Axel Disasi Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This biography unfolds the intriguing journey of Axel Disasi, unveiling the mosaic of his early days, his family’s history, including his parents – Arthur Disasi and Mhakinis Belho, and his ascent in the football world.

Our in-depth account on Axel Disasi offers a peek into his ethnic background, educational pursuits, religious beliefs, hometown roots, and his financial standing, including his earnings with Chelsea FC.

Essentially, this narrative unravels Axel Disasi’s complete story. He has often been fondly described as “the gem of Villiers-le-Bel”. This is a tale of a spirited young man who, from a historic French locale, soared to become its pride.

Indeed, Axel, with his roots deep in Val-d’Oise, always cherishes his origins and the individuals who shaped his football journey. This biography unfolds the tale of a young boy who began on the pitch as a striker. However, with time, as he grew taller and stronger, he found his calling in defence. Did you catch a glimpse of Disasi’s knack for goal-scoring during his Chelsea debut?


Axel Disasi’s life story kicks off with snippets from his youth and early experiences. We then navigate through his formative years in football, spotlighting his time with Villiers-le-Bel JS, USM Senlis, and Paris FC. This tale culminates in detailing the majestic rise of this formidable French defender in the world of football.

Our intention at SoccerBiography is to engage and enlighten our readers. So, let’s embark on this journey through a pictorial timeline that captures Axel Disasi’s evolution from his humble beginnings to the heights of fame and professional fulfilment.

Undoubtedly, Disasi stands out for his tenacious commitment to defence. His formidable physique immediately catches one’s attention. Axel’s robust frame is a testament to his strength, making him an unyielding wall in defence. He effortlessly neutralizes offensive threats and commands the aerial game.

In our extensive research on French defenders, we stumbled upon facets of Disasi’s life that remain largely untouched. It’s a fact that a comprehensive biography of Axel Disasi is elusive for many football enthusiasts. We’ve meticulously crafted this story for you. So, let’s delve in.

Axel Disasi’s Early Life:

Diving right in, the stalwart defender’s full moniker is Axel Wilson Arthur Disasi Mhakinis Belho. He was welcomed into the world on March 11, 1998, in Gonesse, France, by his parents who have Congolese and Angolan heritage.

Nestled around 30 kilometres north of the heart of Paris, Gonesse was where Axel’s parents, Arthur Disasi and Mhakinis Belho, decided to start their family. Although little is known about the company he kept during his early days, it’s believed that Axel is not the only child in the family.

Childhood Days:

Axel’s formative years were spent in the vibrant neighbourhood of Villiers-le-Bel. Surrounded by a tight-knit family with both Congolese and Angolan roots, Axel’s playground was a suburb renowned for producing some of the finest young football talents.

Axel Disasi’s Formative Years:

From a tender age, Axel showcased an innate affinity for sports, particularly soccer. Every day, he’d be seen dribbling the ball, engaging in friendly matches with neighbourhood children on the outskirts of Paris. This conducive football environment, brimming with budding talents, played a gigantic role in shaping the Baller’s professional aspirations.

Axel initiated his formal football journey at the tender age of six. Joining Villiers-le-Bel JS was a transformative experience. Right from the start, he stood out, effortlessly surpassing his peers with his skill set. Stay tuned as SoccerBiography delves deeper into his football odyssey in subsequent sections of this biography.

The Family Tapestry of Axel Disasi:

Earlier, we mentioned that Axel is addressed by a myriad of names. Specifically, they are Axel Wilson, Arthur Disasi Mhakinis Belho. But have you ever pondered the history behind these names? Well, credible sources suggest that his moniker is deeply rooted in his Congolese heritage. However, on the pitch, he predominantly goes by “Disasi” and occasionally by “Mhakinis Belho”.

While Axel tends to be discreet about his familial connections, he has occasionally given glimpses into his close-knit circle. Specifically, he often refers to the youngsters of his childhood club, Villiers-le-Bel JS, as his extended family.

On December 24, 2021, Axel generously shared his time with these young aspirants. For many, it was an unforgettable day, a chance to mingle with their idol, Disasi. This bond is further cemented by a heartwarming video (via Axel’s Instagram) wherein Axel addresses a sea of budding footballers, offering words of encouragement and hope.

Roots of Axel Disasi:

Axel, the Chelsea FC defender, boasts a multifaceted national identity. Given his parents’ descent from DR Congo and Angola, Axel resonates deeply with these African nations. However, considering he was born in Gonesse, France, he is also a proud French national.

To paint a clearer picture of Axel Disasi’s roots, here’s a geographical snapshot: Gonesse, Axel’s birthplace, is a mere 13-minute drive from Villiers-le-Bel, his childhood home. Furthermore, both DR Congo and Angola, representing his paternal and maternal lineages, respectively, are nestled in Central Africa.

