Cesare Casadei Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

SoccerBio’s version of Cesare Casadei’s Biography brings to light the story of a young football enthusiast who grew up in the heart of Italy, supported by his family and influenced by the tradition of the land. SoccerBiography take you through his beginnings, his connections with Davide Casadei (father), Elena Casadei (mother), and siblings Edoardo and Ettore, and how they’ve shaped his life and career.

This narrative about Casadei also delves into his roots, background, education, and more. Moreover, FootballTales will offer insights into his earnings, assets, personality, and lifestyle as an Italian football prodigy.

Essentially, this biography captures Cesare Casadei’s journey. It’s a tale of a young lad, nurtured by entrepreneurial parents, who juggled his passion for football with his duties in the family’s traditional “piadina” flatbread business.

Furthermore, Casadei’s story is intertwined with those of his childhood pals – Samuel Giovane and Matteo Prati. They shared a football dream, nurtured it together, and astonishingly represented Italy in the FIFA U-20 World Cup. This trio exemplifies the hope and future of Italian soccer.


Our tale of Cesare Casadei begins with his foundational years, leading up to his association with clubs like Cervia, Cesena, and Inter Milan. We’ll then spotlight the rise of this talented midfielder in the realm of professional football.

At SoccerBiography, we’re excited to take you on this ride, tracing Cesare Casadei’s path from an innocent childhood to achieving football acclaim. For a taste of his story, here’s a visual timeline, depicting the milestones of his life so far.

Many are aware that the young sensation from Romagna, Italy, has an innate ability to score from the midfield like Kevin de Bruyne, a feat that makes him a versatile playmaker.

He is a holistic midfielder, demonstrating prowess in his physical, technical, and mental game. Unsurprisingly, he is touted as a beacon of the next Italian football era. His skills are best exemplified by this outstanding long-distance goal, celebrated as Chelsea’s Goal of the Month.

Our aim at SoccerBiography is to bridge a knowledge gap. Surprisingly, numerous football aficionados haven’t explored the detailed life story of Cesare Casadei, which is truly captivating. Let’s delve right into it.

The Early Days of Cesare Casadei:

Often referred to as the “Italian Frank Lampard”, Cesare Casadei came into the world on January 10th, 2003. He was welcomed by his parents, Elena and Davide Casadei, in Ravenna, Italy.

The last among three siblings, Cesare shares a deep bond with his brothers, Edoardo and Ettore. The following map highlights his birthplace, emphasizing his roots in the scenic city of Ravenna, the gem of Emilia-Romagna.

Childhood Experiences:

Growing up in Cervia, a quaint town in Northern Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, Cesare was accompanied by his siblings and close friends, Giovane and Prati. With no sisters in the family, the bond among the brothers was nurtured by their parents, Elena and Davide.

In an Instagram post from October 2015, Cesare introduced his brothers to his followers. The monochrome photograph perfectly captured the strong familial bond among the Casadei siblings.

Cesare Casadei’s Formative Years:

Cesare’s initiation into football can be credited to his older siblings, Edoardo and Ettore. The trio often engaged in playful matches in a garden adjacent to their home. By the age of six, the Cervia-raised Cesare was eager to join a local football academy.

One vivid memory that Cesare cherishes from these initial days is scoring his inaugural goal against his brothers, using their home’s gate as an improvised goalpost. Reflecting on this exhilarating experience, Casadei fondly remarked,

“After that first goal, in my mind, I was emulating legends like Kaka or Ronaldinho. That was the moment I realized I had a knack for it and aspired to pursue football professionally.”

Background of the Casadei Family:

From our exploration, it’s evident that the Casadeis have a dual passion: sports and enterprise. Cesare’s parents, Elena and Davide, have carved a niche for themselves with a piadineria outlet situated along the Milano Marittima canal.

To those unfamiliar with the term, a piadineria is a specialized eatery that offers ‘piadina’, a traditional flatbread savoured predominantly by the Romagna community. At the Casadei family’s establishment, this delectable bread is served with an array of fillings, ranging from ham and cheese to assorted vegetables.

