Edmond Tapsoba Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

Presenting an insight into Edmond Tapsoba’s Biography, this article covers crucial aspects of his early years, including his upbringing by his parents – Mr Gilbert Tapsoba (Ed’s Dad), Mrs Rachel Tapsoba (Ed’s Mum), his West African roots, Family Background, Love Life, etc.

This article introduces you to Edmond Tapsoba, covering his humble beginnings in Burkina Faso, his religious beliefs, education, etc. SoccerBiography will also look into Tapsoba’s lifestyle, personal life, earnings, zodiac sign, and net worth.

Our story of Edmond Tapsoba explains to you how a young talent from Burkina Faso aimed to lift his family out of poverty. Edmond was determined from a young age to support his family by using his football skills.


We start Edmond Tapsoba’s biography by exploring his early life and origins in Burkina Faso. We’ll share how he overcame challenges to pursue his football dreams.

Edmond has earned recognition for his skills. In 2021, he was picked for the best team of the Africa Cup of Nations. And in January 2020, he was named the best defender of the month in the Primeira Liga. His style is often compared to that of Jérome Boateng, a renowned centre-back.

Despite his success, Edmond’s story remains lesser known. So, we’ve crafted this engaging and motivational piece for you.

Edmond Tapsoba’s Early Years:

Known as “Eddy,” Edmond Faycal Tapsoba was born on February 2, 1999, in Ouagadougou to Gilbert and Rachel Tapsoba. He’s the eldest of five, with two brothers and two sisters, bringing joy to his parents’ lives.

Formative Years:

Edmond Tapsoba enjoyed a simple yet joyful childhood in Ouagadougou with his family. Despite living in modest conditions, their home was filled with laughter, shared with his two sisters and two younger brothers.

To Edmond, Ouagadougou was a vibrant place. Its streets might have been plain, but the lively and friendly atmosphere made it special. The close-knit community added warmth to their everyday lives.

In the Tapsoba household, love was valued over material wealth. They might not have had much, but the strong bond within the family made up for it. Edmond and his siblings spent their days playing and exploring together, creating cherished memories.

Life in their modest town came with its challenges, yet Edmond’s perspective was shaped by the love and support from his family. Even with limited food, mealtimes were filled with stories, laughter, and a sense of togetherness, making them feel rich in spirit.

Starting Football:

Interestingly, Edmond was the first in his family to pursue football. His journey began informally, playing with friends on the lively streets of Karpala, Burkina Faso’s capital neighbourhood. These bustling streets served as his initial playground.

Despite his humble beginnings, Edmond was conscious of his family’s financial needs from a young age. This awareness drove him to balance his passion for football with the need to support his family.

Edmond Tapsoba’s Family Life:

Growing up in Burkina Faso, a country with economic struggles, Edmond’s family faced financial hardships. His father worked as a chauffeur, and his mother managed a small business, contributing to the family’s income.

Despite these challenges, football offered Edmond a way to help his family financially. Starting with Salitas FC, where players were paid, he could make a tangible difference in his family’s life. This responsibility towards his family has driven Edmond, shaping his approach to life and football.

Edmond Tapsoba’s Roots:

Edmond Tapsoba was born and raised in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, with his parents likely being from the same city. Ouagadougou is known for landmarks like the Ouagadougou Cathedral and the National Museum of Burkina Faso, showcasing the city’s rich culture.

Ethnic Background:

Edmond is part of the Mossi ethnic group, the largest in Burkina Faso, and speaks Mòoré. Besides their native tongue, Mossi people also commonly speak French (The language spoken fluently by Simon Adingra and Ibrahim Sangare).


Given his family’s financial constraints, Edmond’s educational journey likely involved attending local public schools. Despite not pursuing formal education beyond primary school due to his focus on football, Edmond is fluent in Mòoré, French, and Portuguese, showcasing his linguistic skills.

Early Football Days:

Edmond’s football story began on Ouagadougou’s streets, where he played informally with friends and neighbours. Initially, his and his family’s understanding of football was more about enjoyment than a career path.

As he grew older, the realization that football could be more than just a hobby started to take hold. Unlike many professional players who start in academies, Edmond’s early years were spent enjoying the game in his community, laying the groundwork for his future in football without formal training or academy involvement.

Edmond Tapsoba’s Journey to Stardom:

Edmond Tapsoba began his serious football journey at age 12 with Salinas, known as Salimata et Taséré FC, in Ouagadougou. It was here that Edmond started his formal sports training. His talent soon started to pay off, not just in skill development but also financially, as he began earning stipends. Eddy used this income to support his family, marking the start of his professional journey.

In 2015/17, Edmond moved to US Ouagadougou, still within his hometown. This period also saw him receive a call-up to Burkina Faso’s national team for the African games, solidifying his status as a professional player.

Edmond’s Big Break:

Edmond’s career took a significant turn in 2018 when a visitor from Portugal recommended him to Portuguese clubs after watching him play. Though initially set to move to Belgium, fate led him to Portugal instead, where he joined Leixoes SC’s under-19 team. This move was a big step, marking his first time leaving Burkina Faso and being away from his family.

After some time at Leixoes, Edmond transferred to Vitória Guimarães SC B Division. His impressive performance in the B team, with ten goals in 30 games, earned him a promotion to the main squad in July 2019.

Bayer Leverkusen’s Acquisition:

Edmond’s breakthrough came when Bayer Leverkusen, under Xabi Alonso’s management, showed interest in him. On January 31, 2020, he signed with the German club for a significant fee, marking a new chapter in his career. He scored his first Bundesliga goal against FC Augsburg in February 2021, contributing to Leverkusen’s unbeaten streak against the team.

