Angelo Gabriel Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

SoccerBio offers an in-depth look into Angelo Gabriel’s Biography, providing detailed insights into his early years, his familial relationships with his father, Elismar Damaceno, his mother, Idene Dias Damaceno, and the environment that shaped him. It also brings to light the roles of his brothers, Julio César and Carlos Eduardo, and his maternal grandmother, Irailda Dias, among others in his wider family circle.

This extensive profile goes beyond just basic facts, encompassing critical aspects of Gabriel’s heritage, cultural ethnicity, astrological sign, educational background, and religious beliefs. Moreover, we provide a detailed analysis of Gabriel’s financial standing, delving into his personality, way of life, and an elaborate breakdown of his earnings, spotlighting what he earns per second in his illustrious football career.

Essentially, this comprehensive write-up takes you through Angelo Gabriel’s complete story to date. We reveal the tale of a young athlete who had a unique pre-game ritual in his initial professional years, a ritual so significant that it was a prerequisite for his participation in away matches. The nature of this ritual will become apparent as we navigate through his life’s journey.

Our narrative captures the boldness of a young dreamer who, at just nine years old, made the monumental decision to distance himself from his family to chase his football aspirations.

This drastic move, involving a 921-kilometre journey from home, instilled deep anxiety in his mother, overshadowed by concerns of possible abduction or unforeseen dangers. Nonetheless, Angelo, the cattle rancher’s son, exceeded parental expectations by surpassing a benchmark set by the legendary Pele when he was only 15.

Additionally, our story highlights a player whose career is under the legal guidance of Marisa Alija, a lawyer renowned for representing Brazilian superstar Robinho. Angelo’s exceptional skills set him apart, attracting the interest of Neymar‘s father, who was keen to take on a managerial role in the young player’s career.


Our exploration of Angelo Gabriel’s life story commences with a recounting of significant incidents from his childhood in Brasília, Brazil’s capital. We journey through his initial steps in football with Santos and his involvement with Brazil’s youth teams, culminating in his rise as a notable winger in the universal arena of football.

We aim to captivate your interest as we chronicle Angelo Gabriel’s life story, inviting you to read this article that depicts various stages of his life. From his early days as an endearing child in Santos to his present-day accomplishments, Gabriel’s journey reflects his remarkable evolution.

Indeed, he is recognized among football aficionados as a promising figure in international football, emerging from the revered Santos academy that has produced eminent personalities like Pele, Neymar, and Rodrygo. Angelo, known for his agility and adept left-footed play, generally assumes a forward position, exhibiting a playing style reminiscent of Rodrygo.

In chronicling the life stories of prominent Brazilian wingers, we identified a lack of comprehensive information available to fans. It seems many have not had the opportunity to fully understand Angelo Gabriel’s background. Therefore, we have compiled this thorough account, eager to bridge this knowledge gap. So, let’s delve into the captivating journey of Angelo Gabriel.

Exploring Angelo Gabriel’s Early Years:

Embarking on this narrative, it’s essential to acknowledge that Angelo Gabriel, born Ângelo Gabriel Borges Damaceno, first graced the world on December 21, 2004. He entered a loving family with his mother, Idene Dias Damaceno, and father, Elismar Damaceno, in Brasília, Brazil’s bustling capital.

Angelo wasn’t the only child to enrich his parents’ lives; he was one of three brothers, all a product of the joyous union of Idene and Elismar. A notable highlight for the family was when Angelo made his parents’ dream come true, whisking them away on a delightful tour that included the famed Eiffel Tower in France, a testament to his deep familial bond.

Youthful Endeavors:

Angelo’s upbringing unfolded in Samambaia, a sector within Brazil’s Federal District, where he experienced life as the middle child, sandwiched between his siblings. He shared his formative years with his younger brother, Julio César, and his elder brother, Carlos Eduardo.

The bond among the siblings was palpable, with many treasured moments captured in photographs. One notable image that remains a family favorite features a young Angelo with Julio and Carlos, all sharing a spontaneous selfie. That youthful, infectious smile that Angelo sported has endured, a hallmark of his persona.

Inception of a Football Journey:

Football piqued Angelo’s interest almost as soon as he started toddling. Barely two, his joy was unparalleled when he played with a ball, marking the genesis of his football story in his family’s backyard in Samambaia. It was evident from those early days that slowing down wasn’t in his nature.

