Anthony Elanga Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This narrative delves into Anthony Elanga’s Biography, highlighting his early years, familial roots – with emphasis on his father, Joseph Elanga, mother, Daniella Elanga, and his sisters, Sandra and Chanelle. Furthermore, we touch upon Anthony’s romantic relationships, lifestyle, personal endeavours, and financial standing.

At its essence, this chronicle is a tribute to Anthony Elanga, a young man whose mother devoted herself, to ensuring he had every opportunity in his footballing journey. A journey that saw him walking in the same path laid down by his father, thus perpetuating his family’s soccer legacy.

Our rendition of Anthony Elanga’s story embarks from the quaint streets of Malmo, Sweden, where his early days were spent, paving the way for his ascent in the world of football.

To provide a brief overview of Elanga’s life journey, this article encapsulates his transformation from a budding player to the Swedish sensation he is today.

It’s common knowledge that Elanga is a formidable winger, endowed with remarkable speed, impeccable technique, and an innate ability to dribble past opponents. It’s no surprise that parallels are often drawn between him, Alejandro Garnacho, Manson Greenwood and Luis Diaz.

Yet, it’s surprising to note that a comprehensive account of Anthony Elanga’s life remains elusive to many soccer enthusiasts. Hence, this narrative aims to bridge that gap.

The Early Days of Anthony Elanga:

Anthony David Junior Elanga, as he’s officially named, marked his entry into the world on April 27th, 2002. Born to Daniella and Joseph Elanga, his early years were spent in the picturesque locality of Hyllie, Sweden.

Childhood and Formative Years:

Anthony’s upbringing was rooted in the humble surroundings of a public housing estate in Hyllie, a charming district located in the southwestern part of Malmo.

Elanga was nurtured in a family atmosphere alongside his two sisters, Sandra and Chanelle, with him being the sole son. The family eventually relocated to Borås, a scenic city nestled in southwestern Sweden, when Anthony was just four.

It was during these formative years in Borås that young Anthony began harboring aspirations of emulating his father and preserving his family’s football heritage.

Football pervaded Anthony’s childhood. Even as a five-year-old, he was enamoured by the skills and finesse of his idol, Thierry Henry. Emulating the iconic Arsenal legend became young Elanga’s initial tryst with the game.

Delving into Anthony Elanga’s Familial Ties:

Anthony Elanga’s aspirations of becoming a footballer weren’t born in a vacuum but rooted deeply in his family’s football-rich heritage.

Central to this narrative is Anthony’s father, Joseph Elanga, who carved a niche for himself in the football arena. A professional footballer in his prime, Joseph played as a defender, standing in stark contrast to his son’s offensive prowess.

When Anthony was born, Joseph was showcasing his talents for the renowned Swedish club, Malmo. Moreover, he donned the Cameroonian jersey, sharing the field with eminent personalities like Rigobert Song and Samuel Eto’o during the 1998 World Cup.

Roots of the Elanga Clan:

Anthony’s dual nationality is a result of being born on Swedish soil to Cameroonian parents. Thus, he seamlessly blends both cultures, rightfully earning the title of a Swede-Cameroonian.

A deeper dive into the family’s lineage takes us to Anthony’s father, Joseph. Hailing from Yaounde in Cameroon, the family’s ancestral line can be traced back to the Ewondo tribe, a lineage that Swiss football star, Breel Embolo, also shares.

Anthony Elanga’s Academic Pursuits:

Even with football being a dominant force in his life, Anthony’s parents, particularly Joseph and Daniella, were keen on ensuring their son received a proper education.

As a result, Anthony embarked on his academic journey in Sweden, traversing through the stages of förskoleklass (preschool), lågstadiet, mellanstadiet, and högstadiet.

However, upon relocating to England, Anthony’s quest for knowledge didn’t wane. He enrolled at Hyde High School in Manchester. As fate would have it, and in a move to facilitate his football training, his mother, Daniella, decided to move him closer to Manchester United’s Carrington training complex.

