Eduardo Camavinga Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

Our Biography of Eduardo Camavinga presents Facts about his Childhood Story, Parents – Sofia (Mother), Celestino (Father), Family Background, Early Life, Girlfriend/future wife, Lifestyle, and Personal Life.

In summary, our article portrays his life journey from his earliest days to his rise to fame.

As TheGuardian has reported, he was one of the most exciting teenage footballers in the world when he burst onto the scene.

Despite the praise, we realize that only a few individuals have read a concise version of Eduardo Camavinga’s life story. It is indeed inspiring, and without further delay, let’s dive in.

Eduardo Camavinga Childhood Story:

Nicknamed “Tacklevinga,” Eduardo Camavinga was born on November 10, 2002, to his mother, Sofia, and father, Celestino, in Miconge, a commune in Angola located in the province of Cabinda.

The French footballer is one of five children in his family. Upon closer inspection, it’s evident that Eduardo Camavinga shares a striking facial resemblance with one of his parents (his mother).

Family Origins:

The tough-tackling midfielder’s parents are originally from Congo but had migrated from Angola to France when he was just two years old.

Intriguingly, he holds citizenship in France, Angola (similar to Manuel Benson), and Congo, as his ancestral roots can be traced back to these countries.

Similar to Christopher Nkunku, Camavinga has Congolese heritage. Additionally, he shares Angolan family origins with footballers like Helder Costa, Nelson Semedo, and William Carvalho.

Growing-Up Years:

Upon arriving in France, Eduardo Camavinga’s parents initially settled in Lille before relocating to the commune of Fougeres, which is situated only 40 kilometers from Rennes.

In Fougeres, Camavinga grew up with his siblings—two brothers (Sebastio, Celio) and two sisters.

As a child in the commune, Eduardo wasn’t initially drawn to football. At the time, the youngster was more interested in the sport of Judo (like Jamal Musiala) until his mother encouraged him to focus on soccer due to the numerous items he broke while engaging in the martial art.

Family Background:

It’s important to note that the young midfielder didn’t experience extreme hardship during his childhood. Eduardo Camavinga’s family fell somewhere between lower and middle-class citizens.

In reality, they were the kind of family that hoped for an improvement in their living conditions and prayed against any unforeseen tragedy that could lead to poverty.

Eduardo Camavinga Biography – Start of Soccer Journey:

By the time little Tacklevinga turned 7, his mother had enrolled him in a local club, Drapeau de Fougères, where he took his first steps in professional football.

Little Tacklevinga has amusing memories of his first day of training with the club. In his words:



Early Years (Career):

During his days with Fougères, Eduardo honed the defensive skills that have become a trademark of his gameplay.

His prowess on the ball and distinct tackling style garnered admiration from both teammates and opponents.

When he got to the age of 11, Eduardo Camavinga’s parents released their blessing for him to try out for Rennes’ academy trials, which he successfully passed. This move set the stage for his journey to greatness. Let’s not forget that Rennes’ academy produced the likes of Lesley Ugochukwu and Mathys Tel.

Did you know?… Camavinga played at the same club where Blaise Matuidi and Ousmane Dembele developed their skills before achieving fame. His path would prove to be no different.

Eduardo Camavinga Bio – The Path to Fame:

Just as his mother, father, brothers, and sisters were beginning to relish his blossoming career, tragedy struck.

Did you know?… Camavinga’s time with the club had barely started when his family’s home burned down in 2013.

This devastating event was a massive setback for his immigrant parents, who were already striving to make a living.

During this difficult period, Camavinga’s father took him out of school to survey the remnants of their charred home, telling the 11-year-old:

“You are now the only hope of our family; it is up to you to lift us up.”

Determined to meet his family’s expectations, Camavinga experienced a remarkable rise through the ranks of Stade Rennais. In fact, the media took notice of him when he was only 16 years old.

When ESPN asked former Rennes player Hatem Ben Arfa to comment on the teenager’s talent, he enthusiastically replied:

“There is nothing he cannot do. He is strong in the air, can tackle and defend, provide assists, and score. The Central Midfielder is intelligent, elegant, and has a rare left foot.”

Eduardo Camavinga Biography – The Great Success Story:

In December 2018, the skilled dribbler signed his first professional contract with Les Rennais. To summarize his early success story, here are six youth records broken by Eduardo Camavinga, according to 90Min.

At 16 years, four months, and 27 days, Camavinga became the youngest player to feature for Rennes’ first team.
The talented left-footer became the youngest player to reach the 50-game mark with a Ligue 1 team since Basile Boli – at 17 years and 341 days.

The footballer from Miconge also became the youngest player to play for the French national team in more than half a century, breaking the record set by the Legendary Kylian Mbappe, who experienced his national team debut at 18 years and 3 months. Eduardo also achieved the rare honour of being the youngest goalscorer for the post-war French team.

Again, Eduardo became the first player born after the 1st of January 2002 to play a match in the five major European football leagues (France, Spain, England, Italy, and Germany).

And in the month of August 2019, Camavinga was voted the youngest Ligue 1 player of the month. At 16 years old, the Real Madrid central midfielder became the youngest winner in the history of this great individual honour.

