Angel Gomes Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

Discover Angel Gomes’ Biography as we share insights about his roots, upbringing, family – including his father, Gil Gomes, and mother, the esteemed Mrs. Gomes, brother – Rico Gomes, his background and his close-knit ties with family and friends.

This narrative on Angel Gomes delves into his cultural heritage, faith, academic pursuits, ethnicity, and the town that shaped him. We’ll also give a glimpse into the footballer’s personal world, exploring his zodiac sign, financial milestones, and overall lifestyle.

In essence, this is a comprehensive look into the life of Angel. Here, we narrate the story of a boy who grew up as a fervent admirer of the Manchester United team, notably influenced by football giants like Nani and Ronaldo.

This account paints a picture of a dynamic midfielder known for his swift moves and dedication to the sport. With unwavering ambition, he aims for the pinnacle of football glory.


We initiate our exploration of Angel Gomes’ life by delving into key moments from his formative years. Followed by his budding passion for football and the path he carved in his career. Discover how this petite powerhouse leveraged certain challenges to stand out and leave his mark on the pitch.

Here at SoccerBiography, we hope to satiate your curiosity about Angel Gomes. And as a precursor, our story pays homage to the legends who inspired and emboldened this young talent. Their impact is palpably reflected in his accolades and skills.

A shining star in League One, Angel’s football journey boasts remarkable milestones – similar to Jude Bellingham. Notably, he was honoured with the titles of Manchester United Player of the Year and the Jimmy Murphy Award. Additionally, this adept midfielder captained his team to clinch the UEFA European Under-21 Championship in 2023.

Nevertheless, we realized that a deep dive into Angel Gomes’ life story is not known to many fans. Hence, we’ve crafted this narrative especially for you. So, let’s delve right in.

The Early Days of Angel Gomes:

Starting off, he was christened “Adilson Angel Abreu de Almeida Gomes”. Born on 31st August 2000 in London, Angel was welcomed by his parents, Gil Gomes and Mrs. Gomes.

Blessed as one of two sons in the Gomes family, both boys were fortunate to have their father, an erstwhile football sensation, as their mentor. Now, let’s acquaint ourselves further with the parents of Angel Gomes.

Childhood and Formative Years:

Born in the serene town of Edmonton, England, Angel Gomes spent most of his childhood in Salford, Manchester, following his father’s transfer to a Middlewich-based club.

Growing up, Angel always had the company of his elder brother, Rico Gomes. The boys were inevitably influenced by their father’s passion for the sport. Angel’s admiration for football greats like Wayne Rooney was evident early on.

One of Angel’s fondest memories from childhood was watching his father and brother play. Initially, he would stand on the sidelines, cheering for them, until he was old enough to participate in these family matches.

Angel’s journey in professional football began due to the initial encouragement from his family. Despite being physically smaller than most of his peers, by the age of seven, he was already part of a training team. Over time, Angel learned to turn his stature into an advantage on the pitch.

A Glimpse into the Gomes Family:

Hailing from a close-knit family, Angel’s father, Gil, was a prominent figure in Portuguese football, shining as a forward. Financial studies indicate that he has an estimated net worth of around 2 million dollars.

As for Angel’s mother, not much is publicly known about her. However, based on insights from SoccerBiography, it’s likely that Mrs. Gomes, being married to a sportsman, either pursued a professional career of her own or dedicated her time to nurturing her family.

From the information gathered, it’s evident that Angel’s upbringing was neither in luxury nor in deprivation. Similar to the background of famed player Luis Enrique, the Gomes household comfortably sat within the middle class.

Tracing the Roots of the Gomes Family:

While Angel himself hails from Edmonton, London, England, the roots of the Gomes family trace back to Luanda, Angola. For those curious about Edmonton, it’s a charming district in North London, neighbouring areas like Tottenham, Palmer’s Green, and Chingford. Interestingly, Angel shares this hometown with another renowned footballer, Kyle Walker.

Angel Gomes’ Mixed Heritage:

While Angel Gomes proudly traces his roots back to his Angolan lineage, courtesy of his parents, he simultaneously embraces his English heritage. As a result, he identifies as bi-ethnic (Angolan and English). This rich cultural background equips him with the linguistic proficiency to speak English, Portuguese, and French, much like football stars Eric Dier, Lukaku, and Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

Angel Gomes’ Academic Path:

Details regarding Angel’s early education remain sparse. However, given that his father, Gil Gomes, was deeply immersed in sports, it’s plausible that young Angel was primed for a sports academy. This assumption finds validation as Angel was enrolled in the Manchester United Academy. Here, Angel honed his technical prowess, tactical understanding, and physical endurance, essential ingredients for his blossoming career.

