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In our detailed biography of David Raya, we bring you facts about his early life, his parents – mother and father, family background, siblings, romantic life – girlfriend (Tatiana Trouboul), relatives – grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and more.

This comprehensive account of David Raya’s life further delves into his roots, religious beliefs, educational background, ethnicity, and hometown. Also, SoccerBiography sheds light on his personal life, lifestyle, astrological sign, net worth, and salary.

In essence, we provide a comprehensive history of David Raya. Our biography charts the journey of an aspiring young boy who had an unusual journey to Arsenal. Raya began his footballing journey on the streets of Barcelona and progressed to represent Spain on an international stage.

Currently, he dominates the Premier League goalkeeping statistics in terms of shots on target faced and saved this season. Furthermore, he is highly rated for crosses claimed. Only a handful of goalkeepers in the league have had more ball touches than him.


Our take on David Raya’s biography kicks off by revealing notable events from his early years. We then delve into his ethnic roots and early career milestones. Lastly, we highlight his accomplishments and significant contributions as a Brentford player.

SoccerBiography hopes to satiate your curiosity for autobiographies as you explore David Raya’s life story. To give you a glimpse of his journey, we explain his entire football journey, from his initial soccer days to his move to Brentford in West London.

One of David Raya’s notable feats is completing 300 more passes than any other goalkeeper in the 2020–21 English Football League (EFL) Championship. A few seasons later, he began competing with top Premier League talents – the likes of Erling Haaland, Phil Foden and Kevin De Bruyne.

Despite our extensive research, there remain gaps in our knowledge of this Spanish athlete. As a result, only a handful of football enthusiasts are privy to an exhaustive version of David Raya’s intriguing biography. Now, without further delay, let’s proceed.

David Raya’s Early Life:

To start with the basics, his full name is David Raya Martín. He was born on September 15th, 1995, to his loving parents in Barcelona, Spain’s second-largest city.

Barcelona is one of the major cities on the Mediterranean Sea, nestled between the mouths of the Llobregat and Besòs rivers.

Raya was born on a beautiful Friday to his supportive parents. The talented athlete and his brother are the results of the happy union of his hardworking parents in northeastern Spain.

Next, let’s introduce you to David Raya’s parents. His mother and father, through their consistent encouragement and effort, were instrumental in ensuring their son realized his full potential.


Although born in bustling Barcelona, Spain, David Raya spent his developmental years in a smaller town called Pallejà. Growing up in Pallejà provided him with a unique upbringing shaped by the town’s quaint charm and its proximity to the vibrant city of Barcelona.

Raya was raised in the company of his parents and siblings. He was often surrounded by familiar faces, such as his grandparents and friendly neighbours. His community cultivated a sense of belonging and strong bonds among its inhabitants.

As a child, he partook in local events, like festivals or parades, which allowed interaction with people of all age groups. Additionally, he often spent his leisure time playing in the numerous parks, squares, and beaches dotted throughout the city.

As a young child, David Raya was a lively and outgoing child who loved playing Futsal, a football-based game. Futsal is played on a hard court, similar to a basketball court but smaller than a traditional football pitch.

This indoor sport caught David’s attention, and his passion for the game was evident to everyone, making him a well-liked and cherished member of his community.

Early Football Journey:

Raya’s initial foray into football took place close to his birthplace, Pallejà. His profound love for the sport was evident from his early years, and his subsequent journey reflects the crucial role that natural aptitude, relentless work, and determination play in realizing dreams.

Raya’s family, who were football enthusiasts, were instrumental in introducing him to the sport. He began playing football in local parks and streets with his friends, spending countless hours perfecting his skills.

His innate abilities as a goalkeeper started to shine, drawing the attention of his parents and coaches. Acknowledging his potential, they firmly encouraged him to follow his passion and eventually enrolled him in a local youth football club.

Raya’s performances at the youth level were noteworthy. His dedication to training and constant strive for improvement truly set him apart from his peers.

Professional football club scouts from across Spain started recognizing his talent, leading to opportunities for him to ascend to higher levels of football.

Family Background:

Born into a supportive and closely-knit family in Barcelona, Spain, Raya’s parents, who he holds in high esteem, were instrumental in cultivating his passion for football early on.

Though information about his parents’ occupations or names isn’t available, they provided the necessary encouragement and resources for him to follow his love for the sport. They noticed Raya’s talent and commitment and backed him throughout his journey.

