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This article on Asisat Oshoala Biography tells you detailed Facts about her Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Alhaji Oshoala (Father), Iya Asisa (Mother), Family Background, Husband/Boyfriend, Siblings – Brothers (Abdulbasit Oshoala and Olayinka Oshoala), Sister (Sherifat Omosholape), Grandparents, Uncle, Aunt, etc.

The Life Story of Asisat Oshoala also unveils facts about her Family Origin, Ethnicity, Religion, Hometown, Education, Tattoo, Salary Breakdown, Net Worth, Zodiac, Personal Life, Net Worth, Salary, etc.

To sum up, this piece delves into the comprehensive history of Asisat Oshoala. SoccerBiography tells the tale of a young girl hailing from the impoverished area of Ikorodu who overcame numerous obstacles to turn her soccer ambitions into reality.

In this article, we’ll unveil the journey of a footballer who went against her parent’s wishes to carve her own way in the world of soccer.

During her challenging upbringing, Asisat Oshoala faced criticism from those who believed that soccer was not suitable for girls.

But the challenges didn’t stop there. Asisat’s Islamic heritage also presented significant hurdles in the early stages of her football career. We’ll share how she overcame all barriers to become a leading candidate for the title of Africa’s greatest female footballer.


In this edition of SoccerBiography, we will first present Asisat Oshoala’s life story, beginning with an exploration of her early years.

We’ll then delve into her Nigerian roots and highlight her initial career achievements. Lastly, we’ll discuss how this gifted forward ascended to her status as one of the world’s premier female strikers.

Our goal is to pique your interest in the life story of Asisat Oshoala as you read through this biography. Undoubtedly, her incredible soccer odyssey (similar to that of Nicolas Jackson and Victor Osimhen) has been quite a journey.

Asisat Oshoala is widely regarded as one of the all-time greatest African female players. She is an experienced forward with a flair for the extraordinary. Asisat consistently delivers impressive goals. She, who is celebrated by UEFA, has established herself as one of the leading female footballers globally.

While researching Nigerian female footballers, we discovered a lack of awareness. The reality is that many fans have yet to read Asisat Oshoala’s fascinating biography. So, let’s dive in without further delay.

Asisat Oshoala Childhood Story:

Often referred to by the nickname “Seedorf,” Asisat Lamina Oshoala was born on October 9, 1994, to her parents, Alhaji and Mrs. Oshoala, in Ikorodu, Nigeria.

She is one of seven children resulting from the marriage of her father and mother. Now, let’s acquaint you with Asisat Oshoala’s parents.

Introducing Alhaji Oshoala (father) and his wife, individuals who have provided unwavering love and support to the athlete since her birth.

Growing-Up Years:

Intriguingly, Oshoala grew up in her birthplace alongside her siblings, most notably her sister Sherifat and brother Abdulbasit. Since a young age, she has forged an unbreakable bond with her siblings.

Moreover, she shares a close relationship with her mother. Although she is the family’s eldest daughter, Oshoala seizes every opportunity to spend quality time with her mom.

In her earlier years, the prolific goal scorer was a laid-back young woman who paid little attention to her appearance.

She prefers donning athletic clothing and reserves makeup and jewelry for special events.

Due to her preference for sportswear, Asisat Oshoala often appears amusing when wearing traditional attire.

Asisat Oshoala’s Early Years:

Evidently, the celebrated athlete was raised in an Islamic family, which required her to strictly adhere to the tenets of her faith.

As a result, Oshoala dutifully observed her daily prayers five times a day, wore her hijab, and much more.

She fulfilled these obligations to her parents’ satisfaction. However, there was an aspect of her character that her family couldn’t comprehend.

It seemed that the young girl had developed a fondness for soccer, frequently playing the sport on the streets of Mushin.

Initially, her parents believed it was a passing fancy that many young girls go through. Yet, as time went on, they noticed that Oshoala’s passion for football only grew stronger.

This devotion appeared unconventional, particularly to her parents, who couldn’t fathom why their daughter would choose soccer over more traditional feminine pastimes.