Even as Cesare’s star has ascended in the football world, he still treasures the memories of his youth, assisting in the family’s kiosk. This sentiment of humble beginnings is shared by his peers like Federico Dimarco, Yunus Musah, and Gonzalo Plata, who, too, pitched in with their respective family businesses.

Origins of the Casadei Lineage:

Cesare, born on 10th January 2003, is a proud Italian. Tracing the roots of the Casadei clan leads us to the scenic town of Cervia, nestled in the Emilia-Romagna region in Northern Italy.

Cervia, a coastal gem in the province of Ravenna, also happens to be Cesare’s birthplace. To provide a clearer perspective, here’s a visual representation pinpointing the athlete’s ancestral roots.

Worth mentioning is the fact that Cervia, Cesare’s hometown, has earned the moniker “City of Salt” due to its rich history in salt harvesting. The town’s salt pans have been operational for over two millennia.

Cultural Identity:

Belonging to Northern Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, Cesare Casadei is deeply rooted in its vibrant cultural traditions and historical significance. Several luminaries of Italian football, including Federico Dimarco, Giacomo Raspadori, and the esteemed coach Simone Inzaghi, hail from this iconic region.

Cesare Casadei’s Educational Journey:

Elena and Davide, like many conscientious parents, envisioned a stable future for their son. As a result, Cesare Casadei pursued and successfully completed his studies in accounting. Even as he immersed himself in football, his parents emphasized the importance of education as a fallback and an avenue for alternative career pursuits.

Speaking of his academic endeavours, there came a challenging phase where Cesare faced a dip in his academic performance, reminiscent of what Mike Maignan once experienced. This led to a stern consequence from his strict parents: a lengthy 22-kilometre trek from his hometown Cervia to Cesena, under the downpour.

In a bid to ensure he didn’t miss his football training and perhaps as a way to offset his school shortcomings, Casadei undertook this journey on foot, clocking 22 hours.

A Dive into Cesare Casadei’s Football Beginnings:

Initially unfamiliar with football intricacies, Cesare’s primary intent was to keep company with his older siblings in the local garden, where they routinely played the game. Observing Edoardo and Ettore’s playful skirmishes, he was soon drawn into the excitement. This budding interest marked the onset of a pivotal journey.

Over time, Cesare’s latent talent began to shine through. To nurture this budding passion, he sought guidance from his elder brothers and parents, eventually joining the local club, Cervia, at six. The club, also known as ASD Cervia 1920, is renowned in Cervia, Emilia-Romagna. Following fruitful seasons, Cesare sought a more challenging platform, leading him to enlist with Cesena, further solidifying his footballing foundation.

Cesare Casadei’s Ascendancy:

AC Cesena’s youth wing is reputed as a premier nurturing ground for emerging talent in Italy. Here, Cesare not only honed his skills but also strengthened ties with his childhood comrades – Samuel Giovane and Matteo Prati. This formidable trio, all hailing from the Ravenna province, shared dreams and aspirations. Their summers were filled with camaraderie and shared ambitions of football greatness. Yet, an unforeseen event would challenge these bonds.

A Twist of Fate for the Trio – Casadei, Giovane, and Prati:

2018 proved a tumultuous year for the inseparable trio. AC Cesena, their cherished club, declared bankruptcy, compelling every affiliated player to seek new pastures. Of the three, Casadei and Giovane transitioned to prestigious squads: Giovane to Atalanta BC Youth and Casadei to Inter Milan’s youth ranks. Meanwhile, Prati found his next chapter with the Ravenna FC youth division.

Inter Youth Success:

While many speculated that Cesare Casadei was on his way to AC Milan, it was Inter Milan that successfully secured him, owing to the discerning scouting by Beppe Giavardi and Paolo Manighetti. Casadei’s exceptional abilities placed him at the heart of Inter’s Primavera project.

During his tenure with Inter Milan, Casadei swiftly evolved into a versatile midfielder, skillfully navigating roles from defence to attack. His outstanding performances during the 2018/2019 season propelled the renowned Nerazzurri academy to clinch the under-17 championship.