Despite their modest circumstances and the demands of their jobs, they strove to help their son achieve his dreams.

David Raya’s Family Heritage:

Raya’s family lineage can be traced back to Spain, specifically his birthplace in Barcelona. As a professional Spanish footballer, it’s probable that Raya’s family has Spanish ancestry and a history linked to the nation.

Furthermore, as per Spanish naming conventions, his first surname, Raya, comes from his father’s side, while his second surname, Martin, likely originates from his mother’s or maternal family. This suggests a Spanish family heritage.

With Spain’s rich football history and Barcelona’s renowned football culture and fervent support for the sport, it’s clear why football holds a significant place in Raya’s life.

Originally a Roman city in medieval times, Barcelona was seen as the capital of Barcelona County. It boasts a rich cultural heritage and is currently an important cultural hub and tourist destination.

Essentially, David Raya Martín, also known as David Raya, is a European of Spanish nationality.

David Raya’s Ethnicity:

Being a Spanish footballer, Raya’s heritage is intrinsically Spanish, which represents the dominant ethnicity in Spain, thereby classifying him as Spanish or Hispanic.

While most of the population in Spain identifies as Spanish ethnically, there are significant regional variations and historical influences from other ethnic groups, such as the Basque, Catalan, Galician, and more.

However, given his origins in Barcelona, it’s plausible that David Raya belongs to the Catalan ethnic group in eastern Spain. He is fluent in Spanish and is also rapidly improving his English language skills.

David Raya’s Educational Background:

Pallejà provides educational facilities, inclusive of primary and secondary schools, where young learners receive a comprehensive education.

The town’s relatively small size often equates to smaller classrooms, leading to a more personalized learning experience and a close-knit relationship between teachers and students.

David Raya, an ambitious football aspirant, demonstrated unwavering commitment and single-minded concentration towards his sporting career. However, he ensured that his athletic pursuits did not compromise his higher education. Much like other gifted young footballers, balancing his education with football required considerable hard work.

Consequently, in his teenage years, he got enrolled in a dedicated sports academy or youth development program linked to a football club. These programs typically provide an amalgamation of academic learning and intensive football training and competition.

Career Progression:

From a tender age, David Raya nurtured his fondness for football. He would often spend countless hours in the park, playing football with his friends and dreaming of becoming a professional player.

His love for the sport was conspicuous from the outset. He would enthusiastically watch football games on television, analyze players’ manoeuvres, and idolize goalkeepers such as Victor Valdes, Pedro Jaro, and Iker Casillas. Again, David supported Real Madrid.

Raya’s parents observed his fervour and encouraged him to chase his dreams. Consequently, he joined a local youth football club, where his innate talent and commitment quickly drew the attention of the coaches.

Despite being one of the youngest team members, he never backed down from challenges or pushing his limits during practice sessions.

David’s goalkeeping abilities blossomed swiftly, and he soon became recognized for his quick reflexes and remarkable shot-stopping skills. Even at a young age, his self-assuredness and determination on the field were unparalleled.

David Raya’s Football Journey:

The athletic dynamo extensively played futsal in Spain during his younger years, which made him adept at handling the ball. (Futsal is a football variant played on a hard court similar to a basketball court, smaller than a traditional football field, primarily indoors.)

He was an exceptional character, brimming with confidence and vitality, which was infectious and positively influenced the team spirit.

As he climbed up the ranks, his performances started attracting the attention of scouts from various professional clubs in Spain.

He joined the youth academy of the esteemed club, UE Cornellà, which presented him with the opportunity to compete against some of the best young talents in the country. Subsequently, he moved to England, joining Blackburn Rovers on a scholarship in July 2012.

Raya attributes a significant part of his progress to Steven Drench, who mentored him for several years at the Blackburn Academy as a development goalkeeper coach.

His training involved a variety of sports, including football, golf, and head tennis, with a heavy emphasis on distribution practice, which was his forte.

Despite not fitting the typical goalkeeper stature of 6ft 4in or 6ft 5in, David has constantly battled against this stereotype. He had to cultivate more agility, power, and athleticism.

Departing from his family and friends, David seized the opportunity and joined the academy. It was a formidable adjustment, both in terms of football and personal life, but David’s passion and dedication steered him through the challenging times.