Ethnic Background:

Considering Axel’s lineage, he proudly embraces his Congolese and Angolan heritage. Expanding the perspective, Axel, akin to renowned footballers Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappe, can be classified as Afro-French or African-French.

Axel Disasi’s Academic Journey:

Axel Disasi, a skilled French defender, has a strong educational background up to the secondary school level. At the age of 17, as he stepped into professional football with Paris FC, he was balancing his responsibilities as a high school student.

Unlike some of his peers, such as Mike Miagnan, Disasi maintained commendable academic scores. He attributes his rapid ascent in football to his commitment both in school and on the field.

While concluding his time at the Paris FC Academy, Axel was simultaneously gearing up for his baccalaureate exams. After football practices, he often hustled to catch up with his studies, even if it meant burning the midnight oil. Reflecting on this period, Axel shared:

“I never saw myself just as a footballer, but rather as Axel, a senior year student. Juggling between football and academics wasn’t easy. There were nights when fatigue would overwhelm me, but I never let it deter me from my studies.”

Axel Disasi’s Footballing Tale:

From the tender age of six, in 2004, Axel began his football journey in northern central Paris with the local team, Villiers-le-Bel JS. He quickly showcased his prowess, outshining many of his peers.

In his younger days, Axel took the role of a forward and had a knack for finding the back of the net. However, as he matured and grew in stature, he transitioned to a defensive role.

Over the years, he has demonstrated his adaptability, playing in various defensive positions, including left-back, left centre-back, and right-central defender. Speaking of his love for the sport, Axel commented:

“I’ve always had an offensive flair, which was evident from the goals I netted. Even during my stint with Monaco, where I scored twelve times in three seasons, I demonstrated that I possess an attacking prowess reminiscent of legendary defenders like John Terry.”

In Villiers-le-Bel, where Axel’s roots lie, he progressed in football from ages 6 to 15. As a teenager, he caught the attention of numerous football scouts. However, despite the interest from various French clubs, Axel’s heart was set on joining USM Senlis.

Located in Senlis, France, USM Senlis was only a short 36-minute drive from Villiers-le-Bel. Axel’s tenure at this club, however, was brief. Within a year, bigger French teams sought after him. In 2014, at age 16, Axel made a pivotal move by joining the academy of Paris FC.

Axel Disasi’s Journey to Recognition:

Upon joining Paris FC, Axel Disasi showcased rapid development both in skill and stature, standing tall at 1.90 meters and weighing 86 kg. Given his background, many remarked that Axel’s move to Paris FC was a leap into a more renowned league. Reflecting on this transition, Mathieu Lacan, the Paris FC Youth Director, commented:

“It’s almost like Axel Disasi emerged from obscurity.”

His exemplary displays at Paris FC caught the attention of prominent French clubs like Nantes and Auxerre. However, the central defender chose to stay with Paris FC, valuing the rapport he felt there. Axel shared:

“The club truly valued my presence. Initially, I was reserved and not very vocal.”

It’s noteworthy that Paris FC has been instrumental in nurturing several football talents, including notable players like Karl Toko Ekambi, Moussa Diaby, Rayan Ait-Nouri, and Ibrahima Konate.

In 2015, to his family’s delight, Axel completed his training at Paris FC and transitioned to the club’s reserve team (Paris FC B). As a budding central defender, Axel looked up to and emulated the defensive prowess of his idol, Thiago Silva.

A Pivotal Career Decision:

On 2nd July 2016, marking the 2016/2017 season, Axel made a crucial career shift, transferring from Paris B to Stade Reims B. In just a year with Reims’ reserve team, his exceptional football performance earned him a position in the Stade Reims senior squad.

2018, the World Cup year, proved transformative for Disasi. While playing in France’s Ligue 2, under the guidance of David Guion, Axel played a pivotal role in leading Stade Reims to clinch the Ligue 2 championship.

Earning this title during his first professional contract year (signed in November 2017), Disasi’s outstanding performances also earned him a call-up for the French U20 squad and, subsequently, a prominent transfer to Monaco.

Fun fact: Edouard Mendy, who later became a Champions League winner with Chelsea, was part of that title-winning Reims team. Together with Disasi, their team triumphed in the 2017-18 Ligue 2 season, securing the top spot with a commendable 88 points, a clear 15 points ahead of the runner-up.

Axel Disasi’s Ascendancy to Stardom:

On 7th August 2020, Axel made a high-profile move to Monaco with a transfer fee of €13.50m. Joining a team already teeming with talent, including the likes of Benoît Badiashile, Djibril Sidibé, Aurélien Tchouaméni, Florentino, Cesc Fàbregas, Wissam Ben Yedder, and Kevin Volland, this move was significant in Axel’s budding career.

