Artem Dovbyk Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

Presenting an insight into Artem Dovbyk Biography, this article covers crucial aspects of his early years, including his upbringing, parents, siblings, and extended family members such as grandparents, uncles, cousins, and aunts. The story also touches upon his relationships, highlighting his wife, Yuliia Dovbyk and their daughter, Kira Dovbyk.

In addition to his family background, the biography explores Dovbyk’s educational journey, his roots, religious beliefs, ethnicity, and the hometown where he grew up. A special emphasis is placed on the socio-economic conditions of Ukraine in the 1990s, a period marked by economic challenges, inflation, and financial restructuring, which had a significant impact on his family life.

The narrative also delves into Dovbyk’s personal life and lifestyle, offering insights into his salary, zodiac sign, and net worth. While there is limited information about his early childhood experiences, it is noted that he encountered difficulties in team integration during his initial years.

Overall, this biography aims to present a complete history of Artem Dovbyk, emphasizing his remarkable journey as a forward in European football and his experiences growing up during a challenging period in Ukraine.


This biography of Artem Dovbyk begins by exploring the significant moments from his early years. Followed by an insight into his ethnic background and initial career achievements. The story culminates with an account of his dedicated efforts and notable contributions as a player for Girona FC and the Ukrainian national team.

Dovbyk has shown remarkable performance in the 2023/2024 season, emerging as a key player in Laliga’s scoring statistics. He has played a crucial role in about a third of Girona’s goals in Spain’s premier league. Boasting an impressive record of either scoring or assisting a goal every 64 minutes. This rate surpasses that of other celebrated players like Jude Bellingham, French Kylian Mbappe, and the Norwegian Erling Haaland.

However, despite extensive research on Ukranian Footballers, we’ve identified some gaps in our comprehensive understanding of this outstanding athlete. Many football fans have yet to discover the full and fascinating story of Artem Dovbyk’s life. So, let’s dive deeper into his story without further delay.

Artem Dovbyk’s Early Life:

Known as “The Ukrainian Machine” among other nicknames due to his impressive goal-scoring abilities, Artem Oleksandrovych Dovbyk was born on June 21, 1997. His birth took place on a serene Saturday. Under the Cancer Zodiac sign in the city of Cherkasy, located in central Ukraine, he was welcomed by his loving parents.

The specifics of Artem’s siblings, whether brothers or sisters, remain unclear. It’s possible that he is an only child, which might have meant receiving undivided attention and affection from his family.

Childhood in Cherkasy:

Artem’s early years were spent in Cherkasy, where he was raised by his parents in a close-knit community. This environment likely fostered a strong sense of communal support and reliance among its members.

Traditional Ukrainian customs and celebrations were probably a significant part of his upbringing. Immersing him in the rich cultural heritage of his homeland.

Life in Cherkasy would have also included a close bond with nature. With plenty of outdoor activities and spaces being a regular aspect of daily life. Despite his energy and friendliness, Artem encountered difficulties in team dynamics during his early years.

The socio-political and economic backdrop of Artem’s childhood also played a crucial role. Ukraine, having gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, was undergoing a significant transition during the 1990s. This era was marked by the country’s shift from a centrally planned state to a market-based system, bringing both challenges and opportunities.

These economic struggles might have impacted various facets of Artem’s early life. Influencing his access to resources, educational opportunities, and the overall well-being of his family. Growing up in such transformative times likely contributed to his resilience and ability to adapt to uncertain situations.

Artem Dovbyk’s Early Football Journey:

Artem Dovbyk’s path to becoming a football prodigy began in his hometown of Cherkasy, Ukraine. From an early age, he displayed a keen interest in outdoor activities, with football quickly becoming his preferred sport. His parents, whose details are not widely known, recognized his deep-rooted passion for football and decided to foster his emerging talent.

To support his growth, they enrolled him in a specialized sports academy. A decision that would prove pivotal in shaping his future. At this academy, Artem transitioned from basic grassroots football to a more structured club environment. Under the guidance of experienced coaches, he began to refine his skills. Learning the nuances of the game and evolving his ability to manoeuvre the ball with precision.

Artem stood out as a quick learner, rapidly absorbing the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in football. This early period was instrumental in not only enhancing his footballing abilities. But also cultivating a profound love for the sport. The journey from Cherkasy’s streets to the structured environment of a football academy laid the groundwork for his future success in the sport.

Artem Dovbyk Family History:

Details about Artem Dovbyk’s parents, including their names and occupations, remain largely unknown. However, their involvement in his development, particularly during his formative years, was significant. They supported him throughout his childhood and his progression into professional football.

The economic conditions in Ukraine during the 1990s, characterized by inflation and financial restructuring, presented challenges for many families. Despite these hardships and their busy lives, Artem’s parents dedicated themselves to supporting his aspirations. Ensuring he had the opportunity to pursue his football dreams.

