Calvin Stengs Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article, a deep-dive Calvin Stengs Biography, provides an insightful overview of his boyhood years, upbringing by his parents (Marlies Stengs, his Mum and his Dad, his romantic journey with his girlfriend, Beau de Boer, becoming a Dad to his son, Saint Stengs, his beloved brother Jesse Vengelers,  and personal lifestyle.

Again, SoccerBiography delves into the multifaceted life of Calvin Stengs, exploring his heritage, upbringing, educational background, distinctive tattoos, financial status, astrological signs, personal endeavours, and earnings.

At its core, the narrative unfolds Calvin Stengs’s comprehensive saga, tracing his journey from his early days as a child model and basketball enthusiast to his eventual dedication to football. This pivot was primarily due to the later start age for basketball in the Netherlands, steering him towards football instead.

The story further highlights Stengs’s pivotal relationship with Dani Gomes, the son of Johan Gomes, a prominent figure in local youth soccer. This friendship was instrumental in Stengs’s decision to join S.V. Dios, signifying the inception of his footballing odyssey.


Our narrative on Calvin Stengs begins by delving into his early life, shedding light on pivotal experiences that moulded his formative years. We then chart the key achievements that marked the onset of his professional journey, culminating in his rise to prominence as a celebrated footballer from Amstelveen.

Calvin Stengs is widely recognized as a professional Dutch footballer. He is celebrated for his pivotal contributions to AZ Alkmaar’s success in both domestic league and European contests. Stengs’s reputation as one of the Netherlands’ emerging stars in football is well-established.

In our exploration of narratives surrounding Dutch footballers, we encountered a surprising lack of comprehensive insights into Calvin Stengs’s compelling and richly detailed life story. Therefore, we eagerly invite you to delve into this story without delay.

Calvin Stengs Childhood Story:

For Biography starters, Calvin Stengs, known on the field as a magician for his football prowess, was born on December 18, 1998. His parents welcomed him in Amstelveen, Netherlands. Calvin is the only boy born to his mother and father.

For Biography starters, Calvin Stengs, known on the field as a magician for his football prowess, was born on December 18, 1998. His parents welcomed him in Amstelveen, Netherlands. Calvin is the only boy born to his mother and father.

Calvin’s entry into the world marked the growth of their family, bringing a unique dynamic as one of the two sons. The bond within the family, especially the connection between Calvin and his parents, has been a cornerstone of his life.

Let’s introduce you to Calvin Stengs’s parents, especially his mother, Marlies. Whose unwavering support has been a cornerstone in his journey through football. Her unwavering support has been a constant and influential presence throughout his journey in football.

Early Life:

Calvin Stengs’s formative years unfolded in Nieuw-Vennep, a quaint town nestled in the North Holland province, a stone’s throw away from the bustling city of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This serene setting laid the foundation for his early life experiences.

Details about the number of siblings Stengs has remain somewhat obscure, but it’s evident that he has distinguished himself as the standout football talent within his family. His childhood was shared with his step-brother, Jesse, with whom he spent numerous hours in their hometown, fostering their aspirations and honing their skills.

This environment, rich with support and camaraderie, played a crucial role in sculpting Stengs’s journey, preparing him to tackle the hurdles that lay ahead. The unwavering support from his mother and grandparents during these crucial years was pivotal. They were not just his family but his cheerleaders, understanding his ambitions and nurturing his talent.

Stengs often reflects on the profound impact his family has had on him, both personally and professionally, highlighting their indispensable influence in shaping the person and athlete he has become.

Calvin Stengs’s Formative Years:

Calvin Stengs’s affinity for football was ignited on the vibrant streets of Nieuw-Vennep, where the sport swiftly transcended from mere interest to a profound passion. His journey, however, was strewn with hurdles, each serving as a test of his resolve and prowess.

The year 2003 heralded a significant milestone in Stengs’s life. He took his first steps into professional football by joining DIOS’s youth ranks. This move not only signified the commencement of his professional odyssey but also saw the burgeoning of his innate talent, fueled by an indomitable spirit and relentless dedication over the next three years.