Embracing this new opportunity, Disasi quickly made his mark by scoring in his very first Ligue 1 match for Monaco. Subsequently, he climbed the ranks, soon earning the title of vice-captain for the team. Now, let’s delve deeper into Axel’s impactful journey with Monaco.

Chelsea’s Defensive Reinforcement:

In the wake of significant player exits in the 2023 summer, most notably Kalidou Koulibaly’s transfer to Al-Hilal in Saudi Arabia, Chelsea was keen to bolster their defence. Their need grew pressing after an unfortunate anterior cruciate ligament injury to Wesley Fofana in the 2023 pre-season.

Chelsea welcomed Axel Disasi into their fold on August 4, 2023, with a contract that extends for six years. This addition fortified the French presence at Stamford Bridge, with names such as Malo Gusto, Lesley Ugochukwu, Benoit Badiashile, Wesley Fofana, and Christopher Nkunku.

Upon his introduction to the Chelsea family, Disasi remarked,

“I’m thrilled to join this prestigious club. I’m eager to be part of this wonderful family, aiming for great milestones and titles. My ambition knows no bounds, and I’m anticipating the vibrant spirit of the fans.”

With more than 200 professional appearances under his belt, Disasi had a memorable debut under the guidance of Mauricio Pochettino. Recalling his first match, one cannot forget the sensational goal he scored against a Liverpool side led by Mohammed Salah.

International Journey with Les Bleus:

Disasi’s impressive stint with Reims caught the attention of national selectors, leading to his involvement with the France U20 side. Highlighting his growing prominence, Didier Deschamps invited him to the French team squad for the unforgettable 2022 FIFA Men’s World Cup on November 14, 2022.

Interestingly, Disasi set a French record by making his international debut in a World Cup – the first since 1996. He played an instrumental role in France’s 3-1 triumph over Poland in the round of 16. Disasi’s World Cup experience was a blend of notable peaks and few troughs.

Disasi’s lows during the tournament include the heartbreaking defeat to Julian Alvarez and Lautaro Martinez‘s Argentina, led by Lionel Messi. These moments have now become an indelible part of football’s rich tapestry.

Off the Pitch – Personal Life:

It’s often said that every standout Chelsea player in the Todd Boehly era has a dazzling partner by their side. Disasi’s debut goal only fueled curiosity about his personal life.

The former Monaco skipper, with his striking appearance, has become the heartthrob for many Chelsea fans. This raises a burning question among them: Who is Axel Disasi dating?

As of now, Disasi remains focused on his professional commitments, both for his club and country. He’s been private about his personal life, choosing to keep potential relationships away from the limelight. Time will tell when Disasi decides to share more about his romantic endeavours.

A Glimpse into Axel’s World:

Who is Axel, the man who was sharp as an Axe on his Chelsea debut?

At the core, Disasi epitomizes unwavering perseverance. He firmly believes that setbacks are mere stepping stones, fueling the drive to emerge stronger. Beyond his notable football skills, he radiates a contagious passion and zest for life.

Indeed, his effervescent energy and optimistic demeanour transform him from just a remarkable footballer to an equally admirable individual. Interacting with Axel is bound to energize you, thanks to his palpable positivity and forward momentum.

Axel Disasi’s Pastimes:

Axel’s fondness for poker shines through not just in passing chats but also in certain memorable moments from his past. Consider, for instance, a throwback photo capturing him completely immersed in a poker match. Doesn’t that signify deep-rooted passion?

The same intensity visible on his face during the game mirrors his dedication on the football ground. This hobby hints at Disasi’s diverse interests, revealing that beyond football, he harbours other intellectual pursuits.

Axel’s Musical Escape:

A while back, seeking respite from the demanding world of football, Axel turned to music, embracing the piano. During a particularly challenging phase, the calming chords of the piano provided him solace. As Axel fondly recalls,

“The piano’s melodic tunes bring serenity. I gradually learned to play, relying on online tutorials. Even if there are stretches where I don’t play as often, mastering a few pieces was therapeutic.”

Switching off from football occasionally is vital to maintain equilibrium. To give his best on the field, Axel recognized the importance of finding a mental sanctuary.

Disasi’s Fitness Mantra:

One look at Disasi’s chiselled physique and questions arise: Does he indulge in weightlifting? Or does he follow a strict fitness regimen, akin to athletes like Taiwo Awoniyi or Adama Traoré?

There’s photographic proof spotlighting Disasi’s tryst with weightlifting. A specific snapshot vividly captures him engrossed in his workout, underlining his commitment to peak physical conditioning.

