Emily van Egmond Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article dives into the captivating Biography of Emily van Egmond, delving into her childhood memories, upbringing by her parents, Gary (her Dad) and Annette van Egmond (her Mum), close ties with family members like siblings Laura and Thomas, her relationship with Kat Thompson, and more.

This narrative sheds light on Emily’s heritage, cultural roots, religious beliefs, educational journey, personal markings like tattoos, her national identity, financial milestones, and her personal life intricacies.

At its core, this is the comprehensive tale of Emily van Egmond. Rooted in a family where soccer reigned supreme, Emily’s fervor for the sport grew with time. Her path seemed naturally set to follow in her father’s soccer footsteps.

Join us, as SoccerBiography unveils the fascinating trajectory of this exceptional football talent. From her tender years, soccer played a pivotal role, largely influenced by her family’s unwavering passion, especially her father, the renowned Gary Van Egmond.


Embark on Emily van Egmond’s life journey, retracing defining moments from her youth before navigating through her early soccer landmarks. This narrative climaxes with her evolution into one of Australia’s soccer sensations.

With SoccerBiography as your guide, immerse yourself in Emily’s chronicle. Begin with an illustrative overview showcasing her transition from her fledgling days to her celebrated achievements. The path trodden by Van Egmond speaks volumes of her commitment and stellar feats.

To many, Emily van Egmond is synonymous with excellence in sports. Her trophy cabinet boasts the esteemed Julie Dolan Medal of 2014. Further, her triumphant moments encompass the Women’s Premier Soccer League Elite title in 2012, the W-League Premiership in 2019-20, and the FFA Cup of Nations in 2019.

Yet, a deep dive into Australian soccer reveals a surprising discovery. A substantial number of enthusiasts remain unaware of the depth of Emily van Egmond’s inspiring life story. Let’s bridge that knowledge gap and dive right in.

Emily van Egmond’s Early Days: A Glimpse

Often fondly called “Emily” by fans and friends, Emily Louise van Egmond first saw the light of day on July 12, 1993, in the vibrant city of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. The prodigious talent was the loving daughter of Annette and Gary van Egmond.

In the van Egmond household, Emily was one amongst three siblings. She enjoyed a unique bond with her twin brother, Max, and also grew up with her elder sister, Laura. The unity of the family was fortified by the loving relationship between her parents, Gary and Annette.

Speaking of her parents, they were Emily’s steadfast anchors. Their relentless encouragement and sacrifices ensured that Emily’s burgeoning passion for soccer never waned.

Childhood Chronicles:

Nestled in the heart of Newcastle, Emily’s formative years were defined by family warmth and soccer dreams. Alongside her twin, Max, and Laura, Emily navigated her childhood days filled with fun, laughter, and sibling camaraderie.

For Emily, her twin bond with Max was not just about shared birthdays; it was about shared memories, moments, and dreams. Their childhood landscape was painted with playful escapades, family outings, school functions, community events, and early rendezvous with soccer.

In this nurturing environment, Emily didn’t just grow; she thrived. The myriad experiences, combined with her family’s steadfast support, played a pivotal role in molding her personality and aspirations.

Emily’s Inception into Soccer:

Amidst the serene backdrop of her family’s garden, young Emily’s feet first danced with a soccer ball. This seemingly innocuous moment would soon blossom into a lifelong love affair with the sport. With every dribble and goal, it was clear that Emily wasn’t merely playing; she was expressing.

Her innate flair for the sport was unmistakable, even in her juvenile maneuvers. Sensing this blossoming talent, her parents swiftly recognized the need to nurture and hone her skills. Their search for local soccer academies wasn’t just about sharpening Emily’s techniques but was also a gateway to introduce her to competitive football.

Thus began Emily’s structured journey into soccer, moving from imaginary duels in her garden to real-time challenges on the pitch. Every training session, every scrimmage, was a step closer to her dreams.

The Van Egmond Family Legacy:

Emerging as a prominent figure in sports, Emily van Egmond shares the spotlight with fellow athletes like Ellen White and Sophia Smith, each of them having a background deeply embedded in sports. Within Emily’s household, her father Gary carved a niche for himself as a visionary tech magnate.

His innovative spirit led to the establishment of a renowned software venture that revolutionized the tech arena. On the flip side, Emily’s mother, Annette, has left an indelible mark in the art world with her avant-garde paintings and sculptures. Her artwork, adorning walls of international galleries, has won accolades and admiration.

Growing up in such affluence, Emily’s upbringing was cushioned by her parents’ accomplishments, providing her a comfortable lifestyle. This environment, steeped in creativity and ambition, instilled in Emily the drive to scale new heights.

Tracing Emily van Egmond’s Roots:

So, where did Emily’s journey begin? The picturesque city of Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia is her birthplace. As an Australian native, her ties to the city run deep. A glance at the provided map will offer insights into Emily’s geographical roots.

Newcastle, a maritime gem in Australia’s crown, is situated strategically at the Hunter River’s estuary. It’s steeped in seafaring lore and stands as New South Wales’ bustling hub, second only to Sydney. Historically, it has been the homeland of the Awabakal and Worimi communities.

Understanding Emily’s Cultural Tapestry:

Hailing from the vast expanse of Australia, Emily’s heritage is a mosaic of cultures. The moniker “van Egmond” isn’t a mere name; it resonates with the echoes of Dutch ancestry.

