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This article on Andrey Santos Biography tells you Facts about his Childhood Story, Early Life, Parents – Jordania Gregoriano (Mother), André Luiz (Father), Family Background, Siblings – Sister (Andressa), Girlfriend (Yngryd Freire), Grandmother (Sueli), etc.

Our article on Andrey also details facts about his Family Origin, Ethnicity, Religion, Education, Hometown, etc. Again, we’ll give you details of the Brazilian Athlete’s Personal Life, Lifestyle, Net Worth and Salary Breakdown.

Summary: Uncover the amazing transformation of Andrey Santos in this SoccerBiography article, from a higher-weight toddler to a football force to be reckoned with.

Learn about his grandmother Sueli’s concerns that led to his entry into the sport and the amusing tale of his Vasco da Gama teammates binding him in an effort to delay his Chelsea signing in 2023.

Ever thought about how a chubby toddler could become a tenacious football star? This captivating SoccerBiography piece sheds light on the astonishing metamorphosis of Andrey Santos, charting his path from his grandmother Sueli’s anxiety over his size to his impressive ascent in the realm of football.

Sueli’s insistence on channelling her grandson into football due to his sturdy build marked a turning point in his life. Through grit and determination, Andrey Santos emerged as a valiant warrior and a true champion on the field.

The excitement doesn’t stop there. In a hilarious episode, Santos’ Vasco da Gama teammates playfully tied him up, attempting to keep him from boarding his flight to sign with Chelsea after his 2023 acquisition. This entertaining incident epitomizes the affection and solidarity that have accompanied Santos throughout his thrilling career.


Embark on a journey through Andrey Santos’ biography as we reveal significant moments from his childhood and early career. Follow the tale of the Vasco da Gama prodigy as he rises to prominence in the world of football.

SoccerBiography aims to pique your interest with this captivating account of Andrey Santos’ life story, highlighting his exceptional playmaking, ball control, and passing abilities. Comparable to Joshua Kimmich and Frenkie de Jong, the Brazilian star excels as a vital outlet in his team’s rapid transitions from defence to offence.

Our research into the history of Brazilian midfielders revealed a lack of comprehensive biographies about Andrey Santos. Thus, we’ve crafted this memoir to satisfy your curiosity. Let’s delve into his remarkable story.

Andrey Santos’ Childhood Story:

Andrey Nascimento dos Santos, the talented Brazilian footballer, was born on May 3rd, 2004, to his mother Jordania Gregoriano and father André Luiz in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As the first of two children, Andrey grew up alongside his younger sister, Andressa, in a close-knit family.

Andrey Santos’ parents, Jordania and André, played instrumental roles in ensuring their son had a positive and rewarding youth football experience.

Growing Up Years:

Andrey Santos spent his formative years in the Vila Aliança neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He and his sister Andressa were not only playmates but also confidants, helping each other overcome the challenges of childhood.

Early Life:

Interestingly, Andrey did not always envision a future in football. It was his late grandmother, Sueli, who introduced him to the sport, finding joy in watching her grandson play.

The main reason behind Sueli’s insistence on Andrey playing football was her concern for his weight. As a chubby child, his loving grandmother saw sports as a way to help him shed those extra pounds.

At the age of four, Sueli enrolled Andrey in a local futsal school in Bangu. From that moment on, her grandson never looked back, embracing the sport wholeheartedly and embarking on a path to football stardom.

Andrey Santos Family Background:

While Andrey Santos’ life story isn’t a classic rags-to-riches tale, he was born to parents who struggled financially. According to Globo Esporte, his parents Jordania and André relied on their son’s club, Vasco da Gama, for food assistance and support for Andrey’s education.

Andrey Santos’ upbringing was challenging, as his parents faced financial difficulties while raising their children in the crime-ridden Vila Aliança neighbourhood of Bangu, Rio de Janeiro. However, giving up was not an option for the family, and Andrey’s budding football career eventually helped lift them out of hardship.

Jordania and André have played a pivotal role in Andrey’s journey, constantly monitoring and guiding him even when he lived in club-provided accommodations. They continue to be proud of their son’s accomplishments, and their support remains unwavering.

