Deivid Washington Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This detailed article unveils a comprehensive Biography of Deivid Washington, delving into his formative years, early experiences, and familial ties, including his mother, Lúcia Elaine and father, Francisco Carlos Eugênio, as well as his background, marked by his sister Ana Júlia, and personal relationships.

In this thorough account, we explore Deivid’s roots, ethnicity, place of upbringing, educational journey, astrological influences, and more. Additionally, we shed light on the young Brazilian sensation’s personal traits, his way of life, financial achievements, and a detailed analysis of his earnings, including an insight into his income per second.

Summarily, this narrative unfolds Deivid Washington’s complete history. The tale begins in Itumbiara, with a starry-eyed youngster whose passion for football ignited when the iconic Pelé, whose memory is now cherished, extended an invitation for him to play in a Santos Football Club-organized match at his educational institution. That pivotal experience inspired Deivid to harbor the dream of representing Santos professionally.

This biography traces the remarkable path of a sportsman whose dad ventured significantly into his child’s future potential. Enduring a period of familial separation, Francisco resolutely opted to divest significant assets, including his home and farm equipment. His profound decision aimed at facilitating Deivid’s football ambitions at a pivotal juncture.


Our narrative of Deivid Washington’s life story commences with a focus on his memorable childhood moments in Itumbiara, followed by a recount of his initial professional strides with Grêmio and Santos. The culmination of our tale highlights how Francisco and Lúcia’s son ascended within the realm of football.

This biography aims to captivate your interest, offering an immersive experience as you traverse through Deivid Washington’s life story. Initiating this journey, our article tells the chronicle depicting his evolution from a bright child to a football star. Indeed, Deivid, whose namesake is the inaugural U.S. President, George Washington, has traversed an incredible path.

Recognized for his prowess on the field, Deivid thrives as a formidable finisher, epitomizing the essential characteristics of a classic striker. Similar to peers like Jhon Duran and Gabriel Veron, he masters the art of outmanoeuvring opponents, deftly handling confined areas, and performing intricate futsal-inspired manoeuvres.

In our continuous coverage of Brazilian strikers’ stories, we’ve pinpointed areas yet untouched. Many football admirers are still unfamiliar with the thrilling details of Deivid Washington’s life story. Motivated by our dedication to honouring football’s artistry, we’ve assembled this captivating biography. Now, let’s delve into the heart of this extraordinary journey.

Deivid Washington Childhood Story:

Known endearingly as “President,” Deivid Washington de Souza Eugênio emerged into this world on June 5, 2005, in Itumbiara, Brazil, where he was welcomed by his parents, Lúcia Elaine and Francisco Carlos Eugênio.

As a burgeoning talent from Brazil, Deivid Washington enjoys the status of being the cherished first child of his parents’ blissful union, with the family expanding to include a sister. Shifting our focus to the key figures in this adept player’s life, we meet Deivid Washington’s parents, Lúcia Elaine and Francisco Carlos. Their unwavering commitment and consequential decisions have profoundly signified their immense faith in Deivid’s talents.

Years of Youth:

During his childhood, Deivid Washington was accompanied by his sister, Ana Júlia, whose fondness for her elder brother was evident from their youngest years. A pillar of encouragement, Ana has continuously been there for him, strengthening their sibling bond. An enduring memory from their childhood is the siblings’ shared enjoyment of pool time, a practice that fortified their intimate familial ties.

Deivid Washington’s Initial Years:

From the tender age of two, Deivid’s path seemed predestined when he first interacted with a football at his Itumbiara residence. Progressing beyond his early years, young Deivid increasingly found himself engaged in soccer games, particularly with his school friends. A fateful moment arrived when Washington was given an opportunity by the late soccer legend Pele, who selected him for a local football game. That defining experience ignited a relentless passion within the young enthusiast.

Deivid Washington’s journey toward his professional football ambitions meant eschewing several typical childhood indulgences. His father acknowledged his exceptional dedication, pointing out that Deivid, even at a young age, willingly skipped common recreational activities like attending parties, which were popular among his age group. This level of commitment distinguished him, guiding his steadfast journey toward realizing his football dreams.

