Benjamin Sesko Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article about Benjamin Sesko’s biography provides insights into his early years, his childhood, upbringing by parents Aleš Šeško and Slađana Lazić, his family background, including his sister Zala Seško and grandmother Mata Šeško, romantic relationships, and more.

Furthermore, this piece sheds light on Benjamin Sesko’s roots, cultural background, academic journey, and his connection to his birthplace. Dive deeper into the life of this Slovenian forward, exploring his lifestyle, financial worth, private affairs, and earnings breakdown.

In essence, we present an all-encompassing tale of Benjamin Sesko, highlighting a young boy’s evolution, honing his football techniques on a pitch brought to life by the dedication of his family and village inhabitants.

The community of Radeče might have never anticipated that the funds they pooled together would shape the future of one of their own. It was on this very pitch that Benjamin Sesko’s football prowess blossomed, propelling the Slovenian town of Radeče into the spotlight.

SoccerTales is thrilled to narrate the story of a football sensation who also showcased his versatility in other sporting domains. There was a moment when Sesko showcased his basketball skills on a televised sports show. Had his football dreams not been realized, the basketball court would have likely been his stage.


SoccerTales embarks on Benjamin Sesko’s journey by illuminating pivotal moments of his youth and formative years. Subsequently, we trace his path to success via his affiliation with four notable Slovenian football institutions. We conclude by showcasing how this native of Radeče found acclaim in the world of football.

We hope to captivate you with Benjamin Sesko’s inspiring tale. Truly, Sesko’s journey is one of resilience and determination.

Many enthusiasts draw parallels between him and Erling Haaland, attributing it to his impressive stature of 1.95 m (6 ft 5 in). Beyond physical attributes, Sesko holds the title of the priciest teenage talent in Slovenian sporting chronicles.

Over time, having chronicled numerous European footballers’ journeys, we’ve discerned a knowledge void. Surprisingly, a detailed account of Benjamin Sesko’s life isn’t widely known.

SoccerTales presents this biography, meticulously curated for our readers and driven by our fervor for football. Let’s embark on the story of the Slovenian sensation without any further ado.

Benjamin Sesko’s Early Years:

Often dubbed as “The next Haaland,” Benjamin Šeško entered the world on May 31, 2003. He was born to Slađana Lazić and Aleš Šeško in the quaint town of Radeče, situated in Slovenia’s eastern region.

In the Sesko household, Benjamin holds the unique position of being the only son amongst two siblings. Born to a joyous union of his parents, he grew up alongside his beloved sister, Zala Sesko.

A brief introduction to Benjamin’s parents – Slađana Lazić and Aleš – reveals two individuals known for their grounded nature. They have been pillars of strength, guiding Benjamin through the intricate maze of his budding football journey.

Formative Years:

Far from growing up in solitude, Benjamin was always accompanied by his sister, Zala Sesko. The two shared countless memorable moments during their childhood, forging an unbreakable bond that persists to this day.

Benjamin once received a warm welcome back to Slovenia from his mother, Slađana, and sister, Zala, a few days ahead of Christmas in 2020. The joy on Slađana’s face is evident, thrilled to have her son back and relishing the opportunity to serve him her delectable homemade dishes.

Infancy of a Prodigy:

Even during his preschool days, it was evident that Benjamin Sesko had a fervent love for football. The family’s regular visits to the Radeče football arena – often with his mother, father, and sister Zala – morphed into cherished family outings. These trips to the nearby field, a stone’s throw from their residence, became delightful family memories.

Progressing leaps and bounds from those nascent days, Benjamin’s journey in football has been nothing short of spectacular.

The serene town of Radeče, where Benjamin was nurtured, is home to approximately 2,000 inhabitants. This quaint Slovenian town boasts a vintage stadium and a sports facility. As highlighted earlier in Benjamin’s biography, the creation of the football arena was a collective effort, with contributions from local residents, including Benjamin’s own family.

Today, that very football ground stands as a testament to the beginnings of Slovenia’s rising football sensation – Benjamin Sesko. Recognized as a beacon of hope for the town, Benjamin’s promise in the world of football radiates optimism. The townsfolk of Radeče beam with pride, celebrating the fact that such a prodigious talent traces his roots back to their community. Now, let’s delve deeper into the lineage of this gifted Slovenian player.

Benjamin Sesko’s Family Roots:

The spirit of football resonates deeply within the Sesko family. Delving into Benjamin’s paternal heritage, we find Aleš Sesko, a man who has passionately embraced soccer for many years. Aleš embodies the essence of merging sports dedication with familial responsibilities.

