Douglas Luiz Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

Our narrative on Douglas Luiz’s Biography takes you on a journey through significant moments of his life, starting with personal details about his upbringing, his family – notably his mother, Maria Soares, and father, Edmilson Soares. Discover about his siblings, Daniel, Devison, and Daniele, and his family’s roots. Also, we’ll provide insight into his romantic life with Alisha Debora Lehmann.

This biography of Brazil’s midfield prodigy reveals his family’s background, unique traditions, his connection to his hometown, educational background, beliefs, financial status, and a glimpse into his earnings.

Central to Douglas Luiz’s narrative is his early passion for football. In spite of the challenges, such as the violence in his locality, his commitment to the sport remained unshaken. With the support of his father, Edmilson, his aspirations in football were always encouraged.

Our tale touches upon the aspirations of a young Douglas. Before achieving his dreams, his daily prayer was to find wealth and betterment. And upon attaining his goals, he demonstrated immense gratitude by giving back to his community during its most challenging times, especially during the pandemic.


Our narrative unravels the captivating episodes from Douglas Luiz’s younger years. We will shed light on his initial steps in football with Vasco da Gama, and track the rise of this talented individual from Rio de Janeiro in the mesmerizing world of soccer.

As you immerse yourself in this biography, we aim to ignite your passion for life stories. This visual journey showcases Douglas Luiz’s evolution from his innocent childhood days to the pinnacle of his career.

Luiz is renowned for his commanding presence in the midfield, adept at navigating through players with exceptional skill. His maturity on the field is evident, placing him on a par with renowned footballers like Casemiro, Fabinho, and Bruno Guimaraes in competing for national positions.

Considering the plethora of Brazilian footballer stories we’ve narrated, we realized there was a knowledge gap. Not many are familiar with Douglas Luiz’s story. We crafted this biography to bridge that gap. Let’s dive in.

Douglas Luiz’s Early Life:

Commonly referred to as ‘Dougie’, Douglas Luiz Soares de Paulo graced the world on the 9th of May 1998. He was welcomed by his parents, Maria and Edmilson Soares, in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Hailing from a family of four children, it’s believed that Douglas holds a significant position among his siblings. To give a visual touch, here’s an image of Douglas Luiz’s parents, the duo who selflessly nurtured their beloved son.

Growing Up:

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Douglas’s childhood was centred in the Nova Holanda community in Complexo da Maré, a bustling part of the city.

Douglas shared a two-bedroom apartment with his family in Rio. Alongside his siblings – Daniel, Devison, and Daniele, their home resonated with warmth and joy. The trio of Luiz brothers often revelled in wearing matching outfits.

In his early days, Douglas’s siblings earnestly assisted their father, Edmilson, in his trade. Following their work in the bread-making industry, the siblings cherished their playtime. Even today, the Luiz siblings maintain a bond reminiscent of the iconic three musketeers.

Douglas Luiz’s Early Years in Football:

Brazil, the vast nation in South America, is renowned for its contribution to global football. Let’s dive deep into how Douglas Luiz, a native of this football-rich country, developed a passion for the sport.

Contrary to popular assumptions, football didn’t run in Douglas Luiz’s family lineage. Neither his grandfather nor father pursued a career in sports. However, the game became a bonding activity for the family. They cherished their football moments together, featuring Douglas, his father, brother, and even the family pet, indulging in a game.

From the early days, Edmilson Soares, Douglas’s father, recognized the budding talent in his son. With determination and effort, he sought avenues to nurture this potential. As we venture further into this biography, we’ll unveil the captivating football journey of this emerging Brazilian midfield maestro.

Douglas Luiz’s Family Insights:

Before we delve into the financial background of Douglas’s family, it’s essential to know more about his father’s profession. According to Netvasco, Edmilson Soares, fondly called ‘Mustache’, moved to Rio de Janeiro at the tender age of 18.

Edmilson ventured into the bakery business, owning establishments that produce and supply bread. From humble beginnings, he saved and invested in three bakeries in their hometown. But Mustache’s ambitions didn’t stop there; he expanded by procuring a truck and began supplying meat across the city.

