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This article unveils the complete Biography of Caitlin Foord, providing a deep dive into her Childhood  Years, upbringing, Parents – Simone Foord (Mother), unknown Dad, Family Background, Siblings – specifically her Sister (Jamie Foord), familial roots, Early Football Life, Grandparents – notably her Grandmother (June Foord), Uncle (Simone Foord), Aunt, as well as her Partner (Lia Walti), and more.

This piece about Foord also provides information on her Family Roots, Ethnic Background, Religion, Hometown, Nationality, Education, Tattoos, Net Worth, Astrological Sign, and Personal Life.

In essence, this article unfolds the comprehensive history of Caitlin Foord. Herein lies the tale of a young girl who prospered under the nurturing influence of her mother, Simone, in Shellharbour, a charming suburb situated 100 kilometres south of Sydney.

SoccerBiography presents the narrative of a footballer who enthusiastically engaged in a variety of sports during her childhood years.

Intriguingly, it was her sister Jamie who proposed to their mother that Caitlin should explore football. This suggestion was made after Jamie observed the budding starlet playing with boys in the schoolyard.


Our narrative of Caitlin Foord’s life story kicks off by highlighting significant instances from her formative years. Following this, we will delve into Foord’s early career milestones. Finally, we’ll narrate how this versatile player rose to become one of her country’s finest footballers.

SoccerBiography hopes to captivate your interest in Caitlin Foord’s biography. To begin, we offer a gallery that vividly illustrates her journey from her early days to her current prominence. Indeed, Caitlin’s life path is both noteworthy and inspiring.

It’s well-known that Caitlin Foord bagged the FIFA Women’s World Cup Best Young Player award in 2011.

She also played a pivotal role in the successful Arsenal women’s team that secured the FA Women’s League Cup during the 2022-23 season. Witness Caitlin’s extraordinary progress in her impressive football journey.

In our exploration of stories about Australian professional soccer players, we discovered an untold tale. Astonishingly, many fans remain unaware of the enthralling life story of Caitlin Foord. So, let’s waste no time and begin this thrilling expedition into her life.

Caitlin Foord’s Early Life:

To start off the biography, the forward is fondly known as Caitlin Foord. Her full name is Caitlin Jade Foord, and she was born on November 11, 1994, to her mother, Simone Foord, and father in Shellharbour, New South Wales, Australia.

Furthermore, Caitlin Foord was raised in a family where she grew up alongside her sister. Her journey as a football athlete started with the devoted support and love of her single mother.

Equally important is to acknowledge the fundamental role played by Caitlin Foord’s mother. Her relentless encouragement and diligence ensured Caitlin’s talent was nurtured to its full potential. This caring environment was instrumental in Caitlin’s ascent to the pinnacle of women’s soccer.

Her Childhood:

Caitlin Foord originates from Shellharbour, New South Wales, Australia. Interestingly, her family has no history in sports. In fact, Caitlin is the lone sportsperson in her family.

Consequently, it’s evident that Caitlin’s talent is a natural gift, and her interest in sports emerged at a very tender age. The Australian and Arsenal forward was an avid sports enthusiast during her childhood. She took part in an array of sports.

Caitlin Foord spent most of her childhood with her mother, sister, and grandmother, who provided constant support. She often played with her sister, Jamie Foord, and their childhood is filled with treasured memories.

Intriguingly, Jamie was the first to spot Caitlin’s exceptional football abilities during their playful interactions on the playground.

Caitlin Foord’s Initial Years:

Despite coming from a family devoid of sporting professionals, Caitlin Foord exhibited an inherent draw towards athletic pursuits from a young age. Consequently, she enthusiastically participated in numerous sports events within her locality and amongst her friends.

The unwavering support from her family, combined with Caitlin Foord’s personal drive, stimulated her enthusiasm for soccer. Furthermore, she identified her impressive skills in the sport at an early stage, which proved instrumental in her journey.

