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SoccerBiography unveils the life story of Arda Guler, providing a deep dive into his Biography in the following areas; his childhood, early life, parents – Serap Güler (mother) and Ümit Güler (father), family background, siblings, and personal relationships, including his girlfriend, grandparents, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, and cousins.

In addition to detailing Arda Güler’s family roots, religious beliefs, education, ethnicity, and hometown, we at SoccerBiography will shed light on his personal life, lifestyle, astrological sign, and financial status, including his net worth and salary.

In short, we aim to present an all-encompassing narrative of Arda Güler’s life. Our biography tells the story of a prodigiously talented child, whose uncanny football skills and untapped potential have led some to liken him to football legend Lionel Messi. Stay with us to find out why he’s been dubbed the “Turkish Messi.”

We invite you to immerse yourself in the compelling tale of a gifted young footballer who chose to join Real Madrid over its perennial rival, Barcelona. What could have influenced this budding talent’s decision?


SoccerBiography’s version of Arda Güler’s biography kicks off by highlighting key events from his early years. We’ll delve into his ethnic background and initial career achievements, leading up to his accomplishments and contributions as a player for Real Madrid and the Turkey national team.

At SoccerBiography, we hope to ignite your curiosity with Arda Güler’s life story. To set the stage, this article gives a unique summarizing his journey from a young, touted “talent of a century” to the Real Madrid and Turkish professional footballer he is today.

With his rapid ascent to fame, it’s no surprise that numerous clubs are eager to secure his services.  Nevertheless, despite extensive details available about the athlete, we believe there’s room to expand our understanding of this Turkish star player. Thus, only a handful of football enthusiasts have a deep understanding of Arda Güler’s Biography. Let’s dive in without further delay.

Arda Guler’s Early Life:

The Real Madrid youngster was born in Altındağ, a northeastern district in cosmopolitan Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. His birth on February 25, 2005, was accompanied by some challenges.

However, both Arda and his mother, Serap Guler, successfully navigated the childbirth process, emerging healthy and strong.

Born on a fun-filled Friday to his wonderful parents, Umit Guler and Serap Guler, he is potentially one among their other children.

At its core, Arda Guler is a result of the joyful union between his devoted parents.

His parents played a crucial role in his upbringing and with their relentless support and efforts, they ensured that Arda’s potential was fully realized. Let’s now introduce you to Arda Guler’s parents.


Arda Guler spent his childhood in Altındağ, Ankara, where he was born and raised. His parents, known for their meticulous and firm nurturing, oversaw his upbringing. Living in Altındağ exposed the young Arda to diverse cultures and ethnicities.

From an early age, Arda mingled with Turks, Kurds, and other minority groups, thus enriching his understanding of diverse cultures, languages, and traditions.

Arda Guler was a lean and outgoing child. His charm was magnetic, attracting many who crossed paths with him. He was a beloved figure within his immediate circle.

Altındağ boasts parks like Gençlik Parkı and Kurtuluş Parkı, offering green spaces for outdoor activities, picnics, and sports.

Arda might have spent his time exploring local cafes, restaurants, and shopping centers in Altındağ, socializing with friends and family. Furthermore, the central location of Altındağ allows easy access to Ankara city center and its various facilities.

His life experiences and upbringing in Altındağ by his father and mother undoubtedly helped shape his world view and fostered a deep connection to his hometown’s history, culture, and people.

Arda Guler’s Early Engagement with Football:

His first encounter with football also happened in his hometown, Altındağ, Ankara. From an early age, Arda Guler cultivated a profound affection for the sport.

His football journey underscores the significance of innate talent, hard work, and an environment that encourages dream-chasing. Football is deeply embedded in Turkish culture, a passion mirrored in Altındağ.

Football games, especially those featuring well-known Turkish teams such as Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray, and Beşiktaş, are enthusiastically followed, inspiring avid fans, including Arda Guler’s family in Altındağ.

From a young age, Arda Guler was introduced to football by his family, who also shared a love for the sport. He spent countless hours in local parks and streets playing with friends, honing his skills.

Furthermore, Altındağ is home to many football clubs involved in local leagues and tournaments. These clubs, like many across Turkey, focus heavily on youth development programs.

Arda Guler’s inherent football talent began to shine, capturing the notice of his parents and coaches. Despite his young age, he demonstrated strong character traits.

Acknowledging his potential, they supported his interest in football and enrolled him in a local youth football club. The rest, as the saying goes, is history.

