Ellie Carpenter Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

Delve into the Biography of Ellie Carpenter, unfolding insights into her early years, parental figures – her mother, Belinda Carpenter, and an unidentified father, family lineage, siblings, including her brother, Jeremy Carpenter, significant other, Danielle van de Donk, and relatives including grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins.

This narrative also elaborates on Carpenter’s family roots, faith, education, ethnicity, birthplace, and more. Moreover, SoccerBiography will shed light on her personal and lifestyle facets, including her zodiac, net worth, and income details.

In essence, we present you the comprehensive chronicle of Ellie Carpenter. Our narrative encapsulates the journey of a young girl from a rural backdrop, who significantly contributed to securing Australia’s Matildas a place in the soccer Olympics, all at a tender age of 15.

From a school student to a record setter, join us in unveiling the story of Ellie Carpenter – who, despite her parents’ early separation, maintained her determination and integrity to realize her athletic ambitions.


Our rendition of Ellie Carpenter’s life begins by elucidating significant incidents from her formative years. Following this, we’ll unfold her ethnic heritage and early career milestones. Lastly, we’ll illustrate how this Australian soccer sensation earned her accolades and fame.

SoccerBiography aims to feed your biographical curiosity as you explore Ellie Carpenter’s life. Carpenter has additional accolades to her name as the youngest Australian participant at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, marking her position in history as the youngest female footballer ever to compete in the Olympics.

However, despite our comprehensive research, we acknowledge there are gaps in our understanding about the Australian soccer star and the defender for the French club Olympique Lyonnais and the Australian national team.

As a result, a select few football aficionados hold a detailed account of Ellie Carpenter’s life story. Now, without any further ado, let’s explore what we know.

Ellie Carpenter’s Early Years:

Starting with her biography, Ellie Madison Carpenter was born on April 28, 2000, to her loving parents – her mother and father- in Cowra, a quaint town in the Central West region of New South Wales, Australia.

Her birth, on a pleasant and fabulous Friday, was joyfully received by her supportive parents. This soccer athlete is the second child, born two years after her older brother, Jeremy Carpenter.

Their parents – Belinda (mother) and an undisclosed father, both originating from Australia’s east coast, ensured their daughter’s full potential was realized through their unwavering support and relentless efforts.


Ellie’s childhood involved her parents, elder brother, and their tight-knit life in Cowra, near their farm.

The small town radiates a warm and friendly ambiance, where familiar faces and congenial neighbors are always present, fostering a strong community spirit and deep relationships among its inhabitants.

Living in Cowra meant the absence of bustling city life, but for Ellie, it was an opportunity to establish deep connections with her surroundings and foster a strong sense of community.

Like many country children in Australia, Carpenter’s early years were filled with outdoor activities and active participation in various sports. Here’s a glimpse of the young athlete from her childhood.

Besides football, Ellie Carpenter and her brother engaged in numerous sports, including Cricket, tennis, AFL, touch football, athletics, cross country, swimming, and water skiing.

Not just limited to sports, Ellie was a dancer during her early years. She practiced tap, ballet, jazz, and even participated in dance competitions.

Ellie’s parents ensured that she and her brother were not just limited to these activities; they were also encouraged to participate in public speaking, drama, and spelling bees, which they excelled at, even as youngsters.

Ellie Carpenter’s Early Football Life:

From a tender age, Ellie Carpenter displayed her athletic prowess and excelled in little athletics and soccer under the supervision of her parents, who were physical education teachers.

She even achieved national-level success as a sprinter during her primary school days. However, football had a special place in her heart, and she decided to pursue it as her main sport.

Realizing her football aspirations required sacrifices not only from Ellie but also from her family, who staunchly supported her dreams. Despite Cowra providing an idyllic childhood, it wasn’t the most conducive for Ellie’s ambitious football career.

Around the ages of 10 and 11, Ellie Carpenter and her family acknowledged that realizing her football dreams in their country town might be improbable.

Therefore, the family decided to relocate. Ellie, her brother Jeremy, and their dedicated mother, Belinda, made the impactful decision to move to Sydney to avail the best football opportunities for the siblings.

Family Background:

The family of football sensation Ellie Carpenter was integral to her journey in the sport. They stood by her side from her early years all the way through her rise to prominence.