Andrey Santos Family Origin:

In an interview with Globo Esporte, Andrey revealed that he was born in the Basque neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro. This means that his parents have roots in the Basque region of Brazil. The stunning city of Rio de Janeiro, known for its picturesque beaches and iconic Christ the Redeemer statue, is the birthplace of the former Vasco da Gama star.


Andrey Santos identifies as a member of Brazil’s Pardo ethnic group. His ancestry is a blend of European (Portuguese), Native Brazilian, and African (through his father) heritage. His mother carries a Portuguese family name, Nascimento, while his father has African roots.

The Pardo ethnic group, with which Andrey identifies, comprises approximately 43% of Brazil’s population. This group is characterized by individuals with brown skin and includes many prominent Brazilian footballers such as Ronaldo de Lima, Felipe Anderson, Rivaldo, and Ronaldinho.

Andrey Santos Education:

Andrey valued education from a young age and understood its importance. His football education began at just four years old when his grandmother enrolled him in a local futsal club to help him lose weight. As mentioned earlier, Vasco da Gama largely sponsored Andrey’s early schooling.

Despite the challenges of balancing school and football training, Andrey always had a backup plan. Before turning pro, he aspired to become a football coach and study physical education in college.

Career Buildup:

Andrey’s football journey began at age four when his late grandmother, Sueli, signed him up for a futsal school in Bangu. From then on, he played competitive soccer. At age six, Andrey was chosen for a competition that would forever change his life and set him on the path to greatness.

Andrey Santos Biography – Soccer Journey:

In the competition we previously mentioned, Andrey stood out against Vasco da Gama. The professional sports club from Rio de Janeiro couldn’t let such a talented boy slip away.

After obtaining permission from Jordania and André, Andrey left Bangu’s futsal school to join Vasco’s youth academy. His time there started strong, and due to his exceptional skills, his coach allowed him to play in categories above his age.

Facing older competitors helped Andrey mature rapidly. As a child, he idolized Cristiano Ronaldo, and CR7’s victorious career with Real Madrid inspired him and his peers. Soon, Andrey began winning trophies and collecting honours at Vasco da Gama’s academy.

At Vasco, Andrey received extra care and attention, allowing him to develop without pressure. Sometimes his confidence made him forget he was still a boy.

Joining Vasco da Gama provided Andrey with the advantage of the academy supporting his schooling. Although it was initially difficult to leave his family, living in the club’s accommodations ultimately proved to be beneficial.

Andrey Santos Bio – The journey to find fame:

Despite some homesickness, Andrey enjoyed numerous benefits of living in football accommodations, such as proximity to training facilities, stronger bonds with teammates, and a greater focus on football education.

The year 2019 signified a pivotal moment for Andrey, who was called up to represent Brazil’s under-15 national team. He was instrumental in helping Brazil win the 2019 South American Under-15 Football Championship.

Thanks to his maturity, the then 16-year-old midfielder captained both his club and country. In 2021, Andrey’s family celebrated as he signed his first professional contract with Vasco da Gama.

Andrey Santos Bio – Success Story:

As a professional, Andrey wore the No. 8 shirt and aimed to follow in the footsteps of Vasco da Gama legend Juninho Pernambucano, who made a name for himself in Lyon, France, with his exceptional free-kick abilities.

As a pro, Santos became Vasco’s youngest goalscorer. Nene, the club’s veteran midfielder, once remarked,

“Andre has incredible maturity for a 16-year-old. It seems like he has been with us for many years.”

The youngster continued his winning mentality as a pro, outperforming some of Vasco’s best academy graduates like Douglas Luiz, Philippe Coutinho, and Allan. When they were 17, these footballers, who later played in the English Premier League, hadn’t achieved what Santos accomplished with Vasco.

Andrey’s first senior season with Vasco ended in triumph. Young Santos was instrumental in Vasco da Gama’s success in Série B during the 2021/2022 season. His outstanding performance, including scoring eight goals, helped the secure club promotion to the first division.