David Raya’s Biography – Journey to Fame:

Over time, the budding goalkeeper honed his skills and matured in his role. His performances in youth leagues caught the eye of several leading clubs in Spain and beyond.

Eventually, he signed his inaugural professional contract with a second-tier team, commencing his senior career with Blackburn Rovers. Alongside peers such as Jordan Pickford and Nick Pope, Raya’s development was fostered by his time at Southport.

Raya had his first senior experience during a four-month loan at Southport in the initial part of the 2014–15 season. His career ascent continued, and he eventually returned to Ewood Park in 2016, serving as Rovers’ secondary goalkeeper, standing next to Jason Steele.

Rovers’ demotion to League One at the conclusion of the 2016/17 football season led to Raya’s promotion as the club’s primary goalkeeper. He then made 47 appearances in the 2017/18 season, playing a crucial role in the club’s automatic promotion back to the Championship.

David Raya’s Path to Stardom:

On July 6th, 2019, he joined the Championship team Brentford, signing a four-year contract for an undisclosed amount. He witnessed an impressive performance during the first half of the 2019–20 season. He, David Ryler earned him a nomination for Goalkeeper of the Year at the 2020 London Football Awards.

Later, he signed a renewed four-year contract on October 2nd, 2020, concluding the 20-21 season with 16 clean sheets in league matches. This achievement placed him in joint possession of the EFL Golden Glove prize with Bartosz Białkowski.

Raya’s standout performances earned him recognition as one of English football’s most promising young goalkeepers. In 2021, his hard work and talent were rewarded with a debut for the Spanish national team.

His performances in the English Football League Championship were stellar, playing a vital role in Brentford’s playoff run. Furthermore, he and his team clinched the 2022/23 UEFA Nations League title.

Today, David Raya, who at the time of writing plays in Gabriel Martinelli‘s Gunners team, is considered one of Europe’s most promising goalkeepers. He is at the top of the Premier League goalkeeping stats for shots on target faced and saves this season. No other goalkeeper in the league has had more ball touches this season.

A standout aspect of his performance is his ability to catch balls that other goalkeepers would typically deflect.

David Raya Tatiana Trouboul Story:

While some footballers choose to marry or enter committed relationships early in their careers, others focus on their professional growth before settling down.

The demanding lifestyle of a professional footballer, with its rigorous training schedules, travel commitments, and media scrutiny, can pose unique challenges to sustaining relationships.

However, many footballers manage these challenges successfully, maintaining healthy marriages or long-term partnerships. The choice varies from player to player, depending on their personal decisions, values, and circumstances.

According to our research, the exciting footballer is not married. David Raya has also been quite private about his personal life. But with a girlfriend like Tatiana Trouboul, it wouldn’t take long to share his love life with the world.

More about David Raya’s Girlfriend – Tatiana Trouboul:

The personal relationships of footballers are usually considered private and may not always be in the public domain. However, for David Raya and Tatiana Trouboul, keeping their relationship a secret for a long proved difficult.

Tatiana Trouboul, the stunning partner of Brentford player David Raya, entered into a relationship with him in October 2021. They maintained their relationship’s privacy until June 2022.

The pair has a long-distance relationship, with Tatiana living in Barcelona, Spain, and David playing and residing in England. Tatiana Trouboul was born on July 17, 1995, and is the same age as David Raya.

Born in Barcelona, Spain, Tatiana celebrates her birthday under the zodiac sign of Cancer, suggesting a nurturing and emotional personality. Those born under the Cancer sign typically prioritize family and demonstrate loyalty.

Tatiana completed her schooling in Spain. Whether she continued her education after high school is yet to be confirmed.

Tatiana Trouboul’s Social Media Presence:

Having worked as a model and in a Barcelona nightclub, Tatiana Trouboul has amassed a sizable following on social media, notably on Instagram. She engages actively with around 8,000 followers on the platform.

Her posts frequently highlight her impressive physique through alluring photos. Tatiana Trouboul can be found on Instagram under the handle @t.trouboul.

Standing at a cool height of 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m) and weighing roughly 60 kg (132 lbs), Tatiana boasts brown hair and mesmerizing green eyes. She also sports several tattoos, indicative of her fondness for body art.

Based on the current information, it appears that Tatiana and Raya do not share any children. The pair might be waiting until after marriage to take that significant leap.


Football players, like anyone else, have hobbies and passions beyond their professional sport. As per observations, David Raya’s interests span across traveling, music, gaming, fashion, workouts, beer pong, and swimming.