Ellie’s childhood was spent on a farm in Cowra, New South Wales, with her parents and an older brother. This location, situated approximately 400 km from Sydney, offered an ideal environment for Ellie to flourish and pursue her love of athletics.

Ellie’s parents, both physical education instructors, greatly influenced her inclination towards and skill in athletics. In addition to their educational professions, they also engaged in farming activities to provide for the family, earning a middle-class income.

Moreover, in the Carpenter family’s hometown of Cowra, horse racing is a significant event. The family shared an enthusiasm for this sport, frequently attending the Cowra Jockey Club to relish the thrilling horse races.

Family Origin:

Ellie Carpenter’s familial heritage traces back to her place of birth and hometown, Cowra. This serene suburb of Sydney is renowned for its friendly residents, picturesque scenery, and deeply rooted history. It presents an idyllic environment for those who favor a tranquil lifestyle and a profound connection to the natural world.

Her surname, Carpenter, suggests an English origin, pointing to potential English lineage. The name derives from the profession of carpentry or woodworking, characterizing those who built or repaired wooden structures. This surname has evolved into a hereditary trait over time, handed down through successive generations, culminating in individuals bearing the surname “Carpenter” today. Therefore, Ellie essentially descends from an illustrious Carpenter lineage.

Despite the shared English language and historical ties between Australians and the English, they represent distinct nationalities.

Consequently, the extraordinary defender, Ellie Carpenter, hails from Australia. The country is frequently referred to as the “island continent” given its location, being encircled by the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Ellie Carpenter Ethnicity:

Cowra’s populace is a diverse mix, potentially consisting of individuals with backgrounds that include Anglo-Celtic, Indigenous Australian, European, Asian, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander, among others.

Despite this, Ellie is a young woman of Caucasian descent with her roots tracing back to Indigenous Australians also referred to as the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who represent the original inhabitants of Australia.

Ellie Carpenter Education:

The town of Cowra, where Ellie Carpenter hails from, offers a broad range of educational possibilities for its residents. Similar to numerous Australian towns, Cowra hosts both public and private schools, serving students from preschool through high school.

Adhering to the Australian curriculum, these institutions provide a comprehensive education. The football player, Ellie Carpenter, exhibited remarkable academic performance growing up.

She received her education at King Park Primary, a government-supported, co-educational secondary day school in Fairfield West, a suburb situated in the western region of Sydney, Australia. The school boasts a focus on athletics, which facilitated her involvement in the Westfields Sports High program. Ellie Carpenter also spent some time at Mulyan Public School during her educational journey.

However, at the age of 17, Ellie chose to forego her schooling to devote herself entirely to her football career. Luckily, this decision turned out to be advantageous, substantially contributing to her success in the football realm.

Career Buildup:

Upon leaving school, Ellie Carpenter became a part of Canberra United, located in the southern Canberra suburb of Wanniassa, Australian Capital Territory, for the 2017-18 W-League season.

Prior to this, while still pursuing her education, Carpenter was a member of the Western Sydney Wanderers. During her initial season, she was a key defender, starting in all twelve games, and played a crucial role in both defensive and offensive strategies.

Her remarkable performance didn’t go unnoticed, leading to her being invited to a training camp with her national team, the Matildas, in November 2015, despite her young age of 15.

Known for her versatility, she made her mark as a right-back defender, frequently aiding offensive manoeuvres by overlapping and sending crosses to her teammates.

Ellie Carpenter Biography – Football Story:

In the pursuit of a dream, the Carpenter family made a collective choice. Recognizing the necessity of a fresh setting and better prospects, they resolved to change Ellie’s life so she could excel in her soccer pursuits.

This was a crucial juncture in Ellie Carpenter’s route to triumph. The transition required parting ways with their comfortable existence, encompassing school, friendships, and their family abode.

Nevertheless, they were ready to bear this cost for the sake of gaining exposure to superior facilities, coaching, and training which their rural hometown couldn’t provide. Amidst all the hardships, Belinda gave up her job to help her children in their soccer commitments.