Angelo, even in his early years, was known for his down-to-earth, aspirational, and modest demeanor. Beyond the confines of his backyard, he relished playing football in the bylanes and open spaces of Samambaia, where he grew up under the watchful eyes of his parents.

It wasn’t long before a local who had witnessed Angelo’s play felt the urge to advise his parents. Approaching Elismar, Angelo’s father, the observant neighbour commented,

“Your boy has something special, standing out from his peers. Have you considered enrolling him in a football academy?”

Before this suggestion, Elismar and Idene had already noticed something unique about Angelo; he was left-foot dominant. From the tender age of two, Angelo would amusingly kick anything that resembled a ball, favoring his left foot. This observation led his parents to an interesting realization about the prowess often associated with left-footed players.

During his childhood, Angelo made a playful agreement with his mother: every toy purchase had to include a football. So, whenever shopping outings occurred, Idene would pick out a toy—often a car—that Angelo fancied, along with a new football. Interestingly, Angelo would usually bring along an older, well-loved ball, even as his mother added a new one to their collection. This endearing ritual undoubtedly led to an impressive assortment of footballs, hinting at the young enthusiast’s future in the sport.

Diving into Angelo Gabriel’s Family Dynamics:

Within the walls of Angelo Gabriel’s home, his mother Idene stands as a pivotal figure, often steering critical discussions about their son’s future. She assumes the mantle of the family’s moral compass, nurturing her trio of “warriors” with a blend of strict discipline and deep affection. Her role is crucial in fostering core values and guiding serious family dialogues, particularly concerning her sons’ upbringing.

Elismar, Angelo Gabriel’s father, provides a contrasting parental balance with his calm and reserved demeanor. He may not be the most vocal during family interviews, contributing fewer words, but his pride in his children is palpable, mirrored vividly in the eyes of his wife, Idene.

Exploring the professional lives of Angelo Gabriel’s parents, we learn that his father, Elismar, has roots in cattle ranching. His work in the livestock sector often took him to Bahia, located in northeastern Brazil, where he not only engaged in his professional duties but also managed a modest rural estate.

On the other hand, Idene, before embracing full-time homemaking, had a longstanding career spanning 23 years at a local establishment in Samambaia, on the outskirts of Brasília. Her current life revolves around her household, offering unwavering support during her son’s pivotal moments and achievements.

Tracing the Roots of Angelo Gabriel’s Family:

Angelo’s lineage is firmly planted in Brazilian soil, with both his parents, Idene Dias and Elismar Damaceno, hailing from the vibrant South American nation. As a native Brazilian, Angelo shares the rich cultural heritage of his birthplace. But what’s the specific ancestral home of this talented individual once affiliated with Santos?

The family tree takes root in Samambaia, a quaint suburb within the sprawling metropolis of Brasília. Incepted by governmental decree in 1989, Samambaia served as a haven for families navigating the challenges posed by Brasília’s swift urban expansion. This blue-collar community, where the average income barely reaches R$3,000 monthly, reminds Elismar of a favela in São Paulo, reflecting similar struggles and aspirations.

Understanding Angelo Gabriel’s Ethnic Background:

Ethnically, Angelo Gabriel aligns with the “Pardo” group, a widespread demographic in Brazil, shared by fellow athletes like Deivid Washington, Vinicius Junior, and Douglas Luiz. This categorization speaks to his mixed heritage, encompassing Indigenous Brazilian, European, and African lineages. It’s a blend that many Brazilian soccer icons, featured in various biographies, proudly identify with, illustrating the diverse tapestry that forms the country’s cultural and ethnic identity.

Embarking on an Academic and Sporting Journey:

In a move resonating with a familiar “Brazilian Sporting Tradition,” Idene and Elismar decided that their son’s surplus energy best found an outlet through his passion: football. Thus, young Angelo found himself at Menino da Vila DF, a football academy nestled in Figueirense. Beyond merely channeling his zest, there was another motivation driving his parents’ decision.

Exasperated with their son’s knack for inadvertently damaging household items during his indoor football escapades, Angelo’s parents recognized his need for a more expansive, appropriate setting to hone his skills. This realization wasn’t unique to the Damaceno household; it echoed the childhood narratives of other future stars like Gerard Deulofeu, Goncalo Inacio, and Sebastien Haller, who shared similar histories of domestic playtime casualties.