This strategic shift allowed Anthony to reside in the digs near Carrington, where he shared space with fellow Manchester United colleague Teden Mengi.

Anthony Elanga: The Journey to Stardom

When Anthony was just a four-year-old, his family relocated to Boras, a city known for its football passion. This move played a pivotal role in igniting young Anthony’s desire to play football.

It wasn’t a tough decision for Anthony’s parents to identify an academy in Boras, given the city’s football culture. The budding star soon found himself stepping onto the pitch of IF Elfsborg, a prominent youth academy in Boras, after successfully navigating their trials.

From the outset, young Anthony was resolute in his ambition to emulate his father’s football success.

However, as fate would have it, his father Joseph received an offer to play in Denmark. Choosing his son’s budding career over his own, Joseph decided to move to Denmark solo, ensuring that Anthony’s progress at Elfsborg remained unhindered.

Recognizing the magnitude of Joseph’s sacrifice and the ever-changing dynamics of football, Daniella, Anthony’s mother, took charge. With Joseph away, she became the pillar of the household, managing both family and Anthony’s growing football aspirations.

She frequently accompanied Anthony to training sessions and matches, gradually immersing herself in the world of football.

Anthony Elanga: Stepping into the Limelight

By the time Anthony turned 11 in 2013, Joseph had hung up his boots. The Elanga family was at a crossroads, contemplating their next move. The matriarch, Daniella, keen on a fresh start, saw potential in England.

As Anthony recalls,

“My mum had a fondness for England and saw a future for us there.”

However, the move wasn’t without its challenges. The family predominantly spoke French and Swedish. To overcome the language barrier, Anthony and his siblings, Sandra and Chanelle, started attending English classes.

But just before their big move, Anthony had one last stint in Sweden. He joined Malmö FF, the very club where his father once showcased his talent. Due to the impending relocation, Anthony’s association with Malmö FF was brief.

A New Chapter in England:

Contrary to the popular trend of Cameroonians gravitating towards London, the Elanga family chose Manchester as their new home. They resided in Hyde, a quaint town in Tameside, Greater Manchester. Here, a hopeful Anthony was keen to pick up where he left off, eager to write the next chapter of his football journey.

The Unforeseen Path to Football in Hyde:

Life in England was far from the idyllic dreams the family once had. With Joseph stepping away from football, he left the reins of his son’s future in the hands of his wife.

In England, Daniella Elanga was a stranger to the football scene. Yet, her determination saw her seeking avenues to usher her son into a football academy.

Her initial endeavour was getting Anthony admitted to Hyde High School in Manchester, England.

Following this, Daniella was on a mission to find a football academy for Anthony. Fate led her to Hyde United, the town’s modest football training centre.

When Setbacks Lead to New Opportunities:

On a chilly New Year’s evening in 2014, Anthony and Daniella decided to visit a training session at Hyde academy, hopeful of Anthony’s registration there.

But destiny had other plans for them. They never imagined the evening would take such an unexpected turn.

Ian Forder, a keen observer that night, narrated:

“Anthony and his mother came to Ken Ward, expecting to find Hyde United. My academy usually trains on the adjacent cages before my team does.

“They seemed a bit out of place, so I approached them. After inquiring, it was clear they were looking for Hyde United.”

Ian explained to the duo that while his academy was Hattersley, Hyde United usually practiced on the next pitch.

Realizing that Hyde United wasn’t around, Ian, the coach for Hattersley, made an offer.

“Instead of returning empty-handed, why not train with Hattersley for the evening?”

The Reason Behind Hyde’s Absence:

That January evening in 2014 was piercingly cold. As Ian revealed, the freezing temperatures had led Hyde United to advise all their affiliates to stay safe indoors, which explained their absence.

What seemed like a setback for Anthony turned into an opportunity. Encouraged by Ian, he laced up his boots and joined the Hattersley squad on the field, even if just for a short time.

