Anthony Gordon Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article, a deep dive into Anthony Gordon Biography, delves into his early beginnings, detailing his family life with his siblings, Brandon and Reuben Gordon (all brothers) and parents, Keith (his Dad) and Nadine Gordon (his Mum).

In addition to his family background, we explore Anthony Gordon’s personal interests, lifestyle choices, faith, and the innovative ways he maintained his fitness during the COVID-19 pandemic. The biography also sheds light on his financial earnings, providing an insight into his net worth and the details of his earnings.

The narrative extends beyond the usual facts to unearth lesser-known aspects of the English attacking midfielder’s life. This is more than just a record of events; it’s the comprehensive history of Anthony Gordon.

Within these pages lies the journey of a young player who once faced rejection from Liverpool and Everton for his slight frame but later emerged as a beacon of hope for Everton during turbulent times. This account also highlights a pivotal moment in Gordon’s career, shaped by an encounter with Everton legend Leighton Baines.

Join us as we recount the transformative story of Anthony Gordon: from a slender youngster released by top clubs to becoming a tenacious and promising talent at Everton, all marked by an unyielding spirit to succeed.


Welcome to the in-depth biography of Anthony Gordon, where we chronicle the defining moments of his early life and the milestones that shaped his path in football.

In this biography, we’ll unfold the narrative of his upbringing, educational pursuits, and the critical periods in his career, particularly the significant impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on his professional journey.

Prepare to be captivated by Anthony Gordon’s story, starting from his youthful days to his rise to prominence in the football world.

Anthony Gordon, often nicknamed “Gordo,” has demonstrated remarkable tenacity, overcoming initial self-doubt to emerge as a key player during Everton’s challenging 2021/2022 season. Following his transfer to Newcastle, he has formed an impressive alliance on the field with players such as Alexander Isak, Bruno Guimaraes, and Sandro Tonali.

Despite his achievements on the pitch, there remains a void in the collective knowledge of fans regarding his personal life and career trajectory. Recognizing this, we’ve crafted a detailed narrative to bridge this gap and bring you a well-rounded account of Anthony Gordon’s life.

Join us as we embark on this exploration of Anthony Gordon’s life, offering you a window into the experiences that have transformed a once-overlooked talent into a leading light for Everton. Let’s dive into his tale.

Anthony Gordon’s Early Years:

Anthony Michael Gordon, known affectionately as ‘Gordo,’ entered the world on February 24, 2001, in the community of Kirkdale in Liverpool, England. He is the son of Nadine and Keith Gordon.

Childhood and Family Life:

Anthony is one of three sons born to Nadine and Keith Gordon, raised in a close-knit family. Unlike some families, there were no daughters in the Gordon household, only Anthony and his two brothers, Brandon and Reuben, who shared his early years. Together, they experienced the joys and challenges of growing up in Kirkdale.

Anthony Gordon’s Formative Years:

Anthony Gordon’s passion for soccer ignited at the tender age of three, as the sport rapidly became an integral element of his existence. Gordo’s dream of becoming a professional player was more than a childhood whim—it was a commitment he was determined to fulfil.

Emulating a Legend:

Throughout his youth, Anthony idolized Leighton Baines, the celebrated Evertonian renowned for his exceptional crossing ability and precision free-kicks. Baines’ prowess on the field wasn’t just an inspiration for Anthony; it was a blueprint for the kind of player he yearned to become.

A Memorable Encounter with His Hero:

Leighton Baines was more than just an Everton hero; he was a football icon admired by fans far and wide. It was a dream come true for young Anthony when he got the chance to meet Baines, seeking the legend’s guidance and a moment of his time.

Anthony waited with anticipation at Everton’s parking lot, hoping for a moment that would forever be etched in his memory. Not only did he receive words of encouragement from Baines, but he also captured a snapshot in time with him—a photo that symbolized hope and possibility.