Additionally, Caitlin Foord’s family noticed her emerging athletic prowess. They saw her competitive spirit, especially apparent when she chose to play alongside boys on the field. Her tenacity and resilience were prominent, foreshadowing the onset of her future soccer profession.

Family Background:

While exhaustive information regarding Caitlin Foord’s family is scarce, it’s understood that her mother played a pivotal role in her nascent career. Caitlin’s mother committed to lengthy three to four-hour drives to and from Sydney for her training sessions and games.

Indeed, she would often pick Caitlin straight from school and shuttle her to and from the Sydney Olympic Park four times a week for her training. This unwavering dedication from her family was instrumental in moulding Caitlin’s successful soccer career.

Caitlin Foord was raised in a middle-income family, where her mother, earning a modest income, met all household needs. She maintained a cosy home and ensured her family’s needs were prioritized.

Despite monetary limitations and challenges, they never wavered in their dedication to Caitlin. They extended their resources to the extreme to nurture the Olympian’s aspirations and facilitate the fulfilment of her objectives.

Family Origins:

The subject of SoccerBiography’s profile, Caitlin Jade Foord, hails from the Illawarra region of New South Wales, Australia. This athlete proudly holds Australian nationality. She was born in Shellharbour, a city situated approximately 100 kilometres south of Sydney, the state capital.

Moreover, this city lies roughly 25 kilometres south of Wollongong, the third-largest city in New South Wales.

Shellharbour boasts of distinct coastal allure, cultural diversity, and natural beauty. The town serves as an intriguing place to visit, reside, or study. Furthermore, the city is deeply rooted in Indigenous heritage, with the Wodi Wodi ethnic group recognized as the original custodians of the land.

Caitlin Foord’s Ethnicity:

In Shellharbour, the majority of individuals are of English or Australian descent, while others have Irish, Scottish, or Italian backgrounds. Based on our research, it’s probable that Caitlin is of White Australian ethnicity.

To simplify, as there’s no evidence of her parents having European origins, Caitlin is most likely a native Australian.

Educational Background:

Regarding her education, Foord attended Illawarra Sports High School, where she engaged in various sports. After school, her mother routinely drove her to Sydney Olympic Park four times a week for training sessions and weekend matches.

When Caitlin’s sister, Jamie, noticed her talent while she was playing soccer with boys in the school playground, she suggested that their mother should promote Caitlin’s interest in football. Heeding this advice, they enrolled her in local clubs, eventually leading her to the New South Wales Institute of Sport.

Her Career Genesis:

Foord’s professional career as an Australian footballer stemmed from her profound love for the sport and her inherent talent. Raised in the warm embrace of two supportive women, her mother and sister, Caitlin was encouraged to chase her dreams.

Caitlin’s childhood was filled with affection, companionship, and an intense passion for sports. Her sister Jamie was the first to identify Caitlin’s aptitude for football. Observing Caitlin playing at school, Jamie informed their mother of Caitlin’s potential in the sport.

Nonetheless, the young sportswoman had already begun her athletic journey before Jamie identified her football prowess. Initially, her mother took her to different centres to explore various sports. Once Caitlin’s flair for football was discovered, her mother, Simone, enlisted her with the Warilla Wanderers.

Caitlin Foord Biography – The Beginning of Her Football Journey:

Caitlin’s soccer journey started at Warilla Wanderers before moving on to local football clubs like Illawarra Stingrays and Sutherland Sharks. As her sister Jamie recounts, Caitlin marked her first day with Warilla Wanderers with an astounding six goals.

Foord participated in a plethora of tournaments representing the Illawarra Stingrays and the Sutherland Sharks. Eventually, she opted to join the New South Wales Institute of Sport to advance her career.

In 2009, Caitlin was awarded the Junior Sports Star of the Year accolade at the Shellharbour Sports Awards. Additionally, she represented the NSW Under 13 team in futsal at the Australian Championships held in Canberra.

Remarkably, at just 13, she earned her first opportunity to represent Australia’s under-17 national team.

