Alessia Russo Biography – Childhood, Parents, Family [2024]

This article unveils the life story of Alessia Russo, providing a deep dive into her Biography in the following areas; her formative years, the circumstances of her upbringing, and her familial roots. We’ll explore the backgrounds of her parents – Carol and Mario Russo, her brothers – Luca and Giorgio Russo, and her Sicilian grandfather, among others.

This narration not only presents a glimpse into Alessia’s Anglo-Italian heritage, but also delves into her educational background, religious beliefs, and her native place. Furthermore, we will disclose aspects of her personal life, financial status, earnings, and lifestyle that makes the ‘Lioness’ with extraordinary prowess truly exceptional.

In summary, this piece is a thorough investigation into Alessia Russo’s life journey. It narrates the inspiring tale of a grandfather’s passion for his team becoming a reality through his granddaughter. It is the saga of a young girl who initially played football to bond with her brothers, but eventually rose to prominence as one of the most accomplished female footballers.


SoccerBiography’s version of Alessia Russo’s life story begins by shedding light on the significant milestones of her childhood. Subsequently, we’ll navigate through her early football years when she was the lone girl in an all-boys team, and then move on to her ascent in the football realm with Chelsea and her dream team, Manchester United.

Our aim at SoccerBiography is to satiate your interest in autobiographies with Alessia Russo’s biography.  Indeed, it’s common knowledge that the right-footed forward is like Asisat Oshoala, a force to be reckoned with, a consistent goal scorer, and a versatile attacker.

Russo was honoured as Manchester United Women’s Players’ Player of the Year 2021–22, and she also bagged the ACC’s Freshman and Player of the Year award in 2017.

In our exploration of English Football Players’ stories, we identified a lacuna. The fact is, only a handful of fans have come across a comprehensive account of Alessia Russo’s life story, which is indeed fascinating.

Prompted by our admiration for Alessia and her contribution to England’s football team, SoccerBiography has assembled this article. Without any further delay, let’s dive in.

The Childhood Years of Alessia Russo:

To initiate this biography, it’s worth mentioning that her full name is Alessia Mia Theresa Russo. Born to her parents, Mario Russo (father) and Carol Russo (mother), on the 8th of February 1999, she emerged as a professional English footballer from the town of Maidstone, England.

Alessia is the youngest of three children in her family and the sole daughter. Before delving deeper into Alessia Russo’s life story, we share with you the story of her growing up years.

Growing Up in Maidstone:

To begin with, Alessia Russo was born and raised in Maidstone, Kent, England. She grew up in a warm and loving family of five, including her two elder brothers, Luca Russo and Giorgio Russo.

Alessia Russo’s family originates from Italy. The footballer’s grandfather moved to England, captivated by Manchester’s Busby Babes, a group of players groomed and signed by Manchester United. Consequently, Alessia’s Sicilian grandfather became an ardent follower of this group, fostering an enduring affinity for the ‘Red Devils’ throughout the generations.

Alessia Russo’s Early Years:

The passionate love for football within Alessia Russo’s family was hardly unexpected, given their grandfather’s fervor for the sport. Inevitably, they all found themselves deeply engrossed in the allure of the ‘Red Devils’, idolizing the likes of José Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson.

As all the children were avid supporters of Manchester United, Russo’s parents naturally joined in the football camaraderie. Her father and one of her brothers were associated with the non-league club Metropolitan Police FC and the Ryman League.

With every family member deeply engrossed in the sport, young Alessia had no choice but to join the fold. The little girl was often the goalkeeper or defender and frequently on the receiving end of playful nutmegs and tackles. These early experiences eventually provided her with the training for multiple positions in her future football career.

When Alessia was just five, her father took her to the local park to train with the team he was coaching, West Farleigh FC. Alessia and her cousin were the only girls in a coed team of boys. Simultaneously, she also served as a mascot for Casey Stoney.

Throughout Alessia Russo’s childhood, her path seemed destined towards football. It was almost a certainty, considering her entire family’s shared admiration for the same team.