The 2021/2022 season marked a significant highlight in Casadei’s career, as he aided his team in seizing the Primavera championship with a contribution of seventeen goals. His adaptability on the field garnered attention from not only the media but also top European clubs.

Casadei’s meteoric rise in Inter’s youth system caught the eye of The Guardian. In October 2022, the British publication featured him among sixty standout footballers born in 2003. Celebrating this recognition, Casadei soon inked his inaugural professional contract.

Following this milestone, Inter Milan, under the guidance of Antonio Conte, offered the young Italian a three-year contract. Simeone Inzaghi, who stepped in post-Conte, quickly recognized Casadei’s prowess. This led to an invitation to the club’s summer training, where Casadei stepped in for Romelu Lukaku during a match.

Cesare Casadei’s Journey to Success:

Chelsea emerged as one of the most ardent pursuers of Casadei’s signature, causing concern for Inter Milan. Despite Inter’s attempts to resist offers, Chelsea’s persistent negotiations and their interest in loaning out Romelu Lukaku to Inter eventually swayed the deal.

Under Thomas Tuchel’s management, Chelsea finalized the acquisition of the young talent, offering €15,000,000 along with a bonus of €5,000,000 to Inter Milan. Both clubs took to their digital platforms to announce the successful transition.

Embracing English Football:

On joining Chelsea, Casadei became an integral part of the U21 squad. His prowess was notably displayed when he netted a spectacular long-range goal during a 4–2 victory over Peterborough. This stupendous goal, showcased below, was crowned as Chelsea’s Goal of the Month in October 2022.

With such a commanding introduction to English football, several teams began expressing their interest in Casadei. Ultimately, as the January 2023 transfer window concluded, he was loaned out to Reading.

Under 20 World Cup: A Reunion of Fate:

After parting ways due to their club’s insolvency, the paths of Casadei, Giovane, and Prati intersected once more. The trio reunited on the same team at the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup, sharing the field with promising players like Kendry Paez, Savinho, Andrey Santos, and others.

Cesare Casadei made an indelible mark at the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup. Alongside his companions, Giovane and Prati, they came tantalizingly close to clinching the world title, earning Italy’s admiration. The young midfielder catapulted to fame, securing the top goal-scorer accolade of the tournament. You can view his FIFA U-20 World Cup goals.

Although the Azzurrini showcased a spirited performance reaching the finals, they were bested by Uruguay. At the awards ceremony, Casadei garnered significant accolades. Honored as the tournament’s most valuable player and leading scorer, he was bestowed with the Golden Boot and Golden Ball awards.

Without a doubt, the football world is on the brink of witnessing a midfield prodigy. Cesare Casadei shines brightly among Chelsea’s reservoir of budding midfield talents, ready to capture the football universe. What lies ahead will soon find its place in the annals of history.

Is There a Special Someone in Cesare Casadei’s Life?

The young Italian sensation began grabbing attention early in his career. Earning double honours – the prestigious Golden Ball and Golden Boot at the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup, he displayed potential football greatness. As lore often suggests, behind every successful Italian midfielder might be an enchanting partner. This leads to the inevitable question…

Who holds Cesare Casadei’s heart?

Without a doubt, Casadei’s impressive physique and captivating aura have drawn many eyes. Countless admirers might envision standing beside him, whether as a partner, spouse, or even as the mother of his future children.

However, our in-depth exploration into his personal life indicates that he remains discreet about his romantic ventures. It’s plausible that Casadei is channeling his fervor exclusively into his flourishing football journey, avoiding the possible distractions of romantic involvements.

Given the rigorous demands of the football realm, young talents are often advised to remain concentrated. This might explain why, as of 2023, Cesare appears to be single.

Personal Insights:

Who exactly is Cesare Casadei?

A grounded individual, Cesare Casadei never lets his Italian heritage fade from memory. He often reminisces about the Piadina stall operated by his family and treasures the strong familial ties they’ve woven over time.