Frequent trips to places like Sydney, Canberra, and other regional hubs were made to facilitate her training, matches, and competition aspirations. Hours devoted to traveling became a second nature to Ellie and her brother, Jeremy, much like the time spent on the soccer field.

Eventually, Ellie and Jeremy found themselves enrolled at the esteemed Westfields Sports High in Sydney, plunging headfirst into an environment that would cultivate their soccer aspirations.

Early Soccer Career:

Ellie’s knack for soccer was evident as she represented NSW in national championships and secured a place in the national team, validating the worthiness of the move.

ANTE Juric, coach of Sydney FC, was one of the first to spot Ellie’s potential when she was still a young adolescent. He was captivated by her inherent athletic prowess and exceptional defensive capabilities, an unusual trait for her age.

Her potential was undeniable, and even at a tender age of 14, Juric took the bold step of picking her for the Mini Matildas, leading to her inaugural appearance at the AFC U16 Championship qualifiers in October 2014.

Carpenter’s odyssey had commenced, and her commitment, aptitude, and tenacity were already setting the stage for an unparalleled soccer career.

Road to Fame Story:

Raised in a rural environment, Ellie is part of a distinct group of global athletes who underwent rigorous training during her foundational years as a soccer player.

The family’s commitment and sacrifices came to the forefront as they undertook the strenuous 8-hour round journey to Sydney and Canberra to guarantee Ellie’s exposure to elite competitions and experiences.

Their strenuous efforts were rewarded when, at only 15 years old, Ellie earned a place with the newly-established Western Sydney Wanderers.

This marked the commencement of her career in the A-League Women’s division, which subsequently led her to join Canberra United. There, she was honored with the “Young Footballer of the Year” award in successive years.

Ellie’s potential was swiftly recognized at an international level, and she made her highly-publicized debut for Australia during the 2016 Olympic Qualification campaign.

Remarkably, she set the record as the first international player born in the 21st century, a feat that other gifted players in the Matildas squad have since eclipsed.

Her career witnessed a steady upward trajectory when she joined Portland Thorns FC, where she made history as the youngest player in NWSL upon her debut on May 9th, 2018.

The Australian defender savored considerable success both internationally and within her club during her three-year tenure in the United States.

Ellie Carpenter Biography – Rise to Fame Story:

The promising female soccer star epitomizes the modern full-back with her extraordinary skillset and a future filled with potential. By the age of 19, she had already demonstrated the capability to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with top-tier athletes like Sam Kerr from Chelsea and Mary Fowler from Manchester City.

As one of the most loved members of the Matildas, she continually enhances her skills, indicating her immense capacity to contribute to the sport.

Carpenter was a member of the Matildas team at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The team managed to reach the quarter-finals and overcame Great Britain, but was unfortunately ousted by Sweden in the semi-finals. In the contest for the Bronze medal, they were defeated by the USA.

However, her dream came to fruition when she clinified a transfer to the highly successful European club, Olympique Lyonnais.

On August 14, 2020, she participated in her inaugural match for the French team, contributing to a 4-0 friendly triumph over PSV Eindhoven by assisting Nikita Parris. Carpenter was part of the substitute lineup during the Champions League final victory against Wolfsburg, but did not get to play.

Regrettably, during the 2022 UEFA Women’s Champions League final against Barcelona, Ellie experienced a hindrance when she ruptured her anterior cruciate ligament.

She was forced to prematurely exit the Women’s Champions League final. Follow-up assessments on the Australian international confirmed the tear in her left knee, indicating the need for surgery.

FIFA Women’s World Cup:

Despite this setback, she showcased exceptional tenacity and has recently celebrated a successful comeback to play for Lyon. Her remarkable recovery places her amongst the defenders to watch in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023.

Notables names who made Australia proud in the global tournament are Caitlin Foord, Katrina Gorry, Kyra Cooney-Cross, Emily van Egmond and Hayley Raso.

From a country kid to a Matilda star, Ellie has indeed made Australian football proud. The rest, as SoccerBiography says, is now history.

Ellie Carpenter Dating History:

As a Taurus, Ellie Carpenter places significant importance on aesthetics and physical appearance. When it comes to choosing a partner, she gravitates towards those who value their health and presentation and dress appropriately for all occasions.