Social media posts and interviews provide insights into his interests, lifestyle, and recreational activities. However, his primary passion remains football. In his youth, his preferred UEFA team was Liverpool.

He enjoys watching Luka Modrić and Messi on the field. Though he admires David de Gea, his all-time favourite goalkeeper is Iker Casillas.

If Raya weren’t a professional football player, he sees himself as a streamer, broadcasting live videos to an online audience. Additionally, video gaming is a hobby he pursues off the field, with “Escape from Tarkov” being his favourite game.

In FIFA gaming, he typically plays as PSG. His top film is “Law Abiding Citizen”. Furthermore, he enjoys collecting figurines from Pokémon, Dragon Ball, Marvel, and more. In the future, Raya aspires to travel the globe!

The skilled Spaniard cherishes spending quality time with his loved ones, including vacations, outings with friends, and attending special events. Much like his girlfriend, Tatiana Trouboul, he sports tattoos on his right hand, right thigh, and left hip.

Rest and recovery often take precedence to sustain his on-field performance. Raya promotes balanced nutrition for a healthy lifestyle. Standing at a height of 6 ft 1 in tall and maintaining a weight of 81 kg.

Similar to many football celebrities, the Sagittarius Zodiac sign bearer maintains an active social media presence to connect with his growing fan base. His verified Instagram @d.raya1 has over 75K followers.

David Raya’s Lifestyle:

As a professional footballer, Raya leads an extraordinary life characterized by focus and a systematic approach. His rigorous training, skills, childhood experiences, and tactical preparations have significantly shaped his lifestyle.

David Raya Martin ranks among the most promising and successful Spanish footballers. His remarkable achievements and pioneering feats have brought him substantial wealth from his labour.

Given his impact at Brentford, it wouldn’t be surprising to witness a significant surge in his earnings shortly. His wealth allows him luxuries like lavish homes, vacations, gourmet meals, and luxurious vehicles.

The dynamic athlete enjoys a luxury lifestyle in West London, England, and has a fondness for expensive cars.

While David hasn’t been seen driving in England, his earnings suggest that he could afford top-tier vehicles like The Porsche 911 GT3 PDK Clubsport coupe and perhaps more. It is conceivable that his garage houses a collection of exquisite cars.

David Raya’s Family Life:

Public information about David Raya’s family life is limited. However, it’s clear that his family has played a crucial part in his sporting career. Their support and encouragement have been integral to his professional journey.

Raya is backed by a family network that has significantly influenced his trajectory as a professional footballer. Stay tuned for more insights into the football champion’s family life.

David Raya’s Father – Mr. Raya:

Throughout his upbringing, the assured Spanish sportsman maintained a unique bond with his family. They often marked their presence at his matches, rooting for him from the stands, and providing constant support and encouragement.

Their involvement was pivotal in his growth as a player. Nevertheless, David concentrates on his professional career and opts to keep his private life away from the public eye. Therefore, his father’s name isn’t publicly known.

Still, it is known that he bears the family name, Raya. It is understandable that they might prefer to protect their privacy and separate their personal lives from their professional ones.

Thus, information concerning David Raya’s father, particularly his profession, is seldom accessible.

Intriguingly, Mr. Raya is known to enjoy watching and playing football. Family dinner gatherings are a frequent occurrence. Here’s a snapshot of David with his ever-encouraging father.

David Raya’s Mother – Mrs. Raya:

In Spanish football culture, familial support is vital. Numerous skilled players depend on their families for financial and emotional backing. Parents often make sacrifices, such as allocating time and resources, to help their children pursue their dreams in the sport.

David Raya’s mother exemplifies this. If there were any significant details about the Spanish player’s mother, they would be included in our story. However, Raya has effectively kept his mother’s details under wraps.

Judging by his full name, David Raya Martin, it can be inferred that his mother’s maiden name is Martin. She is, like him, a native of Spain.

His mother imparted the values of education, guidance, responsibility, and the importance of chasing his dreams. Here’s a photo of the charismatic player with his lovely mother.

David Raya’s Siblings:

Providing further information about the Brentford players’ siblings would be more feasible if specific details were available. Yet, Raya has successfully kept this aspect of his life discreet. Similarly, there are no known details about his brothers or sisters.

From his occasional social media posts, it appears he has a brother who has consistently supported him by attending most of his matches. They share a robust bond. Here’s a photo of a family outing with his brother and parents.