At his new football school, Angelo’s vibrant energy was unmistakable. His personality, coupled with an ever-present smile, distinguished him among his peers at the Figueirense academy. But even as his parents prioritized his football training, they remained steadfast in their commitment to his academic progression.

Unlike the stereotypical sports-enthusiast student, Angelo didn’t forsake his studies. While he wasn’t perennially immersed in textbooks, he maintained a respectable academic standing, handling his schoolwork with the same diligence he applied on the football pitch. His balanced approach to education and sports didn’t exempt him from typical parental reprimands when he neglected his studies, but overall, he navigated his school life without notable academic hiccups, a path his siblings also tread successfully. According to his mother, Idene, Angelo favoured classroom learning over studying at home.

Forging a Path in Football:

Even today, Ângelo Gabriel is celebrated as a standout alum of the Menino da Vila DF academy. His serious engagement with football crystallized in 2012. At just eight years old, he graced the fields of Celacap in Guará, Brasília, instantly turning heads with his exceptional skill and remarkable speed.

His coach, affectionately known as Betinho, was among the first to acknowledge Angelo’s potential. Alongside his colleague, Flávio Bastos, Betinho embarked on moulding young Angelo, introducing him to various drills that highlighted an accelerated developmental trajectory uncommon for his age. Betinho’s testimonies painted Angelo as a natural, brimming with technical prowess and aggressive offensive play.

At “Menino da Vila,” Angelo’s talent broke norms, with the eight-year-old playing alongside peers three years his senior. His ball-handling skills belied his age, suggestive of a maturity beyond his years.

One of Betinho’s fondest memories remains Angelo’s swift ascent within the team ranks, culminating in a stellar performance at the esteemed Copa Dente de Leite. Fortune seemed to favour Angelo, as the tournament’s climax coincided with his ninth birthday.

Before the familial celebrations could commence, Angelo had a championship to contest. In a display of sheer talent, young Angelo clinched victory for his team with a decisive goal, tipping the scales at 3-2 against Planaltina.

The championship triumph, aligning with his birthday on December 21, 2013, wasn’t just a personal milestone; it marked the advent of widespread recognition. Soon, a bevvy of Brazilian clubs vied for the young prodigy. Amidst interest from heavyweights like Palmeiras, Atletico-MG, and Desportivo Brasil, it was Santos that eventually secured the promising starlet.

Dreams Set in Motion: The Journey of Angelo Gabriel

From early on, Angelo harboured one aspiration above all: to ascend to professional status within his cherished club, Santos, renowned for nurturing legends such as Neymar, Coutinho, Robinho, and Pelé. Like countless children, Angelo’s dreams were tethered to the legacy of these football giants.

Angelo’s pathway to Santos unfolded after a scout recognized his formidable left foot and, crucially, his exceptional play during the Copa Dente de Leite championship. His high-calibre performance hinted at a promising future, compelling Santos to extend an invitation for trials.

Upon his arrival at Santos, Angelo met Alex Souza, the then-coach of the under-11 team, who had been a part of the club’s fabric since 1997, assuming various roles over the years. Entrusted with spearheading the “hunt for promises,” Souza’s objective was to identify and recruit emerging talents for the youth squad. Angelo, only nine at the time, impressed with attributes that resonated with the club’s ethos — daring, intelligence, and technical finesse.

Typically, Santos’ trials spanned a week, a rigorous period of assessment before selections were finalized. Yet, Angelo’s exceptional talent fast-tracked this process; his trial concluded in a single day. His unique skill set was a rarity, prompting immediate approval from the club.

Confronting Adulthood Early:

Angelo’s transition wasn’t without its trials. At a tender nine years, he confronted decisions most adults would find daunting. He exchanged the comforts of his home and his mother’s daily care for the pursuit of his football aspirations, embarking on a 921-kilometre journey from Brasília to Santos.

This move, demanding for anyone, especially a child, meant facing an unpredictable future, potentially fraught with challenges, without immediate family support. Despite the hardships, the call from Santos was monumental, a pivotal juncture for both Angelo and his family, signifying a significant leap toward the life he yearned for.

Idene and her husband grappled with the decision to let their young son venture so far from home. The emotional investment in his moral upbringing and education made his departure even more poignant. Yet, they stood resolute in their support, despite the heartache and the anxiety over potential dangers, from injuries to the unimaginable fear of abduction.