Arda Guler’s Family Background:

While there isn’t detailed information about his parents, their efforts to help him reach professional football are noteworthy.

Born into a loving and tight-knit family, his parents, whom he greatly admires, fostered his love for football from an early age.

His father, Umit Guler, a sports enthusiast, worked tirelessly to provide for his family and ensure their needs were met. Arda’s Dad played and continues to play a crucial role in Arda’s career.

Though his parents’ professions remain undisclosed, they have consistently provided him with the encouragement and resources needed to follow his sporting dreams.

Additionally, his father serves as his agent. Despite having a modest income, Guler’s parents went above and beyond to ensure their son’s success.

Arda Guler’s Family Heritage:

Arda Guler’s family hails from Turkey, specifically his birthplace in Altındağ, in the northeastern sector of the capital city, Ankara. Given that Guler is a professional Turkish footballer, it’s likely that his family has deep-rooted Turkish origins linked to the country’s heritage.

His father’s name, Umit, is a common Turkish given name and a less frequent surname, meaning “hope”. It has its roots in the Persian name Omid. The family surname, Guler, is a Turkish ornamental name or nickname derived from gülmek, translating to ‘to laugh or to smile’. The vibrant midfielder for Real Madrid, Arda Guler, holds Turkish nationality.

Ethnicity of Arda Guler:

Turkey, situated on the crossroads of Asia and Europe, is a vibrant mix of cultures and people. Amongst its cultural mosaic, it hosts an array of ethnicities.

These include Turks (72.5%), Kurds (12.7%), Zaza Kurds (4%), Circassians (3.3%), Bosniaks (2.6%), Georgians (1.3%), Albanians (1.2%), Arabs (1.1%), Pomaks (0.8%), and Others (0.5%). Guler is associated with the Turk ethnic group in Turkey. It is noteworthy to mention that the Turkish State views all its citizens as ethnic Turks.

Arda Guler’s Education:

Altındağ boasts numerous educational establishments, including primary, secondary schools, and universities. It’s likely that Arda Guler attended one of the local schools, providing him with a solid education and diverse learning experiences.

During his second year in primary school, his Physical Education teacher recognized his athletic potential and recommended Arda Guler join a local sports club in Ankara, known as Gençlerbirliği Spor Kulübü, or simply Gençlerbirliği.

The training facilities of Genclerbirligi were quite a distance from Guler’s home. However, driven by his teacher’s insistence, they took Arda there, where he demonstrated his skills in the first training session.

Subsequently, they immediately placed him on their team, which offered an integrated educational approach combining academic learning with intensive football training and competition.

Career Development:

His football career progressed from his school days at Genclerbirligi’s training facility. Despite being one of the youngest players on the team, he consistently embraced challenges and went beyond the norm during training.

Although his teammates were older, his superior abilities soon saw him rise to the position of captain.

Guler’s skills evolved quickly, and he became renowned for his advanced techniques and extraordinary ball control. Even at a young age, his confidence and determination on the field were unparalleled.

The proficient left-footed player spent five years at Genclerbirligi honing his talent and character. He was considered a model youth.

He quickly caught the attention of the coaches due to his natural aptitude and commitment, also attracting scouts from Fenerbahce.

Arda Guler Biography – The Early Football Journey:

Arda Guler’s football narrative began at the tender age of 14, when he transitioned from Genclerbirligi, his childhood club, to Fenerbahce, where he rose through the youth ranks.

His big break came during an Under-14s tournament in Riva, a small town near Istanbul, when he was scheduled to participate in the Osmanlispor-Genclerbirligi U14s game in December 2018.

During the tournament, Serhat Pekmezci, Fenerbache’s former youth coordinator, was there scouting for another player, but was captivated by Arda’s impressive skills and character. Despite sustaining a significant ankle injury in the last quarter of the match, Arda played on, proving his grit and commitment to the game. Even though his team didn’t win the match, he had made his mark.

Ten days later, Pekmezci sent a video of Arda’s game to Ali Koc, the chairman of the Fenerbahçe Sports Club Football Academy. This led to Arda being invited to join Fenerbahçe’s youth ranks in 2019.

Arda Guler Bio – Ascend to Stardom:

Notable football stars have been few and far between in Turkey’s football history, which is why emerging talents like Arda are celebrated with such enthusiasm. Referred to by some as the Turkish Messi and comparable to Mesut Ozil, Arda’s talent was undeniable.

