Endrick Felipe Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

Introducing Endrick Felipe’s Biography: Facts about his Childhood, Early Life, Parents – Douglas de Sousa (Dad), Cíntia Ramos Moreira (Mum), Brother (Noah de Sousa), Family Background, Aunt (Lavínia Sudré), Grandparents (Teresa Sousa, Jose Louvado), Uncle (Rafael), Girlfriend (Lara Hernandes), and more.

This comprehensive article on Endrick also covers his Family Origin, Ethnicity, Education, and Hometown. Additionally, we will discuss his Personal Life, Lifestyle, Net Worth, and Salary Breakdown of the rapidly rising Brazilian star.

In summary, this article provides a complete account of Endrick Felipe’s journey. It tells the tale of a child who grew up in a family that struggled to make ends meet. And he vowed to become a professional football player to change that circumstance.

SoccerBiogarphy shares the story of a young boy who made a name for himself in Palmeiras’ youth ranks, scoring an astonishing 165 goals in 169 games. One such goal was an incredible bicycle kick, which is the goal he scored in the first leg of a Championship final.

We will also recount the story of how Endrick’s father began posting videos of his son’s soccer skills on YouTube, which eventually caught the attention of top clubs. To support his family, Douglas de Sousa even worked as a janitor for his son’s youth team.


Endrick Felipe’s Biography starts by highlighting key moments from his Childhood and Early Life.

Next, we will delve into his early career in Taguatinga, Federal District, Brazil. Finally, we will reveal how the young Brazilian sensation secured a place in Real Madrid’s squad.

SoccerBiography aims to satisfy your curiosity as you read this engaging narrative of Endrick Felipe’s life story. It’s no secret that Endrick is an exceptionally talented football prospect.

With his advanced technique, skill, and strength for his age and size, he stands out among his peers.

While exploring Brazilian soccer stories, we discovered that not many fans have read a comprehensive version of Endrick Felipe’s Biography. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Endrick Felipe Childhood Story:

To begin, his full name is Endrick Felipe Moreira de Sousa. Born on July 21, 2006, to his Mum, Cíntia Moreira, and Dad, Douglas Sousa, in the administrative region of Taguatinga, Brazil.

As far as we know, Endrick Felipe is one of two children (himself and a brother, Noah) born to his parents.

Endrick’s entrance into the world was made possible by the love and dedication of his parents, whose wedding occurred in the 2000s.

Growing Up:

Endrick Felipe spent his childhood in Taguatinga, located in the Federal District of Brasilia. Raised in a family with two boys – Endrick and Noah – the future striker was surrounded by love and support.

Despite their age difference, Endrick and Noah share an unbreakable bond. As an older brother, Endrick has always been there to guide and support Noah.

He takes his younger brother out to dinner and ensures he is there to celebrate his victories on the soccer field.

Endrick Felipe Early Years:

Growing up in Brasília, Endrick began playing football at the young age of four. His father, Douglas Sousa, played a crucial role in introducing his eldest son to the sport.

In those days, the proud dad (a football enthusiast himself) would take his son to the field, encouraging him to learn from him as he played.

Douglas Sousa enjoyed having his son by his side during games. Back then, Endrick wasn’t just a spectator but also considered a lucky charm for his dad’s team.

As a child, Endrick’s passion for football grew as he practised individually with his father. Douglas made it his mission to teach his son everything he knew about the game.

While Endrick displayed impressive moves with the ball, his dad captured his performances on camera and uploaded them to YouTube.

Thanks to Douglas’ efforts, it wasn’t long before a football scout from Palmeiras noticed Endrick’s talent. This opportunity led to Endrick’s first major break in the sport. From that point on, he continued to excel and eventually became a rising star in the football world.

Endrick Felipe Family Background:

Now, let’s discuss the background of the Palmeiras striker. Endrick Felipe comes from modest beginnings, with his father, Douglas Sousa, having played football at an amateur level.

Endrick Felipe’s father didn’t earn much from his career. He never reached the same level of success as Mazinho, Thiago Alcantara’s Dad. Endrick Felipe’s family faced financial struggles at one point, and a lack of resources resulted in challenging times.

