Denzel Dumfries Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article presents Denzel Dumfries’ Biography, telling you essential facts about his early years, upbringing, family background, including his parents, Boris and Marleen, and siblings Demelza, Daniëlle, and Donovan.

Furthermore, we will also touch upon details about Dumfries’ wife, Jaimy Kenswiel, as well as his uncles and cousins, Jahfarr Wilnis and Jason Wilnis. Additionally, we’ll give you a peek into his lifestyle and personal life.

In essence, this account will dissect the comprehensive journey of a tenacious Right-Back and an unstoppable force on the field who has risen to become a significant figure in European football. His football journey extends from his early childhood days to his current status as a global superstar.

To ignite your interest in the chronicle of Denzel Dumfries’ life, we’ve encapsulated his early years and road to success in a concise gallery. Here’s a brief overview of his life path.

Indeed, it is known that he, along with renowned figures like Memphis Depay, Donyell Malen, and Georginio Wijnaldum, were the stars of the show during the Euro 2020 group stages. Consequently, his performance attracted top European clubs who were keen to secure him.

However, we noticed that despite his achievements, few are familiar with the detailed account of Denzel Dumfries’ life. Therefore, we have taken on the task of bringing you his life story. Now, let’s dive in without further ado.

Inside Denzel Dumfries’ Childhood Years:

For those new to his biography, he is often called Denz, while his full name is Denzel Justus Morris Dumfries. This Dutch football star was born to his parents, Marleen and Boris Dumfries, on April 18, 1996, in the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Denzel holds the distinction of being the first son and second child in the Dumfries family. He is one among four siblings, specifically Demelza, himself, Daniëlle, and Donovan, who were born to his parents.

Growing up in Rotterdam:

For Denzel, his childhood years played a significant role in moulding his outlook and future ambitions. These formative years were spent in Rhoon, a quaint village in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Denzel cherishes fond memories of his early life, spent with his older sister, Demelza, younger sister, Daniëlle, and youngest brother, Donovan.

For any parent, treasuring and showcasing their children’s photographs once they’ve achieved great things in life is an immense joy. Many years ago, Denzel Dumfries’ parents made it a point to capture these cherished moments in family portraits.

The Unyielding Childhood Character:

Denzel was a distinctive child, setting him apart from his siblings. It wasn’t that he was problematic; on the contrary, he was beloved by all, including family and neighbors. The issue was, young Denzel found it challenging to sit still for even an hour.

Described by his sister, Demelza, as a restless child, Denzel was always up to something new. His energetic personality led her to give him the childhood nickname – Pietje Bell, inspired by a family adventure cartoon series.

NOTE: The Pietje Bell series of children’s novels depicts a young boy, not unlike Denzel Dumfries, who perpetually finds himself in some mischief.

Denzel Dumfries received his nickname from his older sister, Demelza, after an incident where he let the air out of her bicycle tires.

His father, Boris, remembers Denzel would always come home from school with a ball at his feet, demonstrating his early passion for the sport.

Keeping Denzel indoors felt like a punishment as he was an active child with an innate desire to be outside. One winter day, in an attempt to calm his restless energy, his father took him outside their home and locked the door for hours. But, surprisingly, the strategy didn’t work and was ultimately deemed a failed experiment.

Consulting a Doctor:

Due to Denzel’s distinct and peculiar behaviour, his parents decided it was necessary to seek medical advice. It was Denzel’s mother, Marleen Dumfries, who was most concerned that her son might be experiencing an unusual condition.

At the hospital, Marleen conveyed her worries about Denzel’s behaviour to the doctor. She suspected her son might have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) based on Marleen Dumfries’ own research.

After spending an hour in the doctor’s office, Denzel and his mother awaited the test results. Upon reading the contents of the report, they exchanged glances. Following a moment of silence, they couldn’t help but burst into laughter. The report, later discarded by Demelza, simply read:

“This is just Denzel. He is just the way he is.”

From that day forward, Marleen and the rest of the family embraced Denzel for who he was, optimistic that his peculiarities might diminish with age.

Background of Denzel Dumfries’ Family:

Boris and Marleen, Denzel’s parents, were hardworking individuals. Boris once held a managerial position (and now serves on the supervisory board) of a Dutch healthcare institution, while Marleen pursued a similar career path.