Alessia Russo’s Family Background:

Russo’s father, Mario Russo, a former football player for the Metropolitan Police, utilized his experience on the field to nurture and train his daughter in the sport. Moreover, he contributed to the family’s well-being by coaching young children in football.

On the other hand, Alessia Russo’s mother, Carol, took the helm of household affairs. Her role extended beyond mere housekeeping; she was the nurturing force that held the family together. Being a dedicated homemaker undoubtedly required tremendous effort and considerable sacrifice on her part.

The Russo family wasn’t affluent but neither were they struggling financially. They can be classified as middle-class citizens. The modest resources at their disposal were devoted to ensuring the well-being and upbringing of their three children.

Alessia Russo’s Family Heritage:

The Russo family hails from Italy, with her Sicilian grandfather immigrating to the English countryside in the late 1950s. However, Alessia Mia Theresa Russo was born in Maidstone, Kent, England.

So what do we know about Alessia Russo’s birthplace? Maidstone, the largest town in Kent, is fondly referred to as the ‘Garden of England’. Characterized by verdant orchards and hop gardens, the town is encircled by picturesque villages and captivating heritage sites that are well worth a visit.

Russo’s Ethnicity:

In light of her Sicilian roots, the footballer identifies as a part of the British-Italian European community. Alessia Russo’s grandfather’s profound love for Manchester United was a significant factor leading him to migrate to England. Such individuals with mixed British and Italian heritage are often colloquially referred to as ‘Britalians’.

Alessia Russo’s Education:

Russo’s, affectionately known as Mia Teresa, received a quality education, a priority strongly emphasized by her parents. She initially attended East Farleigh Primary School in Maidstone, Kent, for her primary education.

For her secondary education, Alessia’s parents enrolled her at St. Simon Stock Catholic School, a distinguished institution located in Oakwood Park, Maidstone, United Kingdom.

Further emphasizing the importance of education, Alessia attended the University of North Carolina, where she pursued a degree in sports management, graduating in 2020. This commitment to her education while simultaneously advancing her football career proves that one can effectively juggle academic pursuits and career goals.

In recognition of her contributions to society, particularly in the realm of sports, Alessia was conferred an honorary Doctorate of the University by Canterbury Cathedral.

A shining star of the ‘Lionesses’, Alessia sets a splendid example for the younger generations. She has shown remarkable grace and grandeur, thriving both on and off the field, a testament to the exceptional upbringing provided by her parents.

Alessia’s Football Journey:

Beginning her football journey at the tender age of five, Mia played for the Under-10 team at her local club, Bearsted Girls. From her academy days, she was an attacking forward. Like Megan Rapinoe, Alessia initially joined a boys’ team due to the absence of girls’ clubs.

At her secondary school, St Simon, the physical education teachers honed Russo’s athletic skills effectively. Following this phase, she moved on to the Charlton Athletic Centre of Excellence, one of the pioneering women’s teams. During the 2010/2011 season, she joined Chelsea.

The granddaughter of the Sicilian immigrant made her debut for the English club at St. George’s Park. Her performance in the match impressed the coach, earning her a spot on the Under-15 reserve team.

Throughout her formative stages, she demonstrated unwavering dedication, industriousness, and focus. Alessia’s father played a significant role in her progress, assisting her in her development. Despite coming from a family of footballers, she understood that consistent effort and growth were crucial to remaining at the top of her game.

Alessia Russo’s Biography – Journey to Stardom:

In January 2017, Russo signed a contract with Brighton & Hove Albion and made her debut on the 5th of February 2017 in an FA Cup third round against AFC Wimbledon. After her contract ended, the forward moved across the Atlantic to the United States and became part of the ACC team, North Carolina Tar Heels.

Alessia rapidly established herself as one of the team’s top goal scorers, a feat that earned her numerous accolades, including the co-ACC Freshman of the Year, Team selection, and a spot in the United Soccer Coaches All-East Region first-team selection.

In the same year, Russo was awarded the 2017 ACC Women’s Soccer MVP award. Despite these successes, Alessia’s career journey wasn’t entirely smooth. In 2018, she encountered a significant hurdle when she suffered a leg fracture, a devastating blow for the young star.