Deivid Washington Family Background:

Starting with the family’s patriarch, Francisco Carlos Eugênio, he earned a living as an operator of agricultural spraying machinery. His job required precise handling of technology to distribute treatments such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizers over agricultural lands. Through his expertise, he not only protected crops but also generated a reliable income to support his family’s livelihood.

Within the confines of the Washington household, the football legacy traces back to his mother, Lúcia Elaine. Known as the family’s linchpin, Lúcia was introduced to futsal, a variant of football, during her own childhood. Her passion for the game began in her youth while residing with her family in Itumbiara, located in the far south of Goiás, Brazil.

Remarkably, Lúcia Elaine, 41 years old at the point of this account, continues to actively participate in futsal, representing the Fênix team at Portuários. Her influence extends beyond nurturing Deivid’s football aptitude, as her daughter also possesses a natural flair for the sport, reflected in her futsal involvement, as previously mentioned in this narrative.

Although Deivid Washington’s football prowess is often attributed to his mother, it’s essential to recognize his father’s contribution to his athletic abilities. Investigations reveal that Francisco Carlos Eugênio, 45 years old during this profile, is credited for Deivid’s exceptional agility. Before transitioning to Brazil’s vital agricultural sector, Deivid Washington’s father carved out his path as an athlete.

Deivid Washington Family Origin:

While he shares his name with a former U.S. president, this Brazilian forward is not an American citizen. Deivid Washington’s lineage and birthplace affirm his exclusive Brazilian nationality, as documented by TransferMkt. This fact prompts a question regarding the exact Brazilian region from which the Chelsea striker originates.

The Washington family claims their roots in Itumbiara, a region in the southern reaches of Goiás, Brazil, known for its lush, agriculturally productive landscapes. This background connects seamlessly with the fact that Deivid Washington’s father is engaged in the agricultural sector.

Deivid Washington Ethnicity:

Identified as part of Brazil’s Pardo (Brown) ethnic group, Deivid represents a blend of African, European, and Indigenous Brazilian descent. This mixed heritage links him with other notable Brazilian footballers, such as Gabriel Martinelli, Neymar Jr., and Geyse Ferreira, who collectively exemplify the diverse cultural tapestry of Brazil.

Deivid Washington Education:

Originating from Itumbiara, Deivid’s educational journey reached its peak at the high school level. His former club, Santos, imposed a rigorous policy requiring all junior players to acquire high school diplomas before pursuing professional football careers. Adhering to this rule, Deivid met this educational benchmark before his move to Chelsea.

In Deivid’s family, balancing academics with other obligations is typical. This tradition continued with his sister, Ana Júlia, who took on the role of managing Deivid’s growing social media presence during her high school years. Her adept management helped expand his digital footprint, attracting an increasing number of supporters daily.

Deivid Washington’s Early Football Journey:

In an unexpected twist of fate, young Deivid’s life veered off the conventional trajectory of a small-town boy destined for farming. The significant shift occurred when Deivid’s father, Francisco Carlos Eugênio, received a transformative letter from a friend, extending an invitation for his son to participate in a football tryout at Grêmio. In 2014, an 8-year-old Deivid, flanked by his supportive family, set out for Rio Grande do Sul’s capital. It was there, amid soaring hopes, that he embarked on Grêmio’s tryouts, an event that would alter his life’s direction.

The budding footballer Deivid Washington initiated his professional aspirations at the impressionable age of 8, following his parents’ authorization to enrol their son in the renowned Brazilian club. After showcasing his skills in Grêmio’s trial, a young Deivid earned his place as a forward for his team in a subsequent tournament. His participation in the under-9 category was striking, as he clinched the position of leading goal scorer.

Recognizing his extraordinary prowess, the coaches at Grêmio tasked Deivid with playing in leagues with teammates several years older. Rather than sending him back to his hometown of Itumbiara, the club arranged for Deivid to stay in club-provided lodging or within Porto Alegre. Confronted with this development, Deivid’s family stepped in, precipitating a crucial decision by his father, Francisco Carlos Eugênio.