At 17 years, 1 month, and five days, the youngster scored the first goal of his career, and thus Camavinga became the youngest goalscorer in the history of his club, Stade Rennais.

Finally, the strong left-footer broke the Guinness World Record for being the youngest player in football history to provide an assist in a Ligue 1 match.

At the time of writing Eduardo Camavinga’s biography, his career is still in its early stages, and there’s no limit to what he can achieve at Roazhon Park. Fast forward to seasons later, the Frenchman has become a bargain for Real Madrid.

At the time of updating this Bio, he has just become teammates with Arda Guler, the Turkish Messi. The rest, as they say, will be history.

Who is Eduardo Camavinga’s Girlfriend?

The young star continues to make fans proud by focusing solely on soccer. Luckily for him, followers of the French league aren’t too concerned about whether young talents have girlfriends.

However, having a girlfriend could make Camavinga more appealing to English fans, especially if he plans to play in the Premier League.

We recommend checking back here if you suspect the soccer star has entered a relationship.

Eduardo Camavinga Family Life:

Talents come and go, and football fields remain the same. However, this isn’t the case for family. Without the support of his family, Eduardo Camavinga’s emotional well-being could be at risk.

To understand their importance, let’s explore some facts about Eduardo Camavinga’s parents, as well as his siblings and relatives.

About Eduardo Camavinga’s Father:

Celestino is the name of Tacklevinga’s dad. Throughout much of the player’s childhood, he worked at a pig slaughterhouse in Saint-Brice-en-Coglès. Due to the demanding nature of his job, he sometimes didn’t sleep at home. Despite this, Celestino remained a hard worker.

He always made time for his family and believed in Camavinga’s potential to become the soccer star he is today.

About Eduardo Camavinga’s Mother:

Sofia is a dedicated homemaker. She is credited by the media for shifting Camavinga’s focus from Judo to soccer. If he had become a judo master, the football world would have missed out on his incredible performances. Today, both of Eduardo Camavinga’s parents enjoy the rewards of their hard work and dedication.

About Eduardo Camavinga’s Siblings:

The midfield star has four siblings, but only two are commonly known. These include his older brother Sebastio and younger brother Celio.

Like Camavinga, Sebastio was interested in Judo but eventually switched to football. He plays amateur soccer alongside Camavinga’s dad. Meanwhile, the identities of Eduardo’s other siblings, specifically his younger and older sisters, remain unknown.

About Eduardo Camavinga’s Relatives:

As of now, we haven’t come across any information about the player’s extended family members, such as his grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, or nieces and nephews. However, it’s possible that he might reveal more about his family connections in the future.

Personal Life:

There are certain qualities about Eduardo Camavinga’s personality that stand out, including his humility, focus, and maturity. He, like Khephren Thuram, the kid brother to Marcus Thuram, knows when to smile and when to maintain a serious demeanour.

In addition, Camavinga enjoys listening to music and often spends time playing video games with his brothers.


Humility is indeed one of Camavinga’s key personal traits, as demonstrated by his lifestyle. As of November 2020, he had a net worth of 500,000 Euros, but he still lived in his parents’ house.

Despite earning €12,000 weekly and €625,000 monthly, Camavinga doesn’t flaunt expensive cars or houses. This might be because he resides with his parents, who encourage him to concentrate on honing his skills rather than material possessions. So, it’s safe to say he is conservatively wealthy.

Eduardo Camavinga Facts:

As we conclude this engaging bio on Tacklevinga’s childhood story and biography, here are a few more facts about him.

Emir of Qatar Captivated by His Talent:

Eduardo Camavinga’s talent has not gone unnoticed by the owner of PSG. As reported by Footmercato via Leparisien, the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, is impressed by Camavinga’s prowess and has pledged to prepare PSG for a significant move in the 2021 summer transfer.

Eduardo Camavinga’s Religion:

Although Camavinga is known to be religious, he doesn’t openly share this aspect of his life on social media. Nevertheless, it is likely that he practices Christianity.

FIFA 2020 Ratings:

Eduardo Camavinga’s potential of 89 points surpasses that of N’Golo Kanté, who has 88 points. He is a complete midfielder like Ismael Bennacer. Also, one of the highest-rated young talents in the football simulation video game.


As France’s youngest goal scorer in over a century, Camavinga has undoubtedly established himself as a rising star in French football. Some fans even consider him superior to Paul Pogba.

Our biography of Eduardo Camavinga highlights how the “right” pressure can shape an individual into a diamond. This was evident in his reaction to the fire that destroyed his family’s home.

Eduardo Camavinga’s family members, particularly his father, helped him understand that he was the hope of their household. The young athlete has successfully lived up to these expectations.

We should also acknowledge Sofia and Celestino for providing a solid upbringing that now shines through his skills. Today, their son is proud of his versatility with France and Real Madrid.

At SoccerBiography, we pride ourselves on presenting accurate and fair childhood stories. In addition to Camavinga, we have numerous other European soccer stories for you to explore. The childhood stories of Benoit Badiashile and Mike Maignan may be of interest to you.

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