Chloe Kelly Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

In this piece, we immerse ourselves in Chloe Kelly’s Biography, shedding light on her early years, the role her parents – Noel (Dad) and Jane Kelly (Mum) – played, her family lineage, which includes siblings Daniel, Jack, Ryan, Jamie, Martin, and Paris Kelly. Let’s not forget her romantic connection with her Partner, Scott, her grandparents, and more.

This deep dive not only touches upon Chloe’s family background and personal details like her education, hometown, zodiac, and even a potential tattoo but also delves into her roots, her heritage, and beliefs.

In essence, this is a comprehensive exploration of Chloe’s inspiring journey. We navigate the story of a determined young girl, unafraid to challenge herself by playing cage football with boys older and seemingly tougher than her. Such early experiences molded her, gifting her tenacity, agility, and strength that has defined her football career.

Chloe’s remarkable talents did not go unnoticed; she secured her place in The Guardian’s 100 top female footballers in 2022, solidifying her legacy.


Our telling of Chloe Kelly’s life story begins by illuminating significant moments of her youthful days. We then shift focus to the moments that shaped her initial career milestones. Our narrative culminates in celebrating Chloe Kelly as one of England’s finest female football talents.

Here at SoccerBiography, we fuel your passion for biographical accounts, guiding you through Chloe Kelly’s riveting journey. Before diving in, let’s offer a glimpse into Chloe’s evolution from her youthful days to her ascent in football. Chloe Kelly’s journey is a testament to perseverance and growth.

There’s no denying Chloe’s exceptional skills on the field. Her vital contributions to England’s victory over Nigeria in the FIFA Women’s World Cup are something to remember. During that nail-biting match, Kelly broke the Premier League shooting power record in the penalty shootouts.

While researching tales of female English footballers, we found a significant gap. Chloe Kelly’s enthralling life story has, puzzlingly, been underrepresented. Thus, without any hesitation, let’s embark on this captivating exploration of Chloe’s life.

The Early Days of Chloe Kelly:

Kicking off this biography, the dynamic striker is fondly referred to as the ‘Tap-in Queen.’ Chloe Maggie Kelly, as she is officially named, arrived in this world on January 15, 1998, in Hanwell, London. She was welcomed by her parents, Jane and Noel Kelly.

Born as the youngest amongst a brood of seven, Chloe shares a bond with five brothers and a sister. The tight-knit Kelly family, helmed by Jane and Noel, serves as an enduring reminder of the importance of unwavering parental support and love.

Childhood Memories:

The formidable striker, Chloe, spent her early days in Ealing, West London, surrounded by five elder brothers and one senior sister. While one might assume that as the youngest, Chloe would be coddled, her brothers made sure she was resilient and tough.

Daniel was the eldest among the Kelly boys, succeeded by Jack, with the triplets Ryan, Jamie, and Martin following closely. Paris, two years Chloe’s senior, and Chloe herself, were the only female members and the younger batch of the Kelly clan.

Given the size of the Kelly brood, pinpointing Chloe’s closest sibling might be a challenge. She often found herself immersed in football during summers, playing alongside her brothers in the urban confines of London. In contrast, Paris displayed a milder interest in football compared to Chloe. The vibrant household ensured Chloe had a mix of football thrills and cherished sibling moments.

Throughout her younger years, Chloe’s competitive streak was evident. A loss during a training session would dampen her spirits. Football wasn’t just a hobby; it was a passion. Her admiration for football greats like Bobby Zamora was unmistakable. Unperturbed by age differences, Chloe frequently played alongside older boys, honing her skills.

Their parents, Jane and Noel Kelly, were pillars of support, facilitating their children’s interests, be it in football or other fields.

Chloe Kelly’s Formative Years:

Born into a household where sports wasn’t just entertainment but a way of life, Chloe was destined for the football field. The family’s affinity for QPR was palpable, and with five elder brothers enamored by football, Chloe’s path seemed preordained. Barely walking, she was often seen with a football, eager to kick it around.

Her brothers played a pivotal role in her football journey. They would often involve Chloe in their games, and even as an onlooker, Chloe’s fervour for the game was unmistakable. With each game, her desire to be at the center, controlling the ball, grew.

While playing football in the urban setting of West London, her talent was clear as day. Some even felt she outshone her elder siblings, crediting them for her deep-rooted love for the sport.

Delving into Chloe Kelly’s Roots:

At the heart of Chloe’s life was a family bound by their love for sports and backed by a solid middle-class foundation. The Kellys, rooted in Christian beliefs, put their faith at the forefront of everything. Noel Kelly, the family’s mainstay, ensured a stable and nurturing environment for his loved ones.