In Benjamin’s early days, before the allure of the local Radeče field beckoned him, he would often be seen with his mother and sister, cheering for his father as he played. Aleš, a grounded individual, often took on the role of anchoring the nets in place during games, especially given the underdeveloped state of the Radeče field.

Observing the lifestyle of the Sesko family provides clarity on Benjamin’s upbringing, characterized by unwavering support for his aspirations. Both Aleš and Slađana epitomize the role of nurturing parents to a budding sports superstar.

The Seskos are pragmatic parents who always focus on their children’s holistic growth, emphasizing Benjamin’s ethical and moral upbringing. It’s also noteworthy that Aleš, the family’s patriarch, instills discipline in his children. He consistently encouraged Benjamin to own up to his mistakes rather than pass the buck.

A Glimpse into the Sesko Clan:

In the displayed picture, we introduce the extended Sesko family. From the left, we see Anita Vidovic, Benjamin’s significant other and potential life partner. Next stands the patriarch, Benjamin’s grandfather. The centerpiece is Benjamin, flanked by his mother, Slađana Lazić, and his father, Aleš. Zala, donning a red shirt, is Benjamin’s sibling, and to the extreme right stands Mata, Benjamin’s doting grandmother.

Benjamin Sesko’s Ancestral Lineage:

Benjamin, with his towering stature of 1.95 m (6 ft 5 in), holds dual citizenship. On the maternal side, Slađana hails from Doboj, a picturesque city nestled in Republika Srpska, beside the serene Bosna river, thus linking Benjamin’s roots to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On the paternal side, the Sesko lineage traces back to Radeče, Benjamin’s Slovenian birthplace renowned for its vibrant culture and thriving paper industry. Presented here is a pictorial representation capturing the origins of the Sesko lineage from both maternal and paternal perspectives.

Radeče, a tranquil town with an estimated populace of just above 2,000, remained in obscurity until Benjamin’s meteoric rise in the sports realm. Currently, owing to his prowess, the town boasts of its association with its standout sports personality, Benjamin, celebrated as the most invaluable young talent in Slovenian sports annals.

Diving into Benjamin Sesko’s Ethnicity:

The 2002 demographic data indicates that the predominant ethnic assembly in Slovenia comprises Slovenes, accounting for 83% of the inhabitants. Benjamin’s paternal lineage aligns with this majority. On the maternal front, his heritage intertwines with one of these groups: Bosniaks, Serbs, or Croats.

Benjamin Sesko’s Schooling:

The promising football star from Slovenia was a student at the Public Institution Marjan Nemec Radeče Primary School. This educational establishment in Radeče serves both elementary and primary education needs.

Eager to delve deeper, we reached out to Marjan Nemec School. Those acquainted with Benjamin spoke in unison about his humility, amicable nature, and impeccable manners.

The head of the institution, Principal Jana Wetz, previously a music educator, shed light on the Sesko family’s reputation for being down-to-earth and unassuming. This sentiment was mirrored by a community member residing close to the Seskos.

Both this individual and Principal Wetz stressed that Benjamin was a dedicated student, consistently engaged in classroom activities without causing any issues.

Throughout his schooling, Benjamin was under the guidance of physical education instructor, Violeta Ernestl, and sports mentor, Brane Balog. Ernestl reminisced about Benjamin’s proficiency in various sports and his cordial demeanour.

Benjamin Sesko’s Football Odyssey:

Benjamin embarked on his professional football journey at the tender age of ten. Up until that point, he was merely an avid football enthusiast, engaging in casual play. His parents, notably his father, Aleš Šeško, were pivotal in nurturing his early passion for the sport.

Like many budding football talents in Radeče, Benjamin’s initiation into the sport commenced at the local Radeče Football Club’s academy. His foundational coach, Marjan Ključevšek, a strategic mind and beloved personality, helped evolve Benjamin from a mere spectator to a vital player for the squad. The soccer field, a product of collective community support, became a training ground for numerous young hopefuls from Radeče.

For half a decade, Benjamin honed his skills with NK Radeče. He also had stints with the U8 and U9 squads of the Trbovlje pri Rudar Soccer Club. It was in 2010 that Benjamin firmly established himself as an integral part of the Radeče academy lineup.

Role Evolution and Early Field Triumphs:

Beyond Marjan Ključevšek’s guidance, Igor Pukl played a part in Benjamin’s nascent training days. Interestingly, Benjamin wasn’t originally positioned as a forward. But under the tutelage of another coach, Matej Kirbiš, the young footballer was repositioned as a striker.

