Alex Baena Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article, a deep-dive into the Biography of Alex Baena, provides an insightful overview of his early years, upbringing, family background, his parents, Sarah Rodriguez and Mr. Rodriguez, his brother Miquel, and daughter Maltina. It covers his ethnic background, nationality, religious beliefs, educational journey, astrological sign, and familial roots, romantic life, financial status, and personal lifestyle.

The piece delves into his career as an attacking midfielder, highlighting his lifestyle, net worth, personal attributes, and a detailed breakdown of his earnings at Villareal FC. It narrates the comprehensive history of Alex Baena, a Spanish footballer whose initial homesickness nearly ended his career prematurely. Despite early challenges, the article celebrates how Baena overcame obstacles to find success in football.


This biography offers a detailed view of Alex Baena’s early life and burgeoning career. It sheds light on his childhood, Spanish heritage, and key moments in his journey to becoming a leading versatile winger in Spain. Our goal is to enhance your understanding of Baena’s journey from Almeria to his significant contribution to Villareal’s UEFA Europa League win in the 2020/21 season.

This narrative is designed to enrich your knowledge of Baena, a player celebrated for his quick ascent in football, similar to that of Pedri and Gavi. Despite his growing fame, we’ve noticed a gap in widespread knowledge about his life story. With this comprehensive account, we invite you to explore the life and career of Alex Baena, from his earliest days to his current successes in the world of football. Let’s dive in.

Alex Baena Early Life:

Alejandro “Álex” Baena Rodríguez, was born on July 20, 2001, in Spain, as the child of Sara Rodríguez and Mr. Rodriguez. Growing up, Baena was one of four siblings in a family that provided a strong support system for his budding football career. Baena, who would grow to become a celebrated left winger, owes much of his early encouragement to his parents.

Alex Baena’s Early Years:

In Almería, Spain, Alex Baena’s childhood was interwoven with the close-knit bonds of a large family and a deep love for football. Amidst a lively household of four siblings, his days were replete with joyous laughter, friendly rivalries, and constant play, embodying the essence of a spirited childhood.

Baena, alongside his brother Miquel and two sisters, whose names remain private, grew up more than just siblings; they were comrades in every sense, sharing in the makeshift football games that marked their early foray into teamwork and sportsmanship. These formative years were filled with the lessons of cooperation, celebrating successes, and comforting each other through minor setbacks.

In the Baena household, lively dinners were commonplace, echoing tales of the day and plans for future escapades. Instilled with the values of family unity, perseverance, and a fervent passion for football, Alex Baena’s upbringing was foundational in shaping his character and ambitions. This period of his life was characterized by the bliss of familial bonds, the pursuit of football dreams, and the pure enjoyment of childhood.

Alex Baena’s Family Life:

In the bustling home of the Baenas in Almería, Spain, Alex Baena grew up in a family of six that grappled with economic difficulties. Despite the financial constraints, the family’s solidarity and love for each other were the cornerstones of their life.

Alex’s father, a security guard at a local casino, earned a modest wage that scarcely met the family’s basic needs. The financial strain was constant, with each euro stretched to its limit to provide for the family of seven.

Meanwhile, Alex’s mother, an enterprising woman, managed a small business selling clothes and accessories, tirelessly traversing the streets to support the household. Despite her efforts, the income was minimal, barely making a dent in the family’s expenses.

The Baenas lived in a simple, unadorned house. Their most significant luxury was an old television, capable of receiving only three channels. Alex remembered feeling embarrassed to invite friends over, acutely aware of their impoverished conditions.

Despite the stark challenges of poverty, including frequent hunger, the family’s unity and love were unwavering. The parents often went without meals to ensure their children were fed. Through these hardships, football emerged as a shared passion and a respite for Alex and his siblings, binding them together with dreams and play amidst their trials.

Alex Baena’s Heritage:

Alex Baena, the accomplished Villareal left-winger, hails from Roquetas de Mar, a town in Almería, Andalusia, Spain. His birth in this Spanish municipality affirms his Spanish nationality, as both his parents are likely from the same country.

Roquetas de Mar is part of an autonomous community known for being the second most populous area in the province, following the capital city of Almeria. This region, rich in culture and history, contributes to Baena’s Spanish roots and identity.