The narrative took another turn in 2007 when Stengs escalated his pursuit of excellence by aligning with Haarlem. Here, he intensified his efforts, honing his skills with every match and training session. His exceptional performances soon paved the way to AZ’s prestigious youth academy at the tender age of 12. This crucible has shaped the careers of luminaries like Jozy Altidore, Teun Koopmeiners, and Myron Boadu.

Stengs’s journey was characterized by an unwavering determination, a quality that catapulted him from being a mere participant to a luminary on the football field. His relentless pursuit of greatness ensured that he swiftly transitioned from a promising player to a celebrated figure in the football community.

Calvin Stengs’s Familial Roots:

While the familial details of Calvin Stengs, a distinguished player for the Netherlands national team, remain somewhat under the radar, it’s evident that his family, particularly his mother, has been a cornerstone in his journey through football.

From his initial forays onto the football pitch to his celebrated accomplishments as a professional, his mother has been a steadfast presence. Her relentless support and insightful guidance have been pivotal in steering him towards his goals.

Stengs’s resilience and drive are deeply anchored in his family’s support system. The principles and values instilled by his family have profoundly shaped his approach to football, offering him both emotional backing and practical assistance.

An intriguing facet of his family life is his mother Claire’s entrepreneurial spirit. She manages an online clothing venture, accessible via Instagram at @stengswear, as of 2023. Her entrepreneurial journey is driven by a commitment to forge a fulfilling life for her children, imbued with values of diligence, respect, and open-mindedness.

Calvin Stengs’s Heritage and Background:

Calvin Stengs, celebrated for his exceptional talent on the football field, is a proud Dutch national. Hailing from Amstelveen, Netherlands, he is deeply rooted in the vibrant culture of this region.

His childhood was spent in Nieuw-Vennep, a town within the North Holland province and part of the Haarlemmermeer municipality. Notably, Nieuw-Vennep is distinguished by its relative prosperity, being among the wealthier municipalities in the Netherlands.

The backdrop of Stengs’s early life has significantly contributed to moulding his character and sportsmanship. For a clearer perspective, refer to the geographical layout below, which illustrates his national and regional affiliations.

Regarding Calvin Stengs’s Ethnicity:

Calvin Stengs, known for his adept dribbling skills, has roots that trace back to Surinamese descent while embodying Dutch ethnicity. His life journey began in Amstelveen and later transitioned to Nieuw-Vennep. Both locales are situated within the North Holland province, reflecting a rich Dutch cultural lineage.

Calvin Stengs’s Academic Journey:

Details about Calvin Stengs’s educational background remain somewhat elusive as of 2023. It is common for budding football talents in the Netherlands to juggle their academic pursuits with rigorous training schedules. Particularly those identified early on for their sporting potential.

Stengs, too, presumably navigated through the standard Dutch educational trajectory while honing his skills at AZ Alkmaar’s esteemed youth academy. Such football academies in the Netherlands are known for their commitment to ensuring that aspiring athletes do not neglect their education while they train.

Despite the lack of detailed public records regarding the specific institutions he attended or his academic achievements beyond football. It’s understood that his formative years were shaped by a balance of education and intensive football training.

Path to Professionalism:

The seeds of Calvin Stengs’s football career were sown in Nieuw-Vennep. Where he crossed paths with Johan Gomes, a local youth football coach and neighbour. Stengs and Gomes’s son, Dani, who became fast friends in kindergarten, would often engage in football games. Laying the groundwork for Stengs’s footballing aspirations.

Intriguingly, Stengs also dabbled in modelling as a child. Not many soccer fans know that The Boy Wonder was part of a modelling campaign for big Dutch brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Diesel before fully committing to football. Initially drawn to basketball, inspired by the film “Space Jam” and the iconic Michael Jordan, he eventually gravitated towards football. Due to the later start age for basketball in the Netherlands.

This pivotal shift to football marked the beginning of Stengs’s dedicated pursuit of the sport. Eventually, this led him to HFC Haarlem in the city of Haarlem. This transition was a crucial phase in his burgeoning career. It showcased his innate athletic talent and distinguished him as a standout performer among his peers. It foreshadowed the promising path that lay ahead.

Calvin Stengs Biography – Football Story:

Calvin Stengs, the dynamic attacker, demonstrated his potential from the beginning. After his time with SV DIOS and HFC Haarlem, he focused on refining his skills. His natural flair and ability on the field consistently set him apart from his peers.