Early Career Obstacle:

Recognizing that his daughter was becoming increasingly engrossed in the nation’s most popular sport, Oshoala’s father forbade her from playing soccer.

Remarkably, the young prodigy didn’t view her parents’ strict limitations as a deterrent or danger to her aspirations.

Instead, she persisted in sneaking out of the house to play street soccer with her neighborhood friends.

During her childhood, Oshoala had modest expectations, as joining professional clubs seemed improbable.

Her parents even occasionally threatened to disown her or cease providing food after she returned from routine training sessions.

At that time, the only family member who supported her was her late grandmother, who often came to her rescue.

Asisat Oshoala’s Family Background:

To begin with, the Nigerian football star and her family come from an Islamic religious background. In her early days, affluence was merely a distant dream. Evidently, she hails from a middle-class family.

Concerning her parents’ occupations, Asisat Oshoala’s parents worked as shopkeepers. Alhaji Oshoala and his wives managed to support the family, preventing them from falling into debt or experiencing hardship.

Moreover, they were able to provide their children with a quality education through the income they earned.

As many who know her roots have said, the closeness of Asisat Oshoala’s family is evident. Considering her career achievements, every family member admires her. They continuously stand behind the soccer player, celebrating her victories and cheering her on from afar.

Family Origins:

Firstly, Asisat Oshoala, like Victor Boniface, is of Nigerian nationality.

In terms of Asisat Oshoala’s family roots within Nigeria, our research indicates that they are from Ikorodu, Nigeria, her birthplace. This town is the second-most populous local government area in Lagos State.

With a population of approximately 2 million people, Ikorodu is situated northeast of Lagos along the Lagos Lagoon and shares a border with Ogun State.

Asisat Oshoala’s Ethnicity:

In the western region of Nigeria, where she originates from, Yoruba is the predominant language, which she speaks fluently. Both Rasheedat Ajibade and Asisat are from the Yoruba-speaking part of Nigeria.

The Yoruba language consists of various dialects, including Ekiti, Igbomina, Ijebu, Ijesa, Oyo, Ondo, and Owo. However, standard Yoruba is a fusion of two closely related dialects, Oyo and Lagos.

Asisat Oshoala’s Education:

As she reached school age, her parents managed to gather the necessary funds for her education. Asisat attended Air Force Elementary School in Victoria Island for her primary education.

Subsequently, she transferred to Aunty Ayo International School in Ikoyi to complete her secondary education.

Asisat received both her primary and secondary education in Lagos, graduating in 2009 after finishing her secondary studies.

Although she was an intelligent student, Oshoala’s true passion was football. After secondary school, she opted not to continue her formal education, instead choosing to chase her dream of a football career.

Career Development:

Asisat Lamina Oshoala can be characterized as a determined young individual who overcame numerous hurdles to ensure her dreams became a reality.

In spite of the challenges she faced, her enthusiasm and talent paved the way for her to achieve her goals.

According to the superstar herself:

My passion for sports has been present since my early years, and I have participated in athletics throughout my life. I would often jog from school to my home as part of my routine.

Eventually, I began engaging in soccer games with my peers, mostly males, which sparked my interest in the sport. At that time, I didn’t see myself as a pro, and my parents were not in favour of my involvement in sports. It wasn’t until they recognized my dedication that they started offering their support.

Asisat had no real example to take inspiration from or to follow in her footsteps. However, she put her focus on football and left home to go after her ambition.

Nevertheless, the striker stood her ground and pursued a career in football.

Asisat Oshoala Biography – Soccer Journey:

After completing her high school education, the young talent spent several months at home, convincing her parents to let her pursue football.

Though they agreed, their support was lukewarm at best. Nevertheless, she started playing in local leagues, where a scout noticed her skills.

Intriguingly, she was persuaded to join FC Robo in 2009, a club based in Lagos. Asisat took on the role of a forward and remained with the team until 2013 before transferring to Rivers Angels.