A Prophecy Fulfilled:

Little did Baines know that the 11-year-old boy, beaming beside him in the photograph, would one day share the pitch with him. Seven years after their meeting, Anthony Gordon’s determination saw him lining up alongside his childhood hero as a teammate, a testament to the young lad’s perseverance and dedication to his craft.

Anthony Gordon’s Family Origins:

Born into a family that valued togetherness, Anthony Gordon’s life story began in the warm embrace of his parent’s home. His father, Keith, and his mother, Nadine, nurtured a modest yet comfortable life in Kirkdale, Liverpool, where they raised their family of five with love and unity.

The Gordons maintained a middle-class lifestyle, with Keith and Nadine’s earnings placing them in a position that straddled the working and upper-middle class within the local social structure. Their economic situation afforded their children a stable upbringing and the chance to pursue their passions.

Parental Encouragement and Proud Moments:

From his earliest days, Anthony was not just allowed but actively encouraged to pursue his singular dream of playing football professionally. His parents were his staunchest supporters, championing his ambitions and nurturing his talents.

Nadine and Keith Gordon have been openly proud of their son’s achievements, with emotions running high during significant milestones in his career. When Anthony made his debut, the overwhelming pride was tinged with such intensity that his parents found themselves too moved to attend the game, a testament to the depth of their connection and support for their son’s aspirations.

Anthony Gordon, the attacking midfielder for Everton, holds British nationality thanks to his birth and family heritage in Kirkdale. This locality is part of the Liverpool district in Merseyside, England, and has a modest population of about 16,500 residents.

Kirkdale is recognized in various reports as one of Liverpool’s more disadvantaged neighbourhoods, marked by a combination of economic challenges, a lack of social unity, higher crime rates, and lower life expectancy.

The region is characterized by Victorian terraced housing, which stands as a testament to its historical backdrop. It’s also the area where the family of Steve McManaman, a former footballer for Liverpool and Real Madrid, originated.

Anthony Gordon’s Roots:

Anthony Gordon, the gifted midfielder for Everton, possesses British nationality, a birthright stemming from his origins in Kirkdale. This town, part of the Liverpool district in Merseyside, England, is home to a population of approximately 16,500.

Background of Kirkdale:

Kirkdale, the hometown of Anthony Gordon’s family, is recognized by research and media reports, such as those from The Guardian, as one of the more challenged areas in Liverpool. Characterized by socio-economic challenges, Kirkdale faces issues like social fragmentation, a heightened crime rate, and below-average life expectancy figures compared to other regions.

Predominantly a working-class neighbourhood, Kirkdale is lined with Victorian terraced housing, a reflection of the area’s historical and architectural legacy.

Kirkdale has been home to notable individuals, including the family of Steve McManaman, a footballer whose career highlights include playing for both Liverpool and Real Madrid.


Anthony Gordon is of White British ethnicity, which refers to the native population of England. This group makes up a significant majority of England’s demographic, with 79.8% of the population falling under this category. In Liverpool, where Gordon hails from, this percentage is even higher at 84.8%.

Anthony Gordon Early Education and Transfer to Wade Deacon

Anthony Gordon’s educational path started at Alsop High School, a mixed-secondary institution located in the Walton district of Liverpool. This school, which holds the distinction of being the largest secondary school in Liverpool, was founded just after the First World War, in 1919.

Anthony’s time at Alsop ended when he turned 13, which coincided with a significant transition in his life; he moved to Wade Deacon High School. This move was closely aligned with his progression to Everton’s academy, where he continued his education alongside fellow academy prospects.

Behavioural Changes and Maturation

The switch to Wade Deacon was not just for footballing reasons. Anthony, by his own recounting, wasn’t the model student at Alsop and needed a change of environment. The move saw a marked change in his demeanor. He became calmer and more focused, as he grew into a more mature individual during his time at Wade Deacon.

Influence of PE Teacher Steve Griffin

His formative football years at Alsop High were significantly shaped by his relationship with his PE teacher, Steve Griffin. Griffin, who had been a part of the school for over two decades, remembers Anthony’s first encounters with the ball.