Cesare is a beacon of self-discipline and responsibility. As previously highlighted, the young footballer once embarked on a demanding 22-kilometer trek in rain, moving from Cervia to Cesena, in part, to atone for a disappointing academic performance.

This episode underscores Cesare’s unwavering commitment and innate desire to excel. Here’s a further glimpse into his resilience:

On a particularly frosty winter day when the mercury dipped sharply, Cesare, clad in short sleeves, took to the football field. The biting cold didn’t deter him. He continually credits his siblings, Edoardo and Ettore, for kindling his enduring passion for the sport.

Peeking into Cesare Casadei’s Lifestyle:

To truly grasp the essence of Casadei, one must venture beyond his professional realm. Notably, he possesses a deep fondness for coastal retreats. Given his upbringing in Cervia, a scenic coastal town in Ravenna province, this isn’t surprising.

At the close of the football season, Cesare switches to vacation mode. A scroll through his Instagram feed reveals his preference for Formentera in the Balearic Islands of Spain. Renowned as the Balearic archipelago’s smallest member, Formentera shines as a Mediterranean gem.

Delving into Cesare Casadei’s Family Dynamics:

It would be remiss to attribute Cesare’s budding career solely to his team’s dynamism. Much of his zeal and success is deeply rooted in the relentless encouragement and inspiration from his kin, notably Davide, Elena, Edoardo, and Ettore. Let’s delve deeper into their stories.

Cesare Casadei’s Father, Davide:

On a pivotal day in 2023, when Cesare was shining on the field, netting two goals against Brazil in the FIFA U-20 World Cup, his father, Davide, was engaged elsewhere. Rather than witnessing his son’s landmark achievement in the Malvinas Argentinas Stadium in Argentina, Davide was in Cervia, aiding his community struck by a devastating flood. His selfless actions reflected his commitment to community over personal milestones.

Davide, a mainstay in the Casadei family, runs a Piadina store in Milano Marittima. As his youngest child rises to football prominence, Davide finds himself delving deeper into the intricate world of football player management.

It’s evident that Davide maintains a robust collaboration with CAA Base Ltd, a footballers’ agency. This firm, responsible for Cesare’s professional trajectory, also represents numerous talents, including Eberechi Eze, James Maddison, Rico Lewis, Cole Palmer, and Pape Matar Sarr.

Cesare Casadei’s Mother, Elena:

In an interview with Italian journalist Claudio Cucciatti from La Repubblica, Cesare admitted to longing for his mother’s Piadinas and reminiscing about football legends like Kaka. Stationed in England due to his football commitments, Cesare’s nostalgia for home is palpable.

Considering Elena Casadei’s culinary legacy in the Romagna region, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to label her among Cervia’s finest Piadina artisans. This explains Cesare’s deep-rooted longing for her speciality dish.

About Cesare Casadei’s Brothers:

To date, there’s no indication of Cesare having any sisters. As the youngest member of the family, he shares his bond with two elder brothers, Edoardo and Ettore.

Edoardo Casadei:

Always there for family, Edoardo played a pivotal role when Cesare relocated from Italy to England. Shifting to a foreign land, complete with its distinct linguistic and cultural nuances, can be daunting. While Cesare had elementary English proficiency, Edoardo, with his advanced language skills, moved to England temporarily to help Cesare settle.

Ettore Casadei:

Born on March 23, 1999, in Ravenna, Ettore is the older brother to Cesare. Ettore himself has football prowess, currently playing as a Centre-Forward for Savignase.

Ettore initiated his senior football journey in Italy with Cervia. His noteworthy phase was during the 2017–18 Serie D season with Romagna Centro, scoring nine goals.

By 2021, Ettore sought academic pursuits in the USA, enrolling at Old Dominion University and playing for their soccer team, the Old Dominion Monarchs.

Later, he shifted to the Florida Institute of Technology, joining their soccer ensemble, the Florida Tech Panthers. In 2022, Ettore returned to Italy, rejoining his former squad, Savignase.

Little-Known Facts:

Delving deeper into Cesare Casadei’s life story, we’ve uncovered some lesser-known facts about the football sensation. Let’s dive in.

