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Presenting an insight into Alyssa Thompson’s Biography, this article covers crucial aspects of her early years, including her upbringing, parents Karen (Mum) and Mario Thompson (Dad), and siblings, sisters Gisele and Zoe. It also delves into her broader family connections, such as grandparents Sylvia and Romero, and her extended family of uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, and cousins.

This comprehensive profile of Alyssa Thompson extends beyond her family background, touching upon her ancestral roots, faith, education, ethnic identity, and her hometown. Equally important, SoccerBiography sheds light on her personal life and lifestyle. Alyssa’s astrological sign, financial status, including net worth and salary, are also part of the discussion.

In essence, this narrative lays out the complete trajectory of Alyssa Thompson’s life. It portrays the journey of a youthful talent who never allowed her small stature to hinder her passion for soccer.

SoccerBiography presents the fascinating tale of an ambitious, vigorous young woman who has not tasted defeat in her sporting endeavors, even at a tender age, often accompanied by her younger sister, Gisele.


We begin our narrative of Alyssa Thompson’s life by unveiling memorable incidents from her childhood years, moving on to her ethnic lineage and the initial phases of her career. Ultimately, we highlight how this persistent professional soccer player secured her position in American football history.

SoccerBiography aims to pique your interest in biographies as you navigate Alyssa Thompson’s life story. In doing so, we present this article, which encapsulates the athlete’s life from her initial soccer exploits to the moment she began leaving a lasting legacy.

In a joint venture with her sister, Gisele, they became the first high school athletes to enter a multiyear Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) contract with Nike in May 2022. By 2023, she, alongside notables like Sam Kerr and Mary Fowler, were recognized as one of the top seven young players to watch at the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

However, despite plentiful information available about the sportswoman, a thorough understanding of the U.S. athlete remains elusive for many. Only a handful of soccer enthusiasts have a comprehensive understanding of Alyssa Thompson’s captivating life story. Without any delay, let’s delve deeper.

Alyssa Thompson’s Early Years:

To begin the biography, her full name is Alyssa Paola Thompson. The enthusiastic sportswoman was born on November 7, 2004, to her parents Karen and Mario Thompson in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, the largest city in the highly populated U.S. state of California.

Alyssa Thompson was the eldest of three daughters born to her parents. The joyous matrimonial bond of her parents, Mario and Karen, saw the birth of these children. Let’s get to know more about Alyssa Thompson’s parents, Karen and Mario Thompson.


Alyssa Thompson, the budding soccer star, was born and nurtured in the bustling city of Los Angeles (LA). She is the eldest of three siblings, with Gisele and Zoe following in the order. There are no brothers in this close-knit family.

Alyssa, along with her father, mother, and sisters, spent her formative years in a house in Studio City, just 15 miles north of BMO Stadium, Angel City’s home ground. This house also holds the distinction of being her father, Mario’s, childhood home.

Life in LA was a distinctive experience for her, surrounded by diverse neighborhoods and communities. Playing in the backyard with her younger sister, Gisele, stands out as a cherished childhood memory. The siblings could often be found running around the house, even before getting out of their pyjamas, owing to their parents’ lenient approach.

Alyssa and Gisele, despite being 13 months apart, were frequently mistaken for twins due to their striking resemblance and similar heights. The sisters shared a room, with each having a twin bed, summarizing Alyssa’s childhood as a joyous, fun-filled journey alongside her sister.

Alyssa Thompson’s Early Days in Soccer:

Living in Studio City, California, around the age of 5 or 6, Alyssa spent countless hours in the sunlit backyard playing with Gisele. The sisters were often found dribbling across the grass, garbed in a combination of soccer gear and adorable outfits.

While Alyssa’s skillful ball control and free-flowing hair were conspicuous, Gisele’s playful laughter added to the charm. It was during these moments, with their father Mario’s cheers echoing in the background, that Alyssa’s fervor for soccer was born.

Their Los Angeles home’s backyard transformed into a football field, a place for expressing themselves freely with minimal adult supervision. The sisters claimed this space as their personal playground, with football being the main attraction.

Sensing their growing interest, Mario, a football enthusiast, started setting up drills with small orange cones, creating a makeshift obstacle course. Even though they didn’t fully comprehend the drills at first, the sisters had immense fun learning to play.

Alyssa and Gisele excelled at every drill, showcasing their exceptional speed and dribbling skills. Little did their parents know that they were nurturing the future number one draft pick.

