Coumba Sow Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article unveils the Biography of Coumba Sow, providing a deep dive into her Early Years, Childhood Story, Parents – Abdoulaye Sow (Father), Johanna Schmeitz (Mother), Family Life, Boyfriend, Siblings – Sister (Fatimata), Brother (Sileye), Cousin (Djibril Sow) Grandparents, and extended family.

This comprehensive account of Coumba Sow also sheds light on her Family Origin, Afro Swiss Heritage, Religious Affiliation, Hometown, and much more. In addition, we’ll delve into her Educational Background, Tattoo, Net Worth, Zodiac Sign, and Personal Details.

In short, this narrative provides a succinct synopsis of Coumba Sow’s complete history. This is the story of a burgeoning star whose father ignited her passion for football at the tender age of two. He devoted countless hours to playing football with Sow, honing her skills.

SoccerBiography recounts the journey of a female football player who was inseparable from her ball from the age of four. Indeed, she was frequently found with a ball even in their living room, which likely explains her progression to professional football.


Our rendition of Coumba Sow’s Biography commences by presenting pivotal incidents from her youth. We then highlight significant milestones from her early footballing days in Zurich.

SoccerBiography’s goal is to pique your interest in autobiographies as we immerse you in the life story of Coumba Sow.

Indeed, it is well known that Coumba Sow is one of the most admired footballers. She is also included in the prestigious roster of noteworthy personalities hailing from Switzerland. Moreover, she is the cousin of the Swiss professional footballer Djibril Sow.

While conducting our research on Women Soccer midfielders, SoccerBiography identified a lack of comprehensive knowledge. As it turns out, only a handful of football enthusiasts have read Coumba Sow’s complete biography.

Owing to our enduring passion for Swiss football, we have compiled her life story. So let’s dive straight into the saga of this illustrious Zurich native.

Coumba Sow Childhood Story:

For those new to this biography, Coumba Sow is affectionately known as “Ronaldinha”. This nickname was inspired by her idol (Ronaldinho) as she used to sport a headband like him and shared a similar dental feature. The footballer’s full name is Coumba Louisa Sow.

Coumba Sow was born on a noteworthy Saturday, the 27th of August 1994, to her loving parents – Johanna Schmeitz (Mother) and Abdoulaye Sow (Father).

The former Paris F.C. midfielder hails from the town of Zurich in Switzerland, often referred to as “Zurichsee” or “Lake Zurich” in English. This city is located at the northwestern tip of the lake.

Coumba Sow has three siblings, Nayah Sow, Fatimata Sow, and a brother (Sileye). Tragically, her elder sister Nayah has passed away. However, she and her two other siblings were born from the joyful union between their caring parents, Abdoulaye Sow and Johanna Schmitz.

Let’s now introduce you to the players’ parents. Johanna Schmeitz, her mother, and Abdoulaye Sow, her father. These individuals played a crucial role in their daughter achieving her full potential through their unwavering support.

Years of Growth:

Coumba Sow spent her childhood in Oerlikikon, Zurich, alongside her late elder sister, younger sister, and younger brother. All the siblings were brought up in a locality north of Zurich, Switzerland.

The young athlete was nurtured in a loving environment with care and affection from her parents and older sister. From a tender age, Sow demonstrated a deep-rooted passion for football. Her parents, particularly her father, were her pillars of strength during her early years.

Sow considers her father not only a guide but also a dear friend. Abdoulaye devoted countless hours to play football with his daughter each day, enabling her to refine her skills and learn a few tricks of the sport.

Coumba Sow’s Early Days:

Born in Zurich, Coumba’s tryst with football began at a tender age of four. It was a common sight to see her inseparable from a football – whether it was at home, even in the living room, or outside. Coumba’s closeness to the sport was evident early on, indicating that it would eventually become a significant part of her life.

Coumba shared a unique bond with her younger cousin, Djibril. They were the only two in their family who harboured the same fervor for football. The duo would frequently be seen playing football in their family’s backyard. From a young age, Sow aspired to carve out a professional career in football.

An ardent fan of Ronaldinho, she religiously watched the “Joga bonito” series and made continuous efforts to perfect all the moves. Given that her father introduced her to football at age two, it’s unsurprising that Coumba and her father share a close relationship.

