, particularly, his triumphant fight against testicular cancer. A key element of his tattoos is the number 15, which is prominently displayed in homage to his jersey number for both Inter Milan and the Italian national team.

In the aftermath of his victory over cancer, Acerbi likened himself to a lion, which might explain the eye-catching lion’s eye tattoo beneath his chest. Alongside the lion’s head, Acerbi also sports a “Lion King” tattoo on his chest, surrounded by other textual designs.

His Affection for Dogs:

An endearing aspect of Acerbi’s lifestyle is his love for his canine companion. There exist videos on Instagram that show Acerbi’s dog giving him companionship and happiness and helping him to relax from the pressures of his on-field responsibilities.

Francesco Acerbi’s Car:

Acerbi has wisely utilized his sizeable €53,462 weekly income from Inter Milan to purchase a car, a tangible symbol of his accomplishments. On the day of his purchase, fans gathered, eager to get a glimpse of Acerbi’s new ride.

Francesco Acerbi’s Family Background:

During his three-month chemotherapy treatment, Acerbi shared in an interview with ‘La Repubblica’ that he found himself in a world he’d never envisioned, a time fraught with worry, not just for himself but for his supportive family. Let’s delve deeper into his family ties.

Francesco Acerbi’s Mother:

It’s abundantly clear from the outset of this narrative that Acerbi shares a close bond with his mother, who he admits, lavished him with affection. She was a steadfast pillar of support during his chemotherapy sessions.

Francesco Acerbi’s Father:

Acerbi once divulged that his initial motivation to play football was to please his father, who showed him immense care. After his father’s demise, Acerbi almost lost his ardour for football. The loss of his father created a rift between him and his football career during its early stages. Acerbi remarked:

I played for my father. When he was gone, I had no one to play for.

Acerbi often revisits cherished memories of his late father, particularly on the anniversary of his death. An Instagram post featuring a picture of his father prompted an emotive response from a fan (Desire Blind), who acknowledged the memory of the much-loved Roberto Acerbi.

Francesco Acerbi’s Siblings:

Growing up, Acerbi shared his childhood with two siblings named Federico and Sabrina. Now, let’s explore more about Acerbi’s siblings, starting with his younger brother, Federico.

Federico Acerbi:

Born on March 24, 1995, Federico turned 28 in 2023. According to Francesco, Federico, like the rest of their family, played a pivotal role in diverting his thoughts from his cancer concerns. Federico engaged Francesco in diverse activities, ensuring his elder brother never felt sick. In Acerbi’s words;

I needed someone who would invite me to watch TV, to go shopping. Someone who would not make me feel sick. My brother, Federico became that person. He was fundamental to my recovery.

Federico, judging by his Instagram posts, appears to have a penchant for adventure, with skydiving being a favorite pursuit. He frequently visits the Skydive Pull Out Ravenna in Italy, a skydiving centre that provides him with the exhilarating thrill of freefall.

In addition to his skydiving adventures at Skydive Pull Out Ravenna, Federico also explored the stunning landscapes of northern Fuerteventura on a buggy tour.

Sabrina Acerbi:

Sabrina is married and has a son, Leonardo, born on September 26, 2022. Acerbi disclosed that Sabrina’s unwavering love and support fortified him in his battle against cancer. As a result, Acerbi always makes it a point to express his gratitude towards Sabrina, who holds a special place in his heart.

Francesco Acerbi’s Extended Family:

During festive occasions, such as Christmas 2016, Acerbi introduced some members of his extended family, including his grandmother. Fans have speculated about the existence of Acerbi’s stepfather, seen seated next to his mother.

Lesser-known Facts:

In this concluding section of Francesco Acerbi’s biography, we aim to reveal a few lesser-known aspects about him. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in.

Francesco Acerbi’s FIFA Ratings:

Fans of the FIFA gaming series often complain about the seemingly unfair ratings assigned to Inter Milan players. Acerbi has not been exempt from this perceived injustice, as, despite his commendable performance during the 2022/2023 season, his rating saw a downgrade.

Regarded as being in the same league as players like Kalidou Koulibaly and Niklas Süle, Acerbi arguably deserves more than an 82 in both potential and overall rating.

Francesco Acerbi’s Earnings:

With the contract he signed in September 2022 with Inter Milan, Acerbi takes home an impressive weekly wage of €53,462. In comparison to his teammates, Acerbi’s earnings are relatively lower. Players earning higher salaries include Nicolo Barella (€178,007), Matteo Darmain (€61,731), and Federico Demarco (€56,923).

To comprehend Acerbi’s salary more intuitively, it amounts to €0.08 per second and €5.3 per minute.

How rich is Acerbi?

Raised in a region where the average Italian earns €43,800 per year, Acerbi’s current annual earnings with Inter Milan would take an ordinary citizen approximately 63 years and six months to amass.

What is Francesco Acerbi’s Religion?

The towering defender identifies as a Christian, adhering to the faith deeply ingrained in Italian society. While we’ve yet to see Acerbi attend Catholic Mass or engage in sacraments, he has had the unique honour of meeting Pope Francis, indicating respect towards his religion.


Francesco Acerbi Cavaliere OMRI, born on February 10, 1988, hails from a traditional Italian family consisting of his late father, Roberto Acerbi, his mother, and his two siblings, Federico Acerbi and Sabrina Acerbi. Additionally, Acerbi’s personal life includes his wife, Claudia Scarpari, and his daughter, Vittoria Acerbi. From an early age, thanks to his father’s influence, a deep passion for football was instilled in him.

Acerbi’s early football career in Pavia was marred by struggles on and off the field. A medical examination led to the discovery of a cancerous lump in his body, forcing him to face a severe health crisis at the prime age of 25. He underwent emergency surgery at San Raffaele Hospital to remove a testicle due to testicular cancer. Unfortunately, the disease recurred, followed by metastasis, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.

The battle with cancer was a turning point in Acerbi’s life, making him cultivate a strong inner resolve. He refused to surrender to his condition, and within six months, he was back on the training ground. This ordeal led to a profound change in his outlook on life, leading him to regard cancer as an unlikely stroke of luck.

Following his recovery, Acerbi proved instrumental in Lazio’s victory in the Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana. Alongside renowned players like Federico Chiesa and Spinnazolla, he also contributed to Italy’s win in the 2021 European Championship.

Acerbi’s love for football is indisputable, and his biography highlights the immense courage he demonstrated while battling formidable adversity. It would indeed be a significant accomplishment if his team, Inter Milan, were to defeat Pep Guardiola‘s Manchester City in the 2022/2023 Champions League Final.


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