Charles De Ketelaere Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This biography delves into the life of Charles De Ketelaere, exploring his journey from childhood to his current status. It includes insights into his family life, including details about his parents, Isabelle De Cuyper and Francis De Ketelaere, his siblings Louis and Renée, and his relationship with Jozefien Van de Velde.

Additionally, the biography provides information about De Ketelaere’s family origins, including his parents’ careers in medicine, his religious beliefs, and his ethnicity.

Moreover, it offers a glimpse into De Ketelaere’s personal lifestyle, his net worth, and a detailed breakdown of his salary at AC Milan, illustrating what he earns every second.

This comprehensive history portrays De Ketelaere’s potential path in tennis, highlighting a turning point where he chose football over possibly becoming a tennis star akin to Rafa Nadal. It also touches upon initial scepticism from his father, Francis, and others about his football talent, capturing the essence of his journey to becoming the athlete he is today.


This biography of Charles De Ketelaere begins by exploring the significant moments from his childhood. It then progresses to highlight his early career achievements, leading up to his emergence as a key figure in Belgium’s exciting new generation of footballers.

Our aim is to spark your interest in the life story of Charles De Ketelaere, a remarkable journey from his early days to his national acclaim. We present a comprehensive overview of his evolution, showcasing his path from a young hopeful to a prominent figure in Belgian football.

Charles De Ketelaere is widely recognized as a leading talent in Belgium’s generation, succeeding Kevin De Bruyne. He is part of a wave of Belgian players making an impact across Europe and the UK, alongside notable names like Leandro Trossard and Jeremy Doku.

While De Ketelaere’s achievements on the field for both his club and country are well-known, there remains a gap in the detailed understanding of his personal story and career progression. Our biography seeks to bridge this gap, offering an in-depth and engaging narrative of his life and career. Let’s delve into the world of Charles De Ketelaere without further delay.

Charles De Ketelaere’s Early Life:

Commonly known by his moniker ‘King Charles’, Charles De Ketelaere was born on the 10th of March, 2001, in Bruges, Belgium. His parents, Isabelle De Cuyper and Francis De Ketelaere, welcomed him into their family.

Many fans, possibly including those reading this biography, often struggle with the correct pronunciation of his last name, ‘De Ketelaere’. Charles himself has even addressed the common mispronunciations of his surname.

As the middle child in a trio of siblings, Charles grew up in a family shaped by the brief marriage of his parents, Dr. Francis and Nurse Isabelle.

This section also introduces Charles De Ketelaere’s parents. Despite their separation, Charles maintains a deep affection for both, particularly his mother, Isabelle, with whom he spent more of his formative years.

Childhood Years:

Charles De Ketelaere, the youngest child in his family, spent his childhood with his two older siblings – his twin brother and sister, Louis and Renée.

Louis, Charles’s elder brother, has carved out a career in business development. More details about Louis will be shared in a subsequent section of this biography.

Renée De Ketelaere, Charles’s sister, is not only an accomplished tennis player but also an active TikToker, showcasing her diverse talents beyond the sports arena.

Raised by their parents, Isabelle De Cuyper and Francis De Ketelaere, all three children share a strong bond and take immense pride in each other’s accomplishments. The siblings especially cherish the memory of celebrating Charles’s first major individual achievement, a testament to their close-knit relationship.

Charles De Ketelaere’s Initial Sporting Pursuits:

In his early years, Charles De Ketelaere was inspired by his older sister to take up tennis, which became his primary sport during childhood.

His parents saw tennis as an ideal activity for Charles, encouraging him to stay active and enjoy time with his peers.

Watching young De Ketelaere on the tennis court was a delight, whether he was swiftly moving along the baseline or energetically rushing forward to execute a powerful volley.

Before transitioning his attention entirely to football, Charles had established himself as one of the most promising young tennis players in his age group.

Charles De Ketelaere’s Family Profession:

Charles De Ketelaere hails from a family deeply rooted in the medical field. Both of his parents are healthcare professionals. His father, Francis De Ketelaere, is a renowned Belgian doctor widely acknowledged for his expertise, bravery, and clinical distinction.