Journey to Football Stardom:

Angel’s tryst with football started at the tender age of six when he joined the ranks at Manchester United’s youth academy. In a matter of years, a 14-year-old Gomes found himself playing for the under-18 team. It wasn’t long before he donned the captain’s armband and clinched the MVP title.

During the 2016/17 season, Angel carved a niche for himself by becoming the youngest Manchester player to net three goals in a match. His prowess didn’t go unnoticed as he was soon awarded the Jimmy Murphy Young Player of the Year title.

As his star rose, the Premier League giants Manchester United inducted him into their first team. By doing so, at 263 days old, Angel etched his name as the club’s youngest debutant.

Amidst these significant transitions, while Angel was climbing the ranks of the under-18 team, defender Axel Tuanzebe bid adieu to Manchester, making his move to Burnley. It signalled Angel’s graduation to higher echelons of the game.

The Ups and Downs of Angel Gomes:

Every journey has its fair share of challenges. Angel’s primary obstacle was his relatively smaller stature, which distinguished him from physically imposing players like Adebayo Akinfenwa and Diego Costa.

However, displaying the adaptability associated with his Virgo sign, Angel transformed this perceived limitation into an advantage. His gameplay began to mirror that of nimble players like Marco Verratti and Bernardo Silva.

This transformation bore fruit when Angel made his debut for Manchester United’s senior squad. While he wasn’t a regular feature in the 2019/20 season, the football world took notice. That became his difficult final year at Man Utd.

Subsequently, Angel inked a five-year deal with the French side Lille, joining the likes of Jonathan David and Sven Botman, a significant leap for a 19-year-old.

Angel Gomes Biography – Journey to Stardom:

Upon his move to Lille FC, the adept British midfielder found himself on loan at Boavista. This shift coincided with Victor Osimhen‘s transition to Napoli and was reminiscent of Bruno Fernandes’ early days. Even with his brief stint, Angel managed 30 caps and netted six times in Portugal.

By 2021, the burgeoning star was back with Lille, contributing to their triumphant capture of their maiden Trophée des Champions. Under the tutelage of Paulo Fonseca, who once mentored Ricardo Pereira, Angel quickly became Lille’s standout player of the week.

Angel Gomes and the International Stage:

With the luxury of dual citizenship, Angel had the choice to don the colours of Angola, England, or Portugal. Yet, he chose to align with his birthplace, representing England across various age groups. Notably, he captained the under-16 squad to the FIFA U-17 World Cup.

Years later, as a member of the Under-21 ensemble in 2023, Angel and the Young Lions clinched the championship trophy, marking another feather in England’s cap.

Today, Angel stands tall amongst emerging English talents like Harvey Elliott and Levi Colwill, driven by a mission to elevate England’s football prestige. Drawing inspiration from his godfather Nani and emulating the nimbleness of Messi due to his compact frame, Angel’s journey continues to unfold.

Angel Gomes’ Personal Ties:

The standout performer of the 2023 UEFA European Under-21 Championship, Angel, is as captivating off the field as he is on it. Young and with a promising future ahead, he is considered one of football’s most sought-after bachelors.

The buzzing question remains: Who is Angel Gomes dating? Current insights suggest that this gifted Angolan-English footballer is relishing his singlehood. Recognizing the profound impact of relationships, Angel seems in no rush, waiting for the heart’s genuine call.

Life Beyond the Pitch:

Despite his achievements at the FIFA U-17 World Cup 2017, Angel maintains a humble demeanour, endearing him to many. But who is Angel when the cleats come off? A lover of lively festivities and music, he’s often seen in the company of celebrities, including a notable snapshot with Post Malone, one of his musical favourites.

Adventure beckons Angel; from serene sea voyages to exhilarating desert escapades, he doesn’t shy from exploring the world. For Angel, the earnings from football are as much about experiencing life’s pleasures as they are about securing the future. In essence, this ex-Manchester talent seeks solace in nature’s embrace, cherishing his current state of freedom and self-exploration.

Angel Gomes’ Way of Life:

While Angel has certainly garnered substantial earnings from his football career, he remains low-key about his affluence. Preferring a casual and stylish approach to dressing, the Edmonton native often opts for relaxed outfits like shorts and tees, highlighting a comfortable yet chic masculine style.

Contrary to many celebrities, a deep dive into Angel’s online presence shows an absence of flaunts of luxury homes or vehicles. This suggests Angel’s choice to keep his material acquisitions under wraps, allowing fans to primarily focus on his on-field prowess.