Artem Dovbyk Family lineage:

Artem Dovbyk was born in Cherkasy, a central city in Ukraine located along the Dnieper River. While specific details about his parents’ origins are not available, exploring the significance of his birthplace provides insights into his cultural heritage.

His surname, Dovbyk, is commonly found in Ukraine and is indicative of his European, specifically Ukrainian, heritage. Ukraine, being the second-largest country in Europe after Russia, has a rich and diverse cultural background.

Ancestral line:

Ukraine is home to various groups, including Ukrainians, Russians, Moldovans, Belarusians, and Poles. In Cherkasy, where Artem was born, the predominant ethnic group is Ukrainian. Consequently, Artem Dovbyk is of Ukrainian ethnicity, speaking the Ukrainian language, which uses the Cyrillic alphabet.

Artem Dovbyk’s Educational Background:

Cherkasy, known for its numerous educational institutions, plays a significant role in the academic and cultural enrichment of its region. It was here in Cherkasy that Artem Dovbyk began his early education. Alongside his academic pursuits, he attended the Olympic Reserve Specialised Sports School, Slavutych.

Where he honed his athletic abilities. This school is renowned for discovering and nurturing young talents across various sports. Including football and equipping them with the training, education, and facilities necessary for competing at advanced levels, such as the Olympics.

Subsequently, Dovbyk made a strategic move to the FC Cherkaskyi Dnipro Academy. This transition to a more structured football academy allowed him to balance his educational responsibilities with his growing passion for football seamlessly.

Artem Dovbyk’s Journey in Football:

The shift from the specialized sports school to the FC Cherkaskyi Dnipro Academy marked a critical phase in Dovbyk’s development as a footballer. Thus setting him on a path towards a professional career in the sport.

In 2014, Dovbyk began his professional journey with his local team, Cherkaskyi Dnipro. This marked a significant break through in his career, introducing him to the professional football world.

His remarkable performance was instrumental in Cherkaskyi Dnipro’s successful run in the 2014-15 Ukrainian Second League. Dovbyk played a vital role in this campaign. Scoring seven goals and significantly contributing to the team’s victory.

This initial success established his value within the team and showcased his dedication and skill in football. The journey from his early training at the specialized sports school to the FC Cherkaskyi Dnipro Academy laid a solid foundation for his burgeoning professional career.

Furthermore, his impressive debut season foreshadowed the future accomplishments awaiting him in the wider world of football.

Artem Dovbyk’s Path to Prominence:

Artem Dovbyk continued to refine his skills after joining FC Dnipro in 2015. His journey took a turn with a loan to Moldovan club FC Zaria Balti in 2016, where he achieved notable success by winning the Moldovan Cup. Returning to Dnipro, Dovbyk’s talents were recognized with the 2016-17 Ukrainian Premier League Best Young Player award. Drawing the attention of Ukraine’s national team coach, Andriy Shevchenko.

Following Dnipro’s relegation, Dovbyk transferred to Danish club FC Midtjylland in 2018. There, he celebrated significant victories, including winning the Danish Championship and Cup. A subsequent loan to SonderjyskE brought another Danish Cup win. In 2020, coinciding with the promotion of Right Winger Gustav Isaksen to FC Midtjylland’s senior team. Dovbyk departed the club and returned to Ukraine, joining Dnipro-1. His remarkable goal-scoring abilities shone brightly in the Ukrainian Cup.

Artem Dovbyk’s Ascent to Fame:

The challenging year of 2022 marked a pivotal chapter in Dovbyk’s career amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Driven by solidarity and a desire to support those affected by the crisis, he briefly joined Dynamo Kyiv for charity matches, leveraging his football prowess for a greater cause.

In August 2023, Dovbyk’s career took a significant turn as he signed with Girona in La Liga (Football-Espana report). Joining the ranks of players like Centre-Back Eric Garcia and left-winger Savio. His transition to Spanish football was marked by immediate career success. He scored a goal in his debut with Girona and made an impactful entrance into the league.

International Career Highlights:

Dovbyk’s international career added another dimension to his growing reputation. Having represented Ukraine at various age levels, his breakthrough moment came during the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament. In a memorable match against Sweden in round 16, Dovbyk secured his place in Ukrainian football history by scoring the winning goal.

This significant achievement not only raised his profile on the international stage. But also endeared him to football fans globally, solidifying his part as a key player in Ukraine’s football narrative.

Artem Dovbyk’s Personal Life:

Balancing a high-profile football career with a personal life can be challenging. Given the rigorous training schedules, extensive travel, and constant media attention. Despite these demands, Artem Dovbyk has successfully managed to maintain a flourishing relationship.