However, demonstrating resilience and determination, she recovered from her injury and returned to the United Soccer Coaches First-Team All-American. At this point in her life, the striker was on the verge of reaching the pinnacle of her career.

Alessia Russo Biography – Ascension to Fame:

In 2020, Alessia realized her childhood dreams when she signed a two-year contract with Manchester United, playing alongside notable teammate Beth Mead. This marked a significant milestone, as all her family members, including her late grandfather, were avid supporters of the Red Devils club.

Alessia made her debut just three days later, contributing to a league victory over Birmingham City. In subsequent months, she was nominated for the WSL Player of the Month. By the 2021-2022 season, Alessia, Carol Russo’s daughter, was recognized as the team’s Athlete of the Year.

Representing her country with distinction, Alessia was first called up to the senior national team on the 26th of February, 2020. The daughter of Mario Russo has since garnered the UEFA Bronze Boot and Championship Goal of the Tournament.

At the time of writing Alessia Russo’s Biography, the British-Italian was named the Offensive Player of the Year in 2018 and emerged as UEFA’s top goal scorer. Her prowess in Women’s Football has earned her a place in Arsenal – Club’s official statement.

Like her fellow footballer, Mallory Swanson, Alessia has been carving her name in the annals of football history with her extraordinary skills, contributing to the ever-evolving narrative of her impressive career.

Who is Alessia Russo’s Lover:

Unquestionably, Mia Teresa is a strikingly beautiful and intelligent woman, attributes that many would find attractive. However, details regarding Alessia Russo’s love life remain undisclosed, leading her fans to believe she is currently single.

Her reserved nature may be the reason for this lack of public information. Rather than focusing on romantic relationships, the Manchester United forward seems to be channeling all her energy into her football career. At this time, the affection in her life appears to be centered around her father and brothers.

At the point of writing Alessia Russo’s biography, she is not married. Furthermore, the 2017 ACC Freshman of the Year does not have any children and doesn’t seem to be planning on having any in the near future as she continues to strive for further success in her professional career.


As an Aquarius, Alessia Russo is often ready and willing to support her teammates, embodying the collaborative and humanitarian spirit associated with her zodiac sign. Off the field, she (like Keira Walsh and Geyse Ferreira) savours time spent with friends on leisurely trips, finding joy in environments where creativity and new ideas can flourish.

Alessia didn’t achieve her status as one of the most proficient goal-scorers in football history by idleness. Instead, she has demonstrated immense dedication and put in a tireless effort to scale the heights of her career.

Consequently, even after enjoyable times with friends, Russo can frequently be found in the gym, sweating off calories and maintaining her physical fitness.

If one were to characterize Alessia Russo’s life, she could be described as a sincere and caring woman who embraces life fully. ‘Live life to the fullest’ appears to be the motto guiding this Manchester United forward.

Alessia Russo’s Lifestyle:

Despite her exceptional skills on the field and status as a football star, Alessia Russo doesn’t display a lavish spending habit. A quick scroll through her Instagram will reveal a woman who chooses simple elegance over extravagance.

Just like Deanne Rose, Alessia dresses in a manner suitable for every occasion, with her wardrobe spanning from casual jeans and sneakers to elegant dinner gowns, and everything in between.

Details regarding Alessia Russo’s house, car, or potential yacht are not publicly available. However, as depicted in some of her Instagram photos, the athlete seems to have a fondness for cycling, which suggests she might own a bicycle. After all, cycling is a fantastic way to stay fit outside the football field.

Alessia Russo’s Family Life:

Teresa, without a doubt, places great emphasis on her family. They have backed her talent from its inception, nurturing it to the remarkable heights she’s achieved today.

Russo’s family has accompanied her journey from her youngest days through to the pinnacle of her career. Now, let’s delve deeper into the individuals who bring joy to the face of this former Chelsea star.

Alessia Russo’s Father:

Mario Russo, the English forward’s father, was himself an active participant in the football world. He played non-league football for the Metropolitan Police during his playing days. Leveraging his experience and skills honed in his coaching era, he nurtured Alessia’s talent from a young age.