In contrast, Douglas’s mother, Maria Soares, worked as a hairstylist. Together, the couple built a loving family, despite their financial constraints. Ensuring their four children never went hungry was a challenge, especially given the appetite of their three sons, Daniel, Douglas, and Davison.

The Luiz family initially resided in a modest two-bedroom apartment. Through their combined earnings from the bakery and hairdressing, they managed to provide for their family. This drive to better their living conditions was a constant source of inspiration for young Douglas, pushing him to strive for excellence, a determination that has borne fruit.

Douglas Luiz’s Ancestry:

The midfielder from Aston Villa proudly represents Brazil, hailing from the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro. Records indicate that Douglas Luiz’s lineage is deeply rooted in this iconic Brazilian city.

While his nationality is undeniably Brazilian, what about his ethnic background? Douglas identifies with the “pardo” ethnic category, which embodies a blend of European, Indigenous, and African heritages. This group boasts famous names like Angelo Gabriel, Deivid Washington, and Vitor Roque, among others.

Douglas Luiz’s Schooling:

Douglas’s educational journey took him to Romarinho school, located in Maré, a bustling neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro’s North Zone. It was here that his enthusiasm for football blossomed. The school’s competitive football environment fueled his ambition, setting him on a path to professional football.

Career Foundations:

Douglas began his football journey at the Olaria Soccer Academy alongside his older friend, Italo. Though he faced early rejection with Flamengo’s under-13 team, his unwavering spirit led him to Vasco da Gama, where he was welcomed aboard.

Journey in Football:

Douglas’s football expedition truly commenced when he became a part of Vasco da Gama’s youth setup in 2013, at just 14 years old. Founded initially for rowing and other athletic activities, Vasco da Gama is one of Rio de Janeiro’s clubs now competing at the forefront of Brazilian football in Brasileiro Serie A.

His impressive skills fast-tracked his rise to the senior squad in July 2016. That August, Douglas made his mark in the Brasileiro Serie B championship. With 25 appearances and three goals during the 2016/17 season, he caught the discerning eye of Manchester City’s coach, Pep Guardiola.

As a budding talent, the 19-year-old Douglas Luiz was in the company of notable players like Kevin De Bruyne and Ilkay Gundogan. Following his Manchester City acquisition, he was swiftly loaned to Spanish outfit Girona FC.

Behind this ascent lay his family’s unwavering support, despite the hurdles they faced. Want to know more? Read on.

Douglas Luiz’s Biography – Challenges to Stardom:

In an era when Douglas’s training sessions were paramount, their hometown faced turmoil due to clashes between gangs and the military police. Amid such life-threatening circumstances, his father’s determination ensured Douglas never skipped training, dreaming of a brighter, safer future for their family.

Though he enlisted with Manchester City, bureaucratic barriers in the form of a UK work permit denial prevented his debut. To navigate this, Douglas found himself back with Girona FC on loan. Such roadblocks can be heart-wrenching, but Douglas’s story took another turn.

The Stellar Ascent:

Douglas Luiz’s perseverance paid off when he obtained a work permit and officially signed with Aston Villa on August 7, 2019. Alongside him were notable additions like Tyrone Mings and Danny Drinkwater.

With a fresh start, he impressed many, most notably at the Toulon Tournament in 2019 where he was awarded the Best Player. Aston Villa, recognizing his talent, extended his contract even amid interest from clubs like Arsenal. Since then, Douglas has been shining at Villa Park since his arrival, and he is instrumental in many of Aston Villa’s triumphs.

On the International Stage:

Luiz has been a beacon of pride for Brazil. His contributions during the 2020 Summer Olympics saw him clinching a gold medal. He also made waves in 2019 at the Toulon tournament, receiving the Best Player accolade.

Douglas Luiz Soares de Paulo, with his commendable achievements, is often compared to footballers like Declan Rice and Romeo Lavia. As the narrative unfolds, it’s evident that Douglas’s legacy in football continues to grow.

Douglas Luiz’s Romantic Life:

While many budding footballers are engrossed in establishing their careers, not all find time to nurture romantic relationships during their early years in the limelight. But Douglas Luiz Soares de Paulo, the dazzling midfielder, is an exception. He has shared his affections with the beautiful Alisha Lehmann.