Artem is not single. He has been in a long-term relationship with Yuliia Dovbyk for nearly seven years. The pair have shared a deep connection and eventually tied the knot. While Artem keeps most details of his marriage private, he occasionally shares pictures with his wife on social media, offering glimpses into their life together.

The couple values their privacy, often keeping the finer details of their relationship, including their engagement, away from public view. This choice reflects their desire to sustain a personal life separate from Artem’s public football persona.

About Yuliia Dovbyk:

Yuliia, Artem’s wife, is also Ukrainian and a person of ambition and vibrancy. She graduated in Journalism and Advertising from the Department of Journalism and Advertising at DTEU, affiliated with Kyiv National University of Commerce and Economics. This institution is renowned in Ukraine for its focus on economics.

Yuliia has been a pillar of support for Artem, balancing her own life. While providing emotional backing and managing family matters, allowing Artem to focus on his football career. As the spouse of a professional athlete, her life includes attending matches and participating in social and community events as per their preference.

Together, Artem and Yuliia have a daughter named Kira, who was born on August 2, 2022.

Social Media Presence:

Yuliia Dovbyk is active on social media, where she shares aspects of her life with a growing audience. On Instagram, she has amassed over 8,000 followers under the handle @yuliia.dovbyk. Artem and Yuliia, along with their daughter and pet dog, currently reside happily in Girona, Spain.

Dovbyk’s Off-Field Interests:

Artem Dovbyk, much like anyone else, enjoys a range of activities beyond the soccer field. His interests are diverse, including travel, music, video gaming, fitness, and swimming. These hobbies are occasionally showcased through his social media posts and various interviews, providing a glimpse into his life outside of football. Particularly notable is his dedication to fitness. His rigorous workout routines enhance both his on-pitch performance and overall physical endurance.

His commitment to personal well-being extends to leisure activities like vacations and special events, understanding the importance of rest in boosting his athletic performance. Nonetheless, football remains his primary passion, and he often spends quality time with fellow footballers, who form a significant part of his social circle.

Family, especially his wife and daughter, play a central role in his life, and he treasures moments spent with them.

Culinary Preferences:

Artem’s culinary tastes are deeply influenced by his Ukrainian heritage, with traditional dishes like Borscht (a rich beetroot soup), Varenky (dumplings filled with potatoes and cabbage), Kutia, and Solo featuring in his diet.

Social Media Usage:

On social media, particularly Instagram, Artem adopts a more private stance. While he shares updates about his professional football career. Including match highlights and snippets of his training sessions, he keeps personal details under wraps. His Instagram account, @tema_dovbyk, has garnered over 124,000 followers, primarily focused on his sports career, with minimal insights into his private life.

Zodiac Sign Characteristics:

Born under the Cancer Zodiac sign, Artem Dovbyk exhibits traits typically associated with Cancers. Notable Cancer footballers include the likes of Mikel Merino, English Solly March, Spanish Lamine Yamal  and English-born Jude Bellingham.

Known for their adaptability, communication skills, curiosity, and quick thinking, Cancers are often agile-minded individuals. Governed by Mercury, the planet linked to communication and intellect, Geminis are known for their articulate and intellectual nature.

Artem Dovbyk’s way of life:

Known as “the Goal Machine,” Artem Dovbyk has made a remarkable impact since joining Girona FC. His scoring prowess has been a crucial factor in elevating Girona’s standing in La Liga. Dovbyk’s performance has been exceptional, seamlessly integrating with the team and showcasing outstanding skills as a striker.

His playing style draws comparisons to Benjamin Sesko and Alexander Isak, characterized by strength, speed, and an innate ability to capitalize on scoring opportunities. Dovbyk excels not just in finishing but also as a skilled target man, adept at controlling the ball. His influence is evident, with a significant 34% of Girona’s touches in the opposition’s box involving him. His dedicated training, natural talent, and early football experiences have profoundly influenced his approach to the game.

With his growing influence in the sport, Dovbyk’s financial success is poised to increase. This financial growth enables him to enjoy a lifestyle filled with luxury, including lavish homes, gourmet dining, and premium cars.

Living in Girona, Spain, a city in northeastern Catalonia, Dovbyk enjoys a comfortable and affluent lifestyle with his wife Yuliia, their daughter Kira, and their pet dog. The city offers a beautiful backdrop for their family life.

In addition to his love for football, Dovbyk has a passion for luxury cars. His growing collection reflects his success and love for high-end automobiles, a testament to his achievements in the sporting world.

Artem Dovbyk’s Family Dynamics:

While specific details about Artem Dovbyk’s family are not widely publicized, it’s clear that his family has been a foundational support in his football career. His family’s encouragement and backing have been instrumental as he navigates his professional path. More information about his family members may emerge as interest in this exceptional player continues to grow.