Deivid Washington’s Journey to Stardom:

Determined to keep the family united, Francisco decided they would settle in Porto Alegre, with Deivid’s mother, Lúcia Elaine, and sister, Ana Júlia, accompanying the young footballer. However, financial obligations necessitated Francisco’s periodic return to Goiás to continue his work, contributing to the family’s upkeep. These sporadic visits were a testament to his role as the family’s primary breadwinner in his profession as an agricultural sprayer operator.

Living apart from his family, sometimes for extended periods, proved emotionally taxing for Francisco. After enduring this separation, he reached a decisive crossroads, opting for a path few dare to tread. He liquidated his significant assets, including the family home and his agricultural machinery, effectively relinquishing his established way of life in Itumbiara. These proceeds funded his relocation to Porto Alegre, enabling him to stand firmly beside his family and champion his son’s burgeoning football career.

Francisco Carlos Eugênio’s monumental decision underscored his profound faith in Deivid’s talent, overshadowing any personal or professional ambitions he held for himself. Driven by the distress of familial separation and fortified by the capital from his asset sales, he committed to nurturing Deivid’s footballing journey, even if it meant exploring new economic opportunities. Nonetheless, his foremost commitment was ensuring familial solidarity while actively participating in his son’s athletic development.

The Family’s Challenges:

The transition, involving a nearly 23-hour, 1,834-kilometer journey from Itumbiara to Porto Alegre, imposed strenuous demands on the family. Despite spending three years in Porto Alegre, adapting to life in the southern capital of Rio Grande do Sul presented continuous challenges. The family grappled with the region’s distinct chill, a stark contrast to the warmer climes of Itumbiara. Deivid’s father, reflecting on the experience, emphasized the gradual nature of their adjustment, further complicated by the introverted disposition of the locals in the South, stating,

“The process of acclimatization was incremental; we found the southern populace to be rather introverted.”

Financial Challenges and Determination:

The initial phase of adapting to a new life was marked by a significant sacrifice for Deivid Washington’s family, entailing the sale of their ancestral home and Francisco’s agricultural tools, his principal means of financial support. This sacrifice, born out of Francisco’s inability to bear long-term separation from his loved ones, led to their relocation to Porto Alegre in Brazil’s southern region. However, the repercussions of abandoning their home and Francisco’s job began to weigh heavily on the family after three years.

While Deivid continued to excel on the pitch, a source of immense pride for his parents, their life away from the limelight was plagued by financial difficulties. The resources gathered from selling their property and machinery were dwindling, straining the family’s ability to meet everyday expenses. Yet, giving up was never considered. Driven by his commitment to Deivid’s future, Francisco remained on the lookout for viable employment opportunities to stabilize their situation. The ensuing segment recounts how a twist of fate improved the family’s circumstances.

Deivid Washington Biography – The Breakthrough:

Luck turned in their favour when a family acquaintance with ties in the football industry reached out to Francisco, recommending that Deivid audition for Santos, a club that resonated deeply with the family. It appeared destiny was presenting yet another opportunity for Francisco Carlos Eugênio and his loved ones.

The trials with Santos were a resounding success, as Deivid Washington left a strong impression. In an exhilarating development, he earned his place on the team, proudly signing his inaugural contract with the esteemed club, fulfilling a long-held family dream.

Embarking on a Dream: A radiant Deivid, clad in the iconic Santos uniform, gestures a symbolic call to his destiny, marking his auspicious induction into the legendary Brazilian club’s academy.

From his entry into Santos in 2016, at just 10 years old, Deivid Washington nurtured an ambition of climbing the professional echelons. Although his initial role as a right winger in the academy didn’t spark much enthusiasm, a tactical reassignment to the centre-forward position, succeeding his colleague Marcos Leonardo, rekindled his love for football.

Excelling as the spearhead of Santos’ junior offensive line, Deivid played a key role in securing the GOLD CUP 2018 title. He immortalized this victory by sharing the ecstatic moments with his digital audience, uploading a celebratory photo on Instagram on May 5, 2018. At the time of writing this Bio, the Star Forward joins other Brazilians like Bruno Guimaraes and Gabriel Jesus, Gabriel Martinelli, etc, who play their club football in England.