The sobriquet “van Egmond” signifies her Dutch heritage, presumably a legacy from her paternal lineage. It’s an indicator that her ancestors possibly hailed from the Egmond region in the Netherlands.

Emily’s Academic Pursuits:

A believer in holistic growth, Emily’s parents, Gary and Annette, were keen that she gain a robust academic foundation. Emily’s sharp intellect was evident early on, making classrooms her sanctuary of knowledge.

However, the football field’s magnetic pull was as compelling. This led to a constant balancing act, as Emily endeavoured to shine both scholastically and athletically.

It was a regular sight: Emily, engrossed in her studies with fervour, and in the next moment, practising her football techniques. Navigating through strenuous academic commitments while dedicating herself to soccer training was challenging.

Yet, Emily’s resolve in managing both spheres highlighted her tenacity, a trait that would be pivotal in her academic and athletic journeys.

Journey to Stardom:

Emily exhibited a natural inclination for sports, reminiscent of athletes like Coumba Sow. Though she tried her hand at activities like running, soccer was always her first love. Many of her early memories involve playing soccer in the peaceful haven of her backyard, which was a testament to her undying love for the game.

Football was a family affair, with Emily often playing alongside her twin. From an early age, her flair was evident. Indoor games under her father’s watchful eyes were intense and memorable, even if they sometimes resulted in broken windows or the occasional ruined TV.

Her father (who is proud of his daughter’s Matilda win) played a dual role in her life – an initial mentor in soccer and an everlasting pillar of support. Leveraging his expertise as a former footballer and coach, he became a guiding light for Emily’s soccer trajectory.

Emily van Egmond’s Football Odyssey:

Right from her first brush with soccer, Emily’s zeal was palpable. By the time she turned five, she was already a force to be reckoned with on the field, an early indicator of the legend she was set to become.

Recognizing her knack for the game, her parents, Annette and Gary, endeavoured to cultivate her potential. They ensured she had access to training and resources pivotal for her growth in soccer.

Beyond just resources, they became her cheer squad, present at every match, whether a school game or a larger competition. Their unwavering encouragement bolstered Emily’s self-belief, making her more resilient in face of challenges.

Emily’s evolving prowess didn’t go unnoticed. Recognized by scouts and eminent club managers, she was presented with manifold opportunities, and she decisively embarked on the one that promised a bright future.

Emily van Egmond’s Ascendancy:

From her nascent days, Emily’s midfield mastery was striking. As she honed her skills, her trajectory towards soccer eminence was unmistakable. She showcased her prowess across Europe, earning accolades.

Her professional initiation was with Canberra United, spanning 2009-2011. A short stint with Fortuna Hjørring in the UEFA Women’s Champions League ensued in 2011-12.

She then rekindled her association with Australian football, playing for teams like Newcastle Jets and the Western New York Flash, clinching a league championship with the latter. 2013 saw her joining Seattle Reign FC for a season.

Europe beckoned again, leading her to clubs like 1. FFC Frankfurt and VfL Wolfsburg. Back in Australia, she made history with Newcastle Jets, becoming the W-League’s first paid transfer.

Her tenure with the American team, Orlando Pride, was memorable despite some hurdles. Back home, her stint with Melbourne City witnessed her clinching both Premiership and Championship titles, registering a personal best of six goals in a regular season.

Embracing The Limelight:

After a brief spell with West Ham, she revisited Orlando Pride, only to be later traded to San Diego Wave FC, highlighting her unerring relevance in U.S. football. 2021 saw her coming full circle, rejoining Newcastle Jets for the fifth time, underlining her unwavering allegiance to her native team. Her current association with the Jets epitomizes her enduring bond with her roots.

Matilda Journey:

Van Egmond began her international journey with the Young Matildas, showcasing her skills at the under-20 level. In 2010, the national squad of Australia drafted her for a series set against Italy. Regrettably, an untimely ankle injury sidelined her from the matches.

Her first appearance for the primary team was on March 3, 2010, facing off against DPR Korea. This pivotal match led to Australia’s triumphant win at the 2010 AFC Women’s Asian Cup. During the 2011 World Cup hosted in Germany, at a tender age of 17, she netted a goal that pushed Australia ahead against Equatorial Guinea, a match that ended in a 3-2 victory for Australia.

Van Egmond was a crucial player for the Matildas at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Her presence was evident in every qualifying match. The team showcased their mettle, advancing to the quarter-finals after a win and a draw during the group rounds.

A memorable victory over Great Britain by 4-3 paved their way into the semi-finals. However, subsequent matches saw them facing defeats at the hands of Sweden and later, the USA in the contest for bronze. The day of June 10, 2021, was monumental as Van Egmond celebrated her century of matches for Australia, playing against Denmark.

Fast forward to July 2023, Van Egmond stands tall as part of the formidable team representing Australia at the World Cup. Sharing the stage with stalwarts like Katrina Gorry, Caitlin Foord, Kyra Cooney-Cross, Hayley Raso, Sam Kerr, Ellie Carpenter, and Mary Fowler, Emily continues to uplift her nation’s pride on the global platform. She, alongside the above names are indeed a huge boost for the Matildas. The ensuing chapters of this biography remain in the annals of sports history.

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