Radeče’s vibrant football culture proved fertile ground for Benjamin’s transformation into a formidable frontman. He frequently spearheaded the offensive line for the “young green and black warriors,” the moniker attributed to Radeče’s academy team.

A string of accolades marked Benjamin’s tenure with the U9 team. As he participated in numerous tournaments representing Radeče, his squad frequently clinched the top spots, earning medals and trophies.

These victories remain etched in Benjamin’s memory, not just for the accolades, but for the comradeship with teammates like Filip Stanojevič, Gašper Vodeb, Andraž Vnuk, Filip Andjelič, Miha Blaj, Sašo Popovič, Matic Sotlar, and several others.

Benjamin Sesko’s Rise to Prominence:

As Benjamin transitioned into his teens, Simon Žnidar, the then-leader of NK Radeče’s academy, spotted the youngster’s budding potential. Similarly, the subsequent academy chief, Simon Bolte, regarded Benjamin as a prized prodigy of their institution.

The budding star’s prowess was not confined to Radeče but garnered attention nationally. Consequently, Benjamin and his peers earned the privilege to compete under the banner of the Celje Interdistrict Football Association.

While Radeče always boasted a plethora of young talents, only a few, including Benjamin, rose to the pinnacle of stardom.

Even though Benjamin was often younger than many of his counterparts, his inherent skill and impressive physique made him stand out. From an early age, he was notably tall, agile, and tactically astute.

In terms of character, Benjamin consistently displayed respect towards peers and mentors. His demeanor was invariably composed, amiable, and industrious. He was known to train even on unscheduled days, and no adverse reports ever tarnished his reputation.

From the onset, every mentor at the academy envisioned a luminous football journey for him. Support was omnipresent, be it from his family or the mentors at Radeče.

Embracing New Adventures:

During the 2013/2014 stint, Benjamin sought to broaden his horizons by associating with NK Rudar. After a year-long experience, he returned to his home turf at Radeče. His tenure with NK Rudar was marked with triumphs.

However, after two seasons with his maiden club, an eager Benjamin was ready for new milestones. An opportunity presented itself with NK Krško, where he excelled in their evaluations.

While with Krško, Benjamin received call-ups for the club’s under-15s and under-17s squads. His second year saw him achieving a stellar feat, netting 59 goals across 23 fixtures in the 2017-2018 period.

A year and a half later, Benjamin was on the move again, this time to Domžale, another eminent Slovenian club. As a promising young striker, Benjamin augmented the team’s offensive prowess.

Benjamin Sesko’s Path to Glory:

With an ambition to refine his striker skills, Benjamin fine-tuned his goal-facing prowess and coordination. By age 15, he was showcasing a caliber synonymous with elite forwards in Europe’s top leagues. It was evident that Europe’s premier clubs would soon come calling.

Seeing his son’s escalating acclaim, Aleš Šeško perceived an impending major transition and recognized the need for adept career guidance.

Benjamin’s father was receptive to partnering with a seasoned football agent. In time, agent Elvis Bašanović of the Pro Transfer Agency emerged as the perfect advocate for Benjamin’s interests.

Upon his first interaction with Benjamin, Bašanović recognized his unparalleled potential. Recalling the first impression, the agent remarked:

“Upon my first glimpse of Benjamin, I immediately reached out to a colleague, emphasizing our agency’s need to represent him! He possessed such unique qualities. My heartfelt gratitude goes to the colleague who made our paths cross.”

Subsequent to this revelation, a dialogue with the Šeško family followed. Aleš, the aspiring star’s father, ensured Bašanović of their unwavering collaboration.

A Pivotal Transition:

By the time Benjamin Sesko reached 16, Red Bull Salzburg, through Pro Transfer agency, saw potential in the young prodigy. With agent Bašanović’s assistance, Benjamin penned a promising three-year contract with Red Bull Salzburg on June 3rd, 2019.

Bašanović managed to seal a commendable agreement for Benjamin. For such a young talent, FC Red Bull Salzburg committed to a remarkable 2.5 million euros. The Austrian giants were willing to invest this sum, recognizing the potential returns from Sesko’s talents.

Insider information suggests that FC Red Bull Salzburg wasn’t the only club vying for the striker’s attention. Four notable European entities had their eyes on Benjamin. However, a crucial stipulation from the Sesko family was assurance of ample playtime for their son, rather than warming the bench.