Alex Baena’s Ethnic Background:

Alex Baena’s ethnicity is Spanish, reflecting a heritage enriched by a long history and diverse cultural influences. As a Spaniard, he, alongside Pedro Porro and Gabri Veiga, carries with him the legacy and traditions of his country, representing both his local community of Roquetas de Mar and the wider, celebrated Spanish culture prevalent in international football.

Alex Baena’s Schooling:

As a young resident of Roquetas de Mar, Alex Baena attended a local municipal school in his early years. Specific details about the educational institutions he attended are not well documented, but it is known that his schooling was modest, reflecting the financial limitations of his family.

Recognizing their son’s potential and the financial challenges they faced, Alex Baena’s parents enrolled him in the Roquetas de Mar soccer school, believing that his talents in football might provide a more promising future. This decision was a significant turning point in Baena’s life, setting him on the path to becoming the footballer he is today. The story continues to unfold as to how this choice influenced his journey.

Alex Baena’s Journey in Football:

Beginning at the tender age of six, Alex Baena embarked on his football journey, driven by his parent’s desire to see him succeed amidst financial hardships. They enrolled him in the soccer school of Roquetas de Mar in Andalusia, a considerable distance from their Almeria home, requiring dedicated trips for training sessions.

Baena’s talent as a left winger did not go unnoticed, and by the age of ten, he had already drawn the attention of scouts from Villarreal FC. The prospect of joining the club was bittersweet for young Alex, who felt a strong pull of homesickness at the thought of leaving his family and familiar surroundings.

His mother recounted in an interview how Alex struggled emotionally with the distance from home, often expressing his longing to return. However, the supportive environment at Villarreal FC, including coaches who welcomed him into their homes on weekends, gradually helped Alex adjust and continue to develop his skills.

By 15, his football career had progressed impressively, leading him to join CD Roda’s under-19 team. His burgeoning talent was further recognized with a call-up to Spain’s national team at 16, marking a significant milestone and solidifying his position as a rising football star.

Alex Baena’s Ascendancy to Fame:

Alex Baena’s tenure at CD Roda was brief yet impactful, leading Villarreal to recall him for the 2018/19 season. Starting in the third division, his exceptional skills quickly escalated him to the reserve team in the Segunda División B after a single game.

By age 17, Baena’s prowess as an attacking midfielder was undeniable, earning him a steadfast position without consideration for loans due to his unmatched performance. He continued with the reserve team until a significant career milestone in the 2020/21 season.

On August 1, 2020, Baena’s consistent excellence earned him a coveted spot on Villarreal’s main squad, along with a contract of $200,000, stepping into a pivotal role vacated by Akram Afif and playing alongside notables like Pervis Estupinan and Yeremy Pino.

Baena’s journey didn’t plateau there. His instrumental contributions were vital in Villarreal’s triumphant Europa League campaign. The club’s esteem for him was evident as they retained him for several more years. By the 2023 season, after 52 appearances and seven goals, Baena was ready to explore new opportunities, leaving a lasting impression at Villarreal and on the broader football stage.

Alex Baena’s Journey to Prominence:

During the 2021/22 season, Alex Baena took his talents to Girona FC on a loan spell beginning August 19, 2021. His performance there was notable; over 42 games, he netted seven goals, demonstrating his value and skill. Upon completing his time at Girona, he returned to Villarreal FC, reasserting the importance of his abilities to the club that first nurtured them.

Beyond club commitments, Alex has been a steadfast representative for Spain‘s national teams, participating at every age level and making his mark up to the senior team. Similar to his teammate, Bryan Zaragoza, his debut with the senior squad in August 2023 was a testament to his consistent performance and dedication to representing his country.

At the time of documenting his rise, Alex Baena’s talent has seen him become one of Spain’s emerging talents in the left-wing position, with fans and critics alike expecting him to reach the heights of football stars such as Marcus Rashford and Khvicha Kvaratskhelia. His story continues to unfold, marking an inspiring trajectory from humble beginnings to the cusp of international acclaim.

Alex Baena’s Personal Life:

Throughout his journey from a young talent at age 11 to a prominent left midfielder, Alejandro “Álex” Baena Rodríguez has been deeply dedicated to his football career, facing intense training sessions and overcoming health setbacks. This commitment raises the question of whether he has had the opportunity for romantic relationships amidst his rigorous career.