During his two years with Fenerbahçe’s youth ranks, Arda honed his abilities, demonstrating his prowess in crossing, key passes, and long shots. On the 13th of January 2021, he signed a professional contract with Fenerbahçe for two and a half years, marking the beginning of his promising career.

Arda made his debut for the Fenerbahce senior team in the 2021/22 Europa League qualifiers against Finnish club HJK Helsinki. On August 19, 2021, he made his senior debut as a substitute at Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium, leading Fenerbahçe to a 1–0 victory. As the season advanced, he gained more field experience and emerged as the Süper Lig’s youngest goalscorer.

In March 2022, Arda Guler set a new record as the youngest footballer to score a goal against Alanyaspor. As of May 2022, he had contributed three assists and three goals in 255 minutes of play.

Arda Guler Biography – Journey to Soccer Greatness:

With an impressive tally of nine goals and twelve assists in 51 appearances across two seasons, Arda’s rise to fame was meteoric. On March 17, 2022, Fenerbahçe extended his contract by three years, signalling their belief in his potential.

Ahead of the 2022-23 season, Arda was awarded the coveted number 10 jersey, previously worn by club legend Alex de Souza. In his debut season, he scored two goals in 21 minutes against Kasmpaşa. He has also represented Turkey internationally, up to the U21 level.

His international debut with the senior Turkish national team came in a friendly match against the Czech Republic on November 19, 2022, where they secured a 2–1 victory. He scored his first international goal in the Euro 2024 qualifiers against Wales on June 19, 2023.

The impressive start to his career caught the attention of major European clubs such as Arsenal, Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Barcelona, and PSG. Before these interests, Arda had already helped Fenerbahçe win the Turkish Cup in the 2022-23 season.

According to The Athletic, Barcelona pursued the midfielder heavily, but he ultimately opted to join Real Madrid. On July 6, 2023, Real Madrid announced the signing of Arda Guler on a six-year contract that would keep him at the Bernabeu until June 2029. He is part of the club’s major rebuild that involves youngsters like Eduardo Camavinga, Rodrygo, Alvaro Rodriguez and Endrick Felipe.

The Spanish giants even triggered his release clause, agreeing to pay beyond the existing clause at his request. Arda expressed his ambition to follow in the footsteps of legendary players like Guti, Ronaldo, and Mesut Ozil, who had all played for Real Madrid. The rest, as SoccerBiography says, is now history.

The Arda Guler Zeynep Saka Love Story:

It’s common for professional footballers to delay personal commitments like romantic relationships and marriages early in their careers, choosing instead to focus on their development in the sport. The lifestyle of a pro footballer, marked by intense training, frequent travel, and public scrutiny, can be taxing on personal relationships.

However, each player navigates this in their own way, depending on their personal values and life situations. The young midfielder, Arda Guler, currently seems more dedicated to honing his football skills rather than pursuing romantic relationships, given his age.

Thus far, there have been no indications on his social media of a significant other. He is, according to reports, single at the moment and not involved with anyone romantically.

However, fans couldn’t help but speculate about his relationship status when a photo surfaced showing Arda Guler and Zeynep Saka having dinner together. Some fans hypothesized they could be romantically linked, while others proposed they were cousins.

Personality Facts:

Outside of football, players, including Arda Guler, engage in diverse hobbies and pastimes. Guler enjoys traveling, listening to music, gaming, exercising, and swimming. He’s also a pet lover, particularly fond of dogs.

His social media shares snapshots of his life beyond the football field, showcasing his various interests and activities. Nevertheless, football undeniably remains Guler’s chief passion. During his formative years, he idolized Alex de Souza, Fenerbahçe’s legendary former captain.

Additionally, he views Luka Modric as an extraordinary midfielder, even the world’s best. Guler also revealed a close, brotherly bond with Ozil, who has endorsed Real Madrid as the world’s top football club.

Committed to his defensive responsibilities on the field, Guler shines as a central midfielder. Beyond his professional life, he enjoys spending quality time with his loved ones. Standing at a height of 5 feet and 9 inches tall and weighing a mass of 70kg, Guler has brown eyes and black hair, and he wears a size 9.5 (US) shoe.

Rest and recovery are vital to him, as they impact his performance during matches. He also advocates for balanced nutrition to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although he does not have any tattoos at present, he may consider getting one in the future.

