Azzedine Ounahi Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

Discover the intriguing Biography of Azzedine Ounahi as we offer insights into his formative years, familial ties,  the people closest to him, including his parents, siblings, and figures like Sarah Ibriz (his former spouse) and Reda Mahnawi (a relative), milestones in personal life among others.

We delve deeper into Ounahi’s roots, exploring his heritage, citizenship, faith, ethnic background, educational pursuits, body art, financial standing, astrological signs, way of life, and income particulars.

In summarizing Azzedine Ounahi’s remarkable trajectory, we offer a detailed portrayal of the athlete who took the Qatar World Cup by storm, leaving an indelible mark on renowned figures like the Spanish coach, Luis Enrique, who was left marvelling at his skills.


Our narrative of Azzedine Ounahi’s life story opens with highlights from his youth, segueing into an exploration of his lineage and early professional achievements. We chart the rise of this Mohammed VI Academy scholar, highlighting his evolution into one of Morocco’s premier midfield maestros.

We aim to engage and satisfy your curiosity with this detailed account of Azzedine Ounahi’s life. To illustrate his path to success, we’ve compiled a series of images that trace his steps from a young dreamer in Casablanca to a national sensation. Indeed, his journey reflects the dedication and progression synonymous with a professional sports career.

Azzedine’s reputation as a burgeoning star in Morocco’s football landscape is undeniable. He catapulted into the limelight following his 2022 FIFA World Cup fighting spirit.

In profiling African football personalities from Morocco, we identified a gap in the storytelling. Despite his growing prominence, the comprehensive story of Azzedine Ounahi remains untold to many fans. Therefore, we’ve crafted this compelling biography for your enjoyment. Embark on this insightful journey with us!

Exploring Azzedine Ounahi’s Early Years:

Azzedine Ounahi first graced the world on April 19, 2000, born to Moroccan parents in the vibrant city of Casablanca. His entrance into life marked the blossoming of a new family unit, with Azzedine emerging as the second of three children.

Childhood and Boyhood Years:

Originating from Casablanca, Morocco, Azzedine’s younger years revolved around his passion for football, a sentiment deeply shared with his brothers. Their enthusiasm extended beyond immediate family boundaries, influencing even a cousin and an uncle to chase football dreams.

Information regarding Azzedine Ounahi’s father is sparse, stirring curiosity about his influence or presence in Azzedine’s developmental years. Conversely, his mother’s pivotal role is unmistakable, providing a nurturing environment for her sons against all odds.

Enduring the hurdles of single-handedly nurturing three boys, Azzedine’s mother epitomized resilience. This devotion, paired with the family’s unanimous passion for football, suggests the potential influence of Azzedine’s father in kindling this fervour.

Inside Azzedine Ounahi’s Family Dynamics:

The backbone of any family, parents shape the home environment, influencing everything from basic needs to emotional and spiritual guidance. In Azzedine Ouhani’s case, his parents, especially his visible guardian – his mother, shouldered these extensive roles.

To grasp the professional life of Azzedine Ounahi’s parents, it’s crucial to understand the employment landscape of their residence. Casablanca, known for its traditional patriarchal societal norms, also recognizes the evolving role of women, especially in metropolitan hubs. Women are progressively engaging more in various professional fields, challenging conventional norms, particularly in sectors like finance, education, and healthcare.

With scant details about Azzedine Ounahi’s father, his mother emerges as the family’s pillar. Her possible engagement in the local workforce, though challenging while raising three children, was likely a critical economic support for the household.

Embarking on his professional journey, Azzedine was possibly driven by a desire to alleviate his mother’s burdens. Excelling in football wasn’t just a personal ambition; it symbolized a pathway to enhance his family’s quality of life, validating his commitment to his sport and personal growth. Each triumph and financial reward not only marked his success but also mirrored his family’s collective aspirations.

Azzedine Ouhani’s Ancestral Roots:

Azzedine Ouhani entered the world in the vibrant city of Casablanca, Morocco. The intricacies of his family’s heritage tie back to his parents’ lineage.

What does Casablanca, Azzedine Ouhani’s birthplace, signify? Notably, the city is renowned for housing Africa’s most massive mosque and stands as Morocco’s economic hub. It boasts one of the largest synthetic ports globally, doubling as Morocco’s primary naval base.