His impressive performances soon attracted the attention of football scouts. This led to a pivotal moment in his career: joining the youth system at AZ Alkmaar. Renowned as one of the premier football academies in the Netherlands. At AZ Alkmaar, Stengs’ football journey took a significant turn.

Within AZ Alkmaar’s ranks, Stengs polished his skills and crafted his unique style of play. Renowned for his creativity, agility, and technical prowess, he swiftly ascended through the academy levels. This led to his professional debut with AZ Alkmaar. Where he quickly cemented his position as a primary player for the team.

Calvin Stengs’s Ascent to Prominence:

Calvin Stengs embarked on his professional career with AZ Alkmaar. Making a memorable debut in a KNVB Cup match on December 14, 2016. His inaugural season saw him contribute significantly to Jong, AZ. Featuring in 22 games, netting six goals and providing eight assists. This promising start was followed by his Eredivisie debut in a 1–1 draw against Excelsior on March 5, 2017.

The 2017–18 season marked Stengs’s promotion to AZ’s first team. Unfortunately, a knee injury curtailed his season. Nevertheless, after a period of recovery, Stengs made a triumphant return to the first team. In November 2018, he celebrated his first goal for AZ against FC Utrecht on January 16, 2019.

Stengs’s journey took a notable turn in 2019 with his Europa League debut on July 25. This was quickly followed by his first goal in a European competition. His consistent performances ensured he remained a key figure for the team under various coaching tenures.

On the international stage, Stengs first appeared for the Netherlands in a friendly against the United States. His debut for the senior Netherlands team came on November 19, 2019. Where he made an immediate impact with two assists in a 5–0 victory over Estonia in the Euro 2020 qualifiers.

In a significant career move, Stengs signed with Ligue 1 club Nice on July 14, 2021. He is marking his entry into French football with an appearance against Bordeaux on August 28. He scored his first goal for Nice in a match against Saint-Étienne on September 25.

Stengs’s Journey with Antwerp:

The next chapter in Stengs’s career unfolded with a loan move to Antwerp on August 30, 2022. He quickly adapted to his new team, debuting with a 3–0 win over Westerlo on September 4 and notching his first assist against Seraing on September 16.

Stengs’s inaugural goal for Antwerp came during a Belgian Cup match against Beveren on November 10, contributing to a 2–2 draw. His first league goal for the team was a crucial equalizer in a 3–3 draw with Westerlo on December 27.

Despite facing a challenge with a red card in a match against Anderlecht on January 29, 2023. Stengs celebrated significant milestones with Antwerp, including a Belgian Cup victory on April 30 and a historic league title win on June 4, despite being suspended for the decisive match against Genk.

Calvin Stengs’s Journey to Feyenoord and Personal Life:

On July 26, 2023, the creative technician took a pivotal step in his career by inking a four-year deal with Feyenoord. Thus rejoining forces with his ex-mentor, Arne Slot. Additionally, he teamed up with notable talents such as Orkun Kokcu and Tyrell Malacia. For this transfer, Feyenoord compensated Nice with a €6 million fee.

Stengs debuted for Feyenoord in the Johan Cruyff Shield match against PSV on August 6. It was a very tightly contested soccer match that ended in a 1–0 defeat. He continued to make his presence felt in Feyenoord’s first match of the 2023–24 Eredivisie season. And it concluded in a stalemate against Fortuna Sittard on August 13.

His first goal for Feyenoord came on September 3, contributing to a resounding 5–1 win over FC Utrecht. On the international front, Stengs reached a new milestone on November 21. When he scored his debut senior international goal, netting a hat-trick in a Euro 2024 qualifier. This performance highlighted his ascending stature on the international scene as he enjoyed the field alongside figures like Xavi Simons, Cody Gakpo, and Denzel Dumfries. This chapter in Stengs’s biography marks a significant phase in his evolving narrative.

Calvin Stengs and Beau De Boer:

Off the field, Calvin Stengs’s life is enriched by his relationship with Beau De Boer. The daughter of the esteemed Dutch football icon Frank De Boer. Beau’s steadfast support for Stengs’s football endeavours underscores the couple’s bond.