There was a moment Douglas Sousa will never forget. On that day, he had to tell his little son that there was no food available in their house to eat. This occurred when little Endrick, who was hungry, asked for something to eat.

At that time, the Endrick family lived in their Brasilia hometown. Endrick approached his dad, asking for food, and Douglas Sousa didn’t have any to offer. On that day, Endrick Felipe’s father cried.

He heard his son console him and promise that one day, he would become a rich footballer and resolve their family’s financial problems.

Indeed, life was not easy for the Sousa family back then. For years, Endrick Felipe’s dad was unemployed. To support his family, he sold breakfast at the Barra Funda bus station in São Paulo.

Douglas de Sousa was a Janitor for Palmeiras:

Upon his son’s enrolment with Palmeiras, Douglas Sousa wanted to stay close. Fortunately, he was able to find a job as a janitor with the club. The father of Pablo Gavi (that FC Barcelona and Spanish footballer) also experienced a similar situation.

Even as a janitor for the Brazilian club, Palmeiras, Endrick Felipe’s dad struggled to make ends meet, especially after taking care of family expenses. Sometimes, he would share meals with the first-team players.

To many people’s surprise, including the club’s goalkeeper, Jailson Marcelino, Endrick’s dad was seen eating only soup. The curious goalkeeper asked Douglas Sousa why he only consumed soup and didn’t eat the rest of his meal.

After explaining his situation, Jailson discovered that Endrick’s Father had only seven teeth in his mouth. Feeling sympathy for him, the generous goalkeeper decided to pay for Douglas Sousa’s dental treatment.

As of this writing, the struggles of the Sousa’s family are now over. Thanks to Endrick’s success, his father (who is now financially stable) has stopped working as a janitor with Palmeiras. Douglas Sousa no longer sells breakfast at the Barra Funda bus station either.

Family Origin:

First and foremost, his parents – Douglas Sousa and Cíntia Moreira, are both Brazilian nationals. Regarding Endrick Felipe’s origin, we discovered that he was born in Taguatinga, a satellite city in the capital of Brazil (Brasília), located approximately 20 kilometres east of the city centre.

Endrick Felipe Ethnicity:

Douglas Sousa, his Dad, identifies with the Pretos (African-Brazilians). On the other side of things, Endrick Felipe’s mother, Cíntia Moreira, belongs to the Pardo ethnic group. This ethnicity is a mix of European, Native Brazilian, and African ancestry.

Based on the information above, Endrick Felipe’s ethnicity is Pardo. Like Andre Santos and Felipe Anderson, he is a Brazilian who carries the country’s native identity and a blend of African ancestry. Did you know?… the legendary Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima also identifies with this ethnic group.

Endrick Felipe Education:

The aspiring footballer attended his early childhood education (Educação Infantil) in his native Taguatinga, Federal District, Brasilia. In Brazil, where Endrick comes from, education is mandatory for children between the ages of six and fourteen. It is highly likely that he continued his studies while playing academy football.

Endrick Felipe Biography – Football Journey:

Douglas Sousa’s decision to share his son’s football skills on YouTube proved to be fruitful.

After doing so, he took further action by seeking out interested football clubs for his son. Douglas Sousa visited various football academies, mainly situated in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Fortunately, Endrick’s YouTube video garnered significant attention, particularly from scouts representing top clubs. Initially, São Paulo FC welcomed Douglas Sousa’s son.

Upon acceptance, Sao Paulo FC recommended that Endrick Felipe’s family relocate to the area where their football academy is based.

Due to the prospect of starting anew in a different city, Douglas Sousa anticipated the club would cover the majority of the family’s expenses.

Regrettably, São Paulo FC did not meet Endrick Felipe’s father’s expectations. The club could only offer financial assistance of 150 Brazilian Real per month.

When converted, this amounts to approximately $28.5 to $30 per month. For Endrick’s parents, this sum was insufficient.

Providing for his family with $30 a month, including bill payments, was far from adequate for Douglas.

All Endrick Felipe’s father desired was for the club to offer him employment or, at the very least, cover their housing expenses in São Paulo. In an interview with Nicola channel, Douglas stated;



Moving on after the disappointment:

Following the club’s rejection, Endrick’s father prepared additional videos of his son and uploaded them to YouTube.