Probing Into Deivid Washington’s Personal Life:

As of October 2023, questions surrounding Deivid Washington’s romantic relationships remain speculative. While there’s chatter of a potentially serious relationship, his digital footprints, primarily focused on his professional achievements, provide no confirmation of any romantic ties. Much like his contemporaries, Antonio Silva, Hannibal Mejbri, and Mathys Tel, Deivid seems to prioritize his burgeoning football career, keeping his personal affairs under wraps.

Former Santos whiz Deivid Washington, whose name intriguingly echoes that of the inaugural U.S. president, is more than just a footballer. He embodies the belief that the pinnacle of success lies not merely in dreaming but in grasping the opportunities that make those dreams tangible. His journey to Santos, a club he idolized, epitomizes this ethos.

He maintains that continuous effort transcends temporary defeats. Originating from Itumbiara, he harbours an unshakeable faith that, with divine support, no obstacle is insurmountable.

Additionally, Deivid deeply respects the mentors and role models that dot his path, considering them his navigational beacons. One such figure is Neymar, whom he holds in high esteem. Reflecting on a memorable encounter with the soccer superstar, Deivid treasures the dual occasion when he debuted professionally and met Neymar, his long-admired idol. These intertwined dreams each represented significant landmarks in his promising journey.

Deivid Washington’s Off-the-Field Life:

Fascinatingly, when not on the pitch, the Brazilian striker Deivid Washington often relaxes by watching action and comedy movies. He humorously advocates for “Less terror!” in his film choices, acknowledging his own tendency to be easily scared.

Beyond the world of football, Deivid harbours a deep love for the ocean and enjoys spending quiet moments by the sea. One of his last documented sojourns to the seaside was captured in an April 2017 photograph, where he embraced the peaceful environment to refresh and recharge during his breaks from football.

Lúcia Elaine’s constant presence in Deivid’s life, celebrating his milestones from his early days in Itumbiara to significant career advancements, remains a cornerstone of his journey.

Insight into Deivid Washington’s Sister:

Ana Júlia, known for her introverted personality, once revealed her reluctance to play futsal due to her shyness. Nevertheless, she has redirected her skills, assuming an instrumental role in maintaining Deivid’s public persona, especially by managing his social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook. Despite a latent talent for futsal, Ana Júlia thrives behind the scenes, contributing to the exponential growth of Deivid’s online audience through her adept social media strategies.

The driving force behind the footballer’s expanding digital presence, Ana Júlia’s role is crucial. Regarding his social media activity, Deivid admitted his primary responsibility is making TikTok videos. Ana, detailing her tasks, shared:

“Deivid has numerous fan clubs. I engage with these communities by reposting and sharing his updates. I prefer not to interact directly with his audience since we receive countless messages. I believe it’s something Deivid himself should do, but he isn’t very active online.”

Ana’s dedication extends beyond digital realms, having accompanied Deivid at various Santos and Adidas marketing events since he was 12. As she approached her 18th birthday, she declined an opportunity to compete in the Copa A Tribuna for futsal, a decision her brother commented on, saying:

“She was invited, but chose not to participate in the Copa A Tribuna futsal tournament. She’s quite skillful in casual play with local kids, demonstrating good control and technique. She shields the ball like this, see (emulating her move), fends off the young players, handles the ball, and passes effectively.”

A Glimpse into Deivid Washington’s Family Circle:

In a post dated April 9, 2018, Ana Júlia, the steward of Deivid’s online presence, uploaded a picture of a convivial dinner gathering. Included in the photo were several individuals she referred to as close kin and family friends. These people, intimately familiar with Deivid’s dedication and the compromises made along his path to success, undoubtedly constitute his most fervent cheering section in Brazil.

The image symbolized a warm, communal meal with Deivid’s relatives and close associates, all acknowledging and commemorating the relentless effort and sacrifices underscoring his football triumphs.

Revealing Lesser-Known Details:

In this concluding segment of Deivid Washington’s biography, we are set to explore some lesser-known aspects of his life and career. Let’s delve right in.