Their paths crossed at the Johan Cruyff College in Amsterdam. And while they weren’t direct classmates, their connection blossomed through interactions on Instagram, eventually leading to a deeper bond. For Stengs, the prospect of having a renowned football figure as a potential father-in-law was a daunting notion at first.

Calvin Stengs’s New Family Dynamic:

On February 28, 2023, Calvin Stengs and Beau De Boer embarked on a new journey together as parents with the birth of their son, Saint Stengs. Opting for a distinctive name, Saint, they’ve added a fresh dimension to their lives. One that’s relatively uncommon in the Netherlands.

Beau’s unwavering support for Stengs has been a constant. This was particularly highlighted through her active engagement on social media, where she celebrated the arrival of their son. This support network has been pivotal for Stengs as he carries on in his football career.

Off the Pitch:

Beyond his football accolades, Calvin Stengs cherishes the simpler aspects of life. Such as quality time with family, engaging in video games, and enjoying swimming sessions. Moreso, he consciously prioritizes spending time with loved ones over the allure of fame and fortune often associated with professional sports.

Family values lie at the core of Stengs’s ethos, mirroring his positive outlook and his emphasis on what truly enriches his life. Physically, Stengs cuts an imposing figure on the field, thanks to his athletic stature. He stands tall at 1.87 meters (6 ft 2 in).

His dedication to maintaining top physical condition is evident in his stringent workout regimes. Ensuring he remains in peak form for the demands of professional football.

Furthermore, as a Sagittarius, Stengs shares this zodiac sign with fellow athletes Calton Morris, Chelsea talent Alfie Gilchrist and Cameron Archer. Also, Belgium’s Leandro Trossard and Kevin Schade. They are known for traits like generosity, idealism, and a robust sense of humour. All of which Stengs embodies in his personal and professional growth.

He recognizes the critical role of rest and recuperation in optimizing his football performance. Through his Instagram presence, @calvinstengs, with a following of over 109k. Stengs offers insights into his life off the field, presenting a more personal side to his fans.

Lifestyle Insights:

Calvin Stengs has emerged as a prominent figure in Dutch football. Moreover, his commitment and prowess hint at a flourishing financial trajectory, a testament to his hard work and talent.

His football success has paved the way for a lifestyle marked by luxury. From owning elegant properties to indulging in lavish holidays and fine dining experiences. Stengs’s penchant for premium automobiles further adds to the allure of his personal life.

His lifestyle, a blend of opulence and discretion, exemplifies the perks of a successful sports career. While underscoring the importance of personal privacy amidst public acclaim.

Family Overview:

As a former AZ Alkmaar prodigy, Calvin Stengs’s family life is deeply rooted in mutual support and closeness. Here’s a brief look at his family. Starting with his father to provide a glimpse into the familial ties that have shaped him.

Getting to know CalviAbout Dad:

Calvin Stengs’s relationship with his father is characterized by a later introduction into his life. Contrasting with the more central role his mother played during his formative years. As Calvin grew up primarily in his mother’s care, this familial setup significantly influenced his early development. While underscoring the pivotal role his mother played.

Details regarding Calvin Stengs’s father are kept private. Aligning with the discretion many athletes prefer regarding their family matters. Information about his father’s identity, profession, or involvement in Stengs’s life remains sparse. This reflects a broader tendency among public figures to shield their family from the public eye.

This practice of maintaining privacy serves to protect the personal lives of athletes and their families from the invasive aspects of fame. Allowing them to cultivate a semblance of normalcy amidst their public careers.

Calvin Stengs’s Mother:

Marlies Stengs has been instrumental in nurturing Calvin’s passion for football. She has offered both emotional and logistical support throughout his journey from a young aspirant to a professional athlete. Moreover, her unwavering dedication has been a cornerstone of his success.

Raised by Marlies, who has been managing hotel reservations in Badhoevedorp since 1994. Calvin grew up in a household that balanced professional commitments with parental responsibilities. Marlies often relied on her parents for support with childcare. Therefore enabling her to manage her dual roles effectively.

Despite the challenges of single parenthood, Marlies found the experience manageable. Thanks to a solid support network of family and friends. Calvin, even as a young child, displayed empathy and a willingness to support his mother. Thus, it demonstrates an early understanding of the value of family and the significance of remembering one’s roots.