For the Kelly children, their parents left no stone unturned, ensuring their needs were catered to. Their most cherished moments were centered around sports. Be it rallying around the TV to support QPR or being part of the local football crowd, sports was their unifying force.

The Kellys are synonymous with unity and steadfast support. Their unwavering faith in Chloe’s prowess only fortified her resolve, steering her towards football excellence.

Chloe Kelly’s Ancestral Roots:

Born in Hanwell, a lively district in West London’s Ealing borough, Chloe claims this vibrant town as her birthplace, making her a bonafide English national. Hanwell is acclaimed for its bustling community events and flourishing entrepreneurial ventures. In 2022, it clinched the honor of being the second most sought-after locale to reside in London, underscoring its attractiveness and life quality.

Diving deeper into her ancestral lineage, Chloe’s paternal roots trace back to Ireland, enriching her background with a touch of Irish culture. As for her maternal lineage, details remain a mystery, sparking intrigue and wonder.

Hanwell’s spirited milieu and Chloe’s early life there undoubtedly played a role in sculpting her character and worldview. It’s plausible that the town’s robust communal essence fortified her resolve and ambition in her football journey.

Chloe Kelly’s Cultural Background:

The prolific forward identifies herself as a Caucasian Englishwoman, categorizing her within the British white demographic. In the English demographic tapestry, white individuals form roughly 81.7% of the populace, with the British white category making up about 74.4%. Chloe’s cultural background aligns with a substantial segment of England’s populace.

Her primary mode of communication is English, reflecting the dominant language spoken across England. Although the extent of her linguistic proficiencies remains uncertain, it’s likely that English remains her predominant, if not sole, language for communication.

Chloe Kelly’s Scholastic Journey:

Manchester City’s striking force, Chloe Kelly, is an alumna of Elthorne Park High School, nestled on Boston Road in her hometown, Hanwell. Founded in 1998, this educational institution caters to students from ages 11 to 18, spanning both secondary and post-secondary stages.

While specific insights into her academic prowess during her tenure there remain undisclosed, Elthorne Park High School equipped her with scholastic grounding during her pivotal years.

Regarding tertiary education, details about Chloe Kelly’s collegiate journey or her potential pursuit of higher studies are not in the public domain. Nonetheless, her early onset brilliance in football catapulted her to many accolades while still young.

Journey to Stardom:

Chloe’s passion for football finds its roots in the streets of West London. Growing up, she frequently teamed up with her five elder brothers for street football bouts. Their regular matches on concrete grounds, urban enclosures, and fenced courts were raw and intense.

In these games, Chloe stood out not just as the lone girl amid a sea of boys, but as a fierce competitor with an innate flair for the sport. From as early as age 4, she was inseparable from the football, displaying an uncanny eagerness to immerse herself in play.

These early brushes with street football, with its innate competitiveness, acted as a crucible, refining Chloe’s skills and instilling in her an undying passion for the sport. Her days on the streets and intense cage matches undoubtedly paved the way for her illustrious football career.

Chloe Kelly’s Football Chronicle:

From an early age, Chloe began her structured footballing at Queen’s Park Rangers (QPR) academy when she was just 8. Spotted by QPR scouts at a local school competition, Chloe was soon weaving her magic within the academy’s setup, sharpening her skills and understanding of the game.

At QPR, Chloe’s prowess was undeniable. During the Home Counties Cup with the under-10 team, her coach frequently emphasized her adept receiving abilities. With Chloe’s integral role and her team’s collective efforts, they achieved an unbeaten record for two consecutive years. This golden period saw the likes of Anna Filbey and Rianna Dean, notable QPR graduates, making significant contributions.

Chloe later made a pivotal decision to join the Arsenal setup. Her commitment was evident as she endured two-hour train journeys just for training sessions. Throughout this transition, her family’s backing was constant, supplying her with the needed equipment and moral support. As her journey with Arsenal unfolded, Chloe’s bond with the game strengthened. Regular practice sessions with her brothers further amplified her skills.

In a heartwarming gesture, on September 5, 2022, the regular metro bus Chloe took to her Arsenal practices was named in her honor, symbolizing her extraordinary footballing journey.

Chloe Kelly’s Path to Recognition:

Chloe’s breakthrough moment came in November 2015, where she leveled the scores for the England under-19 squad against Italy. This stellar performance paved the way for her first senior contract with Arsenal in February 2016. However, her time there was brief before a loan spell at Everton.

At Everton, Chloe rapidly adjusted, making an impact in her three-month tenure, scoring twice in nine appearances. Post her Everton spell, Chloe recommitted to Arsenal, leaving a mark again before another stint at Everton. As Everton ascended to FA WSL 1, Chloe continued her stellar form.

2018 saw Chloe shining in the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup for England, collaborating with standout players like Georgia Stanway and Sandy Maclaver.