Bond with His Father:

Artem Dovbyk shares a significant and uplifting relationship with his father. From an early age, the bond within his family played a crucial role in his development as a footballer. Notably, Dovbyk once revealed that his father harbored aspirations for him to play for a renowned club like Manchester United. This ambition reflects his father’s high hopes and belief in Artem’s potential. While respecting his father’s wishes, Artem’s current focus remains steadfast on his existing football commitments.

His Mother’s Influence:

Much like the details about his father, information regarding Artem Dovbyk’s mother, including her name and occupation, remains sparse. Nonetheless, it’s evident that she played a significant role in his upbringing. Likely making considerable sacrifices to support his sporting aspirations. Her guidance in balancing education and sports is evident in Artem’s disciplined approach to his career.

Artem Dovbyk Brothers and sisters:

As mentioned in earlier accounts of Artem’s childhood, there is uncertainty regarding the presence of any siblings. It’s possible that Artem is an only child, receiving undivided attention and care from his parents. This familial environment would have contributed significantly to his emotional and mental development. Providing a stable and nurturing background for his growth.

Extended Family Connections:

Artem Dovbyk maintains privacy regarding his extended family to shield them from public exposure. While specific details about his aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and other relatives are not public. These relationships are undoubtedly valuable to him, forming an essential part of his personal life. The significance of these familial ties likely plays a role in his overall well-being and stability as a professional athlete.

Exploring Lesser-Known Aspects of Artem Dovbyk:

In this final section, we delve into some lesser-known but intriguing details about Artem Dovbyk, the striking talent from FC Girona and the Ukrainian national team.

Salary Insights:

Artem Dovbyk, playing as a Centre-forward, has a five-year contract with La Liga’s Girona. Set to conclude on June 30, 2028. For the 2023-2024 season, his gross base salary is reported to be €2,500,000. This translates to roughly €48,077 weekly, exclusive of any additional bonuses, as per Capology’s data. This annual salary is approximately €2,480,773, and Capology even breaks down his earnings to the euro per second.

Team Salary Comparison:

Within FC Girona, Dovbyk’s salary positions him as the third-highest earner. He ranks behind Eric Garcia and David Lopez, who earn €115,385 and €68,462 respectively per week. Following him are Daley Blind and Paulo Gazaniga, earning €38,462 and €16,538 weekly, respectively.

FIFA Game Representation:

Artem Dovbyk’s exceptional performance in the 2023/2024 season at Girona is mirrored in the FIFA video game series. In FIFA 2023, his overall rating is 75, with a potential of reaching 78. The game identifies him primarily as a Striker (ST), favouring his left foot for shooting. His virtual avatar is known for short passes, ball control, sprint speed, jumping, strength, and penalty skills.

However, areas like intercepts, crossing, and free-kick accuracy are identified for potential improvement. Other players with a similar playing style in the Striker position include Niclas Fullkrug, Benjamin Sesko and Elye Wahi.

Artem Dovbyk’s Faith:

Regarding his religion, Dovbyk is a Christian. However, it is unclear whether he identifies with the Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant denominations. In Ukraine, Christianity is the dominant religion, with 68% of the population adhering to Orthodoxy and the remainder split between Protestantism and Catholicism.


Artem Oleksandrovych Dovbyk, born on June 21, 1997 (the same year as Lautaro Martínez), has carved a niche for himself as a Ukrainian professional footballer. Playing as a Striker for La Liga Underdog Girona and the Ukrainian national team, Dovbyk hails from Cherkasy, Ukraine. He is happily married to Yulia, with whom he shares a daughter named Kira.

Dovbyk’s football journey began at FC Cherkaskyi Dnipro’s academy, where he debuted professionally in 2014. His early career was marked by a victory in the 2014–15 Ukrainian Second League, where he contributed seven goals. His trajectory continued upward with a move to FC Dnipro in 2015, a loan spell at Moldovan club FC Zaria Bălți, and a triumph in the Moldovan Cup. This period of success culminated in receiving the 2016–17 Ukrainian Premier League Best Young Player award, drawing attention from national team coach Andriy Shevchenko.

His career took him to the Danish club FC Midtjylland in 2018, where he achieved further accolades as a national champion and cup winner. A loan to SønderjyskE in the 2019–20 season added another Danish Cup to his achievements. Returning to Ukraine with SC Dnipro-1 in 2020, he demonstrated his goal-scoring capabilities in the Ukrainian Cup.

The 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine disrupted the season, leading Dovbyk to participate in charity matches with Dynamo Kyiv. In a significant move on August 6, 2023, he joined Girona for a reported €7 million fee, marking his debut with a goal in a draw against Real Sociedad on August 12. Artem’s rise has seen him join the names for the top 6 Fastest La Liga Hattricks.

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