Asisat’s Early Accomplishments:

The Nigerian striker participated in the 2014 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup in Canada. Her outstanding performance with Rivers Angels catapulted her to prominence.

She was awarded Player of the Tournament after becoming the top scorer with seven goals. Her contribution helped Nigeria secure second place overall. Additionally, Asisat was recognized as the best player and second-highest goal scorer for the Super Falcons.

Her stellar performance in Canada led the Falcons to win the 2014 African Women’s Championship.

Owing to her exceptional displays in Namibia and Canada, Oshoala was offered a spot on the Super Falcons team.

She also joined the squad that traveled to Canada for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, under the guidance of coach Edwin Okon.

Remarkably, Canada seems to be a stage for Asisat’s incredible achievements, given her impressive World Cup performance. Oshoala signed with Liverpool Ladies on January 23, 2015, before representing Nigeria in July that same year.

Asisat Oshoala Bio – Path to Stardom Story:

Oshoala signed with Liverpool on January 23, 2015, becoming the first African woman to compete in the Women’s Super League.

She enjoyed an impressive debut season with the club, which led to her being awarded the BBC Women’s Footballer of the Year in 2015.

Despite her success, she faced challenges during the season, including a two-month absence due to a knee injury. Liverpool ultimately finished seventh out of eight teams, following their league title from the previous season.

Arsenal Adventure:

In 2016, Arsenal activated Asisat’s release clause from Liverpool, welcoming her to the North London club’s women’s team. Manager Pedro Losa praised her as a fantastic addition to the squad, citing her speed, ball control, and goal-scoring abilities.

Oshoala played a significant role in Arsenal’s 2016 FA Women’s Cup Final victory in May. She scored two goals that season, with the team finishing third with a 16-4-2 record.

Dalian Quanjian Chapter:

In 2017, Chinese club Dalian Quanjian F.C. signed Oshoala from Arsenal Women’s team. During her time in China, she topped the scoring charts in the 2017 Superleague.

Oshoala scored 12 goals for Dalian Quanjian in 2017, helping them secure the league title and earning herself the Golden Boot. She also scored four goals to assist the team in winning the 2017 Women’s Super Cup.

In October 2018, Asisat contributed to the club’s back-to-back league victories.

FC Barcelona Chapter:

On January 31, 2019, FC Barcelona Femeni secured Oshoala on a season-long loan.

Subsequently, on May 31, 2019, the club announced her permanent transfer and a contract extension through 2022. During the 2018-19 season, she made seven appearances and netted seven goals.

In 2019, she became the first African and Barcelona Femeni player to score in a UEFA Women’s Champions League Final. Moreover, she was the first Nigerian to find the net in any UEFA Champions League final.

On May 16, 2021, Oshoala made history as the first African woman to clinch the UEFA Champions League title. She entered the match in the 71st minute of the final against Chelsea, which Barcelona won 4-0.

Notably, Asisat is part of an elite group of players at FC Barcelona Femeni, including the likes of Alexia Putellas, Brazilian Geyse Ferreira and the Midfield star Aitana Bonmatí, etc.

Asisat Oshoala Biography – Ascension to Stardom Story:

Following her remarkable performance at the 2014 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup in Canada, Asisat’s fame soared. She emerged as the top player, scoring seven goals throughout the tournament.

In January 2015, she made history by joining Liverpool Ladies as the first African player in the Women’s Super League.

Moreover, she played a crucial role in the Nigerian senior team’s triumph at the African Women’s Championship in October.

In April 2020, Asisat proudly announced her inclusion on the Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 list on social media, showcasing her success in the world of football.

Asisat Oshoala was crowned the 2022 CAF Women’s Player of the Year, becoming the first player to earn this honour five times.

The accolade was bestowed upon her at a gala event in Rabat, Morocco. Oshoala was the sole Nigerian nominee shortlisted for the 2022 CAF awards, having previously won the award in 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2019.

Male nominees included Sadio Mane, Riyad Mahrez, and Mohamed Salah, with Sadio clinching the top prize.

