Federico Valverde Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article, a deep-dive into the Biography of Federico Valverde, provides an insightful overview of his early years, upbringing, family background, romantic life, financial status, and personal lifestyle.

We explore the story of “Fede,” a celebrated football prodigy, beginning with his early life and the influence of his parents, Julio and Doris Valverde. The narrative captures his ascent in the world of football, from his initial steps to achieving fame with Real Madrid.

This comprehensive account provides an in-depth look at Valverde’s background, including his family life, his relationship with Mina Bonino, and aspects of his personal and professional life, such as his lifestyle and net worth.

Beyond his reputation as an exceptionally skilled midfielder beloved by Real Madrid fans, this biography aims to offer a more thorough understanding of Valverde. It covers his educational and career development, early experiences in football, pivotal moments in his journey to fame, and personal relationships.

Though many are familiar with his football prowess, few have had the opportunity to explore the full breadth of Federico Valverde’s intriguing story. Let’s embark on this detailed exploration of his life and career.

Federico Valverde Early Years – Ancestral Heritage and Initial Life Stages:

Federico Santiago Valverde Dipetta, commonly known as Fede, entered the world on July 22, 1998. He was born in the year Douglas Luiz and  arrived in the world. Valverde’s birthplace was Montevideo, Uruguay, where he was born to Julio and Doris Valverde. As the second child in the family, Federico grew up in a middle-class, Christian household, with his parents practising Roman Catholicism.

His roots are deeply set in Montevideo, a city with historical ties to the Spanish Empire between 1724 and 1807, suggesting a possible Spanish lineage in his family. Federico’s upbringing was shared with his older brother, Diego, in a family environment that was initially unfamiliar with football.

Despite this, Federico’s interest in football was evident from an early age. Unlike many younger siblings who might have diverse wishes, Federico’s only request was a football. Remarkably, at just two years old, he persuaded his father to install a goalpost in their living room. This became his playground, where he would spend hours kicking the ball into the net, unknowingly hinting at his future path in football.

Federico’s early fascination with the sport marked the beginning of his journey in football, setting him apart from his family’s non-football background and paving the way for his eventual rise in the sport.

Federico Valverde’s Academic and Football Development:

Federico Valverde’s journey in education and football began remarkably early. At just three years old, he displayed an intense eagerness to be part of a football team, seeking to blend his education with his passion for the sport.

Even in his toddler years, Federico’s parents recognized his talent and enrolled him at Union Students’ babies, a modest football academy in Montevideo. Despite his enthusiasm, he was too young to participate in official matches, as the minimum age requirement was six.

However, Federico’s first goal came at this tender age during an informal match against Danube Academy. In a memorable celebration, young Federico humorously removed his diapers, leaving fans in awe.

Since he couldn’t play in official games yet, Federico often served as a mascot for older teams, a role that kept him close to the action. As he grew, his abilities continued to shine. By the age of five, the academy recognized his potential and made an exceptional decision. They allowed him to play in the academy’s set-up for children aged six and above, acknowledging his burgeoning talent in football.

Federico Valverde Childhood Formative years:

Federico Valverde’s early life in football was greatly influenced by his parents’ commitment to support his dream of becoming a footballer. When he started playing, finding soccer shoes small enough for his little feet was a challenge. His mother diligently searched through numerous stores and finally found a pair of second-hand shoes at a reasonable price.

Federico’s dedication to the sport began to show positive results within just a few months of starting to play, even before he turned six years old. A notable achievement during this period was his contribution to his team’s victory in their first championship in 2003 when he was only five years old.

His ability to compete and excel against older players and his significant role in winning his first championship at such a young age greatly enhanced his prospects for joining more advanced football academies. This early success was a clear indication of his potential and talent in the sport.

Federico Valverde Biography – Road to Fame Story:

In 2008, a significant moment arrived for the Valverde family when young Federico was invited for trials at Peñarol, a prominent sports club in Montevideo, Uruguay. Accompanied by his mother, Federico attended the session but initially hesitated, standing shyly against a tree.

Néstor Gonçalves, one of the coaches responsible for selecting players, noticed Federico and encouraged him assertively, “Hey boy! Why aren’t you playing? Play!” This prompted nine-year-old Federico to swiftly join the other children for the evaluation.

