Carlton Morris Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article, a deep-dive Carlton Morris Biography, provides an insightful overview of his boyhood days, his Family Origin, upbringing by his Parents – Heather Morris (Calton’s Mum), John Morris (Carlton’s Dad), details about his Siblings who go by their names Owen and Ellie Morris, his romantic life with Imogen Hurn (his girlfriend), relatives etc.

Again, SoccerBiography shines a spotlight on Carlton Morris, delving into his roots, upbringing, religious beliefs, educational journey, ethnicity, and hometown, among other aspects of his personal life. It also touches on his lifestyle, astrological signs, wealth, and earnings.

At its core, this narrative unfolds the complete saga of Carlton Morris, portraying the transformation of a boy initially indifferent to football into a player whose love and talent for the sport flourished, thanks in part to his father’s encouragement.

Carlton Morris, though now a celebrated striker, initially honed his skills in midfield before finding his true calling in goal-scoring.


We begin Carlton Morris’s story by exploring key moments from his early years, his cultural background, and the initial strides in his career. We then chart his rise to prominence as a striker for Premier League’s Luton Town, highlighting his notable achievements.

This biography aims to captivate readers with Carlton Morris’s enthralling life story. Hence, we’ll help you understand his journey from his formative years in football to becoming one of the sport’s elite strikers.

Known for his great partnership with Elijah Adebayo, his ingenuity on the pitch and attacking play, Morris has earned accolades as a top-tier player. Despite extensive research, we’ve identified gaps in the general awareness of English athletes’ narratives, including Morris’s compelling story, which remains largely untold.

Carlton Morris’s Early Years:

Carlton John Morris entered the world on December 16, 1995, in the historic and scholarly city of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England. As the eldest child of John and Heather Morris, he was raised alongside his brother, Owen, and sister, Ellie, in a Cambridge suburb. His early life was filled with the warmth and support of his family.

Childhood and Growth:

Carlton’s early years were a blend of happiness and hurdles in Cambridge’s peaceful suburbs, with his family’s support as his stronghold. Growing up with Owen and Ellie, he enjoyed Cambridge’s picturesque landscapes and leisure activities. From boating on the River Cam to wandering through verdant parks and meadows, these moments fostered his love for nature. They also enhanced his growing enthusiasm for football.

An indefatigable spirit marked his youth, evident in every game and sport he played. Carlton approached every activity with zeal, showcasing a commendable dedication from a tender age.

As he neared the end of his childhood, Carlton faced the future with optimism. Football was not his initial calling; he aspired for academic achievements. However, aware of the challenges ahead, Carlton remained confident that he could surmount any hurdle with his family’s unwavering support and his resilience.

Thus, Carlton Morris stood on the brink of adulthood, his life sculpted by affection, support, and steadfast resolve, ready to navigate the vast possibilities that lay ahead in both academics and athletics.

Carlton Morris’s Early Football Journey:

Carlton Morris’s venture into football was significantly influenced by his father, John, who played a pivotal role in introducing him to the sport. Initially, Carlton had little interest in football, but his father’s encouragement led him to give the game a try. This decision uncovered his innate talent for football, marking the start of his path in the sport.

Carlton Morris initiated his football journey with Histon Hornets. Initially indifferent to the game, it was his father’s unwavering support that uncovered Carlton’s innate talent for football. This realization prompted a shift in his focus, transitioning from a midfielder to a striker, as he developed a strong passion for scoring goals.

Family Support and Background:

Carlton comes from a family where love and support are fundamental. Despite facing financial challenges, Carlton’s family, which includes his parents, John and Heather, along with his younger siblings, Ellie and Owen, remained steadfast. Thus, they imparted valuable lessons to him about the importance of hard work, determination, and self-belief.

While the specific details of his parents’ occupations are undisclosed, their willingness to make sacrifices for their children’s well-being serves as a testament to their commitment. They instilled values in Carlton, emphasizing the significance of perseverance and self-confidence.

Cultural and Ethnic Roots:

Carlton’s origins trace back to Cambridge, indicating a rich British heritage that possibly includes English, Scottish, Welsh, or Northern Irish ancestry. The surname “Morris” has historical ties to medieval England and Scotland, suggesting a diverse ancestral background within the United Kingdom.

Growing up in Cambridge, a city known for its cultural richness and historical importance, likely influenced Carlton’s upbringing. This environment, along with his English nationality, shapes his identity as a White British individual, proficient in English and influenced by the city’s focus on education.

Educational Journey:

In Cambridge, renowned for its academic prestige, especially the University of Cambridge, Carlton was immersed in a culture that highly values education. This backdrop allowed him to merge his sporting talents with his academic pursuits. He recognized the opportunities his athletic abilities could provide in advancing his education.

With his parents’ support, Carlton managed to maintain a balance between his academic responsibilities and his emerging football career. His story reflects a combination of academic commitment and sporting prowess, driven by a desire to learn and improve, both academically and athletically, continually.

Building his Career:

Carlton Morris embarked on his football journey at the age of 11 when he joined Norwich City’s esteemed youth system.