Our findings indicate that Charles’ father is a specialist in oral, maxillofacial, and facial surgery. Despite not being an initial football enthusiast, Francis works at the AZ Sint-Lucas Hospital in Groenebriel, Ghent, Belgium.

Additionally, Charles’ mother, Isabelle De Cuyper, has pursued a career in nursing. In recent times, she has shifted her focus to home healthcare, providing early-shift medical services to patients in their residences under the guidance of physicians.

At the time of writing this biography, Charles De Ketelaere’s parents had divorced. However, they have maintained a nurturing relationship with their children. As reported by BBC in October 2021, at the age of 20, Charles was still living with his mother prior to his move to AC Milan. His siblings, Renée and Louis, reside with their father.

Charles De Ketelaere’s Heritage:

Charles De Ketelaere, renowned for his versatile skills as an attacking midfielder, holds Belgian nationality. In-depth research into his family roots reveals that they originate from Bruges. This city, the largest in the province of West Flanders in northwest Belgium, is renowned for its historical significance.

Bruges, distinguished by its well-preserved historic center, is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the sixth-largest city in Belgium, with a population of approximately 256,000. The city is also noted for its numerous museums and rich cultural heritage.

Charles De Ketelaere’s Ethnic Background:

The ethnic identity of Charles De Ketelaere, the Belgian midfielder, is Flemish-Dutch. He is part of the Flemings, an ethnic group predominantly found in Belgium.

The Flemings traditionally speak Flemish, a dialect of the Dutch language. This ethnic group, primarily residing in the northern part of Belgium, plays a significant role in the cultural and societal fabric of the country.

Educational Journey:

Charles De Ketelaere’s parents placed a high value on both academic and athletic excellence. He began his education at De Wassenaard, a primary school located in Jabbeke, Belgium.

Following his primary education, Charles attended Sint-Lodewijkscollege, a secondary school in Bruges. There, much like the soccer and tennis standout Davy Klaassen, he showed a particular aptitude for mathematics and science.

As of 2022, Charles De Ketelaere was on the path to achieving a university degree. According to information obtained from the AC Milan website, he is studying Law at the University of Gent. His success in both sports and academics is a testament to his intelligence and versatility.

Journey in Football:

Charles De Ketelaere’s initial aspiration to become a top tennis player in his youth started off well. However, after experiencing frustration and broken rackets, he chose to leave tennis behind.

Even before this pivotal decision, Charles had already been exposed to football. He joined Club Brugge at the age of seven, participating as both a player and a ball boy. His father, Francis, initially had reservations about this, preferring tennis for his son due to its perceived safety and lower risk of injury.

Despite these concerns, Charles was allowed to play soccer at Club Brugge, although his father, Francis, did not have high expectations initially.

As time passed, Francis witnessed his son’s remarkable development into an extraordinarily talented football player. Charles displayed exceptional skills, including great ball control and the ability to manoeuvre past opponents effortlessly.

During his early teens, Charles’s decision to pursue football paid off. He excelled in various tournaments and played a significant role in leading his Club Brugge academy team to victory in the Deventer Junior Challenge trophy. This success marked the beginning of his promising football career.

Ascent to Prominence:

Following his graduation from Sint-Lodewijkscollege secondary school, the young talent from Bruges dedicated himself to refining his football skills. In his mid-teens, Charles shifted his focus entirely to soccer, abandoning tennis, and set his mind on achieving greatness on the field.

One of the most remarkable moments in De Ketelaere’s later years at the academy was his participation in the Future Champions Tournament, held in the Gauteng region of South Africa. His exceptional performance in the tournament showcased his potential as a future world-class footballer.

Club Brugge emerged victorious in this prestigious Under-17 tournament, held at the Nike Football Training Centre in Pimville, Soweto. A defining moment for De Ketelaere and his team was their convincing 4-0 win over ADO Den Haag, a Dutch team, which led to their celebratory trophy moment. This victory was a significant milestone in De Ketelaere’s journey towards football fame.


About a year after his team’s triumph in the international tournament, Charles De Ketelaere achieved a significant milestone. In September 2019, he made his senior appearance for Club Brugge, the team he had been with since he was seven years old and had fervently supported throughout his childhood.