Like many football stars, Guler maintains an active social media presence to connect with his fans. His official Instagram account @10ardaguler boasts over 3.2 million followers, while his Twitter account @10ardaguler has amassed more than 570k followers.

Arda Guler Lifestyle:

The young Turkish footballer, renowned for his discipline and systematic approach to his career, lives an admirable lifestyle. His style has been shaped significantly by his intense training, tactical preparation, and life experiences.

Drawing comparisons to the legendary Lionel Messi, Guler is often referred to as the ‘Turkish Lionel Messi.’ This reference is not surprising, considering his rapid ascent to fame and the interest shown by numerous clubs in signing him.

As he continues to develop his abilities and make his mark on the pitch, it’s likely that sponsorship opportunities will come his way. Through his professional achievements and groundbreaking feats, he’s been able to accumulate substantial wealth from his efforts in football.

As time goes on, his earnings are likely to increase significantly. His fortune enables him to enjoy luxury homes, vacations, fine dining, and high-end cars.

Guler leads a luxurious lifestyle in Spain. His fondness for expensive cars is notable. Though he hasn’t been seen driving in Ankara, Turkey, he expressed his love for sports cars in an interview, hinting at a considerable car collection waiting in his garage.

Family Life of Arda Guler:

Arda Guler, the acclaimed Turkish footballer, has been blessed with an unwaveringly supportive family, a factor that has significantly contributed to his successful career. The Guler family has stood by him, providing encouragement and backing at every stage of his journey.

Even as time has passed, Guler’s parents have maintained their strong bond and shared affection. They still cherish each other’s companionship and bring joy to one another’s lives.

The mutual respect and shared interests evident in their relationship suggest that Guler was raised in a warm, caring environment. These positive familial attributes have significantly influenced Guler, helping mold commendable qualities in him, such as integrity and respect.

Growing up in such a nurturing setting has undeniably shaped both Guler’s personal and professional evolution. In this memoir, you’ll get to know in-depth details about the champion’s family life.

Arda Guler’s Father – Umit Guler:

During Guler’s early years, his relationship with his family, particularly with his father, was a source of strength and inspiration. The family was a familiar sight at his games, rooting for him from the sidelines.

Their constant encouragement and support played a critical role in his progression as a footballer. His family’s presence and their cheering were invaluable in building his self-assurance on the pitch.

Arda Guler’s father, Umit Guler, has been a significant driving force behind his success. It’s reported that Guler does not rely on an external agent, instead, his family, primarily his father, handle his affairs.

It appears Umit Guler wielded a considerable influence over his son’s decision to sign with Real Madrid over their rival, Barcelona.

This was made evident during an incident where Umit Guler shared a clip from a Turkish television show on WhatsApp. The clip showed a woman proposing a trip to Barcelona, to which her husband firmly retorted,

“I won’t go to Barcelona. I will only go to Real Madrid.”

This confident stance mirrored Arda Guler’s decision to favour Real Madrid over Barcelona.

Arda Guler’s Mother – Serap Guler:

Although Arda Guler focuses on his career, he values his personal life’s privacy, preferring to keep it separate from his professional world.

His mother, Serap Guler, likely made considerable sacrifices, investing her time and energy in support of her son’s football aspirations.

While specific details about Serap Guler, such as her age and profession, are not known, it’s clear that she played an essential role in educating Arda, offering guidance, and fostering a sense of responsibility in him to chase his dreams.

She is often spotted supporting him at Fenerbahçe matches. After a win in Larnaca by Fenerbahçe, Serap Guler posted an emotional message to her son on Twitter, which received widespread attention and garnered many likes.

In her post, she expressed her joy at her son’s success and her belief that everything would fall into place according to his heart’s desire. During his unveiling at Real Madrid, Arda Guler was seen wiping away his mother’s tears, further displaying their strong bond.

Notably, Serap Guler has publicly shared her battle with a heart condition. She has since undergone successful surgery and is expected to recover swiftly.

Arda Guler’s Siblings:

Additional details about Arda Guler’s siblings would allow us to provide a more comprehensive understanding of his familial ties. Nonetheless, Guler has chosen to keep this aspect of his personal life private.

It’s likely that he has supportive sibling(s), who, based on occasional social media posts, appear to attend many of his matches, showing their unfaltering support.

Arda Guler’s Relatives:

Arda Guler, like many professional footballers, opts to keep information about his extended family largely private, possibly to shield them from unwanted public attention.

