Dusan Vlahovic Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article, a deep-dive into Dusan Vlahovic’s biography, provides an insightful overview of his early years, upbringing by his parents who are Sladjana (Dusan’s Mum) and Miloš Vlahovic (his Dad), his family background, romantic life, financial status, and personal lifestyle.

Dusan Vlahovic is celebrated for his impressive soccer skills, standing out as a top player from the Balkans and one of the best forwards in Europe. This story traces his journey from his early life in Belgrade, Serbia, to his current fame.

Vlahovic has a sister named Andjela and a brother who is no longer with us. He’s also in a relationship with Mariasole Pollio, who many believe will be his wife. This biography sheds light on Vlahovic’s connections, way of life, and financial success.

The Journey Begins:

This biography aims to give a full picture of Vlahovic’s life, focusing on his path from a young talent to a celebrated soccer star. Despite his known success on the field, there’s much more to learn about his life’s story.

Early Years:

Dusan Vlahovic, also known as “The Serbian Ibrahimovic,” “DV9,” and “Duca,” was born to Sladjana and Miloš Vlahovic on January 28, 2000, in Belgrade. He grew up with his sister Andjela, cherishing their childhood memories together. From a young age, Vlahovic showed his support for the Partizan soccer club, a passion that was likely shared within his family, setting the foundation for his soccer career.

Dusan Vlahovic’s Family Life:

Dusan Vlahovic comes from a well-to-do family, living comfortably in the upper-middle class. His parents are down-to-earth people who have fostered a strong sense of understanding and support within the family. They made sure Dusan and his sister had access to the best opportunities life could offer.

Vlahovic’s upbringing was peaceful, coming after the tumultuous period of the Yugoslav Wars. Despite the family’s loss during this time, they remained united and supportive of each other’s dreams.

Even though there was an initial thought of Dusan pursuing a career in medicine, his parents, Sladjana and Miloš, respected his desire to try his hand at football first. Acknowledging his passion for the sport, they provided unwavering support for his football aspirations.

Roots in Belgrade:

Dusan is proudly Serbian, with both parents hailing from this southeastern European country. He traces his roots back to Belgrade, the historic capital of Serbia.

Belgrade, often referred to as the “White City,” is among the oldest cities in Europe, with a history stretching back over 7,000 years. It has been the capital since Yugoslavia was formed in 1918 and has seen significant rebuilding, especially after World War II.

Belgrade is known as “the White Fenix” because it has been a battleground for over 115 wars and has been destroyed and rebuilt 44 times throughout its history. The city’s resilience is notable, having endured both World Wars and a NATO bombing in 1999, during which James Blunt, the English singer known for the song “You’re Beautiful,” was involved as part of the NATO forces.

Overcoming Family Tragedy:

Dusan Vlahovic’s family has faced significant challenges, especially from the effects of war in the Balkans. Born in the year 2000, Dusan grew up amidst the aftermath of these conflicts. His family had to move homes multiple times for safety, starting from Metohija to Montenegro, in search of peace.

Tragically, Dusan’s older brother lost his life during the Bosnian War. To honour his brother’s memory, Dusan has a tattoo on his right hand, a personal tribute to a loved one lost too soon.

Pursuing Education:

Despite these hardships, Dusan continued his education. He shared in an interview that he was just like any other student, attending school and working to improve his grades. This dedication to education highlights his balanced approach to life, valuing his passion for football and the importance of a good education.

“Medicine is my choice, because if – God forbid – there is nothing from football, I have to have some school finished”.

Dusan Vlahovic’s journey into football wasn’t straightforward. His parents, while supportive, were cautious and had a backup plan in case his football career didn’t pan out. After Dusan finished primary school, there were discussions about going to college. However, his success in football meant that alternative plans were never needed.

Early Steps in Football:

Dusan’s football journey began when his parents enrolled him at the Altina football school in their Belgrade neighbourhood. This decision was based on a practical approach: let Dusan pursue his passion for football but with the safety net of a potential medical career if needed.

At the Altina school, also known as “Athens” of Zemun, Dusan stood out for his skills and leadership. At a young age, he was already playing with older kids and was soon made team captain, a testament to his influence and talent on the field.

Dusan’s commitment to football was all-encompassing. He dedicated himself to continuous improvement, which set him apart from his peers, many of whom were older.

Rising Through the Ranks:

Dusan’s talent shone brightly in local competitions, where he became a formidable player that goalkeepers dreaded facing. His powerful shots and exceptional skills in dribbling and long-range efforts made him a local sensation.

Since he was young, Dusan stood out on the soccer field because of his strong build and great skills. This made him a key player in games, winning him fans and showing signs of a bright future. He could get past other players easily and score goals from many places on the field.