Becoming the Center of Transfer Rumors:

Football scouts reported that some of Andrey’s most notable skills included his ability to pass, tackle, and maintain possession of the ball.

Due to his impressive progress, Santos was already being compared to the likes of Bellingham, Casemiro, and FC Barcelona legend Sergio Busquets in Brazil.

In fact, there were rumours that Barca had shown interest in the young talent and had two of their bids for Santos rejected. Chelsea FC, which had a challenging start to the 2022/23 season, was another club keen on the youngster.

The Blues’ Vision 2030 project ultimately persuaded Santos to sign with Chelsea, who believed they had secured a promising midfielder.

Santos became Chelsea’s third winter signing, following Benoit Badiashile and Ivorian striker Datro Fofana. His arrival at Chelsea coincided with him and Vitor Roque becoming the top scorers at the 2023 South American U-20 Championship.

Many Blues fans believed their club had acquired one of Brazil’s brightest young talents. Physically imposing and technically skilled, Santos (like Joao Pedro) seemed destined to become one of the world’s best in his position. The rest, as they say, is now history.

Introducing Yngryd Freire, Andrey Santos’ Girlfriend:

Behind the successful former Vasco da Gama athlete stands a supportive partner, Yngryd Freire.

Freire plays a crucial role in Andrey’s life off the field, helping him manage his responsibilities and maintain a healthy balance between his football career and leisure time.

In addition to his parents, Andrey Santos’ girlfriend contributes to keeping him grounded.

About Yngryd Freire:

Little is known about Freire, except that at the age of 13, she started a business selling phone accessories and tech gadgets.

Today, Yngryd Freire is a successful entrepreneur and the proud owner of Cases Cell, a prominent tech gadget company.

In June 2020, Andrey Santos’ girlfriend explained her challenging journey pursuing her business dreams. Freire stated:

“And that’s when my dream began. I made the brand, the logo, the store… even without any experience, I thought about all the details with great affection and dedication.

Thus was born Cases Cell! I was 13 years old and had many dreams in my head… Those who believe, always achieve! ⁣⁣ And if you’re scared, go scared!”

Both on and off the pitch, Andre Santos’ girlfriend plays an essential role in his life. While he focuses on training, Yngryd Freire helps him manage his time and other responsibilities, ensuring that Andre maintains a healthy balance between work and leisure.

Personal Life:

Away from the field, Andrey Santos is someone who enjoys the finer things in life.

There’s nothing more special for Andre than spending time with his parents and younger sister at the beach.

Andrey Santos’ Lifestyle:

If you were to ask the rising Brazilian talent where he likes to spend his money, he would likely mention a particular destination in his country: Muro Alto Beach, located in Pernambuco, eastern Brazil.

Andrey Santos’ Car:

On a few occasions, football fans have caught a glimpse of the midfield prodigy driving 4×4 vehicles on the beach.

Besides these off-road vehicles, which are designed to handle rough terrain and deep sand, the athlete has not yet revealed his specific car preferences to fans.

Andrey Santos Family Life:

Similar to Lewis Hall, Andrey Santos’ success as a youth footballer is not solely due to his exceptional team. Instead, it is a result of the proper upbringing provided by his parents. Now, let’s delve deeper into their lives.

Andrey Santos’ Mother:

Jordania Gregoriano is the woman who brought the Chelsea young talent into the world. One notable aspect of Andrey Santos’ mother is her appreciation for the mental benefits that come with being near water.

Andrey Santos’ Father:

André Luiz is a forward-thinking man, a proud father who takes on the supportive roles of mentor and advisor for his son.

The devoted father of two wholeheartedly backs Andre’s football ambitions and collaborates closely with his son’s agent at Bertolucci Sports to ensure the best representation.

Bertolucci Sports:

Bertolucci Sports is a renowned football agency that represents several top Brazilian and international players. They are known for managing the careers of talented footballers like Marquinhos, Bruno Guimarães, Gabriel Magalhães, Matheus Cunha, and others, including Andrey Santos. The agency works with players and their families to ensure their clients receive the best possible support and representation throughout their careers.

