Aurelien Tchouameni Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This memoir dives into the Biography of Aurelien Tchouameni, highlighting his early experiences, family background (featuring Mr. and Mrs. Fernand – his parents), personal relationships, and his evolution in the world of football up to 2021.

Indeed, Tchouameni’s narrative is compelling, shaped by his passion to succeed where his father couldn’t in the football arena.

Let’s embark on this journey, tracing Tchouameni’s footsteps from his childhood in Rouen to his present-day achievements in football.

To provide a visual narration, here’s a curated gallery reflecting Tchouameni’s progression from his youthful days to his current success.

No doubt, Aurelien is the future of the French midfield. He, like Jude Bellingham and Nicolo Barella, excels in their mental resilience, strategic play insights, and excellent football techniques. Often, onlookers have mistaken him for being related to Paul Pogba due to his distinct playing style.

While many applaud his prowess on the field, only a handful are familiar with the riveting story of Tchouameni’s life. Let’s unravel it together.

The Early Days of Aurelien Tchouameni:

Affectionately dubbed “Air,” Aurélien Djani Tchouaméni graced this world on January 27, 2000. He was born to proud parents in the lively city of Rouen, situated in northern France.

The budding talent was the eldest child in the Tchouameni household, later joined by a brother and a sister. Their family was a close-knit one, as depicted in this cherished photograph of Aurelien Tchouameni with his father, Fernand.

Childhood and Inspiration:

A significant chunk of Tchouameni’s early years was spent alongside his father, often on the football grounds.

His father, Fernand, was a fervent football enthusiast, working tirelessly to secure a professional footballing contract. Little Aurelien, who tagged along to matches, was frequently referred to as his father’s “first fan.”

However, destiny had other plans. Young Tchouameni witnessed his father’s dreams crumble, failing to transition into a professional footballer. The weight of this unfulfilled aspiration weighed heavily on Fernand.

Determined to not let his passion fizzle out, Fernand aspired for his son to pick up the mantle and achieve what he couldn’t.

Aurelien Tchouameni’s Family Dynamics:

Aurelien Tchouameni, the renowned French football sensation, hails from a stable middle-class background.

His father, Fernand, after an unsuccessful stint in football, ventured into the pharmaceutical field. Beginning as a pharmacist, Fernand eventually climbed the ladder to become the director of a notable vaccine manufacturing company in France.

Aurelien’s mother, in contrast, has been instrumental in shaping young minds as a senior education consultant. Together, they led a comfortable life as middle-class residents in France.

The Roots of Aurelien Tchouameni:

While he identifies as French, having been born in Rouen, North France, Aurelien’s ancestry traces back to Cameroon. This blend of cultures makes him a Franco-Cameroonian, much like his compatriot, Karl Toko Ekambi.

Aurelien’s School Days:

Aurelien embarked on his educational journey at a reputable elementary school in Rouen at the age of six. Reflecting on his school days in an interview, he reminisced:

“I wouldn’t call myself mischievous, but I was quite chatty. Extremely chatty, in fact. I had this innate inclination to engage in conversations with my peers excessively. As years rolled on, I did learn to temper this trait somewhat. However, my teachers would often, in jest, reprimand me with an ‘Oh Aurélien, please be quiet!'”

Journey in Football:

Interestingly, the boy who was known for his chattiness in school channelled that energy onto the football field.

From a tender age, Aurelien’s feet found their calling on the turf of his local football academy, SJ Artigues. With an unyielding passion propelling him, he rapidly emerged as the linchpin of his squad.

As he matured, Aurelien envisioned a future in football not just for himself, but as a beacon of hope for his family, especially his father. He dreamt of bringing his father’s unfulfilled football aspirations to fruition.

Growing stronger with every match, Aurelien evolved into a dynamic midfielder, celebrated for his tireless efforts, innovation, and impeccable ball control. His prowess on the field, especially during his time at SJ Artigues, can best be described as a blend of grace and power, akin to the fusion of a Rolls Royce’s elegance with a Mustang’s ferocity.

The Bordeaux Chapter:

Aurelien Tchouameni’s exceptional talents did not go unnoticed, especially by the vigilant scouts from Bordeaux. At just 11, the young dynamo was summoned for trials at Bordeaux, where he impressed all with his remarkable abilities.

Upon joining Bordeaux, he bade goodbye to the familiar turf of Artiguaise, the place where his passion for football was ignited. However, his transition to Bordeaux wasn’t as smooth as expected. In a heartfelt interview, he recounted his struggles with the club during his early days.

At 14, he faced debilitating injuries and subsequently, a string of demoralizing defeats in significant tournaments. Delving deeper, it was discerned that his challenges stemmed largely from the emotional upheaval of being homesick. His parents had relocated to Lyon around the same time, leaving a young Aurelien grappling with solitude and a new environment.