Born on January 21, 1999, in Switzerland, Alisha Debora Lehmann isn’t just a beauty but also a skilled footballer, representing Aston Villa’s women’s team. Her impressive profile includes featuring in the TV series “Britain’s Youngest Football Boss,” and she boasts the title of the most-followed female footballer on Instagram.

The Relationship’s End:

What seemed like a match made in football heaven, with both Douglas and Alisha donning the Aston Villa jerseys, faced an unexpected twist. Though their shared profession and camaraderie appeared perfect, they parted ways after a year. Reports, particularly from The Sun Newspaper, suggest a disagreement over a calendar led to their split, resulting in Alisha moving out to a teammate’s place.

Fans remain hopeful that this beloved pair will rekindle their relationship, but as the story goes, Douglas is currently single.

Inside the Life of Douglas:

Starting off, Douglas is a Taurus Personality. He joins the likes of persons who have a strong memory, a lot of patience and lives to give their all in everything they do. Taurus football personalities include Douglas Luiz, Johan Bakayoko, Sandro Tonali, Mathys Tel, and Kendry Paez.

Professional football is more than a sport; it’s a relentless pursuit of mastery that commands unparalleled dedication. There are several reasons why many footballers’ lives seem so entwined with their careers. The pressure to achieve their potential within a limited time frame, constant travels for matches, promotional activities, and more keep them perpetually on the go.

But Douglas is more than just a footballer. A lover of leisure and travel, he ensures to unwind and rejuvenate after the rigorous matches. Above all, the family holds a special place in his heart, reflecting his grounded nature.

Living the Dream:

From modest beginnings to the spotlight of international football, the shift in lifestyle and financial status can be overwhelming. But some, like Douglas, remain rooted in their values despite the fame.

Originally hailing from humble settings in Rio de Janeiro, Douglas’s rise in football has not made him forget his roots. His first significant paycheck saw him investing in a spacious home for his family in Pilares, near Norte Shopping, as reported by Netvasco.

In terms of luxury, Douglas boasts two impressive vehicles: a BMW and a Lamborghini. Although there’s no detailed look into his house in Birmingham, it’s presumed to be a reflection of his success. Despite his new-found affluence, Douglas remains true to the values ingrained during his upbringing, a testament to his genuine character.

Douglas Luiz’s Acts of Kindness:

Amidst the affluence and fame, Douglas Luiz has never lost sight of his roots and responsibilities. In the trying times of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, Douglas and his father, Edmilson Soares, reached out to their community, distributing essential supplies to their neighbours. Such gestures are reminiscent of Guglielmo Vicario‘s assistance to a Ukrainian mother and child. Indeed, compassion transcends monetary status, a virtue Douglas personifies.

Family Ties of Douglas Luiz:

Behind every successful footballer lies a tale of unwavering support from their family. Their achievements are not just individual milestones but are reflections of the sacrifices and love of their families.

Douglas Luiz hails from a close-knit family that has been his bedrock of support. Let’s delve deeper into the lives of those who’ve been instrumental in shaping his journey.

Douglas’s Pillar – His Father:

Edmilson Soares, fondly referred to as ‘Moustache’, has been a driving force in Douglas’s life. A former truck driver who tirelessly worked to provide for his family, Edmilson’s dedication to his son’s dreams is noteworthy. Despite facing challenges, including neighbourhood shootouts, he ensured nothing stood in the way of Douglas’s training sessions.

One memorable moment, as described by Netvasco, captures Edmilson shedding tears of joy as his son scored a goal – a culmination of their shared dreams and struggles. Today, he relishes his time in the grand residence, a gift from his grateful son.

Douglas’s Anchor – His Mother:

Being a mother is a lifelong commitment filled with challenges and joys. Douglas’s mother has been the nurturing force behind his upbringing, especially with the demanding task of raising three boys. The values of humility and respect instilled in them by their mother are evident in how they’ve turned out. Her dedication and discipline have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in Douglas’s journey.

