Andre Onana Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article, a deep-dive biography of Andre Onana, provides an insightful overview of his early years, upbringing, family background, romantic life, financial status, and personal lifestyle.

We present to you a comprehensive exploration of the journey of this Cameroonian goalkeeping icon, starting from his nascent phase up to his rise to stardom.

Indeed, it’s no secret that Andre Onana is among the top-tier goalkeepers in Europe. He achieved a meteoric rise with Inter Milan months after being sent home from the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

In our history of telling the stories of Goalkeepers (as we have done in the article on Djordje Petrovic and Gianluigi Donnarumma), we found a knowledge gap. However, many might not have delved into his enlightening life story. So, let’s commence our account by shedding light on his early years and family dynamics.

Andre Onana: The Early Years:

Beginning our biographical journey, Andre Onana, fondly known as “Onans”, was born on April 2, 1996, in the Cameroonian village of Nkol Ngok, situated in the country’s central region. His parents are Adele Onana, his mother, and Francois Onana, his father.

The Roots of Andre Onana’s Family:

As a native of West Africa, Andre Onana hails from the Yaounde Fang ethnic group, as determined by careful research into his family lineage. This group predominantly inhabits the central region of Cameroon.

Andre Onana’s Childhood:

Are you aware that the future soccer sensation spent his childhood years in his birthplace, Nkol Ngok, with his four brothers? Two of them are known as Wariner and Emmanuel.

Analyzing his social media photos, it’s evident that Onana treasures the tranquil and joyous atmosphere of his childhood village.

Andre Onana’s Family Background:

Despite hailing from a family where peace and happiness were abundant, wealth was not a feature of Andre’s early life, much like his fellow countryman, Rigobert Song. The young Onana and his siblings grew up in a home without electricity and bathed in a nearby river. However, his parents, despite their hard work, struggled to move beyond their humble status.

Initiation into Football for Andre Onana:

Though his parents, Adele and Francois, aspired for him to excel academically, Andre was drawn towards football. His fascination with goalkeeping started from an early age. By the time he turned 11, he was playing on a sandy field when a scout from the Samuel Eto’o Academy noticed him, setting the stage for his ascent into professional football.

Andre Onana’s Formative Years:

At Samuel Eto’o’s Academy, Onana spent three years honing the foundational skills of his goalkeeping craft. During his time there, he was considered the best goalkeeper of his age group in Cameroon. This recognition caught the eye of Barcelona, who sought to further develop his potential at their La Masia academy.

Andre Onana Biography – Journey to Fame:

Upon arriving at La Masia at the tender age of 13, Onana found himself in a new environment without the presence of family.

Though it was challenging to leave his known world behind and adapt to a new language, his passion for football remained undiminished. His dedication helped him advance smoothly through the club ranks, eventually leading him to the Dutch club Ajax in 2015.

Andre Onana’s Rise to Fame:

Shortly after joining Ajax, Onana debuted for the reserve team and signed improved contracts in the following years. He flourished under the guidance of Erik ten Hag and mirrored the success of Samuel Eto’o, also from Cameroon. In 2019, he was nominated for the prestigious Best Goalkeeper award at the Ballon D’Or ceremony.

Even though the coveted prize went to Allison Becker that year, Onana’s growing skills suggest it won’t be long before he’s back in contention. His potential move to Chelsea, combined with playing in the Premier League, would further enhance his chances.

At the time of this update, Onana’s Cameroonian team had just qualified for the 2022 FIFA World Cup due in large part to a last-minute goal by Karl Toko Ekambi against Algeria. Thus, Onana’s journey, now etched in history, continues to evolve.

Andre Onana’s Personal Relationships:

Shifting the focus to the romantic aspect of Onana’s life, it’s not widely known that he is in a relationship with Melanie Kamayou. Details about their initial meeting and courtship remain private, but it is known that Melanie is both a mother and an entrepreneur.

The couple shares a deep bond and has a son together, named André Jr., born in 2019. Onana holds immense love for his son, often describing him as a special child, and takes great pride in his role as a father.

Andre Onana’s Family Life:

Family holds a pivotal place in Onana’s life, both before and after his football career. Here are some facts about his parents, siblings, and relatives.

Onana’s Parents:

Andre Onana’s parents, Adele and Francois, have been steadfast supporters of his football journey. Despite their initial desire for him to focus on academics, they wholeheartedly backed his football ambitions when Barcelona showed interest. Their love and pride in him are evident, as demonstrated by their visits to Amsterdam to watch him play.

Onana’s Siblings:

Onana shares his childhood with four brothers, including Wariner and Emmanuel, whose lives remain relatively private. Unfortunately, one of his brothers passed away at a young age. Records about a third brother are not available, and it is unknown if Onana has a sister.

Onana’s Extended Family:

Regarding Onana’s extended family, there’s not much information available about his grandparents or other relatives, such as uncles, aunts, nephews, and nieces.

However, we do know that Fabrice Ondoa, a fellow footballer who was part of Barcelona’s youth system and currently plays for Belgian club KV Oostende and the Cameroon national team, is his cousin.

Personal Life:

Firstly, it should be clarified that Andre Onana shares no blood relation with Belgian footballer Amadou Onana, who plays for Johan Bakayoko‘s Belgium national team. Beyond his footballing endeavours, Andre, or “Onans,” leads a rich life marked by a calm demeanour.

His assertive, energetic, and independent personality is well-noted, and he’s quite open about his personal and private life. When not on the pitch, he enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, watching movies, travelling, and playing video games, among other hobbies.

Andre Onana’s Lifestyle:

Let’s explore Onana’s financial lifestyle. As of this writing, he boasts a net worth of 7.5 million pounds.

Similar to Ismael Bennacer and Gianluigi Donnarumma, his wealth predominantly originates from the substantial earnings accrued from his professional career. Additionally, he receives a consistent income stream from endorsements. As a reflection of his financial status, an expensive Mercedes Benz can be found parked in the garage of his Amsterdam residence.

Interesting Facts About Andre Onana:

To conclude this biography, let’s highlight some lesser-known facts about Onana, the Man United Premier League goalkeeper.

FIFA Rating:

In FIFA, Onana achieved an impressive overall rating of 85 out of a potential 89, surpassing Kepa by 2 points and Jordan Pickford by 4. His rating certainly underscores his youthful talent and potential. Andre Onana joins the likes of Stanley Nwabali and Édouard Mendy in terms of the most admired goalkeepers in Africa.


Did you know that the year of Onana’s birth, 1996, is notable for several tech and entertainment milestones? DVDs were launched in Japan, the first version of the Java programming language was released, and blockbuster films like “Independence Day” and “A Time to Kill” premiered.

Andre Onana’s Religion:

Onana has not publicly associated himself with a specific religion. Consequently, his religious beliefs remain uncertain, though it’s highly likely that he, like Terem Moffi, is a devoted Christian.

Football Suspension:

As reported by The Guardian Football, Onana received a startling nine-month suspension due to a doping violation, which nearly ended his career.


We appreciate your time and interest in learning about the captivating life journey of this Cameroonian footballer. Andre Onana’s childhood story is indeed a powerful narrative, inspiring us to relentlessly chase our passions, regardless of the hurdles.

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