Ellie’s life has been filled with thrilling adventures, including worldwide travel and residing in France. Her intense dedication to soccer prompted her to abandon school to concentrate on her career, leaving her with little room for committed relationships.

While she experienced teenage infatuations, she isn’t married and doesn’t have a husband. Currently, Ellie Carpenter is in a romantic relationship with Danielle van de Donk, a Dutch soccer player and her fellow team member at Olympique Lyonnais.

More about Ellie Carpenter’s Girlfriend – Danielle van de Donk:

Danielle van de Donk is a professional footballer from the Netherlands, born on August 5, 1991. She operates as a midfielder for the French Division 1 Féminine team, Olympique Lyonnais, and the Netherlands’ national team.

She has played a pivotal role in her national team’s accomplishments over her career, contributing to their victory in the UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 and securing the second position in the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Born and raised in Valkenswaard, Netherlands, Daniëlle spent her childhood years playing football predominantly with boys. Despite encountering initial hurdles and ridicule from boys when she started training at FC Eindhoven, she demonstrated her capabilities and silenced doubters.

She embarked on her football journey at the tender age of 4 with SV Valkenswaard, subsequently transitioning to VV UNA.

van de Donk’s prowess and commitment have established her as a significant figure in women’s football, and she continues to make meaningful impacts at both her club and on her national team.

Danielle van de Donk social media:

Ellie Carpenter’s Girlfriend, as a sports personality, has amassed significant popularity on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, where she can be found under the handle @daniellevddonk. Here, she actively interacts with roughly 600K followers.

Her posts often highlight her impressive athletic physique through various sports-related photos. Danielle van de Donk is also present on Twitter, using the handle @DanielleDonk, which boasts a growing follower base of approximately 75k fans.

Alongside Ellie Carpenter, their social media platforms frequently display pictures from their holidays, dining experiences, birthday wishes, and even Christmas celebrations. The pair are known for their intense playing styles on the field. Although the couple is engaged, they currently do not have any children.

Personal Life:

Ellie sports a few tattoos on her body, including a phrase inked on her forearm, the number 197 on her wrist, and another on her upper thigh near her hip. As a Taurus woman, Ellie personifies the traits associated with her star sign, such as affection, appreciation for beauty, stability, and triumph.

She emanates a soothing and joyful aura that has a positive influence on those around her. Her hobbies include tennis, the Australian Football League, touch football, sprinting, water skiing, sewing, traveling, listening to music, working out, and swimming. Dancing has been a pastime of hers since she was young.

Purple is her colour of choice. Ellie relishes spending time with her loved ones, but soccer is her utmost passion. She admires Ana Maria Marković, a Croatian soccer player. Additionally, she has a preference for wearing a headband while on the field, preferably one that’s blue.

Even though she admitted to having only basic knowledge of French upon her arrival in Lyon, Ellie Carpenter has been rapidly improving her language skills, thanks to thrice-weekly lessons with a tutor.

Ellie places a high priority on her well-being, focusing on rest, recuperation, and balanced nutrition. She enjoys goulash, a traditional stew of meat and vegetables. Standing 1.64 meters (5 feet 5 inches) tall and weighing 55 kilograms, Ellie is a robust and formidable defender.

She keeps her fans updated via social media, boasting over 230K followers on Instagram and more than 23K followers on Twitter.

Notably, in October 2021, during the Women’s International Friendly match between the Australia Matildas and Brazil at CommBank Stadium in Sydney, Australia, Ellie Carpenter of the Matildas generously offered her boots to the thrilled spectators.


As a professional soccer player, the Australian sportswoman maintains a remarkable degree of focus and a systematic lifestyle. Her training discipline, skill refinement, early life experiences, and preparedness have all contributed to her lifestyle.

Undoubtedly, Ellie Carpenter is a burgeoning talent on the verge of unveiling her full potential. She notably holds the distinction of being the first player born in the 21st century to represent her national team.

Through her noteworthy achievements and pioneering endeavors, this athlete has accumulated considerable wealth as a reward for her hard work.

Given her influence and rising prominence, it’s only a matter of time before she sees a significant influx of earnings, potentially reaching the levels of soccer stars like San Diego Wave’s Alex Morgan and OL Reign’s Megan Rapinoe. Her wealth allows her to indulge in luxury mansions, vacations, gourmet cuisine, and high-end vehicles.