Delving into Angel Gomes’ Family Dynamics:

Central to Angel’s rise in the world of football has been the unwavering support and influence of his family. This segment provides an in-depth view into the lives of his immediate family members.

Angel’s Father – Gil Gomes:

Originating from Luanda in Portuguese Angola, Gil once graced the football pitch with his talents. Though his time in professional football came to an eventual end, the legacy continues through his children.

Gil passed down his passion and knowledge of the sport to his sons. While the elder, Rico (not related to Rico Lewis or Rico Henry), embarked on the football journey before Angel, both have achieved commendable success, reminiscent of famous footballing siblings like Eden and Thorgan Hazard.

Angel’s Mother:

The matriarch of the Gomes family, Mrs. Gomes has played a crucial role in raising two spirited young footballers. Navigating motherhood with grace, she has certainly had her hands full. Though details about her are sparse online, one can infer her invaluable contribution to her family’s well-being and her unwavering support for her sons.

The Elder Sibling – Rico Gomes:

Born on January 13, 1993, Rico is Angel’s elder brother and the family’s firstborn. The records hint at Rico’s past as a footballer, and his allegiance, like many in the family, lies with Manchester United.

Extended Family Ties:

Football seems to be embedded in the Gomes’ DNA. Beyond Gil and Rico, the family boasts other football talents. Angel is related to Valter Zacarias and Iuri Gomes. Nevertheless, Angel has always been discreet about his extended family’s details, likely aiming to protect their privacy from the ever-inquisitive media spotlight.

Discovering Angel Gomes: A Deeper Dive:

The football scene in England has witnessed legends like Wayne Rooney, David Beckham, and Frank Lampard. Yet, the rise of Angel Gomes adds a fresh chapter to this storied legacy.

Versatile in his approach, Angel has shown prowess as an attacking midfielder, central midfielder, and even on the flanks. At a relatively young age, he boasts an impressive list of achievements.

Let’s delve deeper into the journey of this prodigious talent hailing from London.

Angel Gomes Religion:

Hailing from a close-knit family, Angel’s ties to his parents are profound. The soccer world raised eyebrows when in 2017, Angel was seen attending the congregation of a renowned late Nigerian pastor.

Explaining this visit, Angel revealed his mother’s admiration for Pastor TB Joshua, crediting her for encouraging his visit to the church. A devoted Christian, Angel often showcases his strong faith.

Angel Gomes’ Financial Overview:

The financial rewards in football often mirror players’ talent and commitment. The journey of this dynamic English playmaker underscores this.

Data from Capology reveals that at the tender age of 16, Angel was earning a weekly wage of 465 euros. A significant rise in his earnings was observed following his loan spell at Boavista. Currently, Angel garners an annual income exceeding six hundred thousand euros.

Considering potential endorsements and other sources of revenue, Angel’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive 1.5 million euros. Given his talent and potential, this figure is poised to climb in the coming years.

Angel Gomes in FIFA’s Lens:

FIFA annually assesses players, offering insights into their ratings, unique attributes, and skills.

Currently, Angel Gomes enjoys a commendable rating of 76, celebrated especially for his precision shooting and deft dribbling. Observers often draw parallels between his style of play and that of Felix Nmecha and Gabri Veiga. The accompanying image further accentuates his skills.

Angel’s gameplay has unmistakably been influenced by football maestros like Andrés Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez. It’s highly plausible that Angel’s FIFA rating will see an upward trajectory in subsequent editions.

Concluding Remarks:

Born on August 31, 2000, in London, Adilson Angel Abreu de Almeida Gomes is the proud son of Gil Gomes and Mrs. Gomes. Angel shares his passion for football with his older brother, Rico. Although originating from Edmonton, England, Angel’s formative years were spent in Salford, near Manchester.

Football runs in the Gomes family. Angel’s father, Gil, a former footballer, was instrumental in introducing him to the sport. Angel’s passion was further fueled by his godfather’s influence.

The Euro Baller‘s journey with Manchester United began at the tender age of six when he joined their academy. Despite the challenges posed by his smaller stature, he turned it into an asset. Presently, Angel is recognized alongside talents like Cole Palmer and Phil Foden, Morgan Gibbs-White, Fabio Carvalho, as they set their sights on leading their teams to new heights.

Throughout his career, Angel has amassed numerous accolades. Serving as a captain and being acknowledged as one of Manchester United’s pivotal players, he has also received the prestigious Jimmy Murphy Young Player of the Year award.

The pride and joy that Angel brings to his parents and brother Rico is palpable. SoccerBiography eagerly anticipates celebrating the further achievements of this nimble European soccer star.


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