Cesare Casadei and FIFA Gaming:

A fact that may astonish the gaming community: Cesare Casadei stands among the select few footballers worldwide who have an average rating of over 50% across every aspect of the game. According to his SOFIFA metrics, he attained this commendable achievement by the age of 19.

In the world of midfielders, only a handful mirror Casadei’s over-50 rating in all football facets. Some noteworthy names include Ismael Bennacer (from Algeria), Nicolo Barella (Italy), Ilkay Gundogan (German), etc. Let’s not forget Joey Veerman, the fast-rising Dutch midfielder.

Guidance from a Football Icon:

On his maiden day in England, Cesare Casadei had the fortune of meeting Thiago Silva. With Thiago fluent in Italian, he played a pivotal role in helping Cesare acclimate to his new surroundings. Reflecting on Thiago Silva’s influence, Cesare once remarked:

Observing Thiago in action at Milan has been a ritual since my younger days, and that’s what truly left me in awe. Here I am, a newcomer from the youth ranks, and he ensured that I was welcomed and treated as an integral part of the Chelsea team.

Cesare Casadei’s Earnings:

Post his 2022 Chelsea signing, Casadei’s annual remuneration stands at £390,000. This amounts to a weekly payout of £7,488 or approximately €8,705.

His earnings, interestingly, are considerably below Chelsea’s average weekly salary, pegged at £77,406. As of September 2023, the top earners for the club include Raheem Sterling with £325,000, Reece James drawing £250,000, and both Wesley Fofana and Ben Chilwell receiving £200,000 each.

Cesare Casadei’s Wealth:

In the region of Italy where he was born, the average yearly earnings in Ravenna stand at €38,416. To put things into perspective, a typical individual in Ravenna would need nearly 11.8 years of work to match Casadei’s yearly earnings at Chelsea, which is roughly €453,371.

What is Cesare Casadei’s Religion?

Originating from Ravenna, Cesare is a native of Italy, a country known for housing the Vatican, the heart of the Roman Catholic Church. While specific details about Casadei’s personal faith remain unknown, considering Italy’s deep-rooted Christian heritage, it’s likely that the gifted midfielder might align with Christian beliefs.

Closing Words:

Born on January 10, 2003, with the Capricorn sign, Cesare entered the world as the youngest child to his parents, Elena and Davide Casadei. The budding star had the company of two elder brothers, Edoardo and Ettore, during his childhood.

Raised in the picturesque town of Cervia in the Emilia-Romagna region, Cesare’s parents were entrepreneurs running a thriving Piadina business near Milano Marittima canal.

Young Cesare’s passion for football ignited while he was accompanying his brothers to local playgrounds. Witnessing their matches, he was smitten by the sport and soon embarked on his journey to professional football. At just six, Cesare initiated his career with Cesena’s youth academy. His companionship with peers, Samuel Giovane and Matteo Prati, was disrupted when Cesena faced financial setbacks, leading the youngsters to explore opportunities elsewhere.

Cesare’s talent found a home at Inter Milan’s youth setup. His exceptional performances soon bagged him prestigious titles, propelling him to international recognition. Following acknowledgement from The Guardian’s Next Generation list, Chelsea quickly secured his services.

After gaining experience on loan with clubs like Reading and Leicester, 2023 became Cesare’s breakthrough year, marked by his stellar performance in the FIFA Under-20 World Cup which was held in Argentina. At the time of finalizing this Bio, the Italian Baller is ready to be a Chelsea first-teamer.

Indeed, Chelsea supporters anticipate that Cesare, along with rising talents such as Djordje Petrovic and Alfie Gilchrist, will have a bright future at the club.

Final Thoughts:

We appreciate your interest in SoccerBiography’s rendition of Cesare Casadei’s life story. Our mission is to provide accurate and engaging biographies of football talents from Italy and beyond. Casadei’s narrative is a chapter in our broader European Football collection.

Your feedback is invaluable. Should you spot any inconsistencies in our portrayal of this skilled Italian midfielder, do let us know. Beyond Cesare Casadei’s story, we have many more fascinating tales.

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