Upon turning professional, De Ketelaere quickly started making waves in the football world. One of his first major accomplishments was being named the Belgian Promising Talent of the Year in 2020, an award previously won by notable players like Romelu Lukaku in 2009 and Divock Origi in 2014.

Additionally, De Ketelaere established himself as a key player by forming effective partnerships with emerging talents like Andreas Skov Olsen, Emmanuel Dennis, and Tajon Buchanan Andreas Skov Olsen, contributing significantly to Club Brugge’s successes.

An important highlight of his career was being part of the Club Brugge team that secured the Belgian First Division A title for three consecutive seasons. Furthermore, De Ketelaere was instrumental in Club Brugge’s victory in the 2021 Belgian Super Cup, underscoring his impact and rise to fame in the football arena.

European Advancements:

Charles De Ketelaere’s UEFA Champions League debut against Paris Saint-Germain marked a landmark in his career, signalling to many that a major transfer was imminent. His standout performance in the match drew widespread attention, highlighting him as a top-tier talent in football.

After 14 memorable years with Club Brugge, the time came for De Ketelaere to embark on a new journey. Among his notable achievements with the Blue-Blacks were several unforgettable moments that marked his senior career.

On August 2, 2022, a new chapter began for the Belgian player as he signed with AC Milan in a deal valued at €32 million. AC Milan, in their quest to find a successor for Kaka, saw De Ketelaere as a potential fit, even holding higher expectations for him than for Lucas Paqueta.

The signing process with AC Milan was a significant milestone in his career, one which got Milan fans excited.

An interesting fact about De Ketelaere’s time with AC Milan is that his first goal for the club was part of a hat-trick. This impressive debut performance offered fans a glimpse of his potential in the iconic red and black jersey.

At the time this biography was written, Charles De Ketelaere had become an essential member of the Belgian national team. Looking forward, he was focused on making a significant impact at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. His story, rich with achievements and milestones, continues to unfold.

Jozefien Van de Velde – The Partner of Charles De Ketelaere?

Accompanying Charles De Ketelaere, the accomplished Belgian attacking midfielder, is his partner, Jozefien Van de Velde. Recognized as his girlfriend, the relationship between Charles and Jozefien is said to have started in 2020.

Beginning of Charles De Ketelaere’s Relationship:

Charles De Ketelaere and Jozefien Van de Velde officially started their relationship on March 26, 2020. This was confirmed when Charles shared a special photo, signalling that he was in a romantic relationship. The image reflected a deep affection between the couple.

The pair reportedly first met at a party, experiencing what could be described as love at first sight. Since that encounter, they have remained closely bonded.

As of October 2022, Jozefien Van de Velde had garnered over 29,000 followers on her Instagram account. Known for captivating her audience, Jozefien frequently shares engaging and vibrant photos on her Instagram profile.

Introduction to Jozefien Van de Velde:

Jozefien Van de Velde, the girlfriend of Charles De Ketelaere, is a dental student with a passion for horses. At the time of this biography, both she and Charles were 21 years old. Jozefien, who is currently pursuing her studies in Belgium, also makes time to visit Charles in Italy.

De Ketelaere is supportive of Jozefien’s career aspirations in dentistry. He encourages her to pursue her educational goals and looks forward to seeing her practice professionally after graduation.

In an interview with Sport Voetbalmagazine, De Ketelaere spoke highly of Jozefien, emphasizing her independent spirit and dedication to her passions. He appreciates that she is not the type to abandon her pursuits, stating, “I love her kind of woman… she is someone with a passion.” He expressed confidence in their ability to manage the long-distance aspect of their relationship while she completes her studies.

Jozefien Van de Velde is on track to graduate in dentistry soon. Given her independent nature, it’s likely she may establish her own dental practice in the future.

Exploring Charles De Ketelaere’s Personality:

Charles De Ketelaere, known for his midfield prowess in Belgian football, is characterized as a true gentleman with a grounded nature. Despite his exceptional talent and the acclaim he has garnered, he remains humble and connected to his roots.