Operating a middle-class family, both of Denzel’s parents were industrious, making the most of their time, especially while at home with their children. However, their demanding jobs often kept them away from home.

Notably, Boris and Marleen didn’t raise Denzel and his siblings in a conventional Dutch manner. Instead, they emphasized an openness to their children about embracing their cultural heritage and gaining a deeper understanding of their ethnic background.

Denzel Dumfries’ Family Origins:

Denzel’s unique surname and complexion might lead one to wonder about his ancestral lineage. It’s important to clarify that despite his surname ‘Dumfries’ being a town in Scotland, Denzel’s grandparents are not Scottish.

In fact, Denzel’s heritage ties him to three different countries. His father hails from Aruba, an island located in the mid-south of the Caribbean Sea, similar to the maternal lineage of Jurrien Timber.

Meanwhile, Denzel’s mother, Marleen, is from Paramaribo, the capital city of Suriname, a small country situated on the northeastern coast of South America. Intriguingly, both of these nations use Dutch as their official language.

On his mother’s side, Denzel shares similar roots with several prominent figures in football, including Virgil van Dijk, Ki-Jana Hoever, Steven Bergwijn, Edgar Davies, Clearance Seedort, and the Great Patrick Kluivert.

Relocating to Paternal Origins (Aruba):

In 2006, Denzel’s family decided to move from the Netherlands to Aruba. His father, Boris, was the first to make the move to facilitate their transition. Here is a picture of Denzel’s mother, Marleen, and his younger brother, Donovan, during their time in Aruba.

After a year, however, the family decided to return to their home in Rhoon, the Netherlands. Denzel was particularly glad about this decision, primarily because it allowed him to focus on his passion – football.

Denzel Dumfries’ Education:

In school, Denzel’s energetic nature continued to pose challenges. He was frequently disruptive in class and prone to gallivanting with friends in the schoolyard.

Consequently, Marleen had to visit the school almost weekly to keep tabs on his behaviour. On some occasions, her visits were due to Denzel being sent out of class.

Encountering Mockery:

Despite his dedication to football, Denzel struggled to enhance his skills in the early days, much like Wout Weghorst. He faced difficulties passing trials for top football academies.

During a school activity where students were asked to share their future aspirations, Denzel was the only one who declared his ambition to become a professional footballer. This confession was met with laughter from his classmates.

One of those who laughed was Sean Verburg, a fellow soccer player. Verburg, now an adult, critiqued Denzel’s abilities, claiming:

“You’re not that great at all. I’ve watched you on the pitch several times. You lack technical skills for football.”

Verburg’s words, along with the mockery from his classmates, deeply hurt Denzel. It was then that he resolved to prove them wrong.

Denzel Dumfries Biography – Early Career Story:

After facing mockery, Denzel, like a wounded lion, threw himself even more fervently into the game. He believed that by focusing on his mentality, he could overcome his deficiencies in playing skills.

Denzel began his journey in academy football with Spartaan ’20, a local club near his home in Rotterdam. As he progressed, he moved on to VV Smitshoek’s youth academy, 11.6 km from Rotterdam. Initially, his parents would assist him with transport, but as he grew older, he began to rely on his bicycle.

At VV Smitshoek, there were many talented players, and amongst them, Denzel was the least skilled. Many doubted he would ever make it to the national team.

Denzel Dumfries Bio – The Path to Find Success:

Denzel’s transformation began under the mentorship of Rick Thape, a coach who noticed the youngster’s tenacity despite his lack of skills. Thape played a crucial role in helping Denzel develop not only as a footballer but also as a person.

With time, the energetic youngster became calm and focused. According to his sister Demelza, Denzel finally found his passion and identity in football. He was no longer seeking; he had found his peace.

Developing a Never Give Up Mentality:

Denzel’s commitment to the game was unwavering. No matter the weather conditions – heavy rain, high winds, or freezing cold, he would always cycle to his club, first to Smitshoek, and later to BVV Barendrecht, a more prestigious academy he joined in 2013.