Mario Russo’s belief in his only daughter is noteworthy. He was confident enough to match young Mia Teresa against boys with greater experience on the field. Did this strategy pay off? Undeniably yes, as Alessia is now recognized as one of the country’s best players. This success is, in large part, a testament to her father’s guidance.

Alessia Russo’s Mum:

Carol Russo is the proud mother of the star player of Manchester United. From the outset, she has been a steady supporter of her daughter’s burgeoning talent. One might assume that she could have objected to her daughter’s passionate participation in football with her brothers.

However, Carol Russo encouraged and supported her daughter’s passion wholeheartedly. This clearly illustrates the unified and robust bond within the family. From her early days to her present status as a prominent player, her mother has been a constant pillar of support by her side.

Alessia Russo’s Brothers:

Giorgio and Luca Russo are the brothers who prepared their sister for the success she is experiencing today. Their shared childhood passion evolved into a dream of playing for the team they had always admired. Here are the photos of Alessia Russo’s brothers.

If all girls had siblings like Alessia’s, there would be no bounds to their ambitions. Despite their young age, the brothers protected and cared for their sister. Did Giorgio and Luca realize that their sister’s playful involvement in their games would pave the way to her success? Certainly not.

The eldest brother, Giorgio Russo, played for several teams before ultimately joining Ramsgate. On the other hand, Luca Russo is an alumnus of the University of Missouri and a track and field athlete. Additionally, he serves as Alessia’s agent.

Regarding Alessia Russo’s Grandparents:

According to available sources, her Sicilian grandfather was a die-hard fan of the Red Devils. Alessia Russo’s granddad was so passionate about them that he moved countries to be closer to his beloved team. Little did he know that his granddaughter would one day become part of them.

Though there is no photograph available of the late patriarch of the Russo family, there is an image of his wife, Alessia Russo’s grandmother, who greatly adores her granddaughter.

One can only imagine the immense pride Mia’s grandfather would have felt if he were alive to witness these incredible moments. Nevertheless, we at SoccerBiography believe that this would fill him with profound joy and satisfaction.

Untold Facts about Alessia Russo:

So far, in Alessia Russo’s Biography, we have covered all aspects of her life. However, there are still several lesser-known details about this talented figure in women’s football.

Alessia Russo’s Religion:

The name Teresa has its origins in the Christian church. Moreover, the young athlete attended a Catholic secondary school. However, there are no photographs indicating the church she attends as an adult. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that Alessia identifies as a Christian.

Alessia Russo’s Tattoo:

The dynamic striker is one of the few female stars who has chosen not to have any tattoos. The reasons behind this choice have not been publicly disclosed. However, it’s possible that in the future, she might decide to get a butterfly or another design inked on her body.

FIFA Ratings:

Alessia Russo is highly regarded for her performance on the field as well as on FIFA. Her high FIFA ratings reflect that her skills and attacking tactics are top-tier – similar to that of Mary Fowler and Sophia Smith.

Alessia Russo’s Net Worth and Salary:

As of 2023, Alessia Russo’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. In the future, it’s speculated that she could be the first female player to be transferred for a whopping £1 million. Currently, she is earning about $500k from Manchester United.

End Note:

The Manchester United diva, Alessia Mia Theresa Russo, was born on the 8th of February 1999 to her parents, Mario Russo (Father) and Carol Russo (mother), in Maidstone, England.

The footballer is the last and only girl child of her parent’s marriage. Alessia Russo’s brothers are Luca Russo and Giorgio Russo. The family’s older son is a teammate in Ramsgate, while Luca is her agent and a track-field athlete.

Alessia got into football because her older brothers used her as a keeper or in any position. A childhood passion for whiling away boredom became a reality. But, her grandfather and the whole family were die-hard fans of the Manchester United club.

The only girl in the Russo household started from West Farleigh FC. Before moving to Bearsted Girls and then to Charlton Athletic Centre of Excellence. Mia joined the Chelsea junior team and finally landed in her most beloved Manchester City.

There is no information about Alessia Russo’s boyfriend or partner, and she lives a happy life. When writing this bio, the British-born athlete is enjoying the full support of her team. Theresa’s fans look forward to seeing her in the 2023 Women’s world cup FIFA tournament.


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