Following her recognition as the African Women’s Player of the Year at the 2022 CAF Awards, football enthusiasts took to social media to express their admiration for Oshoala.

Across platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, users of all ages celebrated the Nigerian star by enthusiastically chanting “Agba Baller.”

Asisat Oshoala International Career:

Oshoala embarked on her professional journey as an attacking midfielder for Nigeria’s senior national team.

However, she truly shone as a forward for Nigeria’s youth teams. She asserts her adaptability to play any position assigned to her.

As previously mentioned, Asisat has been named “Best African Player in the World” five times.

Her most notable achievements came in 2014 when she secured the Ballon d’Or and Golden Shoe at the U20 World Cup. Oshoala scored her maiden goal in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup on June 8th.

Furthermore, she contributed to the team’s second goal in the 3-3 draw with Sweden in Winnipeg. Oshoala also competed with the Super Falcons, winning the African Women’s Championship in 2016 and 2018.

In essence, her accomplishments with the national team have made her a role model for aspiring players. The rest, as they say, is history.

Asisat Oshoala’s Relationship Life:

It seems that the talented athlete has effectively kept her romantic life private, with no information about her husband or boyfriend publicly available. The identity of her child’s father also remains undisclosed.

Most online content related to the player’s relationships are likely fabrications or jokes.

Take, for example, an Instagram post she shared in January 2022, where the former Arsenal player invited friends and family to her wedding the following month.

The Barcelona starlet humorously announced her wedding date as February 30, 2020.

Of course, even in a leap year, February only has 29 days, highlighting the jest in her post. This instance and others support our initial assertion.

Asisat Oshoala, Motherhood:

From the available information, it appears that the former African Footballer of the Year welcomed her first child during her teenage years, before deciding to pursue a career in football.

During a Q&A session with fans, the Falcon introduced her daughter to the world. Many were surprised when she revealed her grown-up daughter on social media.

In a lighthearted exchange, a female fan suggested that Oshoala should have a child with Messi to create Messi Jr. Rachael Brown, a Nigerian fan, humorously proposed that Asisat Oshoala should have a child with Lionel Messi to bring another Messi into the Nigerian football scene.

Personal Life:

Beyond the impressive feats the Nigerian professional footballer from Ikorodu achieves on the field, many wonder about Asisat Oshoala’s personal life.

The former Liverpool star shares her Libra zodiac sign with famous footballers like Diego Maradona and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Asisat Oshoala is characterized by determination and self-confidence. She maintains a positive attitude towards all aspects of her life, especially her work and family.

Asisat Oshoala Workout Routine:

It is widely known that the athlete consistently exercises to maintain optimal fitness. Along with football training from her club, Oshoala engages in various workouts.

Her primary fitness activities include running, rowing, and more. Additionally, the forward highly values her mental breaks. Oshoala enjoys spending solo time on the beach, which helps her reflect, rejuvenate, and recover from stress.


The Nigerian forward is not one to flaunt her wealth or achievements on social media to boost her self-confidence. Asisat Oshoala’s humble lifestyle is evident in her modest demeanour.

For the former Falcon Captain, her financial resources provide her and her family with a comfortable life without the need for extravagance.

Asisat Oshoala Family Life:

Affectionately known as Superzee by her teammates, she cherishes her close-knit family.

The joy, gratitude, and pride she feels for having their unwavering support are beyond words.

In this section of the forward’s biography, we will discuss her family members.

About Asisat Oshoala’s Father:

Unlike other family members, her father becomes emotional whenever Asisat plays or receives prestigious awards.

As a former storekeeper, Mr. Oshoala has always been caring and supportive of his family.

While there is limited information about her father, one thing is certain: he is incredibly emotional and proud of his daughter, as evidenced in this video.

The video above highlights the tender side of her father. Asisat Oshoala shared a clip on her Instagram page, showcasing his emotional reaction.

This occurred during her acceptance of the Women Footballer of the Year Award at the 2017 AITEO/CAF Awards in Accra.