His parents are a testament to his extraordinary dedication. Boris, his father, recalls a family vacation in Italy that had to be cut short because Denzel wanted to return home for football training at Barendrecht. His mother, Marleen, remembered telling him that there would certainly be other boys enjoying their holiday, but Denzel was unfazed. He was determined to get back to training.

Denzel’s relentless drive soon had people changing their minds about his potential. This was evident when he once played with a broken toe, all while wearing a big smile on his face.

According to his coach, Van Drunen, Denzel was committed to a healthy lifestyle. While his teammates indulged in junk food, he would opt for healthier options. When the others went partying, Denzel would stay back. His determination was undeniable.

Life at Sparta Rotterdam:

While it would have been expected for Denzel, being from Rotterdam, to end up in Feyenoord’s youth or senior squad, he instead joined Sparta Rotterdam in 2014 following his graduation from the football academy.

Here is Denzel Dumfries (now a man) with his family, celebrating the signing of his first professional contract with Sparta Rotterdam.

Denzel Dumfries Bio – The Rising to Football Fame:

Denzel’s move to Sparta Rotterdam proved fruitful. He quickly became a standout player at the club, helping them clinch the Eerste Divisie trophy, awarded to the best team in the second tier of Dutch football.

As the best talent in the division, Dumfries was given the Golden Bull award, the same award previously won by players like Dries Mertens in 2009 and Quincy Promes in 2013.

After the victory, Denzel felt ready for a new challenge. He accepted a transfer to SC Heerenveen, a top-division club located far from his home in Rotterdam, marking the first time he had left his family’s house.

Life at Heerenveen:

Denzel’s career blossomed rapidly at Heerenveen. His impressive jumping ability, reminiscent of Cristiano Ronaldo, attracted national attention. His crucial goals and defensive attributes earned him the League Player of the Year award.

Within two seasons, Dumfries had transformed from an amateur to one of the most talented players in the Dutch national team. In October 2018, to the delight of his family, he was called up to the Dutch national team by manager Ronald Koeman.

His performances caught the eye of PSV Eindhoven, and in June 2018, he signed a five-year contract with the club. His impact was immediate and profound, even ascending to the role of team captain. He was part of a successful PSV squad, including talented youngsters like Cody Gakpo.

Euro 2020 Rise:

Denzel established himself as the first-choice right-back for the national team at the Euro 2020 tournament. Many of the team’s attacks began and ended with him. Dumfries’ attributes and performances, alongside other standout players such as Nicolo Barella, Manuel Locatelli, Alessandro Bastoni, Francesco Acerbi, Patrik Schick, etc., gave the competition a huge boost.

As a rising star, Dumfries is poised to compete with the likes of Achraf Hakimi, Trent Alexander-Arnold, and Kyle Walker. He is considered one of the best right-backs in Holland, contributing to the country’s rich history of producing top-tier footballers.

Denzel Dumfries and Jaimy Kenswiel Love Life:

As of writing this biography, Denzel Dumfries is not married, but there is a significant woman in his life. Jaimy Kenswiel, his girlfriend and likely future wife, is a Dutch citizen from Rotterdam known for her beauty and charm.

Jaimy is a party planner and stylist and the owner and Chief Executive Officer of the webshop Four Thousand 4000, which sells men’s and women’s clothing. The couple has been together since 2015, when Denzel began his professional career at Sparta Rotterdam, and their love has only grown since then.

Jaimy has a close relationship with Denzel’s family, as evidenced in several social media photos where she is seen enjoying time with Demelza and Daniëlle, Denzel’s sisters.

Though not yet married, the couple welcomed a baby in 2020. They often share pictures on social media, appearing relaxed and happy as they enjoy life together.

Personality Facts:

Denzel Dumfries’ personal life reveals more intriguing aspects about him. He remains true to his roots and maintains the bustling energy that characterized his youth, as noted by his mother, Marleen.

Denzel is deeply devoted to his family and demonstrates a protective personality. According to his father, Boris, Denzel has always wanted to be the “man of the house.” Even when his parents were away, young Denzel would tell his sisters,

“Hey guys, Mummy and Daddy are away, so now I’m the oldest. And that means I’m the boss of the house.”

Despite the fact that his sister, Demelza, is older, Denzel took it upon himself to be the authority figure. The children were instructed not to open the door when their parents were away, and Denzel adhered strictly to this rule, often becoming upset if any of his siblings violated it.