During the trials, Federico’s mother, Doris, overheard the coach remarking on her son’s exceptional talent, confident that he would be accepted into the club. Delighted, she approached Coach Gonçalves to inform him that the talented young player he was impressed with was her son. The coach expressed his gratitude to Doris for her role in Federico’s upbringing.

Following this successful trial, Federico joined Peñarol, a move that accelerated his football development and brought him national attention during his teenage years. His impressive performance at Peñarol led to his selection for the Uruguay U15 national youth team within just two years of joining the club.

Meeting his Football Idol:

During the 2015-2016 season at Peñarol’s academy, Federico Valverde had the opportunity to meet his idol, Diego Forlan, who joined Peñarol’s first team on July 10, 2015. As a celebrated Uruguayan footballer nearing the end of his career, Forlan became a mentor and a father figure to Federico.

Forlan imparted valuable advice to the young Federico, emphasizing the importance of hard work and humility in his burgeoning career. This guidance proved pivotal as Federico advanced from the academy to join Forlan in Peñarol’s senior team.

Their collaboration was fruitful, with both contributing significantly to Peñarol’s triumph in winning the Primera División title for the 2015-16 season. During this time, Federico, then 17 years old, experienced both the high of team success and the personal low when Forlan moved to another club, leaving him with a sense of loss.

Federico’s outstanding performance in the Primera División caught the attention of several European clubs. Ultimately, it was Real Madrid that succeeded in signing him. Initially, he joined Real Madrid’s youth team, Real Madrid B, with the goal of earning a place on the highly competitive senior team.

Federico Valverde’s Journey to Stardom:

Federico Valverde’s journey to fame is marked by his significant contributions to Uruguay’s national team during the FIFA U-20 World Cup. His leadership in midfield was pivotal in defining Uruguay’s robust defensive strategy. His exceptional performance in the tournament earned him the Silver Ball award, placing him alongside notable players like Dominic Solanke and Yangel Herrera, who received the Golden and Silver Balls, respectively.

Following the World Cup, Valverde’s career continued to ascend. His robust performance post-tournament facilitated his progression to the senior team of Real Madrid. Seeking to further develop his skills and establish himself as a key player in Real Madrid’s midfield, Valverde chose to gain more experience by playing on loan at Deportivo La Coruña. This decision proved fruitful, enhancing his maturity and prowess on the field.

A standout moment in Valverde’s career came during a match against FC Barcelona while playing for Deportivo. His impressive performance in this game caught the attention of Luis Suarez, who demonstrated his admiration by visiting Valverde in the La Coruña dressing room and exchanging shirts with him. This gesture underscored the recognition of Valverde’s growing talent and potential in the sport.

End of Loan Transfer:

After his loan period, Federico Valverde returned to Real Madrid and immediately began to make a strong impression on his then-new coach, Julen Lopetegui, during the pre-season of 2018/2019. His outstanding execution earned him a spot in the Real Madrid first team.

Following Lopetegui’s tenure, the subsequent manager, Santiago Solari, also recognized Valverde’s increasing significance and his seamless integration into the team’s dynamics.

Fast forward to the present, Federico has shown remarkable progress and adaptability at Real Madrid, particularly evident during the 2019-2020 season. Football enthusiasts are now witnessing the rapid development of Valverde, who is evolving before their eyes into a world-class midfielder.

Valverde stands out in the global football scene as a prodigious midfielder. His skill set positions him not only to match the prowess of teammates like Luka Modric and Toni Kroos but also to potentially surpass these renowned players. Moreover, Valverde played a crucial role in helping Álvaro Rodríguez acclimate to Real Madrid, marking another milestone in his career. His journey and achievements are now a part of football history.

Federico Valverde Lovelife:

Every successful footballer often has a supportive partner, and Federico Valverde is no exception. His partner, Mina Bonino, is not only a striking presence but also a talented individual in her own right. Mina, a proficient TV presenter and journalist, complements Federico’s humble nature with her combination of beauty and intellect.

Born on October 14, 1993, Mina is five years older than Federico, a detail that seems inconsequential to the couple. In their view, age is merely a number and does not define their relationship. Mina has cultivated a significant following on social media, with over 250,000 followers on her Instagram page as of the last count.

The couple’s photos often showcase their confidence and unity, highlighting a relationship that is grounded in a deep friendship. Despite their age difference, Mina and Federico view each other not just as romantic partners, but as best friends, which adds a profound depth to their bond.