This dynamic athlete enjoys a life of luxury in Lyon, France’s third-largest city. She has an appreciation for costly automobiles and likely boasts a respectable collection in her garage, including the 2022 Porsche 911 GT3, estimated at around $295,000.

Ellie Carpenter’s Family Facts:

Public details regarding Ellie Carpenter’s family life are limited. Nevertheless, it’s evident that her family has played a critical role in her athletic journey, providing encouragement and support as she chased her soccer dreams.

Ellie is backed by a robust family network that has accompanied her throughout her professional football career. While the future is unpredictable, Australia boasts a gifted pool of right-back players, and if all goes according to plan, Ellie’s potential is boundless.

For more precise information about this champion’s family life, keep an eye out for updates. Follow along to learn more about this soccer star’s personal life.

Ellie Carpenter’s Father:

Growing up, the vivacious soccer star held a unique relationship with her family. The identity of Ellie Carpenter’s father remains undisclosed, keeping his details enigmatic.

It is known, however, that he was married to Belinda, Ellie’s mother, even though specific details about him are scarce.

Despite the dearth of explicit information concerning Ellie’s father, it’s apparent that he was a physical education instructor who inspired Ellie and her brother to live energetic and successful lives.

He also managed a farm in their hometown, Cowra, prior to their relocation to Sydney. Unfortunately, turmoil ensued in her parents’ marriage before Ellie reached the age of 12.

This marital discord culminated in a divorce, leaving a significant impact on the resplendent defensive soccer player. This situation served as an additional incentive for Ellie to depart Cowra for Sydney along with her mother and brother. Therefore, details regarding her father remain sparse.

Ellie Carpenter’s Mother – Belinda:

The delightful Australian footballer’s mother is known as Belinda. She, like Ellie’s father, was a physical education teacher. In spite of navigating through marital hardships, Belinda remained steadfast in nurturing her children, Ellie and Jeremy.

She consistently offered them the necessary support and motivation to lead vibrant and prosperous lives.

Belinda’s commitment to her children’s welfare is unmistakable, as she was entirely supportive of Ellie’s decision to leave school and dedicate her time fully to her football career.

Thanks to her mother’s unyielding backing, everything turned out favourably for Ellie, leading her to flourish in her footballing journey.

Ellie Carpenter Siblings:

The Australian football sensation has an elder brother named Jeremy, who is two years her senior. Similar to Ellie, Jeremy also demonstrated a keen interest in sports, signifying their shared passion for athleticism. His football pursuits took him across the globe to countries such as Japan and Portugal.

Growing up, Ellie and Jeremy displayed extraordinary athletic abilities. They partook in a diverse range of sports, encompassing cricket, tennis, Australian rules football, touch football, athletics, cross country, swimming, and water skiing.

Their parents, both physical education teachers, played instrumental roles in fostering and supporting their active engagement in numerous sports.

Although they eventually outgrew their birthplace of Cowra, they were primarily nurtured by their mother, Belinda.

In this regard, the early immersion of Ellie and Jeremy in sporting activities established the groundwork for their prosperous athletic careers. As of now, Ellie Carpenter is a well-known footballer, and her brother Jeremy has likewise achieved commendable success in soccer.

Ellie Carpenter Relatives:

Being a professional athlete, Ellie Carpenter has chosen to keep information regarding her extended family members confidential. This approach is primarily aimed at shielding her relatives from unnecessary public scrutiny.

Family, as it is for many Australians, is crucial to Ellie. It’s likely that her extended family consists of aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and possibly in-laws.

Despite this, only minimal details are publicly available about them, as Ellie has made a conscious effort to keep their personal lives private. This approach helps her ensure privacy and safeguard the well-being of her loved ones.

Untold Facts:

What you may not know is that Ellie Carpenter isn’t just a talented footballer, but also a two-time Olympian. During the 2016 Rio Games, she etched her name in history by becoming the youngest female footballer ever to compete in the Olympics.

What makes her story even more extraordinary is her ability to demonstrate exceptional talent on the global stage at such a tender age. Considering her return to the World Cup, it’s easy to overlook that she’s merely 22.