This adherence to rules suggests a strong sense of responsibility, which extends to his role as an uncle. When his niece Neal was born, he took his new role seriously, promising to care for her.

Denzel Dumfries Lifestyle:

Denzel’s lifestyle is markedly unassuming and non-flashy. He doesn’t seem interested in the ostentatious aspects of a footballer’s lifestyle, such as luxurious clothing or flashy cars like Neymar. Instead, he appears to be a fan of Mercedes Benz for its comfort rather than its status symbol. His approach to life reflects a focus on what’s genuinely important, echoing his dedication to his family and his career.

Denzel Dumfries Family Life:

The success of Denzel Dumfries, especially his impressive performance at Euro 2020, has brought increased attention to his family. Here is some more information about his family members:

Denzel Dumfries’ Father – Boris Dumfries:

Boris Dumfries is a man of resilience and hard work. Like many Dutch working-class citizens, Boris worked tirelessly to support his family. Originally from Aruba, he is now a board member in a Dutch social care organization and has been working in the Netherlands’ social domain for many years.

Boris has always been a motivator and guide for his children. For Denzel’s 20th birthday, he and his wife gifted Denzel a statue meant to signify that Denzel had a long journey ahead, encouraging him to take steps towards his goals.

Denzel Dumfries’ Mother – Marleen Dumfries:

Marleen, two years younger than her husband Boris, is in her early 50s as of 2021. Marleen has managed to remain positive despite the challenges she faced raising Denzel. She shares a close bond with Denzel and is his confidante.

Denzel Dumfries’ Uncle – John Dumfries:

John Dumfries, the elder brother of Boris, has been an avid supporter of PSV since 1970. Born in Suriname, John moved to the Netherlands from Aruba in 1966. His passion for PSV played a role in Denzel’s decision to join the team in 2018.

Denzel Dumfries’ Cousins – Jahfarr Wilnis and Jason Wilnis:

Denzel’s cousins, Jahfarr and Jason Wilnis, have also found success in sports, specifically in kickboxing. Both have been crowned heavyweight and middleweight champions respectively.

Denzel Dumfries’ Siblings:

Donovan Dumfries, the youngest member of the family, is an upcoming footballer who is following in Denzel’s footsteps. Denzel’s older sister, Demelza, is a psychology graduate from Leiden University, South Holland. She is happily married and has a daughter named Neal. Danielle, three years younger than Denzel, is the third child and second daughter of Boris and Marleen.

Denzel Dumfries’ Relatives:

Beyond his immediate family, Denzel has extended family members in Aruba, including Joseph Dumfries, a well-known singer. Another relative is Samuel Dumfries, who is related to Denzel’s father, Boris. Samuel is known to be reserved and values his privacy.

Untold Facts:

In the final section, we will reveal some additional facts about Denzel Dumfries.

Honouring His Father’s Land:

Denzel Dumfries once played for Aruba, his father’s homeland, in a non-official international match. This speaks volumes about his connection to his roots. To provide some context, the average Dutch citizen earning €36,500 annually would need 27 years to earn Dumfries’ annual salary at PSV.

FIFA Profile:

Denzel Dumfries’ 2023 FIFA profile highlights that he is one of the world’s best footballers in terms of jump power and stamina. In many ways, Dumfries (who has qualities as seen in Malo Gusto) can be seen as an upgraded version of Serge Aurier.


Denzel Dumfries is a Christian. Unlike some players, such as Carlos Baca, Yerry Mina, and Keylor Navas, he does not often publicly display his faith.

In Conclusion:

Denzel Dumfries’ biography underscores the importance of persistence, determination, and consistency in achieving success, even over raw talent. From a young age, Dumfries kept a small notebook in which he charted his football career path, noting his goals, mistakes, and improvement plans.

His ambition, coupled with his determination and consistency, make for a formidable combination on the football pitch. Even now, he continues to write in that notebook about his future.

Dutch legends like Dennis Bergkamp and Robin van Persie would surely be proud to see the national team they left behind in such capable hands.

We thank Denzel Dumfries’ parents, siblings, and extended family for their support and guidance. Their patience, particularly during his childhood, has helped him grow and mature.


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