Zealous Romantics:

Federico Valverde and Mina Bonino share a relationship characterized by deep affection and playful jealousy. Their fondness for each other sometimes leads to humorous exchanges, as reported by The Sun.

An instance of their light-hearted banter became public when Valverde commented on a somewhat revealing selfie Mina had posted on Instagram. His comment, which humorously noted Mina’s habit of wearing the same top for an extended period, quickly gained popularity, amassing hundreds of likes.

In a witty response, Mina retorted by teasing Federico about his own habit, humorously alleging that he doesn’t change his underwear frequently. Her exact words were: “Yes, I prefer to have the same T-shirt, BUT I DON’T WEAR the same pants FOR A week like you do.”

This exchange, though playful, initially caused concern among fans about the couple’s relationship. However, any worries were soon allayed when Mina posted a photograph of the two together, accompanied by a heartfelt caption that reflected their enduring love and connection. This post reassured fans that their exchange was all in good fun and that their relationship remained strong.

Offstage Existence:

Understanding Federico Valverde’s personal life away from the football pitch offers a more holistic view of his character. Valverde is known for his strong sense of independence, a trait that significantly contributes to his success both in his personal and professional endeavours.

He often feels a profound need for solitude, seeking time alone to detach from the demands of his career. The seaside is a favoured retreat for Valverde, offering him a peaceful environment to recuperate from the stresses associated with his profession.

In his private life, Federico is recognized for his compassionate nature. He actively avoids conflict and prefers to handle situations with a gentle approach. This aspect of his personality extends beyond the football field into his everyday interactions.

Regarding his romantic life, Federico’s decision to be with a partner who is five years his senior stems from his preference for stability and maturity in a relationship. He values partners who are not only committed but also understand the rigorous demands of his life as a professional footballer. This preference highlights his desire for a reliable and understanding companion.

Federico Valverde Family Dynamics:

Federico Valverde’s family life is deeply intertwined with his passion for football. The goalpost in his home, a significant symbol from his childhood, has been preserved as a cherished keepsake. This artifact serves as a reminder of his early experiences and love for the game.

Presently, Valverde’s focus in his family home has shifted towards celebrating his achievements. He takes pride in displaying both his personal accolades and those he has earned with his club, marking the journey from his humble beginnings to his current success in the sport.

Regarding Federico Valverde’s Father:

Federico Valverde’s father, Julio, played a distinct role in his son’s upbringing and career development. During Federico’s early years, Julio was often busy with work, leaving the responsibility of overseeing Federico’s budding football career to his wife.

Today, Julio takes immense pride in witnessing his son’s transition from a young, aspiring footballer, often carried to training sessions, to a mature, accomplished athlete. He affectionately refers to this transformation, saying, “The Little Bird has become a Big Bird, one who rises easily after being hit and continues playing.”

While Julio may not have been as directly involved in shaping Federico’s career as his wife was, he shares a deep love for football. This passion for the sport creates a special bond between father and son, as they often engage in discussions about football. Julio’s support and interest in Federico’s career and life as a footballer are evident and meaningful.

Regarding Federico Valverde’s Mother:

When Federico Valverde moved to Europe, his mother, Doris, actively embraced her maternal role by ensuring that she and her husband Julio accompanied him to Madrid. Living together in Madrid, Doris made certain that Federico continued to enjoy the comfort of her home-cooked meals, maintaining a sense of home and familiarity in their new environment.

Doris’s experience in Madrid was unique. She rarely attended games at the Bernabeu stadium, preferring instead to watch her son play on television from the comfort of their home. However, her experiences in public places like supermarkets or shopping malls were quite different.

During her outings, Doris would often overhear people discussing her son’s performances. Her accent would pique the curiosity of those around her, leading them to inquire about her origins. Upon learning she was Uruguayan, people frequently asked if she was Federico Valverde’s mother, a question that highlighted the recognition and admiration her son had garnered in the community. This interaction reflects the local impact of Federico’s success and the pride his mother felt in these moments.

Present Situation:

As Federico Valverde grew more established in his career, his parents made the decision to return to Montevideo, giving Federico and his brother Diego the freedom to continue their lives in Madrid. This move reflected their trust in Federico’s maturity and independence.