Alyssa Thompson’s Family Background:

Growing up in LA offered a multitude of opportunities for exposure and varied experiences. However, it wasn’t without challenges, such as traffic congestion and a high cost of living.

To provide a quality life for their family amidst limited resources, Alyssa’s parents, Karen and Mario, exemplified hard work and determination. They both hail from athletic backgrounds: Mario played basketball, football, and ran track in school and college, while Karen played basketball.

Karen even moved across the country to pursue her basketball career. Their love for sports undoubtedly influenced Alyssa’s athletic passion. These former athletes, who are now her parents, played a pivotal role in fostering her love for football early on.

They encouraged their daughters to engage in sports as a way to keep them active, leading to the girls dabbling in basketball, volleyball, soccer, track, and gymnastics.

Alyssa Thompson’s Ancestry:

The family history of this zealous soccer prodigy can be traced back to the Philippines, suggesting a likely migration of her forebears to the United States well before her birth.

Besides, she possesses Peruvian roots through her maternal lineage, given that her maternal grandparents hailed from outside Lima, Peru. Alyssa’s African American heritage, apparent through her black racial identity, ties her to the African continent.

Adding to this blend of ancestries is her Italian heritage. Hence, Alyssa Thompson boasts a richly diverse background.

The subject of her nationality has spurred debates, with some suggesting that she should represent the Philippines internationally, while others vouch for the United States. However, her official nationality is American.

Alyssa Thompson’s Ethnicity:

With her roots spread across Filipino, Italian, Peruvian, and African American cultures, the profile of this remarkable female athlete showcases mixed ethnicity. Additionally, she’s learning Spanish to stay connected to her Peruvian heritage.

Among the five largest ethnic groups in Los Angeles, CA, Alyssa Thompson aligns with the Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) group, accounting for roughly 8.43% of LA’s population.

Alyssa Thompson’s Education:

In her family, education is held in high regard. Alyssa’s father, an educator by profession, served as the principal of an elementary school, instilling in Alyssa and her younger sister Gisele the importance of schooling.

After completing her elementary education in LA, Alyssa attended Harvard-Westlake School, a co-educational, independent university preparatory school in Los Angeles, California, not affiliated with Harvard University despite the similar name.

In 2020, at age 15, Alyssa verbally committed to play for the Stanford Cardinal women’s soccer team at Stanford University, a private research university in Stanford, California. However, she later withdrew her commitment to participate in the 2023 NWSL Draft, the annual meeting of National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) franchises to select eligible players from the U.S.

Despite signing a three-year, fully guaranteed contract with Angel City, Alyssa remains committed to earning a degree, acknowledging that a soccer career has its limits. Therefore, their household has chosen to prioritize academics and sports, leaving no room for distractions, such as a TV. As revealed by Marca, she is a soccer star who swapped high school for the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Career Development:

Alyssa’s prowess on the field grew rapidly, gaining recognition for her agility, self-assuredness, and exceptional ball control skills. Her dynamism and confidence on the pitch were unparalleled, even at a young age.

Spotting her potential, Alyssa’s parents enrolled her and her sister Gisele in Total Futbol Academy (TFA) when Alyssa was nine, allowing them to compete in boys’ teams. Such academies have produced notable figures in men’s national teams, including Weston McKennie and Tyler Adams.

Everyone on the field aspired to become a professional player, but Alyssa had already reached that status.

Alyssa Thompson Biography – Her Early Involvement in Football:

Alyssa Thompson and her family, who are avid sports fans, resided in Los Angeles, a city that boasts numerous professional sports teams. It was through this environment of regular live games and robust sports culture that Alyssa’s profound affection for football emerged, sparked initially from playing backyard games with her sister, Gisele.

Her innate talent was evident when she began playing club soccer during her elementary years.

However, Alyssa soon sought greater athletic and technical challenges, prompting her transition to the Elite Clubs National League club Real So Cal during her middle school years. She competed with this team until the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, often playing with individuals four to five years her senior.

In 2020, at 17, Alyssa joined the under-19 team of the Total Futbol Academy (TFA) in the MLS Next League, becoming the league’s sole female player.

Alyssa Thompson Bio – Journey Towards Fame:

While attending Harvard-Westlake High School, Thompson participated in school soccer during her freshman and sophomore years, securing an impressive 48 goals in 18 games. Though commitments to the National team and club soccer interrupted her junior season, she was already on the path to professional play by her senior year.