New Beginnings in Austria:

After his affiliation with FC Red Bull Salzburg, Benjamin was enrolled in their youth academy. There, he played a pivotal role in taking the team to the Youth Champions League semi-finals. Remarkably, Benjamin netted several goals even against opponents who were years his senior.

Upon his graduation from the academy, he integrated into the Red Bull Salzburg main squad, which he esteemed as a premier platform for budding footballers like him.

Post his contract confirmation, the club’s leadership presented a comprehensive development plan to the Šeško family.

This plan involved a loan stint for Benjamin with the Austrian second-tier team, Liefering. With Liefering, he showcased impressive goal-scoring and assisting statistics and was associated with them for nearly two seasons.

His sterling performance metrics were a clear sign that Benjamin was primed to rejoin Red Bull Salzburg, which happened before 2020 concluded.

Rising Through the Senior Ranks:

While at Liefering, his tally of 21 goals and seven assists prior to turning 18 was a testament to his exceptional talent. This prompted his recall to his parent club.

After his return, Benjamin rapidly made waves at Red Bull Salzburg. His flair in front of the goal led to an acknowledgment from the Guardian newspaper, placing him amongst the top 60 emerging football talents globally.

Standing tall, with a stature reminiscent of iconic players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Wout Weghorst, and Paul Onuachu, Benjamin employed his physicality to his advantage. In the field, he synergized seamlessly with players like Karim Adeyemi, Noah Okafor, and Junior Adamu. Their combined prowess led to multiple titles and gave adversaries sleepless nights.

In a moment of pride for the Sesko family, Slovenia’s head coach, Matjaž Kek, extended a national call-up to Benjamin in May 2021. Making his debut at just over 18, he set a new record as the youngest to represent Slovenia’s senior football team.

With growing reputation and skill, Benjamin became a hot property in European football, known for netting memorable goals that left both rivals and spectators spellbound. Remember his phenomenal seven-minute hat trick?

Come August 9, 2022, Benjamin made another significant move, accepting a whopping 24-million-euro transfer to Leipzig. This transfer marked him as the priciest Slovenian footballer ever. And as they say, the rest is legendary.

Off the Field – Benjamin Sesko’s Personal Side:

While accolades like the Slovenian Footballer of the Year and Slovenian Youth Footballer of the Year (awarded in 2021 and 2022) augur a bright future for Benjamin, one wonders about the forces supporting him in his personal life. So, the natural question arises:

Getting to Know Benjamin Sesko’s Significant Other:

After delving into Benjamin Sesko’s personal life, we found out he’s romantically linked to Anita Vidovic.

Anita Vidovic, according to her social media profiles, hails from Ljubljana, the heart and major city of Slovenia. This city is a short distance from Sesko’s family residence in Radeče.

Character Insights:

Benjamin has a Gemini zodiac personality, just like Mohamed Salah, Jeremy Doku, Brennan Johnson, Terem Moffi, and Gabriel Martinelli. Geminis are known for their excellent communication skills, but they often tend to overthink things.

When Benjamin joined Red Bull Salzburg at a young age of 16, the people around him, including his agent, became acutely aware of the challenges that might come with sudden fame. Agent Bašanović commented:

“With young age, immense popularity, and substantial financial gain, one can easily be put on a pedestal. Being viewed as a celebrity at such a young age can be overwhelming.”

Bašanović was well-aware of the snares that often entrap young players, especially when it comes to off-field distractions. The agent expressed concerns about potential pitfalls, pointing out incidents involving players like Benjamin Mendy, Mason Greenwood, and Gylfi Sigurðsson.

Despite living in the limelight, with myriad temptations that even seasoned athletes find challenging, Benjamin’s strong foundation and guidance from his agent helped him steer clear of controversies.

Behind the Scenes:

To sustain his athletic prowess, Benjamin emphasizes strength training in his fitness regimen. Activities like weightlifting, including bench presses, squats, and deadlifts, are staples in his routine. Alongside these strength exercises, Benjamin incorporates cardiovascular workouts like running, ensuring he remains agile on the pitch.

Beyond his football duties, Benjamin finds solace in Flachau, an idyllic Austrian village, indulging in skiing. This sport not only serves as a recreational activity but also aids in improving his balance and coordination, both vital for his primary sport.

Moreover, when seeking relaxation, the seaside and lounging by a pool are his go-to retreats. Engaging in such rejuvenating activities is crucial for a top-tier athlete like Sesko.