This time, Endrick’s video caught the attention of another prominent Brazilian club (Palmeiras), which invited his parents for a meeting.

Before Palmeiras ultimately accepted the young footballer, Corinthians initially considered his case.

Corinthians evaluated Endrick Felipe’s father’s requests and declined them. In short, Corinthians was unwilling to cover the family’s rent or offer Douglas Sousa a job.

Eventually, Palmeiras became Endrick’s final destination. The Brazilian professional football club, which nurtured talents like Gabriel Jesus (the Arsenal Striker), catered to the needs of Endrick Felipe’s father.

Palmeiras employed Douglas as a janitor in the Barra Funda neighbourhood.

Path to Fame:

Douglas Sousa and Cíntia Moreira’s son pledged to support his family. Endrick assured his parents that he would persevere in his quest to become a professional footballer and assist his family.

The boy was motivated to make this promise after witnessing his father’s (Douglas) struggle to provide for him.

In addition to the employment provided by the football organization, Endrick Felipe’s father sought supplemental income. Within his first few months living in São Paulo, Douglas Sousa discovered he could launch a small business at a bus station.

Thus, the diligent father began selling quick breakfasts to cover his family’s expenses. Combining the modest income from the business and his salary as a janitor at Palmeiras, Endrick’s father managed to pay bills and keep his family afloat.

Fueling his son’s path to youth career success:

Endrick Felipe’s father was a committed and forward-thinking man who prioritized his son’s career. Although he could have pursued employment elsewhere, he was not keen on living far from his son.

Douglas Sousa was not hesitant to accept a janitorial position at his son’s football academy, Palmeiras. This job allowed him to be close to his son, and his presence helped Endrick adjust during his early career days.

From the age of 10, young Endrick was viewed as a prodigy, and from his first season with Palmeiras, he stood out against all competitors, some of whom were up to five years older than him.

In a short time, Endrick’s qualities, including leadership potential, earned him the position of team captain. Furthermore, the Taguatinga native began guiding Palmeiras to victory and winning trophies.

Endrick Felipe Biography – Achieving Stardom:

The rising forward continued to achieve greater success with Palmeiras. Ask Endrick, and he will mention that one of his most memorable moments in the academy was scoring a bicycle kick against Santos FC.

Endrick also cherishes the memory of lifting the Sao Paulo State Championship trophy alongside his Dad and Mum. He contributed to this victory by scoring a goal in front of 22,000 home fans. Notably, Gabriel Martinelli had previously won this trophy as well.

Endrick’s success continued to soar. Whenever faced with a challenge, he responded triumphantly.

Football experts believed that Endrick could reach an exceptional technical level, potentially becoming Brazil’s most significant talent since Neymar. At the age of 14, in early 2021, a fast-rising Endrick was promoted to the club’s under-17 team.

Palmeiras often employs this practice with their most promising 14-year-olds to accelerate their technical maturity. By August 2nd of that year (2021), he advanced from the under-17 to Palmeiras U20.

By the time Endrick turned 15, he was widely regarded as Brazil’s most promising football gem. His on-field skills and off-field attitude impressed everyone. As a forward, he continued to excel for Palmeiras, with his goals capturing FIFA’s attention.

Catching the Eye of Europe:

As Palmeiras and Oeste Futebol Clube completed their warm-ups before their match, European football scouts took their seats in the stadium.

Scouts from clubs such as Barcelona, Arsenal, Manchester City, Liverpool, Southampton, Benfica, and Ajax were primarily there to observe Endrick.

The scouts were prepared to watch the quarter-finals of the Copa Sao Paulo, Brazil’s most prestigious youth competition. To their surprise, a 15-year-old Endrick dominated the match, scoring multiple goals.

He made an even more significant impact than Neymar had at the same age and in the same competition. Suddenly, Endrick, with numerous trophies to his name, was being compared to Ronaldo Nazario, the  Brazilian World Cup legend.