David Raya’s Relatives:

As a professional athlete, he has maintained a level of privacy concerning his extended family members, likely to protect his loved ones from undue public attention.

In the absence of specific information about David Raya’s relatives, it can be inferred, like most Spaniards, family relations are vital to him. Consequently, it is plausible that the competitive athlete has aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, nephews, nieces, and possibly in-laws.

However, very little has been documented about them. Nonetheless, a post from his social media reveals that his grandparents significantly influenced his career success, and he is determined not to let them down.

David Raya Facts:

The journey of the Brentford goalkeeper, from non-league Southport to being among the Premier League’s finest is truly inspirational.

As his contract drew to a close, David Raya was prepared to part ways with Brentford, attracting attention from clubs like Tottenham, Manchester, and several La Liga teams. However, the right decision was crucial.

In the final section of the global soccer star’s biography, we will unravel more facts you might not be aware of about the Sweeper-Keeper. So, let’s proceed without delay.

David Raya’s Salary & Net Worth:

Income in football varies substantially based on the players’ contracts, performance, and sponsorships. Being a professional goalkeeper, Raya’s income primarily depends on his agreement with his club, Brentford, alongside any endorsement contracts or financial arrangements.

Recognizing his talent and potential, Blackburn promptly secured his transfer from Spanish club Cornella, offering a humble sum of around £10,000.

In hindsight, the once modest sum paid for David’s services underscores the tremendous development and worth he has attained since.

As of May 2023, Brentford’s manager Thomas Frank values the team’s goalkeeper at £40m. Raya has undeniably been one of the top-performing goalkeepers in the Premier League for the 2022-23 season.

Moreover, David Raya signed a four-year agreement with Brentford F.C. Spotrac reports that the contract is valued at £5,200,000, with an average yearly wage of £1,300,000. Therefore, in 2023, Raya will earn a base salary, with a cap hit also of £1,300,000.

It is expected that the skilled goalkeeper will earn more in his next contract, particularly if Tottenham’s summer transfer plans materialize.

David Raya in FIFA:

His player ratings, attributes, and appearances in FIFA video games are revised yearly to mirror the real-world performance and form of the players.

Consequently, David Raya’s 2023 rating is 80. His potential stands at 82, and his strongest position is as the goalkeeper. He particularly favours shooting with his right foot. Raya has displayed excellent performance and consistency in his game.

His skills in Diving, Handling, Kicking, Positioning, and Goalkeeping Reflexes have been exceptional. Despite his excellent performance, there’s always scope for enhancement, particularly in areas like his balance and stamina.

David Raya’s Religion:

Primarily, Catholic Christianity is the predominant religion in Barcelona, Raya’s hometown. However, secularization plays a significant role, in sync with Spanish and broader Western European trends.

Regardless, David Raya remains firm in his belief system. Importantly, he, like Martin Odegaard and Bukayo Saka, was brought up as a Christian and continues to practice Christianity.

Summary Conclusion:

David Raya is a proficient football player, serving as a goalkeeper for Brentford F.C. Born on September 15, 1995, in Barcelona, Spain, to Spanish parents, he carries the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and practices Christianity. Raya was raised in Pallejà with his sibling and is a fervent Real Madrid supporter. Not married yet, he is betrothed to a Spanish model, Tatiana Trouboul.

His football voyage was initiated at the youth academy of Cornella. His talent was noticed during a trial at Blackburn Rovers, who immediately recruited him for a nominal amount, appreciating his enormous potential.

After making significant contributions to Blackburn Rovers for several years, Raya transferred to Brentford F.C. in 2019. He has continued to excel in his role as a goalkeeper.

Renowned for his quickness, shot-stopping prowess, and superb distribution skills, Raya has been pivotal in Brentford’s triumphs. Over the years, he has shown remarkable progress and aptitude, earning recognition for his steady performances.

His skills and commitment have led him to secure a substantial contract with Brentford F.C., underlining his significance to the team. As of 2023, Raya persists in dazzling and ardently strives to further his football career.

Remarkably, David Raya now stands among the most promising goalkeepers in European football. His impressive play could see him become a long-term successor to Hugo Lloris at Tottenham.

Ultimately, his journey from a young boy playing on Barcelona’s streets to representing his country at the highest level serves as an inspiration to budding footballers across the globe.

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