A New Chapter in Santos:

During his inaugural year at Santos, Angelo found solace in sharing his new life with a childhood friend, Hyan Carvalho. Hyan, too, had journeyed from Brasília, passing Santos’ rigorous assessments. The boys, bound by their shared ambitions, became roommates when their families co-rented an apartment, a practical decision easing the financial burden while providing the boys a semblance of a home.

Life in Santos, away from their families, was no easy transition for Angelo and Hyan. Despite each other’s company, the absence of familial warmth was irreplaceable. However, their mutual passion for football was a binding force, offering much-needed camaraderie. Together, they left behind their earlier school days, stepping bravely into a profound phase of their lives, ready to grasp the opportunity that could define their future careers.

Journey to Stardom: The Angelo Gabriel Narrative

Equipped with a new phone from his parents, Idene and Elismar, Angelo would receive their calls morning, afternoon, and night, bridging the miles that separated them. Each weekend, his parents undertook the arduous journey from their home in Samambaia to Santos, sacrificing comfort and financial stability to witness their son’s matches.

“We poured our hearts into it, even facing substantial debt. The trips were frequent and exhausting, alternating between driving and flying,” Idene recounted, reflecting the depth of their commitment.

The distance between Samambaia and Santos, approximately 1,089 kilometers, demanded nearly 15 hours of driving, a journey they often commenced on Friday nights. Despite the fatigue and lost sleep, seeing Angelo’s beaming smile upon arrival made every difficulty worth enduring.

Remarkable Early Days at Santos:

Angelo’s prowess on the field left an indelible mark, particularly for Coach Alex Souza. His remarkable skill was on full display during local tournaments, notably in a memorable semi-final of the Campeonato Paulista under-11 against São Paulo. Beyond the game’s outcome, Angelo stood out for his fierce spirit, unwilling to tolerate any disparagement directed at himself or his fellow players. This courage, evident so early in his tenure with Santos, signalled his extraordinary character.

An Integral Family Support:

Angelo’s journey wouldn’t have been possible without the steadfast support of his family, particularly his grandmother, Irailda Dias. Concerned for her daughter and grandson, she left Samambaia to be closer to Angelo in Santos.

“My mother’s presence was a pillar of strength. Without her, we might have been overwhelmed,”

Idene reflected, acknowledging the crucial role Irailda played in their lives.

Emergence of a Football Prodigy:

As Angelo matured, observers began likening his finesse on the field to past Santos legends, drawing comparisons with the iconic winger Jonas Eduardo Américo, known as Edu, and the incomparable Neymar. His agility, coupled with his ability to manoeuvre swiftly, set him apart.

A landmark moment arrived on October 23rd, 2020, when Angelo signed a pre-professional contract with Santos, an accomplishment celebrated by his entire family, including his supportive grandmother. This milestone marked the actualization of dreams that once seemed distant.

Stepping into the Limelight:

At just 15, Angelo was ushered into the elite circle, playing alongside Santos’ senior team. His debut on the revered grounds of Maracanã against Fluminense heralded the arrival of a star. With this, he clinched two distinctions, becoming the second-youngest player ever to don the Santos jersey in an official match, preceded only by the illustrious Philippe Coutinho.

Adding to the excitement, Angelo’s debut surpassed even the legendary Pelé’s, beating his record by 11 days. Overwhelmed, he shared his euphoria on social media, declaring the fulfilment of his lifelong dream. A week following his remarkable debut, the football world marked another significant occasion — the 80th birthday of Pelé, further intertwining Angelo’s trajectory with those of the greats.

Ascending to New Heights:

At just 16, Angelo’s electrifying displays on the field belied his years, thrusting him into roles typically reserved for seasoned players. His exceptional skills swiftly caught the attention of Brazil’s national selectors, leading to regular appearances in the country’s youth squads. With an unwavering fitness record and remarkable showings on the international stage, Coach Cuca felt confident in granting Angelo extended playtime.

However, the young talent’s extraordinary journey was just beginning. At 16 years, three months, and 16 days, the Brazilian etched his name into football history books as the youngest ever to score in the Libertadores, achieving this feat against San Lorenzo. This milestone signalled to Santos and the broader football community that a new luminary had arisen, one who shared the early promise of past icons like Robinho, Neymar, and Rodrygo.

Angelo’s debut goal set off ripples across the football landscape, with scouts from Europe’s elite clubs flocking to his games, all hoping to lure a rising star. This culminated in a landmark transition on July 16th, 2023, when Angelo (motivated greatly by the Premier League success of Gabriel Martinelli and Bruno Guimaraes) agreed to a move to Chelsea FC in the Premier League (club statement).

