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This article on Christine Sinclair’s Biography tells you Facts about her Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Bill Sinclair (Father) and Sandra Sinclair (Mother), Mike Sinclair (Brother), Brian and Brent Gant (Uncles), Family Background, etc.

This article on Sinclair also provides verifiable facts about his Family Origins, HomeTown, Education, Ethnicity, Nationality, etc. More so, the Personal Life, Lifestyle, Net Worth, and Salary Breakdown of the fast-rising Canadian captain.

In summary, this autobiography delves into the Complete History of Christine Sinclair. SoccerBiography offers the tale of a young girl challenging gender stereotypes in soccer.

This female sports icon was honoured with a spot in the Canada Walk of Fame and named an Officer of the Order by her nation’s Governor.


We commence Christine Sinclair’s life story by sharing significant moments from her early years. Following that, we’ll explore her soccer career with the Portland Thorns and the Canadian national team.

SoccerBiography aims to satisfy your curiosity as you delve into Christine Sinclair’s life story. Indeed, Sincy has made incredible strides in her soccer career. It’s common knowledge that Sinclair set a world record by scoring over 185 international goals, more than any other player. Furthermore, she was named the Canadian Player of the Decade from 2010 to 2019.

Despite this, we discovered a gap in our mission to share the stories of female soccer players. Few sports enthusiasts have read a comprehensive account of Christine Sinclair’s life. So, let’s dive right in.

The Childhood life of Christine Sinclair:

To begin with, she is affectionately known as “Sinc and Sincy.” Christine Margaret Sinclair was born on June 12, 1983, to parents Bill Sinclair (Father) and Sandra Sinclair (Mother) in British Columbia.

The female athlete is the second child and has an older brother, Mike Sinclair. She is the only daughter born to her parents. Now, let’s introduce you to Sinclair’s mother and father.

Growing Up Years:

Christine Sinclair was born in Burnaby, British Columbia, but she did not grow up alone. She was accompanied by her older brother, Mike Sinclair.

Contrary to most girls who favoured dancing and playing with dolls, Christine opted for sports. Fortunately, her brother, Mike, shared this passion. As a result, during her early years, Sincy was never lonely or bored.

However, raising two children presented its challenges. Christine and her brother, Mike Sinclair, would often argue over the outcome of a game. In their three-bedroom apartment, neighbours perceived them as alternating between friends and adversaries.

It’s evident that Christine Sinclair’s early years would not have been a walk in the park for her parents. Nevertheless, they ensured that their children never lacked anything.

Formative Years:

Initially, soccer was not the only sport Sinc engaged in. She also participated in baseball, basketball, volleyball, and golf. The budding athlete even rollerbladed in her living room. No part of the house was spared, as she broke all basement windows with her boundless energy.

Her athletic inclination was inherited from her parents. Christine Sinclair’s parents, Bill and Sandra, both have sporting backgrounds. Moreover, her uncles, Brian and Bruce Gant, were soccer champions in Canada. Thus, their daughter’s passion for sports did not come as a shock to the family.

To nurture her talent, Christine Sinclair’s mother, Sandra Sinclair, took her to the park daily. However, the young girl often found herself playing with boys and older girls, making it difficult to fit in.

Young Margaret was well-known in the streets of Burnaby for her love of sports. She was often seen participating in various games with her peers.

Christine Sinclair Family History:

As previously mentioned in this biography, Christine Sinclair’s parents were athletes. Bill Sinclair, along with his brothers, Brian and Bruce, were part of the University of British Columbia leagues.

When Christine was only four months old, her father became the team manager for the Vancouver Firefighters FC. Later on, Bill Sinclair also won Canadian national championships.

Her mother, Sandra Sinclair, served as a head coach for a children’s group. Consequently, Christine comes from a strong soccer lineage, much like Stefan Bajcetic.

The combined athletic earnings of Christine Sinclair’s parents were sufficient to support the family. According to SportsNet, they owned a three-bedroom apartment, ensuring that Christine and her brother, Mike Sinclair, had their own rooms.

Christine Sinclair’s origins:

Research indicates that both Bill and Sandra Sinclair were born in Vancouver. Their daughter, Christine, was born in Burnaby, British Columbia, which solidifies her Canadian nationality.

What can we learn about British Columbia? It is Canada’s third-largest province and was founded by Richard Clement Moody and the Royal Engineers of Columbia in the mid-19th century.


The soccer star belongs to a white Canadian ethnic group. Christine Sinclair’s parents have European ancestral roots and are classified as Caucasians or Caucasoid.