The Remarkable Ten-Minute Display:

Who would’ve guessed? In just those short ten minutes, Anthony’s agility and finesse on the field left everyone in awe. His deft moves, effortlessly bypassing defenders, captured everyone’s attention.

Ian Forder was especially impressed. He commended Daniella for nurturing such a talent and urged her to register Anthony with the Hattersley Academy. She did so without hesitation.

Before the duo could leave, Ian insisted on ensuring all paperwork was accurate. On receiving the completed forms, a detail caught his eye: Anthony’s young age. In amazement, Ian exclaimed,

“It’s clear now why I couldn’t let you leave, young man. You won’t be with us for too long.”

Anthony’s Ascendancy at Hattersley:

From the moment he set foot at the academy, it was clear: the lad from Hyde High School was destined for greatness.

Though just 11, Anthony’s prowess earned him a spot on the Hattersley Under-12s team, playing with and against older kids.

His statistics spoke volumes: in only 12 matches, young Elanga netted 17 times and set up 27 more, as recounted by coach Ian Forder.

That season saw a dramatic transformation for Hattersley, which once occupied a middling position, but with Anthony’s contributions, secured second place in the youth league.

Off the field, the young Swede was equally remarkable. Kind-hearted and well-behaved, Anthony quickly bonded with a teammate, Jake, whose family graciously transported him to practices and matches.

Anthony fondly recalls playing on a less-than-ideal pitch, and to access a superior one, a fee was required. Determined for her son’s best, Daniella and others pitched in £80 to Hattersley FC. This allowed the team to practice and play at Alder Community High School until their primary field was restored.

The Big Clubs Take Notice:

Anthony’s meteoric rise didn’t go unnoticed. From the local grounds of Hattersley, he soon caught the eye of major academies. Reflecting back, Ian’s words resonated true – he knew Anthony’s tenure with him would be brief.

United’s Discovery of Elanga:

While Manchester City initially expressed interest in Anthony, inviting him for several training sessions and being impressed enough to draft a contract, it was a memorable Hattersley game that sealed his fate with Manchester United. Anthony reflected on that game, noting:

“I was playing for Hattersley in a match that we dominated, scoring 8 goals. That’s when Manchester United scouts spotted me.”

How Manchester United Secured Anthony:

Even as Manchester City’s contract was ready and waiting, a significant figure, Martin Cole—a scout for Manchester United and also the father of Anthony’s friend at Hattersley—stepped in. Martin immediately got in touch with United’s chief scout and recommended Anthony.

Soon, an invitation was extended to Anthony for trial sessions with United. Daniella, being a passionate United fan, was thrilled. The trial lasted a little over a week, and by its end, Anthony was presented with a contract from United. Reflecting on this pivotal moment, Anthony often laughs, recalling his mother’s words:

“Remember, son, you never turn down Manchester United!”

Anthony’s Rise to Stardom with United:

Anthony’s first notable achievement with his new club was at an international tournament in Majorca. Competing against heavyweights like Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Majorca itself, Anthony stood out, bagging the Player of the Tournament award.

In his early days at United, Anthony took inspiration from football’s elites. He would often study and emulate their play, showcasing his Messi-like dribbling prowess. This adaptability made him an invaluable asset for United’s dynamic style of play.

His commitment was unmatched. Anthony’s insatiable desire for improvement and relentless work ethic during training ensured he evolved just as the Old Trafford coaches envisioned.

Further, he didn’t limit his skills to club football. Representing the Swedish junior national team, Anthony channelled his learnings from Manchester United.

The culmination of his dedication became evident when he exhibited skills reminiscent of Alexander Isak. With such exceptional performances, Anthony quickly emerged as Sweden’s brightest young talent.

Continuing a Family’s Football Tradition:

Anthony Elanga’s perseverance and dedication at Manchester United bore fruit. Celebrating a significant milestone in his career, he signed a senior football contract, much to his family’s elation.