This series of achievements primed Chloe for a bigger role in international football and provided a strong foundation for her future successes.

Chloe Kelly’s Meteoric Rise:

The zenith of Chloe’s career started with her senior debut in 2018, where she played a part in England’s win over Austria. Her consistently brilliant displays earned her the esteemed FA WSL PFA Team of the Year accolade for two seasons straight.

In 2020, a significant chapter unfolded as Chloe penned a deal with Manchester City. Her instrumental role led to the team lifting the Women’s FA Cup and the FA Women’s League Cup in subsequent seasons. That same year, she shone in England’s UEFA Women’s Championship victory, netting the deciding goal against arch-rivals Germany.

A setback hit Chloe in 2021 when she suffered an unfortunate Anterior cruciate ligament injury during a match against Birmingham. Despite the hiatus, she returned with aplomb, dazzling in her appearances and earning a call-up for the Euro 2022 squad.

The pinnacle of her journey so far is representing England in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, donning the number 18 jersey. With the likes of Keira Walsh, Ella Toone, Lauren Hemp, and Georgia Stanway as teammates, Chloe stands ready to etch her name in football’s annals under coach Sarina Weigman’s guidance.

Chloe Kelly and Scott: A Lovely Pair:

Together for four years, Chloe and Scott have built a strong relationship, fueled by their shared love for travel and making cherished memories.

Getting to Know Scott:

Chloe Kelly and Scott embarked on their relationship journey in June 2019. Their bond has grown over the years, marked by their shared experiences and travels, including memorable trips to destinations like France. Four years in, Scott has seamlessly integrated into Chloe’s life, often partaking in family gatherings, a testament to the deep connection and acceptance they share. Scott, whose birthday falls on February 22nd, is a private individual. His Instagram remains closed to the public, reflecting his preference for a more reserved personal life.

Chloe Kelly’s Marital Status:

While Chloe has achieved much on the football field, she has yet to walk down the aisle. As of the current moment, she remains unwed, focusing primarily on her thriving football career and the strong bond she shares with Scott.

Future Generations:

Chloe hasn’t started a family of her own yet. Her dedication is primarily geared towards her football endeavours and personal growth, making the most of her current journey.

Off the Field:

Beyond her football commitments, Chloe has a varied palette of interests. A fitness aficionado, she regularly hits the gym, ensuring she stays in top form. Her moments of relaxation often revolve around her inner circle, be it quality time with family or laid-back sessions with friends.

One of Chloe’s many passions is travel, with a special soft spot for places like the Disney Park in Paris, a destination that lets her nostalgic side shine through. She also finds peace lounging on sun-kissed beaches, taking in nature’s beauty.

Born under the Capricorn sign, Chloe, like Jean-Clair Todibo, exudes a mix of serenity, affability, and a zest for life. Her zodiac attributes complement her professional rigour in football, yet she doesn’t forget to savour life’s other offerings.

Central to Chloe’s life is her family, whose unwavering support and tight bond offer a comforting anchor amidst her hectic schedule. Their shared moments and mutual affection hold a special place in her heart.

Chloe Kelly’s Way of Life:

Chloe Kelly, the adept forward, lives a life of simplicity and authenticity, a glimpse of which is seen through her Instagram account. It doesn’t portray a life of extravagance or excessive luxury but rather highlights genuine moments and memories.

Chloe’s Fashion Sense:

While Chloe may not flaunt opulence, she undeniably has an eye for fashion. She picks attire that suits her complexion and expresses her personality. The outfits she dons are a testament to her self-assured nature, giving her an added elegance.

Chloe Kelly’s Drive:

The specific car that Chloe Kelly drives remains a mystery. She has managed to keep this detail private, and thus far, no interviews or public appearances have shed light on her automobile preferences.

Chloe Kelly’s Bonds of Blood:

Family is often the unwavering anchor in our lives, the force that stands by us through thick and thin. Chloe’s bond with her family is no different. Let’s uncover the stories of the individuals who make up Chloe’s family circle.

Chloe Kelly’s Father:

Noel Kelly, Chloe’s dad, committed his professional life to machinery engineering, ensuring his family’s needs were met. Celebrating his birthday on September 28th, the exact year of his birth remains undisclosed. As the head of the Kelly clan, Noel’s unwavering belief in Chloe shines through in all her endeavours.

Chloe Kelly’s Mother:

Jane, lovingly referred to as “Mumma” by Chloe, epitomizes the role of a supportive mother. Ever-present, Jane has been Chloe’s anchor, always rallying behind her children and motivating them to chase their aspirations.

Though much about Jane remains private, we know she celebrates a special day every 3rd of May, a day cherished by all in the Kelly family. Jane’s nurturing spirit has indubitably played a key role in moulding Chloe into the woman she is today.