Caitlin Foord’s Bio – Journey Towards Stardom:

Caitlin Foord embarked on her professional career in 2009, experiencing the highs and lows inherent to sports. When her initial team, Central Coast Mariners, disbanded their women’s squad in 2010/11, she transitioned to Sydney FC along with a few colleagues.

Foord shone in the Australian W-League with 44 appearances and 11 goals to her credit. In 2013, she switched teams, playing a pivotal role in leading Sky Blue FC to the playoffs.

She was subsequently chosen for the 2013 NWSL Second XI Team. After achieving this impressive accomplishment, Caitlin took a moment to reflect on her splendid football beginnings.

In 2014, she was a regular starter for Sky Blue, although the team ended the season in sixth place. Caitlin, alongside her teammate Samantha Kerr, recommitted to Sky Blue in 2015, delayed by the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Despite Foord’s participation in 10 games, the team finished eighth. Though initially slated for the 2016 season, the striker refrained from participating, and by December, she had shifted to a Japanese team, citing less than ideal player conditions at Sky Blue.

She returned to Sydney FC twice, briefly in 2016-17 and again from 2017 to 2020, even though she played for Portland Thorns in the U.S. during 2018 and 2019.

Caitlin Foord’s Setback:

The unconventional league schedules allowed her to commit to both teams. However, this double commitment eventually took a toll on her. A severe foot injury during a 2018 semi-final match necessitated surgery.

This raised doubts about her ability to continue her sporting career, causing worry for her team, fans, and Caitlin herself. Alongside physical hurdles, Foord also grappled with mental challenges. However, upon joining Arsenal during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, Caitlin Foord found a silver lining.

After continuous years of football, this unexpected respite helped her regain her waning passion. Constant shuttling between the U.S. and Australia had diluted her love for the game, making it feel more like an obligation. This pause provided her with an opportunity to reignite her initial zeal for soccer.

Caitlin Foord Biography – Ascend to Fame:

In January 2020, Foord boldly moved to Arsenal, led by fellow Australian Joe Montemurro. A year later, with Montemurro’s departure, Foord had to adapt to his successor, Jonas Eidevall’s tactics.

Fortunately, both coaches’ strategies, favouring a fast-paced and possession-heavy game, were congruent, aiding Foord’s smooth transition. Upon her 2020 Arsenal admission, Foord’s role became increasingly crucial.

When star forwards Beth Mead and Vivianne Miedema suffered injuries towards the end of 2021, Foord emerged as the team’s main goal source. Despite the challenges, she secured eight goals and eight assists in the 23 games of that season.

Even though it wasn’t her highest-scoring season, her performance was indispensable, especially with Mead and Miedema sidelined. As Arsenal’s leading assist provider, Foord was only three assists short of the league’s top assister, Chelsea’s Guro Reiten.

Striving for success, Caitlin has been with Arsenal since 2020, contributing to their FA Women’s League Cup triumph in 2023. She shares the field with notable players like Leah Williamson, Kim Little, and Alessia Russo. In 2022, the striker extended her contract with Arsenal.

International Career:

Foord netted a goal in her inaugural match against New Zealand, which concluded in a 3-0 victory. She was awarded the “Best Young Player” accolade and the AFC Youth Player of the Year honours for her performance at the 2011 Women’s World Cup, where she played a myriad of roles.

She continued to shine in tournaments like the 2014 AFC Women’s Asian Cup and the 2015 Women’s World Cup. In 2016, Foord made an impact by scoring a goal in her Olympic debut. She later received the AFC Player of the Year title.

Despite a foot injury in 2018, Foord made a formidable comeback, scoring her first international hat trick against Chile. She participated in her third World Cup in 2019 and represented the Matildas in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Though they didn’t clinch a medal, Foord’s performance was notable. In April 2022, she celebrated her 100th match with the Australian team with a 2-1 victory over New Zealand.

As of 2023, Foord is part of the Australian squad in the Women’s World Cup, playing alongside prominent players like Sam Kerr, Kyra Cooney-Cross, Ellie Carpenter, Katrina Gorry and Mary Fowler. The remaining part of our Biography, as is often said, is now history.