Whether it’s carving down Flachau’s snowy terrains or lounging under the sun, Benjamin prioritizes his health and well-being. Apart from snowy and seaside landscapes, Benjamin also has a penchant for desert adventures, with Dubai being a favorite destination.

Delving into Benjamin Sesko’s Roots:

Throughout our exploration of Benjamin’s life, one thing is evident: he is grounded thanks to the unwavering support of his family. Let’s dive deeper into the lives of those who have been his pillars from his earliest days in Radeče.

The Backbone Behind Benjamin Sesko:

Aleš, for numerous years, immersed himself in football, both as a player and an enthusiast. Starting his journey on the local pitches of Radeče, he instilled the love for the game in his son, Benjamin. In this narrative, it was highlighted how Aleš passionately defended his local field’s goalpost against the force of incoming balls.

The Compassionate Mother:

While Slađana Lazić might not be deeply involved in football as Aleš, she holds knowledge about the intricacies of football transfers. Both Slađana and Aleš assured Bašanović that their son, Benjamin, would collaborate with the Pro Transfer agency.

The dedication and unwavering character of Benjamin’s parents have been notably impressive. In the face of numerous agents trying to pivot Benjamin’s direction, Slađana and Aleš steadfastly trusted the Pro Transfer agency. Their dedication and resilience are evident today as they joyfully watch their son’s achievements.

The Supportive Sibling:

The bond between Benjamin and his elder sister, Zala, emanates warmth and camaraderie. Born to Aleš Šeško and Slađana Lazić, Zala has been a cornerstone in Benjamin’s journey, providing moral support and inspiration. The cohesive family environment, with Zala’s presence, has been instrumental in Benjamin’s football ascendancy.

The Wisdom of Elders:

One family member that deserves a special mention is Meta Šeško, Benjamin’s paternal grandmother. As previously discussed in our family chronicles, Meta, who carries the Šeško lineage, is the mother to Aleš, the head of the family.

Intriguing Details:

As we conclude Benjamin Sesko’s biography, we will share some intriguing snippets about him.

Benjamin Sesko’s FIFA Glimpse:

Have you caught a glimpse? Benjamin’s outstanding FIFA ratings not only showcase his robustness but also emphasize his agility and speed. His stats are quite similar to Artem Dovbyk and reminiscent of football giants like Romelu Lukaku and a prime Cristiano Ronaldo, who blend power with swiftness. Remarkably, by the age of 18, Benjamin already flaunts strength ratings surpassing 60. Without a doubt, he is one of the best young Forwards to sign in career mode.

Distinctive Traits of Benjamin Sesko:

While at first glance, many enthusiasts might draw parallels between Sesko and Erling Haaland due to their physical prowess, agility, and skills, a deeper analysis reveals distinct differences.

Yes, Benjamin and Erling have a similar physical stature and swiftness on the field, but their playing styles vary. Sesko tends to be more collaborative on the pitch, focusing on teamwork while perhaps not matching Haaland’s technical brilliance. On the other hand, Haaland exudes an intense energy, displaying a fierce approach, which is slightly more pronounced than Sesko’s demeanour.

Religious Affiliation of Sesko:

Given the predominant Christian demographic in Slovenia, it’s plausible that Benjamin Sesko follows Roman Catholicism, a significant Christian denomination. Our findings suggest that a majority, around 57%, of Slovenians identify as Roman Catholics.

In Summary:

Born to Aleš Šeško and Slađana Lazić, Benjamin Sesko had a childhood filled with family warmth, including his sister Zala and his doting grandmother, Šeško Meta. Notably, Anita Vidovic holds a special place in his heart as his significant other.

This towering striker, standing at 6 ft 4, boasts of a dual heritage – he’s both Slovenian, from his father’s lineage, and Bosnian-Herzegovinian, tracing back to his mother’s roots from Doboj, a city in Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sesko’s football roots can be traced back to Radeče FC’s academy, a club based in his hometown. Academically, he was part of the Public Institution Marjan Nemec Radeče.

His football trajectory skyrocketed early on, marking him as one of Slovenia’s prime talents. His talent didn’t go unnoticed, as Red Bull Salzburg signed the 16-year-old for a notable 2.5 million euros, breaking national records for Slovenian youth.

Elvis Bašanovič, stepping in as Sesko’s agent before this monumental transfer, became an anchor in the young player’s journey, guiding not just the footballer but his entire family, especially during challenging times.

With a rising career, comparisons with football stars like Erling Haaland are inevitable. Now playing for RB Leipzig, Sesko’s path looks promising. With unwavering determination and good health, the sky’s the limit for him.


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