Beyond its tourism appeal, Morocco prides itself on its football heritage, producing talents like Nayef Aguerd and Youssef En-Nesyri, who share their Moroccan nationality with Azzedine Ounahi.

Ethnic Composition in Azzedine Ounahi’s World:

Indeed, Casablanca is a melting pot of various ethnic groups, reflecting the diverse cultural fabric of Morocco at large. The populace includes Arabs, Berbers (Amazigh), Sahrawis, Jews, and Sub-Saharan Africans, among others.

This diversity is not static; over the years, there has been considerable cultural assimilation and intermarriage, contributing to the unique, enriched community present in Casablanca. Given the distinctly Arabic ring to “Azzedine Ounahi,” it’s plausible that the footballer’s roots lie within the Arab demographic.

A Glimpse into Azzedine Ounahi’s Educational Journey:

Considering the modest financial background of Azzedine Ounahi’s family, particularly from his mother’s side, accessing education could have posed a significant challenge. Nonetheless, they navigated these hurdles, ensuring he didn’t miss out on essential learning experiences. His educational path led him to the Mohammed VI Academy.

Ounahi’s journey diverged from the conventional. Rather than immersing himself in academic pursuits, he opted to devote himself to football, enrolling in a specialized football academy. Driven by his passion and a vision of his future in football, he committed himself entirely to honing his craft.

The Story Behind Azzedine Ounahi’s Football Career:

Azzedine Ounahi initiated his tryst with football in the alleys and open spaces of Lalla Meryem, a neighbourhood in Casablanca. His raw talent shone brightly, attracting the attention of Raja Club Athletic scouts, as depicted in this image of him at the club’s selection venue.

Seeking to refine his natural skill, Ounahi enrolled in the esteemed Mohammed VI Football Academy. It wasn’t long before talent scouts identified him, despite his comparatively diminutive stature.

Undeterred by his size, the young athlete, alongside his brothers, persevered in his football endeavours. A pivotal moment arrived post his stint at the Mohammed Academy, leading him beyond Morocco’s borders.

His journey took him to France, where FC Strasbourg awarded him his initial professional contract in 2018. By then, an 18-year-old Azzedine was primed for this new chapter, embracing both a new team and a fresh cultural identity.

Azzedine Ounahi’s Journey to Stardom:

Azzedine began his professional journey with Racing Strasbourg B, a fifth-tier team in the French league system, between 2018 and 2020. Filling the void left by Youssouf Fofana’s departure, Ounahi made a mark with 35 appearances and a goal to his name during his tenure in Strasbourg.

Ounahi’s breakthrough came when he transitioned to US Avranches, a third-tier French league team, on a free transfer. Here, he stunned spectators as one of the top scorers during the 20/21 season, a feat that propelled him to a higher league. He soon joined Angers SCO in Ligue 2, securing a loan transfer valued at over $70,000.

The ascent in Azzedine’s career was nothing short of meteoric. But what about the challenges he encountered along the way? While not detailed, it’s common for rising stars to grapple with financial constraints, particularly with transportation to training sessions, as Victor Boniface‘s grandmother highlighted.

Moreover, the mental strain from striving to meet coaching expectations and dealing with periodic failures, coupled with physical demands, undoubtedly shapes these athletes’ journeys. Azzedine, too, likely faced and overcame these obstacles, emerging more resilient.

Azzedine Ounahi’s Leap to Fame:

In the 2022/23 winter transfer window, Ounahi’s career reached a new pinnacle as he joined Olympique Marseille, lining up with new teammates like Vitinha, Alexis Sanchez, and Nuno Tavares. Now in Ligue 1, he achieved a long-cherished dream.

With a contract extending until June 2027, valued at over 7.5 million Euros, Ounahi stunned fans with a stellar goal against Nantes in his debut. His journey to this point brought immense joy, representing not just his club but his country on the international stage.

Earlier, Ounahi had represented Morocco’s U20 team at the 2018 Mediterranean Games, clinching a bronze medal after a victorious penalty shoot-out against Greece. His talent then saw him ascend to the Moroccan senior team for the 2021 AFCON, a tournament won by notables like Ismael Bennacer and Riyad Mahrez. Azzedine was also part of the prestigious 26-player roster for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, joining forces with notable names like Achraf Hakimi and Sofiane Boufal.