Foord’s Love Life:

Caitlin Foord, the well-known footballer from Shellharbour, has maintained a high level of privacy regarding her love life. As of the latest information available, Caitlin isn’t publicly involved with anyone romantically.

Nonetheless, whispers have linked her to her fellow player Lia Walti since May 2021, when a video featuring the two surfaced. Neither Caitlin nor Lia has confirmed these conjectures, leaving Foord’s love life a mystery, whether private or non-existent.

Is Caitlin Foord Dating Anyone?

Given Caitlin Foord’s history of maintaining a tight seal on her personal, romantic engagements, the rumours concerning her relationship with Lia Walti remain unverified.

Many fans are eager to know the truth, but neither Caitlin nor Lia has substantiated the rumours, leading some to speculate that the whispers might simply be an exaggeration of a close friendship.

Considering Caitlin’s demanding football career, it’s entirely feasible that she might not be currently engaged in a romantic relationship. As of 2023, she has no children.

Personal Life Insights:

Caitlin Foord, while a fan of the National Rugby League (NRL) during her youth, was particularly captivated by football. Experimenting with various sports, football ultimately captured her heart. Her vigorous and passionate attitude, believed to be inherited from her mother, has driven her love for the game.

Her family proudly celebrates Caitlin’s accomplishments, attributing her success to her outgoing, industrious, and broad-minded disposition.

Sharing the Scorpio Zodiac sign with other athletes like Alyssa Thompson, Salma Paralluelo, and Kadeisha Buchanan, Caitlin displays characteristics such as loyalty, intelligence, and intensity.

Her emotional depth and intuitive nature guide her in adhering to a regular workout regime and maintaining her physical prowess. Standing at the height of 5 feet and 7 inches tall and weighing approximately 59 kg, Caitlin’s athletic build reflects her commitment to a balanced diet and overall well-being.

Caitlin Foord’s Lifestyle:

Unlike some stars, Caitlin doesn’t seem to indulge in a lavish lifestyle. Her focus on substance over materialism is apparent, and she appears to be more concerned with supporting her family than flaunting wealth. Caitlin’s social media profile reflects a minimalistic approach to luxury.

Her career-driven nature does not diminish her appreciation for family and friends. Caitlin knows how to plan ideal getaways and enjoys relaxing with her close ones in sought-after destinations such as Ibiza, Seychelles Island, Gold Coast, Queensland, Rwanda, and more.

Caitlin Foord’s Automobile Collection:

Caitlin’s success on the field translates into her lifestyle, affording her the ability to acquire top-tier vehicles. Thanks to her sponsorships and associations with her team, she has access to various elite cars, though she doesn’t publicly flaunt them often.

Family Dynamics:

Born in Sydney, Caitlin’s extraordinary success in professional football speaks volumes about her family’s unwavering support. Their continuous encouragement and belief in her abilities have played a pivotal role in shaping Caitlin into the esteemed global football sensation she is today.

Caitlin Foord’s Father:

Caitlin Foord, a notable champion in the W-League, comes from a family that stands firmly behind her. However, the identity of her father remains unknown to the public as she has yet to disclose any information regarding him.

Interestingly, Foord has chosen to keep details about her father private. She has remained silent on this matter, further piquing the interest of her followers. Whether this is a deliberate choice or simply a preference for off-field privacy, it adds an air of intrigue to her personal narrative.

From the available data, it is understood that Caitlin’s father left when she was just three, and her sister was five. While information about her father is scarce, there is no question that her family has been instrumental and inspiring in her career.

Caitlin Foord’s Mother:

The talented Australian footballer’s mother is Simone. She has been a key figure in Caitlin’s life and career, consistently providing unwavering support throughout her journey in professional football.

Caitlin often mentions her mother, Simone, in interviews and social media posts, indicative of their close relationship. Despite the challenges of growing up with a single mother, Caitlin openly recognizes and values her mother’s dedication to supporting her and her sister.