Current information and social media insights, including a review of his Instagram, do not reveal any significant other in Baena’s life. He appears to prefer keeping such personal details private, with no public photos or confirmed relationships.

However, intriguingly, while details about a potential wife or girlfriend are not known, there are indications from his posts that he might have a daughter named Matina. This suggests a layer of his personal life that remains largely out of the public eye, with Baena keeping a tight lid on his private affairs, especially regarding relationships and family matters.

Alex Baena’s Character Traits:

Alejandro “Álex” Baena Rodríguez is deeply connected to his beginnings and often engages in acts of gratitude towards the community that fostered his early football aspirations. Notably, he once chose to spend time with the Under-8 players at his old academy, delighting the young aspirants with a surprise visit back to the grounds where his dreams took shape.

Off the field, Alex characterizes himself as easy-going and fun-loving, enjoying solitary moments of relaxation by the water, whether it be on a yacht or in a pool, finding serenity in these tranquil settings. He shares the Cancer zodiac sign, known for its emotional depth and intuitive nature, with other football personalities like Lamine Yamal (Right Winger), Federico Valverde (Central Midfield), Mikel Merino (Central Midfield) and Jarrad Branthwaite (Centre-Back).

The biography of Alex Baena reveals a man who hasn’t forgotten his modest upbringing. Growing up in a family that faced daily financial struggles, these experiences have ingrained in him a sense of humility and a preference for a simpler, more grounded lifestyle, even as he rises in fame and success. This background shapes his personality, making him a relatable and grounded figure in the world of football.

Alex Baena’s Family Dynamics:

Alex Baena’s path to football stardom has been a challenging one, marked by numerous sacrifices, particularly the times spent away from home. The success and acclaim he enjoys today would not have been feasible without the unwavering support and sacrifices of his family. His journey underscores the vital role his parents and siblings played in shaping his career and the person he has become. Let’s delve deeper into the family that stood behind him throughout his journey.

Alex Baena’s Father’s Commitment:

Mr. Rodriguez, Alex Baena’s father, served as a security guard at a local casino, a job that demanded long hours and considerable effort to support a family of six. His dedication meant sacrificing personal time and missing family moments to ensure financial stability.

Despite these challenges, he remained unwavering in his commitment to provide for his family’s basic needs and support their ambitions, particularly nurturing the football dreams of his children. His resilience and dedication played a pivotal role in sustaining the family and empowering his son, Alex, to pursue a career in football. His sacrifices and hard work laid the foundation for the family’s survival and Alex’s eventual success.

Alex Baena’s Mother’s Dedication:

Sarah Rodriguez, Alex Baena’s mother, was a street vendor, tirelessly maneuvering her clothing cart to make ends meet. Her commitment to her children’s welfare saw her working long hours, often under harsh conditions, to ensure they had the necessities of life.

Her role in Alex’s football journey was indispensable. Despite tight budgets, she managed to provide for his sports equipment and transport to training sessions and games. Her emotional turmoil was palpable when she took a young Alex to Villarreal, questioning her decisions as a mother while trying to cope with the distance her decision created.

It was a gut-wrenching moment to leave her 11-year-old to fend for himself in a new environment. Alex remembers his mother’s tearful phone conversations, a testament to her emotional sacrifice. Yet, she persevered, knowing that these hard choices were paving the way for a brighter future for her son. Her support and emotional strength were foundational in shaping Alex’s path to success.

Dynamics of Alex Baena’s Sibling Relationships:

Growing up in a bustling household with four siblings, Alex Baena’s life was filled with constant activity and camaraderie. Their home was a hub of laughter, football games, jokes, and shared moments, creating an enduring bond among them. While the specifics of his sisters’ lives are private, it’s evident they played a significant part in making his childhood vibrant and are now his fervent supporters.

This familial environment was like living with best friends, full of competition, support, and occasional squabbles, but always returning to a foundation of mutual support. The siblings’ collective energy and joy created a lively and loving home atmosphere.

As they matured, Miquel Rodriguez, Alex’s brother, chose a career in physiotherapy, specifically to aid Alex in his recovery and conditioning post-football. This decision reflects the deep bonds and supportive nature of the family, with each member contributing to the others’ well-being in meaningful ways.