Her outstanding performances garnered her the Gatorade Player of the Year title in April 2021, an honor bestowed annually to rising high school athletes in the United States.

Thompson’s journey towards fame continued as she represented the United States senior national team and the under-20 national team. She played a vital role in securing the gold medal at the 2022 CONCACAF Women’s U-20 Championship, contributing three goals in five matches.

Her performance at the 2022 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup in Costa Rica further bolstered her reputation, leading to her call-up to the senior national team in September 2022. She became the youngest player to receive this honour since Sophia Smith in 2017.

Alyssa made her senior national team debut in a friendly against England at Wembley Stadium on October 7th, 2022. She later signed a three-year contract with the club and replaced an injured Mallory Swanson in a friendly against Ireland on April 9th, 2023.

Alyssa Thompson Biography – Ascension to Fame:

A few weeks prior, the vibrant athlete had been contemplating turning professional. Although there was a strong call for her to take this step, the decision ultimately rested with her.

Thus, in January 2023, Angel City FC chose Thompson as the first overall pick in the NWSL Draft 2023, making her the youngest player in the USWNT squad. This move essentially established Thompson as the most expensive female soccer player in league history, a record previously held by Alex Morgan.

At the age of 17, Thompson made her debut for the U.S. Women’s National Team in front of soccer fans numbering around 80,000 at the popular Wembley Stadium. She then scored in her first regular-season NWSL game, a 1–2 loss against NJ/NY Gotham FC, on March 26th, 2023.

2. Alyssa Thompson’s remarkable USWNT debut.

In a game against Portland Thorns FC on April 11th, she scored the game’s opening goal. Her performances during March-April 2023 earned her the title of NWSL Rookie of the Month.

After her return from an ankle injury from the previous season, she assisted Sydney Leroux’s first goal of the season on June 5th. In the same month, she was selected as part of the U.S. squad for the 2023 FIFA  Women’s World Cup, which tool place in New Zealand and Australia, joining the ranks of veterans like Megan Rapinoe.

As of the 2023-24 season, she has made 13 appearances, attempted 12 shots, and scored three goals with Angel FC.

Alyssa Thompson’s Relationship Status:

Each athlete chooses how to manage their personal and professional lives, and Alyssa Thompson is no exception. Balancing a demanding schedule of training, travel, and media exposure with a romantic relationship can pose challenges, but many athletes successfully navigate this balance.

Alyssa Thompson, due to her young age and current focus on enhancing her football skills, has chosen to concentrate on her career over a romantic relationship. She is currently single.

However, social media posts reveal photos of her with a handsome young man, known to be her high school prom date. This led to fan speculation about their relationship, but whether they are romantically involved or simply friends remains unconfirmed.

Alyssa Thompson’s Personal Life:

Kicking off, the American professional soccer player features among our Scorpio soccer standouts. She stands alongside male footballers who share the Scorpio sign, such as Dominik Szoboszlai, Robin Le Normand, Antonio Silva, Bruno Guimaraes, and Robert Sanchez. Known for their focused nature, Scorpios consistently chase after their lofty goals with unwavering intent.

Alyssa Thompson, like most athletes, has interests that extend beyond football, including travel, music, gaming, working out, and swimming.

Social media updates and interviews reveal glimpses into her hobbies, lifestyle, and passions, with football remaining her primary focus.

She idolizes female sports figures such as A’ja Wilson, Kelsey Plum, and Becky Hammon. Also, she values spending quality time with her family and friends. Despite her diminutive size, her assertive playing style gives her an advantage on the field.

Further Insights into Alyssa Thompson’s Private Life:

Alyssa is a fleet-footed athlete with a physique that’s ideal for soccer, demonstrating the strength to outmatch defensive players. Her remarkable talent hints at a potential to reach stardom in the top tiers of the sport.

Despite her smaller stature of 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m), her quickness and nimbleness provide her a competitive edge on the field. She sports dark brown eyes and blonde hair, and the passionate young athlete maintains a healthy weight of around 50 kg (110 lbs.).

In addition to soccer, Alyssa is an accomplished runner. In April 2022, she completed a 100m dash in just 11.74 seconds, ranking her the second fastest for this event across California.

Alyssa acknowledges the importance of rest and nutritional balance for her sporting performance. Her diet includes delicious Peruvian cuisine, courtesy of her grandmother.