Now, under Mauricio Pochettino’s guidance, Angelo, like Alfie Gilchrist (who is impressing Blues fans) faces new challenges and expectations as a professional athlete. His journey, propelled by innate skill and a commitment to discipline and improvement, suggests a bright future in the global arena.

Angelo Gabriel’s Personal Life:

As Angelo’s career trajectory takes a steep upward turn, speculation naturally follows regarding his personal life. The question on many minds is:

Is there someone special in Angelo Gabriel’s life?

As of this biography’s composition, Angelo appears solely focused on his football career, with no public acknowledgment of any romantic involvement. His social media feeds mirror this dedication, filled with content related to his professional commitments and achievements.

Character Beyond the Field:

The foundation of Angelo’s rapid ascent lies in his raw talent, relentless work ethic, and strong family support. Emulating the narrative of players like Savio, Angelo’s familial bonds significantly influence his professional growth.

Throughout the coverage of football stories, one witnesses young talents whose careers derail due to unstable family backgrounds. However, Angelo continues to thrive, cherished and grounded by parents Idene and Elismar Damaceno.

Off the pitch, despite the fame, Angelo remains unpretentious. He transitions seamlessly from the star athlete to the doting son when surrounded by family, demonstrating manners and respect for all. This humility extends to friends, neighbours, and all who know him personally.

Visionary Ambitions:

Angelo envisions a future that extends far beyond his current accomplishments. With his recent move to Chelsea FC, his immediate goal is securing his position in the starting lineup. His aspirations don’t stop there, as he aims to carve out his unique legacy in English and European football.

Addressing the emotional aspect of his son’s career, Elismar Damaceno shared insight into the young athlete’s mindset, “After the game at Maracanã, he expressed joy in achieving one dream, but he quickly acknowledged that it’s a gateway to many more.” This statement underscores one of Angelo’s ongoing struggles: managing the anxiety that accompanies his lofty dreams and the unfolding journey ahead.

Mingling with Football Royalty:

One defining trait of Angelo is his deep-seated aspiration to not only encounter but also engage in meaningful interactions with legends of Brazilian football. His admiration hierarchy features icons like Pelé, Ronaldo Nazário, Neymar, and Robinho.

On December 3rd, 2022, an exhilarated Angelo shared a momentous occasion on Instagram, chronicling his meeting with the legendary Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima. Overflowing with emotion, Angelo stated:

“A living legend! Meeting the most iconic number 9 in football history is an absolute dream come true. Undoubtedly one of the pinnacle moments of my existence!”

Equally heartwarming was Angelo’s reaction upon his inaugural encounter with Neymar. The awe-stricken expression he wore while greeting the ex-PSG sensation was profoundly telling. Angelo seemed momentarily transfixed, as if he had come face-to-face with an apparition rather than the real Neymar. He effusively commented on this landmark event, saying:

“Indescribable! Those closest to me understand the magnitude of this moment – how long I’ve yearned for it and the monumental influence this man has had on my journey.

My childhood was marked by witnessing awe-inspiring skills and audacious gameplay, which only fueled my passion for football and cemented you as my ultimate role model.

Today, standing with you, donning the very jersey you immortalized, marks an unforgettable milestone – THE HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!”

A Glimpse into His Lifestyle:

Angelo, since his foray into professional football, has often side-stepped the conventional athlete trope of high-spirited revelry. One notable exception was a special trip he organized for his parents to Paris’s iconic Eiffel Tower. Aside from a solitary sea excursion back in 2019, Angelo’s social feeds are noticeably devoid of the customary vacation glamour shots. At the time of this narrative, Angelo’s lifestyle eschews the ostentatious displays of affluence, such as a collection of luxury vehicles, expansive residences, or a penchant for publicity.

Inside Angelo Gabriel’s Family Circle:

A unifying thread among Angelo’s family – Idene, Elismar, Julio, Carlos, Irailda, and others – is their profound bond and mutual camaraderie. The Damaceno household cherishes the internal friendships they’ve nurtured, a sentiment that extends to their external relationships. Here, we delve deeper into this tight-knit unit, beginning with the family patriarch, Elismar.