This contract positions him as a vital support to Marcus Rashford in the United’s primary team. Recognizing Elanga’s immense talent, Ole-Gunner Solskjaer ensured he was secured, avoiding a potential free transfer.

By April 2021, the young prodigy further proved his worth, marking his Premier League tally with a goal against Wolverhampton Wanderers.

As of this writing, Elanga has recently delighted fans, making his mark in a Champions League game under the guidance of Ralf Rangnick. His later struggle with Man United toughened him up. Now determined and driven, Elanga promises even greater accomplishments. As the adage goes, the rest is history.

Anthony Elanga’s Romantic Life:

The swift Swedish winger is predominantly in the spotlight for his on-field prowess. However, little is known about his personal romantic life.

For some young footballers, juggling a blooming career with a relationship can be a delicate balance. This might elucidate why, in 2021, there appears to be no romantic partner linked with Elanga.

Life Beyond the Pitch for Anthony Elanga:

Beyond the bright stadium lights, what captures Elanga’s interest? A glance into his daily routine gives insights into the young footballer’s life.

For starters, Elanga’s commendable workout regime is noteworthy. Outside of the gym, he seeks solace in his swimming pool—a sanctuary where he rejuvenates both mentally and physically. This practice not only keeps him fit but also provides a therapeutic escape, bolstering his well-being.

Anthony Elanga’s Way of Life:

The earnings from Manchester United not only sustain Anthony’s daily life but also help him achieve his ambitions. One of his desires is to amass wealth, which he utilizes to indulge in his passions. Among these is his love for travel, particularly to beachside destinations.

Anthony Elanga’s Vehicle:

It’s often said that a car can be a source of joy for a footballer—not just where it takes them, but the journey itself.

The vehicle Anthony Elanga owns simplifies his hectic life. It provides him with the liberty to move around at his convenience and eases his day-to-day activities.

Anthony Elanga’s Family Ties:

The journey of the young star, son of Daniella and Joseph, is a testament to their relentless support and sacrifices. What they’ve imparted to Anthony isn’t just material wealth, but a profound sense of respect and values.

Here’s a deeper dive into Anthony Elanga’s family background, shedding light on his parents and siblings.

Regarding Anthony Elanga’s Father:

Born in 1979 in Yaoundé, Cameroon’s capital, Joseph grew up in a middle-class household. He showcased his football skills with Canon Yaoundé, a local team, until 1998, when he had the chance to venture overseas.

Anthony’s father continued his football journey in Greece for a couple of years before relocating to Sweden. Initially, the Swedish cold was a stark contrast for him.

Eventually, Joseph and his family grew, welcoming Anthony and his siblings, Sandra and Chanelle.

Joseph recalls an amusing memory from one of his initial training sessions in Sweden: he showed up wearing three pairs of gloves and layered two heavy sweaters, drawing chuckles from his teammates. Adapting to the climate, he soon ditched the extra layers.

Today, Joseph beams with pride as Anthony strides forward, echoing his father’s passion for football. Anthony’s success is not only a personal achievement but also a continuation of the Elanga family’s footballing lineage. Joseph is among the many fathers who play an instrumental role in nurturing their children’s talents.

Anthony Elanga’s Maternal Influence:

Daniella’s unwavering support and nurturing have been instrumental in shaping Anthony’s trajectory. As Joseph immersed himself in his football career, it was Daniella who became the guiding light for their son.

Should anyone want an in-depth account of Anthony’s life, his mother, Daniella, would be the perfect storyteller.

Interestingly, Daniella was no stranger to football. In her younger days in Cameroon, she played football for a local women’s team. However, she stepped back from the sport to focus on building a family with Joseph.

Anthony Elanga’s Siblings:

Anthony shares his family bond with two sisters, Sandra and Chanelle. As the sole male child in the family, he doesn’t have brothers.

Details about Sandra and Chanelle are limited, but it’s known that they reside and have pursued their education in Manchester.

Grandparents of Anthony Elanga:

Details about Anthony’s maternal grandparents are scanty. However, on his father’s side, his grandfather was a dedicated civil servant in Cameroon, contributing to the water purification department in Yaoundé.