Dusan Vlahovic: The Early Signs of a Future Star

In his early football days, Dusan Vlahovic already showed signs of becoming a standout player. Many noticed his physical presence on the field, often drawing comparisons to the legendary Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Dusan wasn’t just about football. He also trained in martial arts, mastering the horse stance, which contributed to his impressive physique and agility on the football field. This, along with his genetics and a healthy diet, helped him develop a strong body, much like his childhood idol, Ibrahimovic.

Dusan’s talent was undeniable at Altina Zemun, where he quickly became the academy’s shining star. His performances caught the attention of scouts from OFK Beograd, a more prominent academy, who were keen to bring him on board. Dusan’s success at Altina paved the way for his move, marking the beginning of his journey to the top.

A Fast Track to Professional Football:

Dusan’s stay at OFK Beograd was brief but impactful, as he soon joined one of the most prestigious clubs in the Balkans and Southeast Europe. His exceptional skills meant he couldn’t be confined to academy football for long. Shortly after a standout match, he was snapped up by a top Serbian club.

The Partizan Belgrade Chapter:

In early 2010, UEFA recognized Partizan Belgrade’s football academy as one of Europe’s best, comparable to Ajax Amsterdam’s standards. Dusan moved from Red Star to Partizan, a transition orchestrated by the club’s sports director, Pantaleo Corvino. Corvino, known for his knack for spotting and nurturing talent, played a crucial role in persuading Dusan’s parents to make the switch. His efforts added Dusan to the list of promising talents like Mateja Kezman, Alexander Mitrovic, and Luka Jovic, who all passed through Partizan’s ranks under his guidance.

Dusan Vlahovic: A Rising Star at Partizan

Dusan Vlahovic quickly stood out at Partizan, being named the most promising player along with Nikola Milenkovic. At just 15, he made history by signing his first professional contract, the youngest to do so at the club.

His transition to Partizan’s first team was swift. In February 2016, Vlahovic debuted in the Serbian SuperLiga against OFK Beograd, setting records as the youngest player to debut and score for Partizan. His impact was immediate, surpassing Aleksandar Mitrovic’s achievements by helping the team win the Serbian SuperLiga and two Serbian Cups.

The Move to Fiorentina:

Initially, Anderlecht showed keen interest in Vlahovic, and Arsenal even made a bid of 2 million euros, which Partizan turned down. Juventus also showed interest, but Vlahovic had his heart set on playing in Italy, aiming for a club that would support his growth.

Fiorentina won the race for his signature, signing him in 2017 for 2 million euros. Unfortunately, his arrival at Fiorentina was shadowed by the tragic death of Davide Astori, a sombre time for the club.

Making His Mark in Italy:

Upon turning 18, Vlahovic moved to Italy, ready to face the challenges of playing against tougher competition. His first major task was to lead Fiorentina’s youth team to victory in the Coppa Italia Primavera. Where he emerged as the top scorer, guiding his team to win the tournament.

Vlahovic’s performances led Fiorentina fans to draw comparisons with Gabriel Batistuta, one of the club’s all-time greats. Vlahovic expressed his admiration for Batistuta, revealing that he had studied all of Batistuta’s goals on YouTube, aspiring to emulate the legendary striker’s success.

Rising to Stardom as a Striker:

When Franck Ribery joined Fiorentina, Dusan Vlahovic found an excellent partner to help him score more goals. Along with Federico Chiesa, and with Ribery providing assists, Dusan’s goal tally significantly increased.

The 2020/2021 season was a breakthrough for Dusan, showing remarkable improvement in his movement and timing on the field. Inspired by the legendary Gabriel Batistuta, Vlahovic managed to score 21 goals in Serie A.

Dusan Vlahovic became known as one of the best forwards in the Italian League, right after stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Ciro Immobile. During the summer of 2020/2021, a lot of clubs were interested in him. There were talks that he might join a big team, and Manchester City was even thinking about him as another option instead of Harry Kane.

By the time this update was made, Vlahovic has teamed up well with Filip Kostic at Juventus, starting an exciting part of his football journey.

Personal Life and Relationships:

With fame came an increased interest in Dusan Vlahovic’s personal life, especially from the Italian press, who found it challenging to uncover details about his relationships.

Given Dusan’s good looks, it’s widely speculated that he’s not single, though he has managed to keep his private life well guarded.

For a time, rumours circulated that Dusan was dating Elena Kitić, the daughter of famous Bosnian singer Mile Kitić. However, these rumours were dispelled when Elena herself stated on her Instagram story that she was not in a relationship with Vlahovic, calming the media speculation.

“Don’t believe in fake news and let me live”.

Revealing the Mystery: Dusan Vlahovic’s Partner

After much speculation and denial of rumours linking him with various personalities, Dusan Vlahovic decided to set the record straight. He shared a photo revealing his true girlfriend, indicating she might be the one he plans to spend his life with. This gesture put to rest the rumours and gave fans a glimpse into his personal life, confirming that his partner is not Elena Kitić.

Who is Dusan Vlahovic’s Partner?