Norwich City, a well-known football club located in Norwich, Norfolk, offered him a place in their Academy. This marked a significant moment in his life and laid the bedrock for his football career.

The youth system at Norwich City is committed to nurturing young talents with the goal of eventually integrating them into the senior team. Recognized for his potential and talent, Carlton became a learned person in the summer of 2012. This initiation led to a rigorous training and development program aimed at refining his footballing abilities.

One of the notable highlights of Carlton’s early career was his triumph in the FA Youth Cup with Norwich City in May 2013. This victory served as a testament to his skills and his valuable contribution to the team’s success in this prestigious youth competition.

The Supportive Morris Family:

The journey towards Carlton’s dream of playing for Norwich City was a family endeavour. His parents, especially his mother, Heather, played pivotal roles. The family committed to supporting Carlton’s aspirations, with Heather leading the charge in driving him and his siblings, Ellie and Owen, to Norwich for training sessions multiple times a week.

The Morris family navigated the challenges of balancing schoolwork with Carlton’s demanding training schedule. This showcased their unwavering support and dedication to his footballing ambitions.

Road to Professional Football:

Carlton’s dedication and progress within the Norwich City youth setup did not go unnoticed. He earned a professional contract by December 2013, which would extend until the summer of 2016. This contract marked Carlton’s official entry into professional football, affirming the club’s faith in his abilities.

His journey continued with loan spells at Oxford United, York City, and Hamilton Academical. These moves brought him valuable experience and showcased his goal-scoring prowess. Despite an ACL injury setback in the 2018-2019 season, Carlton remained resilient, making a comeback with Norwich City’s Under-23 squad.

Rise to Fame:

In May 2019, Carlton Morris’s career saw a positive development with a contract renewal at Norwich City. This was reinforced by a fruitful loan at Milton Keynes Dons. His impressive display led to a recall from Norwich City. However, he soon moved to Barnsley. There, he made a striking debut by scoring in 2021.

Carlton’s career soared after he joined Luton Town in July 2022. He quickly became vital to the team and won the EFL Championship Football Player of the Month award in September 2022. His exceptional ability to score, particularly during crucial moments like the Sky Bet Championship Play-Off Final, has proven pivotal for his team. According to BreakingTheLines, the footballer, alongside notables like Tahith Chong, are among the main men in Lotun’s field formation.

Carlton Morris’s Relationship Status:

Carlton Morris, the forward for Luton Town, is currently single. While he has been in at least one relationship in the past, there are no records of any engagements. Like many public figures, Morris prefers to keep his love life under wraps, valuing privacy in his personal and romantic endeavours.

Delving into his dating history is complex, given the private nature of many celebrities’ lives. Although it’s possible to find tidbits about his past relationships, maintaining an up-to-date and accurate account of his romantic connections is challenging.

Rumours suggest Carlton Morris has a girlfriend named Imogen Hurn, but detailed information about her is scarce. She maintains a low profile with a private Instagram account @__imogenjade, followed by over 2000 people. The couple shares a connection on Twitter, indicating mutual support, although the specifics of their relationship remain private.

Personal Interests and Lifestyle:

Carlton Morris is more than just a talented footballer; he has a life full of diverse interests and hobbies. Also, he’s an avid basketball fan, with the legendary Kobe Bryant ranking as his favourite player. Social media and interviews often showcase his life outside football, including his enjoyment of time spent with friends and family. Tom Lockyer, Luton’s captain, is among his close friends.

A poignant moment in Morris’s life involved Lockyer’s sudden collapse during a game, leading to an emergency hospital visit. Morris’s heartfelt message, “Locks, I love you, mate. We’ve done it,” spoke volumes of their deep bond. The team honoured Lockyer by celebrating with his jersey post-game, highlighting their camaraderie.

The Sagittarius footballer, who shares the zodiac with Ibrahim Sangare, USA’s Yunus Musah, Belgium’s Leandro Trossard and French’s Kylian Mbappe, enjoys a variety of activities. From vacations and outings with friends to attending special events. But he understands the importance of rest and recovery for peak performance, adhering to a balanced diet and health regimen. At 1.85 meters tall and weighing 85 kilograms, he maintains his physical condition meticulously.

Though he’s active on social media, Morris keeps his personal life private. His Instagram (@carlton_morris) has over 16K followers, and his Twitter (@CarltonJM) boasts over 17.6K followers, allowing him to engage with fans while keeping personal details confidential.

Carlton Morris’s Lifestyle:

Carlton Morris leads a disciplined life characterized by relentless creativity and focus, both on and off the pitch. His training, skill enhancement, and tactical preparation reflect his commitment to football.

As a rising English football star, Morris has achieved considerable success, translating into significant wealth from his dedication to the sport. This success affords him a lifestyle of luxury, including high-end homes, vacations, cuisine, and cars, in Luton, Bedfordshire, England.

While specific details about his car collection are not available, his earnings enable him to enjoy the finer things in life, likely including a range of luxury vehicles.