Little-Known Facts about Anthony Elanga:

Let’s delve deeper into some intriguing aspects of this Swedish dynamo’s life.

Anthony Elanga’s Financial Standing:

In the initial year following his graduation from United’s academy, Anthony’s earnings amounted to approximately £312,480. Coupled with bonuses from football, as of 2021, Anthony Elanga’s estimated net worth hovers around £600,000.

Interesting Tidbit:

Comparing Anthony’s earnings with the average income in Sweden, an ordinary Swedish citizen would need about 9.6 years to match Anthony’s monthly paycheck from Manchester United.

The Jimmy Murphy Recognition:

Each year, Manchester United presents the Young Player of the Year award, which was renamed in memory of Jimmy Murphy in 1989 after his passing.

Anthony Elanga earned the distinguished Jimmy Murphy Award for the 2020/2021 season. Past winners of this accolade include luminaries like Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Danny Welbeck, Mason Greenwood, Marcus Rashford, Alejandro Garnacho, Axel Tuanzebe, and others.

Insight into Anthony Elanga:

In terms of gameplay and style, Anthony Elanga shares similarities with Amad Diallo.

For those playing FIFA’s career mode, Anthony Elanga is a hot prospect if you’re in the market for a swift, young winger. With his evolving game, it’s about time EA considers updating his FIFA stats.

What is Anthony Elanga’s Religion?

Raised in a devout Christian household, Anthony Elanga identifies as a Christian. His upbringing by Daniella and Joseph has been deeply rooted in Catholic traditions.

Elanga is not one to shy away from displaying his faith. His Instagram Bio features a simple yet profound statement:

“Trust in God.”

Staying true to his family’s traditions, Elanga starts his day with a prayer. His family has been active members of the Catholic church since 2003, a tradition that deepened after the passing of their relative and former Cameroonian footballer, Marc-Vivien Foé.


Both of Anthony Elanga’s parents found a common bond in football, and they both trace their roots to Yaoundé, the heart of Cameroon.

Seeking greater horizons, Joseph, Anthony’s father, journeyed first to Greece before finding his home in chilly Sweden.

In the spring of 2002, Daniella and Joseph welcomed their son, Anthony, into the world. From early on, it seemed Anthony was set to tread the path his father once did.

Growing up, Anthony shared his life with two sisters, Sandra and Chanelle. The family resided in Hyllie, a corner of Malmö.

By the tender age of four, Anthony had already set foot in the world of football, joining the local Swedish club, IF Elfsborg, coinciding with the family’s move to Borås.

Seven years down the line, a desire for new horizons led the Elanga family to England. At just eleven, Anthony began a new chapter in Manchester, attending school in Hyde.

An initial setback in not joining the local Hyde team turned fortuitous when Ian Forder of Hattersley FC took him under his wing after a twist of fate on a chilly Monday evening.

Excelling at Hattersley, Anthony soon caught the attention of Manchester City. However, a connection with a family friend who had ties to Manchester United saw Anthony don the Red instead.

At United, Anthony’s prowess earned him the esteemed Jimmy Murphy Award. As I conclude Anthony Elanga’s Biography, he plays in Morgan Gibbs-White‘s Forest team. He, alongside notable youngsters like Xavi Simons and Jeremy Doku, are carving a name for themselves in the beautiful game.

Final notes:

Thank you for delving into the SoccerBiography rendition of Anthony Elanga’s journey. A Baller who proudly made his CR7 – Cristiano Ronaldo point after his exit from his childhood club, Man Utd.

Undoubtedly, he is not only Sweden’s future star but also a beacon against racial prejudice, as highlighted by a BBC report.

Should you spot any discrepancies in the bio, please let us know. We would love to hear your views on this dynamic winger. Keep an eye out for more enthralling European soccer biographies from us. You’ll enjoy reading the history of Michael Olise and Felix Nmecha.

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