Background of Coumba Sow’s Family:

Coumba Sow, the Swiss midfielder, spent her childhood in Oerlikon, a locality in Zurich known for housing several prominent corporations. The naming of this district was influenced by the Oerlikon Group, an engineering and technology company.

Based on our research, it appears that Coumba Sow hails from a middle-class family. While the exact nature of her parents’ occupations remains unknown, it is clear that they provided a stable background.

In an interview, the footballer expressed gratitude towards her parents for their unwavering support and for providing everything she needed. Her siblings also played a crucial role by offering her the emotional support necessary to pursue her dreams.

Origins of Coumba Sow’s Family:

While her Swiss nationality is well known, her African ancestry is prominently visible in her appearance. Her mother, Johanna Schmeitz, is originally from the Netherlands. On her father’s side (Abdoulaye Sow), she has Senegalese lineage.

To delve deeper into Sow’s African roots, we undertook extensive research into her Senegalese background. Our research indicates that the Swiss midfielder traces her roots back to Malika-Mer, Dakar, Senegal. Abdoulaye Sow, Coumba’s father, is a native of the town of Malika-Mer in northeastern Senegal.

Like several other players with African origins such as Simi Awujo, Sura Yekka, and Asisat Oshoala, Coumba Sow is also part of this diverse group. While Awujo has Nigerian roots, Yekka’s father hails from Uganda.

Ethnicity of Coumba Sow:

Through her mother, Johanna Schmeitz, the footballer is linked to the Dutch ethnic group. Furthermore, her father, Abdoulaye Sow, connects her to the Afro-Swiss ethnic community.

Given these facts, it’s safe to infer that Coumba Sow’s upbringing in Switzerland was enriched by a multicultural environment. Her African lineage, in fact, would have qualified her to be enlisted as a player for the Senegalese women’s team, before she was called up by Switzerland.

Educational Journey of Coumba Sow:

When the appropriate time arrived, Coumba’s parents ensured that she received a formal education. Coumba and her cousin were enrolled in Sihlfeld Elementary School in Zurich, where they showcased their aptitude in both football and tennis. In her primary school, Coumba made a name for herself playing for the boys’ team.

Following her early education in Zurich’s local high school, Coumba embarked on an overseas journey to the USA, enrolling in Monroe Community College. Here, she successfully balanced her academics and football over a two-year stint. After graduating from college, she joined Oklahoma State University in 2016.

In Oklahoma, Coumba became part of the State Cowgirls team. However, her journey hit a speedbump as she suffered a cruciate ligament rupture after just two games. Despite this setback, she effectively balanced her academics and football career.

The Journey Towards a Career:

Despite her interest in other sports like tennis, football was always Coumba’s first love. Her passion for the sport was visible in her neighbourhood of Oerlikon, where she would often be spotted playing football.

Coumba kickstarted her football career playing street games with her cousin and other local boys. From a young age, her exceptional skills were noticeable. Her neighbourhood holds a special place in her heart, as it’s where she honed her skills alongside her peers.

Her father has been an enduring inspiration and friend for Coumba. It was he who first introduced her to the world of football when she was two. Their bond strengthened over time, with her father becoming a vital mentor and critic, always admiring her prowess on the field.

The Football Journey of Coumba Sow:

Coumba took her first steps in professional football relatively late, having begun on the streets. She admits that her father was initially against the idea of her playing club football. She didn’t join SV Hong Kong until she was around 12, with the streets having been her training ground until then.

After school hours, she would play for hours with her friends in Zurich’s District 11 in Oerlikon. This is where her technical skills and development truly took shape. She was occasionally joined by the Rodriguez brothers and Nzuzi Toko, other budding professional footballers.

Whenever she visits her hometown, she still enjoys a kick-about with her old friends. All her technical prowess, she asserts, was learned on the streets, which made her mentally and physically robust and more comfortable with the ball. In times of stress, she always turns to football.

The Fame Journey in Coumba Sow’s Bio:

Coumba started her club football career at the age of 12 with SV Höngg. After two years, she switched to FC Zurich’s youth team. Coumba balanced her high school education while honing her football skills.