Chloe Kelly’s Brothers and Sisters:

Siblings are the unsung heroes of our lives, the confidants who stand by our side through life’s rollercoaster. The Kelly family boasts of seven siblings, each bound by shared memories, mutual respect, and an enduring bond. Together, they form an unshakeable unit, rooted in love and camaraderie.

About the Senior Kelly, Daniel:

Daniel Kelly, being the eldest among the siblings, significantly influenced Chloe’s passion for football. Although he remains somewhat enigmatic with limited public details, his enduring commitment to standing by Chloe throughout her career is evident.

Regarding Jack Wade Kelly, the Older Sibling:

Another influential figure in Chloe’s life is her elder brother, Jack. As a child, Jack was immersed in local football activities. He often involved Chloe in his practice games, fostering her love for the sport from a young age. Jack celebrates his birthday every 4th of February 1990.

Just as Daniel has been, Jack remains a steadfast pillar of strength and encouragement for Chloe, especially as she navigates her path in professional football.

The Trio; Ryan, Jamie, and Martin:

Chloe’s family also includes the trio of elder brothers – Ryan, Jamie, and Martin. These three share the unique connection of being triplets. With a shared birth date on 20th February 1992, they are all six years Chloe’s senior.

All three brothers, while choosing to keep their lives private, have consistently showcased their unwavering support for Chloe. Their encouragement, although quiet, speaks volumes of their deep bond.

Regarding Chloe’s Sole Sister, Paris Jane:

Paris, the only sister of Chloe, maintains discretion in the public eye. While she might not share the family’s fervor for football, Paris remains a constant cheerleader for Chloe. Her support for Chloe transcends their differing passions, underlining the profound sisterly bond they share.

Chloe’s Grandparents:

Chloe’s revered grandfather, often referred to as the Kelly patriarch, left a lasting legacy after passing away on 19th July 2018. His memory remains a cherished treasure for the family.

Contrarily, Chloe’s grandmother remains a bedrock of strength for the entire family, extending her love and care to multiple generations.

Hidden Gems of Chloe Kelly’s Life:

In this final part of Chloe Kelly’s narrative, we’ll delve deeper into the nuances of her life. Unveiling facets that might have gone unnoticed, we’ll shed light on aspects that further humanize this football prodigy. Join us as we unravel these captivating insights.

Chloe Kelly in FIFA World:

In the expansive universe of football, Chloe Kelly has marked herself as an unstoppable force. Her unparalleled agility and swiftness on the field often leave viewers spellbound. Her speed metrics, which include an impressive rating of 90 in acceleration, agility, and sprint speed, set her apart. Consequently, she has crafted memorable moments with her swift strikes and precise goals.

Chloe’s prowess isn’t limited to her physical attributes. Her technical brilliance, reflected in her rising overall rating which mirrors that of players Alexia Putellas and Aitana Bonmati. Beyond just her goal-scoring capabilities, Chloe showcases exquisite dribbling skills that often outmaneuver her competition. The precision and mastery she displays with the ball underline her rigorous training and inherent flair.

Chloe Kelly’s Spiritual Beliefs:

Christianity holds a special place in Chloe Kelly’s life, grounding her and shaping her spiritual journey. Although the depth of her religious convictions remains private, her identification as a Christian offers insight into her values and beliefs.

Closing Remarks:

Hailing from Hanwell, West London, England, Chloe Kelly’s roots lie in a family with a deep affinity for sports. It was amidst playful matches with her older brothers that Chloe’s love for football blossomed, all the while receiving unwavering support from her parents.

Chloe’s educational years were spent at Elthorne Park High School, which shaped her character and personality. Her serene, approachable, and vibrant nature resonates with fans and colleagues alike. Even amidst her soaring success, Chloe’s feet remain firmly grounded, epitomizing simplicity and genuineness.

Professionally, Chloe’s talent was unmistakable even as a child, drawing attention from Queen’s Park Rangers (QPR) by age eight. Through school tournaments, she showcased her exceptional skills, making her a beacon for talent scouts.

Following her stint at QPR, Chloe became an integral part of Arsenal and later joined the ranks of Manchester City. Her outstanding on-field contributions have garnered accolades, including Player of the Month titles. Much like the Matildas’ stars, Hayley Raso and Caitlin Foord, Chloe’s prowess is internationally recognized.

Representing England, Chloe Kelly has etched her name in significant tournaments like the UEFA Women’s Championship.

Final Note:

We appreciate your time and interest in the SoccerBiography rendition of Chloe Kelly’s Biography. We are steadfast in our mission to narrate authentic and unbiased tales from the world of English football. This article on Chloe Kelly’s Bio is one among many in the SoccerBiography collection focused on female soccer stars.

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