Edmond is recognized as one of Bayer Leverkusen’s key players, playing alongside notable teammates. His big wins include getting picked for the top team in the Africa Cup of Nations in 2021 and being the best defender of the month in the Primeira Liga in January 2020.

The rest, as we say, of the Bundeglisa sensation, a Baller who rose from the streets of Ouagadougou to international football fields, is forever history.

Relationship Status:

The Bayer Leverkusen star player is currently single and not in any known public relationship. This status allows him to focus more on his football career, dedicating time and energy to training, playing, and improving as an athlete without the distractions that can come with a relationship.

Personal Life Insights:

Off the field, Edmond enjoys a relaxed lifestyle, valuing time with friends at his home. He likes to keep things easy and enjoys the simple things in life, even with his busy sports schedule. Edmond also makes sure to stay fit for his job because he cares about being healthy.

The Burkina Faso Baller shares an Aquarius zodiac sign with footballers like Radu Dragusin, Spanish Abel Ruiz, Belgian Lois Openda and the German Niclas Fullkrug. It makes him a friendly and kind person, which helps him have good times with family and friends and be there for them when they need it.

Lifestyle Choices:

Despite his success, the Classy Centre-Back maintains a modest lifestyle, prioritizing family over extravagance. His humble beginnings have instilled a deep sense of responsibility towards his family, and he ensures their well-being with his football earnings. Even in the face of fame, Edmond’s simplicity highlights his grounded nature and family values.

Family Influence:

Edmond’s exceptional defensive skills and adaptability on the field are as much a product of his upbringing as his natural talent. His family’s support and the values they’ve instilled have been integral to his development and success. The principles of hard work, consistency, and dedication learned from his family resonate in his performances, making Edmond Tapsoba a talented footballer and a well-rounded individual shaped by his family’s influence.

About Edmond Tapsoba’s Father:

Edmond Tapsoba’s dad was a chauffeur for the mayor’s office. It was a steady job that helped support the family, including Edmond’s mom and their five kids. Supporting a family of seven on one income was challenging, but Tapsoba’s dad managed with determination.

Money was tight, so they had to be careful with spending. His dad’s job covered essentials like food, clothing, and school fees. He consistently worked hard to provide for the family, ensuring stability and care.

Edmond learned the value of hard work and making the most of what you have from his dad. He saw the effort it took to meet the family’s needs and learned the importance of responsibility and perseverance, shaping him into the focused individual he is today.

About Edmond Tapsoba’s Mother:

Edmond’s mom ran a small business from home, adding to the family’s income. Her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication were key in helping meet the family’s needs.

Her business was crucial in a large family, contributing to various expenses. Tapsoba’s mom balanced running her business with caring for the family, showing adaptability and hard work.


Edmond has four siblings, two brothers and two sisters, creating a lively and supportive family environment. Growing up with siblings likely offered him diverse experiences, contributing to his development and teaching him about teamwork and resilience, essential qualities in football.

Edmond Tapsoba’s Extended Family:

Edmond values his family’s privacy and doesn’t share details about his extended family. While it’s understood that he has a close connection with his family, the identities of his relatives remain private, highlighting his commitment to keeping his family life separate from his public football career.

Lesser Known Facts About Edmond Tapsoba:

This part reveals some lesser-known aspects of the ex-US Ouagadougou player’s life. Let’s dive into these facts without further ado.

Religious Context:

In Burkina Faso, most people follow Islam, but about 20% are Roman Catholic, with others following Protestantism or indigenous beliefs. Edmond’s name, with Hebrew/Christian origins meaning “protector” or “fortunate,” alongside a video of his family praying, hints at his possible Christian faith.


From humble beginnings, Edmond’s salary has seen a significant rise. Since joining Bayer Leverkusen in 2023, he has earned a weekly gross of €96,154, totalling €5,000,000 annually.

Wealth Comparison:

In Burkina Faso, the average salary is about 255.28 Euros per month. To match Edmond’s monthly earnings, an average Burkinabe would need to work for roughly 31.39 years.

FIFA Recognition:

Edmond was named the Player of the Month in January 2020, showcasing his defensive strengths with Bayer Leverkusen in the 2023/2024 season.  His FIFA game scores show how well he plays in real life. He has a score of 81 now and can reach up to 85 in the 2023 game. Lastly, Edmont’s defensive prowess is similar to that possessed by Malick Thiaw and Robin Le Normand.


Edmond Tapsoba, also called “Eddy,” was born on February 2, 1999, in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. The centre-back shares the same birth year with Calvin Bassey, Noa Lang, and Jean-Clair Todibo. The eldest of five children, his upbringing was modest but filled with love and support from his parents, Periko Alonso and his wife. Despite financial hardships, the warmth of his family and community made his childhood joyful.

Edmond’s passion for football began in the streets of Karpala, Ouagadougou. Without any family background in professional football, he saw the sport as a potential way to support his family. His football journey started casually but became more serious in his teens, leading him to formal training with Salitas FC at age 12. His performance there led to financial contributions to his family and a national team call-up in 2016.

A turning point in Edmond’s career came in 2018 when a Portuguese director noticed his talent, leading to opportunities in Portugal with Leixoes SC’s under-19 team. In January 2020, Edmond’s career took a significant leap when he signed with Bayer Leverkusen. He kept doing well, making his first goal in the Bundesliga in 2021 and getting chosen for the best team in the Africa Cup of Nations.


We thank you for exploring Edmond Tapsoba’s story with us. Your interest in our African football stories is greatly appreciated. Edmond’s biography is part of our collection of men’s football narratives. For more captivating stories, check out profiles of players like Oscar Bobb and Micah Hamilton, two of Mancity’s finest youngsters.

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