Subsequently, she moved to the USA and played for Monroe Community College for two years. In 2016, she committed to play for Oklahoma State Cowgirls for two seasons.

However, an unfortunate cruciate ligament injury during a practice session after Oklahoma’s first two games made her miss the entire 2016 season. The injury was a turning point in Sow’s mindset, making her realize that her focus had to be football, without any distractions.

Coumba Sow Biography – Path to Stardom:

In 2018, Sow returned to her homeland, Switzerland, where she balanced her time between playing for FC Zurich and working part-time at a childcare centre. That same year marked her first appearance for the national team. By the following year, she had successfully transferred to FC Paris, one of the leading teams in France.

Fondly known as “Ronaldinha” in Oerlikon due to her missing teeth, Sow steadily evolved into a professional. Her development hasn’t ceased and she continues to improve her skills. Despite already being in the public eye, she is committed to further growth.

In January 2023, Sow signed a contract with Servette FC Chenois Feminin in Switzerland, which was set to last until the end of the current season.

International Career Achievements:

Sow made her debut for the national team on November 13, 2018, during the World Cup qualification match against the Netherlands, held in Sheffield.

Coach Nils Nielsen commended Coumba as a remarkable player and an equally impressive individual. She has consistently excelled in football and continues to improve with every game. As revealed by FIFA, football gives her the strength to push boundaries.

As an official FC Zurich player, Sow also participated in the 2022 European Women’s Football Championship. She initiated all three group games for the Swiss women. However, after the first round, Switzerland was ousted from the tournament.

For the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, the team of Switzerland have enough fire-power thanks to the presence of Coumba Sow.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Who is Coumba Sow’s Husband?

Our research suggests that Coumba Sow currently does not have a partner. She is likely single and has never been engaged.

As of January 12, 2023, there is no evidence of Sow being in a romantic relationship. There are also no known records of her past relationships. To date, she has never been married and does not have children.

Beyond Football:

While football is her primary focus, Coumba engages in a multitude of other activities. In addition to playing various other sports from a young age, such as tennis and swimming, she also worked in a childcare centre in Zurich.

Like many Swiss citizens, Sow enjoys activities like swimming, vacationing, and nature exploration. The tactical midfielder enjoys watching football and spending quality time with her family to alleviate career-induced stress.

Sow, like fellow footballers Sam Kerr, Ella Toone, Pape Matar Sarr and Julia Grosso, shares the Virgo zodiac sign. Known for their meticulous attention to detail and strong sense of humanity, she is loyal, analytical, compassionate, and hardworking.


When it comes to her lifestyle, Sow is not one to indulge in extravagant displays. Unlike some, she doesn’t boast about her wealth or share images of luxury items like expensive cars, homes, watches, or designer outfits on social media. She embraces a modest lifestyle, focusing more on her passion for football.

Family Life of Coumba Sow:

The exceptional achievements of Coumba Sow in her professional career can be traced back to the unflinching support and encouragement of her family. Their steadfast belief in her abilities and potential has been instrumental in molding her into the remarkable individual she is today.

Sow remains thankful for the guidance of her parents and other family members, whose valuable insights and support have imbued her upbringing with purpose. Let’s delve deeper into the dynamics of the Swiss athlete’s family.

Coumba Sow’s Father – Abdoulaye Sow:

Abdoulaye Sow has not only been Coumba’s initial coach but also her biggest cheerleader. Beyond providing constructive criticism, he has instilled in her the virtues of resilience, competitiveness, and perseverance. His fervent cheering from the sidelines and comforting presence in her moments of defeat have been integral to her journey.

Abdoulaye was the one who introduced two-year-old Coumba to football. He consistently urged her to pursue her dreams, regardless of how daunting they may have appeared. When she embarked on her football career, it was Abdoulaye who dedicated countless hours to her practice sessions.

Coumba credits her father as her pillar, her guide, and her inspiration. She is confident that wherever her football path may lead, her father will be there, brimming with pride and providing encouragement every step of the way. He also keeps up with her games on television and stays in touch regularly.

Coumba Sow’s Mother – Johanna Schmeitz:

Research indicates that Coumba constantly cites her mother as a source of profound motivation and support. When Coumba suffered a cruciate ligament injury in 2016, Johanna travelled all the way from Switzerland to care for her. She also helped Coumba cope with the yearning for home.