Turning Point as a Pro:

A pivotal change in Aurelien’s football trajectory was his transition from the forward line to the midfield. This switch not only rejuvenated his spirit but also showcased his scoring prowess. By 2018, Aurelien had triumphantly transitioned from academy football to the professional leagues, a moment of immense pride for his family.

In Bordeaux’s senior team, he forged close ties with fellow prodigies Jules Kounde, Zaydou Youssouf, and Yacine Adli. Their camaraderie was evident, both on and off the field.

Journey to Prominence:

In the reserves of Bordeaux, Aurelien’s sterling performances began capturing widespread attention. With every goal and every match, he entrenched himself deeper into the hearts of the Les Girondins aficionados, who eagerly anticipated his transition into the first team.

Their hopes were realized when Aurelien made his mark in a 1-0 UEFA Europa League victory against FK Ventspils from Latvia. Not long after, he netted his first goal for Bordeaux against Mariupol, further sealing his reputation in another Europa League match.

His time at Bordeaux was reminiscent of Paul Pogba’s style, evident from his performances and subsequent accolades.

His exemplary midfield skills, especially his prowess in tackling and aerial duels, were recognized throughout Ligue 1. This earned him a coveted spot in one of the more esteemed clubs, AS Monaco.

Monaco’s Rising Star:

Upon joining AS Monaco, Aurelien’s trajectory was nothing short of meteoric. The same goes for Axel Disasi and Khephren Thuram. They, like Aurelien, swiftly established himself as one of the brightest talents in French Football and Ligue 1. His ascent at Monaco evoked comparisons with football sensations like Corentin Tolisso and Tanguy Ndombele during their tenure at Lyon.

Aurelien Tchouameni’s Ascent in the French Squad:

After his consistent performance with Monaco, Aurelien Tchouameni was honoured with his first invitation to the senior French team in August 2021.

That very year, other emerging French talents such as Moussa Diaby, Theo Hernandez, and Matteo Guendouzi joined the national fold as well.

The moment Tchouameni stepped onto the field, replacing Thomas Lemar during a game, French supporters sensed the emergence of a new national icon.

His crowning achievement came in the 2021 UEFA Nations League final against Spain. Here, a formidable partnership between Pogba and Tchouameni steered France to a magnificent comeback, overturning Mikel Oyarzabal’s goal.

This victory not only showcased Tchouameni’s talent on the international stage but also fostered an endearing bond with Paul Pogba, with whom he shared a jubilant trophy celebration.

His journey strongly hints at the emergence of a talent akin to Pogba’s. Undoubtedly, Aurelien Tchouameni stands out as one of the most promising midfield talents in the current French generation.

As the saying goes, the rest of Tchouameni’s story will become a cherished part of football’s annals.

Peek into Tchouameni’s Personal Life:

Given his rising stardom, it’s natural for fans and writers alike to be curious about his personal affairs.

No doubt, Aurelien Tchouameni’s charming demeanour might have attracted many admirers. However, after scouring the internet, it appears that Tchouameni prefers to keep his romantic liaisons under wraps. Perhaps he chooses discretion, taking cues from his family’s guidance, especially during this pivotal phase of his career.

Off the Pitch:

Delving deeper into Tchouameni’s life away from football reveals a grounded individual who values simplicity. Despite his fame, he is just like Dominik Szoboszlai and Cole Palmer, who lead a modest lifestyle.

Tchouameni follows a unique daily routine. He typically wakes up around 8:15 am, often skipping breakfast, stating that he rarely feels the morning hunger pangs.

Before official training begins, he indulges in intensive personal workouts and weight training. Even post-training, he engages in some weightlifting, only after which he compensates for his skipped breakfast.

Outside the realm of football, Tchouameni enjoys his leisure time with friends. He’s also passionate about video games, particularly on his PlayStation, and has a penchant for basketball.

Aurelien Tchouameni’s Way of Life:

It’s common knowledge that many footballers have significant financial resources, leading fans to envision their lavish lifestyles. A glimpse at Aurelien Tchouameni’s car collection offers a peek into his affluence – it’s no surprise to find luxury vehicles in his garage.

While Aurelien often embraces humility, he isn’t shy about displaying his success from time to time. Generally, he maintains a balanced lifestyle, opting for classy attire and a penchant for high-end vehicles.

The Tchouameni Family Dynamic:

For Aurelien, hailing from a Franco-Cameroonian background, family is paramount. No footballing success or wealth can replace cherished moments with loved ones. Here, we delve deeper into the lives of Aurelien’s immediate family.