After his parents’ return to Uruguay, Federico ensured their comfort by purchasing a four-bedroom duplex for them. This gesture demonstrates his gratitude and care for his family. Currently, his parents reside in Uruguay and maintain a close connection with Federico, visiting him in Madrid every six months. This ongoing relationship underscores the strong family bonds and mutual support within the Valverde family.

Additional Information on Diego, Federico Valverde’s Brother:

Information about Federico Valverde’s brother, Diego, is scarce as he tends to keep a low profile. It appears that Diego may be actively involved in supporting and managing aspects of Federico’s football career, although he stays out of the limelight. This limited public exposure suggests that Diego prioritizes his role in assisting his brother’s professional journey over personal publicity.

Federico Valverde’s Way of Living:

Understanding Federico Valverde’s lifestyle provides insight into his approach to living standards. Valverde exhibits a prudent balance between spending and saving, a skill that reflects his financial sensibility. His earnings, which include a weekly wage, are primarily allocated towards supporting his family, indicating his prioritization of familial responsibilities.

His great personality is due to the Cancer zodiac that he shares with footballers like Mikel Merino (Central Midfield), Jarrad Branthwaite ( Centre-Back), Son Heung-min (Centre-Forward), and Vinicius Junior’(Left Winger).

In terms of personal possessions, Federico opts for modesty, as evidenced by his choice of a decent car. This preference for simplicity over extravagance is a testament to his humble lifestyle. This approach to life underscores a grounded and practical perspective despite his success and income as a professional footballer.

Rarely Disclosed Information:

In this concluding section of Federico Valverde’s biography, we delve into lesser-known aspects of his life. Let’s explore these intriguing details without further delay.

Previously Experienced Vocal and Respiratory Issues:

Federico Valverde faced a significant health challenge in 2016 that impacted his career. He began experiencing breathing difficulties, accompanied by a noticeable alteration in his voice, which caused him discomfort and raised concerns about his future in football.

During this difficult period, Federico sought the expertise of a phoniatrics doctor, a medical professional specializing in the treatment of the vocal cords, lungs, mouth, and throat. After a period of treatment and rest, Valverde made a remarkable recovery. He was able to resume his football career with Real Madrid, much to the relief of his supporters and the football community. This comeback highlighted his resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

First Football Club Gained $11,300 from His Transfer to Madrid:

When Federico Valverde transferred to Real Madrid, his initial football club, Union Club’s Students, where he began his early football journey, received a sum of $11,300. This payment was made as compensation for Valverde’s move to the prestigious Spanish club.

Interestingly, this amount represented the largest transfer fee ever received by Union Club’s Students in its history. The club utilized these funds for essential maintenance and upgrades. They repaired the leaking roof and improved the drainage system, along with servicing grease fittings and making other necessary repairs. This investment significantly contributed to the club’s infrastructure and facilities.

The Singular Incident of Controversy in Federico’s Career:

During his professional journey, Federico encountered only one notable controversy. This incident occurred in the 2017 FIFA U-20 World Cup during the quarter-final match against Portugal. After successfully scoring a penalty, Federico made a facial gesture where he slanted his eyes with his fingers. This action was widely perceived as racist and drew criticism from a large number of football fans globally. When questioned about this gesture, Federico clarified that it was a celebratory act dedicated to his friend and agent, known as “el Chino” Saldavia.

A Parallel with Diego Maradona’s Experience:

The date May 19, 1978, marks a significant moment in football history. On this day, Diego Armando Maradona, then 17 years old, was notably excluded from Argentina’s World Cup team by coach César Luis Menotti. This decision deeply upset Maradona, causing him to shed many tears, but it also served as a catalyst for his transformation.

In a similar vein, Federico experienced a comparable setback. He was not chosen for the 2018 World Cup squad by his coach, Maestro Tabárez. Although Federico was slightly older at the time than Maradona was in 1978, he drew inspiration from Maradona’s experience and used it to strengthen his resolve.

At the time this was written, Federico had successfully become an integral part of the national team. He is poised to participate in up to three more World Cups. Financially, he is well-positioned, with a substantial weekly wage, a solid annual salary, and an impressive release clause set at 750 million euros.

Verifying the Facts:

We appreciate your interest in our coverage of Federico Valverde, a footballer who shares the same birth year with Kylian Mbappe and Tijjani Reijnders. Federico, a Real Madridd Legend, is described by FIFA as – the boy who once didn’t want to run.

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