Without specific details about Arda Guler’s extended family, we can only surmise that, akin to most Turkish families, the relationships among family members are deeply valued.

Guler likely has a range of relatives, including aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, and possibly in-laws, but concrete information about them is currently limited.

Intriguing Facts about Arda Guler:

Arda Guler is a versatile attacking midfielder renowned for his formidable defensive skills. He excels in his role as a central midfielder, earning him the title of “Turkish Messi.” Recognized for his creativity and prowess at set pieces, he is considered a bright prospect for the future.

In addition, he displays versatility by operating on the right wing, using his stronger foot for decisive passes or powerful shots when cutting inside.

In this closing section of Arda Guler’s biography, we will uncover some captivating facts about this gifted sportsman. So, let’s dive in without further ado.

Arda Guler’s Earnings and Net Worth:

The agreement with Real Madrid has made Guler the third highest grossing sale for his Turkish club. Given the additional €10m, Guler is set to outdo the €21m Lazio paid for Vedat Muriqi in 2020.

This statistic is truly remarkable considering that Guler had only completed 51 senior appearances, with just 21 goals and assists for Fenerbahçe, before making such a significant move.

Guler, a Turkish footballer, has amassed considerable wealth from his professional career. As per Soccersouls, his net worth was estimated at around $8 million in 2022. Transfermarkt valued his market worth at €10.00m in 2022.

Furthermore, Guler still has to demonstrate his worth in the Europa League to command a higher market value. Also, he received an annual salary of 1 Million Pounds while playing for Fenerbahçe. If he reaches the pinnacle of his career, he may secure profitable contracts.

Arda Guler in FIFA:

Firstly, his technical skills and control of the ball stand out as his primary strengths. His passes, including his through balls, are accurate and tactically sound.

Guler’s crosses are precise, and his shooting technique is impressive, as demonstrated by his first international goal for Turkey, which was noteworthy for his age. His pressing after losing possession is also commendable.

Guler’s player ratings, features, and appearances in FIFA games are updated annually to reflect real-world performances and form.

Accordingly, Arda Guler’s 2023 Rating is 73, with potential to climb to 86. Moreover, he is right-footed and best positioned as a Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM).

Among Turkish footballers featured in FIFA 23, Hakan Çalhanoğlu has the highest FIFA Rating, followed by Orkun Kökçü in second place and Enes Ünal in third. Guler ranks 31st among the top 100 Turkish footballers in the game.

Arda Guler’s Religious Beliefs:

Turkey is predominantly a Muslim nation, with Islam being the primary religion. However, it’s crucial to understand that Turkey is constitutionally a secular state that guarantees freedom of religion and belief to its citizens.

Significant religious and cultural landmarks in the district include mosques such as the historic Haci Bayram Mosque. Arda Guler identifies as a Muslim, partaking in daily prayers, observing religious holidays, and engaging in traditional religious rituals and customs.

Concluding Remarks:

Arda Guler, a product of the Fenerbahce academy, rose to the senior team in 2021. The young star was listed among the top 60 footballers born in 2005 globally by The Guardian.

He has represented Greece at the youth level internationally and is now a part of the nation’s senior team.

Arda Guler embarked on his football journey with Gençlerbirliği, a club based in Ankara, in 2014, and joined Fenerbahce’s youth team in 2019. His debut was against Finnish club HJK during the 2021-22 UEFA Europa League.

Subsequently, he became the youngest goal scorer in Super Lig history for Fenerbahce during the 2021-22 season, with a significant amount of playing time. By May 2022, he had scored three goals and made three assists in 225 minutes of play.

Guler’s impressive performance for the Turkish club has caught the eye of several leading clubs such as Barcelona, PSG, Liverpool, Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich, and Arsenal. Nevertheless, Guler committed to a three-year contract with Fenerbahce on March 17, 2022.

Internationally, Arda Guler has represented Turkey at the under-17 and under-21 levels. He was later invited to the senior team and participated in a 2-1 victory in a friendly match against the Czech Republic on November 19, 2022. In a brief span, his impact in Turkey soared, mirroring the prominence of Manor Solomon in Israel and Morgan Gibbs-White in England

He scored his first goal for Turkey during a Euro 2024 qualifier match against Wales. Notably, Arda Guler was part of the Fenerbahce team that won the Turkish Cup in the 2022-23 season. A report by 90Mins suggests that both Jude Bellingham and Arda Guler can adapt to Carlo Ancelotti’s various systems at Real Madrid.


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