In this concluding segment of Ellie’s biography, we are going to reveal more intriguing facts that you might find enlightening. Primarily a defender, Ellie’s main responsibility on the pitch is to thwart attacks during matches and prevent the opposition from scoring goals. So, let’s delve in without further ado.

Ellie Carpenter’s Salary & Net Worth:

Ellie Carpenter, a renowned athlete in Australia, boasts a sizeable social media presence. Her fame has attracted major brands like Nike and VISA, providing her with sponsorship deals that garner an annual income of approximately $100,000 purely from endorsements!

Her extraordinary prowess in women’s football drew the attention of Olympique Lyonnais (OL), a club famous for recruiting top talents, offering her the chance to play alongside stars such as Lindsey Horan.

Under her current contract, Ellie commands a staggering yearly salary of $180,000, translating to around $15,000 per month. Her impressive skills and vital contributions to the team’s victories are highly appreciated.

Considering her various achievements and triumphs, it’s no surprise that Ellie Carpenter’s net worth has substantially increased. Based on our estimations, her net worth could range anywhere between $500,000 and $1,000,000! Truly, she shines both on and off the pitch.

Ellie Carpenter FIFA:

In the FIFA 23 game, Ellie Carpenter boasts an overall rating of 83 and holds the promise of reaching up to an impressive 89. Her abilities are highlighted with a 3-star skill moves rating, enabling her to perform flashy manoeuvres on the field. When it comes to goal scoring, she leans towards her right foot.

Ellie’s in-game work rates are classified as High / Low, implying she is exceedingly active during play but usually refrains from advancing too much during offensive play. Her in-game attributes mirror those of players like Alex Greenwood and fellow Australian star, Steph Catley.

Looking at her top stats depicted in the subsequent image, one can infer that she’s skilled in multiple areas of play, making her a crucial asset in the virtual football world!

Ellie Carpenter Religion:

As a Christian, it’s probable that the defender for Lyon’s from Australia engages in prayer and worship. Her religious practices likely extend to attending church services and getting involved in activities within the Christian community, reflecting the principles of faith, love, and service.

Furthermore, Ellie Carpenter might encounter unique hurdles and experiences as she strives to reconcile her faith with her sexual orientation.

Other Fascinating Facts about Ellie Carpenter:

Ellie Carpenter’s soccer proficiency is highly regarded, as evidenced by her inclusion in the IFFHS AFC Woman Team of the Decade (2011–2020). This distinction is a testament to her consistent talent and performance over the years.

Yet, her contribution to her country’s football doesn’t end there. Ellie has been a figurehead in Australian football since her time in the U17 and U20 teams. She diligently represented Australia, earning her status as a promising figure in the sport.

Summary EndNote:

Ellie Madison Carpenter, born on April 28, 2000, is a well-established Australian soccer player. A Baller who currently plays for the renowned French club, Olympique Lyonnais. She also represents the Australia national team as a defender.

Before her current position, she graced the fields of Western Sydney Wanderers. And Portland Thorns FC in the United States National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL).

In addition to these accomplishments, Carpenter was loaned to Melbourne City FC during the 2019-20 season, whilst still maintaining her place in the NWSL’s Portland Thorns FC.

Her professional football journey took off with Western Sydney Wanderers FC in September 2015. While there, she served as a remarkable player until she transitioned to Canberra United in August 2017. Here, Carpenter spent two successful years showcasing her skills on the field.

However, a significant stride in her career occurred in June 2020 when she joined the esteemed French club, Olympique Lyonnais. Since her inception into this new club, she has displayed her defensive skills and continuously contributed to the team’s success.

Given her youth and tremendous potential, it’s not far-fetched to predict her steady rise within the world soccer rankings. With her recent recovery from injury, Ellie Carpenter is sure to give a considerable boost. Especially to the Matildas’ World Cup prospects.

Being significantly younger than many of the top right-backs globally, this native of Cowra has already displayed a glimpse of an extraordinary talent that is yet to fully bloom.

Despite her occasional shortcomings, Carpenter remains one of the most enthralling full-backs in contemporary football. In the grand scheme of her career, Ellie Carpenter continues to make the Matildas show belief. In addition, making history as seen in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

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