Aurelien’s Father, Fernand:

The patriarch, Fernand Tchouameni, has always been an avid sports enthusiast, with football being his passion. He ardently supported Marseille, particularly during their triumphant European campaigns in the 1990s. His admiration for football wasn’t just as a spectator; Fernand was actively involved during significant football moments, like the 1998 World Cup.

Beyond his profession as a pharmacist and vaccine specialist, Fernand actively participates in Excellence Sports Nation, the firm overseeing Aurelien’s blossoming career.

In a conversation with France Football, Fernand shed light on how he nudges Aurelien to continually refine his game. He shared an instance from 2020 when he had a candid discussion with his son about areas of improvement. The takeaway? Aurelien’s commitment to always strive for the best.

A Glimpse into Aurelien’s Mother:

Fernand isn’t the only one marveling at Aurelien’s rapid ascent in the football world. Aurelien’s mother has been a steadfast pillar since the genesis of his journey.

Contrary to Fernand’s evaluative approach post-matches, she prioritizes her son’s well-being. As Aurelien shared in an interview with French Football, while his post-match analysis is with his father, his mother’s primary concern is his health and happiness. Though not initially a football enthusiast, she’s gradually warming up to the sport and making commendable progress in understanding it.

Aurelien Tchouameni’s Brother:

Aurelien isn’t the only one in his family with a penchant for football. He has a brother who, based on observations, is on the path to becoming a skilled footballer. The bond between the two siblings is palpable, and it’s evident that Aurelien imparts essential life lessons and values to his younger sibling.

Family Connections in Cameroon:

Being of Franco-Cameroonian descent, it’s not surprising that Aurelien has a rich tapestry of family in Cameroon, located in West Africa. This includes cousins, uncles, and aunts who provide a strong support system for him from his ancestral homeland.

Additional Insights on Aurelien Tchouameni:

In this concluding segment of our bio, we’ll delve deeper into lesser-known aspects of this distinctive midfielder who is a role model to Declan Rice. Let’s explore further.

Facing Discrimination:

As reported by BBC, Aurelien experienced unsettling death threats after apparent racist taunts aimed at him by Sparta Prague supporters. This occurred during Monaco’s 2-0 victory over Sparta Prague in a 2021 Champions League qualifier. Reflecting on this distressing event, Aurelien stated:

“Malevolent messages won’t deter me. I refuse to let prejudice triumph.”

Earnings Overview:

We’ve provided a detailed breakdown of Aurelien Tchouameni’s salary with Monaco, denoted in Euros. This gives a glimpse into his real-time earnings, down to the very second. Furthermore, his Monaco income has been converted to CFA Franc, the currency in Cameroon, the nation from where his lineage hails.

Considering the average income in Cameroon, where the typical person brings home around 309,021 CFA francs every month, it’s astonishing to think that an average Cameroonian would require nearly 86 years to match what Aurelien earns with Monaco.

Overview of Aurelien Tchouameni:

Drawing parallels, Aurelien Tchouameni bears striking resemblances to players like Pogba. He also mirrors the playstyles of fellow youngsters Romeo Lavia, and Khephren Thuram. His SoFIFA profile, as of October 2021, when he was 21, testifies to the growing buzz surrounding this young talent.


Aurelien Tchouameni goes by several monikers. Initially, people fondly referred to him as “Auré” and “Aurel”. As his career progressed, he earned names like “Pogba” and “La Pioche”.

There was a point when fans began addressing him as “TchouaNgolo”, primarily because of his knack for intercepting balls during games. This brought about comparisons with Ngolo Kante and he is similar to the present day Amadou Onana and Romeo Lavia.

Aurelien Tchouameni Religion and Beliefs:

While Aurelien hasn’t publicly discussed his religious beliefs, it’s widely speculated that he might be a Christian, given that his family is among the vast majority in France that identifies with Christianity. However, he tends to keep his spiritual life private.


At the heart of life lies the essence of family, always present in times of adversity.

Aurelien Tchouameni grew up witnessing the unfulfilled aspirations of his father, Fernand, in professional football. This sparked a determination in him to accomplish what his father couldn’t.

Following the culmination of his football dreams, Fernand redirected his energies towards his initial profession – Pharmacy. Over the years, his persistence paved the way for his leadership role at a prominent vaccine manufacturing facility in France.

Aware of young Aurelien’s pursuit of the family’s football ambitions, Fernand meticulously guided every facet of his son’s progression. Similarly, Aurelien Tchouameni’s mother, a distinguished education counsellor, played a pivotal role in his upbringing.

We are deeply appreciative of the time you’ve invested in this engrossing account of a footballer who’s frequently heralded as the contemporary Paul Pogba.

Aurelien, hailing from Rouen, is fortunate to have a solid family foundation that keeps him grounded.

At FootballTales, our crew is committed to maintaining a benchmark of accuracy and objectivity as we bring you stories of French football luminaries.

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