Christine Sinclair’s Educational Background:

Upon reaching the appropriate school age, Margaret enrolled in Burnaby South Secondary School. Christine Sinclair’s parents sent her to the public school in British Columbia, which serves four districts in her hometown.

After completing secondary school, Christine attended the University of Portland. While in college, the forward joined one of the school’s soccer teams. She eventually graduated with a degree in life sciences and was awarded a doctorate.

Thus, Sinclair is not only a soccer player but also a doctor. This distinction undoubtedly adds to her accomplishments. It is highly likely that her mother, Sandra, her father, Bill, and her brother, Mike, attended the ceremony in which she received her accolades.

Christine Sinclair Biography – Soccer Journey:

At a young age, Christine began her soccer career with the South Burnaby Metro Club. Although she was only four years old, she joined the under-seven team, playing with girls nearly twice her age.

By the time Christine turned 11, she was playing for the British Columbia under-14 soccer club. With her soccer skills, Bill Sinclair’s daughter led her team to numerous victories.

The Canadian prodigy secured six league titles and five provincial championships, in addition to winning three championships while in secondary school. Every local team wanted the prolific goal scorer in their ranks.

Remarkably, at the age of 15, she was selected for the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Portland, Oregon. The Burnaby native was truly soaring at this point.

Christine Sinclair Bio – Path to Stardom:

A year later, in January 2000, the forward was called up to the Canadian national team. She made her senior team debut at just 16 years old during a match in Portugal. Sinclair was named the first Canadian Player of the Year, scoring 15 goals in 18 appearances.

In 2002, Sinc made history by winning the Golden Boot and being named an MVP player. Her college career at the University of Portland concluded with an impressive 110 goals and 32 assists in 94 games. Subsequently, Christine Sinclair signed with Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

After some time, she transferred to FC Gold Pride. Two years later, Margaret helped secure the 2010 WPS Championship Trophy. However, the club dissolved in 2010 due to financial issues.

Juggling her college and club careers simultaneously proved challenging for the young athlete, and her new team’s dissolution only compounded matters. But did this mark the end of Sinclair’s career?

Christine Sinclair Biography – Ascension to Fame:

The dissolution of the clubs did not hinder the Canadian athlete’s career. Everyone wanted the girl who could consistently score goals on their team. As a result, Christine joined the Western New York Flash for the 2011/2012 season.

The exceptional soccer player guided her club to the regular season championship. In August 2011, Sincy was awarded the MVP of 2011. The striker made 15 appearances and scored ten goals for the Flash FC before moving to the Portland Thorns.

Three years later, Sinclair was appointed captain of her new team. Sandra’s daughter became the top goal scorer, tying records with Alex Morgan, and led the Thorns to win the NWSL Fall Series in 2020. She was also recognized for the most playoff appearances by a female athlete.

With her national team, Christine Sinclair has been an unstoppable force. The British Columbia star became the leading woman in international soccer and won the 2012 London Olympics. Additionally, she was named the Canadian Female Soccer Player of the Year 14 times.

The forward holds an international goal record surpassing those of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Christine’s unique technique and playing style are unrivalled among female athletes. At the time of writing this biography, she holds the Order of Canada and British Columbia title (OC OBC). As the saying goes, the rest is history.

Christine Sinclair’s Relationship Status:

The four-time All-American winner has an impressive soccer record. However, after 20 years in sports, the forward has not shared her personal life with her fans. She does, though, express her love for her pet dog, Charlie.

Sinclair has kept her romantic life private, not revealing any information about a partner. Similar to Lauren James (at the time of writing), the Olympic gold medalist does not have a publicly known boyfriend or spouse.


When not on the field, what does Christine Sinclair do? The 14-time Canadian goal scorer of the year has demonstrated that gender plays no role in sports. She even led her team to go on strike, as reported by The Guardian.

It comes as no surprise that Sinclair is an ambassador for the MS Society in Canada, ensuring that future generations understand their rights on the field.

Without children of her own, Margaret reaches out to kids worldwide, particularly those aspiring to pursue soccer. She devotes time to offering advice and words of encouragement to young athletes.

Additionally, she prioritizes spending time with her colleagues, her father Bill Sinclair, and her mother Sandra Sinclair. Christine’s life revolves around supporting others and ensuring their happiness. She is a fulfilled woman living life to the fullest.


The 2010 WPS Champion is humble and down-to-earth, often seen wearing simple clothing such as pants and shirts or dressing up in a gown for special events. She shares similarities with Mallory Swanson, as Christine doesn’t showcase her possessions to the public. Her home and car are kept private, with access only granted to close family members and teammates.