Following the revelation, there’s been much talk about the identity of Dusan’s girlfriend, with some suggesting her name might be Maria. In contrast, others believe she is Mariasole Pollio, a well-known social media influencer. Despite the uncertainty around her name, her prominence on social media is unmistakable.

A Glimpse into Dusan’s Personal Traits:

Dusan Vlahovic stands out for his great public speaking ability, which he’s had since he was young. In an interview with Mozzart Sport, he showed this when he started playing professional football. Dusan spoke with a lot of confidence and clarity, something you don’t often see in other young players. More or less even in more experienced athletes.

The Aquarius player shares a loving personality with athletes like Edmond Tapsoba, Radu Dragusin, Abel Ruiz and Lois Openda.

Vlahovic’s Lifestyle Choices:

Dusan Vlahovic’s choice to play football has made him famous and given him and his family a good life. But even with his success, Dusan lives simply. He dresses well but doesn’t show off a fancy lifestyle like you see in magazines. He keeps things simple, staying away from the fancy stuff that often comes with being famous. And the January MVP keeps his feet on the ground even though he’s becoming a big name in football.

Dusan Vlahovic’s Approach to Fame and Possessions:

Even though Dusan Vlahovic is doing well, he likes to keep his life private. Especially about things like the car he drives. He doesn’t share much about it and is usually seen riding in a car, not driving one.

The Foundation of Dusan’s Success: His Family

Dusan Vlahovic attributes much of his success to his family’s unwavering support and love. Which he considers one of his life’s greatest blessings.

Guidance from His Father:

Miloš Vlahović, Dusan’s father, has been instrumental in making pivotal decisions in Dusan’s career. As he was working closely with Dusan’s agents at the International Sports office. His wise counsel, including the decision to join Partizan over accepting a football scholarship at Red Star, has significantly contributed to Dusan’s career trajectory.

Support from His Mother:

Sladjana Vlahović is celebrated among the great mothers of the Balkans. She raised Dusan, making him the most valuable Serbian footballer born in the new millennium. Dusan’s deep affection for his mother is evident, and he considers her his lifelong pillar of support.

Bond with His Sister:

Dusan’s relationship with his sister, Andjela, is notably close. She has been a constant support since his early days in football. Her presence at his training sessions symbolizes their strong sibling bond.

Influence of His Grandparents:

Dusan also shares a special connection with his grandparents. He spent significant time with his grandfather and mourning the loss of his grandmother to the coronavirus.

Dusan Vlahovic: Beyond the Field

Dusan has expressed his views in the face of comparisons with the iconic Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Preferring not to be compared to the legendary Swedish striker. He believes in forging his path and identity in football, emphasizing his unique journey and aspirations.

“I never liked comparisons. Although that with Zlatan is a great honour for me.

It imposes a certain responsibility which can get me burned”.

Understanding Dusan Vlahovic’s Earnings:

Based on information from the SoFIFA website, Dusan Vlahovic is reported to earn approximately €38,000 euros per week. This salary reflects his value and contribution to his team, showcasing his status as a key player.

Dusan Vlahovic: The Rising Star with Untapped Potential

Despite being likened to football giants like Robert Lewandowski and Harry Kane for his impressive performance at ACF Fiorentina. Dusan Vlahovic’s FIFA rating stands at a surprising 81 points. Many fans and football enthusiasts argue that this does not accurately reflect his skill level and contributions on the field.

As of August 2021, when this biography was penned, Vlahovic is often seen as one of the most overlooked young talents in the global football arena.

Battling COVID-19: A Tough Journey:

Vlahovic faced a significant challenge early in the pandemic, becoming the first Serbian footballer to test positive for COVID-19. He endured a severe bout of the virus, requiring hospitalization near Lucca for nearly a month. While he eventually recovered, the virus tragically claimed the life of one of his beloved family members, his grandmother.

Aspiring to Play for Real Madrid:

Since he was little, Vlahovic has loved Partizan and Real Madrid, a love he shared with his family. He dreams of playing for Real Madrid one day and wants to be at the top of European football.

Faith and Football:

Dusan Vlahovic believes in Orthodox Christianity, which is a big part of the Christian religion in the East. Nevertheless, faith shapes how he lives and connects him with people who believe in the same things. And follow the same religious practices.

Reflecting on Dusan Vlahovic’s Journey:

Dusan Vlahovic’s story is a powerful testament to the power of self-belief and unwavering determination. From a young age, he recognized his potential and confidently carved his path in the football world.

BDusan Vlahovic was born to his mom, Sladjana Vlahović, and his dad, Miloš Vlahović. When he was young, a player named Mateja Kežman was famous in Serbian football. Today, many people in Serbia look up to Dusan just like people in England look up to Jude Bellingham and in Spain to Pedri.

A Note of Gratitude:

We thank you for joining us in exploring the life of one of Serbia’s most promising football talents of the new millennium. Our team at Soccer Biography is committed to delivering accurate and fair portrayals of Serbian footballers in our biographies.

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