Although she currently doesn’t have any tattoos, it wouldn’t be a surprise if she decided to get one in the future. The Scorpio-born athlete stays connected with her ever-growing fan base through social media, and her Instagram account @alyssthomp has over 108K followers.

Peek into Alyssa Thompson’s Lifestyle:

As a professional soccer player, Alyssa Thompson embodies an exemplary level of commitment and discipline. Her intense training regime, skill honing, early life experiences, and strategic game preparation have all contributed to her distinctive playing style.

Alyssa’s innate love for soccer was apparent early in her life, and she soon began showcasing her prodigious talent. Her meteoric rise to fame culminated in Angel City FC securing her as their top pick in a three-team trade, a move that marked her as the most expensive player in the league’s history.

Thanks to her outstanding performances and pioneering feats, Alyssa, like Katie Robinson, has garnered significant wealth despite their early sporting career. It has enabled her to indulge in a luxurious lifestyle, complete with opulent residences, lavish holidays, gourmet meals, and high-end vehicles.

While living in her childhood city of Los Angeles, Alyssa indulges in the perks of luxury living. Her penchant for luxury vehicles echoes her elite status and personal preferences. While advancements in ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft have made owning a personal vehicle less necessary in Los Angeles, Alyssa, given her stature, takes pleasure in owning and driving select high-end cars.

A Glimpse into Alyssa Thompson’s Family Life:

Alyssa Thompson’s successful career is largely due to the unwavering support she has received from her family. They have consistently been her pillar of strength, providing encouragement every step of the way.

Her parents’ robust relationship and mutual understanding create a home filled with love and laughter, offering a nurturing environment for Alyssa. Their shared interests and respect for each other have significantly influenced Alyssa’s personal and professional development.

Growing up in this positively charged family atmosphere has left a profound impact on Alyssa, molding her character and fueling her growth as a formidable player. Her parents are often referred to as the guiding force propelling this promising soccer player’s career. Stay tuned for more details about her supportive family.

Alyssa Thompson’s Father – Mario Thompson:

Both of her parents have a history of athletic involvement. They participated in various sports during their high school and college years. Alyssa’s father, Mario, was a versatile athlete who played basketball, football, and track in both high school and college.

His passion for sports didn’t diminish during his college years; instead, he continued to play the same trio of sports. His athletic history may have influenced his daughter’s keen interest in sports.

Mario serves as a principal at an elementary school. In an interview, he stated, “Being an educator myself, I knew my kids might not be the tallest out there, but they would surely be swift.”

Mr Mario Thompson’s affinity for teaching and learning prompted him to pursue a career as a school principal. Understanding the crucial role of a nurturing environment for his kids’ growth, he not only recognized their athletic abilities early on but also motivated them to follow their passions.

Mario saw Alyssa’s budding love for soccer early and encouraged her to embrace it. He and his wife made sure to offer her the necessary resources and opportunities, such as soccer camps and clubs, to hone her skills.

The role of Alyssa Thompson’s family in her soccer career is indispensable. They have offered her unwavering love, emotional support, and a solid base, allowing her to chase her dreams confidently.

Alyssa Thompson’s Mother – Karen Thompson:

Both Karen and Mario Thompson have provided consistent support throughout their children’s athletic and personal growth. They have strived to create a warm, encouraging environment for their children to flourish.

Their diligence and dedication have indeed contributed to their daughters’ accomplishments. Karen, Alyssa’s mother, has a keen interest in sports, particularly basketball. In her youth, she moved across the nation to chase her dreams in basketball.

Her commitment to and affection for the game have surely left a significant impact on Alyssa’s athletic zeal. Enclosed is a picture of the young athlete alongside her radiant mother.

Alyssa Thompson’s Siblings:

Mario and Karen Thompson have two more children besides Alyssa – Gisele and Zoe. Thus, Alyssa Thompson has two younger siblings, Zoe and Gisele, who are equally supportive of her soccer career. Notably, like her older sister, Gisele also exhibits a profound love for sports, primarily soccer.

Alyssa Thompson’s Sister – Gisele:

The sisters share a small age gap of just 13 months. They engage in almost all activities together and even share the same bedroom. Alyssa has mentioned in several interviews that her love for soccer began simultaneously with Gisele.

Together they “strive every day to improve. We motivate each other significantly. Having her by my side simplifies things as we can share the efforts”. Alyssa and Gisele were the pioneering high school athletes to secure a contract with Nike.