Azzedine’s exceptional on-field performances have earned him accolades from footballing giants, with personalities like Luis Enrique and Kylian Mbappe‘s father recognizing his skills. His unwavering focus is steering him towards the zenith of the French League, etching his story in the annals of football history.

A Glimpse into Azzedine Ounahi’s Personal Life:

Despite the demanding nature of his profession, Azzedine found room for love, romantically linked to Sarah Ibriz. Little is known about Sarah, except for her Casablanca origins, similar to Azzedine, and speculation suggests their paths crossed during a football event.

However, it appears the couple’s journey together reached an unforeseen conclusion. A post from Sarah’s Instagram account hinted at their separation, emphasizing that their marriage didn’t evolve as anticipated. Despite this, she defended Azzedine’s character, affirming that there was no animosity between them. Their wedding video remains a testament to their once-shared journey.

Personal Life Insights:

Despite Azzedine Ounahi’s relentless dedication to football, he understands the importance of stepping back from the game to rejuvenate. When not navigating the football field, how does Azzedine unwind?

Like many of his peers, the Moroccan midfielder cherishes his vacation time, often escaping to some of the world’s most enchanting destinations. The picture depicts him possibly savouring the delights of global hotspots, with places like Dubai offering the perfect backdrop for relaxation.

Azzedine’s downtime activities underscore his knack for balancing professional rigour with personal relaxation. Continue reading to unveil how this football sensation allocates his earnings!

Lifestyle Glimpse:

Azzedine, the orchestrator of Marseille’s game plans, maintains a low profile concerning his lifestyle. Eschewing the display of luxurious dwellings, opulent watches, or high-end fashion on social media, he opts for a more discreet personal narrative. This choice reflects the player’s modesty, a quality undoubtedly influenced by his family’s frugal beginnings.

The lessons imbibed from his modest upbringing have grounded Azzedine, keeping him anchored to his roots. He prioritizes maintaining connections with his loved ones, a clear nod to his unpretentious nature and deep respect for his background.

Exploring Azzedine Ounahi’s Family Dynamics:

Azzedine Ounahi’s ascendancy in football didn’t occur in a vacuum; it was nurtured by the unwavering support of his family. The subsequent section delves into the familial bonds that have shaped this Moroccan footballer’s journey.

Reflecting on Azzedine Ounahi’s Father:

Despite his status, Azzedine has succeeded in keeping his familial interactions out of the limelight, especially details concerning his father. Intensive research yields little about his dad, suggesting an intentional privacy safeguard.

While the specifics of Azzedine Ounahi’s relationship with his father remain undisclosed, it is indisputable that his father’s existence was pivotal in his life’s journey. Even if his father’s active involvement was minimal, his influence during Azzedine’s formative years was profoundly impactful.

A Tribute to Azzedine Ounahi’s Mother:

Parents often form the backbone of their children’s dreams, particularly in sports, and Azzedine Ounahi’s mother epitomizes this support system.

Details about this nurturing figure from Morocco may not be elaborate in our account, but her influence on her son is unmistakable. She is likely the source of his resilience and aspiration, having possibly ingrained in him the principles of dedication and pursuit of excellence. Her pride in her son’s achievements is evident, especially when she expressed gratitude to the Moroccan monarchy and the global community for recognizing his accomplishments.

The profound impact of Azzedine Ounahi’s mother on his personal and professional life is undeniable. Her extraordinary role is central to his narrative, underscoring the essence of maternal influence in his career trajectory.

Insight into Azzedine Ounahi’s Siblings:

Siblings often share a unique bond, having grown up in the same household, sharing life experiences, and imbibing similar values. These shared aspects foster a deep sense of identity and solidarity. Research emphasizes that the consistent support and love from siblings provide a robust emotional foundation.

This familial backing has undoubtedly bolstered Azzedine’s self-assurance and psychological resilience. As per sources like Aljazeera, Azzedine Ounahi has brothers who share his passion for football, even participating in amateur leagues. While it’s uncertain if they are depicted in these images, their presence in Azzedine’s life is a constant.

Despite the anonymity of Azzedine Ounahi’s brothers, their contribution to the soccer player’s emotional and professional life is irrefutable.

Extended Family Ties:

The 2022 FIFA World Cup surprise package isn’t the only one with athletic prowess in his family, as indicated by records from platforms such as Wikipedia. His cousin, Reda Mahnawi, also professionally engages in football within Moroccan leagues. Moreover, Azzedine’s uncle, now retired, contributed to the sport in his prime.