The physical education teacher’s strategy was simple yet effective: in any game situation, the plan was to ensure Anthony had the ball, as he was the standout player even at a young age. Griffin’s tactics revolved around Anthony’s talent, with every set-piece designed to take advantage of his footballing prowess.

Early Football Talent and Discipline

Anthony Gordon’s natural flair for football was evident from his early days, capturing the attention and praise of onlookers who were quick to recognize his potential. However, there were aspects of his on-field demeanour that needed refinement. Gordon had a propensity for sternly confronting his peers over in-game mistakes, leading to intense interactions that sometimes turned physical.

Intervention by Mentors:

His behaviour did not go unnoticed by his mentors, particularly his PE teacher, Steve Griffin, who took it upon himself to instil a sense of discipline in the young player. Griffin’s approach included sending Gordon off the pitch to reflect on his actions, a method intended to help the youngster understand the importance of composure and teamwork.

Overcoming Challenges:

Despite the disciplinary measures, Gordon’s talent was too significant to be overshadowed. His reintegration into the game post-discipline was swift, much like his gameplay, allowing him to continue to shine on the field.

Dominance on Challenging Grounds:

The rivalry between Gordon’s school team and other local teams was fierce, particularly with Calderstones School, which was infamous for its poorly maintained pitch. Yet, it was on this very pitch that Gordon’s ability shone the brightest. His capability to maintain control of the ball and execute impressive manoeuvres under less-than-ideal conditions left spectators in awe, solidifying his reputation as a player of exceptional talent and agility.

Anthony Gordon Biography – Setback and Resilience:

Despite showcasing significant talent, Anthony Gordon faced a discouraging setback when he was let go by both Everton and Liverpool academies, the reason being his slight frame. During this challenging period, his parents were his greatest support system, encouraging him as he endeavoured to bounce back.

Determined to make a comeback, Gordon joined Whiston Juniors, focusing on honing his skills and strength. Unbeknownst to him, his journey would circle back to Everton, the very academy that had underestimated his potential.

Rediscovered by Everton Scouts:

His fortunes turned during a match in the St Helens League, where Ian Duke, an Everton scout, was in attendance. On this occasion, Gordon’s performance was nothing short of stellar, displaying a remarkable combination of athleticism, technique, and skill that made him stand out as a striker.

Advocacy by a Scout:

Convinced of Gordon’s improved abilities, Duke reached out to Martin Waldron, the head of academy recruitment at Everton. Despite Waldron’s initial hesitation due to Gordon’s previous release from the club, Duke persisted, emphasizing the young player’s undeniable speed and potential.

Overcoming Doubt:

Waldron, trusting Duke’s judgment, agreed to give Gordon another trial. After being sent to a development centre for further evaluation, it became clear that Gordon possessed the talent required for the academy. Although he faced scepticism from some of the coaching staff, his ability and dedication soon dispelled any doubts, proving his worth and earning his place at Everton.

Anthony Gordon’s Ascent Through the Ranks

Anthony Gordon made steady progress through the Everton academy, aspiring to join the senior team ranks. He drew inspiration from prominent young talents at Everton, including Mason Holgate, Tom Davies, John Stones, Dominic Calvert-Lewin, and Ademola Lookman, among others.

Youth Career Highlights

Gordon’s dedication and talent were key to his youth team’s success, contributing to their victories in the Premier League Youth Cup and the U21 Premier League. These triumphs marked some of the most memorable moments of his early career.

National Recognition and Team Dynamics

His exceptional performance with Everton’s youth teams earned him a coveted position within the England youth setup. There, he joined forces with other promising talents such as Harvey Elliott, Hannibal Mejbri, and Florian Wirtz, to name a few, further honing his skills and reputation.

Making the Senior Team Leap

Gordon’s long-awaited senior team debut came on December 6th, 2017, in a Europa League match against Apollon Limassol. At just 16 years of age, this marked a significant milestone in his burgeoning career.