Much like Danish footballer Jonas Wind, De Ketelaere, prior to his move to AC Milan, chose to live with his mother. This decision reflected his desire for a normal life, undisturbed by the fame and financial success brought by his football career. He valued simplicity and authenticity, opting for a lifestyle that kept him connected to his personal values and family, thanks to his Pisces zodiac.

Understanding Charles De Ketelaere’s Lifestyle:

Exploring the personal lifestyle of Charles De Ketelaere, the 6-foot-4 midfielder, offers a clearer perspective on who he is beyond the football field. Notably, De Ketelaere is not inclined towards extravagant spending or flaunting his wealth.

His lifestyle deviates from the typical high-profile footballer’s life, which often includes showcasing luxury cars and owning grand mansions, as seen with players like Vini Junior and Pogba. Instead, De Ketelaere, along with his girlfriend, Jozefien Van de Velde, prefers to lead a more modest and ordinary life, emphasizing simplicity over ostentation. This approach highlights his grounded personality and value system.

Charles De Ketelaere’s Focus on Family:

For Charles De Ketelaere, the 6-foot-4 athlete, his family has always been a priority over his financial success in sports. His sense of belonging and fulfilment stems not from the wealth accumulated in his bank account but from the relationships he shares with his family members.

In this section, we delve deeper into the lives of those who form the core of De Ketelaere’s world. You’ll gain insights into each family member who plays an outstanding role in providing him with a sense of home and support, underscoring the importance of family in his life.

Profile of Charles De Ketelaere’s Father:

Dr. Francis, a renowned surgeon in Bruges, is the father of Charles De Ketelaere. Known for his dedication to his profession, Dr. Francis often found himself occupied with his responsibilities at AZ Sint-Lucas Hospital, which initially kept him from attending many of his son’s training sessions and matches.

This demanding schedule meant that Dr. Francis was not fully aware of Charles’s burgeoning talent in soccer for a significant period. However, in more recent times, he has become an avid football enthusiast, deeply involved in following his son’s career. A video capturing Dr. Francis, along with Charles’s siblings, Renée and Louis, shows the family united in their support for Charles, cheering him on at his games. This change reflects Dr. Francis’s growing appreciation and pride in his son’s athletic accomplishments.

Introduction to Charles De Ketelaere’s Mother:

Isabelle De Cuyper, affectionately known to her patients as Nurse Isabelle, was 49 years old at the time this account was written. Following the divorce from her husband, she took custody of her youngest child, Charles. This arrangement resulted from a mutual decision made by Charles De Ketelaere’s parents post-divorce.

Charles relishes the advantages of being the youngest in the family. He enjoys a special bond with his mother, who regards him not just as her son but also as her closest confidant. Isabelle, who previously worked early shifts as a home nurse, often adjusted her schedule to ensure quality time with her son, especially on Sunday mornings.

Throughout Charles’s football career, Isabelle De Cuyper has been a steadfast presence. She has been there to witness and support him during all of his significant football milestones, demonstrating her unwavering commitment and love as a mother.

Overview of Charles De Ketelaere’s Siblings:

Charles De Ketelaere may not be a twin himself, unlike footballers such as John McGinn, Taiwo Awoniyi, and Jurrien Timber, but he is fortunate to have twins in his family. This section provides insights into the lives of Charles’s twin siblings, shedding light on their roles and significance in his life and family dynamics.

Profile of Renée De Ketelaere, Charles’ Sister:

Renée De Ketelaere, Charles De Ketelaere’s older sister, is a professional tennis player. A video highlights her dedication and skill on the tennis court.

Educationally, Renée attended Sport school Meulebeke and later Artevelde University College in Ghent. As of 2022, she had attracted over 22,000 followers on Instagram, where she enjoys sharing both bikini and family photos.

The De Ketelaere family evidently has a strong sporting lineage. While Charles has been making his mark with AC Milan, Renée has been actively involved in tennis, playing for TC Brughia. She stands out as the only member actively pursuing tennis in the family and has been showing commendable performance in the sport.

Renée has experienced some challenges associated with her brother’s fame. For instance, there have been instances where people inquired about Charles at their family home, often leading to the family stating his unavailability.