By the young age of 16, Endrick Felipe already had eight trophies under his belt. With Palmeiras Youth, he won the Campeonato Paulista (Sub-15 and 20), Copa do Brasil Sub-17, Campeonato Brasileiro Sub-20, and Copa São Paulo de Futebol Júnior.

Playing for the Brazil U16 team, he won the 2022 Montaigu Tournament. Additionally, with Palmeiras’ senior team, he won the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A and the Supercopa do Brasil (2023).

As the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar drew to a close, Real Madrid made a surprise announcement regarding the young prodigy.

The Spanish giant announced that they had reached an agreement with Endrick Felipe and his family to sign him as soon as he turns 18 (in July of 2024). From that point on, the story of the Brazilian striker who captivated FIFA continues to unfold.

Who is Endrick Felipe Dating?

As of the writing of this biography, the 16-year-old Brazilian athlete is effectively juggling a relationship alongside his blossoming football career. Demonstrating his maturity, Endrick capably manages both aspects of his life.

We’d like to introduce Lara Hernandes, the young woman who is currently Endrick Felipe’s girlfriend.

Unlike many parents of rapidly emerging footballers under 17, who might be reluctant to let their young stars engage in romantic relationships, Endrick Felipe’s parents are different.

Douglas Sousa and Cíntia Moreira wholeheartedly support their son’s relationship with Lara Hernandes, who frequently spends time with his family.

This demonstrates their approval of the young woman, who may eventually become Endrick Felipe’s wife.

Personal Life:


Endrick, the Brazilian footballer, is committed to striking a balance between his outstanding performance on the field and dedicating quality time to his loved ones.

This dedication likely contributes to his ability to maintain a relationship at the young age of 16.

Family moments are highly valued, with Endrick enjoying bonding with his younger brother, Noah.

Besides sharing his football knowledge, Endrick also imparts another skill close to his heart to Noah – boxing. Together, they create lasting memories and fortify their sibling bond.

Endrick Felipe Lifestyle:

At the time this biography was written, the 16-year-old footballer has not yet signed a professional contract.

As a result, Endrick has not started earning substantial income like his fellow Real Madrid players, Alvaro Rodriquez and Camavinga.

This detail highlights why Endrick, who comes from a modest-income family, does not yet own one of the basic luxuries often associated with footballers – a quality car.

Instead, Endrick Felipe’s life outside of football focuses on cherishing family moments and leading a more modest lifestyle.

Endrick Felipe Family Life:

Douglas Sousa and Cíntia Moreira are well-known for their exceptional character and strong work ethic.

In this section of Endrick’s biography, we will explore his parents’ lives and reveal the inspiring story behind their admirable personalities. First, let’s learn more about Douglas Sousa.

Endrick Felipe’s Father:

Douglas Sousa’s journey is a story of resilience, from struggling to provide for his family to finding employment as a janitor at Palmeiras. Despite his son’s growing fame, Douglas remains humble and grounded, as evidenced in this video.

Unlike some fathers of famous footballers who may seem distant or unapproachable, Douglas is warm and welcoming.

This aspect of his personality allows him to easily connect with people from various backgrounds. Douglas Sousa’s humility and genuine concern for others have earned him the respect and admiration of those who know him.

Endrick Felipe’s Mother:

Cíntia Moreira is mostly remembered by her friends as the woman who stood by her husband during his most challenging times.

As per her Instagram Bio, Endrick’s mother describes herself as wonderful, powerful, fair, and holy.

Cíntia Moreira is a virtuous woman who upholds traditional values of morality, integrity, and honour in her daily life. She is also a family-oriented woman who enjoys spending time with her loved ones.

Endrick Felipe’s Brother:

Noah Felipe, the kid brother of the renowned footballer, is the youngest in the family. Often seen as his mother’s cherished companion, Noah, as the youngest, shares a special bond with her.

Again Noah’s positive actions in school reflect well on his family, and this can be attributed to his commendable upbringing. Again, the guidance of his celebrity older brother, Endrick, significantly contributes to his development.

Endrick Felipe’s Aunt:

Lavínia Sudré, Cíntia Moreira’s younger sister, is a proud supporter of Endrick’s career. Now married with a son, she resides in São Paulo, Brazil. Bearing a striking resemblance to her sister, Lavínia is always present for Endrick’s successes.