Support from Carlo Ancelotti

The managerial change with Carlo Ancelotti taking over at Everton marked a turning point for Gordon. Ancelotti, recognizing Gordon’s potential, granted him his Premier League debut. Gordon’s response to this opportunity was noteworthy, with two assists in two EFL Cup matches under his belt.

Impressed with his initial performances, Everton secured Gordon’s commitment with a five-year contract. Ancelotti’s belief in Gordon’s abilities was evident, and their mutual respect and admiration continued to grow, even up until Ancelotti’s departure to manage Real Madrid.

The Tenures of Benitez and Lampard:

During Rafa Benitez’s time with Everton, Anthony Gordon started receiving more playtime, and his influence on the team grew significantly. Benitez recognized Gordon’s technical prowess and looked beyond his youthful age and physical stature, integrating him into the core lineup alongside players such as Demarai Gray and Andros Townsend.

Despite the initial promise under Benitez, his tenure ended with a sacking, leading to Frank Lampard stepping in as manager. Lampard’s era brought in high-profile players like Dele Alli and Donny van de Beek, but the team still faced challenges during the 2021/2022 season, struggling near the relegation zone.

In these trying times, Gordon emerged as a beacon of hope for the club. He, a fan favourite, joined forces with team members like Jarrad Branthwaite and Richarlison to pull Everton away from the threat of relegation. A defining moment came on April 9, 2022, when Gordon’s goal clinched a crucial victory against Manchester United, managed by Ralf Rangnick at the time.

This chapter in Anthony Gordon’s career, his rise to becoming a key player for Everton in dire times, marks a significant portion of his story, which continues to unfold. Moving forward, the narrative will delve into personal aspects of his life, including his relationships and life off the pitch.

Who is Anthony Gordon’s Girlfriend?

Anthony Gordon’s ascent to prominence at Everton has sparked interest in his personal life, particularly regarding his romantic relationships. It’s common for successful footballers to have their love lives become a focal point for fans and media alike.

At this time, Anthony Gordon’s relationship status is officially listed as ‘single.’ While it’s conceivable he may be in a relationship, if so, he has opted to keep it out of the spotlight. This discretion means that, for now, any information about a potential girlfriend or partner remains undisclosed.

Understanding Anthony Gordon:

Off the field, Anthony Gordon is known for his strong work ethic and determination to defy sceptics. His journey from Kirkdale to football stardom exemplifies the belief in the fact that success is attainable regardless of one’s background.

Anthony is a Pisces. People with this sign are known to be kind and compassionate. They deeply sense emotions, making them great confidants and close friends.

Did you know? Famous footballers such as Riyad Mahrez from Algeria, Axel Disasi from France, Ian Maatsen from the Netherlands, and Carlos Borges and Pedro Neto from Portugal are also Pisces.

Physical Transformation:

The COVID-19 lockdown presented an opportunity for Gordon to tackle critiques about his physique. He dedicated the hiatus to an intensive fitness regimen, which significantly enhanced his fitness levels and physique.

The transformation was so notable that fans were impressed with his newly developed, more muscular appearance, which was a stark contrast to the ‘too skinny’ label he once had. This transformation is evidenced by comparing his photographs before and after the fitness regime.

Anthony Gordon Lifestyle

Vacation Preferences:

Anthony Gordon cherishes his downtime, frequently escaping to Spain to relish the country’s renowned beaches. Spain holds a special place in his heart, not just for leisure but also as the location where he undertook the intensive fitness regimen that significantly enhanced his physique, making it a favourite destination for his summer breaks.

Car Choices:

As of the latest updates, Anthony Gordon has not shown any particular interest in indulging in a luxurious lifestyle marked by luxury cars or opulent possessions. His primary focus remains on advancing his football career, steering clear of the allure of high-end vehicles and other lavish material trappings.

Family Dynamics:

During the challenging times when Anthony Gordon was deemed too slight for professional football by both Liverpool and Everton academies, the unwavering support of his parents and siblings was pivotal. In this segment, we delve into the family ties that have played a crucial role in his journey.