Douglas’s Companions – His Brothers:

Growing up with siblings, especially brothers, adds a layer of joy and companionship to one’s childhood. Douglas was fortunate to have two – Davison and Daniel. These siblings not only shared playful memories but also acted as each other’s confidantes and pillars of strength. Though all shared a love for football, Daniel and Davison carved out their own career paths. Despite their varied professional choices, the bond among the brothers remains unbreakable, with frequent reunions that rekindle their cherished memories.

Douglas Luiz’s Sister Insights:

While much of the spotlight has been on Douglas and his two brothers, there’s another special member of the Luiz family: his sister, Daniele Luiz. Being the only female sibling among three brothers, it’s easy to imagine the affection and protection she received.

Growing up with Douglas and her other brothers, Daniele must have experienced typical sibling dynamics, from playful pranks to unconditional support against any external threats. Current information suggests that Daniele is now married and has a daughter.

Based on this, it’s plausible to believe she might be the eldest among the siblings. Regardless of the order, it’s evident that Daniele takes immense pride in Douglas’s achievements, often cheering him on during his matches.

Douglas Luiz’s Extended Family:

Hailing from Brazil, Douglas is part of a close-knit, extensive family. According to sources like NetVasco, whenever Douglas’s immediate family couldn’t assist, his relatives stepped in, ensuring he never missed training or other commitments. Their names might not be public, but their unwavering support and love for Douglas shine through.

Hidden Aspects of Douglas Luiz:

In this concluding section, we’ll delve into lesser-known facets of Douglas Luiz’s life.

Inked Memories:

A glance at Douglas’s physique reveals a canvas of stories. His tattoos are not just artistic expressions but are deeply personal, commemorating significant moments and people. Prominent among these are tattoos honouring his parents – “Mustache” for his father and another dedicated to his mother, Maria. Many athletes, including icons like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Lionel Messi, also embrace this form of self-expression.

Spiritual Beliefs – What is Douglas Luiz’s Religion?

Douglas’s spiritual beliefs have remained relatively private. While he hasn’t been vocal about his religious stance, some clues suggest he might lean towards Christianity. His name, “Douglas,” has Gaelic Christian roots, translating to “The Dark Waters.” Furthermore, his celebration of Christmas, a significant Christian holiday, hints at his possible religious inclination.

Douglas Luiz in FIFA:

The talent hailing from Rio de Janeiro has been acknowledged by the FIFA gaming franchise with a commendable 79% rating. Douglas’s precision in shots and innate flair have been recognized in his gaming avatar. Let’s delve deeper into the facets that define this midfielder, from his prowess to his limitations.

Closing Thoughts:

Born on May 9, 1998, in Rio de Janeiro to Edmilson Soares and Maria Soares, Douglas Luiz stands as a testament to ambition and determination. With roots in a middle-class family, Douglas represents the dreams of countless youngsters from favelas, proving that humble beginnings can give rise to greatness.

Douglas shares his family with three siblings: Daniele Luiz, Daniel Luiz, and Devison Luiz. It’s not clear if he’s the eldest or a middle child, but what’s certain is their close bond.

Football captivated Douglas from an early age, with legends like Pele igniting his passion. Recognizing his innate talent, Douglas’s father, Edmilson, sought avenues for his son’s potential.

This led Douglas to join Vasco da Gama’s academy in 2013. His rise was meteoric, soon catching the attention of Manchester City. Though bureaucratic challenges prevented him from showcasing his talent there, a subsequent stint at Girona FC and a transformative transfer to Aston Villa marked his trajectory.

Throughout his career, Douglas has garnered significant accolades, from being the best player in the Brazilian team in 2019 to receiving the Olympic medal.

His achievements also include being a part of the Campeonato Carioca Team of the Year 2017 and being the Supporter’s Player of the Season for 2022–23. Indeed, the Baller, at the time of writing, is regarded by Paul Merson as one of the most underrated players in the Premier League.

In his personal life, Douglas was once romantically linked to Alisha Lehmann, a fellow footballer at Aston Villa. The relationship ended after a disagreement over a calendar. As of this biography’s writing, Douglas remains single.


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