Endrick Felipe’s Grandmother:

As of the time this memoir was written, the mothers of both of Endrick’s parents are in their 70s and 80s. Endrick Felipe’s maternal grandmother is a lively woman in her 70s, while his paternal grandmother is 83 years old.

During his infancy, Endrick Felipe was lovingly cared for by his maternal grandmother when his parents were busy with work.

At that time, Lavínia Sudré, Endrick’s aunt, was just a young teenager. Teresa Sousa, Endrick’s paternal grandmother, remains close to her son’s family. When she celebrated her 80th birthday, Endrick was still in the early stages of his career.

Endrick Felipe’s Grandfather:

Jose Louvado, Endrick’s maternal grandfather, also became an octogenarian in 2020.

On her father’s 80th birthday, Cíntia Moreira thanked him for the love and care he has always shown to their family. Jose Louvado is pictured here with his wife during his 80th birthday celebration.

Endrick Felipe’s Uncle:

Rafael, the proud brother-in-law of Cíntia Moreira, is Endrick Felipe’s uncle. As the husband of Lavínia Sudré (Endrick Felipe’s aunt), Rafael has consistently demonstrated immense pride in his young nephew’s accomplishments. Rafael and his wife Lavínia are happy to stand by their family,

Untold Facts:

In this final section of Endrick Felipe’s Biography, we’ll reveal additional details you may not be aware of. Let’s begin by examining his FIFA statistics.

Endrick Felipe in FIFA:

EA Sports has assigned an 89 gaming potential to players such as Vitinha, Gavi, Eduardo Camavinga, and Ryan Gravenberch. Endrick’s SOFIFA potential at the age of 16 is also 89. His most notable attributes include acceleration, sprint speed, agility, strength, finishing, and volleys.

Endrick Felipe’s Salary at Palmeiras:

On October 6, 2022, Endrick signed a professional contract that earned him approximately R$1,481,368 per year. This translates to €260,400, similar to the earnings of Vitor Roque, another Brazilian prodigy.

How wealthy is the Brazilian wonderkid?

In Taguatinga, Federal District, Brazil, where Endrick Felipe was born, the average worker earns a gross salary of R$38,000 per year. To match Endrick’s monthly earnings at Palmeiras, such an individual would need to work for 38 years and 11 months.

Endrick Felipe’s Religion:

Douglas Sousa and Cíntia Ramos Moreira’s families are devout Christians. Upon getting married, Endrick Felipe’s parents agreed to continue the tradition of nurturing a dedicated Christian household. They taught their famous son the importance of praying before, during, and after his football matches.

Final Remarks:

Endrick Felipe’s life story resembles that of many great Brazilian stars who rose from humble beginnings. Raised by his parents, Douglas and Cíntia, in a part of Brazil where social inequality disproportionately affects the black population, he faced numerous challenges both on and off the field.

Endrick’s father, Douglas Sousa, has vivid memories of their family’s struggles. One of the most poignant moments was when his son returned home from Brasilia, asking for food. With no food to give, Douglas broke down in tears. Hearing his father cry, Endrick vowed to become a professional footballer and improve his family’s situation.

Endrick’s journey to playing for Palmeiras wasn’t easy. As a child, his father uploaded videos of Endrick’s goals to YouTube, hoping to attract interest from big clubs. After a failed negotiation with Sao Paulo, Palmeiras eventually invited Endrick to join them, meeting the family’s demands, including finding employment for his father.

When they moved to São Paulo, the Sousa family faced further difficulties. Douglas Sousa was jobless for the first six months, and to support his family, he sold breakfast at the Barra Funda bus station. Eventually, Endrick’s father was offered a job as a cleaner at Palmeiras, the club where his son played youth football.

Endrick’s exceptional performances for Palmeiras’ youth team caught the attention of Europe’s top clubs. Of all the clubs vying for his signature, it was Real Madrid who succeeded in securing the talented player.

Before joining Real Madrid, Endrick’s parents hope to see their son begin his professional career at Palmeiras, the club that gave their family hope and opened doors for their son.

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