Angelo Gabriel’s Father:

Originating from Samambaia, Elismar Damaceno is known for his successful cattle ranching enterprise and, more significantly, for the dreams he’s realized through his family’s unity and triumphs. He’s been instrumental in marshaling familial support for Angelo’s soccer pursuits, particularly during his formative period at Santos. Elismar conveyed the depth of this familial backing in a discussion recounted by the ‘ESPN’ portal:

“We orchestrated a supportive presence for him, rotating between myself, my spouse, and my mother-in-law, ensuring one of us was always there in Santos for Angelo.”

This commitment wasn’t without its hardships, as Elismar navigated the logistical challenges of frequent commutes between Brasília and Santos. Though the specifics of his travels remain obscure, his steadfast presence underscored his dedication to Angelo’s emotional well-being and professional progression.

A pivotal shift for the Damaceno clan occurred when they uprooted their lives to Santos, settling near Canal 1. Their residence, a short stroll from the Vila Belmiro enclave, provided easy access to the Urbano Caldeira Stadium’s exhilarating Santos fixtures. Elismar encapsulated this transition, saying:

“Relocating to Santos was crucial for offering Angelo unwavering support. Our new dwelling, spanning two floors, features an expansive backyard and an outdoor grilling area.

Though it’s recently refurbished, it’s a modest, middle-class abode, devoid of extravagance. The living space is adorned with a pair of Angelo’s jerseys – a memento from the national squad and Santos, each bearing the iconic number 11.”

The Pillar Behind Angelo Gabriel: His Mother, Idene

Idene, equipped with a Bachelor’s degree in administration from an institution in Brazil, faced a challenging phase during the COVID-19 pandemic. The global crisis significantly restricted her and her husband, Elismar, from physically attending their son’s matches. However, amidst these trials, Gabriel found more opportunities on the field with Ariel Holan’s Santos team, following his colleague Marinho’s absence due to health issues related to COVID-19 and a subsequent knee problem.

Throughout this separation, Idene found solace in her faith, often seen with a rosary clasped in her hands, invoking protection and guidance for Angelo. Her ritual extended to every match, where, amidst palpable nervousness, she fervently hoped for her son’s safe and stellar performance.

For Idene, the ultimate reward doesn’t mirror the adrenaline-charged accolades her son bestows upon his fans. It transcends the goals, the elegant footwork, the dizzying dribbles, or the tangible recognition. It’s encapsulated in Angelo’s smile—a sincere, uninhibited expression amidst the enormous pressures thrust upon him since his professional inception at just 16 years old.

This profound joy, emanating from Angelo’s happiness, reigns supreme in Idene’s heart, a sentiment she often communicates within her close circles. The most strenuous period, she recalls, was enduring nearly a year apart from Angelo, with communication limited to phone calls, resulting in hefty bills and financial strain.

Pride swells in Idene, not only for Angelo’s accomplishments but also for the successes of her other children. She credits the upbringing she and Elismar provided, one cultivating humility within Angelo, even amid his meteoric rise in football.

The Gabriel Siblings:

Angelo, the famed Brazilian footballer, grew up with two brothers, Carlos Eduardo and Julio César, but no sisters.

Júlio Césɑr:

Following a path similar to Angelo, Júlio Césɑr has embarked on his journey in football. Known to some as Julius Caesarɑr, he is carving his niche as a forward for the Santos Academy, showcasing promising talent that suggests a future star striker. His social media reflects this ambition, adorned with images of Golden Boot accolades and trophies. As a staunch Neymar admirer, Júlio’s trajectory poses a tantalizing question: might he eclipse his brother’s achievements? The future holds that answer.

Carlos Eduardo:

In contrast to his brothers, Carlos chose a life away from the football spotlight. Per his social media profile, @caarlosesd, he enjoys marital bliss with Jennifer Silva, his Brazilian counterpart. Both aged 25, they celebrate their union annually on January 1, marking each new year with personal significance.

A Nod to Angelo Gabriel’s Grandfather:

At one point, Angelo lamented how his professional commitments estranged him from his beloved grandparents. Determined to bridge this gap, he committed to a heartfelt tradition, ensuring his elders’ blessings weren’t missed despite his bustling life.

This gesture mirrors sentiments shared by footballers like Inaki and Nico Williams, who regard their grandfathers’ blessings as invaluable, particularly for a professional athlete.

Thus, before any away game during his nascent senior career with Santos, Angelo made it a point to visit home. He sought not only the blessings of his grandparents but also the familial comfort before departing by train, fortified by their love and best wishes.