Axel Disasi’s Life Off the Pitch:

A glimpse into Axel Disasi’s life reveals a man who cherishes his hard-earned success, channelling his football income towards his personal interests. One of his favourite leisure activities is biking, with red seemingly being his top choice for bike colour.

Does Axel Disasi Have a Car?

With an impressive annual income of over £7,812,000 from Chelsea, translating to about 150k a week, Axel has the luxury of owning premium cars. Even during his tenure at Monaco, he was known to drive. There’s a snapshot showcasing Axel as he readies for a journey, loading luggage into his vehicle.

A Peek into Axel Disasi’s Family Ties:

Axel doesn’t tread his professional journey alone. His family’s foundation and unwavering support have been instrumental. This section offers insights into the strong familial bonds that have played a pivotal role in shaping Axel’s career decisions.

Father’s Influence on Axel:

His father, while maintaining a discreet profile, has been a rock-solid support system. As per data from TransferMkt in 2023, it’s highlighted that Axel’s representation includes family members, hinting at his father’s potential involvement in critical career decisions.

Mother’s Role in Axel’s Journey:

During the times when clubs like Nantes and Auxerre showed interest in Axel before he aligned with Paris FC, his mother played a significant role. Axel’s decision to join Paris FC was, in part, driven by the desire to stay proximate to his family, especially his mother. The club’s unique offerings further cemented his choice.

Details on Axel Disasi’s Siblings:

Up to the point of this writing, Axel hasn’t publicly shared specifics about his siblings. Though it’s uncertain if he’s an only child, there’s room to speculate that he might have siblings whose presence might become evident in significant events like a Chelsea FC victory celebration.

Extended Family’s Contribution:

TransferMarkt’s records indicate that Axel’s management comprises family members, potentially including cousins or perhaps an uncle. With insights and support from his father, Axel trusts this tight-knit group for crucial career-related decisions.

Axel Disasi: Lesser-Known Details:

Delve deeper into the captivating narrative of Axel Disasi with these lesser-known facets of his life. Let’s dive in.

His FIFA Stats:

While the likes of Edmond Tapsoba and Kurt Zouma are celebrated globally for their defensive prowess, Axel Disasi’s strength on the pitch is also noteworthy. His remarkable physicality is a defining aspect of his gameplay. Additionally, his skills in defensive positioning, interceptions, and tackling are commendable.

Peek into Axel Disasi’s Paycheck:

Though not officially confirmed, sources suggest that Axel’s deal with Chelsea garners him a weekly wage of £150,000. Annually, this translates to about £7,812,000, aligning his earnings closely with footballers like Moises Caicedo.

However, he falls slightly short when compared to players such as Mykhailo Mudryk and Carney Chukwuemeka, with reports of the latter earning around £5,200,000 annually.

A Glimpse into the Wealth of the Stalwart French Defender:

To give you a perspective: In the nation from which Axel Disasi’s father hails, an average person garners roughly 5,686,100 francs a year.

For someone earning this, they would need approximately 82 years to amass a sum of 467,974,132 francs. Astonishingly, this is what Disasi secures as his weekly earnings from Chelsea, a testament to his footballing prowess and value.

Axel Disasi’s Spiritual Affiliation:

A quick perusal of his Instagram suggests a spiritual inclination with the mention of #ThanksGod. Could this insinuate that Axel Disasi practices Christianity? The evidence does point towards the Chelsea star possibly identifying with the Christian faith.

Final Thoughts:

Axel Disasi, the formidable defender standing tall, was born on March 11, 1998, to the proud Mhakinis Belho and Arthur Disasi. Hailing from Congolese and Angolan roots, he grew up in the scenic Villiers-le-Bel, nestled within the northern outskirts of Paris.

As a child, Axel’s knack for soccer was evident. His journey commenced with his hometown team, Villiers-le-Bel JS.

Originally showcasing his prowess as a prolific striker, his evolution into a commanding defender became apparent as he grew in stature, which also highlighted his versatility on the pitch. His unwavering commitment to both sports and academics set him apart.

Trained to be proactive and preemptive in defence, Axel honed his skills over eight fruitful years with his initial club before transitioning to USM Senlis and subsequently to Paris FC. Jean-Luc Vasseur, Paris FC’s coach, was pivotal in introducing the budding talent to Ligue 2.

Adopting techniques from his idol, Thiago Silva, Axel shone brightly at Reims. His aggressive approach, combined with refined ball control, helped the team clinch the French Ligue 2 trophy.

Upon his transition to Chelsea FC, he quickly demonstrated his mettle. His electrifying debut goal against Liverpool on August 13th solidified his place among the Premier League elite, winning hearts and capturing imaginations.


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