Surrounded by a lineage of talent, it’s no surprise that the Ligue 1 star has captivated audiences with his skill and artistry on the field. As he continues to make his mark, it’s plausible to believe that the future generations of his family will uphold this sporting heritage.

Revelations in Azzedine Ounahi’s Biography:

To conclude Azzedine Ounahi’s biography, we venture into lesser-known aspects of his life. Prepare to uncover facets of the footballer that may surprise you. Let’s proceed.

Azzedine Ounahi’s Financial Growth:

Ounahi has experienced a significant financial ascent since his initiation into Olympique Marseille. During his tenure with Angers, he garnered a respectable salary exceeding 11 thousand Euros. Nonetheless, his enhanced skill set and on-field contributions have warranted a substantial salary augmentation.

According to financial analyses from sources like Capology, Ounahi’s compensation now surpasses 70 thousand dollars, ranking him among Marseille’s top earners. This remuneration even eclipses that of renowned players like Renan Lodi, whose earnings are just shy of 69 thousand dollars.

Ounahi’s contractual agreement with his current club is valued at approximately €16,600,000, extending over a period leading up to 2027. FreshersBio estimates that this football sensation’s net worth has breached the 1 million dollar threshold—a figure projected to escalate, especially with potential engagement in the English Premier League.

Insights into Azzedine Ounahi’s Spiritual Beliefs:

Drawing from information available on Wikipedia, the appellation “Azzedine” derives from Arabic, connoting nobility and respect. Given Ounahi’s Moroccan heritage—a nation where Shia Islam is prevalently practised—it can be inferred that he (like Hamed Traore and Asisat Oshoala) adheres to the Islamic faith.

While these details suggest a Muslim identity, there remains ambiguity regarding whether Ounahi aligns with the Shia or Sunni denomination, as specific confirmations from platforms like SoccerBiography are unavailable.

A Glimpse at Azzedine Ounahi’s FIFA Evaluation:

Azzedine Ounahi, hailing from Casablanca, has consistently demonstrated exceptional skill, earning him a promising FIFA potential rating of 83. This assessment reflects his technical proficiency and commitment to his craft. In terms of his technical attributes, Azzedine resembles footballers like Angel Gomes and Gabri Veiga.

Ounahi’s footballing acumen is particularly evident in his precision shooting and relentless pursuit of perfection on the field. His formidable shot power, endurance, nimble dribbling, and adept ball handling further accentuate his FIFA profile, marking him as a noteworthy contender in the sport.

Observations on Azzedine Ounahi’s Body Art:

From the visual content accessible via his social media and various online platforms, it seems Azzedine maintains a preference against body art, sporting no visible tattoos. This observation aligns with reports from SoccerBiography, likening him to other prominent tattoo-free athletes such as Mohammed Salah, Ngolo Kante, and Robert Lewandowski. However, this assessment is based on currently available information and acknowledges the possibility of undiscovered details.


Emerging into the world on April 19, 2000, in Casablanca, Morocco, Azzedine Ounahi was the second of three children in his family. His upbringing, significantly influenced by his mother, was instrumental in moulding him and his siblings.

Opting for a trajectory less conventional, Ounahi forwent standard academic pursuits, immersing himself instead in the realm of football. His journey commenced on the local grounds of Lalla Meryem, eventually propelling him to the esteemed Mohammed VI Football Academy. By the age of 18, his palpable aptitude secured him a professional berth with FC Strasbourg in France.

Ounahi’s ascent within the football hierarchy has been nothing short of remarkable, vaulting from Racing Strasbourg B’s fifth echelon in the French league to command a pivotal role at Olympique Marseille. This trajectory not only cemented his club stature but also ushered him onto the international stage. He has donned the Moroccan colours in prestigious tournaments such as the African Cup of Nations and the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

In his private life, Azzedine Ounahi entered into a relationship with Sarah Ibriz, a fellow Casablanca native. Despite their shared origins, their partnership faced challenges, ultimately leading to a separation apparent from social media disclosures on Sarah’s Instagram.


We express our gratitude for your interest in SoccerBiography’s detailed presentation of Azzedine Ounahi’s professional and personal odyssey. Our commitment is to render accurate and unbiased narratives, celebrating the journeys of African footballers. This in-depth analysis of the accomplished midfielder complements our collection, highlighting Moroccan talents.

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