In essence, Alex Baena’s siblings have been a source of comfort, shared struggle, and joy throughout his life. Their journey from a challenging upbringing to enjoying success together underscores a united front, with each sibling playing a vital role behind the scenes in supporting Alex’s football career and overall well-being. Their collective story is one of resilience, support, and shared success.

Revealing Unexplored Aspects:

In concluding Alex Baena’s biography, we delve into lesser-known aspects of his life and career. Read on to discover intriguing facets about this talented footballer.

Alex Baena’s Spiritual Beliefs:

While specific details about Alex Baena’s religious practices, such as church affiliation, are not documented, it is inferred that he is Christian. This assumption is largely based on his upbringing in Spain, a country with a predominantly Christian population.

Alex Baena’s Earnings:

Baena has risen from his early days at Villarreal to become a standout player, notably boosting his earnings. In the 2023/24 season, he earns over thirty thousand Euros, similar to teammate Juan Foyth. Despite his substantial salary, teammates like Gerard Moreno and Alexander Sorloth rank as the team’s top earners. This reflects the pay scale for high-level talents in the squad.

Alex Baena’s Fifa Profile:

Apart from winning a trophy for his club, the Vilareal FC champ has been recognised for his Fifa portfolio. The attacking midfielders’ dribbling, free kick, long pass and ball control skills are on the high radar—no wonder he is placed above eighty on the potential scale.

Alex Baena’s Financial Status:

Comparative analysis reveals that Alex Baena’s earnings far exceed Spain’s average annual minimum wage of about 15,120 euros. As a Villarreal FC professional footballer, his weekly income stands at thirty-eight thousand euros. This shows a vast difference between his earnings and Spain’s general wage standards. Detailed accounts of his contract with Villarreal FC underscore the lucrative nature of professional football and his financial success in it.

Alex Baena’s Body Art:

Through his social media post, particularly on Instagram, Alex Baena shares glimpses of his life, including the tattoos adorning his arms. These artistic markings, featuring various drawings and designs, are significant personal expressions for Baena, symbolizing meaningful aspects of his journey and values permanently etched on his skin.

Concluding Remarks:

The midfielder, popularly referred to as Villarreal’s Next Homegrown Gem, arrived in the world in 2001. He shares the 2001 birthdate with fellow athletes such as Mason Greenwood (Right Winger). Also, Cameron Archer (Centre-Forward), Takefusa Kubo (Right Winger), etc. Again, Charles De Ketelaere (Attacking Midfield) and Malick Thiaw (Centre-Back).

Born on July 20, 2001, in Roquetas de Mar, Spain, Alejandro “Álex” Baena Rodríguez has journeyed from a modest family life to becoming a notable figure in football. With his brother Miquel and two sisters alongside, the family, supported by their parents Sara Rodríguez and Mr. Rodriguez, navigated financial difficulties with resilience and unity. Baena’s parents, a security guard and a small business owner, instilled values of hard work and sacrifice.

Baena developed his football skills at Roquetas de Mar soccer school, which led him to Villarreal FC. There, he overcame the challenge of early separation from home to pursue his career. His progress at Villarreal peaked with his contribution to the Europa League championship victory, a highlight of his career.

Representing Spain at various levels, Baena has shown his commitment and skill on both the club and national fronts. Currently recognized as one of La Liga’s premier attacking midfielders, his story is one of perseverance, skill, and the unyielding support of a family that believed in his dreams. As he continues to excel, Baena’s narrative remains an inspiring example of what dedication to football can achieve.

Closing Thoughts:

Thank you for reading the soccer biography of Alex Baena. His journey reminds us that “Some lies hurt more than blows.” This is especially true in an incident with Federico Valverde, as Football-Espana reported.

At Soccer Biography, we aim to provide factual, impartial narratives about Spain’s football talents. This biography is part of our extensive series on European football.

If you spot discrepancies or have insights about Alex Baena’s story, please let us know. He is the son of Sarah Rodriguez and rose to fame from the Roquetas de Mar football school. Your perspectives on his career are valuable to us.

European football is filled with fascinating stories, including those of players like Jonathan Tah and Ibrahim Sangare. We invite you to explore these stories for a greater appreciation of the sport’s diverse journeys.

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