According to Transfermarkt, the football agency representing Andrey Santos also manages the careers of top talents such as Marquinhos, Bruno Guimarães, Gabriel Magalhães, Matheus Cunha, and more.

Andrey Santos’ Siblings:

The Brazilian athlete, who is poised to take on Jorginho’s mantle at Chelsea Football Club, has just one sister, Andressa. Now, let’s discover more about her.

Andrey Santos’ Sister:

Our findings suggest that Andressa is a true football aficionado. Santos’ sister adores the electric atmosphere of São Januário Stadium, particularly when her older brother finds the back of the net.

A common saying posits that shared interests between a mother and daughter often lead to a stronger bond. In the case of Andrey Santos’ sister and mother, they seem to share hobbies, physical resemblances, and personality traits.

Andrey Santos’ Relatives:

The defensive midfielder’s late grandmother, Sueli, played a pivotal role in shaping his football career. If not for her influence, the Brazilian soccer prodigy may never have encountered football or pursued a professional career in the sport.

As previously noted in Andrey Santos’ biography, Sueli was the one who sparked his love for the sport. At that time, he was deemed somewhat higher-weighted as a child.

To help him, the late Sueli (Andrey’s grandmother) enrolled him in Bangu futsal school, located in their neighborhood.

Untold Facts:

In the concluding section of Andrey Santos’ Biography, we’ll reveal more lesser-known facts about him. So, without further delay, let’s begin.

Andrey Santos in FIFA:

SoccerBiogray is delighted to report that the Brazilian possesses no shortcomings in football. His defensive midfield traits, comparable to those of Casemiro and Fabinho. It’s uncommon to see an 18-year-old footballer with a 90 FIFA potential. Just like Alvaro Rodriguez and Rodrygo Silva de Goes, the Brazilian has a bright future ahead of him.

Andrey Santos’ Salary:

Using Capology’s wage calculations, the athlete is estimated to earn roughly £35,000 per week at Chelsea.

When converted into Brazilian currency, this means Andrey earns around R$217,796 per week.

How wealthy is the Brazilian Midfielder Sensation?

In Andrey Santos’ hometown, the average Rio de Janeiro resident earns around R$243,620 (BRL) per year. Do you know?… Such a citizen would need 46 years to earn what he makes, R$11,342,857 or £1,822,800 (his annual income at Chelsea).

Andrey Santos’ Religion:

The young prodigy joins Chelsea footballers like Trevoh Chalobah and Mykhailo Mudryk, who are devout Christians. Andrey Santos’ parents raised him as a Catholic, and he openly shared his faith.


Jordania Gregoriano and André Luiz welcomed their son (the first child of their family) on May 3rd, 2004. Andrey Nascimento dos Santos grew up alongside his sister, Andressa. The athlete’s family identifies with the Pardo ethnic group, which combines European, Native Brazilian, and African heritage.

Today, football fans express their gratitude for the late Sueli, Andrey Santos’ grandmother. She was the one who introduced him to football by enrolling him in Rio de Janeiro’s Bangu futsal school out of concern for his physical appearance.

Similar to Argentina’s Marcos Acuna, Andrey Santos was born a chubby kid, and his late grandmother was not content with that. To help him shed some weight, Sueli introduced futsal to her grandson. Andrey Santos’ parents supported the idea of enrolling their son at a local futsal school in Bangu.

Andrey Santos started playing football when he was six years old. Like Neymar and many other Brazilian players, he began with futsal. Andrey played futsal for two years before joining Vasco da Gama’s academy. The Rio de Janeiro football club discovered him after an impressive performance at a competition.

Santos commenced his Vasco career on strong footing. Due to his exceptional talent, he competed with boys in higher age categories. As a youngster, Andrey idolized Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi‘s GOAT rival.

After spending a decade at Vasco, Andrey signed his first professional contract in August 2020, when he was 16 years old. On January 6th, 2023, Graham Potter’s Blues signed Santos from Vasco da Gama (as announced by Chelsea’s website). His arrival occurred during the same winter transfer window that Chelsea signed top talents like Malo Gusto and Enzo Fernandes.

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