The Heart of the Home: Angelo Gabriel’s Grandmother, Irailda Dias

Irailda Dias, a spirited matriarch, radiates warmth and joy within her family circle. Her relationship with Angelo is just a part of the rich tapestry of connections she maintains with all her grandchildren, characterized by affection and playful camaraderie. Their bond is most visible in the simple, loving chaos of her grandsons’ collective embrace, a testament to the cherished moments they all hold dear.

Family Ties: The Santos Clan

For Angelo, the embrace of his extended family provides an unmatched sense of happiness, a primary reason he elects to spend festive seasons like Christmas in Brazil, foregoing celebrations in European locales. This tight-knit unit, encompassing his immediate family, stands as a solid foundation of support, cheering him on from thousands of miles away.

Peeling Back the Layers: Unknown Details

As we delve into the concluding segments of Angelo Gabriel’s life story, we are set to explore lesser-known aspects that shape him, both as an individual and a professional athlete.

Financial Playbook: Angelo Gabriel’s Earnings

Under the terms of his agreement with Chelsea, Angelo secures an annual salary of approximately £1,298,159, translating to a weekly wage of around £24,926. When compared to his contemporaries like Romeo Lavia, Malo Gusto, and Lesley Ugochukwu, each earning around £45,000 weekly, Angelo’s compensation seems modest.

On the Virtual Pitch: Angelo Gabriel’s FIFA Persona

In the realm of FIFA’s virtual greens, Angelo Gabriel stands as a promising figure. With skills extending beyond defence and goalkeeping to precise free-kicking and heading, this 17-year-old talent embodies a holistic football prowess. For enthusiasts steering their teams in FIFA’s career mode, Angelo’s inclusion promises a high-yield trajectory akin to talents like Ian Maatsen and Cole Palmer but without breaking the bank.

Spiritual Compass: What is Angelo Gabriel’s Religion?

Rooted in the traditions of Roman Catholicism, Angelo Gabriel, son of Idene and Elismar Damaceno, practices his faith with quiet reverence. This spiritual inclination was highlighted during the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic when Idene was often seen clutching a rosary during her son’s games, a ritual that emphasized the family’s devout adherence to their faith.

Concluding Remarks:

Affectionately dubbed “The New Neymar,” Angelo Gabriel entered the world on December 21, 2004, welcomed by his parents, Elismar and Idene. His formative years unfolded in Samambaia, a suburb of Brasília, where he grew up with his siblings. His elder brother, Carlos, and his younger brother, Julio César, who shares his passion for football, were his companions.

Delving into the professional backdrop of Angelo Gabriel’s family, it is understood that his father, Elismar, engages in cattle ranching, while his mother, a holder of an administration degree, dedicates herself to their home. Reflecting Brazil’s rich cultural tapestry, Angelo, akin to personalities like Lucas Paqueta, identifies with the Pardo Brazilian community, representing individuals with mixed ethnic heritage.

At the tender age of nine, Gabriel embarked on a transformative journey, departing from his school and familial comfort in Samambaia, driven by his burgeoning football aspirations. This decisive moment followed his pivotal role in securing victory for his local team in the Copa Dente de Leite. The young talent traversed approximately 921 kilometres from Brasília to Santos, aligning with the city’s renowned club, a venture he undertook alongside his childhood comrade, Hyan Carvalho.

In a serendipitous twist, Angelo’s inaugural appearance for Santos coincided with the commemorative week of Pelé’s 80th birthday. Establishing his presence in the senior squad, he nurtured a tradition of seeking familial and, notably, his grandparents’ blessings prior to embarking on away games—a spiritual fortification for the journeys ahead.

With Angelo’s star ascending, football analysts labelled him as a Baller who has earned Neymar and Pele comparisons. His skills courted attention from various football establishments, prompting discussions with Elismar and Idene regarding potential transfers. Navigating through the propositions, his parents consented to an alliance with Chelsea. As Angelo’s career evolves, physical distances from family during professional commitments have transitioned into a familiar aspect of his life’s rhythm.

Words of Gratitude:

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Beyond Angelo Gabriel’s story, we invite you to explore a plethora of narratives surrounding Brazilian icons and Chelsea affiliates that promise to captivate. Immerse yourself in the journeys of Brazilian sensations like Endrick Felipe and Vitor Roque, or delve into the inspiring stories of Chelsea’s Kendry Paez and Cesare Casadei.

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