Moreover, Renée’s interaction on social media, particularly Instagram, has been influenced by her brother’s popularity, with many reaching out to her with inquiries about Charles. She recalls an incident at a cafe where a fan excitedly approached and hugged Charles, an experience she found somewhat overwhelming. Renée’s perspective sheds light on the unique experiences of having a famous family member.

Profile of Louis De Ketelaere:

Louis De Ketelaere, the brother of Charles De Ketelaere, has carved out a successful career as a Business Developer. He is employed at BrightAnalytics, a software company based in Hooglede, Belgium. Louis, an avid football enthusiast, holds a Master’s Degree in Business Economics from Ghent University.

With a solid academic foundation, Louis completed his studies in business economics at UGent and IT management at HoGent. His professional interests are twofold: firstly, he focuses on ways to enhance company efficiency, and secondly, he explores how technology can be utilized to improve business operations and processes. Louis’s expertise and passion in these areas are a testament to his commitment to both the field of business and technological advancements.

Additional Insights:

In this concluding section of Charles De Ketelaere’s biography, we aim to reveal more lesser-known aspects of his life and career. Let’s delve into these untold facts about the Belgian footballer.

Evaluating Charles De Ketelaere’s Earnings:

Considering the financial standing of Charles De Ketelaere, it’s interesting to note the economic context of his hometown, Bruges. The average annual gross salary in this Belgian city is approximately €61,357. When comparing this to Charles’s earnings from his contract with AC Milan, it becomes evident that he earns in one year what would typically take someone working in Belgium 46 years to accumulate. This disparity highlights the significant financial success Charles has achieved as a professional footballer.

Overview of Charles De Ketelaere’s FIFA Profile:

Charles De Ketelaere, at the age of 20, has established himself as a well-rounded footballer, excelling in various aspects of the game except for defending. His FIFA game statistics reflect a player with no below-average skills, highlighting his comprehensive abilities on the field.

De Ketelaere’s skill set is comparable to that of players like Florian Wirtz and Jamal Musiala, indicating his versatility and proficiency in the game. For fans curious about his potential growth and development in the world of virtual football, a video is available that projects De Ketelaere’s progression in FIFA career mode over a span of seven years, up to the year 2029.

Charles De Ketelaere’s Religious Beliefs:

While Charles De Ketelaere has not publicly discussed his religious beliefs, it is plausible to consider that he may have been raised in a Christian household. Given that his mother, Isabelle De Cuyper, could have influenced his upbringing, there is a likelihood that Charles aligns with Christianity. This speculation is further supported by the fact that approximately 60% of Belgians are affiliated with the Roman Catholic Christian faith, suggesting that De Ketelaere might be part of this majority.


Known as ‘King Charles’, Charles De Ketelaere was born in 2001 to his parents, Isabelle De Cuyper, a nurse, and Francis De Ketelaere, a surgeon. He grew up with his older twin siblings, Louis and Renée. Charles has been in a relationship with Jozefien Van de Velde since 2020.

At the time of this biography, Charles’s parents were divorced. He spent most of his childhood with his mother, while his siblings lived primarily with their father. Initially interested in tennis, Charles eventually shifted his focus entirely to football, despite initial reservations from his father, Dr. Francis.

Renée, his sister, is not only a professional tennis player but also engages in TikTok, while his brother, Louis, has a successful career as a Business Developer with a Master’s degree from Ghent University. For his education, Charles attended De Wassenaard primary school and Sint-Lodewijkscollege secondary school.

The Flemish-Dutch athlete made the decision to prioritize soccer over tennis in his early years. His talent blossomed at Club Brugge’s academy, contributing significantly to their win at the Future Champions Tournament.

Turning professional in 2019, Charles played a key role in Club Brugge’s triumphs in the Belgian First Division and the Belgian Super Cup. Recognized as Belgium’s 2020 Promising Talent of the Year and the Young Footballer of the Year for 2021/2022, he is often seen as a successor to Kevin De Bruyne.

Charles De Ketelaere’s remarkable abilities as an attacking midfielder have made him a sought-after player with the potential to rank among the best in global football.


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