Vacation Choices:

During her leisure time, the Canadian forward used to travel four hours to Vancouver to visit her late mother, Sandra Sinclair. She also enjoys spending time with her friends, as evidenced by social media photographs.

Christine Sinclair Family Life:

Growing up, the 2011 WPS Championship winner always had the support of her mother, father, and brother. Let’s explore Christine Sinclair’s family, the people who helped shape her talent.

About Christine Sinclair’s Father:

Bill Sinclair, the father of the Burnaby champion, passed down his soccer talent to his daughter. His achievements in the sport inspired her.

A former Canadian soccer player, Bill was an accomplished athlete, even winning an amateur championship trophy. Unfortunately, he passed away in April 2016 at the age of 69.

About Christine Sinclair’s Mother:

Sandra Sinclair played a significant role in coaching her daughter, even though Bill Sinclair was the athlete. She took her children to the park for practice every day after school and homework. Sandra was also known for her dedication to fitness.

A devastating turn of events occurred when Sandra was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a disease affecting the brain and spinal cord. Consequently, she required home care early on. Seeing her once-active mother using a wheelchair deeply affected Christine. After a long battle with the illness, Sandra passed away.

About Christine Sinclair’s Brother:

Mike Sinclair, the older brother of the Portland Thorns forward, shared his childhood with Christine, playing together on the same team. While there is no publicly available photo of Mike, it’s possible he pursued athletics like the rest of his family. However, given Christine’s private nature, information about her brother remains scarce.

About Christine Sinclair’s Uncles:

Brian Reginald Gant, born on April 23, 1952, is a retired Canadian soccer player who spent nine seasons in the North American Soccer League. He also played 15 games with the national team and is the brother of Bill Sinclair.

Bruce Gant, born on September 26, 1956, is another uncle of Christine Sinclair. Like his brother Brian, he is a retired Canadian soccer player and an alumnus of Simon Fraser University. Bruce won a gold medal with British Columbia for Canada.

Christine Sinclair Facts:

In this final section of Christine Sinclair’s biography, we’ll uncover additional details about the world’s all-time leading goal scorer in international soccer. Let’s dive in.

Christine Sinclair’s Salary:

The Portland Thorns player has earned a considerable income throughout her soccer career. As reported by 888Sports, Christine received an annual salary of £308,760 in 2020. This figure has likely increased since then, considering her efforts to raise the salary of the Canadian women’s team.

Christine Sinclair’s Book Launch:

As one of the most enduring and successful female soccer players, Christine is passionate about sharing her story with others. She has written a memoir called “Playing a Long Time,” which serves as an inspiration for young athletes, emphasizing the importance of pursuing dreams and aspirations. It’s worth getting a copy to hear directly from this legendary goal scorer.

Christine Sinclair Religion:

The name “Christine” has Greek origins and translates to “follower of Christ.” Furthermore, the athlete celebrates Christmas like many other Christians. Based on this information, it’s safe to say that Sinclair’s religion is Christianity.

Christin Sinclair FIFA:

Christine’s exceptional leadership skills and finesse shots on the field have earned her recognition in the soccer world. Her ability to work well with her teammates has contributed to her captaincy for her country. FIFA rates her highly, as seen in the image.

Despite being 38 years old, the NWSL captain remains a formidable force in soccer. After all, Christine holds the record for the most goals scored by a female player.


Born on June 12, 1983, Christine Margaret Sinclair is the daughter of Bill and Sandra Sinclair in British Columbia, Canada. She has an older brother, Mike Sinclair. The Canadian soccer star was raised in Burnaby, British Columbia, where she grew up with her brother in a three-bedroom apartment in their parents’ home.

Both of Christine’s parents, Bill and Sandra Sinclair, were involved in sports. Bill was a former Canadian university soccer player, while Sandra was a coach. Although they have both passed away, their memory lives on in Christine’s heart.

Christine began playing soccer with her brother Mike when she was just three years old. Initially, she was interested in various sports, including baseball, golf, volleyball, and basketball. Recognizing her daughter’s potential, Sandra took Christine to a local park to begin training.

Christine’s soccer career progressed as she won five provincial titles and three championships for her schools. By the age of 15, she had already participated in the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

At the time of writing this biography, Christine Sinclair has earned a golden boot and ball, been named Canadian Player of the Year 14 times, and won numerous Olympic trophies. However, she remains unmarried and has no children.

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