Carlton Morris’s Domestic Sphere:

Information about Carlton Morris’s personal life is limited in the public domain. However, it’s evident that his family plays a crucial role in his football career. The support and motivation from his family have been instrumental in his journey as a professional footballer. Certain family members have made significant contributions to his development.

Father’s Influence – John Morris:

Carlton shares a profound bond with his family, especially acknowledging the significant impact his father, John Morris, has had on his career. John was the one who introduced Carlton to football, and despite Carlton’s initial reluctance, his father’s encouragement was crucial. John’s belief in Carlton’s potential was a driving force, helping him to discover his talent for scoring and transition from midfield to a striking position. This father-son relationship has been instrumental in Carlton’s growth and achievements in football.

 Mother’s Support – Heather Morris:

Heather Morris, Carlton’s mother, stands as a beacon of support and commitment in his footballing path. Although specific details about her are not provided, her actions speak volumes. Heather’s dedication is evident in her efforts to facilitate Carlton’s training and development, often managing the family’s schedule to support his commitments. Nonetheless, the role in maintaining a nurturing family environment is crucial, underpinning Carlton’s success on the football field.

Sibling Solidarity – Ellie and Owen Morris:

Carlton’s bond with his siblings, Ellie and Owen, adds another layer of familial support. Their participation in the family’s efforts to support Carlton’s training indicates a strong family dynamic centred around mutual support and belief in each other’s aspirations. The family’s collective commitment to Carlton’s career highlights their shared dedication to his success.

Extended Family Circle:

Carlton prefers to keep his extended family’s information private, respecting their wish for a life away from public attention. While specific details about his larger family network are not shared, it’s likely that it includes various relatives. These family members likely provide additional support and connections, enhancing Carlton’s personal and professional life.

Carlton Morris: Beyond the Pitch:

As we venture deeper into the life story of Carlton Morris, we uncover some lesser-known aspects of this talented footballer. Let’s explore these hidden facets.

Earnings and Financial Standing:

The income of professional footballers can significantly fluctuate based on various factors, including contracts, on-field performance, and sponsorship deals.

Carlton Morris earns most of his income from his contract with Luton Town, along with any endorsements or other financial deals he may have.

In 2022, Morris took a significant step in his career by moving to Luton Town for £1.3 million. His outstanding performances, especially in September 2022, when he scored four goals, led to him being awarded the EFL Championship Player.

Reflecting on the initial investment for his transfer, it’s clear that Morris’s value and contributions have exceeded initial expectations. According to Capology, Carlton Morris has a year left on his contract with Luton Town. His gross salary is £260,000 for the 2022-2023 season, which breaks down to £5,000 weekly.

As of 2023, Morris’s net worth is estimated to be around $527,176, with his market value peaking at €6.00 million as per Transfermarkt evaluations as of June 1, 2023. These figures underscore Morris’s career trajectory and his value in the football domain.

Carlton Morris in FIFA:

In the FIFA video game series, player ratings and attributes are meticulously updated to mirror their real-life performances and form. Carlton Morris’s overall rating in FIFA 2023 stands at 72. While reflecting on his current skill level, a potential rating of 72 indicates room for further growth and improvement. Morris is best utilized in the striker position within the game.

Predominantly a right-footed shooter, Morris has demonstrated exceptional skill and consistency in his gameplay. His attributes, such as acceleration, shot power, strength, and heading accuracy, stand out as his strong points. However, there’s room for improvement in aspects like interceptions and defensive awareness, which could elevate his defensive contributions.

Morris’s playing style draws comparisons to notable players like Noah Okafor and Chukwubuike Adamu (two Europe-based footballers with Nigerian roots), showcasing his abilities and potential areas for growth in the game.

Faith and Beliefs:

Carlton Morris is deeply rooted in his Catholic Christian faith, which plays a remarkable role in his life. Raised in a Christian household, Morris continues to practice and embody the principles of Christianity.

As a follower of Catholic Christianity, one of the primary branches of the Christian faith. Thus, Morris’s spiritual life is founded on the guidelines of Jesus Christ and the traditions of the early Christian Church.

His strong commitment to his faith is evident, serving as a root of solace, strength, and inspiration. While specific details of his religious practices remain private, Morris’s adherence to his Catholic Christian beliefs is a fundamental aspect of his identity, guiding his actions and life choices.

Carlton Morris: A Journey from Youth Prospect to Championship Star

Carlton John Morris was born on December 16, 1995, in Cambridge, England. He has become a formidable striker for Luton Town in the Championship. Nonetheless, the journey in football started early at Norwich City’s youth setup. There, he developed into a promising talent and played a vital role in winning the FA Youth Cup in 2013.

Morris began his professional career by signing his first major contract with Norwich City in December 2013. This was the start of several loan spells, from Oxford United to Hamilton Academical. Each stint helped him grow, even though an ACL injury briefly interrupted his progress.

In July 2022, Morris made a significant move to Luton Town. His standout performances, especially in September 2022, highlighted his talent. As a result, he was named the EFL Championship Player of the Month.

His journey reflects a blend of talent, perseverance, and adaptability, making him a key figure in Luton’s attacking lineup.

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