Father’s Dedication:

Keith, Anthony’s father, is recognized not just for his paternal role but for his significant supportive presence. Understanding his son’s aspirations, Keith put aspects of his life on hold to ensure Anthony received the necessary backing, which included learning football coaching techniques and facilitating his son’s training and transportation needs throughout his youth.

Mother’s Commitment:

Nadine, alongside her husband, experiences the common parental anxiety about their child’s performance on the field. The anticipation of potential mistakes during Anthony’s games has been so intense that his parents chose not to attend his debut match due to nerves. Despite this, Nadine’s role in managing a household primarily of males has been likened to that of other football mothers, characterized by strength and adaptability.

Sibling Bonds:

Anthony has two brothers, Brandon and Reuben, with a significant age gap. While Reuben harbors aspirations of a football career, Brandon chose a different path after losing interest in the sport. Anthony respects his brother’s decision to pursue education and his own life outside of football.

Caring for Relatives:

The Gordon family is attentive to the wellbeing of all its members, including one with a serious health condition, known as Paul. During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Anthony made the difficult decision to leave the family home to minimize the risk of exposure to Paul, who was particularly vulnerable due to his health. This act of consideration underlines the close-knit and caring nature of the Gordon family.

Untold Facts about Anthony Gordon:

Realizing a Dream with Leighton Baines:

Anthony Gordon met his hero, Leighton Baines, as a boy. Just seven years later, he achieved his dream of playing with the Everton star. This achievement highlights Gordon’s dedication. It inspires other young footballers, showing that today’s hard work can blossom into tomorrow’s success.

Financial Trajectory:

Discussing Anthony Gordon’s financial status involves understanding the progression of his earnings as an Everton footballer. As per the latest information available, Gordon’s net worth is estimated to be approximately 4.5 million pounds as of 2023.

Relative Earnings Perspective:

In Liverpool, where Gordon hails from, the average resident earns about £34,869 annually. To put Gordon’s earnings into perspective, an average Liverpudlian would need to work for 53 years to equal what Anthony earns from his Everton contract. This stark comparison highlights the significant economic impact of a successful football career like Gordon’s.

FIFA Game Recognition:

Anthony Gordon is known in virtual football just like other skilled English midfielders. Notable names here are James Maddison, Jamal Musiala, and Jude Bellingham. He’s featured in the FIFA video game series. The 2023 FIFA data gives him a 76 rating with the potential to reach 84, showing his potential in football.

Also, GiveMeSport lists him as a top buy (with high prospects) in FIFA Career Mode, alongside names like Micah Hamilton and Oscar Bobb. He’s the 16th best Wonderkid to sign for under £10 million. This makes him an affordable addition for players building their virtual teams.

Anthony Gordon’s Religious Background

Anthony Gordon was nurtured in a Christian household by his parents, Nadine and Keith. His middle name, “Michael,” as well as his brother Reuben’s name, are traditional Christian names. However, Gordon prefers to keep his religious practices private, not publicly expressing his faith.


In the year of Gordon’s birth, 2001, the tragic September 11 attacks occurred in the United States. It resulted in the loss of approximately 2,977 lives. Gordon was a mere infant of six months and 18 days old when the attacks took place.

Profile Summary

Anthony Michael Gordon was born into the family of Keith and Nadine Gordon on February 24, 2001, in Kirkdale, Liverpool. He is of White British descent and has two brothers, Brandon and Reuben, with no sisters.

Gordon studied at Alsop High and Wade Deacon High School. A PE teacher, Steve Griffin, greatly impacted him. Since he was young, Anthony wanted to be like his hero, Everton’s Leighton Baines. He aimed to become a pro footballer. Both Liverpool and Everton academies first thought he was too small. But Ian Duke spoke up for him. Eventually, Everton gave him a chance.

After a triumphant period in the academy, including individual accolades and team successes, Gordon had a maturing loan stint at Preston North End. Under Real Madrid Boss Carlo Ancelotti, he made his Premier League debut. By the 2021/22 season, Gordon emerged as a pivotal figure in Everton’s battle against relegation.


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