Foord has expressed a desire to reciprocate her mother’s support after attaining success in her career. Even though she acknowledges she may never be able to fully compensate her, she strives to honour the sacrifices her mother made.

The high-performing forward credits her mother’s support as a vital element of her success. From the very beginning, Simone singlehandedly assumed the responsibility of raising and nurturing Caitlin.

Simone, who faced the dual challenges of parenting and encouraging her daughter’s emerging career, often found herself under immense pressure. She managed Caitlin’s training schedules while also taking care of family matters.

Simone, Caitlin Foord’s mother, has fostered a robust support network throughout her daughter’s soccer career. This network includes Roxanne and Annette, mothers of fellow players Sam Kerr and Emily van Egmond.

They collectively offer not only support in terms of football but also as a pillar of encouragement for their daughters.

Caitlin Foord’s Siblings:

In this part of our sports biography, we delve deeper into the details about Caitlin Foord’s birth siblings, focusing on her sister. Let’s get started.

Caitlin Foord’s Sister – Jamie Foord:

Caitlin Foord, the talented forward and youngest child in her family, grew up with her older sister, Jamie Foord, born on April 9, 1993. They were raised in the Shellharbour area in the Illawarra region located in New South Wales, Australia.

Jamie is a constant cheerleader for Caitlin, displaying immense support and unity during her matches. As sisters, their relationship extends beyond family bonds to shared interests and mutual admiration, solidifying their bond.

While there is limited information about Jamie Foord, Caitlin’s sister, she did catch media attention in 2021 for unfortunate reasons; she faced punishment for driving under the influence.

Jamie’s social media profiles indicate that she is engaged to Ranae Philips. The couple is open about their relationship, regularly posting intimate snapshots of their life together for their followers.

Caitlin Foord’s Extended Family:

As a participant in the FIFA Women’s World Cup, Caitlin naturally has an extended family. However, she prefers to keep her personal life and family background private, leading to limited knowledge about her extended family.

From the details available, it appears that her upbringing was shaped significantly by her uncle, Shaun Foord, and her grandmother, June Foord. However, the identity of her grandfather remains unknown, indicating Caitlin’s ongoing preference for privacy regarding her family life.

Untold Facts:

As we draw Caitlin Foord’s biography to a close, we’re ready to reveal some additional fascinating details about this prominent athlete. Let’s explore these captivating aspects of her life and career.

Caitlin Foord’s Earnings:

Caitlin Foord, like several of her contemporaries, remains private about her salary. She has not disclosed her income from football, leaving supporters curious about this part of her life.

While fans might hope for insights into these details, it’s reasonable to infer that her impressive abilities on the field continue to secure her substantial earnings.

Caitlin Foord in FIFA:

Known as the Sydney Speedster, Caitlin Foord, a forward for Arsenal, exhibits skills comparable to Ary Borges. Her remarkable stamina, balance, and ability to position herself effectively enhance her team’s opportunities to score.

In FIFA 23, Foord is celebrated with an overall rating of 83, and an equal potential rating. Similar to Salma Paralluelo and Rachel Daly, her game statistics emphasize her excellence in crossing, finishing, ball control, jumping, and endurance.

However, despite these admirable attributes, Foord recognizes areas for growth, especially regarding her interceptions and accuracy in the heading.

Caitlin Foord’s Net Worth:

Caitlin Foord’s net worth is estimated at $5 million, a figure reached through her early initiation into football and participation in national championships. Beyond her earnings from football, Foord also benefits from brand sponsorships, including a significant deal with Nike.

Film Appearance:

In an unexpected turn in her career, Caitlin Foord accepted a cameo role in the 2019 film ‘Back Of The Net.’ This opportunity allowed her to share the screen with renowned actors like Sofia Wylie and Melissa Bonne, even without formal acting training.

This experience showcased Foord’s multifaceted talents, demonstrating her ability to shine not only on the pitch but also in the cinematic realm.