Deivid Washington’s Potential in FIFA:

It’s a rarity in the football world to find a young talent who, even at just 18, demonstrates such comprehensive proficiency in the sport, a fact echoed by Deivid’s profile on SoFIFA. The image below captures an intriguing reality: aside from heading precision and, naturally, goalkeeping, the young Forward shows remarkable competence in all other areas of his game.

Reflecting on his impressive current form and future prospects, Deivid’s promising FIFA rating of 85 is thoroughly deserved. His career trajectory suggests that he is on course to challenge the likes of Vitor Roque and Joao Pedro for a spot in Brazil’s national squad in the foreseeable future.

Deivid Washington’s Earnings:

Upon signing his initial contract with Chelsea, “The President” agreed to a weekly wage of £7,000, translating to an annual salary of £364,560. This earning placed him among the lesser-paid players at the club during that period. Data from Capology indicated that his earnings were markedly lower compared to fellow strikers, with Armando Broja pocketing £40,000 and Nicolas Jackson receiving £65,000 weekly, demonstrating a considerable gap. Nonetheless, a £7,000 weekly salary is considered substantial for 18-year-old starters at Chelsea.

Assessing The President’s Wealth:

In the region where Deivid Washington was brought up, the average Brazilian earns approximately 103,000 BRL annually, based on the statistics from Salary Explorer. Intriguingly, someone with this income would need about 21 years and seven months to amass the R$2,230,982 that Deivid is expected to make in a year with Chelsea by 2023.

What is Deivid Washington’s Religion?

From their earliest days, Deivid and his sister, Ana Júlia, were immersed in the Catholic faith, thanks to the spiritual guidance of their parents, Lúcia and Francisco. As a result, Deivid’s identity as a Christian, specifically within the Catholic Church, is a significant aspect of his life. He often credits his achievements to celestial intervention, maintaining a firm belief in the Almighty’s role in his journey. In his public interactions, priority is always given to thanking the divine, followed by his family and supporters who have contributed to his success.

Concluding Remarks:

Emerging into the world under the sign of Gemini (similar to Eddie Nketiah), Deivid Washington, known affectionately as the “dreamy boy from Itumbiara,” began life as the progeny of Lúcia Elaine and Francisco Carlos Eugênio. His early years were shared with his sister, Ana Júlia, in a typical working-class Brazilian setting, sustained primarily by his father’s work in agricultural spraying.

Deivid’s initial foray into football occurred in his hometown of Itumbiara, nestled within Goiás. His natural flair for the game is often attributed to his mother’s lineage, while his quickness and agility are seen as legacies from his father, Francisco Carlos Eugênio.

Since childhood, Deivid nurtured a singular ambition: to ascend the ranks within professional football. This dream edged closer to reality following a recommendation from a family friend, which led to a pivotal trial at Grêmio. Displaying undeniable talent, he impressed the scouts, paving his path into the footballing arena.

Final Notes:

Upon securing his spot at Grêmio, the dynamics shifted for the Washington family to accommodate Deivid’s new journey. Lúcia Elaine dos Santos and Ana Júlia moved with him to Porto Alegre, leaving Francesco behind initially.

The separation proved challenging, prompting Francesco to take decisive action by selling their home and his farming apparatus to finance his move to Porto Alegre, thereby reuniting the family and solidifying his support for Deivid’s promising career.

Several years after settling in Southern Brazil, the family encountered economic hardships, complicating Francesco’s ability to sustain them.

However, luck was on their side when a recommendation from another acquaintance led Deivid to audition for Santos, a club with a history of cultivating iconic Brazilian players like Neymar, Pele, and Robinho. Deivid embraced the chance wholeheartedly, earning his stripes among the club’s up-and-coming talents.

Deivid’s impressive ascent at Santos didn’t go unnoticed, attracting the interest of major football clubs. Ultimately, it was Chelsea who acted decisively, ensuring his addition to their roster (via Livescore).

As this narrative draws to a close, anticipation brews among Chelsea enthusiasts, who eagerly await the fresh skillset that Deivid is poised to introduce to the team’s offensive line-up.

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