Johanna Schmeitz is not just a mother to Coumba but also a trusted confidante. In addition to taking excellent care of Coumba, she extends the same love and attention to her other children. She provides all the emotional and practical support that a loving mother should.

Siblings of Coumba Sow:

Sow has two younger siblings who she deeply cherishes. Despite not always being in Switzerland, she ensures to spend quality time with them through lengthy video calls. Fatimata and Sileye are Coumba’s precious siblings and she is immensely protective of them.

Coumba Sow’s Cousin – Djibril Sow:

Djibril Sow made his professional debut with Borussia Mönchengladbach in 2016 and was part of the Young Boys team that secured the 2017–18 Swiss Super League title. In 2019, Sow signed a contract with Eintracht Frankfurt, which runs until 2024. He also shares a close bond with his cousin, Coumba.

Growing up, the cousins spent a lot of time together, nurturing a strong bond. Even though Coumba is two years older than Djibril, their football journey started concurrently. They would often be seen playing street football together in Zurich. Both cousins represent the Swiss national team, albeit in different categories.

Other Relatives of Coumba Sow:

While there’s no specific information about her uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, or grandparents, it’s evident that her extended family is a staunch support system for her. Special mention goes to her cousins, uncles, grandparents, and other relatives who have always backed her in her journey.

Unveiling the Lesser-Known Facts:

In this final segment of Coumba Sow’s life story, we will unveil some lesser-known facts about the athlete that may surprise you. Let’s dive in without further delay.

Net Worth of Coumba Sow:

Our research indicates that an athlete’s net worth can be influenced by various factors, including endorsements, bonuses, and other income sources. Through her dedication and hard work, Coumba Sow has amassed a significant net worth.

As of 2023, several sources have approximated her net worth to be in the range of $1 million to $5 million. Given her impactful performances for Servette FC and the Swiss national team, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a substantial increase in her net worth in the near future.

Coumba Sow’s Heart Condition:

The dynamic midfielder had to pause her football career for three months due to a diagnosis of myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle. Initially projected to be sidelined for just three weeks, Sow ended up needing a much longer break. It was a challenging time for her, as she struggled to lead a normal life.

Sow was warned that she might never play again if she didn’t recover. However, she trusted in her body’s healing ability, and fortunately, everything turned out well. She underwent medical tests prior to joining Servette, and everything checked out fine. Sow’s heart is healthy, albeit slightly larger than usual.

Best Friend of Coumba Sow:

Sow shares a close bond with Sandy Maendly, a former teammate from the Swiss national team and currently the sports coordinator at the SFCCF. They consider each other as best friends and often spend time together while with the national team. Sow and Maendly both take their on-field responsibilities seriously.

Coumba has stated that Sandy briefed her about Servette’s objectives, and she trusted her completely. Sow also enjoys a close friendship with Eseosa Aigbogun, another teammate from the national team. They even competed together in the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 in England.

What is Coumba Sow Religion?

Sow hasn’t explicitly mentioned her religious views or affiliations. However, based on the fact that she has a middle Christian name, Louisa, it can be inferred that she might follow Christianity, but this remains speculative.


Coumba Sow, born on August 27, 1994, in Zurich, Switzerland, is the eldest of three children in her family. Her parents, Abdoulaye Sow and Johanna Schmeitz, have roots in Senegal and the Netherlands. Alongside her siblings, Fatimata and Sileye, Coumba enjoys spending time with them and holds a special bond with her younger sister, whom she affectionately calls Fatimata Mini.

Abdoulaye Sow, Coumba’s father, played a significant role in her early football development, acting as her first coach and trainer. Coming from a close-knit family, Coumba also has a cousin named Djibril Sow, who is a professional football player.

At the age of four, Coumba Sow’s passion for soccer ignited when she started playing street football with her cousin and boys from her neighborhood. At the age of 12, she joined a local club and faced numerous challenges throughout her journey. However, she persevered and continued to grow as a player.

Overall, Coumba Sow is a talented and dedicated footballer who has achieved notable success in her career. Her journey in soccer, as well as her commitment to social work, has inspired many young individuals both on and off the field, similar to the impact made by Marie-Antoinette Katoto.

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