About Asisat Oshoala’s Mother:

Asisat sees her mother as a living miracle, a woman who has supported and loved her wholeheartedly.

She believes her mother’s love is everlasting and cannot imagine a life without her. In short, Asisat is deeply connected to her mother and enjoys spending time with her.

Who are Asisat Oshoala’s Siblings?

While there is limited information about her siblings, one thing is certain: they are highly supportive of their sister.

Our research indicates that Asisat has a sister named Sherifat, who works as a TV presenter. Sherifat completed her education at the prestigious University of Lagos in Nigeria.

Untold Facts:

In the final part of Asisat Oshoala’s biography, we will reveal more lesser-known details about her. So, let’s get started.

About Asisat Oshoala’s Salary:

In terms of the footballer’s current earnings, she makes approximately €520,800. When converted to Nigerian currency, this amounts to 260,207,634.81 Naira.

Asisat Oshoala’s Wealth:

In Nigeria, where Asisat Oshoala’s family originates, a comfortable middle-class earner makes about 4,060,000 Naira per year.

Did you know?… It would take such an individual roughly 64 years to earn what Asisat earns in a single month with FC Barcelona.

Asisat Oshoala in FIFA:

Asisat Oshoala shares similarities with Alesia Russo, the English Striker. Both excel in various aspects of the game, including composure, speed, skill, and direction.

Asisat Oshoala Academy:

Asisat Oshoala, a five-time African Footballer of the Year, revealed the launch of her academy through her social media channels. The ‘Asisat Oshoala Academy’ (AOA) collaborates with Nike and Women Win.

The AOA was established to provide underprivileged schoolgirls in Lagos with access to football and essential life skills. Furthermore, the academy demonstrates her dedication to offering young girls in her community opportunities for sports and education.

Additionally, the Footballer’s Foundation, founded in 2015, is responsible for managing the academy’s day-to-day operations.

Women Win, an international women’s fund based in Amsterdam that advocates for girls and women’s rights, will contribute its expertise to the academy.

Asisat Oshoala’s Religious Beliefs:

Born in Ikorodu, Nigeria, Asisat Oshoala is a devout Muslim. She was raised in a devout Muslim household and adheres to the teachings of Allah.

Her parents, who are also Muslims, made sure she was brought up according to Islamic customs.

Asisat Oshoala’s Foundation:

The Nigerian forward has a foundation dedicated to promoting sports and education for young women throughout the country. Through this foundation, she has carried out numerous commendable initiatives.

In 2021, for instance, she partnered with pharmaceutical brand Ezmor to launch the football4girls tournament. Remarkably, this grassroots football event inspired women to develop a passion for the sport.

Closing Remarks:

Asisat Oshoala was born on October 9, 1994, to her mother, Iya Asisa, and father, Alhaji Oshoala, in Ikorodu Town, Lagos, Nigeria. She was nicknamed “Seedorf” after the male footballer Clarence Seedorf.

The accomplished striker has siblings from her parents’ union and additional step-siblings, as her father had two wives. Asisat and her siblings have a close, supportive relationship. Her family hails from the western part of Nigeria.

Based on our findings, the former Arsenal player began playing football after completing her secondary education. Despite initial resistance from her parents, they eventually supported her when they saw her determination.

Asisat played on the streets, at home, and in school with boys, and in an interview, she mentioned that only her grandmother initially believed in her dreams.

Asisat attended primary school at Air Force Elementary School in Victoria Island and completed her secondary education at Aunty Ayo International School in Ikoyi. Her entire education took place in Lagos, Nigeria.

Throughout her career, Asisat Oshoala’s journey has led her to clubs such as Arsenal and Liverpool. Currently, she is one of Barcelona’s top strikers and has earned numerous honours for herself, her country, and Africa. She serves as an inspiration to many aspiring football players. Indeed, she joins the likes of Victor Osimhen and Stanley Nwabali as two of the most loved sportsmen in Nigeria as of the start of 2024.


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