Marlies’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to launch an online clothing store, an endeavour inspired by her sons. Thus showcasing her commitment to her family’s well-being and her children’s futures. Her profound influence on Calvin’s personal and professional development underscores the vital role of family support in achieving success.

Calvin Stengs’s Step-Brother:

Calvin Stengs has a stepbrother named Jesse Vengelers. Known to be part of his family circle as of 2023. Information about Jesse and any potential additional siblings is kept private. Aligning with the common practice among athletes to maintain a discreet family profile.

In the realm of professional sports, the dynamics among siblings can vary widely. With individuals like Jesse potentially offering essential, albeit less visible, support. Nonetheless, the presence of siblings can contribute to a sense of normalcy. Thereby grounding for athletes navigating the high-stakes environment of professional sports.

Calvin Stengs’s Grandfather:

Significant to Calvin Stengs’s formative years in football was the time spent with his grandparents in IJmuiden. Where his grandfather emerged as a key figure. Not only did he engage in football activities with Calvin, playing together on the streets, but he also provided practical support. Such as transportation, facilitating Calvin’s early engagement with the sport.

The relationship between Calvin and his grandfather was profound. Extending beyond mere sporting activities to encompass life lessons and familial bonds. This connection was instrumental in instilling foundational values and a strong sense of support. It is crucial for Calvin’s development both on and off the pitch.

These familial interactions underscore the narrative of Calvin Stengs’s rise in football. Hence, it illustrates the importance of a nurturing and supportive family backdrop in shaping the career trajectory of a professional athlete. The encouragement and active involvement of his grandfather have been pivotal in Calvin’s journey toward success in the sports arena.

Intriguing Insights into Calvin Stengs:

Delving deeper into the life of Calvin Stengs, we uncover some lesser-known facets that add layers to his already compelling narrative.

The Financial Distinction:

When juxtaposed with the average earnings in the Netherlands. Where a typical individual earns approximately €34,260 annually, Calvin Stengs’s financial gains from football stand in stark contrast. It would necessitate almost six years of income for an average Dutch citizen to equate what Stengs earns in merely a month. Highlighting the significant economic disparity fostered by professional sports success.

Calvin Stengs in FIFA:

In the world of virtual football, Calvin Stengs showcases his prowess in FIFA. His impressive overall rating of 76 and potential reaching 80 reflect his considerable talent in the field. Positioned mainly as a Central Attacking Midfielder, Stengs predominantly employs his right foot, mirroring his real-life play style.

Drawing parallels with notable players like Charles De Ketelaere and Oihan Sancet, Stengs is celebrated for his exceptional skills in Vision, Short Passing, Agility, Dribbling, and Ball Control. Making him a standout in the attacking midfield sector.

Calvin Stengs’s Personal Beliefs:

While Calvin Stengs’s name has biblical connotations, and he is known to celebrate Christmas. He maintains a reserved stance regarding his religious beliefs. Respecting his privacy, Stengs and his family choose not to publicize their religious practices or beliefs. Keeping such matters discreet and away from the public eye.

Journey and Achievements:

Born on April 18, 1998, in Amstelveen and raised in Nieuw-Vennep, Netherlands, Calvin Stengs possesses Dutch nationality with Surinamese heritage. A blend that has significantly shaped his upbringing and identity.

Under the vigilant eye of his mother, Stengs’s football talent was nurtured from a young age. At the same time, laying the groundwork for his future successes. His football journey took flight at AZ’s youth academy at the age of 12. After initial stints with local clubs SV DIOS and HFC Haarlem, setting the stage for his rise in the sport.

Stengs’s proficiency on the field led to his significant move to Nice in 2021 for €10 million. This was followed by a loan period with Antwerp, where he contributed to their Belgian Pro League and Cup triumphs. In 2023, his career saw another milestone with a €6 million transfer to Feyenoord.

On the international stage, Stengs made his debut for the Netherlands in 2019 and quickly established his creative self as an indispensable talent of the Dutch squad. His remarkable performance, including a hat-trick against Gibraltar in a UEFA Euro 2024 qualifier in November 2023, underscores his value to the team.

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