Alyssa Thompson’s Sister – Zoe:

Zoe is still exploring her interests and passions. Alyssa Thompson’s youngest sister, Zoe, regards Alyssa and Gisele as her inspirational figures. However, they serve as role models not only for Zoe but also for young girls and women of color globally.

In a conversation with CNN, Alyssa stated, “Being a woman of color and serving as a role model for young girls is such a remarkable experience…Having someone they can look up to who resembles them is genuinely inspiring.”

Alyssa Thompson’s Extended Family:

Both of her parents, Sylvia and Romero, were raised on the outskirts of Lima, Peru. As a professional soccer player, Alyssa Thompson tends to maintain a certain level of privacy when it comes to her extended family, likely to shield them from undue public attention.

Given the lack of specific details about Alyssa Thompson’s relatives, it’s safe to assume that she values familial connections deeply, like most athletes.

Presumably, she has aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, nephews, nieces, and potentially in-laws, although detailed information about these individuals isn’t readily available.

However, it has been shared that her maternal grandparents, Sylvia and Romero, who were born and met just outside of Lima, Peru, reside in Burbank. Alyssa holds a deep affection for her grandparents and makes sure to visit them regularly.

Untold Facts:

Alyssa Thompson, an inquisitive young soccer player, is already making significant strides in the sport. Born to a Filipino and Peruvian family in the United States, she showed her soccer prowess from a tender age.

Did you know she’s appeared on TV and film? Indeed, Thompson was featured in the third episode of the 2023 documentary series, Angel City.

In the final section of Alyssa Thompson’s biography, we’re about to unveil some more fascinating facts about this skilled player. Let’s delve deeper without further ado.

Alyssa Thompson FIFA:

Similar to Rachel Daly and Salma Paralluelo, her technique and ball control stand out as her strengths. Her passes, including through balls, are pinpoint accurate, and calculated. Additionally, her crosses are precise, and her shooting techniques are commendable.

Alyssa Thompson, a prodigious talent, is described as a phenom and generational player by Angela Hucles Mangano, the General Manager of Angel City FC.

She is a player who can contribute instantly yet has the youth to grow and emerge as a future stalwart.

Her FIFA game ratings, attributes, and appearances are updated annually to reflect the real-world performance and form of the players. Consequently, Alyssa Thompson’s 2023 rating is 73, with the potential to escalate to 86.

She predominantly shoots with her right foot and is adept at both the forward and midfield positions, playing alongside notable players like Julie Ertz and Elizabeth Eddy.

Alyssa Thompson’s Religion:

A formidable soccer star, Alyssa Thompson is a devoted Christian. She holds her faith in Jesus Christ in high regard.

She partakes in her religious duties, celebrates religious holidays, and actively engages in religious rituals and traditions whenever possible.

Alyssa Thompson’s Change of Plans:

Thompson made the challenging decision to join the NWSL draft and start her professional career, in doing so, she reversed her commitment to Stanford. Paul Ratcliffe, the coach of Stanford’s women’s soccer team, expressed his disappointment at her decision.

Speaking to the San Francisco Chronicle, he stated, “I am saddened that she chose to pass up the chance to attend Stanford. However, I wish her the very best in her professional journey.”


Alyssa Paola Thompson is an accomplished American soccer player, serving as a forward for Angel City FC and the United States national team. Born on November 7, 2004, in the United States, she is of Filipino and Peruvian heritage.

Thompson showcased her soccer prowess early on and quickly rose to prominence. Her performance at Harvard-Westlake School led to her being named the 2022 Gatorade California Player of the Year.

She also represented the United States in the under-17 and under-20 national teams, clinching a gold medal at the 2022 CONCACAF Women’s U-20 Championship.

In 2023, Thompson was selected by Angel City FC as the first overall pick in the NWSL Draft. Her professional career kicked off on March 11, 2023, scoring a goal in her debut match.

Regularly starting for Angel City, Thompson was soon invited to join the United States senior national team. A versatile player, Thompson’s skills extend to both the forward and midfield positions, joining teammates like Julie Ertz and Stefany Ferrer.

Renowned for her quickness, dribbling capabilities, and finishing skills, she is also a formidable passer with an admirable work ethic.

Thompson is among the most promising young talents in the United States. Her potential to become an international star is apparent, and she is anticipated to play a critical role for Angel City FC for many seasons to come.


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