Caitlin Foord and Littlejohn Incident:

During the pre-match ceremony of the World Cup opener between Australia and Ireland, Irish forward Littlejohn notably ignored Foord’s offered handshake. Following Ireland’s 1-0 defeat, reports surfaced that Littlejohn attempted to approach Foord but was deterred by her teammates.

Rumors indicate that the tension may have stemmed from Littlejohn’s breakup with Irish captain Katie McCabe after seven years, considering McCabe’s close relationship with Foord.

Caitlin Foord’s Milestone in FIFA Series, 2016:

Caitlin Foord, the Matildas’ powerhouse, and her national teammates made their debut appearance in EA Sports’ FIFA 16 video game. This introduction marked a significant milestone as it was the first instance of female players being included in the famous series, bringing Foord’s talents to a worldwide audience.

Caitlin Foord’s Tattoo:

Caitlin Foord, the Australian goal-scoring dynamo, shares matching tattoos with Lindsey Horan and Emily Sonnett, her ex-teammates from Portland Thorns FC. These identical inkings symbolize their profound bond and friendship, extending beyond their professional interactions on the pitch.

Caitlin Foord’s Religious Beliefs:

Based on available information, Caitlin Foord appears to identify as a Christian. Given that Christianity is the prevailing religion in Australia, encompassing approximately 43.9% of the population, she and her family likely align with this majority. However, it’s important to note that Foord generally refrains from discussing her religious affiliations in public.


Born on November 10, 1994, Caitlin Jade Foord was welcomed by her parents in Shellharbour, New South Wales, Australia. Growing up with her family in Shellharbour, she carries Australian citizenship.

From early childhood, Foord exhibited a strong affinity for sports. She initially played rugby league with boys during her primary school years, but her family considered it too aggressive. As a result, at just nine years old, she shifted her attention to football, encouraged and supported by her mother.

This sporting interest sparked a demanding routine, with Foord’s mother chauffeuring her to Sydney Olympic Park four times weekly after school. While tiring, this commitment did not quench their shared enthusiasm.

Given Foord’s athletic inclination, her enrollment at Illawarra Sports High School was apt. Following her studies, Foord kickstarted her career at the New South Wales Institute of Sport.

Post-NSWIS, Foord joined the Central Coast Mariners for a season. Her extraordinary skills and goal-scoring capabilities soon caught the eye of top clubs.

Throughout her professional career, Foord showcased her abilities with Sydney FC, Sky Blue FC, Perth Glory, Vegalta Sendai Ladies, and Portland Thorns FC. At present, she shines as a forward for Arsenal Women, representing Australia across multiple categories and accumulating a plethora of awards for herself, her club, and her country.

Caitlin Foord’s Accolades:

Caitlin Foord’s football journey has been marked by numerous significant accomplishments for her clubs and the Australian national team, including:

With Sydney FC, she clinched the W-League Premiership in 2010-11 and the W-League Championship in 2012-13 and 2018-19 seasons. During her time with Perth Glory, she contributed to the team’s W-League Premiership victory in 2014.

Internationally, Foord played a role in the team’s success at the AFF U-16 Women’s Championship in 2009, the AFC Olympic Qualifying Tournament in 2016, and the Tournament of Nations in 2017.

As for individual awards, she was honoured as the Best Women’s Young Player at the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2011, the same year she won the Asian Women’s Young Footballer of the Year award.

She also received the Football Federation Australia’s U20 Women’s Footballer of the Year award. In 2016, she was awarded the Asian Women’s Footballer of the Year.

As a vital part of Arsenal, Foord helped the team secure a win in the FA Women’s League Cup during the 2022-23 season. Through these notable achievements, Foord has garnered global recognition and admiration.

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We appreciate the time you’ve spent reading this SoccerBiography account of Caitlin Foord’s Biography. Our unwavering dedication lies in delivering accurate and unbiased narratives of Women’s Soccer stories. Foord’s Bio is a vital part of SoccerBiography’s collection of Women’s football narratives.

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